Una tormenta inesperada te hace naufragar en una remota y misteriosa isla privada. ¡Busca y encuentra objetos astutamente escondidos y resuelve enigmas para encontrar la forma de salir de la isla!. ¡Descubre más de 2100 objetos ocultos en 25 intrigantes y misteriosos lugares para encontrar útiles que te ayuden a escapar!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 15 abr. 2009

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Acerca de este juego

Una tormenta inesperada te hace naufragar en una remota y misteriosa isla privada. ¡Busca y encuentra objetos astutamente escondidos y resuelve enigmas para encontrar la forma de salir de la isla!. ¡Descubre más de 2100 objetos ocultos en 25 intrigantes y misteriosos lugares para encontrar útiles que te ayuden a escapar!

Juega a 5 tipos distintos de mini-puzzles para recoger objetos de cada lugar que te ayudarán a escapar de la remota Isla Rosecliff. Juega a 3 modos de juego diferentes: Escapa de la Isla, Busca y Encuentra Ilimitado, y un Misterioso Juego de Bonus.

  • Encuentra más de 2100 objetos astutamente escondidos.
  • Explora 25 lugares misteriosos de la isla para encontrar la forma de escapar.
  • Tres divertidos modos de juego: Escapa de la Isla, Busca y Encuentra Ilimitado y un Misterioso Juego de Bonus.
  • Juega a 5 mini-puzzles únicos: Empareja 3, Búsqueda de Palabras, Rotación de Puzzles, Empareja de Memoria, Rompecabezas y un puzzle final único.
  • Encuentra todas las cerraduras ocultas para revelar dos juegos de bonus.
  • Intenta una Búsqueda Perfecta con bonus de velocidad consecutivos para batir tu propio record.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
    • SO: Windows XP/Vista/2000
    • Procesador: 350Mhz Pentium o superior CPU
    • Memoria: 256 MB RAM o superior
    • Sonido y Gráficos: Tarjeta Gráfica y de Sonido de 16-bit
    • DirectX: DirectX 7 o superior
    • Disco Duro: 42MB Espacio Libre
    • OS: OS X version Leopard 10.5.8, Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later
    • Processor: Intel Core Duo 1.66+ GHz
    • Memory: 512+ MB RAM
    • Internet: Internet connection is required to register both the download and back-up CD-ROM version of the game
Análisis de usuarios
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Variados (117 análisis)
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( 22.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 16 de junio
I've been playing this for years offline and completed it several times. It doesn't have any fancy gimmicks, no storyline or anything like that. It's just a straightforward hidden object game with a few simple mini games thrown in, It's the most relaxing game I know. The scenes do become familiar after a while but the objects change each time so the challenge is always there. There are not many games you can say would appeal to all ages but this is one of them.

If you want to relax for a few hours this is the game for you. No thinking/stress involved.

Tip: if you're having trouble with fullscreen try changing your display resolution to 800x600
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( 6.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 7 de junio
You know, I got this in a bundle and it's an amazing little time waster. If you're looking for a casual hidden item game, really can't go wrong here.
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( 11.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 7 de junio
pure finding object game, minimal story, it's awesome.
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Space Ghost
( 11.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 23 de mayo
Game gets repetitive by reusing the same environments over and over during the main game mode. But, I find that the game is very calming and almost requires you to concentrate to find the hidden items or you lose precious time. Definitely a game for casual players like myself but can also be played in long sessions because it's addicting as heck.
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( 5.5 h registradas )
Publicado el 23 de mayo
Typical object find game only it was incredibly repetitive. Honestlly, the best part of this game was when it was over. I finished it out of shear stubborness because I couldn't let the game beat me.
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( 2.0 h registradas )
Publicado el 15 de abril

What would you do, if you are lost on a sinister looking, private and quite abandoned island? I would probably try to find an escape route as fast as possible, because you never know the "abandoned" part, right?

