Take on the invading hordes of the Nethermists as The Crusader and fight, think, and strategize to clear the monster infested, randomly created, dungeons in this card, board, and turn-based rogue-like.
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Release Date: Jun 2, 2015

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“Card Dungeon is a bizarre mash-up of genres that works better than I'd expected. It's more about dungeon exploration than card collection, but it manages to make both quite entertaining.”
8/10 – Pocket Gamer UK

“If you’re looking to get started within the realm of roguelikes, this whimsical title could be a fantastic entry ticket.”
4.5 / 5 – 148 Apps

“It's one of the most clever, engaging, and fun Rogue-likes I've ever played”
8/10 – Game Skinny

Touch Enabled

If you have a tablet you like to play games on, Card Dungeon allows for native touch input.

About This Game

Returning home from your voyages you find your homelands have been invaded by the unholy inhabitants of the Nethermist and has setup camp in crypts and dungeons all across the lands. Wander through the lands and bring down the vengeance of your Lords unto the unclean monsters in a turn based rogue-like set in a gorgeous board game setting.

Card Dungeon Features

  • Turn based gameplay rich with choices and opportunities to screw up and die.

  • Face hard choices about which of the 1000’s of cards you find you will want to keep and which to discard. Don't get too attached to any of the cards as they deteriorate with use and will need to be replaced! Save the soul of the lands and crush the hordes of the Nethermist!

  • Fight 40+ enemies each with their own unique skill cards that they will use to end your short life. Learn their strategies through multiple play-throughs and learn to be one step ahead of the creatures rising from the Nethermists!

  • Pick up and equip 100's of inventory item cards such as the necromantic Whisper Blade and the Iron gauntlets. Match your equipment to your skills and discover how to bring extra pain to your enemies. Discover and unlock new character traits to change Crusader's innate skills.

  • When Crusader falls, try to reach the same level again to retrieve all gold and items you lost. If you perish on your way there a new marker will be set and previous loot will be erased and replaced with what your carried on this playthrough.

  • Card Dungeon saves automatically after every turn, so you can always turn off the game and get back to exactly where you started when real life calls.

  • Cloud saves allow you to take your unlocked trait cards and gems with you to any computer you play on.

  • Original soundtrack by Ian Dorsch.

It's a turn based rogue-like!

Strategy and planning is more important than quick reflexes in this turn based game. With permanent death there are no shortcuts to reaching Northvale. Strategy, planning and a pinch of luck will get you far. And when all is lost, start over and see if you can reach the point where you died last so you can recover that sweet, sweet loot you had gained on your previous run through.

It's a card game!

There are so many cards to find. So many. There are skill cards which you use to interact with the world, attack monsters, disable traps, and more. There are also trait cards which define your character. There’s cards that equip your character with armor, weapons and magical items. All of these interact with each other in different ways so planning and strategy are your best friends.

It's a board game!

Card Dungeon is a board game in digital format. If you play board games you’ll feel right at home with Card Dungeon. Explore the numerous dungeons, slay the monsters, collect the loot.

Randomly Generated Levels!

Each time you play Card Dungeon completely random levels are generated with new treasures and layouts. All enemies are hand placed in the dungeons so each time you play through a level, you know what type of enemy you will encounter to better prepare you to hand out the beat downs.

Character Traits!

These unlockables will influence your play style. Play as an extra strong fighter OR a forgetful illusionist OR a sword wielding melee fighter OR a teleporting fire starter OR many other different combinations within one play-through! The game will always feel fresh and new as you discover new combinations of cards, magical items and your character traits.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP and up
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
    • OS: 10.6
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Storage: 600 MB available space
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54 of 66 people (82%) found this review helpful
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2.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 2, 2015
Okay, there has been a bit of ill-informed controversy as to whether Card Dungeon is a rip-off of the browser game Card Hunter; it's not. Each game has a similar art style and each game is a dungeon crawler and that is where the similarities end. It's not my intention to write a side by side comparison of the two games as I believe that EACH offers a unique and fun experience and yes, Virginia, there IS room for more than one game.

