Do not even try to close your eyes. You can't let the fear go. It is real. It is more real than you can imagine... "Statues" is a mix of survival-horror and action-adventure developed by Room710Games. The game based on the creepy enemies that only move when you're not looking at them.
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Mostly Positive (85 reviews) - 70% of the 85 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Oct 27, 2015

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About This Game

Do you ever think that statues are alive? That there is a bit of a soul behind blank eyes of each statue. That stone hearts beats in the stone chests. That mysterious power just prevents their movements. And as soon as this power begin to run out, they go down from pedestals and go ahead with their plans that they always keep…

So do you think statues can have secret lives?

"Statues" is a mix of survival-horror and action-adventure developed by Room710Games. The game based on the creepy enemies that only move when you're not looking at them. They will take your sense of security during the whole game.

Key features:

  • 7 various locations;
  • Different types of enemies;
  • Original gameplay;
  • Psychological thriller story.

The main character will have to face his fears and only the desire to survive and understand the cause of what is happening will lead him through the dark deserted locations...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Processor: Core 2 quad
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Processor: Core i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 480
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
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Mostly Positive (85 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 3.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 27
Only got it for a buck, and haven't finished it yet. But it's definitely worth your time.

1. Doctor Who meets Slenderman meets Alien Isolation
2. Most unnerving game I've played since Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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( 9.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 31
Are you a Dr Who fan?
Do you like horror movies where the protagonist has to run away from the bad guy/s?
Outdated graphics aren't that big of a deal to you?
You like indie games that have an interesting concept?

If you answered yes to at least a few of the questions above, Statues is a game for you. Quality title. I'm impressed that it was made by four people only.
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Chen Akio
( 6.0 hrs on record )
Posted: May 25
My rating for this game: 2.4 / 5.

Bloodcurdling at first but when you realize the pattern of the game (how statues behave and how you should avoid them) you should be fine.

Let me give this game 2 Pros and 3 Cons.

  • Large map. Makes you wonder where you'll go and where to find your objectives.
  • Jumpscares (sometimes).

  • Very short chapters.
  • Repetitive task.
  • No plot.
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( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 4
This game has a mechanic where you "blink" for a conveniently long amount of time. You have a perpetually draining blink meter which will make you blink automatically, or you can refill the meter on your own. The blink lasts for a full second, which is seriously immersion breaking given that you are doing it constantly. I didn't even get past the tutorial section before that one thing annoyed me so much I had to uninstall the game.

On the plus side, this developer did include essential control options such as rebinding your keys and mouse inversion, which seems to be increasingly uncommon for indie developers. Kudos for that :)
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( 0.5 hrs on record )
Posted: April 30
Really wanted to like this but after Five minutes of game play the motion sickness is wayy too much, this relly needs to get the head bobbing issue ironed out. Also the combination of really Fiddley Diddley controls and fast paced action make the game pretty much impossible to play.
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A developer has responded on May 17 @ 5:07am
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( 5.9 hrs on record )
Posted: April 10
Well i got the game for free
would gladly have payed the 10 euro!

Spooky all the time
Amazing story
JUst buy it if you like horror games!
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( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: April 6
I couldn't finish this game, but for a coimpletely personal reason. I was only able to put in a couple minutes before I had to quit because of motion sickness.

Something about the FP in this game was nauseating and I couldn't continue past the hospital. I really wish I could continue, but completing the game isn't worth vomiting and a severe headache. So if you have rather bad motion sickness like me (as in, so bad that simply moving your head while sitting in a car is enough to induce dizziness), this game may not be for you.
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A developer has responded on Apr 12 @ 3:14pm
(view response)
[ᴸᴼᴳ]Metro Retro
( 2.1 hrs on record )
Posted: March 20
Basic Information
Title: Statues
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Room710Games
Publisher: Room710Games
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2015

At first sight Statues seems to be your simple horror survival game, where by you run away from the statues that follow you wanting to kill you. It seems like you'd just run around upon each level, avoiding the statues and quit the game once you get bored. Suprisingly, this isn't how Statues functions. The game is much longeer and much more elaborate than you may think at first glance of this game. Although, I don't wanna stray away from the reality of Statues, which unfortunately crumbles down over the time of playing.

