A randomly generated game within the story of an obsessed author. Explore the repeating worlds and swing your sword really fast, while uncovering the true, overarching adventure within.
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Release Date: Jun 11, 2015

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Early Access Game

Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

The Story Goes On is a large self-funded project that needs massive amounts of testing and suggestions and ideas from the community to make it a great game. We want the game to be made for, and accessible to a very broad audience. We are doing this with the help of the community: people who send in ideas and suggestions, people who have offered to assist in localizing and translating TSGO into their primary language, and even simply those who bought this game, play-tested it, and submitted bug reports to our forums.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

The Story Goes On will be in Early Access for the remainder of its development. We want to make sure it is a well balanced, fun experience that people of all ages and cultures can enjoy. We can only achieve this by letting the community contribute to the final product.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
The full version will include the refined game and story. As of now, there is no story; we want people to focus on critiquing gameplay without questioning what motivation these characters have to do what they do. Once we feel the mechanics are refined and set in stone we will include the lore from our world.

The content in the full game (different from Early Access) :
  • A Complete Story and In-Game Lore
  • Refined Gameplay and Intuitive Controls
  • Fully Animated Cutscenes
  • Custom Dungeons Involved in Game Progression
  • TONS of Achievements
  • A Full Downloadable and In-Game Soundtrack

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We would describe our current state as a “community ready beta”. We feel the game is ready and able to take critique from multiple gamers at once. We really want to iron out all the bugs, and make the game as accessible to as many nationalities as possible.

The current features included:
  • Hack’n’Slash Style Combat
  • Specific Music Tracks for Each Environment
  • A Large Roster of Community Items
  • Smooth Interface
  • Custom Localization (Players can add their own language)
  • 4 Unique Characters w/Different Playstyles
  • Secrets(Can’t tell you what they are, then it wouldn’t be seeecrreet)
  • Some Achievements
  • Character-Unlocking Puzzles

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The Early Access price may go up upon full release.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“This game is essentially built by the community. We allow them to submit their own translations of the game, as well as content they’d like to see in the game: items, bosses, enemies, artwork, etc. We respond and attend to bugs almost immediately, and are very active on our forums.”
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“It has a certain appeal about it that keeps drawing you back...”
Pan Gamer

“It has a charm to it and the fast-paced action is a great antidote to games which take an hour just to get you through the tutorial!”
Amongst Geeks

“One for hack ‘n’ slash fans to keep an eye out for”

About This Game

The Story Goes On (Early Access) is an action-packed adventure game set in an endless maze known as the Odyssey.

Developed by Scarecrow Arts, The Story Goes On is the team’s debut game. With a huge emphasis on community feedback via the Early Access program, the game is shaping into a unique rogue-like experience.

The current Early Access version features:

  • Progress at your own pace
The Story Goes On never binds player to a specific pace. Almost every event, puzzle, and fight can be completed as fast or slow as you’d like.

  • Varied items
Every item is designed to add to your experience, and may shift the way you play. From combat enhancements to new ways of traversing puzzles, items in The Story goes On are laid out to work with each other and grant the player cool item combinations every time they play.

  • Adaptive Soundtrack
A beautiful soundtrack that reacts in real-time to the environment; escalating from calm to intense depending on the room the player enters in their unique play-through.

  • Randomly Generated Worlds
A majority of the game’s combat and worlds are randomly generated per play-through. While the overarching story remains constant, the player will discover it in their own way.

  • Story-Based Pre-Built Dungeons
Inside every randomly generated world is a matching pre-made dungeon that introduces new mechanics, enemies and story elements into the main game. From transforming into a ghost to navigate a haunted mansion, to riding a bling’d out minecart to freedom, you find these locations hidden in the worlds, concealed by puzzles.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9 Compatible Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: If your toaster can't run it, there are settings to turn down the effects.
    • OS: Windows Vista or later
    • Processor: 1.61 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Direct X 9 Compatible Card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
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Not Recommended
32.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: September 2
Story goes on is an early access game what probably will never leave early access. It had nice upgrades in the last years but some bugs just never gets fixed and those are annoying bugs. Items spawn under the tree and not really visible, you need check every tree after cleared a minizone what literally triple your playtime and kills the fun. Old bug, still in the game. sometimes you damaged what not understandable, for example if you use Gambits ninja dash and enemy is front of a wall no matter your ninja dash killing the enemy, you still gets damaged. That wouldnt be still a problem but the resolution of the game too small, you cant zoom out and see bigger area so many times you just dash to the invisible area. this especially annoying if you try to do the clear dark forest zone without taking damage especially because they just add achievement like this, then they reform the game, it gets harder, harder and more ranged enemies and harder bosses and the achievement stays there unchanged.

