Death by Game Show is a frenetic strategy game where your reactions and decisions matter. There is no hand of god, instead you're dropped into the action against a 26th century chaos droidgasm. Prove your smarts, win your freedom, and survive Death by Game Show.
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Release Date: Jan 22, 2016

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September 23

Huge Tchii-choo-choo train on Steamgifts that is helping us get noticed

In what has been a turbulent eight months since release and a journey where we’ve met a lot of wonderful people, Tchii and LavaU have broken the mold.

Not only are they streaming the game but Tchii has started a fantastic Steamgifts train which is both immense in scale and generosity.

You can find the train here.

We just want to thank Tchii and the LavaU group for their support.

We also want to thank everyone who has played the game, provided feedback and helped us grow.

Please support us by checking out the trailers on the store page and letting us know your thoughts.

If we can reach 10,000 wishlists the game will go on a 60% week long sale in October. Thank you and take care.

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September 17

If you have the game please leave a review

With Steam’s change in viewing reviews, we ask all who have Death by Game Show to leave a review on the store page.

It is only through your reviews that we can demonstrate that this game is worth looking at and perhaps worth owning.

We already have the support of some fantastic communities and individuals on Steam and would love to hear from any and all who have the game.

How can we improve it, how can we show it off better, what can we do to make you, the Steam community support us, an honest indie developer who has tried to make something different.

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day.

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“Never-ending piles of comedy, puns, and style make this an easy recommendation to fans of Swords and Soldiers.”

“ is just really fun to play...”
8/10 – G4ME

“Death by Game Show should earn a spot at the top of your wish list.”
88/100 – OPNOOBS

About This Game

Welcome to Death by Game Show. A game of pop culture, decision making chaos and hidden parodies starring U.H.Wutt. A lead-footed tub of goo sentenced to rehabilitation in a time of droid tyranny and human ignorance.

Become the smarts behind Wutt’s rehabilitation, or as the fine print calls it “kidnap-come-illegal-trial-leading-to-banishment-and-death-sentence”. Fight back against the tyranny, free the minds of humanity and find freedom-for-all!

  • Twitch Strategy - Death by Game Show puts survival and success into your own hands. It’s not about power but how resourceful and reactive you can be. Can you think your way to victory?

  • The Learning Curve - Anyone can spawn a droid but can you do it while grabbing coins? ...placing buildings? ...spinning for loot? ...dodging attacks? Can you react decisively and win?

  • Customization - You can modify the game’s text, give the droids a paint job and build your own levels. Can you make and share the best via the workshop and win a prize?

  • Story delivery - In Death by Game Show the story is told through short social exchanges, battlecries and hidden messages. Can you cut through the BS and find the truth?

  • Satire - Death by Game Show is about fictional characters, in a fictional show within a fictional universe based on our satirical view of modern day life. Meanings, metaphors and parodies are everywhere but will you spot them?

Death by Game Show is still very much being refined and improved. Reach out to us via the discussions as we take all constructive criticism seriously.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with 512MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X Version Snow Leopard, 10.6.3 or later
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with 512MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS fully updated
    • Processor: Dual Core Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics Card with 512MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Not Recommended
6.1 hrs on record
Posted: September 26
Death by Game Show reminds me of Hammerfight - a great game with awful UI and obscure game mechanics so that you seriously wonder whether you should suffer through the shortcomings and try to enjoy the fun that is there, or smash the keyboard and never start the game again.

I love the presentation, the art, the style (heavily inspired by Idiocracy movie), the humor. I very much like the tug-of-war game style. I also like how everything is exaggerated, chaotic, distractive. Tens of objects moving at once, everything flashing, exploding - just great.

However, the UI and the game mechanics are so obscure and unexplained, that it kills the game. At least for me, because when I play the game, I want to know the rules, and not just button mash (this game is too hard to do button mashing anyway). You can read my detailed reservations in the section below.

