A 2D action game featuring a young man with the power of lightning who stands for freedom against the evil ambitions of a massive organization. When lightning strikes, a new legend is born.
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Release Date: Aug 28, 2015

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“Azure Striker Gunvolt isn't just a great game; it's something of a revelation, finding an entirely new — and rich — approach to the hardcore-platforming genre.”
9.0 – Nintendo Life

“Completing Gunvolt's optional trials and seeing everything through to the end will challenge and please even the most hardened veteran looking for a fresh, Mega Man-like experience.”
8.0 – Gamespot

“Between mastering every stage, collecting every jewel, and beating Mighty Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt packs in more than most platformers on the market.”
8.0 – Destructoid

About This Game

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a 2D action game featuring the talents of star creator Keiji Inafune as the Executive Producer and Action Supervisor.
With the “septimal” power to create and manipulate lightning, Gunvolt faces off against the massive conglomerate known as the Sumeragi Group. Intense battles
unfold against Sumeragi's ultra-powerful adepts (those who possess septimal powers) as Gunvolt fights to keep his nation free.

Speedrun Mode

This new mode gives speedrunners around the world the chance to compete for the best time,
with pre-determined settings put in place by the Gunvolt team to maximize efficiency for this challenging new mode.
Future updates which will new add features and settings are already planned,
so stayed tuned for information about that in the near future.

Lightning-Based Action

Use your trusty sidearm to tag enemies, then let loose a burst of electricity for massive damage. You can even tag multiple enemies and zap them all simultaneously.
Your lightning abilities are not just for defeating enemies, though. Use them to perform various maneuvers such as hovering across hazardous terrain.

Do Battle With a Variety of Bosses

Sumeragi's most powerful members, with a wide range of personalities, await you at the end of your missions.
Battles get heated as bosses unleash their most powerful skills and techniques.

Those for Whom the Muse Sings Shall Turn the Tides of Battle

Even Gunvolt falls in battle sometimes. When this happens, there is a chance that Lumen,
aka The Muse, will revive you and grant you a massive power boost. Furthermore,
if you manage to amass at least 1000 Kudos during a stage,
the BGM will change and Lumen will sing one of her songs for you for as long as you maintain those Kudos.
Your Kudos will reset upon taking damage, so keep that no-damage run going for as long as you can!

Japanese Voice Mode

In this long-awaited mode, players will be able to play the original Japanese version of the game,
which includes ample mid-stage dialogue, all fully voiced in Japanese with English text.
The entire script has been re-translated to coincide with the dialogue of the Japanese version of the game.
To play the game in Japanese Voice Mode, select it from the Language Settings before starting the game.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP, 7 or 8.1
    • Processor: 2Ghz or faster processer
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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285 of 323 people (88%) found this review helpful
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6.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
The fact that Mighty Number 9 is getting all the attention while this spectacular high-energy platformer went largely ignored is a crime.

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8.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 20
Who cares about Mighty No. 9?
Get this game instead.
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58 of 64 people (91%) found this review helpful
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9.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 13, 2015
It didn't work very well when it first came out, but dozen of patches later, now it does.
I still wish they remade the menus instead of just having two screens, though.

That aside, great game. If you liked Megaman Zero, this is even better.
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27.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 30, 2015
There seems to be a trend going on about 'hating on this port'. Something being a trend doesn't mean it's right. Let's do some clarifications.

The game has a great story, if you don't do your research you'll find an anime story which you may like and not think twice about. If you're more aware of japanese culture than the average joe, you'll find the hidden meaning behind it and see it for how awesome it really is. It refers many things that we have in our real world and shows it in another light and tries to pass on a message. I love this fact.

Some people say the story is bland and uninspired. Again, stop listening and following the trends. I know it's the norm for people to be sheep but dammit guys, use your head for yourselves already.


Come on.... People bash Capcom for being so cliche and non-innovative, rehashing the same things and resources over and over and freakin' over. Now we FINALLY have innovation from a passionate team and you guys spit on it because it's not a copycat of ''Muh Mega Man''.

The gameplay is fresh, new, innovative and exciting and it'll keep you on your toes. If you want that so-wanted Mega Man gameplay, acquire the Dullahan weapon in the game which makes it as close as possible to playing a Mega Man ZX game.