Card Dungeon is a very cool mashup of a roguelike, a card game, and a boardgame and it gets it all right. There's no deep lore here folks; go play Pillars of Eternity or Dwarf Fortress for that. This is an unabashedly fun dungeon crawler that at least in spirit feels a bit like the physical D&D big box games like Wrath of Ashardalon, Castle Ravenloft, and The Legend of Drizzt and a bit of the sadism of Dungeonquest (permadeath) thrown into the mix.

Character creation is limited by design at the beginning of the game. You are a crusader and you have only one positive trait and one negative trait available. The rest are locked. I'll assume that you've played dungeon crawlers and/or roguelikes. Combat is executed by using cards that you'll find in the randomized dungeons. Like Magic the Gathering, there are thousands of cards and there are varying rarities of cards. You can have three cards at any one time but these cards have only a limited number of uses so plan wisely. Additionally, when you discover new cards, you need to decide whether to take that card or not. You cannot "save" it for later. This allows for some very compelling strategic and tactical considerations as you progress.

You'll find gold to spend and monsters a plenty to kill. In a cool twist however, you can choose not to kill the wildlife but just go after monsters. I like this touch a lot as I prefer to leave bats alone and fight nasties.

The game's tutorial is interactive and the controls are intuitive. While this game began life as a non-PC product, it's clear that the developers put a lot of love into this and it feels like a PC game from the ground up.

Don't expect "grimdark." This game doesn't take itself too seriously but that doesn't mean it won't try to kill you. It will because after all, the mission of a roguelike is to kill you in wonderfully creative ways. I imagine that this game will eat up a lot of hours with the randomization of dungeons plus the discovery of thousands of cards.

This game is an example of Greenlight done right. The game is very stable and VERY addicting. I will still play Card Hunter because despite superficial similarities, the games ARE different. As of this review, Card Dungeon is $8.99 until June 9th. It's a steal for the amount of fun this seems to promise.

HIGHLY recommended for fans of dungeon crawlers!

EDIT: Someone in this game's community hub actually asked if this game was "religious" because the character is a crusader. It's not and I can vouch that I have never seen it at church. ;)
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50 of 73 people (68%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 3, 2015
On paper, this seems like it would be a great game, but in practice it leaves a lot to be desired.
My primary dislikes:

1) You have no basic attack. If you don't have a damage card, you aren't going to be able to damage anything around you.

2) This can happen very easily. Cards wear out - QUICKLY, and you only have 3 of them. If you encounter a 15 health boss, and his two minions with 5 health each, your 2 damage attack is not going to keep you alive. Running away at 1 square per turn is tedious and annoying.

3) This could have been a great squad tactics game. A party of adventurers delving through a card-based dungeon would have been a lot of fun, but they went the relatively lazy route of single-adventurer... pretty much what everybody else is doing.
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17 of 18 people (94%) found this review helpful
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6.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 3, 2015
I wish there was a 'neutral' option...

TL;DR: I got my moneys worth out of it, but if you're looking for a challenge, you better give it a pass.

I like all sorts of Rogue-likes and while I am usually not exceptionally good at them, I beat this one with my very first character in about 6hrs (6.5h according to steam, with some small breaks in between).

I like the mechanic of cards (everything is a card, spells, abilities, equipment) wearing out after using them for a while, but once I got my head around the basic strategy of
1) Search for the boss, kill him and everything in between with the cards I feel comfortable with, WITHOUT looting anything at all
2) Search for the Chalice which may or may not completely repair your cards
3a) If your cards are repaired, loot for upgrades only
3b) If not, replace your cards with new ones
4) Leave the level

it felt a bit grindy towards the end. The enemies don't get much stronger and only slightly "bullet spongy".

