It is a free-to-play shooting game.You may choose 6 types of warships used in the WWII to play PvP and PvE naval battle. Start the voyage with your warships and fight for the honor of your fleet!
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Release Date: Nov 12, 2015

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August 24

Server will maintenance at 2am PST on Aug 25

Dear captains, the server will update at 2am PST on Aug 25.
The maintenance time will last about one hour. version:8.65.1

New Contents& Fix for 8.65.1

1. Add two ships- Kaga 1935 and the Enterprise into the tech tree;
2. New reward flag for 5V5 rank;
3. Optimize the friend list;
4. New function: right button direction locking for depth charge solo mode;
5. Login reward interface bug fix;
6. Client stuck bug fix;

New Sales Activities
- Lavish gold spending rewards:
From Aug 18 to Aug 31,

Accumulatively cost 800 gold will get one slot (worth 500 gold);
Accumulatively cost 8800 gold will get 360 Merits, 20 Adv. Smoke Bombs, and 100,000 silver (worth 440 gold);
Accumulatively cost 28800 gold will get 900 Merits, 30 Adv. Smoke Bombs, 15 Adv. Repair Kits, 15 Adv. Extinguishers, 10 Oxygenators, and 250,000 sliver (worth 17735 gold);
Accumulatively cost 58800 gold will get 1800 Merits, 50 Adv. Smoke Bombs, 25 Adv. Repair Kits, 25 Adv. Extinguishers, 20 Oxygenators and 650,000 silver (worth 44420 gold);
Accumulatively cost 108800 gold will get 4140 merits, 150 Adv. Smoke Bombs, 50 Adv. Repair Kits, 50 Adv. Extinguishers, 30 Oxygenators and 1.5 million silver (worth 103310 gold).

- Discount from Aug 17 to Aug 30,
Ibuki: original price- 38800 gold, discounted price- 28800 gold;
Fargo: original price- 35800gold, discounted price- 24800 gold;
Z43: original price- 28800 gold, discounted price- 20800 gold;
I-201: original price- 20800 gold, discounted price- 14800 gold.

- Time limited packs from Aug 17 to Aug 30,
Ibuki Battle Pack: Ibuki*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*3000.
Price: 32300 gold, saving 13,000 gold.

Ibuki Governing Pack: Ibuki*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*5000, Merits*1800.
Price: 44300 gold, saving 20,000 gold.

Fargo Battle Pack: Fargo*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*5000.
Price: 27800 gold, saving 13500 gold.

Fargo Governing Pack: Fargo*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*5000, Secondary artillery gold ammo*5000, Merits*1800.
Price: 40300 gold, saving 21000 gold.

Z43 Battle Pack: Z43*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*5000.
Price: 23800 gold, saving 10500 gold.

Z43 Governing Pack: Z43*1, Slot*1, Main artillery gold ammo*5000, Gold torpedo*2000, Merits*1800.
Price: 38800 gold, saving 20500 gold.

I-201 Battle Pack: I-201*1, Slot*1, Gold torpedo*3000.
Price: 18300 gold, saving 9000 gold.

I-201 Governing Pack: I-201*1, Slot*1, Gold torpedo*5000, Merits*1800.
Price: 30300 gold, saving 16000 gold.

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August 21

Steel Ocean update 8.62.4 brings a whole set of new content.

Your ships and crew are ready for deployment, return to port ASAP and set sail to engage the enemy.
Steel Ocean update 8.62.4 brings a whole set of new content.
Return today and start receiving your daily login awards like:
-Qualification Points
-Globle XP
-Premium VIP (either time or battles )
-Premium packages
-Premium consumables
We look forward to your return Captain."

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About This Game

“Steel Ocean” is a free-to-play, MMO shooting game. As a navy commander, you may choose 6 types of warships used in the World War II to fight the 16vs16 battles. Start the voyage with your warships and fight for the honor of your fleet!

Game Features:
Essence of team play: Tactics first
  • 6 warship types and over 100 famous warships with distinctive features.
    Steel Ocean presents the 6 most representative warships of the modern and contemporary naval system, namely, destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, battleship, carrier, and particularly the “deep sea killer” – submarine, appearing for the first time.

