Bezier is a dual stick blaster set inside a vast computer built deep underground. The story traces the principal's escape from this "Noah's Ark" gone wrong. A simple shooter on the surface, the deeper narrative pulls in his relationship between evolution and god, family and love.
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Release Date: Mar 3, 2016

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September 13

New Review System and Sale.

Thanks for buying Bezier. Hopefully you're having a blast. Steam are currently jiggling with their review system. Reviews help potential players considering a purchase and the more reviews a game gets the more players are made aware of it via Valve's super secret algorithms.

If you haven't already, if you could leave a review that would be amazingly helpful. Many many many thanks to those of you who already have.

Finally, both the game and the soundtrack are currently on sale.

Happy blasting.

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“A glorious carnival of neon particle effects, subtle tips of the hat to arcade classics and enthralling, if riotous, game design.”
Recommended – Eurogamer

“Bezier is resolutely modern, it could happily sit alongside those rows of arcade greats and I doubt anybody would bat an eye.”
Excellent – bit-tech

“I have to warn you: Bezier is very addictive. You won't be able to stop until your spaceship is destroyed or you beat the game. The action, history, visual effects and soundtrack are harmoniously combined in such a way that you will be entertained for hours. Definitely, Bezier is as small games that deserves its place among the giants.”
9/10 – Game Blast (Brazil)

About This Game

Bezier is a dual stick blaster set inside a vast computer built deep underground. The story traces the principal's escape from this "Noah's Ark" gone wrong. A simple shooter on the surface, the deeper narrative pulls in his relationship between evolution and god, family and love. These themes question his motives, force him to confront what is real and lead him to salvation.

Powered by the BezierSynth traditional rendering is renounced in favour of a fluid aesthetic guided by story elements, player interaction and the audio engine. An eighty minute soundtrack blends together orchestra, synthesizers and many ethnic instruments to drive the drama through fifteen zones. Almost one hundred different enemies, voice acting, reward based achievements and different game modes make Bezier the mindless blaster with a big heart.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo / AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 3800+
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 6800 GT @ 512MB / ATI® Radeon™ X1900XT @ 512MB or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 185 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX® Compatible Sound Card
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14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
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4.1 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: March 3
This key was obtained from the developer for the purposes of review.

Target Audience: Those wanting a good time. Specifically, Twin stick shooters or SHMUP fans would be doing themselves a disservice by missingi out on this game.

Video Review:

The game can't do much better in the twin stick shooter genre. Really good design elements here all the over place as the action is kept tight, but it's refreshing how many tweaks went into the basics of the genre that worked well here. The focus on avoiding enemies while giving you crowd control weaponry (with a main weapon that fires ahead and to your sides) starts the game with a solid base, and great enemy variety takes it to the next level. The game then takes the next step with puzzle like mechanics that are needed to get through their defenses, forcing the player to think on his feet and adapt to what's going on on screen. The secondary weapons have a good amount of different mechanics between them, and to be quite honest, the game feels like it was designed from the ground up, having every mechanic work together in synergy. All the negatives that I have about the game are very minor, and for the price of 10 bucks, I see the game paying off its value, and then some. It's a surprise it took so long to come to steam, but I'm glad it's here.

My Suggested Positives:
  • Some great game design mechanics. The alternative mechanics that you don't usually see in the genre are woven in rather well here, complementing the action in question without being a distraction.
  • Enemies may all be squiggles, but there's great enemy variety here. Fast, slow, and those who just like screwing with you in general.
  • Puzzle elements of shields that you have to take down twist things on you repeatedly and it does that in a good way.
  • UI and required in game information implemented well here, understanding that there's a lot going on on screen, but works off that as well to put emphasis on it.
  • Like the presentation as a whole, simple, but works. Word and audio presentation feels bigger then what I expected out of the title.
  • Game has style, although it's a little out there at times. But in a good way.
  • Great performance as well.
  • Good music select as a a whole. Complements the action rather well.
  • Solid controls that give you the precision that you need.

My Suggested Negatives:
  • Some people will have trouble keeping their attention due to the action on the screen . And those with epilepsy should probably ignore the game all together due to flashing lights.
  • The main screen does some weird reflective thing with a picture in picture type mechanic. It's the game screwing with my head I think.
  • Needs bindable keys. It seems like it would have it given the setup, but couldn't get it to work.
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12 of 14 people (86%) found this review helpful
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 6
A Twin-Stick Arcade Arena Shooter
+ Great graphics, neon colors, beautiful enemies, explosions, and abilities
+ Fun fast-paced intense action combat
+ LOTS of enemy variety that keeps each level feeling new and fresh
+ Epic soundtrack
+ A variety of unique abilities
+ An experience system / upgrade menu that let's you improve as you play longer
+ Leaderboards (really adds to the overall fun)
+ A, interesting story (while I didn't get too far into it, I found it surprising considering most twin-stick shooters lack storylines)

- Your main goal seems to be destroying these shield objectives each mission which gets a bit old after a while, I wish it was more focused on destroying enemies / bosses rather than shield stations.
- Personally, i did not like that you had to run from Magus Domus at the end of each level for ~20seconds while you can't damage him or do much of anything and then he just leaves after the clock runs out.... I feel like it would have been better if you could have dealt damage to him causing him to flee and open the portal to the next stage.
- I did not like the Judgement Timer (countdown clock) which artificially lengthened each level. I feel like the level should just end once all objectives are completed rather than having to wait for a clock to run out.

