STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective.
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Release Date: Aug 31, 2015

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September 3


CAYNE is coming soon...FREE on Steam...

CAYNE is in final phase production. Yes, nearly there! We're tweaking animations and sounds, and working through to check its flow. Already, we've decide to add in additional animations and content where we feel it will most benefit the story and game. It can be both a fun and frustrating experience, but being this close to the finish line gives us a daily rush of adrenaline that counteracts the tediousness of replaying the same game area over and over again!

Stay tuned for more details.




Several years ago we had an idea for an adventure story set in a post-apocalyptic world. During our brain storming sessions, we kept circling back to a particular story. It was pushed to the sidelines while the STASIS story blossomed. But now that we want to do something different outside the STASIS universe, and still create an experience that fits into our niche of point-and-click, isomeric adventure games.


BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION will push our game design and graphic production further, and it's a process that we want you to be a part of yet again.

We will have more information on the crowd-funding of BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION but until then, please visit the site, watch and share the video and enjoy these early screenshots.


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June 24


Hey Guys,


We are excited to be a part of the Steam Summer Sale! We have added an awesome discount to Deluxe as well as the normal STASIS version.

We won't discount STASIS again for a while, so grab it now if you haven't already.


I am happy to announce CAYNE @


"Hadley wakes in a facility. She is 9 months pregnant. They want her baby..."

When the dust settled after STASIS, Nic and I knew that the journey wasn't quite over. After spending 5 years with our dear John and the search for his family aboard the Groomlake, we weren't ready to leave the grimy world of Cayne Corporation behind.

So when it came to CAYNE (the additional chapter we'd promised to our Backers) we wanted to do something different. John's story was a small sliver of what the world of STASIS had to offer, and how exciting and rewarding it is to be able to explore a little further... to slice open that seedy underbelly and see what's inside!

CAYNE is a self-contained story. There are threads from STASIS, tethering the two together, while still letting exist apart from one another.


The decision to make CAYNE free to the public was one that we went back and forth on, but we'd love to introduce a taste of STASIS to new audiences. And how better to showcase our new engine framework and what we can do with it?

So look forward to the high quality games that THE BROTHERHOOD plans to produce in the future.

Alongside the release of CAYNE, we plan on crowd funding an entirely new adventure game.

Please head over to the website for more info and updates.

Chat soon,

Chris & Nic

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“STASIS is the best adventure game I’ve played in years. It’s also one of the most impressive horror games I’ve played lately. The tiny team behind it have done remarkable things, far in excess of what many, much larger studios seem capable of. Those studios should be afraid – be very afraid.”

“The game’s atmosphere is thick with tension, but it’s not trying to make you sweat the whole time, so the few moments it breaks things up and hits you with something shocking, it really works.”

“It's more than just "good for an indie game", it's a mandatory experience for fans of sci-fi horror.”
9/10 [AMAZING] – IGN

About This Game


STASIS is a point-and-click, sci-fi, horror adventure game played from a unique isometric perspective. STASIS intertwines a gruesome narrative with retro adventure gameplay. Combine items, interact with computers and solve puzzles while experiencing the gritty atmosphere.

In the distant future, aboard a seemingly abandoned spacecraft, John Maracheck awakes from stasis. He must push himself to new physical and emotional limits and unravel the mysteries around him.

John is in tremendous pain, his wife and daughter are missing, and time is running out as the Groomlake plunges further into the swirling blue methane clouds of Neptune.


  • Challenging and realistic puzzles
  • Cinematic AAA music composed by Mark Morgan (Fallout)
  • Highly detailed 2D isometric graphics
  • Classic point-and-click interaction
  • Multiple characters to engage and work with
  • John can (and will) die in the most horrific ways imaginable
  • Special objects can be used on John himself to end it all
  • A holographic stripper


A compelling dystopian narrative intertwines this mature adventure tale. Access computer terminals and engage with the environment like never before. A great deal of character backstory and information can also be found on the PDAs littered around the corpses aboard the Groomlake.


Click, read and interact to explore the dark corners of the Groomlake, to gather inventory items and clues to help solve puzzles to progress further.


