World War Two veteran and mentally-damaged alcoholic Hayden Warrick awakens from a night of drinking to find that his wife Elsie has mysteriously disappeared.
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Release Date: Jul 8, 2015

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About This Game


Clandestinity of Elsie is a Survival/Psychological-Horror game based in the post-WW2 New York State cities of Albany and Troy.


You play as Hayden Warrick, a mentally damaged alcoholic and war veteran. Haunted by his past, he must unravel the mystery of his wife Elsie's sudden disappearance. You must scavenge, kill, and survive long enough to find her. Mostly taking place in vast darkness, you must continue your objective of finding Hayden's wife Elsie while ensuring his own all-important survival.


  • Intense combat against otherworldy monsters
  • Uncomfortable atmosphere to keep players on their toes
  • Psychological storyline with mind-bending qualities
  • Various enemies representing Hayden's insecurities and fears
  • Mysterious characters with unknown intentions
  • Can play in 1920x1080 resolution
  • Full gamepad controls including vibration
  • Includes Achievements, Trading Cards and Steam Cloud

System Requirements

    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Storage: 133 MB available space
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Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: September 11, 2015
Clandestinity of Elsie is a tough game to recommend. It is not terrible, but it is not terribly remarkable either.

The plot is fairly heavy handed and predictable early on. Which is a shame because other reviews and forum posts had led me to expect something more than something so obvious. Over the few hours it takes to complete the game there is very little story in general, and I don't just mean the direct narration. There are a handful of cutscenes that may have been meant to offer exposition, but they either come across as redundant (the mentally unstable protagonist Warrick is mentally unstable) or pointless (to avoid spoilers, the game details some event far in the past that doesn't really add anything). Despite all of the constant text provided by Warrick, he actually shares very little, often just stating generic thoughts like "what luck, a medkit!" or "There is nothing in the trash, but what was I expecting?" Or "6 bullets, that's great!" (not actual quotes, but similar texts popped up throughout). There is also an extremely small cast of characters here, and that are not so much mysterious as they are underdeveloped. I kept my eye out hoping to find some kind of indirect narration hidden in item descriptions, locations, and so on, but nothing came from it. Even the use of a Nagant seems like a missed opportunity.

The game also boasts a "psychological story with mind-bending qualities," but I did not really see any thing psychological besides the fact that someone mentions they are not wedding counselor (to which Warrick replies "you sure sound like one," the intrigue! Mysteries abound!). The mind-bending aspect does not really work because we have no relative sense of what's normal or strange in the game, and there is never much believeablitiy on any surface of the game. That is to say, the player has no sense of something mind-bending going on (besides Warrick stating how strange and nightmarish this is, and yet he seems to be fine scrounging around for bloodbags and ammo). No mechanic or element of the story really warps the players perception of the game's story or world. This could be a limit of engine, but even Hotline MIami (through some strange text and dates) and Super Mario Bros 3 (through small visual elements) prod the player to question the game world they inhabit.

Mechanics wise, it is nice to see an RPGmaker that is not form of RPG or turn based combat. However, combat feels too limited to be intense. Making the revolver fire slow so that the enemy can hurt the player was a good choice, but that's unfortunately all the game can offer. Again, this might just be due to the engine or something, but your character aims in four directions and enemies run on a grid, so those are two elements that mar the aforementioned solid mechanic of slow fire rate. To add on to this, there are quite a few sections of the game where you are confined to tight hallways so combat turns into you hearing the monsters cue, and then just firing forward. Because the game seems to really reach for a psychological aspect, the lack of some sort of fear mechanic was a bit strange (think Call of Cthluhu: Darkest Corners of the Earth, or Amnesia). There are some areas that do allow you to simply sneak past or run by enemies rather than engage, which, again, is refreshing for an RPGmaker game.

Normally I wouldn't comment on graphics (though I will praise style), but I do feel like the graphics affect the gameplay in this case. The lighting and coloring make it very hard to see. It is understandable for a game that is trying to be spooky to have low lighting and darker colors, but making a game with all the all browns and greys in the crayon box under dim lighting can strain the players' eyes.