  • Incorporating hundreds of classic tactics, and supporting the original tactic system.
    Steel Ocean also restores hundreds of classic sea battle tactics and sea battle maps. The players may replay the “Wolf pack tactics”, “Competing for T head” and other famous tactics at real time, and independently design the new tactics based on the maps, natural environment, weather conditions, warship combination and other objective factors.

  • Diversified competition modes, and team play varying from modes.
    The actual sea warfare is not merely the exchange of firepower. Steel Ocean provides tens of combat modes, from the MOBA random matching for combat, the battle to seize the isle for testing the team tactics, to the short distance contact battle without isle, combat of small teams in different sizes, and even the super large legion PVP battlefield in the boundless water…, available to meet the different requirements of game players. Each mode includes several sets of applicable tactics and derivative skills, bringing the endless and changeable battlefield experience.

  • Highly immersive interactive map to restore World War II scenarios.
    The development team of Steel Ocean accurately simulates the isles, reefs, buildings, metrological, weather conditions, etc. of many sea areas in the world, based on the results of consulting extensive historic records and many times of site surveys, and the actual geographic environment data.

  • Separated Damage Calculation system to ensure more accurate attack.
    In addition to the original damage calculation by health bars of the TPS vehicle war games, Steel Ocean is incorporated with the separated damage calculation system (“SDC”).

  • Commanded by hundreds of officers of World War II, providing warships with tactic soul.
    Steel Ocean includes the innovative warship commander system, incorporated with hundreds of famous navy generals during the 2nd World War, based on the actual history of the period, to impart the cold warships with the different tactic features.

  • Unique legion system to create super marine legions.
    The fleet guild system provides a big platform for players to communicate on tactics, and also combines the team play and the fleet growth mechanism into one.

  • Built-in radio voice to effectively restore maritime communication.
    One of the most critical factors deciding the success or failure of a military operation is intelligence. The information communication at any place and at any time is the basis for the battle with the team collaboration, and the key for realizing the strategic cooperation of multiple warship types in the modern sea battles.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel(R) P4/PE Core 2
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GT220
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher
    • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)I5-3570
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 650
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 6 GB available space
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Mixed (126 reviews)
Mostly Positive (2,395 reviews)
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3.6 hrs
Posted: August 29
In my first few hours of playing I have found that I personally prefer Steel Ocean to World of Warships, but the amount of people playing the majority of the time is very small. I will still be playing this, but I would love to see more people playing and have an easier time finding more matches with people that are at least from the same continent.
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6.2 hrs
Posted: August 28
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45.7 hrs
Posted: August 28
YES YES YES YES YESSSSS! I enjoy this game like my stomach enjoy a donut :)

Awesome game play, with excellent details on ships and detailed to weapons!

Please add private match or match with bots for lanning session and this game would be 110% perfect! :)
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115.4 hrs
Posted: August 27
Great game! lots of fun and pretty good gameplay!
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1.5 hrs
Posted: August 27
What the heck? Ever since I got the advanced tutorial my game has crashed and froze everytime I'ved opened the tutorials or any game modes, What do I do?
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The Sole Survivor
4.9 hrs
Posted: August 27
Could be more realistic and somewhat resembles World of Warships but tbe inclusion of submarines is really fun!
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56.4 hrs
Posted: August 26
I want to join DIIN fleet to defeat the dark Judge
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2.4 hrs
Posted: August 26
i cannot change the server
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0.6 hrs
Posted: August 24
Steel ♥♥♥.
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45.8 hrs
Posted: August 24
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Not Recommended
35.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 4
tl;dr Pay to win garbage

Even if you lay still, those with pimped out ships and commanders (in the same ship class) will spot you before you, laying still, spot them. You MIGHT spot them when they open fire on you, but that is irrelevant as you're crippled or almost dead already. Your only option is to play very agressively, which gives them all the leisure to shoot at you with support of their fleet while yours is out of range.