STASIS has an isometric visual aesthetic that brings a new angle to adventure games. Each scene has been individually detailed and created to craft the perfect backdrop for the gloomy adventure. While uniquely isometric, be ready for riveting cut scenes.


The story unfolds with professional voice acting and a rising score - emotive on both accounts. The talented voice artists build up the depth of each the characters that you'll meet.


The legendary Mark Morgan (Wasteland 2, Fallout) has created a moving score, steeped in fear and emotion. Additional music has been penned by Daniel Sadowski (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Warhammer) who has given the soundtrack a unique cinematic edge.

STASIS has lovingly been crafted by Christopher Bischoff for the past 5 years. In 2013, a successful Kickstarter aided in the further development of the game.


System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP 32 bit SP3
    • Processor: 2 GHz - Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 205, AMD Radeon HD 3400 Series with 256 MB+ VRAM, latest OpenGL driver (Shared Memory is not supported)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
    • Additional Notes: Windows XP may require a few extra drivers. Shared Graphics cards not supported at all. OpenGL 2 + Required.
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (32/64 bit versions), Windows 10 (32/64 bit versions)
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz (Dual Core)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 405, AMD Radeon HD 5400 Series or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
    • Additional Notes: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio required
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.7
    • Processor: Intel 2 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 205, AMD Radeon HD 3400 Series, Intel 4000 Graphics with 256 MB VRAM, latest OpenGL driver
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • OS: Mac OSX 10.10.5
    • Processor: Intel 2.6 Ghz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 405, AMD Radeon HD 5400 Series, Intel HD 5000 or higher
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
8.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 7
After five long years in the making, sci-fi horror isometric point and click title STASIS finally hit the Steam store in 2015. It went on to win several awards, including 4th best in both horror and adventure at the Global Game Awards. On top of its chilling visuals, the game also has a soundtrack that was composed by Mark Morgan, who worked on Fallout. Developed by The Brotherhood and published in conjunction with the highly acclaimed Daedalic Entertainment, it's surprising that STASIS isn't a more popular title, having only sold roughly 30,000 copies on Steam.

A man named John Maracheck is violently awoken from his suspension in a stasis state, with no knowledge of where he is or how long he has been unconscious. The last thing he remembers is boarding a travel vessel with his wife and daughter, their destination intended to be one of leisure and vacation. Somewhere along the line, something went horribly wrong, and it's up to John to not only find his family but also to uncover the terrible secrets that lay hidden within the blood-drenched corridors of the Groomlake; a massive spacecraft that is orbiting planet Neptune. The majority of the story is told through found PDAs and computer terminals, from the perspective of now deceased, on-board staff. The remainder is conveyed via radio communication with a woman named Te'ah. If you want to understand what is truly going on, reading the PDAs is absolutely essential, and the writing within them is very entertaining and well done.

STASIS is a very difficult, slow moving game; this could be a con for some, and a pro for others. Even while using a guide, the hours clock in around the beefy 7-8 mark, which is huge for a point and click title. Without a guide, a lot more time could be put in to solving the complex puzzles and hard-to-find items that are needed to proceed. In certain situations, an event has to be triggered by standing in the appropriate spot to be able to move on. Needless to say, it's very easy to get stuck, and the game is overall very challenging and thought provoking; the latter not only in terms of enigmas, but also the compelling yet chilling story.

The visuals here are, by far, some of the most horrific and gruesome that are available in any 2D isometric game. Nearly every screen is filled with blood, fog/steam, rotting corpses, and terrifying abominations that've been being genetically manufactured on-board. The game is quite dim, but not so much that it's too difficult to see. There's also a great use of lighting to make many of the scenes even more spine-chilling. The graphics can be compared heavily to the FPS title Deadspace, in terms of the amount of blood and gore, coupled by the fact that both take space on an isolated, abandoned spacecraft. The aesthetics marry well with the jarring sound effects, which include the blood curdling screams of victims far off in the distance. Likewise, the atmospheric soundtrack by Mark Morgan really ties everything together.