Though it is definitely playable, and at parts enjoyable, I do not find myself easily recommending this. It is a farily short game that gets talked up a bit too much, and offered a decent experience. At the same time, it does not do anything particuarly well or different. I would much rather give this game a lukewarm "might recommend," but Steam only gives me two options so for now I cannot see myself recommending this game. If you plan on enjoying it, you really should go in with low expectations.
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9.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2015
Creepy enemies and simple, yet challenging combat. It's a psychological action horror game.
There isn't anything cynical about this game... at least I don't think so. I really feel like it was made for the love of videogames and the horror game genre. Obviously inspiration has been taken from Silent hill and the like, which is great! Unlike loads of recent indie horror games on steam this is an ACTUAL GAME with an ACTUAL STORY with ACTUAL CHARACTERS :O Who would have guessed?
The 'monsters' are brutal and will mess you up if you are not careful. The first weapon you get is a peashooter, so if you think "aw, a gun already? now I feel too safe." Son, you are not safe.
The game isn't perfect, hell, what game is? But if you want to be immersed, challenged, creeped out and have your mind stretched it is worth it for the asking price in my opinion.

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10 of 10 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
Clandestinity of Elsie (CoE) is a psychological survival-horror game build in RPG Maker engine and have a huge influent of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. This game is very depressed and dark. Sometimes made me uncomfortable to play. As a horror games, this game have a decent atmosphere blend with it good scoring. There is lot jump scares too. And twist ending.

In CoE you have to play as Hayden. An alchoholic WW2 veteran and have a mental problem. He only has one goal in his life, finding Elsie. His disappearance wife. Hayden can scavenge, collect bullet or medic for survive. If Hayden use too much ammo or medic and run out both, his journey become nightmare when encountered those creature. The world of CoE is totally dark, using flashlight is a must. And sometimes those creatures is coming from Hayden's blindspot area.

Well, if you want to play the unique RPG maker games especially in survival horror theme, this game is for you.
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Not Recommended
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 23, 2015
Clandestinity of Elsie was a big letdown, looking at all of the other reviews. They're rather suspicious, I'd say, mostly claiming that same thing. "It's very much like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, true survival horror game!"... It's a really standard game, to me. It had very little going for it.

I have not played those old-school horror games (nor am I that big into horror games in general), but the only similarity I've found is how clunky the controls are. Sure, it creates some tension when you know you have to face enemies, but it's not nearly enough to support the previous claims.

This is an RPGMaker game, and it looks like one. There's almost nothing to make it stand-out in the regard. However, there are 2 aspects that are above average RPGMaker game. First, it's the lighting system, with actual shadow casting that does a fairly good job in maintaining the atmosphere. Then, there's the resolution fitting my screen, instead of the game misreading my desired aspect ratio and screwing fullscreen up.

These 2 aspects, however, are present, but not particularly stellar. The resolution is a pure upscale, which doesn't look very good. The lighting system is also very primitive and rough. I think it's a script "outside" of their control, but still...
It's 4 directional, which isn't good. Making it mouse controlled would make it actually useful to look around corners and such. But no, it's just a light directly in front of you.

Anyway, my biggest problems is this: the game does nothing new, and the remotely interesting parts of the game are completely outside of the player's control.
The game is very transparent as to its story and meaning even before the end, so I'll not be spoiling much (do not worry, I won't spoil the ending).

You're a person with mental problems and an alcoholic. That's rather overdone, but hey, no problem. What is a problem is that it goes nowhere with it.

The alcoholism, for example, is a trigger for allucinations. You drink only once or twice in the game, and it's completely scripted. "You will drink because I'm making you drink" is what the game says. Just because we need to keep things moving.
You don't even press a button to drink, it's like a cuscene.
As a counter-example, I'll mention the game Spate. That game was a 2D platformer about an alcoholic father as well. The difference is that drinking actually changed things and was completely in the player's control. It would twist the environment, but also make the player faster and jump higher. It was a tradeoff. It wasn't needed to complete the game, but it helped. It made you feel more powerful, but certainly wasn't a necessity. That was a good usage.
This game has none of that.

Then, there's the fact that, as I said, there's a very distinct barrier between the game and the story. When you play, you're not playing the story. You're just walking through the environment, with the occasional monster appearing.
Everything that's relevant to the story is told through cutscenes. Everything.

The gameplay is just """exploring""" every room to find ammo and health packs, killing every monster until the next bit of story. Find key, open door, keep going, rinse and repeat. None of your actions has any impact or influence in the game.

