Yasai Ninja is a hack & slash game set in feudal Japan where Kaoru Tamanegi and Broccoli Joe face the most terrible vegetable-fighters. Play 1/2 Player mode and finish the adventure!
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Release Date: Jul 21, 2015

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About This Game

Yasai Ninja is a Hack & Slash adventure set in a particular Feudal Japan that tells the story of two veggie-heroes, Kaoru Tamanegi and Broccoli Joe, who will have to learn how to cooperate to fight their way through multiple dangers.

Friendship, personal growth, honour and teamwork are combined in this epic tale.

Unlock new abilities, levels and achievements, and use each character's special skills to beat puzzles and brawls in order to defeat the corrupt Shogun!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.1GHz or equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GT 320M or equivalent
    • Storage: 1500 MB available space
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Not Recommended
3.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 22, 2015
So this game was torture to play. I could probably describe it as being on the level of bad as the likes of Temper Tantrum (or any digital homicide game) or guise of the wolf. Yes, it's really that bad.

Let's describe this review in a story of logically orginized events that I experienced. So first things first the menu. I decided since this was a PC game i'm obviously going to try and use a keyboard to play. Boy was this a bad decision. The menu is a pain to navigate with keyboard. There is mouse control in some places but not others. The buttons to press to click an element of the menu are stupid and took me forever to figure out. The font and colours of the text made it extremely difficult to read in some places.

Then I somehow managed to get into the controls menu after much trouble. Man was this controls menu a disaster. You control 2 different characters in the game so there are 2 seperate controls menus. So aparently "A" doesn't exist on my keyboard. And aparently left is right and right is left. I didn't have a controller plugged in but some controls were binded to controller buttons. Then going onto the second characters controls almost everything was binded to a controller. Loads of functions were also binded to the same keys! Ok sure whatever. So the developers were drunk when thinking of the controls. I decided to leave it like this to start off with and see what happened in game.

But before I go into game I always have to check the options menu. This was a complete disaster as well unsuprisingly. Absolutely no graphics options were present. They are however given in a unity launcher along with resolution and windowed options. But I think a game should at least attempt to put some kind of graphics options in game. It does have music and sound effect sliders though which is nice. The only real options that changed the look that I saw was contrast, saturation and brightness. I mean brightness I understand but what game in this year has saturation and contrast filters. There was also a language option but i'm not sure why because as far as I could see it had no other languages other than English in it.

And now it was time to go in game and actually play. I got to admit I wasn't looking forward to it from what I had already experienced. So it firstly starts up with a cutscene. The voice over on the cutscene is all in a different language. You get English subtitles. They didn't bother to translate voices. This was a shame since the actually images on the cutscene were very nice looking. Then you get a comic book style scene with 2 characters talking too each other with no voice and just text. Much of the text is in broken English due to the translation. It wasn't fun to read and I would have liked some voices. On top of this the camera angles during this scene were horribly chosen making me feel slightly sick with the movement of them.

Then after the cutscene finished I got to play the game. As I guessed the left and right buttons were reversed meaning it was almost impossible to move but I beared with it hoping that the developers made it that way for a reason. To control the characters I had to use the arrow keys instead of WASD. So my fingers were reversed which isn't natural for a video game. Going forward I had an area I had to jump over. The tutorial gave me key prompts telling me how to do it, but it only gave me controller prompts and not keyboard controls. I had to open up the controls menu to find out the control for this. But this was the one were the menu was telling me "A" doesn't exist on my keyboard. Right so I tried it anyway. Unsuprisingly it didn't work! So I annoyingly had to rebind this key because there was no other way round.

As I jumped over the wall I realized my camera wasn't facing the right way. I used the games very annoyingly placed camera controls to rotate the camera with difficulty. Keyboard players don't want to be having to rotate a camera themselves. For controller players its alright because they have 2 joysticks. But please put in a working automatic camera for keyboard players!

This was when I got to experience my first fight. I wonder if you can guess how intuitive the fighting is? Yep it consists of just pressing and spamming one button for the moment. The fighting was boring and dull. The enemys weren't interesting to fight either since they just did the same thing as you. Obviously the fight key was also bonded to a ridiculous key that is so badly placed. But the game didn't tell me this and as before gave me an xbox controller key prompt.

