Leap of Fate is a furiously-paced cyberpunk roguelite about overcoming your fears and achieving your fate. In a New York City where magic is real, you play as a technomage who must develop unspeakable powers to confront the Crucible of Fates. Can you survive the trials?
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Release Date: Mar 30, 2016

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August 21

Leap of Fate on the App Store

Hi everyone,
Are you looking for a good hardcore game to play on your iPhone or iPad? If so, look no further than Leap of Fate, now available on the App Store worldwide.

Content-wise, it's the same game as on PC. The only difference lies in the controls and camera. And let me tell you that we are quite proud of these touch controls. Most playtesters were very impressed by the fluidity and intuitiveness of the controls, and agreed that the skill-based and fast-paced core of the game was perfectly preserved. Try it, and tell us what you think!

So far, Leap of Fate has left its mark on mobile:
- Featured on the App Store in 154 countries
- Touch Arcade's app of the week

So if you're into gaming on the go, hopefully you make Leap of Fate one of your choices. Happy gaming!

Matt, and the Leap of Fate team

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July 23

Bug fix patch 3

Hello, dear Leap of Fate players.

Today, we bring you this patch aimed at improving your experience playing Leap of Fate. Thanks to all who helped us identify problems on the forums. Your help is much appreciated!

Significant improvements:

- Save system improvement: On the previous patch, we introduced a save system which allowed you to quit the game and then resume it next time you played. This time, we added a nifty little panel that tells you which character you were playing and in which level, and if you want to resume that game or not. It's just nicer that way.

- Loving Mother: This infamous achievement was very hard to obtain, for a variety of reasons. In addition to a bug fix, we increased the radius substantially and we reduced the required duration to 10 seconds. The achievement may be given to you automatically when you launch the game in some cases.

- Black screen: One substantial bug has been plaguing us for a while now; the one where the screen goes black after clicking on the glyph button right after picking up a new glyph in a shop. We have never been able to reproduce this bug in the studio, so it's been very hard to understand what causes the problem. Although we don't know for sure this problem is now fixed, we have created two fail-safes that should, in theory, prevent the problem from occurring. Please report if the problem still persists.

- OP Guardian: The Hitman elite in level 5 was doing double damage, which made it quite hard to beat. In addition to removing this undesirable property, we also reduced slightly the duration of its reflective aura.

Minor fixes:

- After upgrading the Levitation skill, characters would sometimes lose their levitation animations following a shadow walk.

- The Stalker elite in level 1 (the one that becomes invisible) had a very strong vulnerability to the basic attack's pushback.

- When dying in an acidic puddle in level 2, the acid sound would sometimes loop infinitely in the result screen after death.

- When applying a slow effect on the Hanging Mummy enemy in level 3, the Slow icons did not appear over the creature's head (well ... over its feet, since the thing is upside down), but rather was shifted far to the side

- In level 3, the explosive head of the Pinhead Mages sometimes exploded in mid air, before touching the ground.

- The Fireball Skeleton and its elite in level 6 were particularly susceptible to becoming permanently stunned.

- Sometimes, when a treasure chest spawned too close to the side of a map, the loot, such as a clockwork key or a glyph, could fall off the map.

- Rarely, basic attack impact FXs appeared in semi-random locations on the map, instead of on the surface that was being hit.

- When playing in smaller screen resolutions, the FX for upgrading a skill at the bottom of the page was below its icon.

- During the tutorial, it was possible to revert back to your original glyph after acquiring the new one, which made the card interface explode.

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“A brilliant, addictive experience”
4/5 – The Escapist

“Leap of Fate is a tough new Steam roguelike that oozes style and a surprising amount of substance”

“Those who appreciate a good rogue-lite and great atmosphere will not be disappointed.”
4/5 – Skewed & Reviewed

About This Game

Leap of Fate is a unique blend of isometric perspective, furiously-paced action, and roguelike elements. As one of four technomages hiding in the shadows of New York City, your time has come to confront the Crucible of Fates, a mysterious testing ground that will magically pit you against your own psychological demons. Your journey through the Crucible has you fighting hordes upon hordes of enemies and overcoming deviously laid traps. Your tools are your lightning-fast shadow walk, the powerful glyphs you find, and the magical skills that you upgrade along the way. Your reward for survival? Unspeakable power and a chance to uncover your true fate.