Buckle up and get ready for one of the most immersive and bloody 2D isometric games of all time. STASIS is truly a title that shouldn't be missed, and it's very much an underrated horror gem. The only downside for me could be an upside for you; the story and overall game just seemed to move incredibly slow. However, the end result was completely worth it. Right now, The Brotherhood are working on a post-apocalyptic adventure game, as well as a free follow-up to STASIS about the Cayne Corporation; both should be exciting stuff, and I greatly look forward to playing both of them, and you should too.

Rating: 5.0/5.0 - An astonishing achievement, this game must be played.
Belphegore's Hell House Reviews (Group)
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
7.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
This is a very nice 2D point and click adventure that will kind of take you back in time if you used to play those in the '90s. It focuses on atmosphere, narration and storyline rather than puzzle solving. The inventory is very basic, you will never hold more than 5 or 6 items at once, you can combine them, but as I said it is not really about puzzles, and you have only one type of click with the mouse (the cursor changes based on the action you can 'watch' or 'use').

The game seems to take many things from other games/movies that we (all?) have already seen, like Dead Space, Pandorum, Alien, Moon, and so on, but not in a bad way, I really liked the atmosphere. About the story: I don't know, it didn't convince me too much, I am not sure if everything can really fit together at the end. This is a game that may need to be played twice, if you want to connect all the little dots (second playthrough keeping the first one in mind). It lasts about 8 hours for the first playthrough. There are no multiple endings (as far as I know) and puzzles have only one solution, I mean playing it twice to understand better the story and little details (up to you).
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2 of 7 people (29%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
5.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 15
Reading simulator... And not a very good one at that...
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
92 of 99 people (93%) found this review helpful
6 people found this review funny
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 7, 2015
In space no one hears you scream.. or die, which in case of this point and click horror-sci-fi adventure proves very true.

You begin the game, when the cryostasis capsule of the protagonist, John Maracheck opens.. to a very strange spaceship, obviously filled with all kinds of more or less crazy people... and that was before something went totally wrong!

Stasis is a very dark (in every aspect) game, which i maybe could describe like Dead Space in the adventure genre. Great atmosphere, interesting story and fine puzzles keep you on your toes, as well as on your way through the ominous Groomlake. Main parts of the story are told via pdas of the mostly deceased personal, which also contain the occasional hint on how to solve the puzzles.

While you explore the cruel history of what has happened here, you have also many ways in which you can die quickly and cruelly (the devs also gave you the opportunity to release poor John of his torment and to kill himself in many ways throughout the game). If you die not willingly though, the savepoints are always set very fairly, which is appreciated in this deadly enviroment. So are the puzzles, most of them are logical and "easily" to solve.. if you always keep your eyes and ears open, at least. Beside the hints in the textes, i very much enjoyed reading the excerpts of all the different persons. Also much of the enviroment has textes to describe them furthermore. So, if you don´t like reading, this game maybe is not optimal for you.

Graphically it is well made 2D with great animations. Also the sound and background music enhance the creepy atmosphere greatly. The not too often used conversations of the main char finally, also fit into the positive category.

What few gripes i had, would surely be that i dont know of a hotspot key, so i quite easily missed something of importance on the first try, which made it necessary to run around more then i´d like to.
There also aren´t that much inventory slots, and the handling needs a bit getting used to, but in the end it fit´s quite well.

Conclusio: Stasis surprised me a bit, in the way how quickly the dark, creepy atmosphere sucked me into the game. If you like Dead Space, Alien or Event Horizon like scenarios and enjoy a bloody good atmosphere, you should give this game at least a try. But make sure that you don´t play alone.. in the dark... ;)

Point Scale 9/10 - Excellent

Please also check out Completing the Backlog's Curator page - follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!
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71 of 79 people (90%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 1, 2015
STASIS is a science fiction horror themed isometric point and click adventure game which takes place aboard the Groomlake, a deep space research vessel that belongs to Cayne Corporation. The game has a very gloomy and dark atmosphere to it and it seems to be inspired by various popular sci-fi horror games and movies such as Alien and Dead Space.