The comparison with Lone Survivor has been made by a reviewer. I'll have to disagree 100%, as Lone Survivor had very interesting mechanics that affected what happened in the game world. The pills, for example. Even the shooting had significance. Every action had some meaning in that game. In this game, it's mostly filler.

The game also lacks in the "game" department. Ammo is found everywhere. Basically right before/after a monster, you'll find ammo, making the system pointless. Might as well give me a gun with infinite ammo.
The stealth aspect of the game (trying to go unnoticed) isn't the best, as it's not very clear when you can be detected or not.
The shooting is slow, making it very unlikely that you can escape without getting hit most of the time. Most of the enemies are completely undetectable until it's too late as well! They're near you, in the dark, without any sound. Until they run at you, that is. That's not a good way of doing things, in my opinion.

What else?
Well, the environments have little to no thought put into them. They're just filler. Most of the building have windows with 3 bullet holes in them, just because. The place is filled with trash, mattresses and blood, without any environmental story telling or clues of any sort.

Most of the rooms are just furniture thrown together with no sense of characterizations of any sort (aside from "this generic person tried to kill himself - that's it").

I'm sorry, I realize that I sound very bitter. I didn't hate the game that much, but I just found nothing new or interesting in here. And it isn't a greatly executed game either. It's just a generic RPGMaker game... being sold.

Hopefully, this review brings another perspective to potential players. If you still want to try the game, go ahead! Maybe there's something in there that just didn't click with me. I just think that it adds nothing to the genre at all.

Try Lone Survival, Knock-knock and Home if you're looking for something more interesting.
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7.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2015
Things got off to a bit of a bad start with this game, thanks to it taking me ages to work out that SPACE was the way to choose a menu option, rather than - I dunno - left click or Enter, like most NORMAL games? Guess I don't play games of this nature (read: old-school, "retro" RPG) too often. I'm going to put it down to that, though many of the other (unremappable?) keyboard buttons seemed like odd choices also: A to equip gun, S to shoot, D to reload? I also had difficulty trying to work out where DOORS and trivial things like that were, but after not TOO long I got the hang of things enough to concentrate on the GAME, per se (hint: always be on the look-out for doormats and red arrows)! I've also experienced some crashing issues, but it's early days yet for the game's release (so they'll hopefully be fixed), and the save system is fortunately generous enough to render this not TOO huge an issue (once you hit the first save point, you can pretty much save at any time). Anyway, enough about minor technical issues...with no further ado, let's get on with the review...

A few years back, some guy named Jasper Byrne had the perversity to try and emulate the "feel" of a Silent Hill game with a heavily-pixelated, 2D, side-scrolling point-of-view. He was surprisingly successful with this, and despite it not being an instant "classic" or anything, Lone Survivor was certainly a game well worth experiencing for those of us with an interest in seeing the horror gaming genre pushed to its debatable "limits". A couple of years later we got something called Motte Island, which while not as successful, was intriguing in its attempt to use a heavily-pixelated, top-down perspective in a "survival horror" setting. Now someone has thought to make an old-school survival horror game with RPG Maker software, and the results are...well, perhaps not much better than those of (the definitely dumber, but decidedly spookier) Motte Island, but full points for trying one way or another.

There's no denying there's some great IDEAS here, and in my opinion, that's where Clandestinity of Elsie's greatest strengths lie: Ideas and storytelling. And there's obviously nothing "wrong" with that! First of all, there's a very interesting twist on the Silent Hill notion of alternating lighter/darker dimensions, seemingly triggered by the main character's ALCOHOLISM! A very inspired, and thematically valid, idea indeed. And events are set in motion by the protagonist's wife leaving him due to said alcoholism, which again is very sound storytelling logic (a lot of you budding game-makers out there - and not to mention quite a few of the so-called "professionals" - should probably start taking notes). Now, there's also a bit of dodgy logic here and there - apparently our hero "never leaves the house" without a GUN, so I don't know what part of America or what-not he's supposed to be living in, but here in Brisbane, Australia I can walk fifteen minutes to my local gym at ten o'clock at night with just an UMBRELLA to make me feel sufficiently safe! But for the most part, certainly as video games go, this one is intelligently conceived and written, and I'll just give the developer the benefit of the doubt that he lives in a more dangerous part of the world than I do, hence the I'm-just-off-to-the-local-shops-better-take-my-gun mentality (and, in all fairness, our character IS a "mentally damaged alcoholic and war veteran", so I guess the dude's gonna be a little on the "paranoid" side).

