Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander venturing out into enemy territories, to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.
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Release Date: Feb 24, 2016

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August 1

Game updated! Name of series changed and new playable ships.


We have updated the name of the game to "Battlevoid: Harbinger". This had to be done due to a trademark dispute with another fellow gaming company.

  • New ALIEN ships to play with, unlock by collecting blueprints from enemy ships!
  • A new human ship to play with, called BSE Trademark to celebrate this event.
  • More ships added to reinforcements.

Get the game here if you are new:
Battlevoid: Harbinger on Steam

Please don't start spreading information of who might have caused the cease and decist. We want to put this behind us now. We will delete such speculative posts. I hope you can respect our wish to move on quickly from this and continue working on a brighter future! :)

The best way you can help us is by joining our community and supporting us with our future endeavors. We hope to create even more enticing games in the future for you!

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July 5

Trademark troubles, help us decide on a new name. New update coming to Harbinger.


We have 3 weeks to change the "Battlestation" name to something else, we need your help!

It has come to our attention that we made a mistake a long time ago by choosing the name "Battlestation" for our game series. This name is entirely too close to another series and the mistake is ours, we take full responsibility for this. We did not know the rules of how trademarks works, we were just excited to create games and came up with a name that we thought was fitting for the series. You live and you learn.

We do not want any harm to the company that notified us, so please don't attack anybody. They were very kind with us and did not press any financial actions against us. We don't think the name impacted our sales in any way, but it was still generous of them to be kind with us.

New name!

Now we need your help! We need suggestions on a name that we could use instead of "Battlestation".
  • The name cannot have "battlestation" in it in any way, but some form derived from "Battle" is ok as long as it is not too close to "Battlestation".
  • The name should be fitting and describe the series, bonus points if it can inhabit a wide variety of new games we create as well.
A couple of our own ideas:
  • Battleversum
  • Astroverse

New Update!

Now for the positive, we are going to push a small update to Battlestation: Harbinger (Which will be (new name): Harbinger) in unison with the name change! We call this the magnificent "Trademark update":
  • New Human space ship named "BSE Trademark", with the letters TM written all over it, to celebrate this blunder.
  • Unlock and play with Alien ships! To celebrate the world of trademarks you can now "trademark" those pesky alien ships. Many of you have mentioned wanting to play with alien ships, your wish will come true!
  • As a bonus, some ships from the ship menu unlock list will be added to reinforcement ship list.

Please write your suggestions below for a new name to the "Battlestation" series, thank you for being with us! We cannot promise any name to be chosen, and we have to do a search to make sure it is free for use, but we want to hear all your ideas!

You can read more at our forums here: Bugbyte Forums

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“If you are looking for a fairly light RTS experience that doesn't require a huge amount of APM, you'll find something to like here.”

“Assuming the role of a young commander tasked with exploring enemy territories, you’ll take part in a hard sci-fi turn-based roguelike affair similar in style and makeup to the likes of FTL and Out There.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Sweet, Tactical Goodness. If you’re looking for something that is tactically challenging and viscerally satisfying, check this game out.”

Special Edition

This version is completely reworked and perfectly optimized for PC, with lots of new content to make it a great experience. New additions include:

  • Reworked user interface for PC and enhanced graphics.
  • More content and more complexity to the game play overall.
  • Precise controls, and more precise interface.
  • More complexity to targeting. Targeting individual fighters.
  • Bandboxing and tooltips.

About This Game

Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander given the task to venture out into enemy territories, far away from home to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.

In Battlevoid: Harbinger you will have to make decisions regarding your fleet and equipment, face surprising elements, use Battlestations to your advantage and battle fiercely for survival as you defend humanity. Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid: Harbinger. Plan your ship's offenses and defenses. Fortify your ships against enemy weapons, and wield them wisely. Lure your enemies into traps, or distract your foes with distress beacons toward your Battlestation. Battlevoid: Harbinger has been praised by the press and gamers, creating a solid community for the game.