Other things are keys and chests. There are lots of chests there sometimes, you will never find keys, then you will have 4-5 keys and you wont see a single chest. No middle way, eithere this or that.

After each zone there is a shop so you can make your character stronger. Your further progress depends on if you get lucky items for that 1 item slot which sell items. Usually not. All items should be available there so you can improve yourself the way you want and not just RNG.

I could recommend the game for 1hour fun, but if you want to play it more, finish all zones and caves then you will definetly rage too much instead of enjoy the gaming so i cant recommend as it is.
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5.1 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 25, 2015
So, if you're familiar with The Binding of Isaac, you likely know what to expect from The Story Goes On. If you're not familiar with Isaac, it's essentially a strange hybrid of a roguelike and a multi-directional shoot-em-up (shmup). So, how does TSGO (as I'll be referring to it) compare?

Well, it tries, I'll give it that. Drawing comparisons to Isaac is quite easy, but I'll try not to do that for now. To start with, TSGO bills itself as a randomly generated hack ‘n’ slash adventure game with rogue-like elements.

All of this is fairly true, especially the bit about hacking and slashing. It's pretty fun initially to explore and defeat enemies throughout the randomly-generated rooms the game provides you. The game differentiates itself from similar games by having players slash enemies in a direction around them, as opposed to shooting projectiles of some kind. However, by visiting the shop between levels or by finding items, players can increase the range of their attacks. So, what about the rest of that sentence I mentioned a while ago?

Well....here's where things get a bit dicey. See, TSGO is randomly-generated to an extent, but the variety in environments, items, enemies, and secrets is pretty lacking to be honest. Sure, the game will place rocks and trees in different spaces for each room, but who cares really? The environments are the same 5 levels which is fine, but they could use some more variety in their theming. They're pretty basic as is - a desert, some snowy place, a dark "spooky" area, etc. I'd love to see more vibrant and creative ideas for environments, but the game just settles for the most basic of concepts. Additionally, as I mentioned earlier both the items and enemies aren't particularly interesting. The enemies have unique attack patterns which is nice, but they're constantly the same and I'd be interested in seeing some variety in them. Why not have different colored enemies with various attributes (stronger, slower, faster, etc.)? The items aren't much better either, as while some of them have neat uses, such as a hat that lets the player teleport, most are fairly uninteresting or just give a small stat boost. Oh, also there's secrets....but only a few, and they're not very cool or useful, besides the puzzles that unlock characters. Those are neat I will admit.

So, onto the bit about the game being an adventure game with rogue-like elements. Sure, it exemplifies some of the elements that are commonly found in the genre, like permadeath, various items, or whatnot, but the problem with The Story Goes On is that it just isn't difficult for someone of moderate gaming skill. Personally, I initially died 4 or so times and then "beat" (or rather, beat the 5 levels currently in the game) the game an additional 5 times after that. I didn't die at all between those 5 runs, and while I was initially amazed at my supposed skill with the game, I began to realize that it just wasn't challenging at all. The bosses (which by the way, are fairly creative in comparison to the enemies) are easy, the enemies are easy once you learn their attack patterns, and overall the game is just a walk in the park after an hour or two of playing. It didn't take long for me to get bored with TSGO, and that worries me because I enjoyed what I've played of it so far.