I'd really like to continue playing this game and enjoy it, but at the current form, it's very hard to do. This game desperately needs a) proper in-game help with game mechanics well explained b) usability testing and UI improvements c) less infuriating item progression system. Until then it is a very very rough experience.

It kinda makes me sad to leave a negative review here. I mostly like it, just certain parts of it make me go nuts. Maybe I'm just too thick-headed. If you don't mind the lack of help and a confusing UI, try it out, maybe it will click with you more.

Notes for developers

The in-game help is probably the least helpful help I've ever seen (it's funny, yes, but that doesn't *help*). And there are so many unknowns. Why some buildings or units appear or disappear from your "inventory" at some point of time. What is even the inventory the game is referring to - units, power-ups, buildings, everything? How does the wheel of fortune work? How do you charge it up? What is the spin bonus for? Why does my vending machine sometimes stop producing units for a while, even though it has enough energy? No one knows. There are a few helpful hints in the tips, but you can only see those when you die.

The whole progression of items from previous to next levels seems to be convoluted and nowhere explained. After 2 hours of playing I accidentally saw a tip bubble that I need to "pack things up" if they should persist. I got mad at that point, because it means I've been losing all my items for 2 hours. But what does it apply to - buildings, or even units? What if units die, can I still "pack them up"? A core mechanic, almost unexplained. Needless to say, there are no game guides on the Internet.

The UI. Even after hours I still don't understand all the widgets at the main screen. The in-game zoom levels are "everything is too big" and "everything is too small". Why not continuous zoom? It's very difficult to place buildings in the strategy view, because you can't do it in the more useful zoomed-out view, and you also can't move the ground while placing the building. Recalling buildings is weird. Recalling certain units (iTCEs) is almost impossible, due to how the icon shifts when you click it for the first time. Very often your own view moves with every click on "swap/recall unit" icon, which makes double click on that icon impossible even for ground units. Key E to recall all units is mentioned once in the tutorial, and then not mentioned anywhere in the key overview in help (I had to replay the tutorial to remember the key). Double click to refocus your units never works as you would expect. When your rocket arrives, your strategy view becomes unusable, because it forces your screen to be centered on the rocket and it can't be moved. You can't click on enemy buildings to see what their abilities are. You can't see the firing range of your own buildings. There's a difficulty slider at the beginning of each level, but there are 10 options you can choose(!), each with different ruleset, and you have whooping 10 seconds to read it all and make a choice. I never managed to read through even half of that. (Why on earth would you time-limit the difficulty picker?). I could go on and on. It's unfortunate that the devs didn't let 10 of their friends play the game (without seeing it in advance) and see how they struggle.

There are certain parts of the game which I find infuriating. By trial and error (because it's of course missing in help) I figured that if you pass the level, your non-damaged buildings and units are returned to you. But if you fail, you lose everything even if you hit Retry challenge. Unless you manually pack up everything possible just milliseconds before dying/losing (using the strategic overview). Does that make sense? I don't think it does. First it adds needless busywork before each failure (packing up things). Second, if you forget about it, you need to go to lower levels to grind things back up and then finally try to repeat this level again. That seems to be a deliberate decision how to make this game artificially longer. I don't approve that. Grinding is not fun. It would make sense if I lost items destroyed during passing the level. But if I want to retry challenge, it should automatically give me my undestroyed things back, without busywork. And probably even destroyed ones, because that's the purpose of *retrying*. Anything else is a chore.
Another example are time limits, which are extremely tight and you need to exactly know what you're doing to make it. Time limits are again a mechanic which is usually rather annoying than fun, and it's true also in this case, at least in their current ultra-strict configuration.