Improvements could be made regarding to controls and UI but for the most part it works. Only the scrolling is complete bullocks right now: scrolling with the mouse stops when your invisible cursor hits the edge of the screen (I guess), and scrolling with keyboard (WASD) means if you release them it will instantly snap back to your character - which posed some serious problems when trying to look at monster hitpoints.

Card variety feels also a bit limited due to overlapping and certain subsets I never felt inclined to use, like push/pull, trap removal, walls, shields, control, summon - even heals I never used again after the card I started with wore out. In my playthrough it came down to this finger of god thingy (a ranged massive single target damage spell), an AOE like heat wave and a fire/lava tile spell of some description. With repairs I could sustain my favourite combo pretty much over the 2nd half of the game, rarely having to trade any of them in for something else.
At the end of a run you can unlock some trait cards to change the starting conditions of your game or give yourself a serious disadvantage, but even so, I don't feel the urge to play it again.

It's OK but not more (yet).
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Not Recommended
3.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 4, 2015
When it comes down to it, Card Dungeon at its core has flaws in terms of its gameplay, but does have things to offer in card variety and it's RPG elements. Using the different combinations of card is fun, and all the runs can feel reasonably different. Luck plays a reasonable part however, which feels like it could be tweaked over the long haul to help give the game life. However, the major problem doesn't come from the game itself, but the platform it's on. The game is a mobile port that's asking for 3 times the price of the port in question, and the major problem underlying that is the lack of value added in the port. Seemingly upgraded graphics help a little bit, but little attention has been paid to keyboard options that would have been perfect for the games long hallways and possible backtracking, and broken options such as the sound volume not saving, or menus that disappear when you alt tab. And with no real benefits to recommend it over the mobile port besides some upgrade graphics, I honestly can't recommend it on Steam. Go check it out on the android store.

Gameplay and Video First Impressions: https://youtu.be/ruu1jJtyxMI

  • Gives a Board Game Like Feel similar to Card Hunter. Visuals for the most part do the job in that case.
  • Variety in attack cards help vary things up from dungeon to dungeon.
  • Replayability is definitely high with unlockables and addictive nature of the game.
  • Reasonable performance for a mobile port.

  • Feels like the card degradation mechanic needs a tweak of some sort, as lack of idea of when a card truly will die can be problematic.
  • Feels like at times the game needs to explain itself a little more.
  • Lack of ability to fast track movement leads to repeated movement and waste of time that could have been avoided.
  • Game can feel like luck isn't working in your favor, and that a bad run of luck will doom you, more then other roguelikes of the genre, IMO.
  • Poor use of the PC and it's available feature set, not taking natural advantage of having a keyboard when it would be appropriate.
  • Bugs regarding lack of sound settings saving as well as menus disappearing on ALT+TAB.
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28 of 44 people (64%) found this review helpful
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: June 3, 2015
RPG card game?!? Yeah
Played it for over an hour and couldnt finish first island.
Why? Because It has card managment system!
How? Well you cant use one card indefinitely, it will be broken after some period of use.
Is it a good thing? Yuss It will make you play smarter and think in advance, discarding cards on time and replacing it with ones you loot. Awesomee !

+Concept is pretty neat and game brings refreshness to card turn based genre.

+Music is enjoyable

+No bugs or glitches noticed

-Only 3 cards in hand ?! C'mon guys you could at least do 5 (yea only thing I found lack in this game) but I guess you have your reasons for making it.

To long to read ?
Overall : 8/10

Everyone who are in card turn based game, must own it, even if you are not, Card Dungeon is a game that is worth trying

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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 5, 2015


+ Clean graphics and audio capture the table-top asthetic/experience very well. Plays smoothly.
+ Random generated levels and loot cards work very well and make replaying dungeons less repetitive.
+ The card management mechanics are great! A 3 card limit will force you to make tough decisions when choosing which card(s) to take or keep. Cards can decay as you use them, giving them limited uses before they break!