You see, the game is still fun. It's challenging initially. The art style is lovely, if a bit unpolished. The potential replay value is there, but the lack of any extended replayability in its current form beyond 5-10 runs or so is worrisome. Partially, this is due to the lack of stuff currently in the game, like levels, items, or enemies, but this is also because the game is just too easy in its current state. Now, however, the game is in Early Access, and while usually this is a curse for any interested potential customer on Steam, I can safely say that the developers are some of the most genuine and caring ones out there. They're all over the forums for the game, and they actively seek out community suggestions and any bug reports. Patches are constantly released for TSGO, and that's great! I love that the developers truly do care, and that's what convinced me to raise my recommendation from a no to a yes,

The game is fun as is, but it's definitely lacking in some areas. The developers seem to truly care about remedying the issues with the game though, and I appreciate that. They're constantly adding new content, such as enemies, items, bosses, or entire levels, in addition to fixing bugs all the time and taking in community suggestions or comments. This to me speaks miles compared to other Early Access developers who just put out a patch every 6 months or so. The commitment put into The Story Goes On makes me hopeful that the game will be pretty good, if not amazing eventually. In its current state though? Well, it's a bit rough around the edges, but if you're a fan of the genre or just looking to try out a new, cheap game, this isn't a bad option.
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20.7 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 17, 2015
Due to an undying love for arcade, indie, dungeon crawlers and HnS games I unashamedly asked the dev for a key so I could try this game out and review it. Nobody was hurt in the process. But here's the thread so you know.

Check TL;DR at bottom of review if this is too long for you.

The past few days have been spent milling around inside this squeaky clean indie game with a handful of baddies and critters, all of us sort of gliding from dungeon to dungeon in a place deemed a maze and called by the rather grandiose name of, The Odyssey. Having realised there must be some sort of lore, it felt essential to plop on my deerstalker cap and produce some yummy Googley searches. The results were thankfully plump lore of where we are introduced to our main protagonist, seven year old Aidan. Of our four diversly skilled characters (three of which you unlock through hidden puzzles), Aidan is the one you're stuck with in the beginning. A trifle "young" for my taste, I only played him a few times before moving onto my favourite and more recent addition to the team, Gambit the Void Slayer (flailing his ninja arms back in true Naruto fashion will confuse your sense of direction in the beginning, plenty of in-game references to many other delightful characters like this). But more on that later since the story goes on (couldn't resist the chance pun). On one fateful night Aidan's brother tells Aidan the tale of their grandfather, a man whose thirst for hidden riches takes him to a mystical place called the Odyssey where it is said treasure buried deep in the dungeon awaits those brave enough to search for it. It is a treacherous maze of the Scar, a gang of thieves operating under a dark leader Staz. Thirty years passed and to this day nobody knows what happened to their grandfather, seemingly lost forever in the depths of this strange world. In hindsight the current EA version of this game at the time of writing this review doesn't implement this lore much and stays bromidic in-game. Where there is a story if you want it, it doesn't suffice as a form of narrative within the game itself. Players are greeted by the trusty shopkeeper, Bob who offers hints and helpful in-game factoids to ease any progression difficulties for the newbie or aid unlocking secrets. This lessens the feeling of emptyness of hearing your own voice echo against the walls of the maze.

First of its developer, this rougelike has been hauled a terrifically long way from the start of its development. Even with the art and music there are videos of how it looked before, the stark contrast hails the constant work the devs are putting in and it was a shame I couldn't find even earlier versions to form a timeline for it. It's wondrous and quite remarkable to be able to see a game progress within a sturdy community of gamers, and even as sorely overused wording, the term "community made" most certainly finds its proper use here as an indie title. Even as a person who hasn't had one awful experience with an EA title purchased before release (which is very rare) I understand and purchase these kinds of games with full knowledge that EA is a blind leap of faith however much content seems to be there or not. Yet this is still an early access game so that is what you get and the current price isn't too shabby at all.

With five levels so far (different theme for each world, very detailed for a first timer's indie offspring) it is difficult to call it a complete experience even though I gave it my all with repeated playthroughs totalling 15+ hours. The current game does not give you over fifteen hours of playtime. It gives you a couple of hours at the most. I spent a long time looking for secrets and mostly going through variations to unlock a certain character that seemed to be bugged so couldn't be found anyway (will probably be fixed soon). There are several secret hidden caves and dimensions to uncover using from the most obvious to the oddest methods. The biggest fun in this game was looking for the aforementioned locations, trying out all the characters you can unlock and unlocking them in the first place. Many of these increase in goodness when you use the guiding hand of achievements if you are interested in those at all. Characters can respectively throw roped hooks, dash, ninja leap around, place bombs and detonate them with good old sword swinging and teleport among other feats. Specific character introductions will be spared since getting to meet each of the characters adds to the lore of the game and should be experienced first-hand by the player.