So as I progress through these horrible fight scenes having to deal with the terrible camera the whole time I get to a stage were I can change character. In the controls menu this was the character that had almost everything binded to an xbox control. So I was skeptical about whether I would even be able to use this character. But somehow I could. Although strangely most the keys were binded differently to my other character. The fight key was different for starts. How though was I going to figure out what these controls actually were? I managed to figure it out eventually by guessing. As usual horrible keys and horrible placements though. No suprise there.

I managed to eventually get to what looked like a puzzle. Well it was kinda a puzzle, not sure what else to call it. It basically consisted of QTE's. Obviously as usual the QTE's are given as xbox key prompts. This time guessing didn't help me. I couldn't figure it out no matter how hard I tried. This was the time when I was forced to switch to controller. I had no other choice. I couldn't progress without it. However to switch to controller I had to quit and restart the game loosing all of my progress! Right whatever I decided to put up with it and experience the crap again.

Playing with an xbox controller was a much more pleasent experience. The controls were fluid and worked correctly. I managed to progress past the puzzle this time and experience the rest of the level. The only other interesting things I found were a few more fight scenes and some jumping puzzles. This included a ridiculously overpowered boss to fight that also attacked in exactly the same way as you. All in all a very boring level.

The second level was actually good. This level ditched the fighting elements and instead went for a 2.5D platformer. I wish the developers had focused more on this platformer element because it was actually enjoyable. Moving platforms and double jumping made this a fun level to experience and I actually enjoyed it.

But after completing this level I was back to experiencing the horrible combat. Going through this level some new things came up. I had a new enemy to fight. This was an archer. The AI on these enemies were so stupid that they kept running away from me and walking about randomly a lot of the time. It was even more boring to fight than the first enemy.

I also noticed something else at this stage. The music was just the same about 30 seconds of tune playing on a loop. It was incredibly boring and repetitive. It only changed when you entered a fight scene. There was no flow in the change of music and just instantly changed. The fight music wasn't something you would expect for a fight and was even more boring than the prior music.

Do you know I would have been able to put up with the fight mechanics but it was something else that made me quit in the end. There was a very annoying clicking sound that I had no idea were it was coming from. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't progress any longer and had to quit.

All in all my experience with this game was torture. I feel like I am doing my duty as as reviewer to warn people away from this game. I mean they want to charge people £10.99 for this crap. In no circumstances would I recommend this to anyone.

Disclaimer: This was review was written using a press key supplied for free by the developer.
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Not Recommended
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 22, 2015

This review was done with a key obtained from a 3rd party (not the developer nor a PR person).

Abysmal. This is the kind of game in which you don't expect to see a 10+ dollar tag on it, because most assurdly it's not worth that price, or any where near that price. While the base character models are good and have some detail to them, that's about all the good I can say about this game. The battle system is so basic that you'll fall asleep during it. The camera is the worst camera in any game in recent memory, and that's saying something with some of the bad games I've played in the last year. The game is missing sound effects all over the place, and the lighting of the first room is so bad that it doesn't even do the character models justice. It's frankly a disaster on every level, and it's hilarious they are asking this much out of the game. While I try to be more positive with the work that I do and give suggestions to improve on for devs, there's really not a lot to work on here. It's that bad.

Gameplay Footage and Video First Impressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReHw8aNVdOs


  • The character models are reasonable.

  • Horrible camera. One of the worst I've ever experienced. You don't bound it to the walls of the room. You just don't.
  • Want gameplay that will put you to sleep in 2 minutes? Here you go. Combat is a bore.
  • Oh, precision platforming plus the camera will equal deaths that will make you do sections over and over again, because life hates you.
  • Lazy animation, with running just being a sped up walk animation and it shows.
  • Missing sound effects, the game doesn't come to life with its sound, it's dead quiet.
  • I'm not even sure what the keyboard controls were attempting to do.
  • Environmental lighting doesn't even take advantage of the nice character models.
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Not Recommended
0.4 hrs on record
Posted: February 11
This game has potential with some better development time and tender loving care. One of the main flaw with this game is the characters and enemies are so damn mute. The only sound you'll hear is the swing of the pro-tags weapons and the background music, that's it. While attacking enemies theirs no physical contact, so the players basically feel like they are swinging in the air with no feel of hitting the enemy. The game doesn't give you that feel that you want to play any further, so my gaming instinct basically gave way by boredom and closed the game.