From psychological standpoint, it would be much better for the game to have 3-4 difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard, insane) and default to normal. That would allow people to bump up difficulty if they feel like it, but also not feel like wusses to lower the difficulty for each level. Many people will rather quit the game than to lower the difficulty (including me, I'm not going to go lower than the *default*, I'm not a sissy -> I'll rather not play it). Making the insane difficulty the default was not a smart move here. I understand the "from hardcore gamers to hardcore gamers" sentiment here, but that could've been even without sacrificing the rest of the audience.
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4.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
Product received for free
Provided by Giveaways Reborn

Death by Game show is inspired by the great movie Idiocracy but goes beyond. A blend of strategy and twitch-based genres, baptized as “Twitch-Strategy” by the developers, and as such it might not be that normal tower defense and strategy game that one would expect. Forget about defeating waves of enemies on a single map with fixed building spots and upgrades, instead, embrace your limited freedom and walk freely on the map, trying to survive by strategically spawning droids and placing structures within a limited time.

The game has a cartoonish 2D style with a unique feel to it. The focus lies on a futuristic look while keeping it as a tribute to those old game shows, maybe a bit too detailed which make it look messy, with too much going on, like the billboards filling the background of the battlefield with witty anecdotes; sadly there is not enough time to read them all, but the effect is still there.

The audio is very simplistic and yet very fitting, but sadly there isn't much variation in it, therefore it looses some attractiveness and might get irritating in a longer game run, considering that the soundtrack is pretty much the same as it fits the the theme perfectly.

As it a more casual game there is not very much voice acting going on. The lines are brought in an attempt to sound stupid and funny, but in the end the humorous might not get appreciated by all players and a bunch of references might go by unnoticed with the younger players.

The story plays in the future where robots dominate the human race. The player plays the role of U.H. Wutt. A typical fat nerdy human who is too smart according the droids and is sentenced to death because of it. The 'truth' about it all, is slowly reveal with the messages on the boards, the cries heard in the battle and many other elements in the background. The story also packs some parodies, references and puns from cult classics, but most of them can easily be missed by younger players, while olders might find it overdone. At the end, the story seems to disappear along the gameplay rather fast.

The first level sort of acts like a tutorial but still leaves an aftertaste of confusion. A lacking of "how to" or a the function of replay the tutorial makes the game confusing at times and might force the player to replay certain levels before realizing what needs to be done.

As the game will progress, the gameplay will only be getting harder, and your buddy (a chained mobile factory or G.I.M.P., standing for Gameshow Intimidation Machine of Pwnage) also has an energy bar, which needs to recharge if you spawned too many droids in a short time. You also must place buildings around the map, which will help with defeating the enemy droids, but some will help by generating other friendly droids.

The has a simple premise which consist in each level Wutt getting transported to a planet, then he needs to accomplish some goals before getting on a rescue ship. The ultimate goal is always to survive until the timer runs out. Even though the field is small and is side scrolling, the space above is filled with flying enemies and sinking coins that Wutt will use to grab with his equipped hook.

Killing enemies, grabbing coins and getting upgrades while text balloons with funny lines shows up; dying re-adjusting and repeating is all what will be left of the strategy as the levels get harder and faster. The game has particular power-ups available through spinning the wheel, but they are so far and in-between, you’ll never have enough. It would be great if the money could be used to buy more units. But that is unfortunately not possible.

The challenges or levels have a high replay value. In fact the more it gets replayed, the fun factor rises together with the understanding and goal of that level. None the less, for certain gamers it could get repetitive, while others might quit or get bored with the string of dying and restarting due to the difficulty spikes in some levels.

Adding to the replayability value, the levels do not only have a difficulty setting, which is easily changed by a slider, but the also provides a in-game level editor, as well as different languages packs, custom sprites and levels in the Steam Workshop.

Death by Game Show is a fun casual game filled with tons of humor and a unique style based on a great idea. Definitely can be addictive if not for the uncertainty of what to do. It is perfect for getting a few minutes of strategy and overall fun but might not be for everyone. If the kinks get worked out, it just might become one of those games you just need to play if you are fan of the hard challenges.

