Unique mix of Action, RTS and Role-playing gameplay elements that forms an innovative game genre. You can build bases, manage troops, and then come down to keep the enemies at gunpoint, gain experience in dynamic battles and customize your main characters.
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Very Positive (164 reviews) - 84% of the 164 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Aug 14, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“The game is in Early Access because it is playable but not currently feature-complete and not represent its full potential. I develop this indie project single-handed, with the involvement of the community. So, Early Access is a necessary step on the way to my ambitious goal - create a new game genre that brings together some Action, Strategy and Role-playing elements in one.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“The game will remain in early access development as long as it needs to reach its full potential.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Finished version will contain much more content and some new interesting features suggested by community. My plans are ambitious, but since the development of WARSHIFT is a one-man operation, I encourage to be realistic in your expectations. Note, that this is a very experimental project, so that its conception could be unpredictably changed in the future.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“Currently, game is playable but still remain in development and has lot of unfinished stuff. This release is focused on single player missions and custom skirmishes against AI.
What included in this release:
- Switching between Action/RTS mode in battles
- Unique NODE-based system for strategy gameplay
- Evolving systems for customizable combat avatars
- Tactical management system for heavy battleship
- 19 types of units: 7 customizable major units, 11 soldiers/vehicles, 1 battleship
- 8 types of buildings
- Dozens of weapons and upgrades
- Super-abilities and transformations
- 5 playable maps for custom skirmishes vs AI
- 5 types of physical environment: grounded, air, water, underwater, open space
- 10 single player missions
- Customizable skirmishes against AI
- LAN multiplayer (for Local Area Network)”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price will be raised after the final release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“Community feedback has already played a significant role in development of this project. I've already made significant changes in the conception and style of the game many times. On the official forum there is a special section for suggestions, development direction polls and contests: (http://warshift.com/forum). This is set to continue even more massively with new Steam auditory.”
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Recent updates View all (9)

June 24

New alien units: Berserk, Cyclops

This is new alien units which are already available in the game:


Alien Berserk is designed for breakthrough in battle. It is armed with a powerful impulse generator, four glowing blades and able to move around on land and on the seabed. Berserks are effective in the fight against infantry and armored vehicles but are useless against enemy aircraft.


This class of anti-air combat droids is designed for long range attack by launching multiple guided missiles.

I just created and added this units to the game, so they probably changed the gameplay balance. But I hope to fix that with your advices.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

More updates you can see at the official development blog.

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April 7

New Heavily Armored Units. Training Missions.

New Interactive Training Mission [Gameplay Video]
New Armored Units

This is 3 new heavily armored units which I made for humans faction: Tank-drone, MLRS artillery and Anti-aircraft defensive system. They are all based on amphibious undercarriage but have a very different features and combat assignments.

Tank Drone

Tank Drone is an unmanned, heavily armored fighting vehicle with a rail cannon that is designed for front-line combat. This unit is effective against large armored targets but not effective against infantry, due to the low rate of its weapon.

Artillery MLRS System

This is an armored, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher. This type of rocket artillery is designed to destroy enemy buildings at a very long distance. Сommander must set the attack coordinates directly in the artillery mode to start artillery strike. It cannot attack the enemy in close combat, so it is recommended to use them together with a group of tanks or infantry.

Drone Defender (anti-air and anti-infantry system)

Drone Defender is a powerful unmanned, anti-air and anti-infantry vehicle with x4 rapid-firing guns.

Tank and Anti-air system can be created in the Vehicle Dept., but Artillery must be created aboard the ARK only.

Thanks for playing and have fun!

More updates you can see at the official development blog.

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- Switching between Action/Strategy mode on the battlefield
- Dynamic battles in the action mode
- NODE-based strategy gameplay
- 19 types of units: 7 customizable major units, 11 soldiers/vehicles, 1 battleship
- 8 types of building
- Powerful orbital strikes

- Evolving system for customizable combat avatars that are designed to add to the game some RPG elements.
- Dozens of weapons and upgrades
- Super-abilities and transformations

- Heavy unit "Dreadnought" is designed to add to the game some elements from classic “wargame” genre, such as tactical management of heavy orbital/atmospheric battleships.