Overall great game, I'd say it's a must have if you are a fan of twin-stick shooters.
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
1.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 7
Outstanding. Here's an example of a game that both quintessentially represents, as well as broadens its genre. If you enjoy dual stick shooters, this is unmissable.
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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 17
WOW!! This game is just AMAZING. Sights and sounds explode...controls are smooth, WASD and Mouse 1 and 2 are all you need...for us non-controller gamers, and it's a BLAST to play! A lot of fun, and the you get the kind of rush that arcades used to give. A new favorite, for sure.
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8 of 12 people (67%) found this review helpful
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 11
Released on 3rd March 2016, published by Niine Games and developed by Philip Bak, Bezier is a simple shooter on the surface, but pulls you in with a deep narrative exploring relationships between evolution, god, family and love. Bezier mixes together a blend of a fun Arcade shooter, with a rather deep storyline that pulls you in wanting you to play more of the game. This game follows the rather classic shoot em’ up genre of gameplay as you go through each zone. As expected in most games, as you progress through the game the enemies will rapidly multiply in numbers and new enemies will be thrown at you with new abilities to attack you with.

The game consists of several different modes, including an endurance, story mode and a daily challenge. The story mode has a rather interesting way of completing each zone. Upon entering each zone you are given a set number of ‘shields’ to destroy before judgement happens, which will destroy your ship instantly. However, you must race against the timer to destroy each of these shields. After destroying each of the shields you will then have to fly away from a boss that I think is invincible. You have to avoid him for a certain time period then you can progress to the next zone. I liked the way that this played out, trying to avoid getting hurt while trying to navigate your way to each of the shields that are located throughout the map. It was a rather creative way of playing out each mission rather than having to kill each enemy in the map and then proceeding. Unfortunately, this does get rather boring quickly because it’s the same objective over and over again. Endurance mode is rather simple, kill the most amount of enemies whilst gaining the most amount of points while enemies continuously spawn. The difficulty will increase as you continuously kill enemies and gain points. Finally, the daily challenge is a three minute round whereby you have to destroy all of the shields as you would in story mode, and try to achieve the highest score on the leaderboard. Obviously the leaderboard will reset every day, therefore giving people another chance to try to get on the leaderboard.

Upon finding new enemies that will come charging at you with attacks you might be wondering what sort of weapons you can use to fight back. You have two weapons to attack, along with a special weapon which I will explain a bit later. Your primary two weapons are guns. Left click aims to shoot enemies, a rather standard and simple weapon to have on a ship. There are no limitations to this weapon, and therefore it can be used endlessly if that’s what the player wants to do. The other weapon is used by pressing right click. This weapon is seemingly more powerful, and has a rather nice colour to it as well. This gun doesn’t require you to aim at the enemies, as it aims for you. It does however have a cool down that you will have to be cautious about. When the weapon overheats it will turn red, but still work. This does, however, mean that the weapon does much less damage than your primary and therefore shouldn’t really be used.ed.

There is a special weapons that you can acquire upon destroying shields throughout Story mode. These special weapons have a timed cooldown and they do various things things that will definitely help you along your way. For example, one powerup lets you freeze all enemies on screen, another kills on enemies on screen and many other abilities that you will be able to gain.

There is a special weapon that you can acquire upon destroying shields throughout story mode. These special weapons have a timed cooldown and they do various things things that will definitely help you along your way. For example, one powerup lets you freeze all enemies on screen, another kills on enemies on screen and many other abilities that you will be able to gain.

Something that really adds to this game is the leaderboards that are implemented into each of the game modes. It makes the game more fun to play, as you now have a competitive side trying to beat your friends, or random other players’ best scores on Endurance mode and Story mode. For me, this really adds more replay value to that game as you always have a goal to be able to reach on the leaderboard.

There also seems to be a permanent upgrade system as you play throughout the game which I am really fond of. You are able to upgrade your ship each time after leveling up after collecting enough Oomph, Bezier’s version of exp. There are two different types of upgrades that you can put your upgrade points to, attack or defence. it also has a nice feature that shows you the percentage of how you are spending your upgrade points. These upgrades can range from reducing the amount of shields you have to destroy each stage to the cool down of your second weapon.