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8.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 21
Product received for free
♡ This hidden gem is the dark souls of the defense/strategy indies with a colorful setting!
With a high replay value and challenge rate, and a must have among the indie games.
It brings you straight back to old school arcade games, mashed up with the future robotic look.
To be honest, I did not know what to expect when I got this game. But I love it!
And it didn’t take long before I was hooked. I die all the time and the challenges are hard for me as I’m not that good in strategy, but that is where the fun lays for me:
to get more strategic insight and to be able to beat those challenges one by one!

♡ The game in a nutshell: Years ahead in the future you’re mankind’s last hope.
You play as U.H.Wutt, a person that is considered too smart for mankind by the robots.
So you get the punishment of rehabilitation but of course they make a whole game show around it.
Hence the name death by game show.
The game starts out easy and holds your hand a bit, but it will not take long before you are on your own.
Kill robot enemies with help of your yellow flying locker, collect coins with an awesome grab hook, collect tons of money to buy buildings, new temporarily robots,..
If you like puns mixed up with strategy and fast play, then this game is the game for you!
Can you beat the robots and win all the challenges they have ready for you?
And that is why this game is a must have!

♡ One of the big plus points for me is that the developer listens to the feedback of players (see discussions) and is actively involved in the community along the players.
That’s something that wins over my heart to see they don’t just abandon their finished product,
but keep supporting it and us, the players. Which is awesome!

♡ TL; DR?
> You play this and get instant addicted.
> You die.
> Curse a couple of times.
> Try again!
> You die some more.
> You rage quit.
> You boot it up again cause you got addicted!
> Rinse and repeat a couple of times a week.

♡ The LavaU community and I personally supports this game and developer! ♡
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14 of 17 people (82%) found this review helpful
1.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 13
★ Presentation
Death by Game Show puts a twist on defense and strategy games. While the difficulty ranges from Easy to Please Kill me Now, any part is fun to play and satisfying when you finish it
its a parody of reality shows, but with robots and over intelligent guy who happens to be the main character. He's to intelligent that he has to go for rehabilitation. Which will on us to stop that.
The developers clearly cared for this game.

★ Gameplay
The beginning wasn't complicated, level 1 was a sort of tutorial. From my viewpoint, level 5 is where the challenge begins. Something I didn't find amusing was the quantity of information the developers provided on the screen and there wasn't any pause button to read everything another time, so you'd have to be quick in understanding this game properly. It's easier to understand to unlock the various powers and achievements, but difficult to get all the money!

As the game will progress, the gameplay will only be getting harder, and your buddy (G.I.M.P.'s energy meter) also has an energy bar, which needs to recharge if you spawned too many droids in a short time. You also must place buildings around the map, which will help with defeating the enemy droids, but some will help by generating other friendly droids.

Throughout levels you build up a spinner, which hold either power-ups or extra cash.
Upon completing a level, you get rewards (power-ups or buildings) to use in other levels.

★ Rating

  • Pretty nice 2D graphics and nice textures
  • Pretty good SFX and soundtrack
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Many types of units and buildings
  • Many levels to combat (around 50)
  • The ability to construct buildings
  • The ability to spawn your own units
  • Integrated in-game level editor
  • Witty and commical writing
  • Almost everything is customizable
  • Steam trading cards and achievements

  • Not much variation to background and the tune becomes annoying after a while.
  • Difficulty of levels.
  • Gets repetitve after a while.
  • Could use some gameplay tweaks.



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2.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 14
Death by Game Show Review - Rating: 7.8/10