Although you may think that Statues is just another survival horror game, with barely any story or gameplay it really isn't. It's not the type of game whereby you simply selecte a level to play and just go and run away from these statues without any reason to do so. The stroy is a very simple one to understand and is told through sevral chapters of the game. The game starts in a very grab opening way. The player begins the game in a car, driving down a highway, when suddenly a cell phone rings. The player looks down to see who’s calling, blindingly bright lights direct our attention back to the road ahead. We see the car drive straight into a head-on collision with a large truck. Soon after, we awake in a hospital bed in pure darkness, adn this is where the gam starts off. At the end of each chapter that you finish, you are given a short inner monologue from the main character through journal entries. Although this is only the bare bones of the stroy of the game, there are additional hand-written notes that you can find scatted around each chapter to build upon the story more. It is to be noted, that finding these notes are entirely up to chance if you find them or not, unless you search them up on youtube to where they are. There is no indication to where any of the notes are as you play through the levels so finding them is completely optitional. The main mechanic of the game isn't exactly original, inspired by the 'weeping angels' from Doctor Who the statues won't move when you are looking at them. There is however a blink meter to prevent you from just staring at them all the time to win easily.

The game itself isn't known all that much, and that may be for the fact that the game looks like a normal horror game. When you first start the game, the game really shows you and puts up how well the graphics will look through the rest of the game. The graphics are gorgeous looking, from the lighting of the game to the detail of the cracks that you can see in the wall as you ply through the game. Although some of the textures seem to stand out to be slightly unrealistic going through the park the cobblestone path looks a bit unrealistic compared to the gorgoues graphics shown beforehand. You will unfortunatly notice though that the rooms in the hospital look almost the same as the rooms in the builidings in every other location of the game. So while the game can look spectacular sometimes, there are sometimes graphics that are repeated and get a little bit boring.

Music & Sound
The game is really good at setting the atmosphere of playing this game. There are some nice features in which when a statue gets near to you, the players heart beat begins to beat fast and their breathing gets louder and faster. This also combinded with some seriously tense moments that can occur throughout the game can really put you on edge and give you a nice atmospheric feel to the game. This also helps you get used to the mechanics of the game as you will be hearing that sound a lot if you are dying a lot in the game. Although, it does seem to string on a bit and you lose the tense sounds to the game itself.

Statues is a seemingly unknown indie game title which seems to be a normal horror survival with minimal mechanics, but it is actually rather well done. The gameplay has its tense moments when you are near these statues with fast hearbeat and loud breathing, although this does wear off a bit once you have played the game for a while. The graphics are beautiful, although some textures seem unrealistic compared to other amazing looking graphics that you'll see throughout the game.

For more reviews on a wide range of games, go and follow Sometimes You Playing curator group here.
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Medic 2
( 1.2 hrs on record )
Posted: February 29
i highly recommend this game. This game is awesome! and terrifying. I have stopped and quit the game for like a couple days then keep going cuz i get so scaredXD especially on hard mode.
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( 5.4 hrs on record )
Posted: February 9
I Love this game. Only complaint is the amusement park boss battle, maybe could've shortened it up a bit. Otherwise 10/10
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 15, 2015
M'aiq does not write reviews as often as one should.

But this game piqued Khajiit's interest, and so a review must be made.


-Very good gameplay. M'aiq enjoyed being chased by shy creatures who do not like eye contact. It reminded him of his sister, who also does not enjoy eye contact. It is a sore topic, do not bring it up.

-Enough of a storyline to keep one's mind going. Not as deep as it could be, but it is well.

-Khajiit thought that the game might have gotten repetitive after awhile, but the game threw new things at M'aiq and M'aiq was pleasantly surprised.


-The game was simply too short. M'aiq knows this is an indie game and indie games are short, but this could have gone on longer.

-The blinking system is a good concept and necessary, M'aiq thinks, but it is more tedious than anything. Do not worry about playing on higher difficulties for a challenge, it only makes you blink more than a drunken Nord.

-The carnival level. Khajiit actually stopped playing because it got too tedious running halfway across the land and back to get 8 firework boxes to which you can only carry one at a time. M'aiq thinks he can carry more than one box of fireworks at a time. M'aiq once carried three cases of skooma through a swamp, but you did not hear that from me.

-The "statues" were not creepy. In the least bit. M'aiq has seen scarier things come from the Imperial Sewers.

All in all, with the cons of the game, M'aiq still finished it to the end. It is definitely a game worth playing, although wait for a sale. The length of this game does not warrant 10 septims.

One more thing, this game will make the player VERY aware of their own blinking.
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2015
I didn't know what to expect from Statues when I first started playing it. "How can a game about mannequins and statues that follow you stay fresh for very long?" I wondered. Thankfully the developers probably had this in mind as well, because the game throws all sorts of curve balls at you with different enemies, objectives, and "boss fights" every level. I was really impressed with the game and I'm glad I played it.

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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2015
Since the Nov. 22nd update the game can be classified as doable! ;-) Very supportive and kind developer!

Update: It can be classified as hardcore; after 7 hours on record, I have still not defeated the Angel of death! ;-(

Facts: Very well optimized Unity game with decent graphics, sounds and music. Diversified level design, surroundings, enemies and objectives.Tense and creepy atmosphere. Three difficult levels to choose from, with fair checkpoints and save game mechanism. It guarantees plenty of fun and many hours of playtime!
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16 of 22 people (73%) found this review helpful
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0.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 28, 2015
This Game, albeit simple, is very atmospheric...very....