You will uncover more of Bezier’s story as you complete each of the zones. The story is short, reduced to only a sentence or two after completing each zone, but the narrator does a good job on emphasising the sentence to really make it sound dramatic. This is a very nice addition to this type of genre of games, as most of these Arcade twin shooter type games lack in story and focus primarily upon weapons and shooting enemies.

The sound quality of everything that happens throughout the gameplay is fantastic, from the guns shooting from your weapon, to the explosions of the shields. Everything seems to have been handled with care. The soundtrack is rather nice as well, I never got bored of listening to the music that was played throughout my time playing this game. It really suits the fast paced shooting and moving as you play.

The graphics of this game are really well presented. All of the vibrant colours and explosions that happen when you destroy a shield and kill an enemy really bring the game to life. Something that also caught my attention was the nice way that there was this like vibrant colour in the background of the options menu which really brought it to life.

+ Variety of different enemies
+ A few gamemodes
+ Leaderboards to keep wanting you to play more
+ Vibrant graphics, lots of colour
+ Nice soundtrack, not too repetitve
+ Steam achievements
+ Full controller support

- Doing the same thing over and over again on story mode
- Trading cards

Result / Final thoughts
All in all, Bezier is an exciting arcade twin shooter game, with beautiful vibrant colours, a nice and unique gameplay style. The story itself is rather deep and works well with the type of gameplay that Bezier is.

Rating: 7/10

For more in-depth game reviews for indie and AAA games, be sure to check out the Feed Me Pixels website.
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0.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 7
This video features a quick look @ the game:

A visually impressive twin stick shooter that's a treat to the senses.

Game Description:
Bezier is a dual stick blaster set inside a vast computer built deep underground. The story traces the principal's escape from this "Noah's Ark" gone wrong. A simple shooter on the surface, the deeper narrative pulls in his relationship between evolution and god, family and love.

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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 3
Hectic isn't the word, but it seems managable until you die. Lots of colours, lots of explosions and lots of lasers. Brilliant, you can even make yourself in the cacophony while you rain down destruction on your enemies. Movement and shooting feel great too, and the upgrades give a nice feel of progression. An excellent game all round and I highly recommend it, especially if you like your twin stick shooters. It woudln't be right to end the review there, another stand out feature has to be the soundtrack, it's high quality music not just in terms of how clear it is but it also fits the game to perfection, the beats ratcheting up the intensity as the fight goes on!

I have this game originally on itch and the steam edition has only improved on what was already a great game.
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
5.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 3
Gave the game a try. Just wanted to take a quick look as I didn't have enough time to really get into it. Felt like I wouldn't be able to stop playing unless the world ended.

This game is awesome.
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5 of 8 people (63%) found this review helpful
2.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 3
8 years underway in different iterations and it shows in the polish and core mechanics.

My First Look video for the game. Thumbs up from here!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
4.5 hrs on record
Posted: May 16
Tasked with the job of hunting down 3 or 4 shields before a timer runs out, this Asteroids-inspired game has a rapid-fire mechanic that fires a fairly short-ranged stream of missiles out of three points from your ship. It's a time-based game with plenty of dazzle and sparkling explosions so a sense of urgency is definitely generated in the air as you play. You upgrade between runs so you are able to progress deeper into the campaign as you go. Power-ups in the form of secondary weapons drop after dispatching the shields.

Atmosphere is dominated by a towering male voice with a thick English accent giving the game its intense kick. Help tips are shouted out with purpose and the background story told in earnest. Plenty of explosive eye-candy is thrown in but both the enemies and harmless debris consist of a lot of colourful squiggles that merge together making it sometimes hard to tell the difference between the two. Each wave has its own decent soundtrack which is a major plus.

A good online leaderboard is incorporated for the campaign, endurance and daily mode plus each individual (15) wave of the campaign but remember the scales are tipped in favour of those with the highest level as they'll have better upgrades. Bezier is definitely near the front of the queue with Waves and many other Asteroids-inspired shooters to knock the crowns from the heads of the two kings: Beat Hazard and Geometry Wars but I think it's a long way to go before those arena-styled giants get pushed from their throwns. However, it doesn't stop this one sparkling with aplomb.


For the full review of this and other games please check out or follow my curator page at:
Parsons' Garden
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Recently Posted
1.2 hrs
Posted: September 21
I highly recommend this for twin-stick shooter or just general arcade-style game fans. Even if you aren't such a person, you may find this game fun because of the unique aesthetic and relatively forgiving difficulty curve. I cleared the game on normal mode in about an hour (on my second try, if that gives you an idea of the difficulty of clearing it), but there's plenty more to do in climbing the leaderboards and going for a higher score, leveling up your craft, and going for all the various achievements.

I like this game for a few primary reasons - its challenging without being frustrating, has entertaining and unique visuals, and has great audio (music and sound effects and overall sound design) to go along with those visuals.