Key Features:
  • Experience an extremely fast and satisfying action game, built around the ability to Shadow Walk
  • Upgrade over a hundred magical skills, through an innovative system of randomly-generated skill trees
  • Discover the profound and intense stories of four characters, told through beautifully illustrated cinematics
  • Explore a modern-day cyberpunk fantasy spanning cybernetics labs, dark alleys and secret societies

The challenge - Combat in Leap of Fate is extremely quick and deadly. Not only will you face more than a hundred different types of enemies, ranging from pit fighters to mad cultists and hidden turrets, but the procedurally generated levels will keep you on your toes at all times. Be warned; once you die, you must restart from the beginning and try again. Hopefully, you'll have unlocked new permanent upgrades to help you along.

The magic - Within each game session, you will find many opportunities to gain magical power. In addition to the game-altering glyphs you randomly find along the way, there are more than a hundred magical abilities total, spread across the Mobility, Attack and Passive skill trees. The twist in Leap of Fate is that skill trees are randomly shuffled, ensuring that each game differs from the previous one. On one run¬¬, you'll float over pits and disintegrate enemies with Atomic Flash, while in the next, you'll be wielding a projectile-reflecting technology while calling upon the Greys to abduct your foes for you.

The characters - In Leap of Fate, you play one of four mages, each with their own distinct gameplay style and storyline:
  • Aeon, the shadow mage: Psychologically scarred by years of oppression in a secret society
  • Big Mo, the cyborg technomancer: Wrestling to come to terms with his dual nature
  • Mukai, the spirit channeler: Struggling to regain control of her mind from three powerful entities
  • Rasimov, the rogue occultist: A centuries-old mage on an endless quest to cheat death

They say this place makes you face your own fears, your own demons. But it can also reveal your fate, if you survive the trials.

System Requirements

    • OS: Win XP
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Discreet video card
    • Storage: 2000 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Yes
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (131 reviews)
Recently Posted
6.8 hrs
Posted: July 29
Fun, challenging, entertaining rogue-like. I still haven't ulocked the final character, but I think I may have gotten all I need/want out of this game.
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51.9 hrs
Posted: July 25
Great action packed Rogue-lite but a bit pricey.
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29.7 hrs
Posted: July 15
Leap of Fate is one of the best rogue-likes of all time. The in session progression systems are brilliantly designed and always force difficult choices on how to spend your resources. The account progression is also fantastically well designed, creating a great overall rogue-like experience.

Replayability FTW! Based on your build path and glyphs, the way the game is played will be dramatically different each time. The unlockable characters are varied enough in gameplay and theme to create solidly unique experiences. The enemy and level design are well crafted and have enough randomness and range to keep the game interesting through many playthroughs. The risk reward systems are among the best I have seen in any game.

LOF is not a beautiful game. The art is compitent and does a good enough job to clearly convey the gameplay. From a system design standpoint, Leap of Fate is a fantastic achievment and a high bar for others to chase. Absolutely worth the price of admission. This is a must play for all fans of rogue-like action games. GG!
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9.2 hrs
Posted: July 7
Its a good game if your a fan of Rogue-Like, Hack and Slash genre's. Now This game is not the easiest game but with time comes skill.

I cant really think of anything to say, Thats how good it is in my opinion.
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21.6 hrs
Posted: July 6
This is by far my favorite of impulse buys this Steam Summer Sale Season. There's been a glut of rogue-lites lately, but Leap of Fate oozes style and cool flavor, great twinstick gameplay, little downtime, and genuinely interesting characters! There's a ton to unlock, from permanent bonuses to costumes and alternate endings. It is also *snappy!* You move from scene to scene with rapid succession, with no back-tracking unless you suddenly need to *instantly* teleport into a previous room to grab that discarded health pack. Hell, the game even leaves you little icons so you can quickly see where you left old drops!

As a warning, I was a little confused at first until I noticed that the game makes use of 4:3 screen size in certain scenes, but full 16:9 in others. Also, the aiming of some special attacks can feel a little floaty at times with my Xbox controller (since you control and place a radial crosshair with your right thumbstick), but the main attack was perfectly accurate.

9/10 - Would definitely hide in a corner again while my flame Homunculus lays waste to technomage slaves.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: June 30
Like the gameplay, like the setting, like the characters. The devs have done something amazingly simple, yet very effective.
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Zetec Klinthos
20.5 hrs
Posted: June 28
This is one of the best games I have played in a long time (in this genre and surrounding like genres). I enjoy these type of games that you can upgrade your character but when you die it resets the character, to me this gives it tons of replay-ability and makes me want to do better the second time around (after yelling at my own stupidity and blaming it on "the game being broken"). Just like other games it does have its bugs but nothing that was game changing or a real problem. I plan on going for game completion so cheer me on.
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14.1 hrs
Posted: June 24
Nice fast paced combat with just enough of a challenge to make me want to come back for more. The characters are interesting and the skills are different enough from the standard fare to add a unique flavour.