- Grounded, air, water, underwater, outer space

5 playable maps for customizable skirmishes against AI:
- Orbital sector “Ore Belt” is designed especially for battles in the outer space
- Naval sector “Volcanic Island” is a mix of 4 playable environments
- Sector “Frontier” has ruins of bastion that located between the dense jungle and desert
- Wide sector “Admiral’s Canyon” is designed to show full potential of strong armies and battleships

- 10 linked single player missions for the human faction campaign shows almost all the current features and modes of the game.

- Currently game has only basic LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer. Players can directly connect to a Server via IP or using Hamachi.䉀

About This Game

WARSHIFT is a unique mix of Action, Strategy, Role-playing gameplay elements that forms an innovative game genre. You can collect resources, build bases, manage armies, and then come down to keep the enemies at gunpoint, gain experience in dynamic battles and customize your main characters or vehicles. The gameplay requires a complete change of your play style.
This game is focused on single player missions and custom skirmishes against AI. In addition it has basic LAN multiplayer.



In 2062, the colonial planet “Enigma” was invaded by an aggressive alien race Atroid’s from the parallel world that has gone into our universe through the hypothetical “Gates of Chaos”. This non-material beings were forced to clothe their energy nucleuses in the strong physical shells (exoskeletons), as they needed to have impact on the environment in our world. As a result, they created an army of alien droids which are capable to fight in any environment and at any temperature. The fortifications of the planetary defense line turned out to be not effective against the powerful energy weapon used by the aliens. Soon, the biosphere of the planet felt the destructive power of their deadly attack, and a half of its surface turned into a lifeless desert. The miner colony garrison that was made up of volunteer soldiers suffered huge losses and was urgently evacuated. All resource extraction works on the planet were suspended, and corporations began to bear huge losses. But, after numerous antiwar protests, the government of the Colonial Republic did not want to risk human lives, and scientists had to create an entirely new army of intergalactic operations. The republican fleet and the assault battalion “Delta”, consisting of cyber-guards, heavy machinery and robotic drones-transformers was sent to the planet. The Commanders who have telepathic skills control that steel armada while being aboard the ARKS. For the purpose of their own safety, they are forbidden to leave the ARK. However, they can be directly involved in battles as operators of combat avatars (unmanned combat robotic vehicle).
If any combat avatar gets a critical damage, it will be immediately evacuated and, after a quick repair, again will be sent to the battlefield. But, if the aliens are still able to destroy all the ARKS, the Colonial Republic will lose control of the planet forever..

This project is being developed by one person - Cyril Megem, who is both artist, game designer and programmer in this project. He worked hard to implement many his and community's innovative ideas in this game.

"I came up with idea of this game a long time ago. Once, I'm decided to stop just to dream, but to make it real. Being a professional artist, game designer and programmer, I spent 10 years of my life working for many game companies. Finally I decided to leave my last job, staying home like a hermit for a while, and focusing on my own game title. The game you see here is a result of my personal day to day hard work over a 3 years. That was my personal challenge, but I'm pretty sure I can do even more with community’s help. Cheers, Cyril"

Please use this form to contact developer directly and for technical support:
Ask question or discuss game on the official community forum:

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 / ATI Radeon HD 5870
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Over time graphics content and programming changes will change the system requirements for this game.
    • OS: Windows 7 or higher
    • Processor: Intel Core i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Over time graphics content and programming changes will change the system requirements for this game.
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Very Positive (164 reviews)
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( 1.9 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 27
Its not a negative but positive but nigguh when u make a game there should be a easy mode normal mode or hard mode but yet u just pik play and then all of sudden the AI can summon more minions then u then literally attacks and wont stop till u kill them this game is way to fast paced im going back to halo wars. Do not buy this games in its early state its combat and time needs to be polished to the core!
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( 8.6 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: June 26
Good game i've played so far 10/10
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( 1.5 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 24
Really great game, considering that it is being developed by one person. Keep up a good work!
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( 3.5 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 21
I can't recommend this game right now. I get that it's early access, and things can change. In fact I am very hopeful that the developer will make this game into the awesome genre hybrid that it can be.

It's for that reason that I'm going to talk in detail about the one big problem I have right now with this game. If you want to create a hybrid of an RTS game and a shooter, you need to have some of the RTS commands available in the shooter mode. The system that they have right now does not allow you any control of your army while in the shooter mode.