- Panning camera does not stick, automatically snapping camera back to your character after you pan (an option to toggle this would be nice).
- Mana/Health indicators only show on one side of hero/enemies, forcing you to always spin the camera around to see them.
- Camera rotation controls can be a bit tricky

Bonus: Cards have cute humour and some fun movie/game references sprinkled as flavoured text. Enemies shout out funny sayings in comic style speech bubbles that will make you chuckle.

Card Dungeon was a very pleasant surprise. I was initially attracted to the table-top ashtetic, but was surprised at how well it played.

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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 5, 2015
Strangely enough, I still like this game. For all the reasons mentioned in the other reviews, it looks to be a very enjoyable game ... except for one minor detail: yes, the random card drops.

My first game went reasonably well for it being my first game. I had a very cunning plan of having one attack card, one heal card and one card for handy effects. In the third dungeon however, my attack card ran out of attacks, didn't find any new attack card, ran around opening things, didn't find anything, died slowly.

My second game I decided to go with two attack cards and one for other effects. Ran into the boss-fight in the second room, explored a bit further in the hope of finding at least one fresh attack card ... found nothing. Teleported to the second dungeon, soon ran out of attacks, life quickly followed.

My third game I decided to ignore any card that didn't do damage, unless I had an open slot. Still ran out of attacks before I could complete the first dungeon ... got to teleport around the rooms a lot before I ran out of mana and life again.

I'm not sure if I want to start a fourth game.

I'm fine with having random elements in a game, but this kinda feels like the whole result is decided by which random carddrops I get, any decisions I make in game are just for show.

Apart from that it still looks very nice though.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
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2.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 27, 2015
Card Dungeon is a easy to play, approachable, and fun Roguelike card game. You will have to constantly change your strategy as cards that you grow dependent upon, dwindle and fade. With very few ways to revive cards in the game, this leads to some dynamic moments of card combinations. Now don't let the cute, board game graphics fool you this is still at heart, a Roguelike. There will be random traps, monsters, treasure and more. Sometimes the odds will stacked against you and sometimes it will be a cake walk, I find that the latter is mostly true. Card Dungeon isn't the worlds most difficult game, however it still manages to be challenging enough. The major caveat about Card Dungeon is that it is a mobile port, meaning that while there is no microtransactions, you are paying for the convenience of playing this on your PC. The graphics are updated but the gameplay is the same. There is also some minor tidbits like repetitive gameplay, graphical bugs, and UI complaints, but its nothing that truly holds the game back, they are just minor annoyances. Card Dungeon is different enough that it is worth a look. The gameplay can be quite rather addictive and if your looking for a lighter casual Roguelike experience, with a D&D board game flair, Card Dungeon is a fine choice.

I made a video review to show off some of the features and gameplay of this game!
I hope you enjoy!
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
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1.1 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2015
I'm hardly the first to notice the similarity, in both the "styles" and the release dates, of this and another - also similarly TITLED - game called Card Hunter. Now, I have no interest in which of these products is the chicken and which is the egg, and am merely pleased to announce that these two games have at least as much NOT in common as they have, well, in common!

The main differences which I can readily deduce, having not played an ENORMOUS amount of either, are (drum roll, please): In Card Hunter, you play a party of adventurers, while in this one your Crusader crusades alone; the gameplay of Card Hunter is mainly comprised of a series of stand-alone combat scenarios, with some prose in-between to tell the "story", while in this one you actually move around and actively "explore" a dungeon; and last, but certainly not least for many of you cheap-skates out there, Card Hunter is FREE while this one costs money.

Me, I don't care too much about such petty issues - I'm the direct descendant of noble birth, my family has been burning and beheading the less privaleged for centuries now, so I've NO end of riches to burn - but for you plebs who can't afford ten dollar games, even when they're 75-90% off, I guess I'm obliged to help you with the oh-so-hard decision of whether to buy this game (or fork out for, I dunno, a pack of chewing gum or something instead).