It plays like Larva Mortus with a face lift and a brain
One of the first games I knowingly completed 100% achievements for on Steam was Larva Mortus. As a person who enjoys arcadey games that make you grind until your bum is sore, it was a happy experience that I never really got again since most games that simple tend to crash and burn because it cannot keep your attention long enough to be completed. The moment I booted up The Story Goes On, it reminded me of a new age Larva Mortus tripping on mushrooms. Indeed there are trippy items in this game such as the mushroom (JUST EAT IT...) and the technicoloured unicorn item that made me dash back and forth like a loopy person watching my rear end fart rainbow coloured dreams (that crush all bad guys crossing its path *insert diabolical fingertip tapping here*). Moving past the simplicity of hack and slash, there are many other things I enjoy about this game. The primary school style of colourful graphics that made me daydream about it becoming cut-out animated game with dimension (gameplay and visuals are very Zelda), satisfyingly fun sound effects (I got addicted to a certain "whip whoosh") as well as the secrets which push you to check everything you can karate chop with your weapon but not to the extent of dungeon crawlers that waste hours of your time pushing every stone on the wall. Plainly stated I had a lot of fun. But only after enduring about an hour of the actual game. It's currently short and I completed the game a few times but during that inital first hour I was worried about what I was going to write because it seemed boring. I was hacking and slashing in a game without an actual true ending as of yet (early access review), and without the end I felt lost. This will go away once the game actually reaches its finale with the narrative but the stable mechanics are smooth sailing and the relatively attentive developers are clearly working on this game with weekly updates where change is incontestably evident as you boot it up one week and then the next to compare.

It isn't all fun and games with bottles of Whey. If progression is your only joy in gaming this may not be the title for you (while in EA) since you can beat it in less than thirty minutes on your first try and move on from its current early five stage state. Difficulty isn't much of a problem and as basically everything is randomly generated you're not going through exactly the same sequence but as the game updates, currently the lack of difficulty is getting replaced more and more by tediousness. Some bosses are tedious to fight rather than difficult (most are plain easy), which is fine and a frequent factor in HnS games but it will not suit a lot of people who just want to be entertained right off the bat. The art looks like a children's pop-up book with fluffy stickers and scratch & sniff, but it is detailed and keeps growing into what I expect will probably be one adorable HnS adventure for Aidan and his friends.

Only recommended if you: want to see an EA game grow, find HnS/dungeon crawlers or shumps like Larva Mortus fun, find repetition soothing and/or enjoy supporting small indies.
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52.4 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 11, 2015
This review was written back in June, months before I was hired onto the staff as an official dev. Everything down below I've written from a non-biased, early-access perspective and will remain unchanged.

If you like top-down hack'n'slash type games such as the original Zelda games or random maze generated gameplay like in the Binding of Isaac, then this may tickle your fancy. The Story Goes on [Although Currently in Early Access] is a fun-fast paced game with hidden secrets and unique items.
The gameplay goes very quickly and dying is something I may call a feature to the game: it works like losing lives, but as a throwback to old retro Atari/NES era games, you start from the beginning upon game over. This however doesn't depreciate gameplay in the slightest since the levels only get progressively harder and getting back to where you died takes mere minutes.
Regardless of that apparent length, purchasing the game will have you playing it for countless hours (I've already racked up a dozen myself in the last week)! Bugs do come up from time to time, but as an early access game this comes to be expected and I can't really say any have made the game unplayable. The few bugs there are have come and gone very quickly since the team provides updates almost daily.
Perhaps one of my favorite features about this game is that it's community-driven and community-made. No, an entire community is not coding the game, but there are forum threads based in game discussion and Google Docs for players to post bug reports, recommendations, suggestions and sometimes supply their own art assets for the game. The team creating The Story Goes On isn't working alone, and this is one of few Early Access games I feel I actual contribute to in the development process. In fact, a few achievements, graphical changes and items I suggested have already made it in the game!
This game is certainly worth the minor change you need to shell out for it and it's one that you can pick up whenever you want; no save points, no getting stuck on a hard boss(bosses that spawn are completely random).
You'll never experience the same maze/dungeon twice!
I'd give this game 7 lemons out of 2 rotten grapefruits.
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1.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 24, 2015
-Disclaimer- This preview was written during Early Access. The Story Goes On is subject to change.-