To illustrate my point, I'm going to talk about the third training mission. In this mission you're supposed to be taught how to expand your base and build an army. The enemy immediately starts churning out ridiculous amounts of units that will start hitting your base very quickly. You are given a mech for the battle, which is the shooter segment of the game. If you hop in the mech you can defeat the enemy fairly easily. However, you have no ability to tell your buildings to create units or to tell your army to attack a unit. This puts you in a situation where if you deal with your enemies, your base growth suffers. However, if you focus on base growth the enemies zerg at you and you get killed.
*There is an option to automatically create units from your buildings but this will quickly exhaust resources. It's still not a good alternative to being able to manually queue units.*

Also in the third mission you discover the problem with base expansion. You have to move your mech to power nodes scattered across the map to activate them and build buildings. So not only do you have to balance using your mech and the RTS mode, you have to worry about the time it takes to fly to expansion nodes, then back to defend your units, then back to expanding again. It's very frustrating.

The challenge from a game like this should be effectively using your RTS and shooter skills in tandem to defeat a tough enemy. It should not be figuring out how to magically build an army while constantly being forced to switch to a mode that prevents you from building an army. It should not be expanding a base by moving your hero away from the defenses, only to constantly have to fly your hero back or watch your inferior units get destroyed by the alien artillery.

The obvious comparison between this game and a similar competitor is Dragon Commander. In that game you had basic commands in the Dragon mode for ordering your army to move and attack. You could also order units to be built as well. Furthermore your army could capture nodes, so you could attack with your dragon and not be penalized by being unable to expand at the same time.

What can be done to address these problems to make Warshift a more functional RTS? Add hotkeys for basic unit construction and army commands in the mech mode. For example there should be a hotkey to create a rocket launcher unit. If I press it five times then that should build five units divided across all my structures that can produce them. A simple addition that allows me to build up my army while never leaving the mech. Another example, I should be able to select my army groups by number and have a button that tells my units to attack. I should have an "attack move" to an area(the area being where my reticule is pointing) or "attack my target"(again the enemy unit in my reticule". This is absolutely essential because your units don't defend themselves well without orders in this game.

I want to finish by saying that I am very glad that I tried this game because I think it is a genuine attempt to do something very special. The shooter elements are really solid, definitely superior to Dragon Commander. The game looks really great. And I haven't had any significant performance issues. The game is built on an excellent foundation, but I feel like more function is needed now to take this game to the next level. I very much hope to see that in future updates.
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( 0.5 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 21
Only 1 man and he make this. 素晴らしいです
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( 1.2 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 19
This game currently suxxxx
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( 1.3 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 16
[...], good.
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( 2.1 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 14
Watch the game kick my butt:

It feels like the Warshift devs all went into a design meeting one day, each with their own ideas on what their next game should be like..
"Let's make an RTS!"
"No, we should do a MOBA."
"What? I wanted to make a third person action game!"
"Whatever it is, it needs transforming mechs..."

And the lead designer just looked all of them in the eyes and said... "Yes."

That leaves us with Warshift, a game that really can't make up it's mind which genre it represents, but it doesn't seem to care.

I'm not going to make excuses here, it's a weird game. For the most part, levels are set up in MOBA fashion, where your objective is to take out the enemy base directly across from you on the map, mostly by crushing it under hordes of minions.
However, the game doesn't just hand you the infrastructure to build all those minions. You have to build all that yourself.

This is where the RTS part kicks in. You get to choose where you place your buildings that "spawn" troops to go fight, which troops to spawn, and where to place turrets, resource mines, etc.

So where's that 3rd Person shooter/action game come in? Well, at any time you can hit tab to pop into the driver seat of your own upgradable "avatar" unit. Take it out for a spin, blow up some baddies! Carry a lane up to the enemy base!

The core and mechanics of the game are pretty solid, and a lot of fun. They could still use a little tweaking, but there's a gem in this rough.
There's also multiplayer, but as of yet I haven't had a chance to test it, and it's in it's early stages.

