Welcome everyone to 123 Slaughter Me Street! A criminal on the run, you find yourself evading police as you make your escape down an alley. You see an old fire escape and scramble up to the roof of an abandoned building; you are safe here. As the patrol cars drive past, you slip into the shadows.
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Very Positive (106 reviews) - 83% of the 106 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 28, 2015

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About This Game

Welcome everyone to 123 Slaughter Me Street!

A criminal on the run, you find yourself evading police as you make your escape down an alley. You see an old fire escape and scramble up to the roof of an abandoned building; you are safe here.

As the patrol cars drive past, you slip into the shadows. The coast is clear, you just got away with it… or did you?

On your way back towards the fire escape, the roof gives out from under you and you plummet into darkness. You are wounded, and only equipped with a dying flashlight. Where are you? You must now escape this building.

A twisted ankle, a busted flashlight, in the middle of one of man's great casualty of progress.
This is the price you pay for avoiding the police.

It smells of death here; the stench of frustration, success and the festering of old hopes.
A shuffling rises up from the infinite darkness before you.

Rats? No, too big for rats.

Stray dogs? Squatters?

What else?

You're not hoping to find out, but you must go forth. Determined, you enter the gaping maw of obsolescence. There must be an exit... Get to the exit.

A heart pounding, anxiety inducing, paranoia paradise; 123 Slaughter Me Street is like no other. With a completely unique set of controls and limited mobility, players must have their wits about them.

Get to the exit, and do so swiftly.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Vista, 8 or 10
    • Processor: Intel / AMD 2.4-2.7 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 630M / AMD Radeon HD 7520G
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
76 of 92 people (83%) found this review helpful
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1.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 25, 2015
An amazing game, would definitely reccomend to people who are wanting tactic, jumpscares, a nervous breakdown, and wet pants. Graphics are great as they are, but an improvement would be amazing for the next game!
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136 of 209 people (65%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 25, 2015
Game seems to lack any real atmosphere at all and overly feels rather cheap in it's deaths. Obviously pandering to the FNAF crowd [which I just so happen to be part of], what appears to be a rather unique and quirky little horror game is actually quite the monotonus and eventually pretty dull experience. What ruins it for me is the flashlight. You have to mash your space bar in order to get it to work sometimes, which again, sounds like a great idea. But it will end up causing you to game over as you fall victim to the Molestation Goat and his numerous buddies as you couldn't flash him in time. It feels like a genuine attempt to cause the player to panic which would help add tension, but it's just straight up infuriating. Even more so when you have to keep the flashlight on when exiting a level.

Unlike most horror games, there's no real build up, no tension and the jumpscares end up becoming a genuine annoyance after the first initial few. They really lose their impact very quickly. Even the plot almost seems non-existant and is presented to us in some rather crude Max Payne-style comic book panels.Game looks nice enough and is marketed pretty well on it's store page, but once you get into it, it's just a rather dull experience sadly. Shame really, as it looked like it had great potential.
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29 of 41 people (71%) found this review helpful
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1.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 17, 2015
A comical twist on the traditional cookiecutter jumpscare thriller. This stands out to me among the rest as the rebel of the genre. Very great title, highly recommended!
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32 of 48 people (67%) found this review helpful
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 1, 2015
I wish dying and jumpscares were more, punishing and I wish the game was a bit harder.
other than that I enjoyed
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38 of 64 people (59%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2015
You escaped the police but now find yourself trapped in an apartment complex, the place is dark and stinks: as you make your way through the corridors something seems to be following you.
123 Slaughter Me Street is an action horror game where you walk down a corridor trying to avoid puppets intent on messily killing you: its low production values, ineffective jump scares and terrible controls make this game an exercise in frustration.


-the first jumpscares might catch you by surprise


-meh graphics, the art style for the initial cutscene is also too simple

-uninspired sound effects and music

-horrible, clunky controls (using a controller makes things even worse)

-the puppets look silly and are not scary at all

-jumpscares get tiring very quickly

-the torchlight turning itself off every few seconds is a bad gameplay gimmick that fails at adding tension, it's just one more frustrating design decision

-all the floors look basically the same


The first few floors of the game were extremely uninspired and gave a very "been there, done that" feeling but they were at least midly interesting as I tried to avoid enemies: after reaching floor 5 I found the game asking me to quickly navigate a corridor, briefly stop at each side opening to ensure it was clear while also look back evey few seconds with the torchlight turned on to makes sure what was following me wasn't getting too close.

