Orcs Must Die! Unchained takes the award-winning Orcs Must Die! action tower defense game to a whole new level with team-based gameplay! Bust skulls with your best pals in PvE co-op Survival, or put your teamwork to the real test in Sabotage Mode!
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Apr 19, 2017

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February 14

Release 2.61 - Patch Notes

  • Players can no longer join custom games for battlegrounds they have not unlocked UNLESS invited by a friend.
  • Midnight Market has been made easier in Sabotage.
  • Wu Xing maps are no longer colored red in Battleground Select.
  • Health increased by 100%.
Developer Comment: Brass's health is too low given how close she must get to enemies to use her Shotgun.  This should make her SIGNIFICANTLY more durable.
  • Damage of Cannonball increased by 40%.
  • Cooldown of Cannonball increased by 50%.
Developer Comment: We heard your feedback.  Brass has too many short cooldown abilities competing with each other, making it difficult to utilize all of her skills. This change should preserve the DPS of her cannonball, while providing more opportunities to include it in her flow.
  • Turret health increased by 100%.
  • Turret range increased by 20%.
  • Turret re-target delay reduced to 0.2 seconds, from 0.75 seconds.
Developer Comment: We believe the DPS output of Brass's turret is incredibly powerful.  However, it can be hard to keep the turret alive and within range of enemies on higher difficulty battlegrounds.  These changes should help alleviate that problem.
  • Brass Bombs damage lowered by 20%.
Developer Comment: This is the most powerful of Brass's skills.  With the other buffs provided, we want to make sure she doesn't go overboard in power.
  • Reorganized Brass's weaver upgrades to be more competitive.
  • Junk Yard weaver increased to 2 scrap per second, from 1.
  • Cannonball Coming! weaver reduced to 33%, from 50%.
  • Scrap costs lowered by 25%.
  • Scrap drop chance lowered by 25%.
Developer Comment: These changes are designed to buff Swiss Army Wrench's ability to generate scrap, without making existing scrap generation weaker.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with Cursed Ground that caused its charges to deplete much faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where health bars had a white outline.
  • Fixed an issue where player names on health bars were hard to read.
  • Terracotta Giants are now properly classified as Large.
  • Fixed an issue with Tundra's Imperial skin weapon not displaying properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Memory Lanes was not properly hiding the minimap in Solo play.
  • Fixed an issue where Brass's turret was not providing the correct benefits when taking the healing upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where Brass Bombs would not damage Mercs or Unstable Rifts.
  • Fixed some logic issues with Bouncer Bear's AI.  However, he will still behave much differently than in patch 2.5.
  • Fixed multiple tooltips.
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December 5, 2017

Release 2.6 - Brass - Patch Notes

Available December 6!

New Hero: Brass
Brass is a Master level engineer and considered one of the best in the Order.  She is able to use her Blunderbuss, Dwarven Turret, and improvised demolition devices to keep her foes out of the rift.

New Feature: Custom Games
This new feature is meant to address several key community requests: the ability to pick a specific map to play with other players, the ability to more easily play Endless and Chaos Trials with other players, and the ability to battle friends in Sabotage.  We believe this addition will offer a tremendous benefit to the community.

New for Sabotage:
  • New Battleground: Castle Gates
  • New Consumable: Terracotta Giants
  • New Consumable: Elemental Mages
  • New Consumable: Hide Minimap