If I were going to pick a single downside that stands out for this game so far, it would most likely be the limited content.
There are several game modes, but the number of "avatars" is pretty limited. (At the time of writing this, there are only 6) and only a few maps. I'd really like to see more avatar units fleshing out the game, as well as possibly more than just the two factions. (Admittedly though, I'm not sure what the storyline is supposed to be, so I don't know how the factions all fit in.) The current game modes with the limited avatars and maps makes things a bit repetetive right now. Some more maps and such would also be nice, and of course, plenty of polishing and balancing.
This being an early access title though, I'm sure there's quite a bit more in the pipeline.

Overall, there's a lot of promise in this game, a lot looks good, and it's good fun to play even now. If you've got the extra $ laying around and want something a bit different from the norm, Warshift makes for a tempting morsel.
If you'd care to see the game in action, you can watch the game kick my butt in the video link above.
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( 1.1 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 11
Crazy good nothing to say i like it!
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( 3.2 hrs on record )
Early Access Review
Posted: May 4
Truth be told, I was excited for this game back when it was called Universum: Warfront. This game takes what I consider to be a very decent crack at blending three genres together. The presentation is excellent and the menu screens and art are reminiscent of old RTS classics like StarCraft and Command and Conquer.

What I like most about the game is that it's a solid RTS at heart. There was a lot of room to go wrong here, but the developer did an excellent job of getting this part right. You have your main base for buildings, buildings for units, and of course resource gathering.

The unique aspect of this game is the first person mode. It is very well done with solid controls, multiple characters (or avatars) to choose from, and weapon upgrades for each. Some of these felt a bit like copies of each other at the beginning but, with recent additions, it is clear the developer wants to add variety. For example, two of the 4 avatars I've played with both go under water and fly. This made them seem too similar. The other two avatars have different abilities like being able to use stealth/melee and actually carrying other units. This is a step in the right direction, but I don't think it's quite there yet. Despite this, being able to jump in the fight with your units and tip the scales in your favor due to a well placed missile attack does give you a sense of satisfaction that you don't get to enjoy with just a regular RTS.

Though many would see the controls as "clunky", I actually don't count them as a con. There is certainly a learning curve, but it's nothing near impossible. The biggest con for me is the MOBA approach. The maps are varied and don't get old, but at the end of the day you're on one end and your enemy is on the other. It removes that sense of mystery and surprise you get when clearing out the "fog of war" to discover that your enemy has been at your door the whole time, or that you have just hit the mother load in resources. The MOBA approach does level the playing field for multiplayer, but it just doesn't keep me interested in the campaign mode.

All in all, this is an good game that can only get better. I bought this during a Steam special and couldn't be happier. The graphics are excellent, I haven't found any really bad bugs (so far), the gameplay is challenging but fun, and it's constantly being updted. Take into account that this was all done by one guy (Cyril Megem), and you can see that what you're purchasing is a well crafted experience by a person with a LARGE amount of attention to detail.
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Early Access Review
Posted: August 15, 2015
It looks nice, as for the one-man project.

Some positive:
- Unusual gameplay
- Nice graphics and FX
- Different gameplay modes
- Intensive battles
- Helpful video guides

Some negative:
- Controls
- Balance
- Little hard to get into

But this is a recently released Early Access! So, you can overcome difficulties, if you just keep playing.

I'm just posted the requested video:

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49 of 56 people (88%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 14, 2015
Holy crap this is awesome!

Still a tad rough around the edges in terms of controls (I think it needs the aiming to have a stabalisation system).

Very excited about this one, and am quite curious to if it'll allow for workshop content and the like. Would like to see battlezone 1 and 2 recreated in this engine, and perhaps some C&C ^_^
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3.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: April 7
Disclaimer - I have been gifted a free key for this game for review purposes, however, my review will be kept as truthful as possible since I am meant to help developers and buyers/gamers.


Warshift is an amazing and also very difficult breed of an RTS with FPS aspects. Graphically speaking, it’s beautiful. The effects look flattering. The models are spectacular. At the time of writing this review, there're not that many buildings to be built at all. Just some basics. Long range unit brewer, short range brewer, defense systems, etc. The combat, however, is very fun. With many abilities to choose from, it is not easy to be disappointed. You can be a living dragon type creature (not flying, though), a fire-breathing one, too! I could see how this game could be described as a 4K dream in the future since I have been able to play some very action-packed battles with stable frames ranging from 45-60. It’s definitely worth picking up during a sale, heck, get a few for you and your friends. It’s a blast to play. I once missed 20 minutes on one battle, it just flew away. Time well spent!