Now, I haven't quite reached the end of the game yet, so the jury's still a bit out as regards just how pure and perfect the story will pan out to be. I believe that I can safely say, however, that this project was something of a labour of love for the developer - that, or he's awfully good at covering up the fact that he's just a cynical hack - and given the (perhaps quite realistic) limitations he has set for his debut Steam product, I'm certainly interested to see what he gets up to next, especially if it's made outside the confines of RPG maker (not really the best medium for making a truly "scary" game, it has to be said). As for the purchase price, it's a tad ambitious all things considered, but I'll happily recommend this, on sale, to anyone interested in what possibilities the future might hold for horror gaming. I'm personally yet to see anything as inspired and successful as the "first-person stealth horror" revolution of recent years kicked off by Frictional Games, but at least folks like Cole Neumann are TRYING...and for this I applaud him. There may be hope for our beloved genre yet.

Verdict: 7.5/10.
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A developer has responded on Jul 9, 2015 @ 8:37am
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 14, 2015
"Clandestinity of Elsie" is one of those unique RPG Maker survival-horror games which really show the horror of things. This game has a gripping atmosphere and a very well-written storyline, and you should try it out. So if you love survival-horror games, then this is a must buy. If not, continue the review!

The story in this game is at first very basic, but becomes more complex as you progress through its two hours and a few minutes. It is short, but it's still a good game. However, I did search every corner in an area for ammo, so maybe even less time if you just rush through the game. The story is about a WWII veteran who returns from the war to his wife. He has become a huge alcoholic, and wakes up one day to discover that his wife, Elsie, is missing. So he goes though various environments to go and find her, and he even encounters some horrifying monsters along the way.

As for gameplay, it's very simple. You equip your gun by pressing a button, and shoot and reload with another. The rest of the buttons are to sprint (only when your gun isn't equipped), to move, and of course to interact with certain objects in the environment. The game has a good system in which objects that can be examined are marked with a yellow exclamation mark, so you don't go through the whole area smashing your spacebar. The fighting is a bit clunky at first, but you get use to it. However, you cannot just waste bullets and healing items. Healing items are pretty rare, and you are given enough bullets to probably kill all the monsters in the game, but I don't recommend it. This is a game where you must make your shots count, and use your healing items when you're close to dying so you don't waste most of it. And you are only given one gun in the game, which is a Russian revolver which can hold up to seven bullets.

The big question is: Is the game scary? At some moments, it can be a bit dark and creepy, but I never found it to be scary or make me jump.

After completing the game, I must say it has a very dark, twisting, but surprising ending. I don't recommend this game to any teenagers who are severly depressed, because this game does not have a happy ending. Not even close to a happy ending.

This game is a good RPG Maker survival-horror game, and if you can handle the dark storyline and the slightly clunky fighting mechanics, then you will have fun in your (around) two hour journey through the game that is: "Clandestinity of Elsie".

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Not Recommended
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 14, 2015
Yes, it turns out that really is a word, referring to something kept or done in secret. Clandestinity of Elsie is an RPG Maker game hacked into a something resembling Silent Hill 2, pitting you as an unstable World War II veteran against a mess of creepy crawlies standing between you and your missing wife. The design is classic survival horror, meting out just enough bullets and medkits to keep you rolling to the inevitable conclusion. There are a few clever additions as well, such as using sound to lure enemies out and adrenaline doses to let you move faster.

None of this really gets around the fact that this is an RPG Maker game kit-bashed into something that is not an RPG. Don't get me wrong, I love RPG Maker and there's nothing stopping good games from being made with it. But it's not designed for action, and so the combat becomes my chief complaint about Clandestinity. Your dude scoots around the gridlike maps in a sticky, unresponsive way, which makes evading the far swifter enemies impossible. You have to draw your gun before firing and there are long delays between shots, so if a basic foe gets the drop on you, it's guaranteed to get two or three hits on you. Early on the enemies are sparse enough to sneak around and take out smartly, but by the back half of the game they form a veritable gauntlet of crappy shooting.