The OST is fantastic, the Stratacombs stage is my favorite song in the entire game by far. It's pretty diverse and epic, you're sure to find tracks you'll like. No complaints when it comes to music.

That's .... up for debate. It's a port of a 3DS game and no, I'm not a ''graphics whoare''. Graphics looks exactly like what you'd expect from this type of game and there's bloody nothing wrong with it. They could make HD filters in the future, but it's not like it would 'suddenly' make it a good game, it already is a good game.

YES! THANK GOD YES! A game that doesn't take us for morons and actually challenges us to bring us to the best of our abilities as players? I'M IN!

The game features a New Game +, A plethora of challenges, an insane replay value, new features like a speed run mode have been added, the game is updated everytime the devs find something worthy of adding and they are HIGHLY RECEPTIVE OF CRITICISM AND CONSUEMR'S CONCERNS! UNLIKE YOUR DEAR CAPCOM BY THE WAY.

Bottom line, the game is freakin' excellent. It's not because it's a ''cool thing'' to hate on this port that you should do it like a mindless sheep, you're disgracing the work of an entirely dedicated team who put effort into this product. The team is listening to the feedback and are at work to fix whatever's wrong with the port. You guys realize they could just leave it be and take our money right? But no, they actually put legit effort.

My only complaints are the following

- Keiji Inafune being the face of Azure Striker Gunvolt as a marketting technique is completely disgraceful. He lost the fan's respect with how horribly Mighty Number 9 was handled and it's an insult to see him in the spotlight instead of our dearly beloved and precious Mr.Takuya Aizu. Please give credit where it's due, specially since Inafune barely did anything on this game (in his own admittance).

- The community is completely ungrateful and even shameful. Because of this, I highly suggest to watch who you're interacting with on the forums. There's a lot of baiters and trolls following the hype train of ''this port sucks'' without having actually played it for themselves or even bought it.

- Game crashes, it happened to me once during a challenge run and I was kind of upset to have lost all my progress I worked so hard for. Bye Bye S-Rank. It only happened once so far though, so it's probably my laptop.

- There are some glitches here and there that haven't been fixed since the 3DS version, I've figured a few well hidden ones that I'm shocked no one else online seems to have found.

- Keyboard controls configuration.... I beg you inti creates, make it more customizable, make the game adapted for customize keyboard controls I'm begging you.

- Unless you wanna learn the awkward default keyboard mapping, I heavily suggest using a controller.

Great game, great product, highly worth its price, insane replay value, plethora of challenges and things to do and items to collect and play for. GOOD GAME! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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48 of 54 people (89%) found this review helpful
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8.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2015
Pretty damn fine action platformer orginaly released on nintendo 3ds. Please consider get this since this game doesnt sell well .Developers need more suport

-Inovative ,fast and stylish platforming gameplay.
-Interesting art design.
-Rpg features
-High replay value
-Good soundtrack

-30 fps lock ,game feels like running on emulator but its nearly perfect emulation.
Devs handle 3ds features quite well

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38 of 42 people (90%) found this review helpful
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116.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 16, 2015
This is the review after the game is fixed.

It plays a lot like Megaman Zero and Megaman. It does have the Megaman recipe such as dash, climb, shoot and etc

What is different from Megaman is this, the game mechanics reward you for playing very well in game.

Instead of charging, shooting and slashing, you need to tag your enemies and then use your filed of electricity to kill off your enemies. Sure you can kill them by tagging to death. But electricity is the best way to go. You do not get the boss weapon but you get this neat little upgrade.

You can even make your gear (though it iis really only making the game last longer) Think of it as like Megaman Legends where you collect items and made your own gear. The items are hard to get sometimes but it is worth the effort.

The enemies might be a push over at time but the boss are not. There are not grinding your teeth hard but they are the most entertaining boss fight. The boss fight really shines through the game. For example, when the boss used their power (such as Merak using Lazy Laser), you can feel the boss is getting very determined t0 finish your off. You will do whatever it takes to get stop his attack or avoid it at all cost.