Key Features

  • Intense and gripping sci-fi space adventure simulation
  • Explore new procedurally generated galaxies each playthrough
  • Galaxies full of mysterious places, Battlestations and dangerous encounters
  • Carry out missions, discover new technology, and help humanity survive
  • Unique turret upgrade system, never seen in a game before
  • Superb pixel graphics and effects

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 10/7/XP/Vista
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB 3D OpenGL 2.0 Compatible video card
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (1.8GHz or better)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB 3D OpenGL 2.0 Compatible video card
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • OS: Linux Operating System
    • Processor: 1.8 Ghz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB 3D OpenGL 2.0 Compatible video card
    • Storage: 250 MB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 5
You can tell a lot of work has been put into this. So a definite thumbs up there. Unfortunatly I cannot recommend this game. It was neat at first, made me think of SPAZ a little more than FTL. There IS a story, but it seems tacked on... this idea that you are a new commander sent off exploring the 'wilderness' is also tacked on. There are elements they are calling 'story' that are actually just missions, and they should of left it at that. There isnt any venturing either... it is more 'kill this space station'... good luck... oh dont take to many turns to do it either or you will be penalized. Risk\Reward ratio is a little off and your forced on a steep curve, and much of the play comes down to luck. It has been compared to FTL, and i can see the developers tilted thier hat towards it in a few areas, but otherwise no. Space combat isnt really 'tactical'... most of the ships move at a snails pace and all of the enemies are superior to you in the beginning. Either way, no amount of 'tactics' can be employed because they arent there. There is a tactical element to the 'jumping' so you can position yourself before battle, but thats it. The controls were confusing at first. The fact you cant seem to upgrade your main ship is a little odd... well you can the weapons and sheilds, but it stops there... No hull, speed, or hard-point boosts. Sheilds dont mean much as I have yet to come scross an enemy whome isnt loaded with weapons to destroy sheilds... and for some reason they do a ton of hull damage too. If you get lucky you can get a few of the enemeis weapons then you can make it farther for sure.

Keep at it developers, rebalancing the rewards for missions would make it more enjoyable for sure. Being able to upgrade your ship with additional hard points or better hull etc would make it a little more fun too. Make this a game where I get to love my command and my ship and really be part of somethign bigger. The idea of just running through over and over again in hopes to get the experience to get a better ship isnt worthwhile. Let me earn my ship, let me stay in the world, let me start from scratch, but keep my progress... Something to make my time investment worth it.

Thanks TB
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
13.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 10
It's a less complex version of FTL, where you don't manage your crew, but you manage multiple ships. No fuel restrictions, free repairs at stations (which also defend you when enemies are in the sector), and LOTS of ships to choose from.

The only thing I'd say bogs this game's experience down is that it takes too much gameplay to unlock ships. You get experience when you end a game (so, when you die, since finishing a mission takes you to a new one), but it's never more than like one level.

I'd say $10 is a bit of a high price for this game, but that depends on how badly you want a space game with lots of (fairly repetitive and grindy) gameplay. For most, I'd recommend getting it on sale.
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
It's kind of interesting.

The Neg: Huge grind in rogue like game is *not* a good combination. Takes 1hr plus to get anything close to an ok set up and you can still just get torn up.
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2 of 4 people (50%) found this review helpful
153.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 11
I play this game all the damn time.
I advise people who like explosions and spaceships to give it a go.
I hope the dev's do DLC or sequel.
Loads of fun.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
123 of 129 people (95%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 5
There are many who have compared this game to FTL. As a very passional FTL veteran (well over 1000 hours played), I would agree with this relationship - it's clear that elements of this game are inspired by FTL: the sector-hopping map, asteroid & nebula sectors, friendly & enemy battlestations (at least in the advanced edition of FTL), scrap as a commodity - and most importantly, the overall story arc of attempting to save a galaxy by "making-it" to the end of a series of maps and defeating a final enemy (although here, with less of a predictable cast of characters).