My advice for now would be this: Try out Card Hunter first, since it poses no such overwhelming financial dilemmas, and if you enjoy that, well...this one may well be worth a purchase also, especially if your biggest disappointment with the free game in question is that you don't get to actually WALK AROUND A DUNGEON. This one possibly also has the slightly less condescending sense of humour - Card Hunter is a nudge-nudge, wink-wink "nerd"-fest of the highest order - but on the whole, they're both pretty self-deprecating, both pretty "zany", both reasonably fun, and both have, er...cards (in "virtual"/digital form, of course). Personally, I like 'em both about equally thus far; which is to say, quite a bit, but not to the extent that I want any of the developers to bear my first-born children. After all, I'm really not sure they're worthy of my noble seed...

With no further ado, I endow this game with PRECISELY the same recommendation and rating which I gave it's semi-namesake, which would look a bit like...wait for it...

Verdict: 8/10.

(My work here is done. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for a spot of peasant-hunting. No, not "pheasant"-hunting. PEASANT-HUNTING. Someone has to keep their numbers down. Toodle-hoo for now!)
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 3, 2015
I'll just start with describing the game a little and listing the cons and pros.

It's a dungeon crawling game with 3 levels to each dungeon. There isn't really any customisation at the start, nor are there any tutorials, and it's not really needed either. The game is very accesible from the get go.

You get to pick a Positive and a Negative trait at the start of a new game (at first you'll only have the choice of one of each, but you pick up random knowledge gems that unlock more traits in the dungeons)

You also start with 3 cards that you can use against foes (or to give beneficial effects to yourself) These cards wear out however. At first a small crack appears, that gets bigger and eventually it breaks completely. There are various qualities of cards. The lowest one is poor, which means it breaks down fairly quickly. Higher qualities become more common the further you get in the dungeons.

In theory it's a very small game with not that many tools to your disposal. Since you only get 3 cards you can keep, when you pick up a new one you have to decide whether it's worth it or not. If not, it gets discarded. Sometimes you come across equipment that can help you become more durable, evade more hits, etc.

There's no save feature and I'm not sure yet if there's much replayability when you finish the last dungeon. I'll list some pros and cons.


1: Actually more tactical than you'd think. There's various ways to handle a new room. Use a minion, or a clone of yourself. Or pop a card that causes blood to spray everywhere and lure in a shark.

2: Easy to learn/play.

3: The price is just right imo.

4: Decent soundtrack

5: Can be played in small intervals, since progress gets saved automatically. This also means when you make a mistake you'll pay for it.


1: Does get repetitive at times. It's basically kill, loot, repeat. But then this something of a rogue-like, so that's to be expected.

2: Lack of customisation. Honestly the only thing you can do at the start is pick traits.

3: Game seems small, I think I'm 3 hrs in and unlocked over half the dungeons so far.

4: Correct me if I'm wrong but seems there's no difficulty settings that I could find?

I'd still recommend the game if rogue-likes are your thing, just don't expect a ton of depth or fiddling around with stats and such. But for this price I'd certainly grab it.
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Recently Posted
3.8 hrs
Posted: September 18
I had bought this game a while ago, played it for half an hour and quit. I've decided to give it another shot. This is not a game I can recommend. Playing it feels tedious and here's why:

The 3 card limit is actually terrible, and feels terrible. I've only made it to the third stage, but I have found zero use for utility cards since I need all of the attack type cards possible. This means no heals, no traps, and no trap removal cards. You're limited to only three cards. If I kill stuff faster, I won't get hit.

There is no basic attack in this game, and the cards have a durability rating. You can physically see your cards becoming torn the more you use them. This leads perfectly into my next point about the tedious nature of the game.