This is a very well rounded game and is the first of its kind to actually make me jump...even when i knew i was coming...the banging from a nearby room as if someone were trapped and then the footfalls in an empty hallway only given away by what looked like movement from the edge of a doorway...

Props to the Devs....the only game to ever make me feel uncomfortable...and cause me to make a small bowel movement when i didnt expect it.

Very enjoyable.

And well worth the price too
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6.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 5
Status: 100% completed (on Easy)

First of all, it's a modern horror game without a single screamer (kudos to developers for that). It's all about thrilling and intense moments, unexpected sounds somewhere near you and a constant fear to be captured by a statue.
It's a quite ambitious game, with some of most epic boss fights you could see in a horror genre (think of the last scene of F.E.A.R. and imagine if it was interactive). It can be a VERY frustrating game (mostly because of those boss fights), but it still hooks you and you want to beat it (which says a lot). Still, it has some flaws which may drive people away.

Let's start with...


The design is excellent: good font choice, clean and polished UI, nicely done note textures, etc.
But the graphics make the game look like a remastered PS2 game. Very low poly models and everything has a shiny parallax shader applied to it (i.e. even some garbage bag shines like it's Christmas). If you ever played Overcast then you know how it looks like.

Level design:

Some levels are huge and feel like an open world (unlike many other horror games), some are just a straight line (with a boss chasing you). As for the open-ended ones, there are many copy-pasted segments, but if you pay attention you can see that they're still different. Despite having limited resources, there's a lot of care put into designing all levels and it shows. Probably the only complaint here is the placement of colliders and the last level would be the best example. It's very easy to get stuck on the rocks there while trying to run away from the enemies. One of them actually had the same problem, he couldn't past a statue blocking his way until I destroyed it.


Practically non-existent. You have one mission: escape. And throughout the game you do just that – escape by any means, from everything: statues, Death, clowns, etc. You start in the hospital, but once you leave it, it's the whole city for you out there: mall, streets, park, graveyard, etc. Some of the things you do don't make any sense, but the ending (which is quite cliché) could explain why.

Sound & Music
Every sound sample in the game sounds fine, no complaints whatsoever.
The music is great and it always fits the events in the game. My personal favourites are the themes from Chapter 1 and 7.

The major part of the game is a blinking system. Some statue appears and starts following you, and then you blink, it supposedly teleports very close to you. If you just stand and it's very close, it starts to look at you back and it's game over. But playing on Easy mode and constantly running, I didn't really notice anything like that – statues teleport however they want and don't move only when you look at them. First version of the game didn't have any difficulty levels and was pretty much unplayable due to constant blinking (it just drives you nuts and you can't focus on what's happening around you, the screen fades to black for some time every 3-4 seconds, imagine playing like that not just one part of the game, but all of it).

Anyway, you need to run. The game tells you if the statues are nearby by using the heartbeat sound. If it's slow, you still have the time (to run to some other place, for example). If it's very fast, you're probably already screwed.
Lately in the game you get a weapon which can destroy statues, but you still need to avoid all other enemies. It's not clear when you have the time to destroy the statue and when you don't – one moment you successfully destroy it, but then some other time you can be killed just a second before you make a last hit. If it's just one statue, most of the time it will be OK to destroy it. If it's 2 or even 3 (especially if it's 3-4), just run.

Every open-ended level has an objective for you, which is always the same: collect X items or activate X things before you can proceed.

So, the experience on these levels is like this: you're looking for objects (or switches) in the darkness with your flashlight, while trying to avoid the enemies (statues spawn indefinitely and it becomes a standard situation lately in the game to be followed by about four of them). The objects you need to collect are placed randomly, so you never know where to find them. It adds to the tension, but also can be frustrating, because they can be placed at some places you wouldn't think to check (like power boxes being in the clothing shop). But they're always highlighted and it helps a lot – if the angle is right, you can see them meters away in the darkness.

Now, the major flaw of the game: it shows you an objective, but never explains HOW you do it. Most notable example which is impossible to figure out would be the first boss fight. The game tells you to run to the subway (the event takes place on the street). The problem is that there's a huge statue behind your back which pursues you and destroys everything in its way. OK, you run and for some seconds you're fine, but then you die – the statue grabs you and kills.
Only by watching a video on YouTube you can see that you need to hide in small spots behind the buildings waiting every time for the statue to suck in all cars on the street and make a massive “boom” (and only then you run). And even knowing this is still trial-and-error, in the end there's a moment where you need to run longer than before (which also will take some time to figure out).
The spots are not highlighted anyhow, there are no hints at all. You just need to know the way it works, there's no other way.

