Fight hordes of dangerous creatures in a mystical fantasy world.
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Release Date: 26 Jul, 2011
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About This Game

For centuries legionnaires have protected the nation of Ehb until they were betrayed and all but driven to the brink of extinction. Now that evil has returned to Ehb the people turn to the few remaining Legionnaires for the protection of the past. As an heir to the legion will you accept this plea for help? How it will all be resolved is up to you!
Dungeon Siege III is an Action RPG that seamlessly blends intuitive fast-paced gameplay, a robust RPG system featuring a large selection of abilities, loot galore and the depth of story Square-Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are known for creating. Players will be able to adventure by themselves, on the couch with friends, or online in a fully multiplayer experience.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1, Windows 7
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 1.5 GB
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3870 or NVIDIA 9800 GT
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB for full installation
    • Sound: No accelerated sound hardware required
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Core i5 750 2.67 GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB
    • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4870 or NVIDIA GTX 260
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Posted: 23 November
If you have previously played a Dungeon Siege game, do not pick up DSIII, it is not Dungeon Siege, and out of respect for the original developers of the game, i regret buying this product.
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Posted: 28 October
Bland, boring, uninspired. Not to mention, not much in common with it's predecessors.
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Posted: 14 November
Definitely like the play style: similar to Diablo, but I find the difficulty setting is much higher (easy on here is somewhere just above Normal on Diablo), without being a copy + paste game.
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Posted: 15 November
This game has been definitely underrated. It's party based RPG is one of the best I've played. PC version is a pain on laptop because of directional attacks based on your cursor. There are a few glitchy spots, but nothing you can't play though. Decent story, decent gameplay. Rating: 4/5
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Posted: 13 November
I just can't play this...after the fantasitc memories from the first two...this dog$hit just ruined the franchise.
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Posted: 17 November
Pass on this one unless the pack is on sale and you can score the first two games.
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Posted: 18 November
SUCKS. boring. want my money and time back. nice graphics it just isnt entertaining.
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Posted: 31 October
Ugh, just playing this game for the quarter made me feel sad. Atleast dont call it dungeon siege if you cant have "real" backpacks and a 4+ party of followers.
you disappoint me microsoft, this was the series you actually did good, why did you sell?
This does indeed not give a "dungeon siege" feel.
Terrible gameplay, average story.
The gameplay is just terrible yet its meant for controller.
WASD to move? dafuq? if you first make a "dungeon siege" it should atleast be point&click, right?
I hope there arent coming any sequels to this bulls.h.i.t game.
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Posted: 10 November
i recommend this games its pretty fun
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Posted: 9 November
Poor controls and camera
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Posted: 8 July's average/slightly below for a generic hack and slash, which is part of the problem. DS 1&2 were damn good, and then you get this ____________. You could build your character how you wanted based on spells found and weapons used, now you are stuck in predefined roles as named characters. You used to have a fairly open world to explore, now it's pretty much a guided tour...seems like things keep getting "simplified" for "our benefit" in many modern games.

If you can get it cheap, go ahead...It's decent, but I wouldn't suggest paying full or even half price.
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Posted: 20 October
Summary (TL;DR)
Dungeon Siege III, while not stellar, is a bit underrated or otherwise suffers unjustly from its departure from the original games of old. Those had more of a Diablo-like interface, with top down, mouse point&click, party management gameplay, with classes, gear and loot. Dungeon Siege III was clearly designed for consoles and controller use, as the keyboard and mouse controls are very awkward and it has a more 3rd person view. Without a controller, it is very difficult to play this game.
I’m a fan of the original game, and I found that despite the change in paradigm to a 3rd person hack and slash action RPG designed for the controller, the Dungeon Siege “feel” is there. Experiencing the different events in the story, meeting new characters and talking to them, going from location to location, playing the combat, collecting loot, and optimizing abilities and equipment in regards to combat, all was rather enjoyable. None was arguably groundbreaking, but was interesting and enjoyable enough to keep me invested for 32 hours, which, in retrospect, is saying something. 7/10