DDs (Destroyers) are overpowered because of the spotting system, terrain, and cheap smoke bombs. The range of spotting and torpedoes is roughly the same, so when you spot an incoming DD, all they have to do is pop smoke and fire some torpedoes toward you. Then he'll be invisible for long enough to get so close to you that he can't miss anymore, and since you're dodging torpedoes, you can't hit him either. They're too fast and agile to hit reliably in the first place. The claustrophobic maps make it that much easier for Destroyers to sneak up on you. On top of all this, they can also shoot down any and all planes at ridiculous speeds, and their depth charges make short work of subs as well. Since Battleships, Carriers and Subs are worthless against DDs, there's no point for any ships but them and cruisers.

Scout aircraft spotting ranges are a tiny fraction of what ships get. They will already be in range of machineguns when they do spot an enemy ship, despite the fact that a plane could simply climb too high for machineguns to reach. In the first place, about 99.9% of all Anti-Air Artillery missed in WW2, but in Steel Ocean the hitrate for manually aimed guns is close to 100%.
Bombers and fighters cannot spot ships at all despite the ridiculous ways they're already gimped. That hulking steel mountain right below them? It's an island. A moving island that shoots fire. Volcanic probably, nothing to report here.

I did enjoy the game for a while, but when you face those pimped out ships, you might as well quit immediately. I got tired of losing supposedly balanced fights that I could never win.
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8 of 15 people (53%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
78.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 20
Good Game Bad Community... the chinese players will ram you and shoot you till ur hp is low , others will no pay attention and run into your torpedos then cry you hit them .. but heaven for bit you kill a player that is trying to kill you on your team causue you will be banned
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Not Recommended
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 27
What the heck? Ever since I got the advanced tutorial my game has crashed and froze everytime I'ved opened the tutorials or any game modes, What do I do?
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5 of 10 people (50%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 24
Steel ♥♥♥.
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243.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 6, 2015
If you've played World of Warships (or World of Tanks, for that matter), the game progression is similar -- play ships in PvP matches against other players to earn EXP to unlock better modules and/or ships.

Where this title departs from being just a mere World of Warships clone is as follows:

+ Has submarines, which are powerful if let loose among the capital ships in the back of the fleet, but are weak against destroyers.
+ Torpedoes are manually fired one-at-a-time, requiring manual input to nicely spread, but also allowing for fine-tuning of said spreads.
+ Ammunition isn't unlimited! You can't just fire all the time and expect to have ammunition (especially torpedoes) left by the end of a match.
+ Battleships are actually powerful with their main guns, and can lob rounds well out of their own view range (which is what scouts like destroyers are useful for!).
+ Aircraft carriers can pick and choose their own plane loadout, allowing for customization to your own playstyle.

- Because of battleships being really powerful, they're currently (as of this writing) somewhat over-used. Matches can often have more battleships than other ship types.
- Cruisers as a whole tend to be VERY sparsely populated (because of the glut of battleships, which easily shred cruisers).
- Physics is arcadey at times. Ships can accelerate or stop much faster than would be possible for a ship of their size (battleships getting up to speed within a few seconds, for example).

Gameplay is somewhat of a mix between Battlestations: Pacific and World of Warships.

Overall I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a good naval-themed game.
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Not Recommended
292.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 29
I'm an old man and this is going to be a long and detailed review.. Hope it helps you..

About me:
I got wife, dog, very demanding job. My time is very valuable to me..

I spent around 300hrs of my life to this piece of junk game. Got ~1100 battles.. I am a decent player with excessive knowledge in naval tactics and ww2 history. Was the admiral of a fleet with real nice people.. You got the idea..