That'd be fair if the controls were at least decent but they are not: it's difficult to stop at the right distance due to the walking speed and the slight inertia your character seems to have, the quickturn is horrible and would sometimes respond slowly while other times it'd just make me do a full 360 spin, trying to quickturn while activating the flashlight would sometimes cause one or both command to simply not respond. Basically the game asks you to be very precise and quick while providing no means whatsoever to do what you're asked to.

Add to the terrible controls the uninspired graphics, laughable enemies, so-bad-they're-funny sound effects, cliched premise, lack of tension and copy-pasted levels and you'll see why this is a game that I simply can't recommend: I have no idea what the positive reviews are all about to be honest since even fans of the genre can find much better at cheaper prices.
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34 of 60 people (57%) found this review helpful
7 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015

Insanely long load times reminiscent of PlayStation 1, overly precise controls that are a bit too rough to operate properly half the damn time, poor choice for flashlight controls, clunky as hell to play. I do, however, appreciate the departure from the hundreds of generic FNaF's knock-offs with this lane defense style game though.

Seriously though, with a little tightening, this could be something a little more than generic rage inducing title guised as a Sesame Street knock off with no real character spoofs except the greeter (Big Bird). Kermit the Frog seems to show as the game's golden freddy though... So, there's also that...
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21 of 36 people (58%) found this review helpful
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0.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 4, 2015
Full Disclosure: I was given a copy for review on YouTube by the Publisher.

While not exactly Five Nights At Freddy's, 123 Slaughter Me Street takes the great idea of requiring constant awareness of the space around you to survive. The characters are a litle strange and FNAF-ish, but the overall mechanics are done extremely well. Like any jumpscare heavy game, they lose their fizz after a few minutes of play, then the drive to finish the game really kicks in. Not bad, not great, but it's a fun game to experience.

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58 of 107 people (54%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: September 27, 2015
Well well well, as if there weren't already enough Five Nights at Freddy's games in existence, someone inevitably came up with the genius idea of trying to kick-start their own "rival" franchise. They seem to have overlooked two trifling little facts in their quest to become the next Scott Cawthon, however: Firstly, there is generally only so much room in any given market for a glut of similar product, and secondly, Scott Cawthon, for all his flaws, is actually one very clever mother-♥♥♥♥er. I'm not convinced the makers of this game are QUITE so clever, though I will certainly acknowledge that they appear to be by no means fully "incompetent". Perhaps "misguided" would be a better word..?

Let's examine what this game does "wrong", as opposed to what the first three (haven't played the fourth yet) Freddy's games do "right". Firstly, there's no story or context here. Well, okay, there's a tiny bit, but only if you read the Steam page and/or are able to make heads-or-tails of the brief comic strip-style series of images which precedes the menu screen (which I kinda doubt you could, had you not read the Steam page first)! Following an admittedly well-executed if completely danger-free stand-alone tutorial, my first foray into the game proper ended within SECONDS, as one of the muppet-y antagonists snuck up on me from some-angle-or-other, and a quick 'n' nasty jump scare later, it's "Game Over". Unlike Freddy's, there was no foreshadowing that this would happen, no sound that I am aware of that indicated I was in any danger...nothing. The next time around I thought to use the quick turn-around button, and sure enough there it was behind me, but no amount of shining my flashlight on it seemed to encourage it to ♥♥♥♥ off, so I hedged my bets and just went straight for the door at the end of the corridor without looking back. Success! Next floor, well, obviously the exact same strategy didn't quite pan out, and...well, I'm sure there's some logic and strategy to all this, but I'll be ♥♥♥♥ed if I have the patience to suss it all out. Which brings me to my next point...