Detailed review
RPG-wise, it’s actually quite deep with lots of stats and mechanics. You choose from 4 different main characters with different characteristics and play styles: a knight for meele/tank, a rifle and pistol/shotgun wielding ranged character, an agile fire magic female warrior and a spell casting mage/scientist. One of the other characters follows you as an AI companion. Each character has 2 stances that can be switched on the fly, each stance has one attack and 3 active abilities. There are also 3 defensive abilities per character. Active abilities include heavier or AOE attacks, buffs/debuffs, or even summoned creatures. Defensive abilities include healing, pushing back of enemies or buffing yourself. As you use attacks and abilities you fill their mastery bar and once you’ve mastered it, you can perform an empowered version of it. As you level up, you can develop each of your abilities in a branching choice, for instance do you want more damage or increased chance to knockback opponents? You can go all in on one, or choose any balance between the two. Additionally, there are passive “talents” to level up. With all this and also the different equipment you loot, buy and enhance with enchantments (3 weapon slots, 4 armor slots, a ring and a pendant slot), with different stats, you have a vast array of possibilities. You can choose the abilities’ perks to work well with one another enhancing your favorite play style, and also compliment your companion’s abilities to your own, which is very satisfying, particularly, I suspect, in local coop.
However, with this 2-stance system sometimes it’s a bit difficult perform actions from different stances in the heat of battle with a lot going on. Of course, it would be easier with pausable combat and 1-9 keyboard hotkeys, but this is a 3rd person action game. Also, the way aiming works is a bit awkward, especially for ranged combat, as you have to move in the direction of an enemy to soft lock on it. This results in sometimes having to move away to get a better line of sight to the desired target. I got used to it, though. Additionally, the companion AI is not ideal, though it’s reasonable. Again, local coop should be fun.

I won’t spoil the story, which I found surprisingly interesting, meaning that the game is far from a loot fest. Events are set approximately 150 years after the first game, much of what once was has fallen or faded, and the characters from the first game are now close to legends, which also means you don’t need to play the other games to enjoy this one. You’ll learn of what happened as you progress in the game, your journey has always that tone of grandeur lost as you seek to reestablish some of that. You’ll meet interesting characters and the plot will make you reflect on your actions and compare them to the main antagonist, and also think about your dialogue choices. The voice acting is also good and the dialogues lengthy. The lore is very well done, tying in nicely to the Dungeon Siege universe, and is deepened by finding some books or documents, and talking to characters. You’ll even explore a location directly related to the characters of the first game, which was extremely satisfying for a fan.

The progression is mostly linear with growing scale of locations, enemies and events. It’s an action RPG, but the pacing and amount of enemies is not insane like for instance on Diablo 3, though some battles are more enemy heavy. Though there are different and varied locations with enemies matching them, “dungeons” aren’t as big as in the first game, but nonetheless acceptably lengthy.

The graphics are quite good, showing some age by now, but at least in runs well, high FPS. However, the camera is always restricted to look down a little, so you can’t tilt it up and enjoy the scenery in a more 1st person style, which is a shame. That restriction also sometimes doesn’t provide the best view for combat either. Though different equipment reflects visibly on the characters, there’s no way to view the full character close up and rotate it, like in a character screen. The HUD is somewhat simplistic, as are the indications above enemies, which at first makes it a bit difficult to understand what’s going on.

The soundtrack is quite good, mostly in the atmospheric orchestral style, aiding to that tone of grandeur lost, but with tense and epic combat sequences.
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Posted: 24 October
Probably the most important info about this game is: This is not hack&slash. This is pure action game
This is not continuation of old Dungeon Siege games by any standard.
When I first play this i thought what the heck is wrong with this game?!
I played with keybord and mouse and I was completely confused by the camera and controls.
There are only three or four classes with pretty much no room for customization.
I stopped after half and hour and felt cheated but...
After few moths I gave this another try. Now I was prepared.
I grabbed proper gamepad, took the class with the lady that hold rifles, pistols and shotguns and...I was blown away.
This is extremely fun action game. It's very challenging. Boss fights are probably the best part.
Graphic are beatiful and get better the longer You play.
I understand that this might be not game for everyone especially for those rooted in H&S reality but If You like pure action and Your gamepad literally burning under your fingers give it a try.
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Posted: 7 September
Not sure why they even bothered to call this game Dungeon Siege III. Nothing like the first 2, not even published by Microsoft. I guess Microsoft just sold the name to Square Enix to publish it. Truly second rate game, wouldn't even buy it on sale.
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Posted: 17 October
hmmmm... I love the first dungeon siege and my playtime was about 30 -35 hours.
this one? well I love the graphics though.. but the story and the gameplay just extremely horrible.
nope.. not gonna play anymore, thanks
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Posted: 20 August
Rating 7.5/10

What is it?

Action RPG

The Good:

+Graphically the game is beautiful, but what really stands out is the use of color especially in regards to the characters skills. Every skill used is colorful and bright and makes the combat really stand out. Making a critical ht is satisfying because it really stands out. It makes you wonder why other developers are so afraid of having color in their games.

+4 unique characters each with their own unique play style. Every character has 2 offensive stances used to either deal with single or groups of enemies and one defense stance. Each stance has 3 skills associated with it. Each skill has 2 way you can upgrade it, allowing you to customize how you want to develop your character. In addition each character has a passive skill tree further adding to your build. All of this leads to interesting builds.