On first glance The Story Goes On is a game you might pass up, the graphics are not flashy, nothing spectacularly here to catch your eye and draw you in. On second glance, if you dig a little deeper you might find a challenging and enjoyable title, especially if you're a fan of roguelikes. The Story Goes On is a Hack & Slash, RPG, Roguelike, with randomized dungeons in the form of the Odyssey and perma-death. The title draws some obvious comparisons to the much beloved and revered gran-daddy of roguelikes, Binding of Isaac. The key difference of The Story Goes On being is that instead of poop demons and tears, we have some good old fashioned swords and magic. If I had to put The Story Goes On in a nutshell it would be a great game to introduce somebody younger or new to the roguelike genre. It has friendly, albeit simple, visuals and for the most part is simple to grasp and play.

The gameplay is rather simple and along the lines of other roguelike titles such as A Wizards Lizard or The Weaponographist. You travel from square rooms to rectangle rooms slaughtering indiscriminately in search of loot, keys, and the boss key. There are all sorts of random powers and buffs that alter your characters basic statistics like range, dash, and weapon speed. The powers or loot can range from a mace you throw at enemies, a trusty parrot that pecks at foes, to a ice wand with limited charges. These items/buffs are all randomly placed including enemies, secrets, and randomized bosses.

The combat is the main draw here in The Story Goes On, and for the most part it works just fine. You mindlessly left click on your mouse until your enemies go poof and the rooms exits appear. Depending on which character you are using you will have some basic abilities. The main character you start with has a dash that makes him invulnerable, a hookshot, and his sword. I couldn't comment on the other characters as I had no indicator or hint whatsoever on how to unlock them. I can only assume it was by completing the first five sections of the game. Which I did not manage due to my issues with the combat.

Like I said, the combat works for the most part and is acceptable and challenging at times, yet there is polish that needs to happen. As an example entering a room sometimes instantly rewards you with damage as enemies spawn on top of you, also the enemies have very strange attack animations that makes it hard to predict when they are going to strike. This lead to my death more then once and left me feeling cheated at times, this on top of the fact it's a perma-death game, as you can imagine, was very frustrating. The main hero's abilities of hookshot and dash, seemingly got me into more trouble then they were worth, hacking away was far more easy and safer. The game currently doesn't really reward you for trying different tactics. Finally the enemies seemingly died from random amounts of damage, one would die from a single swipe and others in two or three swipes. This could be due to buffs and stats changing although this randomness continued in most of my game sessions.

After clearing many rooms and finding the boss key, you will face off against one of the games bosses. These are seemingly randomized but currently there are only about two maybe three per area. This is by far the area that needs the most balancing, as bosses are simply laughable and easy to defeat. Most of the time I felt the bosses were not even attacking me. I had more trouble with some of the mini-bosses that appear randomly while exploring the Odyssey. Speaking of the Odyssey, it was rather an enjoyable experience. The five sections of the game are rather unique in feel and design, despite the fact the game is completely in 4:3 resolution and doesn't support widescreen. You can put the game on fullscreen but end up with giant black bars on the side of your screen. Most of the problems with combat and UI design, I can forgive due to the game being in Early Access. Despite this, I just don't understand why the game doesn't support widescreen in this day and age.

Nonetheless, each of the areas does have a very unique tone, with monsters coming at you from all sides that suit the area and making each area feel unique. The areas come in different sizes and even contain some hazards that you must watch out for as you battle an onslaught of monsters. This I liked very much as it kept me on my toes. There are also some secrets littered about the game that can be discovered by hacking at everything, usually rewarding you with some sort of stat buff. This is again par for the course in roguelikes and works very well, rewarding exploration.

The game is surprisingly well put together for an Early Access title.(Former experiences with other EA games left me wanting) The base game right now is for the most part bug free and I never had any kind of hiccups. The UI is acceptable but does have the tiny issue of where the map that shows the Odyssey is placed. This map can cover up a portion of the map and hence an enemy might be hiding out of your sight. This is something that will hopefully be addressed by the time the game exits Early Access.

Other areas need polish as well, including story, which The Story Goes On doesn't currently have ironically. The music I found was quite enjoyable and one of the areas I felt the game was nicely done, using a mix of fast paced electronica and old style chip tunes. The sound effects were acceptable as well, slashing, explosions, and magic all had a nice oomph to them and never grated on my ears. The enemies did fall quite silent though as all they did was go poof.