The level design is my other issue with the game, and I feel the only thing I REALLY need to say here is that there are two sewer levels. They're the two longest areas in the game as well, and are bookended by a sewage plant and a warehouse using the same tileset. The other locales are functional but leave little exploration or interaction to fill the void. Most of the game is lacking in scares as well, despite the competent atmosphere and creepy enemies. In fact, almost all the horror hinges on the loud musical cues when enemies spot you, which lose all effectiveness by the damnable sewer levels that run you face-first into foes from around blind corners.

As for the story, well, there's a reason I brought up Silent Hill 2 early on. I know everyone has a horror boner that's lasted way longer than 4 hours for that joint, but the indie crowd really needs to let it go. I'm at the point where horror games that are all in the protagonist's head feel like they're cheating me, discarding any sort of world-building for an easy it-was-all-a-dream-esque handwave. You need serious writing chops to make imaginary monsters work, and Clandestinity falls far short with a disjointed story almost completely divested from the events of the game. It's an interesting experiment, and it might make you jump a few times, but the secret kept here just isn't worth it.
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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 29, 2015
tl;dr Like Silent Hill? Don't mind RPGmaker games? Then this is a buy. It's on sale now for the holiday sale for $1, so now's a good time.

Essentially a Silent Hill 2 deMake made using RPGmaker. Much better than it sounds. Story is somewhat predictable, but fairly well-written and well-made, if depressing as hell. I got it in a bundle at some point, played the whole thing through in one sitting, took 3.5 hours.


Has a real Silent Hill feel to it, unlike 99% of these other indie horror games. Pretty good story. The art style was knocked off SH quite well. Never really thought you could do an RPGmaker game inspired by SH and it'd look decent. As far as these sorts of games go, I enjoyed it more than Lone Survivor (though I imagine it's going to appeal to many of the same people). If you like this sort of thing, try Silence of Sleep, too.

The revolver mechanic in combat (there's a noticeable pause after each shot) is a really good idea and keeps the shooting from getting too easy. Knockback after enemies are shot is also well-done. Combat is tense because of that. Combat's honestly not bad. Not great, but not bad.


Not 1, but 2 sewer levels. I mean Jesus Christ, just cut the level if you're going to give me the same level, with the same ugly tilesets and maze twice. I'll let you get away with one sewer level to pad the game but 2 is a bit much.

No bosses.


Lone Survivor had great sound to go with the game. While I prefer this game overall, the sound is a bit lackluster.

The run mechanic (integral to SH) is kind of pointless here since most of the time enemies wind up blocking your escape path (there's usually only one) and you have to shoot them anyway. Enemies can be lured using sound, but it's easier to just shoot everything. Combat is not that good (not that bad either), but you don't really notice its shortcomings until the park and sewer levels since you start getting ambushed and dying when you can't really run anywhere. Combat is still better than I expected since as far as I was aware, RPG maker has no capacity whatsoever to do this.

Recommended. Easy buy for survival horror and SH fans.

Incidentally, probably one of the better uses of RPGmaker after Space Funeral and To the Moon.
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 20, 2015
I respect developers like this one! Most RPG maker games are complete trash, but this developer did a very good job at keeping this game good. Controller support, good story/horror feel. Game does a good job at keeping the atomosphere creepy.

- graphics are decent and feature a good amount of detaialong wiht different resolutions
-good soundtrack
-great sound effects
-Controller support
-the story is pretty good
-steam achievements and trading cards

-controls, and thus combat, feel clunky at times
-r flashlight on some areas feel too dark and hard to explore
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 2, 2015
Clandestinity of Elsie is a survival horror game made in rpg maker. That said it is not a rpg,it plays like a top down survival horror game with gameplay that will remind you of resident evil or silent hill but top down.

The game has a daynamic lighting system for your flashlight and light in the game world. The sprites are high qualtity and the game has a nice art style.

What really matters is the story and the gameplay,and the story here is something that would feel right at home in silent hill. You play as Haiden a WW2 vet who after waking up from a night of drinking finds his wife,Elsie, has left him to vist her sister. So haiden begins his journy to find her. Saying anything more would be a spoiler because the game is only around 2 hours long but in thouse 2 hours it tells a story that while not ground breaking,is well told.