New: Chaos Trial Modifiers
  • Additional Terracotta Giants
  • No Minimap in Combat
  • Leaderboards will be reset with this update. Due to significant changes over multitudes of patches, the leaderboards have become out of date.  This reset includes Survival, Chaos Trials, Sabotage, and Endless.  Sabotage will require 5 placement matches to become ranked once again.  Note that your old rank will be used to help seed your new rank.
  • The prologue is no longer presented to new players.  Instead, the tutorial is now presented to players and will automatically launch upon logging in for the first time.
  • Midnight Market and Water Garden have been made significantly easier on all difficulties.
  • Par time made significantly easier for Master Water Garden.
  • The "Cheap Support Traps" modifier now reduces cost by 75%, up from 50%.
  • The "Expensive Barricades" modifier now increases cost by 170%, down from 200%.
  • Second dyes have been added for several heroes!
    • Brass and Deadeye have dyes added to the Tough Guy chest.
    • Temper has a dye added to the Masquerade chest.
    • Tundra has a dye added to the Costume Trunk chest.
    • Dobbin has a dye added to the Winter chest.
  • Now returns to lower-intensity music during go-breaks.
  • Several new simple rhythms have been added for go-break variation.
  • No longer have a placement limit.  Previously, 2 guardians were available per player.
  • Guardians now have an increasing cost of placement with each guardian placed on the team.  Free/250/500/1000/2000/4000/etc.The purchased guardian potion consumable with unlimited uses now provides TWO free guardians (up from 1).
    Developer Comment: We've been searching for the right way to adjust the difficulty of solo play for a while.  This change simultaneously adds more decision making to guardian placement, while lowering the difficulty of managing multiple lanes for solo players.
Balance Changes
    When standing still, Blink will now default to backwards.Developer Comment: We've heard a lot of feedback about the recent changes to blink.  This is a compromise to help players who are accustomed to the old functionality.
    Now receives a 20% discount on Boom Barrels.Developer Comment: This trap is already very powerful, but we wanted to give Deadeye a special incentive to use this under-valued trap.When standing still, "Outta the Way" will now default to backwards.Developer Comment: Similar to Blink, the same justification applies to "Outta the Way".
    Can now place Decoys for free, instead of receiving a 25% bonus to their health.Developer Comment: Similar to the Deadeye trap affiliation, we wanted to give Max a little more incentive to use this under-valued trap.
Tundra, Bloodspike, and Hogarth:
    No longer stop moving when attacking with primary attack.Developer Comment: This has been constant feedback from the community.  While there are differing opinions on this change, we believe it will make the largest amount of players happy.
    Recharge rate increased to 0.21 from 0.13.Developer Comment: Brimstone is currently less valuable than other similarly priced traps.  These changes should help.
Fire Cracker:
    Initial charges increased to 8, from 5.Developer Comment: Fire Cracker is currently less valuable than other similarly priced traps.  These changes should help.
Floor Scorcher:
    Cooldown increased to 7.4, from 6.6.Developer Comment: Conversely, Floor Scorcher is currently far more valuable than other similarly priced traps.  These changes should help.
Ceiling Ballista and Dragon Lance:
  • Damage increased by 20%.Cooldown increased by 20%.
    Developer Comment: This change is designed to further accentuate the ballista's role as a large minion killer.
Boulder Chute:
  • Cost reduced to 0 (from 750).
  • Now drops 4 waves, up from 3.Now has a placement limit of 4.
    Developer Comment: These traps are already, by far, the most cost-efficient traps in the game.  However, due to their power being heavily limited by manual activation, there's no reason to not further reward players for taking the time to micromanage these traps.
Icicle Impaler:
  • Cost reduced to 500 (from 1000).
  • Now drops 4 waves, up from 3.Now has a placement limit of 4.
    Developer Comment: See boulder chute explanation.
Quarter Pounder:
    Now stuns minions for 0.75 seconds, in addition to its existing effects.Developer Comment: Similar to the Boulder Chute, this trap is already very cost-efficient.  However, due to its size, it is rarely able to be used.  There's a low risk of making this trap too powerful and mandatory, so this buff should really help you feel its strength whenever you find a good place to use it.
Power Generator:
  • Now gains 8% additional coin per tier, down from 15%.No longer returns coin when sold.
    Developer Comment: Unlike health and damage, players do not need additional coin to keep up with higher minion levels.  As it stands, Power Generator becomes exceptionally strong on end-game content.  In addition, the ability to sell the Power Generator for full value eliminates the early-late game trade-off that the trap was designed to create.  These changes should allow the trap to better fulfill its intended role.