Graphics: Ø The game offers no real surprises, graphically. At least the producer and devs made the game compatible to higher resolutions. The graphics are still a bit outdated, but it doesn't hinder gameplay.

Sound: Ø Atmospheric and fitting. But you would expect a bit more.

Playability: Ø The game is slightly off towards playability, yes it has riddles - or more aptly minigames, yes it has good Scenes. But it's also very cluttered. Nonetheless, some searchable objects are described as riddles, which actually is fun. It still is a clickfest game, but more on the good side of the term.

Genre Type Scoring:

Story: Ø Not much of a story to tell, you have to escape an Island on which you have stranded. At least the game doesn't make false pretensions and trying to offer some nutty or weird explanations.

Technical Realisation: + Actually this game is solidly programmed and is portable into higher resolutions without a lot of fuss and blurr. The sound was alright during game, no crunch, stopping or other problems.

Extras: + Oh? This game really has two game modes which the user may unlock by finding "locks". For a game of that age it's not as common, and yes it suffices to give it a slight plus.

Overall: 2+ The game has only a slight positive rating in my opinion, it is quite standard fare, nothing that surprises, but als nothing that is giving too much of a unpleasant surprise. Sadly the game also isn't very memorable, so after playing and solving it you might already have forgotten what the game was about... Hmmmm, or is it just me getting old and losing my faculties?

Value for Money: Ø Mediochre 4,99 There are a lot of games, that migh have the same price tag, but are far more of a game than this, given it has some extras. It's just not memorable enough to buy it at this price.

Conditional Recommendation

This is a game for nostalgics of the genre, and of course for fans of hidden object games. Newbies to the genre should look for other, more recent games, which actually add a lot of story, and artsy design. The lack of memorable features is what actually was anoying me... it's like... washing the dishes.
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( 15.9 h registradas )
Publicado el 11 de abril
Stupid game. Wasted two hours of my life searching for a wrench in a boathouse. Creepy music invaded my dreams. 10/10, would search again.
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( 4.2 h registradas )
Publicado el 23 de marzo
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( 15.1 h registradas )
Publicado el 12 de marzo
Wow, what a great relaxing game! I just spent 10 hours or so on this game today, i bought it like 3 or 4 years ago, never played... such a relaxing time I had today, I needed the time off from work... thx whoever made this!!!!!!!!! 5 stars! if stars were a thing here.
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Drunk Tomato
( 6.7 h registradas )
Publicado el 14 de febrero
Overall, this is a fine Hidden Object game. However, it is EXTREMELY padded with repetition. You have to find objects in each scene probably 10-15 times before you complete the game.

There is no story, which is fine in my opinion. And once you do complete all 25 levels, there is a nice ending sequence where you put your boat back together.

I have to say, they made the game about 4 times as long as it should have been. No one plays these games for the "value per dollar", do they?
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15.4 h registradas
Publicado el 5 de julio de 2015
Juego de puzzles bastante original, más que resolver mecánicas desafiantes tenemos simplemente que buscar objetos, pero eso sí, parece mentira la cantidad de objetos que se pueden poner en una simple imagen dibujada xD nos da una lista de esos objetos y tenemos que encontrarlos en un tiempo determinado, la cosa se complica cuando aumenta el número de objetos (por ejemplo nos dan 30 minutos para buscar en 3 imágenes) y después se presenta (ahora sí) un puzzle clásico, sea completar una imagen de x número de piezas, emparejar objetos, etc, y todo dentro de ese límite de tiempo con lo cual si demoramos mucho en una búsqueda nos penaliza mucho para el resultado global... hay ayudas que podemos usar a nuestra elección, y aunque en principio es bastante sencillo también es un juego largo ya que al terminar cada reto nos dan un "objeto de huida" y hay 25 en total... lo de la "huida" es por la historia del juego, llegamos a una isla y debemos escapar, para ello necesitamos reunir todos los objetos necesarios que están esparcidos por las variadas localizaciones.Una ventaja que le veo es que se controla solamente con el ratón y eso ayuda a que sea asequible/apetecible a jugarlo a ratos.