This is how games should be.
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15.0 hrs
Posted: June 19
Just wanted to add my 2 cents in during the sale....

I LOVED my time with Leap of Fate, It kept my attention for far longer that most games. in the same way binding of issac did for me. I spent many nights playing runs, and i can finaly say that i have beat the game on normal with every character now, and i still have the want to beat it on hard mode with everyone. The characters are great, the atmosphere was great, the gameplay was great. If your on the fence with this one let me say, it is well worth 10-15 bucks...
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5.0 hrs
Posted: June 18
How to describe this game in a way that does it justice.

Imagine if shadowrun, binding of isaac and diablo 3 had a baby. This would be the resulting game.
Sound confusing?
Yeah it is, this game is a cyberpunk, mage oriented, arpg, arena based roguelite. In it you play a series of arenas based on randomly drawn cards.
Also based on these cards you level up your character, each run has a different randomly generated skill tree. If you die, your character is dead, you need to start again, however each play though unlocks perks and story elements.

Look I'm not doing it justice.

It comes down to this: if you are the type of person who plays Diablo 3 hardcore mode in between playing twin stick shooters and isaac while listening to rock rifts, this is the game for you.

If not; eh? I dont know you'll probably still like it, I mean I have nothing in common with you really so who is to say?
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42 of 48 people (88%) found this review helpful
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21.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 23
Become the most powerful technomage that you could ever imagine as you venture through the trials in this fast-paced, isometric rogue-like. Only if you survive.

Game Overview

Leap of Fate is a fast-paced, isometric, rogue-like game that is introduced on a science fiction/cyberpunk setting.

In this game, you will be able to play with four (4) different mages that gives you variation to match your play style and features different backstory for each of them.

These characters are "Aeon", the shadow mage (and the first one available for play), "Big Mo", the cyborg technomancer, "Mukai", the spirit channneler, and "Rasimov", the rogue occultist. Each of them will have different starting glyphs (equipped special items that has different effects when used), items, health as well as shadow walk charges and its effects.

There are a total of six (6) "Decks of Fate" (or levels) available per playthrough which increases difficulty in succession. Per level, you will have different missions given to you and clearing them will give you access to permanent upgrades for that specific character, as well as unlocking different appearances for them.

Each Deck of Fate level has eight (8) different kinds of cards that you can venture through which are "Combat, Shop, Gift, Sacrifice, Upgrade, Mystery, Challenge, and Guardian". These cards can also be either buffed, restricted with a rule, or cursed which also adds more complexity and randomness to each level.

The Pros

  • Excellent Audio - The voice actors feel very natural and on-point to the characters they portray while the soundtracks and sound effects for the game are well-made and brings in an atmospheric experience.

  • High Replay Value - I credit the unique gameplay mechanics as well as the RNG (Random Number Generator) factor that makes this interesting and new with every run you make. Every rogue-like/lite must have this aspect or else it will result as a game that is very punishing without the rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

  • Neat Aesthetics - The game has a really neat visual style that is weirdly enticing. It also fits the dark cyberpunk theme of the game and feels natural with the way they executed it.

  • Fluid Controls - Since this game requires you to be focused as you evade and move through corner by corner on every map, it is a given that the game has this factor, and it does deliver the standard.

The Cons

  • Present Game Bugs - The game has some minor bugs that could possibly hinder a good playthrough, and we do not want that when playing a very punishing game. So far, I had two random crashes from the game (which could be due to prolonged gameplay). I also had a weird button overlapping bug (which is showcased on my screenshots) that almost prevented me from using a great perk. I am not sure if this is another bug, but when you quit a certain level and start another one, the missions are stuck on what level you are previously in, making you impossible to clear it until you reach that certain level again.

  • Session-Based Gameplay - Right now, the game doesn't offer a save option for you to resume your playthrough on a later date. Though you might not find the use of this on a rogue-like especially when it is a fast-paced one (and might ruin the flavor of it since some might exploit the save once you've reached a certain stage), it might be a good addition to atleast counter the effects of a sudden-crash.