When you kill a monster it leaves a loot bag on the floor. You can either choose to loot it right away, or leave it for later. Leaving them for later is actually the prefered choice so you don't run out of options for attacking. If enough of your cards become unusable from over use and no shrine to hopefully restore your cards are in sight, those loot bags can be a savior. These maps start becoming big after a while and navigating them just to check on the loot you left behind is annoying.

This game would have been better off with a tiny inventory system. You can keep X number of cards and potions in your inventory on standby. Suddenly those utlity cards and healing cards have a purpose. That potion you just picked up isn't instantly wasted because you're at full mana and health. The way the game is now makes me roll my eyes constantly. I have zero interest in going further than I already have in this game.
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Target Dummy
1.0 hrs
Posted: July 16
Lack of a basic attack means there are times when you can't do anything but run away, only to die in a corner you can't get out of.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: February 12
Great idea for a game. In fact I was enjoying myself despite having to wait forever each time for my turn again. Until I realized only three cards, and rarely having attack cards which you need drop is a bad thing. Aka round 1-2. It's not fun if you can't attack and kill everything. I mean yeah let them gain up on me give me a good chance to die, that I don't mind. Being cornered where I can't even hit back and am stuck just sitting there or quitting. That tends to ruin a good game. It's kind of heart breaking really I was hoping for a semi relaxing yet still make you think game. Maybe after a few touch ups? But for now I can't seem to recommend it.
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9.6 hrs
Posted: January 16
I like board games but the rules of this one is kind a weak and not fun
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9.1 hrs
Posted: January 6
Card Dungeon is a virtual board game in which the player navigates a series of dungeons killing monsters and collecting treasures.

Good points:
+ Nice, neat graphical style with varied dungeon graphics.
+ Smooth and (at least on my play-through) bug-free.
+ Music is simple, but fun and non-intrusive.
+ Cheap (particularly if you pick it up in a Sale)

Bad points
- Way too easy (completed everything and collected enough gems to unlock everything on my first proper game).
- Totally linear and lacking any secrets or similar (at least that I found)
- Becomes a bit repetitive.
- No replay value.

Overall I would (just about) recommend it, if you are looking for a cheap and simple game to waste a few hours without taxing your brain. Not likely to present much of a challenge to adult players however and you'll be unlikely to touch it again once you have played it through.

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6.1 hrs
Posted: November 6, 2015
May be it's nostalgia, but i was playing that kind of games 30 years ago but as a board game of course !
But this think is horrible ! Ok, playing dungeon as a warrior, but where is my sword ? Need to use st...id cards like a mage to fight ? Almost die cause attack cards will broken, and just takes damage and do nothing... :( Chests and others give me almost craps or stoopid potions that i can't store !!!! When you rotate screen, stats disappear ! Many bugs, killed a spider that never disappeared... At least give us just basic damage, same for those poor merchant... Sure, spend lot of time too create this game, but sure will be my last spend of time with this no game ! :(
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1.7 hrs
Posted: July 18, 2015
Play Card Hunter instead, it's a much better game and it's free!
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13.7 hrs
Posted: July 15, 2015
First the weak parts.

I started a few times and died, and then suddenly I just walked through the game without even shifting any cards (besides finding the same cards with better quality). At one stage I didn’t even cast a single spell for the full three levels and managed to kill almost all. The game was a yawn difficulty wise (due to flaws and balancing issues) and I mostly played to the end to see if it got harder eventually with the last level, and also because I didn’t want to hear someone object “just wait to the last levels – THEY are hard!”. I am sure the game IS hard if you play it intuitively, which I did the first couple of tries. But feel free to read on and hear what happened next.

At the beginning I opted for melee cards and summon cards. Then I found a card where my lord simply squishes an opponent. Now… why would I want a card that does 3,4,5 damage when there is one card simply killing the opponent in one draw? It doesn’t make sense! But then again, this card is actually pointless as well. The best card seems to be the card where you create 3X3 square of fire, causing damage to everyone there, and then damage each round (3+ dependent on quality). This was the only card I needed for the entire game. No need to switch. Ever.

