Dungeon Siege® combina os elementos mais importantes de um RPG com ação intensa. Dungeon Siege mergulha-o em um mundo de fantasia 3D colocando-o frente a frente com um exército dedicado a mergulhar o mundo no caos.
Data de lançamento: 5/abr/2002

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Dungeon Siege® combina os elementos mais importantes de um RPG com ação intensa. Dungeon Siege mergulha-o em um mundo de fantasia 3D colocando-o frente a frente com um exército dedicado a mergulhar o mundo no caos.
Você inicia sua aventura como um humilde fazendeiro e, conforme você viaja pelo mundo e obtém novas habilidades, você reúne um grupo de até oito personagens para ajudá-lo. Dungeon Siege compele o jogador com batalhas cada vez mais intensas que progressivamente revelam uma trama.
Um mundo de aventura estendendo-se através paisagens diversas, com uma narrativa ininterrupta o espera...

Requisitos de sistema

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP1 or newer
    • Processor: 333 MHz or faster processor
    • Memory: 128 MB of system RAM
    • Graphics: 8MB video card
    • Hard Drive: 1.5 GB available hard disk space
    • Note on Windows 7: Driver version 270.51 or greater is required for Nvidia-based graphics cards. AMD graphics card owners may need to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.
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Dungeon Siege é o que podemos chamar de RPG clássico remodelado. Apesar de seus gráficos avançados para a época, ele possuia algumas ideias que os jogos passados desse mesmo gênero possuia.

Seu enredo pode ser bem simples aparentemente, mas o que realmente chama a atenção é que o universo em que o jogo se ocorre é muito bem elaborado, cheio de detalhes e sempre com ótimas histórias como plano de fundo de cada parte do jogo, desde monstros à cidades.

Seu maior foco é a jogabilidade, com uma ação levemente repetitiva mas muito bem explorada no quesito de grupos de aventuras. Durante a sua jornada, você encontrará vários viajantes desocupados para ajudá-lo, e isso abre um grande leque para estratégias vindos de cada personagem, e personalizado da forma que quiser pelo jogador.

Apesar da trilha sonora não ser totalmente presente, nas partes em que ela aparece se destaca muito, dando um ar bem mais de RPG à aventura que você vai seguindo. Infelizmente, não é sempre que damos de cara com ela, mas nas poucas faixas existentes, é possível notar um trabalho muito bom.

Talvez o que se destaca de fato é a longa estrada que você percorre. Os calabouços são enormes, e custam a ser explorados por completo (apesar de seguir um esquema de apenas dois caminhos, continuando o jogo ou voltando), o que causa um leve aumento de vida útil e também mais diversão, se esse for seu tipo de jogo.

São centenas de equipamentos com diferentes bônus, e eles são moldados ao longo do jogo para o tipo de personagem que você construiu, pois diferente de muitos RPGs, o nível se dá pela quantidade de dano desferido e o que irá favorecer determinado atributo (Força, Destreza e Inteligência) de seu personagem, e isso vai depender da arma que ele usa.

Um excelente RPG que tende a mostrar que a real diversão de um RPG de verdade, é explorar imensos calabouços e lutar com centenas de inimigos.
Publicada: 2 de maio
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Dungeon Siege is a pretty solid Action RPG in the vein of Diablo. Although it requires some coaxing to get functional on a modern OS it has aged remarkably well and mainly only suffers from somewhat wonky controls (which get worse when you've more party members to manage), a rather awkward camera, and some exception crashes; though in my case that last one plagued the bandit cave area so horribly that it effectively ended my campaign, so your mileage may vary.

Graphics: The graphics are still pretty passable and in some cases still quite beautiful, no complaints aside from character display UI issues in the inventory screen probably caused by playing on a higher resolution than the game was designed for. Throughout the game, a fairly dark, earthy theme is most-often employed.

Sound: The game features an excellent, genre-appropriate, soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule (Morrowind, Oblivion, Knights of the Old Republic...) but has some weird sound effects issues wherein an item drop sound may play when no items are dropped. Some basic, often unconvincing, voice acting is employed for important characters.

Story: A pretty standard fantasy storyline that doesn't really stand out in any way, although it's not unbearable, it is very linear and can get boring pretty quickly, making it hard to play for extended periods of time. Characters are very basic, as seems very common amongst Action RPGs.

This reviewer gives Dungeon Siege: 7/10
Publicada: 27 de abril
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Having only played the first game, the addition of the other two titles in the Dungeon Seige complete pack was very welcome, even more so thanks to the expansions included, but the cost of the pack is justified easily by virtue of the quality game that the Original is.

Bursting with atmosphere, Dungeon Seige is a 3D take on the Diablo 2 model, though with fixed level layouts.

Dungeon Seige is a long game - you progress across the world map seamlessly and you easily notice the distances that you are chewing up, as key towns are few and far between. The experience of this game is probably more akin to the idea of a Lord of the Rings type quest than anything more computer-game/zone-based, because as I have mentioned before you really get the feeling that you are blazing your own path, one that only occasionally intersects with civilization. Echoing ice caverns full of crystal avatars fill you with apprehension as the prospect of questing for hours without seeing the light of day is very real and a gameplay element in itself, and once you escape a gruelling forest zone midway through the game you are confronted with a seemingly impassable swamp, rather than the stereotypical sunny metropolis populated with traders.

Dungeon Seige is also a difficult game - an example being the afore-mentioned swamp which pits your squad - albiet experienced and doughty - against hordes of difficult creatures marshalled by witches and targetting your most vulnerable members.

The difficulty of the game, and the sheer distances of travel involved, is counterbalanced by the joys of a steadily improving squad. You have the choice to ally yourself with various squad members - more than you can ever hold in your total squad, in a feature that reminds one of the Baldur's Gate series and adds to the sense of blazing one's own path - and you can't wait for your hitherto skinny and ragged heroes and squad members to stumble across great shields, shiny helmets or keen longswords. Improving your skills relies simply on using related items - keep using a one handed longsword and a mini experience bar built in to your 'melee item' combat slot will reflect your character's steady improvement in it's use, ditto for ranged, nature and fire spells.

In summary of this ragged and ill-formatted review (for which I beg your forgivness - I am partially distracted) I assure you that this game is a worthy investment of time and emotion - love your squad, covet your packmule, listen to every word of pre-recorded dialogue and seek out all encounters, because you are living through a bonafide high fantasy advanture, and it does, eventually, end.
Publicada: 28 de março
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A great game and a wonderfull flash to the past. Nostalgia aside a very good game with awesome gameplay. With a range of different companions along with a purchable mule to slave around your gear. If you like RPG's or if you dont, do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy it.
☼Steam usually does a goood job but they have yet to impress me as they have removed multiplayer along with the DLC☼
~Multiplayer Fix - Launch Settings, type zonematch=true BAM DONE XD~
Publicada: 23 de junho
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This game is a really good game. I would easily recommend this game to those who haven't played it before, but you should note that this version of the game does not include its expansion, and its multiplayer was disabled. You can find a way around the multiplayer problem, but I would buy this game on Ebay or Amazon if I wanted the full experience.
Publicada: 17 de junho
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