However, the perspective is certainly different. While in FTL, I commanded a single ship through various comical hurdles, becoming quite attached to my mighty mantis raiders and my lone zoltan who never got to leave the engine room. they leveled up, my ship gained dynamically altering augmentations, and I was responsible for everything from the timing of my glaive beam shot to ordering my stoic rockman to get out of a room that had been vented to open space.

Here, I am no longer a captain - I am the admiral of a triumvirate of starfaring vessels, built up painstakingly from skirmishes and pitched battles. I can't control individual crew members, because my responsibility is so much greater - I command squadrons of fighters, damn it, and the lives of tens of thousands of human crew surge forth and fall back on my word. FTL was the voyage of the USS Enterprise across regions of brave unknown; in Battlestation, I am the Grand Admiral Thrawn, falling like the fist of an angry god upon an enemy battlestation who dares to encroach upon the domain of Man. When my Capital Ship Armada fires the first salvo of death rays (yes, a Master of Orion inspired element) , and twin Esquishal-class heavy assault carriers burst through the firery cataclysm that remains of the first enemy vessel to rain waves of elite bombers and laser cannon drones upon the enemy starbase, I contain the awesome power of a fully operational starfleet!

So... in short. I like to think of FTL and BS:H as, in a way, sister games. Each complements the other in ways that they can't fulfill alone. Buy it today!
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72 of 78 people (92%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
5.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 21
A game with a great deal of potential that sadly falls short of greatness. It very much shows it's mobile game roots in it's lack of depth, emphasis on grinding and short-form gameplay. While the game seemed to be, on the surface at least, a game with much in common with FTL, they're really not all that alike.

Battlestation Harbinger mainly falls short in it's lack of depth in ship customization and upgrades. Unlike FTL, wherein your ship can start as a poorly armed, fragile transport and then by the end of a run be a battlecruiser that makes even the bravest captain in the best-armed dreadnaught shake in his boots, Harbinger's ships really only upgrade in the firepower department. There is an emphasis on building up your fleet to bigger and tougher ships over time, but high-end ships are vastly expensive and as such upgrades come in single huge leaps, rather than gradually. This leaves you at the mercy of a bad encounter bringing a fleet of middling ships to a swift end, with just a few dozen scrap needed for your next big upgrade.

This would be mitigated if you could start with a single high-end ship, but unfortunately the starting ships are locked behind a grindy and honestly pointless leveling system. There's a series of other small, nagging issues, from being forced to buy ships blind mid-run with no way to preview their equipment node layouts before purchase, to game balance being all over the place, starting off reasonable but very quickly ramping up to insanely difficult craft far faster than your upgrades can keep pace with.

All in all, the game's sole saving grace is it's price point. Good for a few hours of entertainment, but far from the soul-sucking obsession other rogue-lites can be. If you've yet to play FTL, or even it's mods(Captain's Edition mod may as well be official for how good it is), get that instead. If you've played several hundred hours of FTL and want something similar, maybe give this a go, but don't expect the same kind of compelling experience.
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112 of 153 people (73%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
13.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 24
All hands to battle stations!

Battlestation: Harbinger is a space strategy game set in a distant future. In B: H you play as a new Human commander and you’ll be given missions which will see you venture deep into enemy space to destroy enemy installations, explore undocumented regions of Space, escort allied ships and more. While on your mission you’ll be faced with several different factions/races, each with their own ships and weapons. You’re not alone though, once you have enough scrap you’ll be able to hire mercenaries and even build your own fleet.

Full Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the developer.

The first thing to mention is the fact that B: H started its life as a mobile game, a very successful one at that. B: H does differ on the PC and it has benefitted from a few improvements, which can be found listed on the store page. I haven’t played the mobile version, so I can’t compare the two, but what I can say is that B: H doesn’t feel like the kind of game which has been ported just to port it, it feels like it fits in on the PC market. The UI does look like the kind of thing you’d see on a mobile game but it works well with the M&KB and the actual visuals of the game are good.