General Impression
Death by Game Show is a pretty good combination of the action, indie and strategy genres. The graphics are well-designed for a two-dimensional game, pretty much basically cartoonish, but they are well detailed, fitting the game perfectly. The textures are pretty good as well, they are pretty detailed. The atmosphere takes place on Terra and in the Solar System, and basically on Terra you are on a stage where there is a show-designer, cameramen and random units around. In the Solar System, you will be sent on different planets with a rocket, and then released on the planet where you need to accomplish various objectives, differing from mission to mission. The audio is pretty nice, all of the sounds are well-optimized, as well as the soundtrack being great and funny. The gameplay is about a human who needs to fight the enemy droids with his friendly droids, which are being spawned by his buddy, which looks like a smiley locker. As the game will progress, the gameplay will only be getting harder and harder, and your buddy also has an energy bar, which needs to recharge if you spawned too many droids in a short time. You also must place buildings around the map, which will help with defeating the enemy droids, but some will help by generating other friendly droids. The story happens in the 26th century, and the show-designer keeps the story alive, until the end of the game. The controls are alright, there isn’t anything wrong with them. The engines are alright as well, I haven’t met any bugs, crashes, screen freezes or frame drops. This game works even with low-performant computers, as the store page says, making it accessible to any gamer. The mechanics are pretty nice, the enemies and buildings drop nicely when getting destroyed, and everything moves pretty good.

Positive Points
  • Pretty nice 2D graphics and nice textures
  • Pretty good SFX and soundtrack
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Many types of units and buildings
  • Many levels to combat (around 50)
  • The ability to construct buildings
  • The ability to spawn your own units
  • Integrated in-game level editor
  • Steam trading cards and achievements

Neutral Points
  • The difficulty gets a bit too hard too early
  • The area of fighting could be a little longer probably
  • A multiplayer option would be a great feature

Negative Points
  • It gets a little confusing from time to time
  • Too much background text displayed around the maps
  • It could get repetitive for certain gamers sometimes
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
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10.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 19
Product received for free
I received a key from Lava U Gaming Community on behalf of the developer and streamed the game.

Basic Info
Genre: Line-defense
Difficulty: Hard

The narrative element of the game is presented through the intro of the game, through the announcer's banter, in-game signs and the descriptions of droids, buildings and level descriptions.

You play as U.H.Wutt. It is your task to help Mr. Wutt through the Game Show and earn your freedom from the droid tyranny.

In every level you are presented with different goals, which varies from destroy all enemy buildings and droids, survive for X amount of minutes and collect X amount of money.

In order for you to destroy enemy buildings and droids and help you survive, you will have to build buildings and droids of your own and send them to defend the line. Enemy droids and buildings drops coins, which you can collect with your hook in order to collect money.

There are 10 different types of buildings and 10 different types of droids that can be unlocked as you progress. You have 4 basic type of droids unlocked from the start, but no buildings. As you complete levels you will unlock access to the 6 other droid types and the 10 building types, though it should be said that the unlockable droids and buildings act as one-time consumables purchased with the in-game money earned through levels. There are also consumables that can be bought for the player's character that gives bonuses such as faster move-speed, healing and allowing your hook to do damage to enemy droids.

All levels are replayable and even failure to complete a level will earn you money if you collect any coins on the failed map. There is a difficulty bar at the start of level where the player can adjust the difficulty of the map, making it easier will reduce rewards while making it harder will improve the rewards. This basically adds infinite replayability as the game challenges you to challenge yourself. Every level will offer you a challenge even if you make the level easier. Every level require a different strategy and the game is hard, but the frustration the player will likely feel will stem from a feeling of not being able to figure out the strategy rather than the game being unfair.

The game also features a level designer for you to design maps that other players can try to beat.

Visual Presentation
Death by Game Show has a cartoon-style that will be hit-or-miss for most. It should be said that the game has steam workshop and all sprites in the game can be modded. The game is well-optimized and will run smoothly on most computers.

Audio Presentation
The soundtrack is lovely and very fitting for the game, but as with the visual style it is very much hit-or-miss. The sound effects are top-quality and fits very well within the genre.

Final Score
If you are looking for a challenging line-defense game with infinite replayability that has no hand-holding this is the game for you. I wholeheartedly support this game and I most certainly would say it is a well-worth purchase for any fans of strategy and line-defense games.
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7.0 hrs on record
Posted: February 15
Death by Game Show is a 2D strategy- type of a indie tower defense game. Game is based in 26th century where apparently everyone else is stupid and our hero is way too smart and is therefor sentenced to rehabilitation. Rehabilitation turns out to be a TV-show where audience awaits your death and the main idea of the game is to avoid dying.