The Freddy's games have CHARACTER. You're compelled to keep playing because it's all quite immersive and gives you a sense that maybe, just maybe, you CAN eventually beat it...and it achieves this partially by giving you an in-game tutorial which goes fairly easy on you for a while, as opposed to KILLING YOU IN THE FIRST TWENTY SECONDS of official gameplay. There's "hard", then there's downright ♥♥♥♥ing frustrating. The Freddy's games manage to be both of these things, but you're inclined to forgive them because they at least let you make SOME progress, and you "almost" make it through a level SO MANY ♥♥♥♥ING TIMES that it gives you the faintest glimmer of hope (Cawthon's a complete ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that way, haha). This game, on the other hand, is JUST hard and frustrating, and frankly not much fun. There's no sense of trying to "beat" it...just an absolute recognition that it WILL BEAT YOU, over and over and over again. It's all psychology, really, and where the Freddy's franchise is really clever and manipulative in this regard, 123 Slaughter Me Street just immediately corners you in an alley and fudge-packs you from behind. Honestly, I've had more of a sense of accomplishment in some of the JOBS I've had in my life, and trust me, I've had some pretty ♥♥♥♥ing demoralising "occupations" in my time! I've tolerated them up to a point, however, 'cause money is at times a necessary evil, but I don't play games to be treated the same way. There's a big difference between a "challenge" and a straight-up ♥♥♥♥-raping, I'm afraid.

The next big problem here is that it isn't really scary. A lot of people have slammed the Freddy's games for their heavy-handed "jump-scare" tactics, but I'll happily confess that they worked a treat on me. Why? One word: Suspense. Jump-scares generally don't work without it. There's precious little suspense in this game: You're walking down a corridor, and suddenly you're handed an image of a vibrating, screeching puppet and the words "Game Over". It feels neither fair nor frightening...just cheap. Oh, and speaking of puppets: WHY?! Again, the Freddy's games have a STORY to them...a "mythology", if you will...a REASON for you being menaced by giant, cartoon-ish chickens and bunnies and bears. There seems very little reason for such antagonists in this game, other than the fact that it's proved a highly lucrative premise in the not-so-distant past.

In all honesty, I'm not entirely convinced the world needs another Five Nights at Freddy's game, much less an inferior rip-off of them. Oh, and to the at least one reviewer so far who seems convinced that they'll unearth some deep, hidden "lore" within the game...good luck, pal. I think you'll find that's just a pipe-dream you're nursing there. There's precious little TO this game, period, be it mythos-wise OR gameplay-wise. To heck with hope...an unending supply of PATIENCE is what you'll be needing here. Even those of you who fancy themselves as SAINTS should probably pass on this one.

Verdict: 4/10.
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Not Recommended
0.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 12
Well this game is really a trash... and people who post positive reviews must really have bad taste. You walk the same boring corridor through the whole game (7 floors). The corridor has random spawn of sideway corridors from which a puppet can jump out in front of you which is a pathetic scare jump since the second time when you dont fall for it anymore. You just walk straight and need to keep a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ flashlight on (the flashlight constantly keeps turning off).

The game is short, ugly and cheap as hell (as in quality cheap) and asking anything more then 1$ for it is a joke... a bad joke that is.
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4 of 4 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 19
Product received for free
Personally, the game is rather clever, but it has its flaws.

Graphics are okay, but that makes it fairly easier to run on less powerful PCs like mine.

The gameplay is challenging I'll give it that, but that makes the game seems more like a strategy game, and not a horror game.

The jumpscares and puppets aren't really even that scary, and makes it seem like filler for more than a generic game over screen.

Overall, I give a 6/10; I recommend it if you need a good challenge. It isn't the best, but certainly isn't the worst game on Steam. Hopefully, the sequel will do much better.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: October 14
From Impulse Game Game Studios LLC comes 123 Slaughter Me Street, a Sesame Street parody with a morbid horror twist. You play as an escaped criminal who climbs the roof of an abandoned building to evade police cruisers. The roof collapses under you, leaving you with one option; to find your way out of the pitch dark corridors. You have a twisted ankle, thus you can't run, and your flashlight took a beating on the way down so it's difficult to keep on. Will you survive to see another day?

Many people will call this title a Five Nights at Freddy's clone, which in essence is partly true. It definitely has taken inspiration from the aforementioned jumpscare king, but 123 Slaughter Me Street does put an interesting spin on its gameplay. You walk down a dimly lit hallway with a flickering, neon Exit sign that lingers tantalizingly in view, your goal is to get there and go down to the next floor; there are a total of 7 to beat, each with their own challenges and sometimes collectibles to unlock. Within the tight corridors are doorways that may potentially either house enemies, or will have one jump out of. As well, you can look behind you to keep an eye out for The Follower; more on that later. Spacebar controls your flashlight, and sometimes you have to mash it a few times to get it to turn on since it's damaged.