On to gameplay, each run of the game consists of four procedurally generated levels made up of around twenty to thirty sectors. The first three levels have a different enemy for you to face and you’ll never see two factions in the same level. The fourth level always has the same faction and you’ll never see this faction (or its weapons) in the other levels, I won’t say any more than that so I don’t spoil it. What you actually find in the sectors varies, it may be one small ship, it could be an asteroid field or even an enemy fleet factory. There are other things to find in the different sectors and usually most of them will appear in any given level though, being procedurally generated, it is possible to go through a level without seeing some of the rarer sectors, such as the fleet factory sector.

Speaking of fleet factories, they’re the only kind of spacecraft/installation which is only ever used by enemies. While the different factions, including the humans, all have different ship and weapon designs to each other they are for the most part just variations rather than completely different. The different weapons of course vary in stats and while human weapons are generally well-rounded there are usually benefits to choosing an alien weapon instead. Enemy weapons are sometimes dropped when you take out a larger enemy ship.

Although there are twenty-six human ships, you only start with one unlocked. The rest of the ships are unlocked by earning experience points in runs which will then level you up, one ship for each time you level up. Here lies my main issue with the game, the default ship and the first unlocked ship are so weak that the first hour or so of gameplay isn’t very enjoyable. Learning to play B: H simply isn’t enjoyable. Once I unlocked more powerful ships and I understood what I was doing a bit better I began to really enjoy the game but it’s just worth keeping in mind that you may not enjoy the first forty-five minutes to an hour. Anyway, back to the ships themselves, as well as differing in appearance they all have different stats (Hull points, Shield Capacity etc.) and different facility slot placements.

There are three kinds of facilities in the game, colour coded to make things easy. Red facility slots are for your main weapons or the really beefy support facilities, these are what you’re going to rely on in combat for taking down the big ships and battlestations. Blue slots are for support facilities, these are less powerful weapons or a shield booster which are going to defend against smaller enemies and in the case of the weapons, missiles. Lastly we have green slots, ship hangars. While not all ships have them, these hangars will house small squadrons of smaller ships or drones which can either fill a combat or support role. They may seem negligible but actually having a lot of these smaller ships can sometimes be better than having a bigger, more cumbersome ship (ships with hangars are generally smaller and more nimble).

So what are these battlestations I keep mentioning? Battlestations are effectively huge outpost/city type things which serve as way stations on your journey, or a serious challenge in the case of enemy battlestations. Human battlestations will provide free repair services as well as offering you a mission (with scrap and upgrade point rewards) as well a shop where you can buy or sell any equipment you don’t want or need. These missions are usually easier objectives such as go to X location, collect object Y and then return here but they are the best way to earn more scrap and upgrade points in the game and you’ll be needing a lot of those. Enemy battlestations themselves aren’t much of a risk, they usually only have blue slots and one or two hangars, but they’re always found in sectors filled with small and large enemy ships and so they’re tough to beat. It’s in situations like these where having your own fleet can come in really handy.

Accessed via the formation tab at the top of the screen, the formation menu allows you to purchase up to two ships to accompany you and aid you in your mission. Not all of the ships you can use can be purchased here and they do need to be unlocked by you first but there are a couple of extra ships here which are helpful early on. Purchasing other ships isn’t exactly cheap and once you’ve bought them you’ll need to equip them too with weapons bought using the main currency of scrap and upgraded using upgrade points (unless you picked up some weapons from enemies). The upgrade system in the game is pretty straightforward but instead of simply improving the weapons or support facilities, depending on what you’re upgrading, you may actually worsen one of the other stats for example increasing damage may increase cooldown time. The upgrades all become more expensive as you put more points into that weapon.