In STASIS, you take control of John Maracheck, a school teacher which awakes from cryogenic stasis and finds himself on an unknown ship, the Groomlake. Soon enough, John finds that something has gone terribly wrong aboard the ship and he is surrounded by nothing but death, blood and destruction all around him and he is driven by the fear for his family safety.

The main gameplay element of STASIS, as with any other point and click adventure type of games, is of course, puzzle solving. I can’t remember exactly how many puzzles are in the game but most of them are solvable by finding out certain items and combining them or using them on some background object or something on the environment around you in some way and surprisingly enough, even though I got stuck on some of these sections, afterwards I felt like it all made sense in a way and it wasn’t just some way to stall the player progress. Besides this, you’ll also come across some some other puzzles that involve some actual investigation and sometimes I even had to take notes so I couldn’t forget certain things. That said, STASIS puzzles are not just there for the sake of solving puzzles, they fit in the world and the story and they have a purpose.

For a indie development team, STASIS features a huge amount of high production quality material such as high fidelity cinematics, amazing writing, some of the best rendered backgrounds I’ve seen in recent years and superb sound design. From these aspects I think the ones that contribute most to the game’s amazing atmosphere are the writing and the overall sound design. The dialogue is voice acted but in this case I don’t feel like it’s that much of a strong point, the voice acting isn’t exactly terrible but it isn’t exactly great either in my opinion. The writing however is really neat, and I don’t mean the character’s dialogue, I’m refering to several crew logs you find scattered throughout the levels and to the grotesque and gruesome descriptions of piles of filth that you come across. These provide with you a backstory and fill you in on the history background of the ship, its crew, the company and what happened in previous years creating a believable and credible game world and timeline. I don’t know how they managed it but the sound is quite a big deal in STASIS, no matter where you are you’re constantly hearing things, sometimes you hear screams, sometimes some child’s creepy chanting, probably product of John’s sanity, or even scratches and noises echoing throughout the ship, in some situations, when John witnesses something rather gruesome you can hear his heavy and constant breathing.

Still, I do have a few gripes with the game such as the lack of resolution and V-Sync options on the options menu. One time I had to change my desktop refresh rate so that the game could progress further, it kept freezing at one section. The options menu only has two options, one for brightness and another one for volume and that is it.

Overall STASIS is a great point and click adventure game, it’s very atmospheric, immersive and the puzzles are challenging. It offers around 10 hours worth of gameplay along with an amazing sountrack by Mark Morgan and by the end of it you might be facing some moral dilemmas.
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56 of 62 people (90%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
12.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 3, 2015
I played through STASIS in basically one sitting. It took around seven hours to complete.

What STASIS basically does is pay homage to various movies like Event Horizon, Pandorum, and Aliens(you will find Easter Eggs in the game demonstrating proof of these influences) while crafting it’s own fairly well written story. The dark and foreboding atmosphere in STASIS really sets the tone for what was, at least in my opinion, a stellar gaming experience.


The story in STASIS is centered around John Maracheck, who awakens from stasis to find himself alone. His wife and daughter are missing and the place he awakens in seems abandoned. The story in STASIS develops as John searches for his family while also trying to figure out how he even ended up alone and what happened to everybody else on Groomlake, the space base he now finds himself on.

As I mentioned in my intro, STASIS takes bits and pieces from many of our favorite sci-fi/horror films and melds them into an interesting story that manages to hold its own while being respectful of its influences.

Where STASIS really shines in this regard however, is with atmosphere, urgency, and a sense of potential doom at all times. Nothing comes easy for our protagonist. Unlike many horror based media, STASIS doesn’t rely on jump scares. It doesn’t need to. It draws you in due to the intensity and emotional attachment created almost immediately. You will definitely care about the protagonist and his plight. Moreover, you legitimately feel bad for him and are hoping for a positive outcome for all his adversity and perseverance.

Overall, there isn’t much negative with the story in STASIS minus my biggest peeve with all stories. Be they games, movies, or books: sloppy or poorly thought out endings are my biggest gripe. The ending in STASIS was in part very cool, but mostly, it was underwhelming. It did the game a disservice considering the quality of everything leading up to those final moments.