The Verdict

A must buy for rogue-like lovers. And for those of you who just stumbled upon the game and took even a little bit of interest in playing it, it really is worth the try.

If you like to see more recommended games that is worth the value you are paying, please visit my other reviews, or follow our curator group at Good Games Giveaways & Reviews.
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5.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 2
Cyber-Diablo played inside a Tarot deck! It's a huge pain in the butt that you can't save the game, but if you're willing to sit down for at least thirty minutes at a time -- better hope no real life interruptions come up! -- you'll be rewarded with some top-notch sci-fi action shuffled into myriad tough choices about what boon to give your character next. Eminently replayable, immaculately paced, and colorfully flavored.

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31 of 42 people (74%) found this review helpful
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13.3 hrs on record
Posted: March 30
First of all, this is probably my favorite game that's gone through Early Access. It's also possibly my favorite rogue-lite game also. Where to start...

First, it's a top-down twin stick shooter with rogue-lite elements (similar to the game play of something like Binding of Isaac or Nuclear Throne). It handles great with tight controls that work great for controllers or keyboard and mouse, whichever you prefer. What's also great is that the controller support and controls were basically made from the ground up to be super intuitive and they did an amazing job on those.

The game also has an awesome setup and atmosphere all around. The stories and intros usually revolve around secret societies or other things related to the occult. It has a beautiful cyberpunk magic oriented aura around it and it really shines in the story cutscenes and definitely during gameplay.

All of the characters play great and offer VERY different styles of play. I won't spoil what their different abilities and such are here, but trust me they are quite fun, especially Mukai who can reflect basically any type of projectile with practice.

Also the glyphs and skills are really unique and meaningful, along with being different pretty much everytime so that each run will be a different build in skills and powers than the last.

The story scenes are very well done with good voicing that immerse you in the lore and world of these people. Even the avatar of fates (the eyeball guy in the suit) has an interesting and quirky nature that kind of makes you happy to see him any time he shows up.

One other key feature of interest and praise is the karma system which isn't what it sounds like. It basically means that you can accumulate a type of resource (karma) which looks like a golden triangle with a design on it, and once you have 100, if you die during a run, you have the choice once per run to continue. You will find this resource fairly often in smaller chunks of five or ten and once you have a bunch, you can save it and use it when you really need it for a good run.

Overall, I can't say enough good things about this game. I have been playing it sparatically ever since it came into Early Access. It has come a LONG ways from where it started and now with the updated UI and intuitive design and menu, it is a true joy to play! I recommend everyone that loves games of the genre go get this now! 10/10
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17 of 18 people (94%) found this review helpful
5.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 2
There's a lot of roguelike/roguelite games. This trend is becoming a little annoying. It seems this genre is exploited to the maximum and personally I'm tired of it. I was hoping to take a loooong break from such games - making Enter The Gungeon my last expierence with roguelikes. Then I saw Leap of Fate. I'm a sci fi/cyberpunk junkie, so i just could not resist. To hell with it, I'm buying the game! Damn it, i said to myself - why am I so hot-headed? I WILL regret that.

The thing is - i don't regret it. Leap of Fate is one of my favorite roguelite's of 2016. Starting from the story and aesthetics - sweet mixture of sci-fi, magic, mysticsm and cyberpunk. Nothing can go wrong here! Suprisingly, the storyline is pretty decent too. You unveil fates of your 4 main protagonists by playing them and achieving character goals. It's all well voice-acted, even if cutscenes are just stills - it's impressive.
The core gameplay is very fast and satyfsying. You play levels - inside randomized tarot decks. Each cards is a encouter or a bonus. Its all very fluid - transitionst between choosing cards and fight scenes are instant. Battles are similar to common hack&slash games, like Diablo. It's all quick and full of explosions. Also - the music keeps you immersed.

Completing all 6 levels in one go... is a huge task. But this games gives You small bonuses for trying. You can earn permament upgrades for your guys, you don't lose everything upon death. This is comforting, but if you cringe at idea of losing most of your stuff with death - this won't help You much. It's still a roguelike game! Only a little more forgiving.
Leap of Fate is fair, immersive and really well designed. It gets though eventually, but that's what we like about roguelikes!
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36.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 25
I've been playing the game since Early access and I like it very much.

It's a bit like Gauntlet mixed with Hand of Fate. Only instead of Warrior/Wizard/Elf you have four different Mages. Which is awesome because personally I think we need more games focusing on magic specifically.
While the game is basically about killing monsters with magic, it has great intros and outros for every character that add flavor and make every playthrough a mystic journey instead of your basic hack and slash adventure. The atmosphere in the game is great.

