Store Manager Cellular Edition will be the most comprehensive and accurate retail store simulator ever created. Hire employees and manage their stress level, hours and happiness. Maintain inventory, set prices and market your store to bring in as many customers as you can!
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Release Date: Mar 31, 2017

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March 30

v1.0 Patch Notes




Added Store Upgrades to be purchased with your in game earnings:


New Left Display
New Right Display
Upgrade 4 center tables
Add a sign above the door

Upgraded seating area

Manager's Office:
Upgrade Computer

Gameplay Added or Updated:

****FULL code rewrite of the entire game (hence the long absence)
More demands on customer calls
Updated Tutorials
Updated First Day Tips
Updated Day and Night Cycle
Reworked fast forwarding to be more smooth
Smoother Shadows
Smoother Animations
Smoother Walking Paths
Reworked Economy and Device Costs
Reworked Accessories
Reworked Store Rating Standards
Reworked Employee Stress

Engine Updates:

Updated to Unity 5.5

Bug Fixes:

Fixed: camera controls speed up randomly
Fixed: extra $10k everytime you loaded (surprised no one complained about this one )
Fixed: all sounds stopping randomly
Fixed: customers being stuck in the store after closing
Fixed: days sometimes lose tracking after day 45
Fixed: carry over progress when starting a new game
Fixed: Saving not saving a few upgrades periodically

***SIDE NOTE FOR MAC USERS: play the game on "good" quality. There will be no real noticable difference in graphics, but performance will greatly benefit. Also, if you are playing on a Macbook of any kind (especially one without dedicated graphics) playing at the full retina resolution will not offer a very good experience.
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March 28

The Backend Update and the Road Ahead

So I am finally coming out of the darkness with an update and a roadmap for the game.

I have been silent on what has been going on for a very long time and for that I apologize. Two major roadblocks were hit and there was no end in sight.

To stop the constant threats/harrassment I was recieving on all avenues of social media from Twitter to Reddit to personal emails, I went dark for there were no concrete updates on the situations.

Here were the two roadblocks that I had over the last many months since the last update:

1. Dispute with Artist.
I had a 3D artist I was working with on the multiple new stores. Right at the end there was a major dispute that had no good end anywhere on the horizon. After months of going back and forth it was decided to cut all ties and remove all models that were going to be used in the updates.

2. Major Bugs
Given the way the game was coded over the longer developement cycle (since it started as a side project) I was running into major bugs that were completely stopping the updates from being released. There ended up being no fix really at all for these, hence today's update.

Again, as there was no update I could possibly give as these two roadblocks were happening, I went dark. I decided to go dark until it was time for a release and there was a concrete plan as to what was happening. I have said many times that this game is a hobby project and I would never stop developing it until it was done. That still hasn't changed. The time for the first update is now. As for the future, I will no longer be giving ETAs until I am 100% certain they will be met. This is to prevent any future disappointments and to hopefully stop the hateful messages I have been getting.

The Roadmap:

The Backend Update
So as I stated The old coding was causing so many bugs with the new update that it became literally unusable. As I would fix some a hundred more would creep up. This was mainly caused by older versions of Unity and that most of the algorithms used for the simulation were created by myself when I was in my infant stages of programming (In the very beginning it was a project more for myself and was never intended to be released until people showed they wanted to play it).

This is why there was such a long time inbetween updates. I literally went through every piece of coding in the game and optimized/rewrote. At this point I think you can basically say I made the entire game over again from scratch to make sure it would work with all future plans.

The game now runs on the latest version of Unity and is greatly optimized to the point where it even runs smoothly on my older macbook pro, which it never did in the slightest before.

Cliff Notes of what is in the update:

Complete rewrite of all code from the ground up, to stop [most] bugs on all future updates
Upgrade to Unity 5.5
Store displays upgrade choices
Store backroom upgrade choices
Store manager office upgrade choices
Overhaul of economy
Trading Cards(pending Steam Approval, might get pushed to next update)

ETA: Tomorrow (Wednesday the 29th) or the next day (Thursday the 30th). Depends on the review process of the Trading Cards. It will be released as soon as they get approved. If they are not approved by Thursday or if they get rejected I am just going to release the update and push the Trading Cards to the next Update.