Overall, and despite my lack of excitement over the ending, I would still give this aspect of STASIS an 8.5 out of 10


The overarching sense of dread and foreboding in STASIS was in no small part due to the excellent artwork and imaginative use of isometric perspective. Without the stellar work and attention paid to even the smallest details, I think the effect would have been seriously diminished. Not only were the graphics evocative and interesting, but they truly laid the foundation for the entirety of STASIS. I was quite impressed with this aspect. The high end graphics of what currently is available in isometric gaming is on full display.

A solid 9.5 out of 10. Possibly the best graphics in an isometric game yet.


From a design standpoint, STASIS is definitely a linear experience. That isnt a bad thing at all. The sense of urgency you feel propels you forward, so the linear design actually works in the game’s favor from this standpoint.

Something I found particularly impressive is that STASIS proves the validity of the horror genre in an isometric and point and click game. It really does a great job of providing a fresh perspective on the genre, this only further kept me engaged as I played.

The actual puzzles varied from reasonably simple to surprisingly complex. A couple of the puzzles in STASIS were genuinely perplexing. Although with the proper application of logic and some solid trial and error, I found even the most difficult puzzles in the game to be solvable.

An exceptional 9 out of 10


The audio is fantastic as well, even if some of the basic sounds repeat themselves often. They still really work to flesh out the setting. Unsettling, shocking, unnerving, cryptic….all are excellent words to describe the sounds in STASIS…and yet, there are so many other adjectives that could be put into play here. Evocative is my favorite though, so I will close with that one.

A solid 8 out of 10 here


All told, this is an excellent game that is easily worth your attention. Even if you don’t love the horror genre, you might still like this one. 8.8 genetic alterations to mankind killing their progenitors out of 10. How do you get 8.8 genetic alterations? It’s science my friends…
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42 of 44 people (95%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
9.4 hrs on record
Posted: September 6, 2015
Genre - Isometric Space Horror Adventure

I purchased this game as a bit of a gamble as liked the art style and had seen a few positive reviews already. I am glad to say it did not dissapoint.

The game will take about 6 hours depending if you read all the PDAs and spend time on the puzzles before looking for hints online. I looked online for hints to 3-4 of the puzzles although in most instances I was on the right lines so they are not too obtuse. Just watch out for diagrams in different rooms, things being stuck to the PDAs and hidden sinks.

The graphic and sound is very dark and atmospheric, You actually feel like you are trapped alone in a spaceship in deep space. There is very little action and this is more of an adventure/puzzle game but the progression speed makes you feel like you are fighting for your life. The characters you meet are immersive enough with good voice acting. The various objects you pick up and inteact with are well thought out and interesting.

In terms of re-playability. After finishing the game I went through once more for a couple of hours to hunt the easter egg achievements, and I didn't mind this as you can go through the game quite quick when you know the puzzle solutions and don't read the PDAs.

A great indie game, that was worth paying a but more for based on actual gametime. Although as always look out for it on a sale, as you are likely to only play it through once or twice. Saying that, if I sequel does come out (fingers crossed), a pre-order discount will be good enough for me.
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48 of 57 people (84%) found this review helpful
13.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 2, 2015
As a massive fan of point & click adventure games, my favourites being Monkey Island, King’s Quest and Sanitarium I can without a doubt say that STASIS is now among that list. STASIS achieves pretty much everything I love about gaming – fantastic art direction, great visuals, great design, heavy atmosphere and (not always necessary) a very intriguing plot and well written/voiced dialogue. This game has restored a lot of my faith in this industry, great to know minds like this still exist in this industry.

In STASIS you play the role of John Maracheck, a school teacher whom with his family enter hibernation capsules for deep space travel, after which, John wakes up 3 months later alone on a massive, dark and seemingly abandoned ship but soon finds out that he’s not alone. As John, you will need to progress through the ship, which is achieved by exploring and solving puzzles, in pursuit of your family, not knowing of their current state, and with them try find a way off this ship.

STASIS is truly a breath of fresh air, if you are a fan of Sanitarium then getting this would be an absolute no brainer, I’m still lost for words that something like this exists in this era, even more so knowing that it was pulled off by a team of two South African brothers, there really is no excuse for gaming to be in the lackluster and uninspired state it currently resides. Easily the best point & click adventure game since the 90’s in my opinion, a true modern classic.
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Not Recommended
5.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 1, 2015
I am rating the game STASIS here, and my rating is "don't like". I will give you the reasons why.