The controls are difficult to remember for the first few times you’ll be playing a match. Otherwise, the game is solid. The mechanics work fluidly together. Playing with or against AI is actually quite of a challenge. You can choose from a decent pool of maps. Battles can go on for quite some time. It’s just a very good and difficult strategy game, to be honest. Just the FPS mechanics that make it truly special. It really, really reminds me of Airmech (an amazing F2P game on Steam, you should check it out). Both games are amazing, so try out Airmech as a “try before you buy” type deal, you’ll most likely stay playing both Warshift and Airmech.

Pros and Cons

Long battles
Tons of potential
Awesome work for only one developer
RPG mechanics
Big map pool
Smart AI

Not many characters to play around as
Short supply of buildings in the game

I have been gifted the key by the kind developers of the game. They make my review about games like this possible.

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3.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 17, 2015
This is absolutely one of the most innovative, unique and fun games that I have seen in years. Craziest thing is that it is made by just one developer!!! You can tell that that this is one guys dream game that he made himself. The units are simple yet perfectly chosen (infantry type, missle laucher/vehicle type, mechwarior type and even a dreadnaught/full starship!!!). The combination of RTS gameplay with instant switch to FPS/Third Person is just amazing. I cannot recommend this game enough. Great graphics too. Check it out, support the delveoper, as he needs all the support possible.
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45 of 59 people (76%) found this review helpful
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8.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 23, 2015

The planet Enigma has been invaded by the Atroid’s, an alien race who came from a parallel world with a tendency, shall we say… towards hostility! On board the ARK (assault ship), you will telepathically command an army of cyborg guards, droids and heavy Machinery, and mount your counter attack against the invaders.

Warshift is a very interesting game, merging RTS and 3rd person action games. At the start of each mission, you will be briefed on your objectives via a video, then you will be in the ARK hangar and you will be presented with your combat avatar (the unit that you will control when you jump to the 3rd person view) and have the opportunity to add weapons and upgrades.

For the gameplay aspect, you will have to build structures to drill resources, AI cyborgs base, AI vehicle base and gun platforms to defend the ARK and other structures. Every 60 seconds, new units will appear from the relevant base (if built) automatically. At any given time you can swap from a RTS gameplay to a 3rd person and take command of your combat avatar. If you are like me, it will take you a while to get used to it and it can be frustrating at time.

The current version of WARSHIFT has a campaign mode with 10 missions, a Skirmish and multiplayer mode. The graphics are really good and the game runs well. In terms of the controls, for the 3rd person point of view it is fine but I feel the camera when you play RTS aspect needs to be better (need to be faster when zooming in and out).
I am very impressed by the fact that this project has being developed by only one person!


- Good synergy concept
- Good and polished graphics
- Intriguing gameplay
- Runs well


- A tad difficult to master and can become frustrating
- No achievements at this stage
- No trading cards at this stage

This game has great potential, have a look at it!


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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1.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 16, 2015
This UI before you get into the game is rather cluttered and reminds me of much older games, so I would highly recommend a complete revamp of the layout and for the amount of extra little details to be polished away, as there is an overwhelming amount of text and content on each page.

As for the gameplay itself, it isn't easy, which I appreciate. I got absolutely destroyed in ym first 3 games, so I looked around and found a difficulty setting in the main menu options and turned it down to easy.

The ability to endlessly zoom in and out with the scrollwheel is something I've wanted in pretty much every RTS game I've ever played, so I love that. You hit "Tab" to zoom down into 3rd person (and then a right click will zoom you into a scoped 1st person" view, and it happens instantly, which is fantastic.

There are some jarring moments when your hero unit dies and the game flashes your view into rts view and zoomed into a random part of the map below your hq, which is weird, but stuff like that I assume will get fixed over time.

The mechanics of the game are well on their way, it just needs some UI love.

Tons of potential with a clearly dedicated developer. It just needs time. It's so much more ambitious than a lot of games that it deserves a real chance.
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46.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: December 25, 2015
Warshift prides itself on being an RTS Game, also having features of an FPS Action game with RPG Elements, which is a very unique mix and in my opinion, makes this a great concept. This game implements the RPG Elements and FPS mode with one of its most important gameplay mechanics; Avatars.