Right from the beginning I found the graphics really appealing for an indie game, lacking only the differences between two of a kind of robots or buildings. Every explosion and critical hit is presented in a comic book- way which adds a nice little touch with matched sound effects. The one and only background tune that is constantly playing, however, quickly becomes annoying and you start wishing for any Justin Bieber song instead. Extra points for the Big Arnie's "Get to da choppa!" phrase, always could be more of these!

The death match happens on a circular planet- map between two electric fences where you will have to use strategic skills and planning in a strategic view in order to destroy enemy robots and buildings, as there is never enough time nor energy. You spawn the robots by pressing keys 1 - 0 on your keyboard and build the buildings as well as use the boosters with your mouse, which sometimes didn't respond correctly to my actions.

Game is fun for the first 40 minutes where you finish the tutorial and do some of the easy levels of the game. I found it hard to follow the instructions since there were a lot of text content on the screen, but after 5 minutes of playing you get used to the excess signs between every inch of the screen.
After 40 minutes of playing, game becomes grinding hell where you need to run previous levels multiple times to buy yourself a good amount of boosters and buildings to finally pass the next round. Level 14 alone took me 40 minutes to pass, even with 0% difficulty slider - which I think is way too long for an indie game that has 50 levels, with even harder achievements.

After a few level optimizations should become greater than Fallout Shelter!
Game is totally worth its price.


- difficulty of levels
- background tune becomes annoying after a while
- becomes grinding in terms of replaying

+ many levels
+ achievements and trading cards on Steam
+ random comments such as "Get to da choppa!"
+ hours of fun


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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 23
This game is good but almost gets unbeatable by the 9th stage for me. Seeing as how there are no walkthroughs out yet I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. The reason I would recomend is because you can tell they put alot of effort in this game and it's not their fault I suck.
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37.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 25
Death by Game Show Review

Background Info:

I bought the game on release day, and waited to post this review so I could spend a decent amount of time with it. This is my personal review, not for any company and with no benefits towards myself.

Main Game Features:

  • Strategy/Tower Defense
  • Game show setting
  • Place buildings and send droids to win challenges
  • Asset Creation, Level Editor, and Text Editor.

Quick Comparison:

This is a very unique game. I honestly haven't found any other game like it (there may be one, but I have not come across it). However, if I had to compare it to something to help someone get a gist of if they'd like it. It would be a mix of Swords & Soldiers and Castlestorm.

First Impressions:

The first few levels are tutorials. Short and sweet to tell you the controls and get familiar with objectives. However, not the best I've experienced. It does well in explaining the core concepts of the game, but falls short when giving you extra (debatably benificial) information; such as shortcut keys, which can still be found within the game's "controls" menu in settings. As well as, giving you time to familiarize yourself with the different buildings.

Overall Gameplay:

  • You go through levels, with various objectives, placing buildings and sending out droids. It sounds like an easy concept, but this game very difficult. There is little to no hand holding, and that can be considered good or bad, depending on the type of player you are.

  • As you play through a level, destroying enemy droids and buildings, coins will fall on the ground and start sinking below the surface. You are equiped with a launch hook (grappling hook) which is used to pick up coins from a distance.

  • The main goal of every level is to board the rocket and fly back to safety. However, there are various objectives to complete before the rocket arrives. For example, some levels may have you survive a certain amount of time before the rocket lands and you can enter, others may have you collect a certain amount of coin.

  • When you send out droids, your G.I.M.P.'s energy meter goes down, but does recharge over time. If the charge depletes, G.I.M.P. falls to the ground and your movement is slowed. However, you can still send out droids.

  • Throughout levels you build up a spinner, which hold either power-ups or extra cash.

