An old-style RPG made with modern tech and set in a unique world, Tanzia combines elements of favorite classic action-adventure RPGs in an open 3D world full of magic and monsters.
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Release Date: 2017

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Available: 2017


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February 17

Tanzia is going to be featured at the PC Gamer Weekender Indie Showcase (desk J26)!

Greetings, humans of London! (Or any human that’s planning on going to London this weekend for the #PCGW17),

After a crazy couple of weeks of ups and downs, rushed programming, emailing, begging, not sleeping, crying and laughing (mostly crying), we can finally say for sure that Tanzia is going to be at the PC Gamer Weekender Indie Showcase for you to play!

Sadly, we, the team behind the game, won’t be able to make it to the venue, but thanks to Berenger Dupre, Tomáš Duda, Joachim Sammer, Carlos Leituga, Angi Suarez, Martin Eriksson & James Ohalloran who selflessly offered to help us set up and maintain desk J26, Tanzia will be there for you to enjoy!

We also found the lovely Marjana, who’s going to be there showing the game for us! She’ll have some business cards with Tanzia Steam beta keys, so if you see her, ask for one! (But don’t be mad if she runs out of them, we only managed to make a few!)

The build at the event will be different from the one we have on Steam: it will be the latest version, with the new tutorial in place and some super nice details like free floating speech balloons! So if you already played the current Steam beta or if you watched all the latest YouTuber videos, there’s something new for you too!

So if you’re going to PCGW17, please come to the Indie Showcase and check out Tanzia! And don’t miss out on the other awesome games that will be there! Hacktag, The Great Whale Road, American Truck Simulator, Ruin and Miner Meltdown! Without them Tanzia wouldn’t be at the show, so we are eternally grateful to every one of those teams!
If you still haven’t bought your tickets, use the code TANZIA at checkout to get a 20% discount.

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January 24

Gamepad Update! (And more, plenty more!)

Hey everyone! You wouldn’t believe how hard we worked on this update, we’re super happy to finally show it to you!

Here’s what’s new:

Gamepad Controls
Finally! After weeks (months?) of tweaking and testing and swearing and breaking and fixing (and crying), we present you, the gamepad update!

So now you can choose between the regular MMO-Style controls we all love, a FPS-style variant (where the mouse moves the camera automatically, without keeping the right button pressed).
And gamepad! Yes! You’ll be able to modify it as you please, invert it, change all the key bindings, you can even bind your spells to the digital pad and have them right at your fingertips!

By default we have two presets A and B, A was created by our lead designer Jason, and B was created by a normal person (me, Matias), so you might want to switch to B to have a better experience ; )

Think of the gamepad controls as in Beta (a Beta inside another Beta? how meta!) so things might break, please send us your feedback and comments so we can keep improving it.

Tabs in the Equipment Menu

After lots of requests, we added tabs to the equipment menu. That used to be a big mess and people needed to navigate pages and pages to find what they were looking for, but now everything is tidy and organized!

Auto Targeting
If you were one of the players who hated the “you don’t have a target” pop-up text, you’re in luck! Now if you aggro an enemy, the game will target it automatically, and if that enemy dies, and there’s another aggroed enemy around, the game will target that one.
So unless you start picking up loot or talk to an NPC, then you’ll always have a target and the fight will never stop! You’re going to love it! (I know I do!).

Z-targeting / Enemy lock
Mastering kiting is super important in Tanzia (keeping an enemy chasing you while also keeping it at a range where it cannot attack you), you really need it if you plan on surviving the Emuri Village or any of the later areas. It’s super hard to kite properly using a gamepad, so we added a way to lock the camera to your target, so you can run around it and not destroy your fingers in the process. If you played Zelda64, you’ll feel right at home.

Melee changes

Before, melee was treated like a spell, so you activated it, and waited for it to cool down to attack again. Now it works independently, you can attack at any time even if you don’t have a target. Using the gamepad you have a dedicated button for the attack, and best of all, now you can do a little 3-hit combo, it’s fun!

We killed the pre-launcher
All the options that you used to find on the pre-launcher, now you’ll find on the settings menu.
So now Tanzia is 100% compatible with Steam’s Big Picture Mode. You can sit back, relax, and play on your couch : D

That’s it for the big changes, now the full changelog for build #2607:

