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Fallout® 2 es la secuela del juego aclamado por la crítica que sacó a los RPGs de las mazmorras y los llevó a un retro-futuro dinámico y apocalíptico. Han pasado 80 años desde que tus antecesores cruzaron los páramos.
Fecha de lanzamiento: 1 Dic 1998
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Acerca del juego

Fallout® 2 es la secuela del juego aclamado por la crítica que sacó a los RPGs de las mazmorras y los llevó a un retro-futuro dinámico y apocalíptico.

Han pasado 80 años desde que tus antecesores cruzaron los páramos. Mientras buscas el Kit de Creación del Jardín del Edén para salvar a tu primitivo pueblo, tu camino es invadido por una radiación paralizante, mutantes megalomaníacos y una imparable cadena de mentiras, decepciones y traiciones. Comienzas a preguntarte si realmente queda alguien capaz de sacar algo de este salvaje nuevo mundo.

Mientras aprendes a dominar las habilidades y rasgos de tu personaje para sobrevivir, Fallout® 2 te retará a aguantar en un mundo post-nuclear cuyo futuro se marchita a medida que transcurren los segundos...

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows

    • Procesador: Pentium 90Mhz o superior

    • Memoria: 16 MB

    • Gráficos: SVGA

    • DirectX®: Cualquier DirectX

    • Disco Duro: 565 MB

    • Sonido: Compatible con DirectSound o con SoundBlaster

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The best game ever. It was the best game when it came out, it still is the best game ever made. Now with all the fanmade patches that add the cut content and fix a massive amount of bugs, there is no reason not to try this classic. If I could, I would take this game out, buy it dinner, have sex with it and call it the next day.

Then we would start going out regularly, we would fall in love eventually. We would become the couple that has their own inside jokes and are always teasing each other and everyone else would be jealous of us. We would get married and have a child (System shock 2, the second best game ever). We would grow old together, on my dead bed as I lie there about to draw my last breath, Fallout 2 looks at me with tears in it's eyes "Thank you for everything, you were always so good to me" and I would take Fallout 2s hand, look it in the eye and say "No, thank YOU" then pass away.
Publicado: 19 noviembre 2013
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Canela en rama. Macarra y con mucho humor negro.

Rol en condiciones. 10/10.
Publicado: 16 marzo 2014
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Oro, oro 2
Publicado: 2 diciembre 2013
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NOTA: 10/10

Fallout 2 es uno de los juegos de rol más importantes de la historia. Como secuela del también excelente Fallout 1, toma todos los elementos de su predecesor y los mejora aún más. Más grande, más largo, con más elecciones y consecuencias y zonas más interesantes por visitar...

Quizás lo único que se le puede achacar sea un inicio francamente aburrido, además de a veces demasiados momentos humoristicos y algunas localizaciones un tanto absurdas que rompen un poco con la ambientación tan lograda de la primera parte. Aparte de eso, hay momentos en que el juego abusa del combate con un sistema que tampoco es que sea la bomba entre los juegos por turnos.

Pero aún con todo, hablamos de una maravilla de juego.
Publicado: 12 marzo 2014
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If there is a genre of games which I value and play above all others it's first person shooters. Especially competitive MP FPS games like UT, Quake, Counter Strike etc. However every once in a while comes a game that isn't a part of those genres and it's so bloody good that it makes an exception to my preference. This recommendation is for Fallout 1 and 2 which are easily bought in a cheap value pack. Without a doubt they stand as some of the greatest games ever made. Even if they are technologically way behind the times, the concept idea and execution are so well done that this become one of the biggest benchmarks for role playing games in general.

These games are simple to explain, it's a free roaming massive quest based role playing game. You start the game with entire world open to you, hardly any restrictions and it's up to you to what happens. There are absurd amount of choices in pretty much everything. Make a character that is a gunslinger, sniper, brute using melee weapons, a silver tonged diplomat, a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ who can only communicate via grunts and hardly understandable shouts,a slaver, evil to the core son of a ♥♥♥♥♥. it's all open to you from start. The character creation portion is extensive, complicated and delightful to how much you can plan out for your game. This is followed numerous ways to solve problems. Almost every problem has multiple solutions, ranging from taking different sides (pleasing or ♥♥♥♥ing off factions), violent approach, diplomatic approach you name it. A person won't help you with something you just take your gun and kill them, then face the consequences. Game is really harsh, anything rash and dumb can easily end up with game over.

One huge praise to the choice presented to the player is the adult theme that isn't dumbed down (unlike the more recent Fallout 3 and NV(though NV to less extent)). You can become a porn star, ♥♥♥♥♥ yourself out for services and persuasion, you can kill children and be labeled as a Childkiller. Everything you do reflects your standing in the world and how NPCs look at you.

Another big praise is how humor is incorporated into this wacky, grim post apocaliptic world. Expect several monty python references and spoofs.It's seamless and fitting. It's amazing how well such wacky humor incorporated into dark games such as these two.

If there are downsides it's that vanilla games are rather buggy. I recommend Killap's unoffical patch/restoration project for fallout 2 and the appropriate patches for fallout 1. Check No Mutants Allowed for patches. Get the resolution patch as well. This way you can upscale the resolution to more modern standard.

I could sit here all day and write about the insane amount of cool things to do in this game, but that's better to be experienced in person. Do yourself a favor and if you like RPG games where you are not shoehorned into a path, play these game. They are most certainly some of the best you will ever play.
Publicado: 15 noviembre 2013
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