You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Now includes original classic games The Bard’s Tale 1, 2 & 3!
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Date de parution: 17 juin 2005

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"Trigger warning: old game. A funny RPG game for a change. A pretty solid game with hilarious dialogues."


“The Bard’s Tale is easily the funniest game I’ve ever played, and I’ve played all the funny games out there.”

“Ready your weapon and bladder as you embark on this ridiculously addicting quest and the funniest adventure of the year, The Bard’s Tale”
– Game Chronicles

“This game is satire in its sharpest form”
– Cheat Code Central

Nouvelle mise à jour

  • Comprend la Trilogie Originale
  • Mouvements avec les touches WASD
  • Ajout du Français, Allemand, Espagnol pour le texte et sous-titres
  • Dialogues Allemands (Accessible dans le menu options du son quand la langue du jeu est définie sur Allemand)
  • Prise en charge complète du plein écran et supporte les résolutions supérieures à une largeur de 1600.
  • Amélioration des performances.
  • Liens des adresses URL sur le menu principal pour les pages de soutien et les média liés.
  • Correction d'erreurs sur la version originale

À propos de ce jeu

Now includes original classic games The Bard’s Tale 1, 2 & 3!
You are the Bard, a selfish rogue weary of pointless sub-quests and rat-infested cellars. Through magical song you summon characters to join your quest for coin and cleavage!
Prepare to immerse yourself in over 20-30 hours of adventure, featuring:
  • 50 enemy types (not counting bosses!)
  • A vast world to explore with towns, wild forests, rivers, castles, towers, secret dungeons, snowy mountains, caverns, haunted tombs and more
  • A full cast of bizarre NPC’s
  • Over a dozen special boss enemies to defeat
  • 16 magical characters to discover and then summon at will to aid you
  • Over 150 unique items of weaponry, armor, instruments, tokens, artifacts and loot!
  • More Song & Dance numbers than any other game, including a zombie dance-off!
  • Over 14 hours of outstanding voice-acting from top Hollywood talent, including Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) as the Bard, and the inimitable Tony Jay as the Narrator
  • Classics Games—includes original classic games The Bard’s Tale 1, 2 & 3.

Configuration requise

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
    • Processeur : Pentium 4 à 2 Ghz / AMD AthlonXP 2400
    • Mémoire Vive : 512 Mo de RAM
    • Affichage : Carte graphique GeForce FX5700 ou supérieure / ATI Radeon 9600 ou supérieure
    • DirectX® : 9.0c
    • Espace disque : 6 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX 9
    • OS: OS X 10.6.0 or higher
    • Hard Drive: 3.6GB Hard disk space
    • OS: X11 enabled Linux distro
    • Processor: Pentium 4 2Ghz / AMD AthlonXP 2400
    • Memory: 512Mb
    • Graphics: GeForce FX5700 or better / ATI Radeon 9600 or better
    • OpenGL: 2.0 compatible video card and compatible drivers
    • Hard Drive: 3.8GB of free space
    • Sound: OpenAL compatible sound card and necessary drivers
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4.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 novembre 2014
I doubt I'm even 1% done. This game is actually pretty good. It's graphics aren't bad for the time they were made, and I kind of like the feel they give. They aren't really retro, but still bring nostalgia. The voice acting is great, and it has a great storyline, with different responses you can choose, a kind response or a rude response and both change the outcome of the story, whether it be a small change or a large one. It's got a thorough skill system, and might I say, one of the most descriptive smithy shops in a game. The works are very described, but not so much in a way that they take forever to understand. They are clear, to the point, and yet aren't short. There are a couple glitches, and one that has halted my progress 4 hours in, which I am very upset about, but still, I love this game. And hey, every good game has glitches, It's possible to beat Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in under half an hour because of them. Who doesn't love glitches?
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0.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 novembre 2014
Why am I writing this review after only 40 minutes of playtime? Because, that's all the time you need to really get a feel for what this game is about and where it's going to go. By no means is this a bad thing. The humor, direction, attitude of the characters, and overall tone of the game is set out within the first 5 minutes of play.

Well, that's rather refreshing. For me, anyway. The pro's and con's in this short an amount of time are rather apparent, as well. Keep in mind how, well, ancient this game is in terms of PC gaming. Consider the history behind it, the people who developed it, everything - it matters.