La gran pega de este juego es que se hace repetitivo, pero vamos, como casi cualquier juego de puzzles, si le dedicamos los ratos muertos es un pasatiempo muy bueno, la historia es muy simple (aunque volvemos a lo de antes, ¿necesita un juego de puzzles tener historia?) y hay poca variedad de melodías, aunque son suficiente para "meternos" en el juego.

En fin, juego recomendado para pasar el rato, no es un GOTY pero como tampoco lo pretende no se le puede criticar, y sus fallos son lo normal en un género que no busca ir más allá del reto personal.
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1.7 h registradas
Publicado el 11 de marzo de 2014
Es un juego que te hace sentir muchas emociones desde terror/depresión por el ambiante, hasta felicidad por encontrar un objeto perdido, el precio esta muy bien, el sonido me encanto y los gráficos safan, en estos tipos de juegos los gráficos casi ni cuentan, si no la construcción del ambiente. El juego va sobre buscar cosas perdidas en cada escenario, algo simple pero difícil.




No mucho, pero lo que puedo criticar es que no esta en español, hay nombres de cosas muy raras.

NOTA 8.5/10
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8.3 h registradas
Publicado el 18 de septiembre de 2015
This game has a lot in common with the other I just reviewed, Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb. Actually, there are quite a few Popcap games that are pretty much just pure HO scenes with little to no story. Such is Escape Rosecliff Island but I prefer this game over all the rest. I've played this a few times. I didn't REALLY need to buy it on Steam but I wanted it with my "steam HO set" and also wanted an excuse to play it again. I wouldn't say there's anything remarkable about the game. There's no story other than "escape the island". There's no scare factor - you're just searching for items that will help you leave. There's not much music to speak of. The game is just many HO scenes with puzzles here and there (jigsaw, memory tiles, match 3, and word search). There are 25 scenes that you repeatedly visit but there are so many items in each, you're always looking for something different. Find 50 locks in those 25 areas and you open up 2 Bonus Games. One is Unlimited Match 3 and the other is Unlimited Hidden Objects. Just as in The Lost Tomb, you can clear each hidden object scene completely (when you find an item, the word is crossed off and another pops up in its place). So afterwards, you're left with a thoroughly bare room. It's an extremely fun thing to do! No, this game is not for everyone. You need to be an HO fan and be in an HO mood. If you are, I definitely recommend this game.
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No recomendado
1.1 h registradas
Publicado el 8 de julio de 2014
I enjoy hidden object games, usually.

The problem with Escape Rosecliff Island is that, unlike a lot of hidden object games, there is almost no storyline. You don't get to explore an island, pick up tools along the way, find hidden object scenes and solve puzzles to advance like a lot of the popular hidden object games. You just pick a scene, find some objects, go to the next one, find some objects. Every once in a while, you break up the endless monotony with an extremely simple puzzle; such as, matching cards and word searches. After finishing the end-level puzzle (word search, match-3, etc.) you receive a tool to help you escape the island.

I tried to push through, until I realized that you start revisiting scenes. After that, I just couldn't take anymore.

