In the middle of a blizzard, a community's remaining citizens are forced to confront their impending deaths. Every night, a villager is killed, and the survivors are forced to alter their course in response. Every game creates a new, randomized story just for you.
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Release Date: Jun 14, 2017

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June 27


Hi friends!

It's been just under 2 weeks since launch, and already it's been really exciting to see people playing, posting videos on Youtube, and of course reporting bugs. Vidar has gotten some great coverage in, KeenGamer, Siliconera, and elsewhere.

Also, some of y'all have achievements that I don't have, and that seems unfair. So I should probably get on that.

Today I've pushed a hotfix that addresses a handful of crashes and other nasty things. The nice thing is that, as a result, it unlocks a brand new quest ("Smoke Them Out") which basically wasn't accessible before, and it allows completion of another one ("Vodka Stinger"). Fun fact, until a bug report came in about Vodka Stinger, I had completely forgotten it existed. In hundreds of playthroughs, I had never seen it.

Thanks so much for bearing with me with the inevitably-rocky launch, and hopefully your visits to Vidar going forward are a little more stable!

- Dean

Smoke Them Out
  • ]Fixed a crash in Barnabas' dialogue that prevented receiving this quest
  • Dig sites now spawn in the Boulder Cave
  • Adjusted the charity values for various items; additionally, the reward can no longer be donated to Csaba

Vodka Stinger
  • Fixed a crash in Dani's dialogue on completing this quest
  • Giving away mushrooms as part of this quest or Dr. Spore all properly updated the journal entries for other quests involving mushrooms
  • Dani will not complete this quest unless the player has all of the necessary items in their inventory

  • Players with Intel graphics cards should see better stability and fewer crashes; this should resolve the failure to launch bug, at least for some people
  • Improved Mac performance at startup
  • Sandor is less likely to get stuck if you manage to catch up with him at the beginning
  • Prevented some rare invisible walls spawning in Boulder Cave 3
  • Grabbing a gargoyle will no longer cause a pressure plate underneath of it to un-pressure. Please note: this fix only applies to new games created in this version or going forward; old save files will not have this fix. If this impacts your save file and you are unable to move the gargoyle back and forth to re-trigger the pressure plate, send me your save file and I'll see what I can do.

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June 14

1.0 is Live!

Hi friends!

Vidar 1.0 is finally here! This patch includesan entire architectural overhaul for the Windows build that brings it into conformity with the Mac and Linux clients (and moves the Windows client off of RPG Maker's default code entirely). This includes enabling the Steam overlay (and taking screenshots!), reducing lag, improving legibility, and all sorts of other fun stuff.

New Game+ is also available. For those of you who have already beaten the game during Early Access, you'll need to load up your last save file and finish it again to activate New Game+ in the title menu.

- Dean

Vidar 1.0
  • The windows client has been migrated to JRGSS; this brings the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions into conformity.
  • The Steam overlay is now enabled on Windows, and everything that it entails has been activated (including the ability to capture screenshots!)
  • Lag has been reduced, particularly in the Boulder Cave and Ruins
  • Pixel fidelity has been improved
  • New Game+ has been added. Completeing the game once will unlock the option from the title screen. In games created in this mode, you can choose who dies each night, rather than the choice being random.
  • A new loading screen added at the beginning of any new save file when Vidar is being generated
  • A new Game Over screen, autosave icon, and client icons have been added

  • Dozens of new sound effects and ambient sounds have been added throughout the game
  • Various voices have been normalized (looking at you, Extremely Loud Gusztav)
  • Barnabas now has a voice
  • Default audio levels have been reset
  • Fixed some audio issues with the back room of the Church
  • Fixed some audio issues at Barnabas's house

Bring Him Home:
  • This quest now fails if there are no helpers alive
  • Elek will now update the journal correctly if he assists with this quest
  • All helpers are less likely to get stuck on this quest after it's completed

Boy's Best Friend
  • If Groa is dead, Cail will be lost somewhere inaccessible in the cave until you receive this quest
  • Cail joins Tomi wherever he's living at the completion of the quest (rather than always going to the poor house)

Dr. Spore
  • This quest now fails if, at some point after Gusztav dies, Robert can no longer inherit it

Giving Back
  • Lots of improvements to Csaba's dialogue
  • Csaba can now properly give you this even if Groa is dead
  • Fixes to the cutscene that occurs if Groa is alive when you receive this quest
  • Groa and Csaba correctly act as weights for pressure plates while standing alone
  • Any character in your party now acts as a pressure plate while following you
  • Additional bug fixes