The short part is that I'm old enough to remember when the type of games this was specifically parodying were unbearably popular. And the parody points within it are spot-on. Obviously, the team that developed the game and the writers who worked on the dialog had a deep appreciation for what they were making fun of - as "Weird Al" Yankovic has expressed, we only parody the things we really love. This was made in that spirit, because this sort of game, this subgenre, is so overdone that it becomes a parody of itself - in this case, however, that makes it funny. Not in an uproariously hilarious way that will have you falling out of your chair laughing, but in the, "Oh, God!" way that will make you chuckle and keep you entertained. It pokes fun at the sexism, the rewritten Arthurian legend, the accents, the creepy magical elder and summoning of creatures, everything. Again, forty minutes into the game and you will already have a very solid idea of where it's going to go.

Sometimes, the most subtle indicators can point to this. I don't consider this a spoiler, so I'm going to go ahead and say it. You can tip cows. That's right, you can tip cows.

The gameplay itself reminds me so much of games like Dungeon Siege, and if I'm not mistaken it came out around the same time period when Dungeon Siege, Diablo 2, and other games of this sort were incredibly popular - and it just smashes them. As entertaining as they were, it takes them, turns them on their head, and gives them a spanking for every trope that it employs to make itself entertaining.

Oddly unpretentious for a parody, and very funny for people who remember or have played several games in the same genre. Still, I wouldn't suggest that people who aren't normally fans of this go into the game - you're not going to enjoy it.

In good conscience, due to my playtime, I can't give it a percentage or scaled rating, but I can tell you that if you like this sort of game and the mood of it normally, you will find it refreshing and funny. Certainly worth the price of admission, and if you're worried about bugs or problems - the only thing I can say that I've noticed thus far is that there are tons, and I do mean TONS of loading screens. This is actually what caused me to stop playing. This could be a result of me being spoiled by newer computer hardware and abilities that older computers simply didn't have, or it could genuinely be an irritating problem with the game.

Either way, pick it up. I'll be back to write a more detailed review when I play more of it, because I'm sure I will play it to the end.
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6 personne(s) sur 6 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
26.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 mars
Really great RPG with excellent story and plenty of humor, it is still as good as in the day it was released it has aged well!
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7 personne(s) sur 8 (88%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
18.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 26 novembre 2014
I purchased this game primarily for the three original Bard's Tale games - which were favorites back in the days of my old C64. However, I've been pleasantly surprised by newer version, even though it has little in common with the original series. The Bard's Tale has a sharp wit and isn't afraid to lampoon traditional sword & sorcery RPG games in a most amusing fashion. With Carey Elwes providing the voice of the Bard, the producers couldn't help but tip their hats to "The Princess Bride" at various points in the story. While the game is hardly cutting edge in terms of game play or graphics, it is a breath of fresh air compared to much of the turgid and predictable fare found in fantasy gaming. An overlooked gem.
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Posté le : 21 janvier
I have never bothered to review this game because, meh. However, since they added the original trilogy, this just got 1000 times better.

I still have my original 5.25 floppies and graph paper maps for the first game. I still have my character disk for the party I took through the whole trilogy. I think the fact that I still have those things is a testament to how much I loved the games. (or I'm just a hoarding nerd)

I highly recommend you play the old games in the old way. Get yourself some graph paper and make your own maps. Don't use the maps provided (cheater!). Print out the documentation and the map for Skara Brae and time warp back to the mid 80's.
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22.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 mai
You can block arrow with an sword 10/10
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28.5 heures en tout
Posté le : 24 novembre 2014
great gameplay and story. Funny and fun for lovers of simple rpgs and snarky comments
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5 personne(s) sur 8 (63%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
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1.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 novembre 2014
I was obligated to by this game because of my username
I don't regret it

Funny, sarcastic, and entertaining. Like good ol'-fashioned role-playing games? May as well give it a whirl
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6 personne(s) sur 10 (60%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
54.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 15 novembre 2014
my all time favorite game.
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3 personne(s) sur 5 (60%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
6.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 décembre 2014
This game is an amazing example of good solid gameplay, perfect writing and a well executed concept. When friends ask for recommendations for fun or funny games, this is always at the top of the list. The interations between the Bard and the narrator are priceless. It may not look like I have a lot of time played, but i owned it on another platform and only repurchased it on steam to play it again.

why are you still reading this, you should be purchasing Bard's Tale now! Go!
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40.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 février
This game is sort of alright.