Having to hear the awesome music when I reached 1000 Kudos is the thing I been looking so forward too. It force me to be better and it forces me to keep it at that pace because the music is really integrated well into the game. So if you can played a good game, you will feel like you are empowered, become a full blown yangire or unstoppable force which is neat. Think of it as like Carol from Freedom Planet. You worked hard to get her bike and you do your best to keep it

The storyline is good as well. I literally cried when I finished the game after watching the ending.

This game, I take my hats off the people who made this game.

EDIT:Be warn though, this game does not work in Steam offline Mode
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84 of 127 people (66%) found this review helpful
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26.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 28, 2015
At the moment of writing this review you can see mostly negative reviews because it's a horrible port, as it emulates two screens. For those who gave such reviews: JUST PRESS F5 AND CHANGE IT TO POSITIVE. After pressing F5 it's a fantastic game, very fast paced and it pleases my hunger for new Megaman X, Zero or ZX. Mostly MM Zero.
Level design is fantastic, there are many challenges, new powers, great soundtrack, interesting characters and bosses which are very fun.
It's awesome. They should've just tell players to press F5 or make fullscreen default option. Just go play it. You won't regret.
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62 of 91 people (68%) found this review helpful
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
Now that it has been patched, it runs well. EDIT: I have noticed several graphics glitches here and there, nothing major. If you were into SNES emulation back in the day before emulators figured out transparencies etc, that's the sort of occasional weird interactions you get. Nothing but bad it's not perfect yet. Still runs fast, still playable.

3DS veterans, the original translation with the cut dialog is by default. Choose the Japanese voice English text option to get access to the new translation with the extra dialog.

For people who don't know what that means, this game essentially comes with two translations: The original 3DS translation, enabled by default, and a new translation that includes all the Japanese dialog to go with it. I will call them 3DS and Japanese dialog translations. The 3DS translation cut all the mid-stage dialogue and Japanese vocals, keeping it to the cutscenes. This is not as negative as it sounds as the mid-stage dialogue is almost constant, pointless, and CONSTANTLY overrunning itself as the triggers for the next conversation always come before that conversation finishes. And the dialogue is always about the most obvious nonsense anyway. The original 3DS translation also seems to have taken some liberties to punch everything up, giving the dialogue less of a dry feel and a more hardcore/noir-ish flavor, whereas the Japanese dialog translation reads more accurately to the Japanese dialog. The original 3DS translation also cut a large amount of the "Talk to Joule" conversations, which are between stage cutesy skits between Gunvolt and Joule, but the Japanese dialog translation resotres all this. I make these statements neutrally, without judging either option. I am happy we have both and there are reasons to prefer both. Understanding Gunvolt's history as a 3DS game is important to understand why you are constantly having to toggle off a second touch screen as well as the reasons why it is there.

Speaking as a 3DS player veteran, it's a fine little gimmicky Mega Man Zero-type game. You tag enemies and then hold a button to fry them with electricity. This changes the combat a bit and not necessarily for the better. Worse, the levels are quite easy and boring, but made irritating by an ever present score system which only really has two factors going for it: Never getting hit and stopping at every fight to tag everyone individually to kill them at the same time. it's not much fun. You can't really go fast as every fight requires a full stop, a few hops, and a dance to get the maximum score bonus. The enemies are absolutely not threats except for your combo if you face-check them by trying to play for speed.

Throw in a wholly unnecessary XP system that just extends your life bar, the complete lack of enemy damage balancing so you are only ever going to die in boss fights, and a material grind system that is so wonky, you will likely beat the game before ever crafting more than one piece of equipment. (Plus, half of the equipment you get is useless but there is one item it will take ages to get that gives you a 10% score boost, so the score system is hobbled and annoying in yet ANOTHER way.) Then the challenge system, which works as an achievement system for replaying stages and getting good ranks... but you have to "equip" the challenges before going in, so if you beat a stage with an S rank the first time, it unlocks a challenge to... beat it with a B rank. Which you then have to equip, replay the stage, and then clear to finally unlock the challenge to beat it again with an S rank.

All of these systems come together to suggest Gunvolt is simply an unpolished kludge of weird choices. Still, if you compare it to the rocky systems of the MMZ series, it's hard to come down all that hard on it. MMZ's systems were sillier by miles.