An Avatar, on the Republic side, is a mechanised drone controlled by the commander (you) and offers a massive strategic advantage, to the point of being overpowered, giving you the ability to transform to either walk/drive, fly or submerge into the ocean. An Avatar can also hold four upgrades and five weapons. In my opinion, the upgrades system is gimmicky and as much as I know how to use it, it still seems like it can be improved. I have several suggestions on how the game can be improved but I know it's in Early Access and I can't wait for more content to be created by the one man developer, Cyril Megem. I am impressed but not surprised that this game is under development by a solo developer and as I'm hoping to aspire to the same level, I congratulate him on his achievements.

The story behind this game is, at the moment, quite bare, it only explains that Aliens, non-material beings, coming from the 'Gates of Chaos' can manipulate and control exoskeletons so they can impact the environment to their will. With this story, it makes two factions; the Alien Invaders and the Colonial Republic. Only having two factions doesn't offer much diversity but, again, I understand why this isn't possible as of yet; the developer, who is a graphic artist, game designer and programmer has to focus on developing the game, rather than expanding outwards just yet.

As far as the Real Time Strategy part of the game goes, it is very lackluster in my opinion, only having four maps, ten campaign missions and barely any units and buildings but I can understand why it may be lacking in these departments. Some of the missions objectives, at the start, weren't very clear and it's hard to get into at first. But once I did, after I finished the campaign at the highest difficulty, I just wanted more. The five hours I've already played have been nothing but pure enjoyment and I can see the potential this game has.

This game works very well on my Intel Core i3 computer, maintaining a very stable framerate at low quality settings because of my outdated graphics card. There is the occasional split-second freeze if there is a lot of pressure on my system but besides this, it should work very well on most, if not, all computers. The graphics are beautifully rendered but the engine and control could be optimised. The camera for the Raider Avatar was quite realistic but was no doubt, quite annoying, having to move my mouse back and fourth to get the right aim and lead to my death more than it should have.

Looking back on the game, to me, it was money very well spent and I'm glad to have shown my support. I can understand why some people might not be able to get into this game but for die-hard RTS and Action game fans, this is definitely a game to consider. I did not regret buying this game one bit and it was well worth it for me.

- Great, consistent graphics
- Innovative game concept
- Avatars offer a lot in strategy and offer more immersion

- Somewhat limiting controls
- LAN-Only Multiplayer
- Lack of units, buildings, factions, lore, maps, campaign missions and objectives
- Even at the highest difficulty, skirmish and campaign missions don't provide a challenge

Overall, to give this game a rating out of 10, I'd give it an 8 as of yet. I really enjoyed Warshift.
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Early Access Review
Posted: August 16, 2015
Backed it long time ago. Still can't believe that this awesome game done by single person. I’ve played it on different stages (since standalone version), a lot has changed since. Now I'm finally got my Steam key. Nice to see this project grows.
Here is my campaign walkthrough. I have many experience with this game and I hope that it will be helpful to avoid any stucks in the missions.
Some gameplay highlights:
Full single player campaign walkthrough:

P.S. Something shown in this video could already change.
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8.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 17, 2015
I am a Battelzone Veteran, finally after 1998 is a new Ego Shooter RTS unleashed.
I literally prayed for years for this game and finally it's there with awesome aliens and transformers.

So you can in RTS style build and command , than like ego shooter shoot at enemy,
so both genres combined. And works online.

You have Bots or AI here. The game looks awesome by 2 different factions.
People even if it early ascess , its definitely the game of the year for me.

You have story here with 10 cool Missions.
4 maps , the one is in Space and 3 on ground.
You have 5 awesome heroes , one is a Mech/Jet Transformer.

So you can fly around and shoot down the enemy, then just press "Tab" and you have the RTS view and can command units like Troopers , Rocket vans and Space-Battle-Ships or order Nukes to launch them at enemy.
The alien look really awesome like a mix of Balrog , Bugs with Tyrranids.
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 7, 2015
I highly recommend WARSHIFT to anyone. Worth the price and it does a great job of combining the Action and RTS together. the Dev, also seems very active and contenues to update so that alone is worth it.
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