Speaking to the other accoutrements, such as options, I was not disappointed, offering motion blur, lighting effects, and fully rebindable keys. Replay value of the game is high of course as the dungeons are randomized, random items, and unlocking other characters. The overall games length lends itself to quick playthroughs lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 mins.

The game is fun and just difficult enough for newer and veteran players, at least for the first couple of playthroughs. I think eventually veterans will find the game a bit on the easy side. I can see myself playing the game a couple of times until all the characters are unlocked, however there really isn't anything I felt to keep the player locked into this game. There are some neat ideas here that need to polished but nothing that is really all that original. This could all be due to the game still being in Early Access, as more features and items make it into the game and add their own unique flair and keep me wanting to play more and more. It should also be noted that the game does come at an incredibly great price of $4.99, that price alone makes this game worth it. Like I mentioned, The Story Goes On a great way to introduce your friends or kids to roguelikes.

So if you are in the market for new and up coming roguelike that you can play with your kids and not worry about religious overtones(coughBindingofIsaaccough). The Story Goes On is a great choice.
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5.6 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 11, 2015
There are few indie games that get released on Steam that have nearly as much potential as "The Story Goes On".

I really enjoy the simplicity of TSGO, a simplicity that gaming nowadays has drifted away from. Nowadays, almost every game puts you through a tedious tutorial and a repettitive start phase. TSGO drops you right into the fray. And it a player is able to pick it up right off the bat due to its engenious simplicity.

Instant action, an arsenal of items, a playful animated art style and an endless randomized dungeon awaits anyone who decides to pick up this game.

The game is only going to get better and better as time goes on.

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0.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: June 11, 2015
Amazing Game! I love the challenge that is gives, yet being simple enough for anyone to pick up. Great Development, and I can't wait to see what is in the future for The Story Goes On. Easily give this game a 10/10!
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Not Recommended
1.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: November 6, 2015
*I was provided with a key by the developer to review the game*

“The Story goes on” is a topdown roguelike that takes a lot of inspiration from The Binding of Isaac. While reviewing the game it’s still in early access so it’s not yet finished.

If you have played “The Binding of Isaac” then you probably know what kind of game this is, but I’ll explain in case you haven't. You are dropped into a dungeon with only a sword and 1 or 2 special abilities depending on which character you’re playing as. Your goal is to get to the bottom of the dungeon by traversing random generated floors. Each floor has many rooms that work as small arenas that you can only leave after defeating all the enemies. And each floor also ends with a boss fight before you can move down to the next floor.

My thoughts on the game are that it’s lacking in many ways. The game works and plays as it should, but I feel that it doesn’t add anything new to mix in the roguelike genre. It does what every other game does but on a lower level and without anything new I don’t feel compelled to continue playing it. The items you get by progressing in the game all blend together because they all have so little effect on the game, even the active items. So each run feels the same. It doesn’t help either that I never find myself using the special abilities the characters have since I find them too hard to control or plain out bad. The bosses between each floor are not memorable at all. Most of the bosses I just ran straight into and whacked them with my sword until they died and then moved on. Some of them have special attack patterns and invulnerability periods, but they still feel mostly the same. Bosses should be one of the most important things in this kind of game so that disappointed me. I can’t help myself thinking that I want to play another roguelike instead while playing this game. Just because other games, like The Binding of Isaac, does everything this game does but better.

How the game looks also bothers me. It just looks so… basic. To someone else this can be something positive but I just think that it doesn’t stand out from other games, not eye catching at all.

The length and the difficulty level is also something I want to bring up. During my first first play session I did 3 runs. I died on my first run and beat the game on my second and third run. And at that point I felt that I had seen everything the game had to give, that I was already done with the game only after 1 hour of playtime. Other games in the same genre are much harder, takes longer to beat and has items that drastically changes your playstyle and makes every run unique. The developer however confirmed that the difficulty will be changed in the future.

What I did like about the game was that each floor has different music and a different theme and I like the atmospheres on all of the floors. The floors themselves also has interactive environnements such as rocks and trees you can use to your advantage. You can also move and attack in all directions, I played this game with a gamepad and thought the controls were good and responsive.