It's challenging in that you can push yourself to go for a higher score but it's not punishingly hard. Visually, there's a lot going on, but once you figure out the behavior of the enemies you're up against, you can use that to avoid damage and quickly take them out. You'll eventually get a feel for what the important projectiles are that you should look at. And you don't always need to aim at enemies - there's an autofire button which automatically shoots at targets. It's great for when there's just too much stuff on the screen and you're not sure what's harmful and what isn't.

The audio and visuals are very unique and quite polished. I was pleasantly surprised just at the variety of music. A lot of indie games or arcade-style games will make the mistake of having music that's loud and distracting and only having a small amount of it. The music certainly has a presence in this game but it's balanced in a way so as to not be distracting and there's a great variety of it. Visually, there's just a lot going on and I think the overall aesthetic is really cool.
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1.2 hrs
Posted: August 18
Product received for free
I haven't had a headache this bad since I played Geometry Wars Retro Evolved for 7 hours straight, and I LOVE IT.

Bezier is a stunning-looking and even better-sounding sci-fi arena shooter. If you've played Geometry Wars you'll know the drill: flit about between hordes of glowing neon baddies, pounding them with a constant stream of rapid-fire ammunition.

This is a more complex game though, with resource management, combo chaining, ship upgrades and even mini-boss battles that are almost puzzle-like at times. Gameplay is gated in time-limited stages, during which you have to destroy five "shields," basically orbs that are heavily defended and soak up a lot of damage. If any shields are still standing at the time limit it's game over.

Each shield destroyed drops a special weapon pickup, including homing missiles, a freeze-ray that stops enemies, a drain that gives you energy while sapping it from baddies, and so on. Add to this the drone ships trapped inside asteroids that you can free to defend you, health pickups that always seem to spawn at the opposite side of the level, unlockable upgrade points that let you customise your ship's firepower and manoeuverability, a weird storyline that unfolds between levels, and a creepy main boss that appears at the end of every level to taunt you with pithy threats and jokes: there's a LOT of content crammed into what could have been simply a pretty Geometry Wars clone, and it's all super polished.

Although mostly a great game I do have some reservations. In particular I don't know whether the difficulty balance is right for my tastes. I've pressed start in Bezier exactly twice, and my second go lasted about an hour. Now, a disclaimer: I've racked up about 550 hours in Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, pathetic as that sounds, and I wasn't kidding about playing it for 7 hours straight - and that was just one single 7-hour game. But to get good enough to play GW for that amount of time took a LOT of practice. I haven't played Bezier enough to know whether score-chasing or hitting the later stages will keep my interest for that long, but from my inital impressions I doubt it.

That's not to say it's not a cracking shooter though. Slick and tricky gameplay, plus the tight visual style, banging soundtrack, intriguing storyline and ever more upgrades to unlock will definitely bring me back a good few times yet. If you've enjoyed any game like this over recent years then you're bound to find something to love here too.
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Haystack Caldoon
2.8 hrs
Posted: July 19
Bezier is one of the more gorgeous shmups I've run across lately, full of pretty colors that are almost all out to wreck your odd little ship's day. the action can go from measured and precise in one moment to sheer manic panic in the next heartbeat, all to the beats of a pretty sweet soundtrack. combat provides pilot experience which, on each new pilot level, opens up an extra upgrade point that can be used to augment various ship systems or game mechanics -- and they can be completely reset at any time the player wishes, even in the middle of a level.

each level's structure is simple enough: there's a Judgement timer, and there are Shields (mini-bosses) that one must destroy before Judgement is reached -- or one's ship will expire, instead. all of this goes on while massive wads of enemies clamber in from all quarters to smash one's curvy little craft. at the end of each level, there's a brief encounter with the main antagonist, and then things move on to more difficult times.

Bezier is great fun, it's presented in a superbly stylish way, and the gameplay is well done.
I highly recommend it for any shmup lover!
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0.4 hrs
Posted: July 9
Bezier is a REALLY FUN and unique Twin Stick Bullet Hell Shooter with a cool story line that isn't necessary but is a bonus touch! It's a beautiful game. I love the asthetic! IT also has lots of upgrades for your ship and great classic shooter gameplay. Worth the price!

CHECK OUT MY Gameplay Review Video:
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[PoE] confrication
5.4 hrs
Posted: June 24
Twin stick shooter just Minter-y enough to be interesting for a fiddle.
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3.0 hrs
Posted: April 26
geometry wars in blue
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1.2 hrs
Posted: March 28
This game speaks a lot of Latin to you, and possibly quotes Shakespeare. Feels like getting sodomized inside a kaleidoscope. The voice of Sergeant RL-3 calls you a "Rookie" after reversing your controls, hitting you for 80 health, and flying off.

Sometimes it says "See You Next Tuesday," as well.
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