Last of all, but by no means least, I’ll talk about how combat and moving through the levels actually works. Combat itself is real-time, though you can decide what to do when the game is paused (there is also a 2x speed option). Your ships will automatically target enemies close to them but you can also manually target enemy ships too, you can even choose what weapons you want to fire at what enemy or what enemy you want your drones to target. Most of the strategy in combat comes from deciding if you need to jump away or what enemy to target but you’ll also need to think carefully about how your ship is positioned as blue slot facilities have short ranges and narrow cones of vision. The level map is turn-based. When you make a move your enemies will also make a move and while enemies stay put a lot of the time, they can jump to different sectors (apart from battlestations and factories) and this can be problematic if you’ve been stuck due to an EMP and a bunch of enemies jump into your sector.

I also recorded an informal review video, if you’d like to check that out you can find it here:


An incredibly enjoyable space strategy game, Battlestation: Harbinger offers players great gameplay combined with plenty of unlocks to keep things interesting for a long while. If you’re a fan of strategy games and/or you’re a big fan of all things space, like myself, then you’re definitely going to have fun with this game.

Lone Ranger Reviews.

El K.
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45 of 54 people (83%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
49.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 27
I am a big fan of FTL and the comparisons to that game are defintiely what brought me here. Having put a few hours into the game I do not think those comparisons are warranted. Unless I am missing something there is nothing that keeps you from simply retreating and returning to any conflict as many times as you like so it is not really all that rougelike and the most strategic decision I make in most battles is how to maximize my starting distance from the enemies. It is not a braindrain and the need to precisely target enemies is just not there, So not like FTL, but I still really like it.

Most games I feel like I can get into the developer's heads and figure out what I am supposed to do, but this game is not one of them. I do not understand the ship progression at all. I feel like the number 11-13 ships are way better than the number 21 ship for example. When you jump to a new sector you cannot neccessarily see if anyone else is jumping into it and this can result in massive ambushes that you have to run away from, so there are plenty of situations that I assume are just unwinnable. Also the experience system is not balanced in terms of time invested and the whole thing is very grindy and slow to start. These are minor complaints though because I really love the core of the game.

I particularly like the end-game. Once you get your three ships and you have filled all the slots you can upgrade some guns, but if you lose the ship you lose those upgrade points which are much scarcer than the regular currency. Instead I have been buying the super advanced weapons at the top of the purchable weapon list that are just brutal. I expect there could be some expansions in the future that would allow some custumization as well. I would recommend this game, but understand that its nowhere near as full and intricate as FTL. It is a 3 ship fleet simulator with some RNG elements and very little customization or variation between the ships.
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34 of 41 people (83%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
Not Recommended
16.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 26
This game is best described as a mashup of Gratuitous Space Battles and FTL. The graphics and sounds are not as good as GSB, and the rogue-like, perfectly balanced micromanaging of FTL is not present. However, it has elements of both of those games, combining two enjoyable things into one, though not being as highly proficient at either. This is not a knock on the game, it's just where it lands on the spectrum.

I like how the game handles the tactical combat interface. Your ships act how you want them to act. They go where you tell them and attack in the desired order. The only problem is that there is almost no depth to combat. Yeah, you can change where your ships land in the sector, or position them in a minorly superior way, but it does not make much difference. It operates such that you optimize your ships while traversing a map (FTL), but then order them around precisely in real time battles (like GSB). The game consists of 4 procedurally generated sectors (FTL), though each particular sector is wide open for combat (like GSB).

The game becomes far too grindy at times due to poor pacing. There are major spikes and valleys in the opponents difficulty even in neighboring sectors. One second you are destroying face, and the next you are scurrying back to your battlestation to repair. This would be fine, but it is often expensive to upgrade or purchase additional firepower. This sends you grinding around safe parts of the map when you should be getting rewarded for exploring more. This problem worsens as you go on.