+The game play mechanics are a bit more unique to this type of game. In order to use your abilities you need force and the only way to gain force is to attack your enemies. Defensive skills use power spheres which fill up as you take damage. All of this creates some unique game play elements and changes the way you play and develop your character. Dodging and blocking also play an important role in game play,

+You can always rely on Obsidian to craft a well thought out story. The games side quests in some regards are even more interesting and creative than the main quest. Books and lore are scattered around the world to further flesh out details if your into that sort of thing.

+Music/sound and voice acting are all top notch.

The Bad:

-If there is one aspect of an action rpg that you need to get right it's the loot. The loot has to be exciting, it has to make you want to kill enemies to discover new items, it should feel rewarding. This game has non of that. The loot in this game is boring. For the most part, loot just changes stats and more likely than not you will equip the loot that gives you the highest stats. A good loot system means the player has to make tough choices, this game doesn't do that.

-Multiplayer is all but dead meaning you are not going to get any achievements related to multiplayer. Even if you do play a multiplayer game you character progress is not saved if you join someone else's game when you go back to single player. How this even passed in today's time is mind boggling.


I really loved this game, I played it many times on 360 and will continue to play it here. This game gets a lot of things right in regards to the genre sadly it also gets things horribly wrong as well. I love that each character is really unique and no two characters play the same. Hopefully we see Obsidian get to make another with more improvements.
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Posted: 17 June
What happened to Dungeon Siege? The first one was truly amazing, the second wasn't the same but it was good and this one, it's horrible.

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Posted: 24 June
Worst game I have ever played. Poor quality on everything from dialog to mechanics. The first two in the series are good though.
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Posted: 12 July
From what I've seen, this game is considered terrible, to which I highly disagree. This game definitely doesn't pass as a Dungeon Siege game, the only thing that qualifies it is the lore that's in it (Which I think I gathered all but one piece of). It has many nerd-service moments, in which it refers back to the original game, and even some moments that refer to the second, but it's style is entirely different. I look at games for what they are, not what they should be. It's still a good game, full of great story-telling, and an alright Combat system. The Combat System could use a bit of work, and I would have liked some more companion interraction, but it was a different developer from the first two games, so first of all, you can't expect them to go all out like they would have. Second, people need to stop saying "It's not the same! It fails my professional inspection!" It was a bold move to go from a, well, I don't know what genre it is, but mostly mouse controlled, to a game that actually requires some thought into combat. The combat system is very situational, and quite challenging, I can say that in the last two games, the combat mostly depended on luck, and how geared out your characters were. This one depends on actual skill, with the gear of your characters... The learning curb is a bit off, seeing as how it went from disappointing cake-walk to frustrating fires of hell, but once you figure it out, it tends to be a rather well-thought-out system that actually levels up quite nice now that I think of it.

For those that couldn't pay attention to my horrible rant: It's not a Dungeon Siege game, though it has the lore of it. It's still a good game, for what it is. I highly recommend it. (Unless you're stuck on nostalgia rather than gameplay)
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Posted: 15 September
Dungeon Siege III is a solid, if not spectacular, linear action RPG. The game does not really have anyhing to do with Dungeon Siege or Dungeon Siege II. Its like someone took a totally different game and just wrote Dungeon Siege on it because they wanted a name that people had heard of before. Here you only control one character and you only have one companion fighting with you at a time, not a party based affair like the previous DS games and you have little to no control over your companion. Its more of a single character action adventure with a pet. There is a variety of different equippable loot and different passive abilities to put points into so you have some minor character customization available, but not as much as you might like. If you play it with no preconceptions it is fine as it is, but if you are expecting another Dungeon Siege you will be disappointed.

The storyline and combat action were adequate and I didn't notice a single bug in the whole time I played the game, which is very commendable these days. The graphics seemed pretty nice, but the camera is a bit of an annoyance because it doesn't allow you to zoom far enough out so you often lose view of your enemies off screen while fighting. I recommend a gamepad since the right stick can control the camera while you fight. I can't imagine how you would do that if you play with a mouse and keyboard. Anyhow, the game was designed for consoles so that should be the preferred method of control. I don't think I could recommend this game if you don't have a gamepad.

The playtime of the game was adequate. I'm guessing it takes around 20-30 hours total if you do all the side quests. There's not a massive number of side quests so you won't get bogged down with them like in some other games, but they do add a few hours to the game.

I bought the game for five dollars and I think it was a decent enough game for that price. The game is not the best in its genre at anything it does, but if you get it in a bundle or find it on sale you can get a few days of reasonable entertainment out of it. You aren't missing anything important if you don't ever play this, but this game is not horrible.
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