Onto details:

- Absolute World Of Warships rip-off which doesnt even come close..
- Unrealistic ship mechanics.. You can simply stop a frickin battleship in a heartbeat like a bicycle and evade torpedos.. All ships act like frickin UFOs.. Accelerating, decelarating and manouvering are all ridiculous..
- Horrible matchmaking.. Just horrible..
- A player base that is getting smaller and smaller.. Average matchmaking at mid level takes 5 minutes.. I remember waiting for 15 minutes for a 3vs3 t7-t8 battle.. EVERYTIME its like this.. Average number of players online 35... THIRTY FIVE... Not 100, not 1000.. THIRTY FRICKIN FIVE..
- Absolutely worst Developers ever.. They dont give the slightest f*ck about their players.. They shut people up in discussions.. They lock threads that proves there are cheaters in game or any thread that is critic of them.. ANY..
- You can cheat all you want.. There is no penalty. You can team-kill.. All day long.. Nothing will happen.. There is nothing you can do to lose your account.. The guy who openly killed teammates and gave away positions to enemy got a 12hr ban after everyone complained about it. The guy who started the discussion thread about an entire fleet cheating got shut up.. The thread got locked..
- There is a PG rated chat censor in this game that you wouldnt believe.. Apparently in China these are bad words: canal, system, speed.. the list goes on and on.. You cant write 3 sentences without triggering chat censor.. Developers of this game = LEARN ENGLISH and GET A DICTIONARY !!!
- Ship types... Oiiii weiii... The aircraft carriers are jokes.. The aircrafts are mosquitos that you wipe out by spraying lead on them with any type of ship including battleships.. LOL!!!! IN A WW2 GAME!!!!.. Would it kill you to read a history book and see the number 1 cause of why battleships were sunk in World War II?? The submarines are target practice for destroyers.. The cruisers are absolutely useless.. No power, no stability, just floating targets for battleships..

I can go on and on...
Why I played this game this long.. A very good friend was playing it too.. So for long time I stayed with him..
Then; I downloaded World Of Warships... And I stopped playing this crap the moment I played WoW.. Its the best game in the market.. GET it..

Steel Ocean IS A PIECE OF JUNK...

In a single word: REGRET... Thats what comes to my mind when I think about this game.. REGRET..

STAY A MILE AWAY... Download World Of Warships.. Have fun..
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Not Recommended
61.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 20
You should play this game for it's utterly ridiculous profanity filter. You cannot hold a conversation of any length without it triggering at some point. Complaining about someone suiciding on your team? Can't. Suicide is a bad word. Want to complain about passive-aggressive behavior? Good luck: Passive is a bad word... because it contains '♥♥♥'. Absurdity reaches a pitched fever when you try to describe a map in a naval warfare game and it pukes on you for using the word 'canal'. Not that this is any of a surprise... China is good at exactly two things: Censoring the **** out of everything and producing lead-infused childrens' toys.

Which leads me to the game itself: The gameplay itself is about as fun as lead poisoning. The map selection is small. Submarines and carriers are severely underpowered, and battleships can be easily sunk by one or two torpedoes... as long as you spend money to get the gold-plated versions. Regular versions require about 4 torpedoes to sink one. And destroyers and cruisers can launch 4-8 of these, so you're still pretty screwed even without the Credit Card Ultimate Upgrade(tm).

The carriers are cursed with planes that are easily shot down, can be seen at over three times the distance they can spot at, and as a courtesy, fly low, slow, and in straight lines or hopelessly long and predictable semi-circles. And the torpedo-dropping ones even helpfully do a full circle about the release point before dropping most of the time. Basically, you have to be asleep at the keyboard to be damaged by a plane, and this assumes you didn't faceplant onto the "W" key and aren't completely stationary. Even at that, you can expect to only have your planes hit the target about half the time. Unless you spend money, in which case all of these problems go away and you're gifted with planes that fly fast, have 21st century stealth technology, and shoot lasers. Okay, I'm lying about the lasers... but the damage they put out makes you wish it did... a single gold-plated torpedo could probably take out a small island.