The deeper you get into the game, the more boring it gets. I often have my fleet at maximum capabilities in the first map. What this means is that I have no way of improving my ships, and if the enemies keep getting strong, there is no possibility of victory. The game needs tweaks. It's not horrible as it is, but it could be a lot more. This feels more like an early release, at least from a PC standpoint. It is obvious that the game is a port from a mobile platform, that's its ideal niche.
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22 of 25 people (88%) found this review helpful
25.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 28
Start with a ship and try to survive a prime mission. Easily get submerged in the involving battles, until a mischosen jump ends your game, well, not entirely. Each game you gain exp and will get more choices of your starter ship or ships(3 at most in a fleet) with higher lvls, and also depending on how much you had in last game, sets your starting credits and upgrade points.

The mix of type of ship and typical and random choices for placement of defensive and offensive equiptment is a venture hopefully well done.. even where on a ship you place it, because distance is very important,such as when you are trying to manouver a short range shot on a moving object.
Meteor fields, shield and armor killing environments, or emp clouds, will have to be moved through, or fought in. The random mix of events will have your imagination and choices kindled, as well as your nerves racked. I actually circled in a cloudy nebula trying to close in on an equally weakend enemy, hoping another emp pulse would not happen before I could jump out.
Great game, very easy to pick up, may seem casual, but its not easy and its entirely addictive.
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Recently Posted
14.6 hrs
Posted: October 21
Battlevoid: Harbinger is simular in gameplay than Distant Star: Revenant Fleet. You get missions and fly from sector to sector eliminating enemies.
Don't expect epic graphics. But what you can expect is a damn hard challenge. I simply don't get to beat the game even on easy.
To sum up: It's friggin hard to beat and it's friggin addictice. It's one of those "one more round" games where you assume that you are now going to crush the enemy ... or not.
Do I recommend it. It's a friggin big YES.
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38.9 hrs
Posted: October 17
If you are a fan of sots or galciv - mini.
But sometimes you like a game that doesn't take a week
Then sometimes you don't like to click 10 times a second because you are already have been playing since the last millennium.

You like space battles but only like to be bothered by the smart decisions. It's real nice to have smart crews and captains on your ships for a change. If something went wrong... it was my own doing. A lot went wrong.

I finished 20 games in a couple of hours ... by dying. The galaxy is an unforgiving place. I learned a lot and then got trusted with a better flagships. Assembled a small fleet. Cleared out one galaxy. Then two. Then... Build a better fleet.
Then in a couple of days I finished clearing out over 10 galaxies. Hundreds of battles with a growing more advanced fleet. Sometimes wiped because I felt invincible with my carefully optimized ships.

- Simple to learn but with enough dept and enough to discover to become a better fleet commander.
- Engaging but short space battle's

- A few more side stories, small adventures or anomalies would have been nice.
- One more game with a better flagship b4 I go to sleep.
- No time to write a review
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20.3 hrs
Posted: October 17
For the price, it is a pretty good game. I got it in a sale which makes it ever better for the price but when you think about the game, it is very simple. However there are some really big flaws in the game. So I'll go over them.

Firstly, there is a somewhat negative aspect of leveling. Usually I enjoy leveling and unlocking new ships or weapons or whatever but this really only unlocks new ships. Bigger ships. . .usually slower. Which makes them more and more boring in the end. You can't upgrade your ships basic stats which means what you see is what you get. Hull can't be upgraded, you can install new shields which is something that just needs to be done. Even once you have a fully kitted fleet out capital ships, you can still get jumped by a fleet that just enters and shoots you in the back and you will end up losing one of your capital ships. Nothing you can do about it. Even on the easiest settings. For example you can trigger a missile trap and get hit for 800 shield damage and 500 physical damage. As you can imagine, that is a lot since that is your full shields removed and even the strongest ships get taken down by 25% with that. It scales too, so if you are a higher level and go in with a big ship and then purchase smaller escort ships, you could lose one just by opening a trap. Also when you enter battle, you tend to 95% of the time, get placed in the worst possible place. For example all the enemy ships are in the middle and you port in the middle, you will be placed with all their ships behind you, so they get free shots at your weakest points basically and can even knock out your engines. I have had times I teleport in and instantly lose a capital ship from a concetrated hit. Thats even before my ships weapons are up from the down time from flying in. So the ship leveling system is pretty lame. As for the ship types, carriers are pretty fun but as the game progresses, they are virtually useless. In my oppinion they are not balanced well. If you get surrounded by a group of fighters, your capital ships can take some pretty nasty damage but their range means that you can pretty much laugh them off. They have a range of 200 and hit points are pretty low (for the lowest) compared to 600 range with still pretty low hit points (for the highest) Then you need to upgrade their numbers (which is super costly). They are only really good to defend your own ships from missiles but once you have 1-2 ships, missiles rarely reach, let a full fleet of 3.