Big Game Hunter Zapper:
    Damage increased by 60%.Developer Comment: This is the least used of the Big Game Hunter traps.  Due to its requirement that enemies remain underneath it, this trap is being buffed.
Healing Well and Mana Well:
    Cooldown reduced to 3 seconds (from 15).Developer Comment: These traps are incredibly powerful, however, the Mending Root and the Mage's Clover compete heavily with these traps.  We hope that this change will allow players to begin substituting in other gear, when using these traps.
Trap Parts
  • Many of these triggers feel like they change the trap, rather than improve the trap.  We really want to encourage players to use triggers, so we are going to make many triggers also provide a sizable buff.
Ambush Trigger
  • Now also increases trap damage by 25%.
Crowd Control Trigger
  • Now also increases trap damage by 10%.
Execution Trigger
  • Now also increases trap damage by 25%.
Heavy Pressure Plate
  • Now also increases trap damage by 25%.
Light Pressure Plate
  • Now also increases trap damage by 15%.
Combo Generator
  • Now also increases trap damage by 10%.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Boom Barrel Rollers and Summoner Traps were not tracking damage dealt in post-game.
  • Fixed an issue where Firelings would target power generators.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter minions would not list "Trap Resistance" on their card back.
  • Fixed an issue where skin names and images could get out of sync.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements would not track progress if completed in a single hit.
  • Fixed an issue where Great Wall Barricades would not always block pathing on Throne Room.
  • Fixed tooltips that failed to mention that killing mercs would add to boss kill quests.
  • Fixed an issue where Rift Lord Highlands did not list the correct notable enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Revenge Rune was killing enemies on attack, rather than on destruction of the trap.
  • Fixed an issue where Sorceress's Kinetic Pulse achievement would not reliably track progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Terracotta Giants were showing as small icons on the minimap.
  • Fixed several trap grid issues on the new "Wu Xing Battle" battlegrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in the dashboard and changing categories could cause items to become hidden.
  • Fixed an issue where the Red Panda Shaman did not award coin.
  • Fixed an issue where Elemental Mages could be out of range to attack, but attempt to attack anyway.
  • Fixed an issue where lightning effects could persist when shooting the "Dwarf Shaman Merc".
  • Fixed an issue where the Troll Commander would remove Oziel's soul stacks.
  • Fixed an issue where Terracotta Giant was spell incorrectly in several locations.
  • Fixed an issue where Fire Lord was missing a description in the notable enemies section.
  • Fixed an issue where Kinetic Resonator And Control Resonator was not working on all traps it could be applied to.
  • Fixed an issue where Yi-Lin and Temper was not saying "Not enough Rage" and "Not enough Energy".
  • Fixed several card back stats on traps that were not matching in-game values.
  • Fixed an issue where Kinetic Pulse was not resetting the Grinder.
  • Fixed an issue where trap selection could get stuck in the tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where Power Generators break suicidal minion AI.
  • Fixed an issue where Yi-Lin could not use Tempest Strike while the Gear Disable modifier was active.
  • Fixed an issue where rift shard quests were not tracking.
  • Fixed an issue where Terracotta Giants were not included in quests that require killing Giants.
  • Fixed an issue where Terracotta Giant's slow was not affected by control reduction.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save Deck" was not persisting.
  • Fixed an issue where Troll quests were not included Pirate troll kills.
  • Fixed an issue where pause didn't prevent resources from being drained.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spitfire Wall did not provide combo points for the full duration.
  • Fixed an issue where the Haymaker was not providing combo points.
  • Fixed an issue where the Combo Generator was not working on all traps.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ambush/Execution Trigger was not working on Ballistas or the Saw of Arctos.
  • Fixed an issue where Pressure Plates were not working on the Saw of Arctos.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Strut Frame was not working on the Summoner Trap.
  • Fixed pathing loops on Maximum Security and Castle Gates.
  • Fixed invisible geometry on "The Baths", causing specific ceiling locations to not function properly for ceiling traps.
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“Once you get pulled into Orcs Must Die! Unchained's gameplay then you may never want to stop!”
9.5 – BioGamerGirl