That said, the bosses are, and if you don't mind some light MMZ-style fare, this is a worthy dip. The bosses alone are worth the price of entry.

Other important information: If you use the Japanese voice translation, hit the X button to tell the people to shut up. Faces from dialogue will cut in during boss fights to block off important screen real estate. Use F5 to slide the dual screen around and get rid of it during gameplay for full screen goodness.
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27 of 32 people (84%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 1, 2015
Great game, and quickly improved after a bit of a rocky release.

If you're a fan of some of INTI Creates older platformers like Megaman Zero you may enjoy this one as well.

And if you were one of those quick to lambaste this the second it was released because of reasons that have been addressed by recent patches, do the rest of the community a favor and reconsider your reviews.
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38 of 53 people (72%) found this review helpful
35.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 30, 2015
Note that this review is biased due to my affinity with fast-paced 2-D platformers with dash mechanics such as Megaman X, Zero, ZX, etc.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a 2-D platformer, similar the games above, but with its own style of gameplay. While the movement can be similar, actual mechanics of fighting are almost completely different. Instead of charing weapons or just attacking with them, you "tag" or mark enemies, up to 3 times with your gun, then emit an electric field to caus damage. The gun itself casuses damage but the electric field is the main output of damage you have, for most enemies.

You also have special moves, which take up a special bar, of which you start off with 3. Each can slowly recharge, and are used for moves such as an electric orb to deal damage or to heal. Different special moves can take up different amounts of special bars. As you level up you learn more skills.

I'd recommend this more to hardcore gamers who want to get high ranks or top scores in games, as this game revolves around a ranking system and is more fun by attempting to get the top rank of S+. To do this, you will want to not take any checkpoints, get as many points as possible by killing multplie enemies at the same time or fully tagging and enemy and killing them while in the air. This builds up a large amont of "Kudos" or points, and as you go the multiplier grows. However, touching a checkpoint or using a special move cashes in these points, adding them to your actual score, resetting the multiplier. Getting hit outright just makes you lose all of your points. Getting a certain amount of points will also make a theme for each stage appear, consisting of a J-Pop song, which can be a turn off for some.

Besides the Kudos system, the game is honestly pretty easy otherwise. The game is more set on you creating challenges for yourself, in trying to rank highly and complete challenges.

As for the plot, its sub par to standard really, but enough to keep you going, really a lot like other megaman games.
Talking to Joule can be nice, unlike in the 3DS version where there were only about 3 things that could happen when you talked to her. There's a lot more characterization in general compared to the 3DS version as it cut out a lot of dialogue for whatever reason, but it was added back into the PC version.

The biggest problem is that you can't have just a button for the special attacks, instead having to click on the attack or use F1-F4, which is unfortunate for controller users, and the game is not exactly keyboard friendly. The fact that it's sort of just like a 3DS emulators is also dislikeable to some, but it does the job fine. F5 switches between layouts and works great. Loading times are also an issue compared to the 3DS version for me, but my computer might be reallly cluttered and I DO have a New 3DS XL which has better processing than the normal 3DS.

There's also equipment and stuff, which can add in midair jumps/dashes or decrease damage taken or otherwise, and different guns, etc.


Like Megaman X, Zero, ZX in movement. Combat is vastly different. "Kudos" point system is there for getting ranks and thus making the game much harder and more fun. J-pop is a thing. Special moves are kind of annoying to use. Layout can be weird. L O N G A S S loading times.

For some the gameplay will click nicely, for others it might just not be for you. Either way I encourage you check it out.
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Recently Posted
6.5 hrs
Posted: October 8
it's good.
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Vladimir-POOTIS 1.0
9.4 hrs
Posted: October 7
Amazing game! I love the mega man genre and this took it to another level. Really great product!

Unfortunantly, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is on the nintendo 3DS. So we PC players will probably not recieve a port of that game.