1/24/2017 P4 #2607
-gamepad/controller support!
-Steam Big Picture compatibility!
-equipment screen tabs to filter by item type.
-greatly improved controls configuration.
-added video settings screen.
-the bridge demon should hit you if you're on the bridge, even before chapter 3.
-fix bug where you can still attack when dead.
-added item count to hotbar.
-prevent bear from entering canoe.
-fix HUD spam that happens sometimes when Necromancer's Jewel is equipped.
-allow player to walk in the village pond.
-restore health and mana when you level.
-add a note from grandfather to the Overwatch Stone chest.
-modify the crab whistle effect for easier herding.
-add more crab spawns to The Docks.
-improve Overwatch Stone FX to help player visually notice when it fires and understand what it's doing.
-make the scroll for the purify platform glow a bit so it's more obvious.
-flatten the purify platform a bit so you can walk onto it without jumping.
-don't let player attack General Rotwart without speaking to him first.
-fix target FX height on the potion merchant in The Village.
-fix bug in Alchemy book where if you buy a new recipe and open the alchemy book, the recipe that's shown doesn't match the page until after you turn the page once.
-fix zombie boss portrait camera.
-fix bug where stone guardians fall through the world when you die.
-attempt to fix bug where stone guardian stops fighting sometimes.
-add tutorial popup that explains saving.
-turn down the music volume in The Docks.
-set demon shadowstepper to level 4 instead of level 1.
-prevent multiple visions from queuing up at once.
-fix bug where you could kill the demon shadowstepper before triggering the vision and then he'd respawn.
-add more saves to intro.
-add "when not in combat" to the totem tutorial popup.
-leave the quest description up while in the quest journal.
-allow interaction clicks to go through the PC.
-move a bunch of stuff out of the TODO list and into a new list for the January beta update.
-Corrupt boar doesn't spawn anymore after you defeat him.
-fix bug where Tika's feathers don't work if you haven't done the Madda quest yet.
-fixed several missing off-quest dialogs to various NPCs.
-just limit Alchemy potion purchases to 1. The doubling price confuses and angers people.
-add movement tutorial popups for each type of control scheme.
-use Darker sprite for dropdowns so the background doesn't interfere with readability.
-fix bug where you can't bind mouse buttons to actions.
-add 3-hit combo to melee.
-fix bug where you can use spells while in bear form (Thanks Gixxy!).
-make it so you can't melee stuff that's behind the character.
-tighten up the angle on what's considered "in front" of the character for melee.
-add a 0.1f default wait time when skipping NPC dialog to avoid accidental double-click skipping.
-take damage is now just a 50% additive animation that blends over everything but death. Works great! For instance if you get hit while swinging, you still keep swinging but the PC jolts a bit and the swing looks a bit more wild.
-add autorun for JD the Curmudgeon.
-added some helpful merchant chatter.
-added some villager chatter.
-instead of dropping Erudi's bags from treasure chests and stuff, use an actual 3D bag model.
-erudi's bag quest shouldn't require finding hidden vase easter-egg to complete. Make 5 bags complete the quest.
-add some passive life on Sinking Island.
-add invert Y option for mouselook.
-add Lost Staff vision.
-add Rotwart vision.
-add Mowg vision.
-add Forgotten Jungle vision.
-add Arexis vision.
-raise damage on Lost Staff. It was lower than the Enchanted Staff!

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About This Game

Become the greatest shaman to ever lob a fireball. Retrace the steps of your Akazi ancestors to prevent your island home of Tanzia from being overrun by an ancient evil. Your elders will guide you, but it is up to you to master your skills and live up to your family’s legacy. An old-style RPG made with modern tech and set in a unique world, Tanzia combines elements of favorite classic action-adventure RPGs in an open 3D world full of magic and monsters.

Fight Fantastic Foes

As you venture deeper and deeper into the world of Tanzia, you'll face increasingly powerful creatures, from a lowly Akiri bird to the Skeleton King himself, with water spirits, giant spiders, zombies, corrupted beings and many more powerful creatures in between!

Discover the World of Tanzia

The island of Tanzia is completely open from the moment your adventure starts, you can get to discover and enjoy it at your own leisure, visit Turtle Beach, the Docks, the dangerous Emuri Village, the magical Lagoon, The Ruins of an ancient civilization and many more beautiful locations. Just make sure you're geared up & ready for the challenges you'll face along the way!

Learn Arcanity

Freeze your foes to make them slower, burn them to a crisp, root them in place! Learn different magic spells to deal with your enemies in creative ways, combine Arcanity with alchemy effects to become a one man army!

Master Alchemy

Heal, run faster, make your Arcanity spells more powerful than you can ever imagine! Mastering alchemy will be crucial in your quest to become the Hero of the Akazi stories.


  • Unique backstory and island setting
  • Main questline and optional quests to unlock more spells, items, and zones
  • Open combat system where exploiting combinations of spells, enemy weaknesses, and environment is encouraged
  • MMORPG-like controls with responsive movement to allow kiting and other emergent techniques
  • Steam stats and achievements
  • Steam Cloud savegames
  • Steam Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons & Profile Backgrounds

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2500, AMD Radeon 5000 series, or GeForce GTX 8 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
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