“This is a perfect game for coming home and getting in a few matches”
A – Gaming Age

“The tower defense core of Unchained seems deceptively simplistic but is ripe with complex mechanics that reward deep strategy”
9 – Gaming Illustrated

Just Updated

New Hero: Yi-Lin

Yi-Lin is a quick, melee hero who uses her twin swords to devastating effect. Her use of combos can deal devastating damage as well as provide regeneration making her a true force to be reckoned with. Yi-Lin, the Jade Sentinel has awoken to defend Centre once more against the hordes of orcs, soldiers, and her old enemies – the Wu Xing Dynasty.Learn more about Yi-Lin in the Designing Yi-Lin blog.

New Faction: The Wu Xing, Masters of the Five Elements

The Wu Xing are masters of the five elements. Deadly and resilient they make dangerous foes!
  • Wu Xing Soldiers: These soldiers come in four forms: light, medium, heavy, and ranged. All of the soldiers have magic armor, making physical damage optimal in defeating them.
  • Terracotta Giant: These slow-moving stone giants do not attack players. Instead, they perform a steady march to the rift, slowing any player that gets too close.
  • Red Panda: Despite being called the Red Panda, these minions are actually blue! Be careful, these minions cast a powerful speed buff on allied minions.
  • Water Dragon: This hunter minion focuses on players. Unlike other Hunter minions, this minion has a splash attack, damaging all players within a cone in front of him.
  • Elemental Mages: These mages throw bouncing orbs of elemental energy.

New Maps: Three Brand New Maps

Water Garden - Survival (Apprentice and Master)
The water gardens of the White Tiger Empire appear to be closest to the first attacks by the Wu Xing Dynasty. Defend three breaches to the best of your ability without too much help from wall traps.

Castle Gates - Survival (Master and Rift Lord) and Endless
Breaching the Castle Gates is a solid strategy for the Wu Xing Dynasty. Once inside, defending this open map will be a challenge. Funneling the front gates to one side is imperative.

Midnight Market - Survival (Warmage and Rift Lord) and Sabotage
These marketplaces of the White Tiger Empire are popular night spots. This seems to be exactly why the Wu Xing Dynasty has chosen to attack them so aggressively.

New Feature: Weekly Challenge Matchmaking

The community has requested this feature for quite a while. We are happy to deliver this highly anticipated feature!

Just Updated

New Feature: Fast Restart

A highly requested feature has finally arrived! We have added the ability for non-matchmade games to be restarted by the party leader (you cannot restart Chaos Trials or Sabotage games).

New for Endless: Four Endless Maps

Four new Endless maps are now available as part of the Endless Summer event beginning this Thursday!
  • Banquet Hall (Apprentice)
  • Thuricvod Village (War Mage)
  • Highlands (Master)
  • Avalanche (Rift Lord)

New for Sabotage: Map and Consumables

  • Temple Graveyard is now available in Sabotage (Master and Rift Lord).
  • Frost Giants are now a playable minion card.
  • Minions Drop Grenades Buff: Causes player sent minions to have a 50% chance to drop grenades on death.
  • Teleportation Staff: Drops a staff that will teleport players to a random location if they stay within its area for several seconds.

New for Chaos Trials: Modifiers

  • Guardians Damage Allies: Guardian Spin damages barricades and players.
  • Unstable Rift Polymorph: Failing to close an Unstable Rift will cause the entire team to be polymorphed.

New Vanity Items: Skins and Achievement Rewards

New skins are available for Smolder, Hogarth, Ivy, Stinkeye, Maximilian, Cygnus, Midnight, Gabbriella, Bloodspike, and Bionka. A number of avatars, backplates, and titles have also been added as rewards for earning in-game achievements!

Read the detailed patch notes and give us your feedback!


Just Updated

New Hero: Deadeye

Deadeye is an infamous outlaw with a bounty on her head. With each kill, she becomes stronger and more infamous. Her dual crossbows and explosive arrows make her a force to be reckoned with.

Half elf and half orc, Deadeye was adopted into the elven community of the First Grove as a child and raised as Galadra the trueshot. Accused of her adoptive mother High Warden Naya’s brutal murder, Galadra was narrowly apprehended by Ivy, Warden of the First Grove, losing her right eye in the process and becoming Galadra the Deadeye.

Get the full details on her abilities and development in the Designing Deadeye blog!

New Feature: Community Challenges

Exciting news, War Mages! In-game events have been a frequent question and discussion topic within the OMDU community and this update finally delivers a lot of the technology we need to create fun in-game events.