There are only three enemy types in this installment, though more were originally planned. You have The Follower, who will appear behind you and make trash rattle to let you know that he's there. He's a big blue goat, and is most likely a spin-off of Cookie Monster; he represents the police chasing the criminal. There's also The Greeter, a giant pink bird that pops out from the doorways; this is the only enemy referred to as a girl, and it represents a little girl that the criminal killed. Last but not least, there's The Waiter who waits within the doorways of the halls, he'll let you know he's there by his growl; he represents a guard dog that the criminal killed.

123 Slaughter Me Street has really great potential to turn into a fantastic series with a well fabricated story, but unfortunately it fails in quite a few areas. There's just not enough atmospheric audio to create a tense environment, which leads to the game ultimately not being scary despite its dim setting. In turn, this makes the jumpscares not very scary at all; in fact after the first 3 or so, they completely lose their touch altogether. It's also easy to know when to expect a jumpscare once you learn the traits and mechanics of each puppet. Another factor is the unforgiving and sometimes impossible RNG of the three puppets. At one point I was right in front of the exit sign, I heard a growl in the doorway, The Greeter jumped out, and The Follower was about 2 seconds away from killing me. I literally was screwed no matter what I did, thus making it impossible to finish the level on that run. This is something that needs to be altered for the next game, as it's completely unfair gameplay that inevitably frustrates gamers.

Even though it has its share of problems and a short play time, 123 Slaughter Me Street is surprisingly entertaining. Other than a radio broadcast and a short cutscene at the beginning and end of the game, there's not much story; the potential is there for the developer to build on it and create something deeply engaging. It could easily rival Five Nights at Freddy's, if the appropriate time and effort is put into it. However, the asking price is very steep for such little content. If you enjoy jumpscare horror games, grab this one on sale.

Rating: 3.0/5.0 - Average, can take it or leave it.
Belphegore's Hell House Reviews (Group)
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0.2 hrs
Posted: October 8
Kind of clunky I'm not into it.
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Yozn | kickback.com
0.4 hrs
Posted: September 15
good game
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sir blopper pooper
1.4 hrs
Posted: August 6
it need more free room can't wait for the second game
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8.4 hrs
Posted: August 4
Good game. Almost makes me die from hearth attack. We need more genre like this. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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All Might
0.1 hrs
Posted: July 24
This game is scary.... scary bad that is.

If you have to compare it with 5NaF, then you should not waste you time with this game. The game's graphics aren't that great, the scares are mild and the flashlight is annoying.

If you want a scary game: get yourself 5Naf, Amnesia or Outlast. Don't bother with this game.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: July 17
This game was recommended to me when I was streaming one time and decided to try it out. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it for very long.

Pros: 123 Slaughter Me Street has a good plot to work with. It's simple, but it works. The gameplay is good, too. Again, it's simple but it works. It's also unlike anything I've seen before. The design of the puppets are good too. It was a good choice to use puppets since they are pretty scary.

Cons: 123 Slaughter Me Street gets hard, fast. I only got to the fifth floor (aka the 3rd level of the game) before I got extremely frustrated and quit. The controls were clunky. They never really worked for me. My character would keep walking when I stopped (which got me killed multiple times), I had trouble turning around, I would turn to the side and not be able to face forward again, and stuff like that. The graphics are, mediocre, at best. The hallways work since the game has a dark atmosphere but when it came to the puppets, they looked bad. The puppet's movements were awkward and looks ridiculous. The jumpscares were under whelming too. The puppets were hard to see during the jumpscares, and they looked like they were twitching while some sort of choking noise played. These were never scary, they were annoying.

Conclusion: I don't recommend this game. Sure, there are some good things this game has going, but they don't make up for the frustrating controls, lackluster jumpscares, and the bad graphics. I would give this game a 4/10.
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1.9 hrs
Posted: July 9
its fun and can catch you off gaurd sometimes and is overall really fun
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15.0 hrs
Posted: July 3
This is a good game. But there is one problem. You cant hear the waiter at all. I played this game on floor 3 and I am still stuck at 50 volume listening for growls. Hear nothin.
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