The gameplay has you sneaking or fighting past "monsters" and while the gunplay is poor it should be if you could fire your gun any faster it would be to easy. You will get hit offten in combat but you will find health kits at a rate where you should not have to worry to much.

The level design is sometimes open, like in the city where you can enter many buildings at will. But at other times is awfull like in the *two* sewer levels where you just walk around in a dark maze and get lost for 15 minutes.

Overall Clandestinity of Elsie reaches its goals and is a good game if you have played silent hill or most psychological horror games then you will know where the story is going before it ends but it is well told and when you play a rpg maker game then the story is what matters most.

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Recently Posted
1.6 hrs
Posted: August 2
Clandestinity of Elsie is a good survival horror game, built in the RPG Maker engine, no less. The author's ingenuity and skill at creating a 2D game in a very similar vein to Silent Hill is to be commended.

The trouble I had is the same that I had with Resident Evil: there is an emphasis on fighting enemies when that is the weakest aspect of the gameplay. Silent Hill 2 had a really excellent setting whereby you could adjust the difficulty of the puzzles and difficulty of the action sequences independently. I wish this game had that.

I'd give this a recommendation, easily, if there was a god mode. Or perhaps more med kits.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: July 4
Needs a lot of polish before it can be recommended.



  • Choppy movement and responsiveness turned me off right away
  • "Dark and atmospheric" (you can't see anything - the screen's mostly black)
  • Awful default control scheme
  • Terribly ugly lighting effects (they're not blended at all - they're literally harsh lines)

If you're looking for some great (free) horror games check out VGPerson.
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Apparently Kid
2.1 hrs
Posted: July 4
This is an RPG maker survival horror game. The game is about some alocholic ww2 vet looking for his wife. The game constantly throws the whole alcholic PTSD thing in your face with him randomly waking up drunk for no apparent reason. The game follows the classic horror trope where it purposefully makes no sense. There are zombies then there's not, there's people then there's not, there's random flashbacks, you randomly wake up drunk in different spots, somehow having teleported. It's supposed to be "mysterious" and "artistic" but its really just annoying, boring, and nonsensical for the sake of being so. There's barely any story here. The game just suddenly wraps up at the end and its over.

Then there's inventory. All you do all game is use a pistol, pick up bullets and medkits, and that's it. You fight the same 3-4 enemies. Combat is terrible. You can only shoot straight forward, but enemies can zigzag up and down. Your gun fires once every 3 seconds or so, but enemies can run at you 100 mph. I would shoot a guy 4 squares away, and even with kickback he'd get to me before i could shoot again, which makes no sense. Sometimes guys suddenly know where you are from across the room when its dark and they aren't looking at you, and either times they don't, making no sense and stealth not viable. Sometimes in dark areas you will turn a corner, and a guy will already be right there, leading to cheap damage and hit's, since you can't do anything. The controls are finnicky and super unresponsive. With a gamepad I would constantly turn to shoot, and my guy either wouldn't or would turn then turn back immediately, and this was with analog and direction keys. You would try to navigate in a narrow path and your guy wouldn't turn to turn run down it, or he would turn but he would't run even though you pressed the direction. In a game requiring running, fast movement and turning, the poor responsiveness lead to many of my deaths. Also in many rooms theres only a specific spot you can go to next area that isn't marked, or on streets you can only go to new area by going to one square on the top right, instead of any part on that side of the screen. Many of the environments are recycled. The game gets super repetitive and boring. And the ending has no real bearing on the story and seems to just be thrown in there.

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1.4 hrs
Posted: June 20
I'll admit, I haven't finished this thing yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to. So, to say the story seems a bit predictable may be a bit pre-mature. It certainly feels a bit heavy handed about what's going on. So, I'm hoping at the end there is a "pleasant" surprise. I'm just sort of doubting it.

They have, also admittedly, avoided the over used shtick of the flashlight batteries lasting about two minutes. (They only die on cue for the plot.) So that's a plus.

What really makes me decide against this is the controls. They are so locked onto an invisible grid it almost feels like Pac-Man with a gun at times. That may have been all the rage in the 1980's but it feels really clunky today. If this were a smaller portion of the game then I wouldn't mind so much. But you spend most of your time searching for stuff or fighting with monsters, flash light pointed exclusively forward as you walk in four cardinal directions from one square into another and stuck in the invisible grid.