+In my opinion, the game creates a dark and well planned atmosphere, most of the graphics fit in, also the futuristic environment... well done by the devs.

+There are no bugs, and everything is done with voice comments by the participating characters.


-The game is short. REALLY short. I finished it in less than 6 hours. When i thought about playing it again, i figured out it is a linear story, so... the story is ok, but not THAT good to play it all over again.

-25€ for less than 6 hours? It's a personal decision, but in my opinion, it's not worth the money.

-In this game, you will find a lot of PDAs which tell you some parts of the story, and what happened to some characters in this game. The story is well told, BUT: if i sum up all the time i spent for reading the story in the PDAs (which don't give you any useful information for your progress in the game at all), i guess i can reduce my pure playing time to less than 5 hours.

-Achievements are mostly about how you can die or kill yourself in a game where survival seems to be important. Since the story is linear, i am not going to play it again and try to kill me in every possible way. Doesn't seem fun to me.

-Dialogues can't be skipped, and the game doesn't allow any player input during some of them. Can be annoying if you died just after a dialogue and then have to listen to a crying guy all over again.

-Coming to death: The story is about mutants on a space ship, they killed the whole crew etc etc... but at no point of the game, you are in danger to get killed by those creatures. The only way to die is because of your own stupidity (like HEY, there is a closed door with toxic gas behind it... let me open the door! You know what i mean).

-No graphic settings despite gamma and contrast.

-Some of the things you need (this contra is a point of discussion, i know that) are a bit difficult to see, since there is no button to highlight interesting spots. There are some glowing points at some spots, but not all of them. That sometimes results in a search all over the screen to check if you didn't miss something.

-Final summary: This game is just not scary. If you read the cons above, you will figure out that there is like no situation that may scare you, and even jumpscares (if you want to call them like that... snore) are pretty predictable.

My recommendation: Invest your money into something else. This game is not that bad at all, but around 25€ is way too much for this game.
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28 of 33 people (85%) found this review helpful
13.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 27, 2015
genre : point and click adventure game in 3rd person

score : 7

Story : You play as John Maracheck who awakes from stasis in a seemingly abandoned spacecraft , missing his wife and daughter. Trying to find them you unravel the mysteries of Groomlake in a highly atmospheric sci-fi/horror setting.

+ Graphics are 2d isometric , detailed enough, the presentation generally is highly reminiscent of the classic adventure Sanitarium - some nice cinematic cut-scenes that add to the immersion - the strongest point of the game is atmosphere , which is dark and tense especially at times when something shocking is revealed.
+ Nice soundtrack, sound effects that work to the thick atmosphere, very good voice acting, especially from the protagonist.
+ Point and click gameplay : you can examine things just by hovering the mouse over them - puzzles are inventory based or by interacting with the environment , you even have to combine things with yourself sometimes to proceed, you also combine things in your inventory the usual way - you access computer terminals and gather pdas littered around corpses to gain information and backstory - there are other characters you work with.
+ Fairly linear design that favors the sense of urgency you feel throughout the game

- Items are sometimes hard to distinguish from the background and some inventory based puzzles make no logical sense (common problem in the genre), that makes progression random and dependant on luck.
- I felt the backstory you find mostly on pdas doesn't add much to the story and just seems like simple filler.
- There is a launcher you can run from the game's folder where you can configure basic graphics options like to run in widescreen or the size of the text (which is very important , since at lauch text was too small to read easily), but other than that (and gamma setting) no other options to configure.
- It's on the short side as far as game's length is concerned.
- High price for the quality it delivers.

A highly atmospheric adventure game in a sci-fi setting, with horror elements but no jumpscares, you come to care about the main character and his agony to find his family and escape the madness. But the puzzles design and the lacking story and writing makes it hard to recommend it at full price. Better wait for a sale.
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Recently Posted
12.2 hrs
Posted: October 23
One of the more darker games i have played in a long time, it certainly trumps even the best of titles in sheer dark visceral emotional torture, even titles like Outlast and Soma (though it has a certain feeling like the latter.)