Dev's try stealing some ideas from other beat em ups. The game is lost and need guidance.
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Not Recommended
4.7 hrs on record
Posted: March 25
If you checking out my review just do not buy that game ..
That have alot of lags and bugs and have a stupid gameplay and story ..
True it's fun fighting game but that one of the wrost I ever played.. Even Tekken more better.
Anyway that game have more cons then pros so yea sadly I have to say that game is not recommended but if you a guy like me which want to finish games and get achivements well have luck.. that game a bit hard and can make you rage quit :P lol .
2/10 :(
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Not Recommended
5.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 13
It's not hard to sum up Yasai Ninja: It's is a bad game. The controls are unresponsive and the combat is clunky and unsatisfying. For something that's supposed to resemble an action platformer, the entire game felt like playing a Korean MMORPG. I have no idea how I summoned the patience to play through this game in its entirety, because on top of being complete crap in terms of gameplay, it crashed in the middle of the "action" no less than ten times. Achievements are glitched. Finding all of the Easter eggs unlocks a mode of play that turns out not to be in the game. I wouldn't hold my breath for fixes to any of these issues, either; The game is just too flawed on a foundational level to be remedied by such an obviously amateur developer.
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Not Recommended
2.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 29
I definetly see potential in this game! Sadly it just feels unfinished and the menu is a pain to navigate through! I only played with a xBox One Controller and i maybe had some problems you wouldn't encounter with a different controller or mouse and keyboard!

Let's start with the Pro's:
Sadly here isn't that much to tell. The only positive things to say are, that i see potential, the characters seem interesting and unique and the artstyle looks very good.

The Con's are pretty much anything you can imagine. Starting with the menu. First i looked through the settings and i had the first problem: Long animations you can't skip! Please make them shorter or skipable! Next i noticed while i have a controller connected the game thinks i am constantly pressing left in the menu. This makes changing the settings impossible, unless you want everything as low as possible. (While playing the game the controller behaves normal) After literally one hour of trying to fix this i noticed that the problem is with the game, so i just skiped the settings and started the story (without sound, because of the mentioned problem with the controller in the menu) The controls feel spongy and you have no indicator if you hit the enimie. Because of this it feels like you swing your sword or nunchanks through air and don't actually hit them. This makes the gameplay boring. Another weird thing is the camera. I can't really describe it but it just feels wrong. While the artstyle looks great if you like this kind of artstyle the animations don't. They look sloppy and lazy.

Overall this game looks fun as long as you just see screenshots and some selected videos. When you play it it just feels unfinished and far from polished. I've played Early Access titles and games in a pre alpha state that felt more finished, wich is sad, because i see potential in the characters.
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6.3 hrs on record
Posted: May 14
i hope devs are working on this game cause it has a lot of potential. its fun whit friends.but devs please add some sound and work on the geme, it will bee good. 100% sure. and broccoli needs to bee fixed because of the block, it dosn't work
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72.6 hrs on record
Posted: September 8, 2015
Well, its obvious this game has some issues that I hope the devs are working on right now...

That being said, I played co-op with a couple of controllers and it was kinda fun. Sometimes, me or my nephew died just because, but the more I played the more I enjoyed controlling Broccoli. The Onion's combat abilities seemed way more boring..
I understand the title is a 'lets play this funny game with your kids for a while' sort of a thing, so, from that point of view, it was not bad at all. Especially the 2D levels are a lot of fun.

Pros: Creative character models, nice music, fun when playing 2Dlvls in co-op, Bosses, puzzles.

Cons: Keyboard controls, missing sounds, sometimes weird camera.
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1.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 24, 2015
♥♥♥♥ing wow better than any game ive eer played it's like tupac was alive again im not even kidding i cummed 10 times while looking at broccoli joe i love him he's my waifu
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Posted: July 22, 2015
- charming cartoon graphics
- challenging puzzles
- unique atmosphere
- nice music and humor

- simple combat system
- game control
- I don't like broccoli.

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