  • Upon completing a level, you get rewards (power-ups or buildings) to use in other levels.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Unique game
  2. Extremely fun to play
  3. Witty and commical writing
  4. Challenging gameplay
  5. Almost everything is customizable

  1. Challenging gameplay
  2. Could use some gameplay tweaks

For The Developers:

I know you guys are planning to put out a patch at the end of this week, but I'm still going to go over the game in it's current state.

1. Entering a level, the difficulty slider mostly just changes the rate that the enemies come out at, and how much coin is dropped. So if I turn it down to make the game "easier" I feel like I'm also hindering myself because I'm not getting the coin I need to in order to get that objective. My opinion on this is to have the slider also lower the coin needed to pass the objective.

1a. For example, I was on a level that required $8,500,000 in order for the rocket to come. If I moved the slider down, I felt it was harder for me to hit that coin mark, because less coin was being dropped.

2. I know the hotkeys are there for the droids, but some people may prefer being able to see the coresponding number.

2a. For example, Hammie would show a small number one in the bottom left corner.

Final Words:

Long story short, buy this game. If you're a fan of any strategy and/or tower defense game, you will not regret this purchase. I've mentioned before that the game gets challenging, but on the same note - I'm not a very good player. Having said that, I still really enjoy the game.
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Posted: May 6
Short Review
Death by Game Show is a great, challenging, fun game with really interesting ideas.
Longer Review
Death by Game Show puts a twist on defense and strategy games. While the difficulty ranges from Easy to Please Kill me Now, any part is fun to play and satisfying when you finish. The developers clearly cared for this game.
The graphics are absolutely AMAZING! A lot of effort was put into them.
The references are OFF THE CHARTS! This game is filled to the BRIM with them! They're sure to make you laugh!
Great Graphics
Fun Gameplay
Straightforward Story that is Sure to be Easy to Understand
Several, Several, Levels
Zero. Zip. Nada. No.

Would I recommend this game? Totally. Great for any gamer! It's sure to increase your strategic thinking!
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Et in Arcadia Ego
0.3 hrs
Posted: September 17
I start playing and think "Cute".

Then the language is off, to the point of making the instructions confusing.

Then I come to see this is a very simple resource allocation game where you order droids to counter an onslaught of enemy droids.

Then I think "Hmm...that sounds familiar."

This is almost exactly like that resource allocation game where you order plants to counter an onslaught of zomblies.

The difference? The language in PvZ isn't off and PvZ is F2P.

I applaud whoever worked so hard on the art, but sorry, this is not terribly original and definitely not how I thought I'd be killed on something called Death by Gameshow.

Maybe the devs need to revisit the seminal works in the death-by-gameshow genre: SmashTV and the movie The Running Man.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: September 17
Product received for free
I;m not sure if the graphics are good and bad. gets repetitive fast and it's not fun. If you think this game looks good and fun, it's not..
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2.8 hrs
Posted: August 27
Product received for free
A very fun game to play, i recommended it.
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3.1 hrs
Posted: July 17
Product received for free
Death by Game Show is a strategy game that relies on pushing the enemy lines to reach your goal which changes depending on the level as does the playstyle. There's also buildings so it makes it feel a lot like a Tower Defense game. The artstyle is pleasing and reminiscent of Battle Block Theatre.

>I'd give it a 7/10
>Pros: artstyle, humor and references, replayability and competitiveness(feels good to collect all that cash), spinner with random rewards, achievements, cards
>Cons: no way I know of to skip announcer, there's no jumping so you rely solely on the pushing of the lane to get the cash(won't matter unless you want those highscores), the robot control/calling doesn't work so well, some missions are a bit harder to understand/find a way to complete it, some memes get a bit annoying

Overall it's not a bad game and I've had my share of fun with it. I'd recommend it even at full price.
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3.5 hrs
Posted: May 17
Nice game

seems to be Very simple
but is very Complex!!!

Is not for a common eventual prospective player
because requires your attention and you care for finish the levels.

Nice Sounds and music, Good story, a cheerful and good-humored game!
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