Love the songs in this game.

That is probably the only thing going for it, the humour and awesome songs.

The controls, combat and camera are very clunky and awkward and the constant load screens are annoying as well. No inventory, little depth to the game and it becomes repetitive.

Though no inventory can be classed as a good thing especially if you're a hoarder who finds it hard to part with anything in case you need it later. Not so with this game, no need to sell anything, it is automatic, any loot you pick up whether it be wolf pelts, or jewels etc. immediately turn to silvers, the currency of this game. If you find a weapon more powerful then the equipped, it immediately equips it and turns the old into silvers. But it also means less depth and not really any choice of what you equip. Such as you would rather equip a faster sword that has less dmg, but nope it would equip the weapon does the most dmg.

This game is also very linear and more like an action adventure game than an RPG.

I like the main character he is rather snarky and selfish and not a typical save the world hero, which makes for a nice change. He's in it primarily for coin and booty.

But even so the fun songs become repetitive and don't vary much, always the same bad luck song with slight variation sung by trow. So 7 Trow songs and only 2, more unique songs that I came across and Iam very thorough in exploring so don't think I missed any.

Can't recommend this game for the humour alone does not make up for the negatives.

I found it a bit too repetitive to recommend, I only kept playing as I hate leaving a game uncompleted and it was not so terrible that I couldn't stand playing and now that I completed it, it's not a game Iam likely ever to play again. And to see the other ending I can just watch it on You Tube.
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1.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 6 novembre 2014
Fun game. The humorous banter is amusing at first but get old after a while and travelling around gets monotonous but otherwise I enjoyed it.
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4 personne(s) sur 4 (100%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
6.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 1 juillet 2014
Humour et rencontres de pnj font de ce jeu un Jdr à ne pas éviter. Amoureux des dernières technologies ou des graphisme HD s'abstenir.
Ici c'est plus l'atmosphere générale et le troisieme degrés qui priment.
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29.8 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 novembre 2014
Using the motor of Baldur's Gate, it lacks a bit a of large views. Besides that, the humour is really the masterpiece of that game. Some scenes are just hilarious. It also mocks the bad habit of "rpg" games like when our non-hero tells "WTF ? Dropping a sword on a wolf ?".
Gameplay as some nice ideas too.

Anyway, it could be a bit hard to understand if you are not used with Scottish accent, but playing without it would lost a lot of interest of that game
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25.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 12 décembre 2013
Que dire sur ce jeu? Bon, commençons par le début, c'est un hack & slash relaitvement basique dans la forme. Pas de classe, mais un peu de personnalisation via les caracteristiques, les talents, et les armes. Loin d'avoir l'étoffe d'un Diablo, il se défend. Alors, pourquoi est-ce que je ne joue pas à Diablo 3 au lieu de ce petit jeu au graphismes datés? Parce qu'il est drôle. Le héros est drôle, le narrateur est drôle, les personnages sont drôles, le scénario est drôle, les dialogues sont drôles... Ce jeu est rempli de petites blagues et références un peu partout, et le pire, c'est que par je ne sais quel miracle, ça ne devient jamais lourd, au contraire on se surprend à attendre les jeux sur les clichés, les piques du héros, ou les remarques du narrateur. Et puis il y a des chansons de tavernes avec karaoké, ça c'est cool.
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21.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 avril 2014
Ce jeu fût une surprise. Offert sur un forum je m'y suis essayé et ne l'ai plus quitté jusqu'à le finir il y a quelques minutes. Quelques screens par ici (spoilers potentiels).