We'll have a lot more to share about this in the coming weeks as we run a few smaller events before rolling out an Endless Summer event later this year. Well, later this summer to be more specific!

New Feature: Pause

A highly requested feature has finally arrived! We have added the ability for solo and non-matchmade games to be paused by any player. Due to the game being online, we cannot pause forever, but you have a significant amount of time to grab a snack!

New for Sabotage: Map and Consumables

  • Stables of Eventide is now available in Sabotage.
  • Polymorph Chicken: added to base set consumables, earned by achievement
  • Armored Satyrs
  • Control Resist Buff
  • Control Immunity Staff
[h1]New for Chaos Trials: Modifiers[/h1]
  • Health Drain (Master and Rift Lord only)
  • Mana Drain (Master and Rift Lord only)
  • Coin Drain (Master and Rift Lord only)
  • Minions Drop Grenades (all difficulties)
  • Periodic Healing Aura (all difficulties)

Read the detailed patch notes and let us know what you think!

About This Game

We’re listening to you. Please check out our forums and let us know how we can make the game better for you.

“It’s Orcs Must Die! 3 and much, much more.” – Polygon

“Unfortunately for orcs, it’s better than ever.” – PCGames N

“Unchained undeniably felt like an Orcs Must Die! game.” – Hardcore Gamer

Orcs Must Die! Unchained takes the award-winning Orcs Must Die! action tower defense gameplay to a whole new level with 3-player team-based gameplay! But don’t get cocky, because the stakes are higher, the traps are bloodier, and the invaders are even more ravenous. You’ll need to bring your A-game and a couple of the biggest orc-haters you can find!

Orcs Must Die! Unchained is set in the familiar world of its hilarious fantasy predecessors, years after the finale of Orcs Must Die! 2. With dozens of new rifts and worlds beyond them, heroes have come from far and wide to wage all-out war for control of these magical gateways. In the years since Orcs Must Die! 2, Maximillian and Gabriella have done their best to rebuild the once-mighty Order. Their new enemy, the Unchained, is no longer the mindless horde defeated twice before, but instead an organized army led by its own powerful heroes.

Killin’ Orcs and Smashin’ Dorks

Orcs Must Die!’s classic white-knuckle witch’s brew of action and strategy returns, letting players team up with their friends to lay waste to millions of new invading monsters! Build an impenetrable gauntlet of traps to hack, grind, flatten, gibletize and incinerate foes before they charge into the heart of the rift!

It's Definitely a Trap

The only thing better than building traps for murdering minions is building more traps! Play to unlock traps, then upgrade them to be even deadlier. Players cover fortresses in gleeful torture devices and engineer a variety of hilarious and violent ends for invading minions. Customize a strategy for every battle. The hordes are no match for the powers of elements and physics!

Real Action Heroes

Are you mage enough to defend the rifts? A wide variety of unique and powerful heroes with deep gameplay options offer a plethora of painfully creative ways to stop orcs in their grimy tracks. Old friends Max and Gabriella return to fight alongside a cast of new heroes like Blackpaw, Hogarth, Stinkeye, and Bloodspike. Whether players prefer might and majesty or scum and villainy, there’s a hero for every type of orc-slayer around.

Your Favorite Ways to Slay

Survival mode lets players murder their way to the top of the orc pile in 3-player co-op defense gameplay that every Orcs Must Die! fan will love. Weekly Challenges and Daily Quests give players the chance to unlock extra traps and upgrade parts. Long-time favorite Endless mode has returned in Orcs Must Die! Unchained with expanded 3-player co-op. All new Sabotage mode sets up two teams of three to troll each other with spells and bosses in an action-packed race to the highest score.

All New Sabotage!

Gamers ready for a trap-snapping, spell-slinging, ogre-spudging good time can look no further than Orcs Must Die! Unchained's new game mode, Sabotage! This fast-paced mode is a totally new way to play. Players assemble a team to defend their rift, but at the same time another team is playing on the same map in some… spooky… alternate dimension or something. These other players can distract your team with spells, minions, and huge bosses to make you lose rift points. But of course, players can pay 'em back by doing the same! The team with the most rift points at the end of the match wins.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.66GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
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