I could go on, but I think you get the point: It suffers from terrible balance issues, and feels like a cheap knock-off of world of tanks, but with ships. Which, well, you know... China. Even assuming you like the game, you're going to be in a league of your own: There's only about 300 or so people on the server in the evenings, so if you advance far enough in the game to have decent ships, you'll be staring at a loading screen forever. And, if you don't advance far enough, you'll die to some guy with money to burn who will sink you with his credit card, because at the lower tiers, skill is pretty irrelevant. But, if you do decide to play the game, do yourself a favor: Don't ever type anything in the game. Because sooner or later, the filter will trip, and if you spend any time at all chatting, you'll probably get a moderator (or a script; I'm not sure how it happens, I just see a lot of complaints outside of the game) to mute you. Maybe they're just practicing for their future job getting paid ten cents and a cracker to build the great firewall of China, I don't know.

If you appreciate this sarcastic and brutally honest review, give me a thumbs up. If you didn't appreciate it, you're probably on the phone to steam support and I have no idea what you're saying because there's no subtitles... but I can guess it's something to the effect of mumble mumble help help I'm being oppressed mumble. So thanks, China. You've made me proud to be an American... where at least our sh*tty games don't suffer from a pathological need to oppress its own players. Cheers!

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12.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2015
Instead of playing like a WoWS clone, it plays out more like a battlestations clone.

-The ability to gain control of your secondary and AA armament is highly appreciated, instead of waiting for RNG to do it's work and shoot down incoming bombers, manual AA armament control puts the power back in the hands of the player.

-Carrier gameplay is much much more interesting. I have both T9 CVs in WoWS and over the time from the CBT till now, WG's balance changes to CVs have shown their lack of vision for how they want CVs to play out. Instead of fixed loadouts, Steel Ocean goes close to the NavyField style of allowing you to customize your squadrons in combat to fit the dynamics of the situation. Additionally, the existence of dedicated scouting aircraft really pushes the versatility of carriers even further - beyond mere torpedo dispensers. Additionally, a division allows up to 2 carriers, which means that if you a friend both love carriers and want to play them, none of you will have to compromise and play a less desirable class of ship unlike in the case of WoWS.

-Aiming while moving is a lot more inaccurate in Steel Ocean, somewhat a approximation of real life. While encouraging people to stop to aim in a fast-paced arcady game is indeed a dubious design decision, it can't be dismissed that aiming requires more skill than WoWS and at the back of the minds of ship captains remains the cost vs risk analysis of stopping for better aim but becoming a better target.

-No torpedo lead indicator. Once again, another aspect from battlestations - the lack of torpedo lead indicator means that torpedoes are more for area denial and close range torpedo attacks are needed to ensure a successful torpedo attack. Additionally, the torpedo arming distance is feels much further than WoWS, which prevents DD suicide charges.

-Submarines. Submarine gameplay is sufficiently balanced and fun in steel ocean. There is a huge step away from historical realism, but considering how WoWS threw historical realism out of the window since 0.3.7 in the CBT, the argument that submarines in WoWS will "not be historically realistic" does not hold water. Instead, in Steel Ocean, submarines have 3 depth heights, surface, periscope and deep - the deeper the dive, the faster the oxygen supplies used, but the harder for the submarine to be attacked. Oxygen supplies run out comically fast - as expected of an arcade game, but nothing feels out of place or imbalanced.

-Better ship customizbility. Multiple camo options as well as national flags, using a buy/rent system allows a greater degree of personalization in this game.

-Comprehensive tutorial system. Not only does a dedicated tutorial for the basics exists, tutorials for carrier and submarines are available when these ships are unlocked as well. Additionally, a one time of assistance is accorded to the player in the game. I personally made the mistake of jumping straight into a match my Bogue when I first got the ship, but the pointers and tooltips within the game allowed me to pick up the basics on the fly. Afterwhich, I played the dedicated carrier tutorial to get a more comprehensive overview.

-Extra bonus for carrier fans: Yorktown, Wasp and Shinano are in the game. These ships are in the skill tree, unlike how they are often postulated to be premium ships in the case of WoWS

So what's the catch?

-The graphics are bad and poorly optimized - even Battlestations Pacific looks better in some regards. Additionally, the RAM usage can get ridiculously high. People I know have managed to get a solid 50 fps in WoWS but struggle to get 20 fps in Steel Ocean despite the difference in graphics.