There are three ability trees and positions of abilities in a tree are randomised every session. Abilities are bought with mana (except for one character who pays with his own health) and mana is mostly gained through special kills. To survive later stages you want a good build, and for that you would need a lot mana, but being greedy and trying to arrange special kills can also lead to your death. So playing is balancing act between trying to survive and trying to become stronger.
The game is a rogue lite. You unlock some things by doing in-game missions, but each session is a fresh start, you lose all your abilities/glyphs/mana, so you can't just overpower the game by grinding. And I would say the game is pretty hard.

You can finish a playthrough in half an hour (good luck not dying though!), but to unlock everything and see every ending for every character you would have to play for hours. And if you like this type of game you probably will play it for hours :)

I can't really think of anything bad to say about the game, except that I would have liked it to have more levels/content. But for this price I can easily recommend you buy it.

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4.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 30
So far from what I've played I'm liking this game very much.

-Very Smooth controls. While I have not played with a controller yet, the keyboard and mouse are perfectly fine.
-Cell Shaded graphics look very good and don't interfere too much with the bullet madness of the game
-Very In depth upgrade system with alternate abilities and passive upgrades to your attacks, movement, and health
-Lots of good voice acting
-Soundtrack is great, fits the theme of the game well. Ambient effects fit perfectly.
-Characters all have their own unique backstories with stillframe cinematics that can be unlocked.
-Level design, while simplistic, gives each area it's own feel while not cluttering up the screen.

-The cell shading can sometimes become a hinderance when things get REALLY busy on the screen, creating a sort of blur effect. It's nothing major but something to consider.
-Tutorial is there but bare. Certain minor aspects of the game arn't explained at the start ( such as how the Karma system works, only being able to upgrade once per card visit, certain icons lacking hover over tooltips ). Game has a very trial by fire start to it, so keep that in mind when going into it.
-Some attacks lack an "Oomph!" feeling to them which can make firing into a crowd of dudes lack excitement. It's hard to describe but it's missing that "chunky" feeling if that makes sense.

If you have ever played Hand of Fate ( which is also a great game ), then you'll be slightly familiar with how the level design works and which may be the deciding factor in your purchase. For those of you who have not played Hand of Fate, Leap of Fate uses a somewhat similiar method to that game when going into a new level. You start each run by shuffling a deck of cards together and then having them layed out in a descending pattern on a table in front of you. Each card is dealt face down except for the top card and as you clear each card the ones around it are flipped face up. These cards range from combat encounters, where you'll teleport to a small zone to duke it out with a batch of baddies, shops where you can purchase items, upgrade cards which allow you to boost one of your character's abilities permanently ( these persist throughout runs ), mystery cards which can be unlocked with keys aquired from either playing or the shop, challenge cards which present you with a mission for that level ( clear 15 dudes with your special ) and finally a Guardian card which will lead you into an ecounter with that levels boss. After clearing a run, you get teleported back to the "home" area to begin the next difficulty.

I will be playing this game a lot more in the future but from the time I've already had with it I have enjoyed it immensly and do not regret my purchase. A full price buy for sure, a sale buy without a doubt.
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10.5 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: July 31, 2015
When I first saw the trailer of this game it made me think of dead nation.
And since I really enjoyed that game, I decided to give it a try.
It didn't disappoint me, but it felt different then I expected it to be.

First off, this game is pretty hard. Although it took me just about an hour and a half to finish easy mode. I did have some luck on the maps and bought a continue. Besides that, easy mode only has 3 levels (I explain more about this later). Now im on normal mode and I can barely get to level 3 (out of 6 levels). This isn't necessarily a bad thing, each time you die and have to start over you still make some progress by either unlocking achievments, which give rewards or getting points you can spend in your next game.

The action feels pretty smooth, however it can be a little chaotic at times. Which isn't a big issue, it just makes it very difficult to avoid being hit at those moments. Customization seems to be neat, I just haven't gotten the chance to see a lot of it yet. Due to the fact it takes a lot of time to try out all the different skills, and the skill trees are hard to level up when your just new to this game. You simply.. just die to fast. To clarify, you don't die every few minutes (unless your really bad). You just die often before you can get to the point of upgrading your skills.

A random deck of cards is dealt, each card is one map. Whether it being enemies, an upgrade or just treasure. You can choose which one you take next, untill you reach the point of one of the last cards giving an entrance to the next level.
You can also re-enter cards, to pick up some health (if you didn't need it before), or to get the upgrade you couldn't afford before. So choose wisely before ending a level.