Maybe, I skipped a cut scene? All I know is that I have no idea why I was on the island. The puzzles are flat and boring and I have no hope that the ending would do this game any justice.
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A 19 de 23 personas (83%) les ha sido útil este análisis
No recomendado
6.0 h registradas
Publicado el 10 de marzo de 2014
Okay so I don't recommend it. I just want to say first this one was a tough decision. I haven't quite beaten the game at the time of this writing and I do plan to, but I know how it ends already and some key flaws here force me to say buy this in a bundle or on sale only. Good Features- Good ambient music, not distracting or annoying despite the fact it repeats over and over. The enviroments are fine. The "unlimited seek and find" mode is enjoyable to me, simply because after playing this game for a while the massive lutter in each scenario is a little infuriating. The bad-The hint system picks an object you have to find from your remaining object rather than allowing you to choose an object to use it on. The "bonus game" is surprisingly stupid. All it is is 15 levels of the crappy 'match three' game that popcap already did mutch better in bejeweled, this minigame was already a weak point in this game and to give it 15 levels on its own seems like a bad decision especially given other minigames are much more fun. Finally , this game's biggest problem is the fact that it reuses each scenario over and over needlessly. I expected this game to end at level 15. It ended at level 20. There is no reason the main "campaign" mode of this game had to be dragged out that long. For that reason, I don't recommend it. 4/10
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No recomendado
19.2 h registradas
Publicado el 22 de noviembre de 2014
I wish I could recommend this game, but I can't. Not even for the price of 5 dollars.

Apparently the plot states that you have been shipwrecked on Rosecliff Island, and your task is to collect items to help you escape. There is no explanation as to who the previous resident(s) of the island were, or why the island is now deserted. There is no dialogue with NPCs, no narration, nothing. The gameplay consists of you bouncing from one hidden object scene to the next, and as you finish a "level," you complete a simple "puzzle" game such as a word search or matching tiles. Upon completion of the puzzle games, you are rewarded an item to assist in your escape, such as a bucket or a stack of wood. As you progress along, you begin to see the same hidden object scenes again... and again... and again. As much as I enjoy hidden object games, even I found myself overwhelmed with mind-numbing boredom.

On the plus side, the artwork is nice, with the hidden object scenes not being overly cluttered, and the items were often cleverly hidden.

Verdict: Don't spend 5 dollars for this game unless you happen to enjoy visiting the same hidden object scenes over and over. If so, buy it if it is on sale for 90 percent off.
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12.0 h registradas
Publicado el 16 de marzo de 2014
Bought it as part of a humble bundle, so I could decide how much I wanted to pay.
After playing through nearly the whole game I wouldn't recommend buying it for ~10€, because it get's really repetetive after a short while. There are 25 pictures you visit again and again and a lot of the objects you have to find appear on several pictures (the horshoe f. e. can be found in nearly every picture).
Still it was quite fun to play, at least most of the time. If you like hidden object games, you might give this game a try when it's on sale.

german playthrough videos:
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13.6 h registradas
Publicado el 27 de marzo de 2015
I'm not sure how but I got this game for free. One day I woke up and logged into Steam and there was a steaming pile of free game so thank you Steam for being cool. Now this review is based on the game being free, let me make this very clear - I would not pay $5 for this game. I would pay $2 or less for this game. It's not worthless but yeah.... not worth $5.

That all being said, here is my review:

You find the missing objects before the time runs out. Some objects are really fun and occassionally you get more cryptic clues like 'Gegs' means you must find scrambled eggs in the picture. The actual pictures are quite creative and I can appreciate that a lot of effort went into drawing everything and putting it together. There is a storyline which quite frankly you stop caring about 30 seconds in. This is something I would recommend to casual gamers. I found myself playing this game when I felt frustrated with other games and wanted to just chill for 30 minutes. So I recommend this game only if you're a casual gamer and it costs $2 or less. Ultimately this game serves its purpose of being a find the hidden object game. It's nothing more and nothing less.

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No recomendado
19.4 h registradas
Análisis de preestreno
Publicado el 17 de julio de 2012
This is the worst hidden object game I've ever played. It's unimaginative and the same scenes are repeated over and over. I went through this one thinking it had to get better, or it was going to have a great ending -- nope. Complete waste of time and money. The horrifying thing is that two more entries were spawned in this series that are carbon copies with new scenes. Wow!
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No recomendado
2.0 h registradas
Publicado el 5 de abril de 2014
A classic old school point & click, nothing more nothing less. Dont get it if you dont love this type of game because it gets very repetitive and boring. Forced to play in low resolution, surely not one of the best point & click out there.
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