- The global chat is cancerous. I often see Chinese and Japanese players argue in the chat
(sometimes, hilariously, in their own respective languages). Constructive comments and requests for help are often ignored and buried under a pile of memes and arguments.

- Your Mileage May Vary, but this game is highly arcady and might be a turn off to certain players. That being said, I do not think that this alone warrants it a bad review. It is a merely a design decision. Battlestations and NavyField were sufficiently unrealistic as well, yet they were highly enjoyable games. To take an analogy from the gameplay aspect of air combat series of games, WoWS would be Ace Combat, Battlestations and Steel Ocean would be Crimson Skies and Silent Hunter would be IL-2 Sturmovik. Undeniably, all of these analogous games are enjoyable in their own way but they definitely lie on different parts of the realism scale.

This game shows strong potential and has the systems and structure in place to create a highly diverse and interesting experience, however, poor graphics and optimization hampers the game and the arcady experience isn't for everyone. It might be wise to not approach this game as a "WoWS clone" but approach it as "another naval battle game" and evaluate it as such. In the latter case, it certainly has it's own flavor as a BS/NF hybrid with WoWS-esque gameplay.
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216.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 27, 2015
After im close to Tier VII and played every Class to at Least Tier 5 i would like to share my Experiences so far with the Community.

First of, this game has, at least in my Eyes, no real Parallels to WoWS. If anything it would be more like Navy Field. It's more Arcade then WoWS (played about 1550 Matches in it, got a Tier X CV and BB). And for me, it does various things better. I would say it rewards your personal Skills much more then wows because the game doesn't take you by the Hand. Let me elaborate:

- Torps are fired one by one and manually. This gives you much more Freedom about timing and placing, but can also be harder because you don't have an aim assist like in wows
- The BBs and CAs got an Artillery View for their Main Batteries which is pretty much like in WoT or AW, So you will have to Focus for a few secs instead of hit and run
- The whole Spotting mechanic is a lot different and rewards XP / Points for the Spotters. It also makes the Game much more Rock / Paper / Scissors.
- CVs are pretty well implemented right now. They did several things i critizied in WoWS over Months. A maximum Number of Planes that can be started at a time, a max of 3 squads a time, limited fuel and far less Spotting range. But also, you can chose manually what kind of Layout you want ( you can configurate the number of plane types you want aboard in the Maintenance Screen) Also, onward to my next point, your Planes will die more often because..
- You will have to aim your AA manually, and i love that Fact. If your Aim is good it allows you to annihalate Torp Sqads even before they can drop. Pretty much what i said at the start, it rewards personal Skill.

The only real Downside right now is that there are still not enough players, but hopefully my Review might change that :P If you liked Navy Field or WoWS you should at least give it a Try. It wont be your Harm. Right now, after 500+ games in it, i can't really see any Reason to go back to WoWS.
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59.7 hrs on record
Posted: November 14, 2015
This is a suprisingly fun mix of Navy Fields, World of Warships and World of Tanks. Taking influences from all of them and turning them into an interesting and entertaining F2P title.

After playing a few hours I personally start to prefer it over WoWS; it features a more demanding gunnery with maneuvering and aim-time having more influence on spread of a volley than in WoWs, also you get manual control over your secondaries and heavy AAA which I personaly prefer. While the ranges are 'shorter' when you go by the range displayed, they feel a lot longer than in WoWs right from the start thanks to the different scale of the ships themselves and the battlefield.
Also, Torpedos in this game actually have arming distances.
The game also expands the battlefield with another class of vessels, submarines are playable and introduce a new threat to BBs and lone carriers while expanding the duty of DDs and CLs to submarine warfare.

It's of course not without flaws, It is certainly a bit uglier than WoWs though it easily beats NF, but that's not really a challenge (not talking about NF2, nobody talks about NF2). There are only NA servers available, so I have to play with a rather high ping of 120 to 200 from central europe. And the UI is not the cleanest design around.

That said, it's free. So if you're interested in a (F2P) naval arcade combat game, just download it and sink a few ships to see if it fits you and judge yourself if you like it more than its competitors or not.
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