I was suspicious when I saw the game play of only three cards. That usually calls for super optimizing with no use for 99% of the cards. How did the developers plan to handle this? By deteriorating the cards as they are used. So was I forced to change cards because of this? No. As there is a refresh altar at each level that fixes your cards? But can you really go through with only three cards without them being exhausted? Well, not if you pick bad cards. That is the strange dynamic here. If you use bad cards you probably need to shift them during the level as they wear out from being so ineffective. But if you choose great cards, not only do you win each fight easily, they don’t wear out as quickly as you just need to use them a few times. A typical double effect that unbalanced the whole system.

Ok. So why are the area spells so effective? Well, to start with it’s a no brainer because of the limited number of uses of each card. You need to super optimize to take out several opponents at once. This is easily done with area spells in this game because it seems the developers didn’t really play test their game. You may think I am rude now, but honestly… if you don’t play test your game… I don’t know what to say. Ok, any developer can let a few flaws pass, and AI is difficult, but here me out. This isn’t about the monsters having to be supersmart. I just think it would be a good idea for them to avoid squares that are set on fire, full with poison, cursed or whatever – when they can just take the square beside it. Or just wait the spell out. It’s not like the monsters are in a hurry.

But it gets worse. Not only are the monsters so dumb that they step into every trap, and area spell lingering that exists, and multiple times. The same square. But they are not immune their own area spells. You heard me! It’s not only that they may spit poison or fire and be susceptible to poison of fire… they are susceptible to THEIR OWN area attack! This is what made me go through three levels of gelatinous cubes and just see them kill each other with there are spells. And a single cube would kill himself as well. All you have to do is open the door and see them kill themselves. This is impossible to miss when testing regardless of whether you realize the massive unbalance towards the area spells of the character and the Artificial stupidity of monsters when it comes to area spells.

But there is more. You have three cards. You can choose to have cards to kill opponents or cards that heal you and hope for healing potions as loot. You can also choose an advantage that heal you now and then. Or… you can also find a headband that heals hp and mana EVERY TURN. You heard me. Every turn. And there is no food in the game so time is on your side. So all spells, potions (as they cannot be stored and used at convenience anyway) that heal are more or less pointless. Even if one misses the obvious choice to buy HP from the merchant and never mana… you would still heal upto 7 hp a turn. It’s very hard for the monsters to match that. Most levels I just hit space and waited for the monsters around me to walk on a trap or get hit by their own area attacks. But when I got bored I put an area attack spell (which is lingering) in action myself and watch them quickly die.

This is the reason the game gets a thumb down. I have no problem with minor UI flaws and movement glitches and what not. But I hate sloppy game play and lack of balancing testing. For me to easy obtain tools to bypass the intended gameplay (cards being deteriorating) and the idea of switching cards and then to never face a challenge in the game again is too bad developing. I can still for the world understand how they could believe that the single attack cards or even cards that do no damage would be of any use whatsoever.

Games isn’t about optimizing, it’s about having fun. But the games should provide a challenge to force you to adapt strategies and discover the game from different angles. When strategic choices are no-brainers and you can choose to only play with one of all the available card and crush all opposition. When an entire level commit collective suicide because they die from their own attacks, when the entire spectra of advantages and disadvantages becomes redundant. That is bad, if not sloppy, development.

Too bad, as there are many interesting thoughts from the developers. And I am sure they did their best. They just seem to lack the ability to understand the consequences of their ideas and/or not understanding that the product need to be play tested. When flaws are found you need to tweak or rethink. But of course, not doing proper testing is one way of avoiding unnecessary (?) work.
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26.5 hrs
Posted: July 12, 2015
This cheap game is better than games that I paid $30 or more for! Nice little gem. Easy to understand and fun.
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