The Customization Update
The next update will be the customization update. It will allow you to choose from 3 store sizes and place all desks/tables/displays where ever you would like around the store. It will also finish out all upgrade selections. If the trading cards were not approved in time, they will be included in this update.

ETA: Given it is basically complete and the overhaul in coding help squash any bugs before they even had a chance to occur, I am confident in saying the release will be in April/May.

The Multi Store Update
This has been the bane of my existence over the development of this game. With the rewrite I am confident all items of this update will be fully working since it was now all coded with this in mind, where as the original coding didn't account for anything like this. All that is left here is to find a new 3D artist who will work with me.

ETA: TBA (as I said, I will not give ETAs until I am 100% sure I will be able to hit it on time).

The UI Update
1.2's road block at the moment is finding a 3D artist. I am hoping that same artist will be able to take the task of refreshing the UI. That will be the center for the last major update.

Obviously I don't want to say there won't be any updates after these. Its a hobby project, if there is something to add, I am going to add it, even if nobody is playing anymore. I think this post and the next update is proof of that!

I apologize for going dark for so long, but I hope you guys can understand the reasonings. From this point I will only post when there is something to show and information to pass along.

Thank you.

First update coming by EOD Thursday that is a complete rewrite of all the games code, next update coming April/May, 2 more scheduled updates after that.
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About This Game

Store Manager Cellular Edition will be the most comprehensive and accurate retail store simulator ever created. As an ex- store, sales, and district manager in the cellular world myself, as well as being best friends with a current store manager, I feel I am right at home when making this game.

This game incorporates all the actions a store manager has to do. Find employees by searching through resumes. Each resume is randomly generated with names, old jobs, education and more. Each one of these individually affects that employee's "ability skill". That skill is much needed in many situations. If a customer comes in knowing what phone they want and you have it in stock, a salesman with a higher ability will be able to sell them on the accessories they need, driving up the profits on that sale. If you don't have a phone in inventory, a higher ability is going to be needed to persuade a customer into a phone you do have in stock, and ensure they are going to keep it without returning it later.

You have full control over the inventory! Every day you must order new phones to keep your inventory fresh for the customers! A new phone comes out that's a dud? Well you better discount it to get it off the shelves! As it stands right now there are 16 different phones for customers to choose, all from 8 different manufacturers divided up into three different OSs. There are accessories made for each phone and the player can decide how hard they would like their game to be. The player can choose to control all accessories down to which ones product by product, or if they don't like that amount of micromanagement they can choose to instead just buy a bulk of accessories that work for every phone.

The customers come into the store, most with an idea of the type of phone they want. Customers can have their mind changed on what to purchase, but if they don't like it they will come back and return their purchase. Each customer has their own unique name and data to keep track of. Keep those customers happy and they will tell their friends about your location. Other customer traffic is based on advertising campaigns that you as manager must select. Peak customer hours change frequently so you better be on top of the schedule.

In the beginning you are running a small shop that can hold four employees. Two of them can be working at a time. There is one opening shift and one closing shift. Don't neglect your workers by not scheduling them, and on the contrary don't over work them. Doing these things might get them fed up just enough to quit! You must schedule your employees correctly from the time they come in, to the time they break, to the time they leave. But be careful! Schedule breaks during peak customer times and the employee might not get to break that day, resulting in a fine for you!

As you gain profits it is up to you to upgrade all the displays and looks around the store to drive up customer ratings, giving more free word of mouth advertising which drives up revenue! You can upgrade individual displays as well as things like the flooring, backroom and more! This isn't all for aesthetics. Customers like clean and modern stores! The better it looks, the more money they might be willing to spend!

This game will be available for the PC, Mac OSX to start with a Linux build coming shortly. The Linux build is completed, I just don't have the proper tools to test it thoroughly. It will be happening soon!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7 or Better
    • Processor: 2.4GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB or Better
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.7 or Better
    • Processor: i5 2.4GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB or Better
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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