As for the technical aspect, the game never crashed and you can use Alt+Tab without any problems (the game also will stop the sound until you get back to it). The framerate is stable and mostly 60+ FPS, expect the second level, it's pretty laggy there (nothing game breaking, but just be prepare for it). There's also a constant unresponsiveness of the Action button, you need to press E several times on an object to trigger it, even if you're very close to it (you can see it in many walkthrough videos on YouTube). This one is actually can be a fault of Unity itself.

Overall, it's a very solid horror game. Ambitious and captivating, sets to be epic and actually succeeds (despite the primitive visuals). It doesn't have screamers and relies on the atmosphere, sound design and overall creepiness. If only boss fights would have more hints what to do.

Review key provided by the developer.

Sasha Darko for Game Obscura
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 28, 2015
Interesting concept, but does not make a fun game. In fact, it makes a very bad and rage-inducing experience. This game has a blinking system in it that make your screen fade to black for like 2 secs. That's not fun nor realistic. Making it impossible to see where you're going and what you're doing every 30 secs is not fun. Or maybe I'm crazy, and it is fun. I'm just letting you know how I feel, but don't just take my word for it, give it a watch. Thanks <3
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A developer has responded on Dec 6, 2015 @ 10:24am
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 17
I've seen people compare this to Red Light, Green Light. No, not at all. This is just a horror game based off the Weeping Angels. If that has a better name, I don't know it. No idea if the assets are prebought, but they're not exactly a result of a lot of effort. All of the tables are copy pasted with the same objects on them. Everything looks like it's in plastic wrap, animations make no sense such as you sprinting while having the flash light on, implying that you are DOOM3MAN, a car crashes into you in the intro and it's just both vehicles stopping, and the whole thing reminds me a ton of Afraid of Monsters. It's creepy as sh*t, though. Buy it on ♥♥♥♥♥ or while on sale just to have a quick shiver down your spine. I really don't think I'm going to finish since I feel like I've seen everything already, but it was a pretty good half an hour for a dollar.
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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 30
Really wanted to like this but after Five minutes of game play the motion sickness is wayy too much, this relly needs to get the head bobbing issue ironed out. Also the combination of really Fiddley Diddley controls and fast paced action make the game pretty much impossible to play.
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A developer has responded on May 17 @ 5:07am
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Not Recommended
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 27, 2015
This game is horrendous.

I got to the first statuesque creature and could not get away. The blinking is awful, how quick the thing moves is awful. Just awful.
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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 12
To start, I have some mixed feelings about this game. First off, it was fun and interesting, not to mention scary, but there are certain things that this game has some problems with.
First off, when it boasts "different types of enemies" mostly it means different designs. There are only really four different types. Some of the "7 various locations" you are in, you are in for less than a minute or two. Another problem I experienced was that I would get stuck in random places. For example, when I ran into a supply room I rubbed against some debris on the ground and suddenly I couldn't get out of that spot and had to restart my checkpoint. This happened several times, but sometimes this is unpreventable in games and it really didn't happen too often. Then there was the blinking. The blinking was a very interesting concept, one I have seen in several other games, but it's duration is much too long, almost two seconds. I don't know anyone who blinks for two seconds. But I suppose if they wanted to add it to the game they needed to make it to where it could really make a difference in your meeting with a statue. Another problem I had was the lack of information. For example;

At one point you have to escape a massive statue, which I have nicknamed "The Divided," and as you run away from him he will every so often jump into the air and suck up everything in his path. If the player fails to be in an alleyway they will get sucked up and killed. I discovered what to do by complete accident after dying several times. This lack of information frustrated me and really took away from the game's experience. Plus the whole giant statue battle(s) really differed from the main game in an unattractive way.

Now for the pros! This game was very scary. The first "statues" you encounter are skinless medical mannequins. These terrifying creatures will follow you, banging down doors until they catch you. The gameplay is very similar to Slender, but it does it very well. There are indeed several levels, each with similar but differing objectives.

Once you are given the hammer, however, it becomes less scary and more of a challenge. You avoid the statues while collecting the necessary items, only now you can destroy the statues.....temporarily. I loved that addition and it certainly made it more challenging.

The game was also very beautiful. The graphics were smooth and everything was shaded very well. It is obvious that they tried very hard on the appearance of the game and it really sets the atmosphere.
I bought this game on sale, but I feel that 10 dollars isn't too bad of a price for this game. But maybe buy it on sale. Again mixed feelings. I enjoyed certain moments, but quite a few took away from the experience. I suppose I would recommend it.

Fun 3/5, Scary 4/5, Originality 2/5, Mature 3/5, Graphics 4/5, Worth the price? 3/5
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