I like the soundtracks used in this game, it fits in pretty well. Even more, I like the story. About a secret organization called cabal. Something you could compare to the illuminati. You get some textures in between the levels, which are written by different kind of persons, like spirit channelers or reporters. Giving more of an indept on whats going on. Besides those textures you unlock destiny videos of your class. Showing a lot of information on your roll into this story.
So far there is just one out of four classes playable, but since its still early access this is understandable.

So if ur into conspiracies, like a fast paced action shooter, with tons of custimozation. I'd say give it a try!

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32.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: August 6, 2015
Leap of fate is a fast paced top-down shot-em-up with rogue-like mechanics.

There are serveral levels of randomisation but nealy all can be influenced by player actions, risk/reward decistions or resouce managment, The core of a fluent fighting system is framed by a level-map of cards and surported by a profund skill and weapon (glyph) system.

Everything is randomised so you have quite different situations and options each game. Still the game is strongly skill based. Even in the worst situations: Geat pecision, wise movement and good timing can turn the tides in your favor, just for holding out this one card-battle. On the other side there are lots of archivements, some permanent upgrades and a currency for inbetween games, that let you make progress aside from your personal skillevel.

Most importantly a option to get ONE (and only one) extray life when paying the rare KAMA, (that has be gathered over the curse serveral rounds). Because of this mechanic you can extent great runs and not let them being destroyed by one single mistake.

The graphics and athmosphere and even the voiceacting are great! There in an emphasis on Story, ever changing (still consistent) visuals and a overall dark cyberpunk mood!

The game is not ready jet but its polished already, and the balancing is very good for an early access rouglike!
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Not Recommended
25.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 7
Edit: having mouse problems, so I'm hesitant to play the game right now. There was a recent bugfix so I intend to play through some more and might change this review based on that.

I am on the fence about this one.

Nicely paced combat. Nice looks. Nice voice acting and the little things, like pre-level messages. Nice atmosphere. Mostly qualitative advancement, very little "gain more health" or "do more damage". Restarting from bugs is quick. Enemies are smart enough to lead the character with projectiles, firing at where the character will be instead of where they are. It's a pro and con since there *might* be one boss whose attacks are unavoidable.

Personally, it's very short at six levels. Hard mode is just "let's throw a boss in every combat situation" and (I think) increase enemy health. Even at the end of a very good run with the character made for skill progression, you'll probably end up with a quarter of the skill tree covered, and there are many combos players will likely never obtain. Starting each run involves a lot of re-rolling (via immediately giving up and restarting) for an acceptable skill tree. The last level is also mostly pitch black; enemies must often be located with the risky procedure of following their projectiles to the source.

Technically, in my 24 hours playing thus far, the game has become unresponsive three times. Twice due to an unpatched glitch. If you get a new power and click to see what it is too quickly (within three seconds), the screen goes black and all you see is the cursor. Then you get to restart the game yourself. Luckily your progress is saved when this happens. The last time is a bug combo I've never seen, invincible immobile character and zero health enemy at the same time. Each of those bugs is very rare in games I've played.

The last bug prompted me to write this review. The combination of two bugs which are supposed to be extremely rare, along with what appears to be genuinely phantom damage / invisible projectiles in a certain level leads me to a suspicion: I think the pace of the combat disguises a lot of bugs. And a lot of bugs in a challenging game, let alone a roguelike is not acceptable to me.
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14.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 1
If you're looking for a very replayable roguelite game, Leap of Fate might interest you. Doubly so if you like occult and cybernetic themes. It's a twin stick shooter with six levels, randomized rewards, challenges, hazards and skill trees. The focus is on the gameplay, but it does boast a fairly well crafted atmosphere with occult elements peppered throughout (the three skill trees, for instance, are based on the tantric chakras, though very loosely). There are several clever design ideas, such as the random constraints on combat that can pay handsomely if you take them on, the stories of the character unlocking via gameplay challenges, and the ability to manipulate the levels under certain circumstances.

The randomized skill trees are the second key component of the replayability, as it can drastically alter your strategy from run to run. The first key component is the roster of four very different characters. A nimble, all purpose mage, a cyborg tank with very high survivibility, a melee fighter who can reflect projectiles, and a blood mage that is all about the high risk, high reward.

The performance is good. I'm on an aging AMD PC and the game is running smoothly.
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