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Dans ION ASSAULT les joueurs disposent de milliers de particulers Ion pour pulvériser ce qui apparaît à l'écran ! Jouabilité originale : jeu centré autour de la mécanique des fluides. ION ASSAULT ajoute une touche d'arcade avec un style de jeu de tir de l'espace !
Date de parution: 17 nov 2010
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5 mai 2014

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19 mars 2014

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À propos du jeu

Dans ION ASSAULT les joueurs disposent de milliers de particulers Ion pour pulvériser ce qui apparaît à l'écran !
Jouabilité originale : jeu centré autour de la mécanique des fluides. ION ASSAULT ajoute une touche d'arcade avec un style de jeu de tir de l'espace !
Tous le monde peut jouer : ION ASSAULT permet aux novices comme aux vétérans d'y trouver leur intérêt. Plus vous détruisez rapidement les obstacles et plus le nombre d'ennemis sera important.

Comprend :

  • Jeu classique de tir avec un profondeur tactique : les particules Ion sont en nombre limité
  • Des milliers de particules
  • Utilisez votre vaisseau spatial pour détruire les ennemis et les astéroïdes en absorbant et en tirant des particules Ion
  • Collectionnez les améliorations pour personnaliser votre vaisseau
  • 30 ennemis différents à pulvériser
  • Combattez dans 4 secteurs chacun gardé par un boss terrifiant !
  • Plus de 20 niveaux : 5 par secteur
  • Partez à la conquête du classement

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Processeur : Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : (GeForce 7800 GT / ATI HD 2600 XT) avec 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo
    • DirectX® : DirectX 9
    • Disque dur : 150 Mo d'espace disque
    • Son : Carte son compatible DirectX
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Ion Assault is an arcade space shooter that has not really a lot in common with the typical arcade shooter. The beautiful art and level design is the best special feature in this game.The graphical effects for the Ion Particles are excellent. The game is a small, independently developed affair, and the graphics largely reflect that. Many of the effects, however, give Ion Assault a real vibrancy. The game's soundtrack is made up of techno and dance music. Your appreciation of this will be very much down to personal taste.Ion Assault is worth a look if you are a fan of the genre or space arcade shooters in general. It combines two well established formulas and adds some extra mechanics to make a rather interesting game.Ion Assault is a well polished, frantic and addictive little game. Unfortunately it comes with plenty of little frustrations, not least of which is that if you want to play, you have to be able to dedicate enough time to make it to the end of the campaign, else you'll lose your progress.Overall 6/10.
Posté le : 19 juillet 2014
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It's okay
Posté le : 6 mai 2014
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5.0 heures en tout
This is a unique and enjoyable little shoot-em up. Whereas most shmups are about precision movement with wildly imprecise shooting of bullets everywhere, this changes it up with it's mechanic wherein you need to gather up enough matter from the map to shoot out. The result is that you have to get skilled at shooting precisely, because if you waste a shot, you have to gather up particles again for the next try. Often if I wasn't sure if I could be precise enough, I would opt to move in really close before taking the shot. It's very fast paced and challenging. At first it was a bit overwhelming with so many particles moving on the screen, but I got over that quickly. They made good art choices which kept the enemies or shots from getting drowned out by the particles, so it was very seldom that anything snuck up on me in the chaos. All around, I was very impressed with the art for this game. Often 2D shmups are made with far less eye candy.

The one bad thing I'll say is that I was rather frustrated by their level progression system. There isn't really a save file that you can continue from. Instead you just permanently unlock levels by beating them, which would be fine except that it doesn't do it by stages, it does it by the larger chapters, of which there are only 4 in the game. This means you have to beat 25% of the game at a time to make any permanent progress. If you call it quits for the night on stage 3-5, then next time you have to start again at 3-1. On the bright side, while you're in a playthrough, you can keep hitting continue when you die, so you don't get sent all the way back for that, just for closing down the game session.

Don't let that flaw stop you from getting it however. It's a great game, but you just need to make sure you have a chunk of time to devote to it if you want to make progress.
Posté le : 4 avril 2014
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Nice visuals and interesting firing mechanic quickly dissolve into a run of the mill twin stick asteroids clone with weak gameplay and an odd level completion requirement. Also the survival mode is not based on health but destroying ships and accumulating points to add to the clock.
Posté le : 17 février 2014
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An asteroid shooter where you vacuum particles out of the playing field and then shoot them around. This means that you have to keep moving to get enough particles, and aimed shot and deliberation are often more important than just shooting everywhere. Visually quite appealing. The shot particles bounce off asteroids and arena walls in waves and sometimes leave nice refraction patterns.

Good game for what it is.
Posté le : 22 mars 2014
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Pretty Asteroids-type shooter with lovely particle effects and graphics. Sadly, the novelty of the particle effects soon wears very thin and each stage becomes a chore of gathering particles and killing asteroids - not very challenging or deep at all. The add-on weapons, such as seeking drones or mines add very little variety to your shooting arsenal and are nowhere near as powerful as a full ion blast, so you end up just sticking to hoovering up particles and shooting them at rocks and enemies.

To make things worse, the music is terrible. I mean, just terrible. Each sector (consisting of 6 levels each) has its own music, which consists of the same 30 seconds looped over and over again. Its not bad enough the gameplay is so awfully repetitive, the music makes things worse by adding to the monotony.

Get this if it comes with a Humble Bundle, or you REALLY want a shooter for a buck or so, but you probably wont get much more than 30-60m gametime out of this before you hit the unistall button.

The Good:
- Decent Boss fights
- Lovely particle graphics

The Bad:
- Extremely repetitive gameplay
- Extremely monotonous music
Posté le : 5 janvier 2014
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