Hair of the Dog
  • Dani's rewards will change for this quest if the player already has the lantern

Historic Preservation
  • The conditions to reach this quest are no longer logically impossible

Reading Is Fundamental
  • Fixed some of the concluding text message placement

Rewriting History
  • Tons of fixes to this quest, including in receipt, cutscenes, and completion

Sketched Out
  • The effect for journal update now correctly plays when you sketch a fossil

Spirit Walk
  • It is now possible to cancel out of the teleport menu when at the graves after completion of this quest

The Name Game
  • Fixed a crash in the middle of this quest

  • Boulder Cave 2 has been removed - the Boulder Cave is now 3 rooms long
  • Fixed a ton of pathing and drawing issues in the Dark Cave
  • Fixed some pathing in Boulder Cave 1
  • Consolidated the layout in Ruins 1
  • Fixed a bug where residents of the second floor of the inn would occasionally not show up
  • Fish are way less likely to freak out and get stuck now
  • A path back has been added to the entrance to the cave
  • Leaving the cave entrance now correctly reenables footprints and town music in Vidar
  • Added easily accessible oil barrels to the entrance of Dark Cave 3
  • The Imp Oil Lantern now properly works throughout the rest of the cave
  • Fixed a rare passage issue in the Water Cave

  • Puzzle 80 in the Ruins has been broken into 3 separate puzzles for the sake of internal "checkpoints" in the puzzle (only applies to new games created in version 1.0 or later)
  • Shortened puzzle 66, Option 0 (only applies to new games created in version 1.0 or later)
  • Fixed a crash when resetting an already completed puzzle in the Dark Cave
  • Fixed various crashes in the Ruins
  • Moved doors in Puzzle 25, Option 0 so you can't race to them using the Leather Boots
  • Fixed an issue where completed water cave puzzles would bug out on loading a save file
  • Pillars in frozen Dark Cave puzzles will no longer glitch if you return to that room later
  • Lots of little changes and fixes to Ruins puzzle layout

  • Fixed a layering issue involving Cecilia
  • Fixed a bug where game over would never trigger
  • The Journal UI is now more intuitive, with new icons and a new default selection
  • "Reset Puzzle" will not be included in the menu list unless you're inside the cave
  • Names of items in the inventory and quests in the journal will no longer be scrunched up
  • Added a few more graves in town
  • Entries in the directory are now properly saved
  • Fixed various typos in dialogues, including replacing unrenderable curly quotes with straight quotes (really)
  • New animations have been added for using the pick and the shovel

The Mac and Linux client has been *dramatically* updated, so much so that a change list isn't possible. There should be a lot less lag, the build is far more stable and less likely to crash, and a host of things too long to list have been fixed. Notably, readability and memory management have both been significantly improved.

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“A well-written, gripping and ever-changing storyline propelled forward by a Majora's Mask-esque time crunch.”

“It hurts so good each time you play.”
Indie Game Riot

“One of the freshest RPGs I’ve seen in a long time.”
Game Critics

About This Game

Vidar is Dying

In the middle of a blizzard, a community's remaining citizens are forced to confront their impending deaths. Every night, a villager is killed, and the survivors are forced to alter their course in response. Chart a path through always-changing, challenging environmental puzzles, and explore the stories and grief of these townsfolk before Vidar is lost forever.

A Random Story Every Time

In Vidar, every villager has heavily interdependent relationships with the others. When one person dies, everyone else’s stories change - if the blacksmith loses her apprentice, she’ll give you different quests; if the blacksmith loses her supplier, still different; and if she predeceases both, then those two will respond accordingly, etc. Because the order of deaths is random, the story and quests you receive will be different every time you play.

New Challenges to Overcome

To stop the killings you’ll need to enter a puzzle dungeon. Use your tools and your environment to help navigate to the center of the cave before everyone in town is dead. These puzzles are also randomly chosen from a bank of hundreds, so that when you come back to see a new story unfold, you’ll also face a new challenge.

Key Features

  • Explore themes of grief, community, nostalgia, loss
  • Quests, rewards, and story determined by who lives and who dies
  • Town events reflect the state of Vidar, as jobs go untended
  • Four unique puzzle biomes, each with new takes on classic mechanics

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Core i5 equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 800 x 450 pixels or higher desktop resolution
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: OS X 10.9
    • Processor: Intel® Core i5 equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD 2400 or comparable
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
    • Processor: Intel® Core i5 equivalent or faster processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD 2400 or comparable
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
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