From the awesome mega man zero graphics, to the unforgettable soundtrack, this game has it all!
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10.4 hrs
Posted: October 6
Garbage port, have to rebind my shoulder buttons on start up every time I play.
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4.2 hrs
Posted: October 6
A hard platformer where you won't die* if you mash the down button.
*Exceptions apply
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Ms. Minty (=´ω`=)
1.3 hrs
Posted: September 22
It's Megaman Zero
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Sakif X9
8.4 hrs
Posted: September 18
Great OST, Kinda slow gameplay at the start but when you get a hang of the controls it gets faster.
I'd reccomened this if you like playing Mega Man style games.
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Legendary Sandwich
6.0 hrs
Posted: September 1
I really wanted to like this game after the disappointment which was Mighty No.9 but sadly i didn't.

- Responsive controls.
- Pretty nice pixel art graphics.
- Ok good i guess chip tune soundtrack.

- Bland level design which seems to be based around running passed enemies instead of destroying them.
- There's only about 10 different enemy types in the whole game and you kill them all in exactly the same way.
- Forgettable story which includes just about every anime stereotype and cliche you can think of.
- The damage dectection and hit boxes during boss fights are way off, i don't know if it's just me but it didn't feel good to fight any of the bosses and you can beat most of them just by tanking your way through them.

This game just annoyed the ♥♥♥♥ out of me after a few hours to be honest.
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1.8 hrs
Posted: August 31
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82.3 hrs
Posted: August 29
This game is actually one of my favourites ever, I absolutely love the gameplay, storyline, and characters.

It's a fast paced side scroller that is all about hype. Once you get your Kudos to 1000 the music and screen changes and it's worth it to keep is there, despite how hard it may be sometimes. The tagging and shocking enemies may seem a little tedious at the beginning but it gets to be more fun later on. There are a good share of secrets (hidden characters and gems) that can be pretty damn hard to get sometimes (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GEM IN THE FRICKIN BIOCHEM PLANT) and unlockables such as new guns and abilities for you to try out and have fun with, so if you want to get everything it'll take a minimum of 25 hours or so.

Ehhhh... The story isn't amazing, but it's pretty good. Although the CHARACTERS have a lot put into them. I'm not just talking about the conversations between Joule and Gunvolt, although those are the characters with the most story and personality. They put a lot of work into the conversations during the missions if you decide to do the japanese voices with english subs, and if you really want to look into their backstories, Inti Creates has a short story of each of their backstories online.

Okay, maybe the port isn't the greatest (this was originally a 3DS game) but if you grab a good controller and some headphones this game can be a great experience.

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43.0 hrs
Posted: August 26
Good for those looking for a solid platformer, but even better for score-hunters and challenge gamers.

Azure Striker Gunvolt can be divided into two separate games. The first one is that everyone will experience for the first playthought. During around 5-6 hours of gameplay you will be enjoying yourself with interesting twist on the Megaman formula (replacing classic jump'n'shooting with tagging and zapping enemies), great pixel art, decent but not amazing soundtrack and the plot which is definately something. Story is like a distilled definition of every anime cliché you can think of and it's so unapologetic that it's entertaining on its own way. Don't expect a good story, but if you find some amusement in bosses (that are really ninely designed and programmed BTW) that yell their desperation attacks in broken engrish with splash screen for punctuation, then you will be satisfied.

I really need to praise the gameplay. It's interesting and fun enough for the "mortal" fan of platformers with quite reasonable difficulty. Game handles the challenge in a clever way - giving you helpful equitable, "training wheels" items by default, that make normally Megaman-level hard game more inviting to newbies.

After you run out of story content, the second game starts - hunting for S+ ranks. It's a game where many, previously unimportant and ignored mechanics, like crafting, skills and equipment, come to play and if you like a hard as nails task to take, then look no further. Getting high scores requires fast clear times, spotless dodging skills and understanding of pretty clever scoring mechanics. It's immensely rewarding game, when after several hours you finally nail "that" stunt.

If you don't like a challenge and you are looking just for proper game with beginning and end, the price can be a bit steep for you. While it is a solid title, it doesn't take too long to beat. A moderate price drop should suffice in this case. However, if you like learning boss patterns, memorizing levels and doing ballet between bullets on the highest levels, then you can take Azure Striker from the get go. It will be painful and you will love it.

One more thing, I forgot to mention. This game doesn't have the best port in the universe. Be prepared to sit a bit in the options menu to set up your gamepad correctly and to endure 30FPS lock. Those issues aren't dealbreakers, but be vary of those.
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