At the moment I would not recommend this game if you’re not desperately looking for a new top down roguelike. Even at this price tag of 5€ I feel that you don’t get your money’s worth in content from your purchase.
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Early Access Review
Posted: November 28, 2015
*Disclaimer: Key was provided by the developer for this review.

Due to the game being in early access, there are expected bugs here and there that need to be ironed out, so any opinions based on that will be set aside until the game makes it to its official release.

Characters: The hack 'n' slash approach makes the game rather unbalanced due to the fact that the original character does not start with any benefits and it feels as if eventually all characters are essentially the same the further into the game you get. Needs more variety.

Levels: The overall size of each level is rather small and there's only a few areas until you reach the end of the story (for now). There needs to either be larger levels, or a lot more levels. There are more than enough bosses to create more levels if needed.

Overall: Game definitely has potential and is fun the more you play; however, that's only a good start. Hoping to see a lot more content for this game prior to its official release.
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Early Access Review
Posted: June 11, 2015
Very cool game! I really like the graphics and art style. The way the characters play is very smooth and enjoyable. I can see this project of yours turning out very well in the long run! Keep up the good work and I'm very excited to see this game's future!
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 20
Well having played lots of developer versions and versions before the game was even on early access, I've had lots of experience with this game. It's grown at an amazing rate and for an indie game made by 3 college kids, it's ♥♥♥♥ing amazing. It's a hack n' slash game but it still remains very entertaining and relaxed. I love playing this game while listening to my music. It's a really chill and entertaining game and I definately recommend it. Totally worth the price!


The game runs really well, you could play this on any computer really. The game mechanics are great, the design is amazing. There are a couple upcoming bugs but they usually get fixed in updates very quickly. Malcolm and his friends are doing Early Access right, with the game getting progressively better due to bug fixes and game updates every couple weeks. This game is very well crafted. If you are a fan of Binding of Issac or Hyperlight Drifter you will most likely enjoy this game. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something new to play. :)
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Heebie Jeebies
3.3 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: May 19
This game is actually loads of fun, in spite of it not yet having a full release. I recommend this game for anyone. That's it. No specific type of person. Just, anyone.

I'm looking forward to seeing how content progresses over time.
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 1
Bland and boring hack 'n slash. It is extremely repetitive, the combat is extremely simple. Feels like a game for small kids.
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4.7 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: April 30
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Zee Zaa Zo
2.6 hrs
Early Access Review
Posted: April 17
No thanks... Peoples expectations and standards have clearly lowered as time goes by but not mine... Maybe its the STEAM Cards which are a bunch of poo piles... No fun in collecting with this game but then this game is just another case of The Story Goes On... And its not just this game, its a lot of these games that get in on the card thing... I just think its ridiculous when you have to spend another 3 to who knows how much to just get a Badge... Sometimes I will turn a card or emoticon or background into gems that will fetch a $ just in hopes that it ends that item and I get the gems and STEAM and the Deveolper are good with the initial purchase of the game and their piece of the pie... I'm strange and funny like that though.
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 4
TSGO is a amazing game, with randomly generated monsters/bosses as well as dungeons, this macanic is so cool when it comes to gameplay as it can highten the intrest of the player and so never gets boring - I have played this game on stream and my viewers seem to be hype on it

This game could do with some item trading or something along that line, as i think it would work well but overall - i can never get bored of this game
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 3
I do recommend this game
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Early Access Review
Posted: April 2
So this game being EA, I would still recommend it. The price is good, and gameplay/ mechanics work well. Of the powerups ive found they have been pretty unique and creative. One ive found really cool removes your 'hearts' and instead taken damage depletes your money stock, so running out of money will kill you!

From the time I've played so far I have come across two glitches/bugs that ruined my run.
One after beating a boss I went into the blackhole, but it seemed like under the hole was a cactus or something that killed me.
And the other bug being at the sun boss, I seemed to have broke his little sun he throws and I couldnt damage the boss at all. Though both of these issues have only happened once each, they will surely be reviewed and amended in the future.

The only improvement I would like to see is with the minimap. I find it to distracting not being able to see where i am in the rooms, but instead have to look at a string line on the minimap following my path.

All in all I am pretty curious to see what else this game can bring
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porcoddio a pedali
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 23
lovee this game, is very nice
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