Also the game had plot twists and turns that i was not able to anticipate. After a certain grueling death that i did not expect i understood that whatever common tropes this game was going to follow were thrown out the window, into a trash bin and straight into an incinerator.
It was bold and it was daring, and it made the game feel fresh, because after that, you knew there wasn't going to be a single trope or a plot device that was going to guarantee the game a happy ending or the main character a happily ever after.

This game obviously was a small development team game, but it did a great job of breaking through barriers and do something fresh and daring, and that's what made this game something that i truly enjoyed.

The backstory and the lore was interesting as well, (Assisted Suicide Lottery, the Eugenics War) something straight out of a nightmare.

I would love to read more of the lore in the next games they make.
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3.5 hrs
Posted: October 22
Huge disappointment!

Sounds and graphics are horrid. Interaction with objects is sluggish. Menu lacks gfx-options. Counterintuitive gamesave-system. Character behaves strange, detours, glitchy movement. Way too much text to read!! In my opinion not even worth 20 bugs. King's/Space Quest clone that doesn't meet todays standards at all!
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2.9 hrs
Posted: October 22
Damn! Now I feel bad for being so late to this game! I knew it was out there from a trailer I saw a while back, but then I lost track of it. Now, while casually surfing the internet, I find mention of Stasis again (after forgetting the name) and I discover it's been out for over a year!

Still, better late than never! This game is an immedate classic for me. Old school point and click, rememiscent of Sanitarium and with the perfectly creepy horror and surprise of Dead Space, with a little bit of Event Horizon thrown in for good measure. Stasis has it's meathooks in me for sure, and I've still got a ways to go into the game yet.
Definitely a top recommendation for my friends who love horror!
Can't wait to see what Cayne is like when it comes out!

10/10, would suffer all gruesome deaths again!
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9.7 hrs
Posted: October 21
Made me cringe...a lot.
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11.1 hrs
Posted: October 20
Somehow I'm not impressed at all. This is not scary at all. The graphics are actually very bad. A real disappointment!
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6.6 hrs
Posted: September 15
Great idea, solid plot, with some surprising jumps. Lovely backdrops and pretty graphic gorewise in places. Lead character animation a bit clunky - but nothing really to worry about.

Main gripe from me was the DIFFICULTY and how the puzzles did not feel overly intuitive. Actually used a walk through for half of it as solving puzzles became a chore. Appreciate it was meant to be a taste of old school click/point adventures and I have played numerous in my time (count BASS as one of my all time fave games), but just one step too far for me at times.

Overall though - worth the money, enjoyed the experience and will remember it as a cool piece of sci-fi - even if i did massively cheat!
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30.2 hrs
Posted: September 9
I wanted to like this, I really did, but I found it to be a below average example of a point and click adventure. The setting and artwork was great...beyond that I really can't recommend it. The story was extremely cliched, particularly the ending, and I really didn't feel anything for the main character. More importantly, the puzzles, beyond a few really good ones, were very simple, consisting mostly of "use the only one or two objects available in the area to proceed" type of scenarios. Like a lot of adventure games, they got increasingly lazy as the game went on. This is sometimes okay if the story is good enough to carry it through to the ending...this one wasn't. There were also a couple of parts where you had to walk to a certain area of the room in order to 'trigger' an event, before you could proceed. This is okay if you make the area one which the player is unavoidably bound to walk over...but due to the unique system of mouse over automatically giving a description of items and areas in Stasis (which is a fantastic and welcome addition btw), there are times where this just isn't going to happen. The only time I got stuck in this game were on these bits, because I never walked over the right area and so the story never proceeded. That's just sloppy design.

Overall, it's just not a very good example of an adventure game. Like a lot of modern examples of the genre, the puzzle design is poor and too easy, but the ones that still manage to be enjoyable have a good story and/or humour that makes up for it. I can't say Stasis had either of those for me. So I wouldn't recommend it to more hardcore point and click fans, and I can't recommend it to the more casual fan either.
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