Now for the actual weapons, most of them are pretty trashy. You can't upgrade them to your hearts desire. You have a resource that allows you to upgrade but it is . . .well, I wouldn't say rare, but compared to the price of an upgrade, they are ♥♥♥♥. You will usually get 1-2 per battle so you need to do the missions to get them (you can luickily cycle through them till you get one with high amounts but still. . .) However you really come down to a a few weapon times, the energy weapons, kinetic, laser, missile and what I like to call the doomsday weapons. Energy weapons are good against shields so each ship should have at least one however in classic stupidity, they have less range than your hull kinetic weapons. So you end up using a barrage of high hull damage shots that do virtually nothing to shields before you even get in range to shoot their shields. So now you have the kinetic on a slower recharge and then the energy that are relatively fast but range and ship speed are annoying. Laser weapons are my personal favourites but they have such low range and such long recharge time that they are fairly bad weapons. Then you have missiles which unless you really load up on them, are pretty bad cause they will all be shot down. Doomsday weapons on the other hand are really nice but since they cost the same as a ship, they are a bit over the top. However they can deliver huge damage over huge range. Once you have them, you almost have won the game. Start fights at range and just move in slowely and you got an easy win.

Now other than the AI, the scaling battles, the badly balanced weapons and movement speeds/game speeds, there are other issues, the randomness and the badly outlayed quests and background information. . .I wish they had spent the time on this game to bring in voice actors and full out events/unique missions and everything as this game could have been the best game all year if it was polished up with some TLC. As it is now, it leaves much to be desired but it also is still a great deal of fun.

The thing I really enjoy about this game is creating a couple of powerful ships and going at it and seeing how far I get. Loads of fun. Getting past the starting area and breaking through the first galaxy is pretty easy, then each subsequent galaxy is that much harder.
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33.7 hrs
Posted: October 16
This is a game that's almost awesome. Gameplay is fun and simple, but clearly impossible quick. Access new fun ships and possibilities just to find that enemies are scaling quicker than your ship. I found myself committing suicide over and over to get "XP" so I could start out with a bigger ship. Bigger ships couldn't afford to be outfitted, but again, enemies scale so death in the third or fourth fight by an overwhelming loss.
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21.0 hrs
Posted: October 16
! Cool Game ! Nice GFX and the gameplay is quite fine!
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33.7 hrs
Posted: October 16
This is a great game. I bought it for only 2 euro's, but i allready played hours. It is a lot like FTL, only you can "escape" to other systems if you get hammered by enemy forces. That is, if you had enough time for the engine to recharge. You will die a lot, but every time you learn how to play better and understand the ships and weapons better. I remember one playthrough where i had 3 ships and i was feeling pretty sure of myself. In the 3 galaxy i suddenly got ambushed by 3 cruisers at point blank range, engine still in cooldown. My scream of rage still echo's in the galaxy. For this money you get a good game, you will not be dissapointed.
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17.8 hrs
Posted: October 14
Love it. This game has a few flaws that stops it from being truly remarkable IMO, but I've had several hours of fun with it. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy/space/roguelite games. To me it felt a bit like a spin on FTL, though I would recommend FTL before Battlevoid.
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Your Father
5.2 hrs
Posted: October 12
Own this on mobile and for the price, I'm hooked. Sale on Steam and now here I am. Five-stars all day.
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