Le point fort de ce jeu est probablement son humour tout au long de l'aventure, avec un gameplay relativement classique mais solide. Vous ne vous ennuierez clairement pas. Etant un barde vous allez pouvoir apprendre différents airs qui, lorsque vous les jouez, invoqueront différentes créatures vous aidant dans vote quête. Du garde du corps en passant par l'archère, l'élémentaire de feu ou l'infirmière de service, il y en a 16 en tout à trouver ainsi que leur amélioration. Vous pourrez en avoir 1 auprès de vous au début et jusqu'à 4 vers la fin.
Vous concernant vous pouvez parer (notamment avec un bouclier mais toute arme le permet), étourdir et attaquer avec l'arme équipée. Au choix :
- Arme à une main (possibilité d'ambidextrie avec un poignard via talent)
- Arme à deux mains (à débloquer via talent)
- Arc (pas mal puissant dans ce jeu mais je l'ai découvert un peu tard)
- Fléau (à débloquer via talent) : possibilité d'étourdir à chaque coup mais plus lent.
- Deux armes uniques ayant chacune leur spécificité assez sympa. J'ai fini le jeu avec l'épée unique d'ailleurs dès son obtention. Elle a une allonge conséquente.

Pas mal de talents vous permettront d'avoir des capacités en plus pour les différents types d'armes (pluie de flêches, charge (bouclier), ...). D'autres talents indépendants sont très puissants comme la possibilité de faire des coups critiques et bien d'autres.

Pour ce qui est de la durée de vie, j'ai mis ~21h. En temps de jeu réel : 17h. J'ai joué en normal, et même là parfois le challenge ne manque pas. Vous vous rendrez compte qu'à certains moments dans le jeu il y a des pics de difficulté. On ne s'y attend pas trop mais avec les points de sauvegarde généreux vous vous en sortirez sans trop de mal. D'ailleurs outre les airs classiques il y en a 4 autres plus importants, n'hésitez pas à les utiliser. Ils utilisent des pierres mystiques qu'on trouve dans les coffres entre autres. Elles sont limitées dans le jeu mais y'en a largement assez pour les utiliser régulièrement. Si je l'avais fait plus souvent, j'aurais sûrement moins "galéré" sur certains passages (j'ai fini le jeu avec quasi 200 pierres).

Bref, un bon jeu d'aventure, bien fun et qui change un peu des classiques jeux dans le genre grâce essentiellement à son humour. Et rassurez-vous le gameplay est bon. Ce qui m'attire dans un jeu à la base c'est le gameplay, le scénario j'en ai jamais grand chose à foutre, c'est toujours la même chose. Ici ils ont su apporter un peu de fraîcheur et le tout se combine très bien ensemble.

NB : Petit conseil, à part si vous rushez le jeu, ne mettez pas plus de 17 points dans une stat. Vous trouverez des symboles en jeu vous permettant de gagner jusqu'à +3 dans chaque stat. Et le maximum / stat est de 20.
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1.2 heures en tout
Posté le : 19 août 2014
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5.0 heures en tout
Posté le : 4 décembre 2013
The Bard's Tale is a great casual RPG that takes you back to gaming as it was nearly ten years ago. So be prepared for a top down third person view most of the time. What makes it most enjoyable are the bawdy humor in the dialog and the lyrics to the songs.

Our hero in the game, The Bard, is not really a hero; but a scounderal given to snarky comments and possessed of an ability to get himself into trouble. His comments are not limited to dialog with NPC's. He is equally capable of taking issue with the narrator and both seem to have a mutual hate relationship which adds to the fun. You'll also encounter Scottish, English and French accents with a healthy dose of Scottish words for things, which is fitting for story based on legends from the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

The Bard needs to recruit a team to help rescue a damsel in distress and true to his character, he's not willing to help without a reward, which the damsel offers. That offer ought to make you chuckle. Along the way you'll summon many creatures and finally figure out which ones are most useful to you. After that you'll have an opportunity to really wreak mayhem and get yourself into some interesting situations. The game is full of cliche's on purpose and they spice it up instead of detract from game-play. And of course there are always complications along the way to add dimension to the game.

The screen resolution choices are based on what was available at release time. Don't fuss over them too much. Pick the largest resolution with the same ratio as your screen and it ought to look fine anyway. Works fine on a 1900x1200 monitor.

It can be played with a controller, but you may find the onscreen prompts to be confusing and awkward. If you do use a controller, you can find a useful list of controls at - seriously though, the game is best player with a mouse and keyboard. It just works better for a game this old.