If Steam would let me I'd give it a two or a two and a half out of five. It's not a terrible game. Maybe they erred a bit to far on the retro side.

...For me at least.

Ah well.
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ANT ♪ #FightCancer
8.0 hrs
Posted: June 14
Frustrating combat which brings the story down. Can't recommend because of the gameplay.
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2.3 hrs
Posted: June 5
It's not outright terrible, but it's not enjoyable. I've played very little so far, but enough to get really ♥♥♥♥♥♥ off when I get constantly stopped for the sake of the main character saying something expository and or stupid. Almost every thirty seconds I have to stop for a scripted event to walk me somewhere, or a "cutscene" of more expository text. I can't really skip dialog, so it gets annoying fast.

Further, the stuff that is being said is painfully obvious, or painfully pointless. Sometimes both. For example, being forced to stop for the character to comment on and on about how a situation is weird. It added nothing and made me think nothing but "he's saying this because the creator is not confident enough that the scene itself felt truly weird." Plus, when I accidentally click on a background object that is unimportant, but have to wait three-five seconds for the character to comment on it being unimportant, again, it gets pretty painful.

The game runs well and is competently programmed. Graphics are unremarkable, but by no means bad. I will say the controls could use some work.

Overall, I'd give this 2/5 stars. Dev clearly put effort in, but it is just not an entertaining experience.
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0.6 hrs
Posted: April 21
I'm torn with this game because I do think it has great potential to be something awesome, but there are enough downsides to make me not want to play it, which is why I can't recommend it.

The good:
- It has a decent story that made me interested enough in the game the first place. It's not amazing or anything, but it's enough to make you want to find out what happens next.
- It looks pretty. The lighting effects from the flashlight are pretty cool. I appreciate the time and effort that went into making it look good.

The bad:
- Even though the story is okay, it can sometimes be hard to follow. I understand that it's a psy-horror game that's supposed to be confusing, but it is to a fault in this case.
- The "darkness" aspect of this game is terrible. It is so hard to see and your cone of flashlight is so small that you can't even tell what's around you most of the time. I can think of a great example: I was on a road in the middle of a storm and all of a sudden a monster was chasing me. I couldn't even see where he was! I eventually had to stop, turn around, and wait a few seconds for it to come close enough that I could actually see it.
- On that note, the combat system in this game is horrible. You have a 7-shot revolver that shoots only once every 2 or 3 seconds. You can't back up, strafe, or do any sort of aiming, so you just have to take hits sometimes.At least it reloads faster than an actual revolver.
- The controls also just feel a bit sluggish in general. I try to move and it feels like it takes 1 or 2 seconds for the game to react to my movement.
- The "music" (if you can call it that; it's more like just vibrations from a digeridoo) is grossly repetitive and actually kinda painful to listen to. It just drones on at an extremely low bass note that is hard to listen to for extended periods of time. There's a bit of relief when you encounter an enemy or when you progress in the story, as it plays something different then, but give it 15 seconds and it's back to the droning.
- And finally, variety. I will say I've only played for about 35 minutes, but at that point, I had seen about 6 enemies, and they were all the exact same mummy-looking thing. It got boring.

I will say the worst thing on this list is the music. It's just unpleasant. There's nothing wrong with unsettling music in a horror game, but please make it less painful to listen to. The enemy chase music is a perfect example of music that is uncomfortable, but doesn't make you want to take your headphones out for fear of getting a headache.

Speaking of which, I do indeed have a headache now.
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8.3 hrs
Posted: March 29
A really nice game! It's a must buy!
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3.9 hrs
Posted: January 29
Short but Sweet! I have played quite a few RPG Makers and I have to say that this game is whole heartedly unique in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. The feeling of Silent Hill and Resident Evil does come to mind when you commence the game and the uneasy feeling of what can be lurking around the corner is prominent throughout the game. The negative is that it has only taken me less then three hours to complete the game; there should have been many more types of enemies; a few gun options would have elevated the experience; and more characters to interact with may have added to the story.
Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the game was solid and delievered the intentions that the creator set out for. I truly hope the creator of the game ops to deliver another horror/survival game.
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