The original game was released in 1985 and twenty years later this version was released with much improved graphical content and music. If you want the full retro experience, the menu system will let you load up the original game and have a go at it.

If you want to get a feel for the music and dialog in the 2005 version of the game, I would recommend these YouTube videos:

* The Tale of the Nuckelavee
* The Bard's Tale Silkbeard and the Viking Song
* Here's to the Bard
* The Chosen One #4 (There are several variations of this song and all of them have an Oompa Loopa feel to them right down to ending with a Diddly-Do.)

I just replayed a bit of the game on my Win gaming rig, but it will play equally well on a computer with low graphics capabilities. Worked just fine on a stripped down Mac Mini when I played it a few months back. (Disclaimer - used non-Steam version on my Mac.)
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65.9 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 octobre 2014
I enjoyed the game from the very beginning till the very end and probably will replay it at least once sometime later to buy all the extras (funny songs and arts there) and find two last tunes. The game is short enough (about 20 to 25 hours of gameplay tops, and you level cap could be achieved easily) but very funny and costs every cent of its price.

The strongest part of the game are its witty dialogues and excellent voicing, however the plot is not so bad too and jokes are good (and yes, I’m almost forty). Combat is simple, especially with a bow and easy mode (which affects only start attributes and number of save points, so don’t bother with harder difficulty). This game is really a game, not some kind of computer sport where you need huge guides on spell usage and skills allocation. Still, the summons are fun and efficient, the weapons are sparse but don't become obsolete too fast. You are free to experiment. Save points number and location are well chosen. Songs and music are awesome! I sing them under my nose now and then.

In short I like the game, the way it is designed, its gameplay and humour. If you are not combat-obsessed power gamer try it. If you are, still try it to for a change.
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Posté le : 12 juillet 2014
Top-down view RPG-lite, more of an action-adventure, I suppose - one of those titles that focuses more on the characters and story rather than loot, combat, or game mechanics in general.

That is not to say it abandons game mechanics completely - just simplifies them compared to more mainstream RPGs (especially "western", as opposed to JRPGs).

However, in the story department - it excels, with witty, humorous writing (it's essentially a parody/spoof of fantasy RPG games) and superb voice acting (at least in English version). Well worth playing just for that! And you'd be surprised how much is based on real world mythology and places.

There are essentially two main characters in the game - the eponymous Bard, whose misadventures you follow and whom you control directly, and The Narrator, who holds the Bard in great contempt, never failing to throw in some sarcastic commentary. There's fourth wall to be broken for sure, and generally the game does instill this idea that it is a tale, sort of reenactment you're witnessing, rather than directly participating in, at least that's how it worked for me - I would place myself, perhaps paradoxically, more next to The Narrator, who's spinning the tale, rather than the Bard, who's living (reliving?) it.

The story mostly revolves around Bard being a Chosen One, enduring trials and tribulations to save a princess, although his motives are clear: coin and cleavage, and definitely not saving the world. Which rapidly enters worse and worse state. Which may or may not be related to Bard's questing around. Nothing really to dwell on much, you're here pretty much to enjoy the ride.

I finished it on hard difficulty, but I wouldn't really bother if I were you, it only serves as annoyance really rather than a proper challenge, and everything can be easily cheesed anyway, with you shooting offscreen enemies with bows, minmaxing dexterity and rhythm (as a bard, you can summon variety of allies and rhythm makes them stronger), so playing it easy just lets you enjoy the ride more.

If you're unaware, it's well worth pointing out that none other than Brian Fargo is behind this game, one of industry titans (does Fallout ring a bell? something he was personally responsible for, not mentioning other great titles he was more or less involved with, and most recently, Kickstarter backed great promises of Torment and Wasteland 2). You really should cast away any doubts with regard to writing quality this game has to offer (mind though, again, it's not a "serious" title, and not big one either, giving off somewhat indie, passion project vibe rather than triple-A vibe Interplay could muster and inXile not so much, at least until Kickstarter and ever growing technological advances.. but I digress; look the guy up on Wikipedia if you don't know who he is).

Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
A chosen one of many isn't new
When you think you're full of luck
in the bullocks you'll get struck
Oh, it's bad luck to be you.
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