Play your Steam games on any TV in the house with Steam Link. Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any computer running Steam. Then grab a controller and play your collection of games from the comfort of your couch.
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Release Date: Nov 10, 2015

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Wired network is strongly recommended.
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June 14

VirtualHere Introduces Xbox One Wireless Controller Support for Steam Link

Since its release last November, the Steam Link has connected thousands of people to the games they love with in-home streaming, leveraging the power of the PC in another room while gaming comfortably in front of the TV. Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve introduced support for things like 5.1 surround sound, USB headphones, and more. Most recently, we’ve partnered with VirtualHere to introduce add-on support for hundreds of additional USB devices with the use of their app by the same name. VirtualHere lets you operate your remote computer using any number of USB devices directly connected to your Steam Link.

VirtualHere offers other interesting features too, like remote access to software authorization devices, and USB-to-serial conversion. Get ready to dust off that old racing wheel and give it another go!

After running a successful single-device beta test in partnership with Steam Link, VirtualHere is now available for purchase on Steam. If you’ve found the beta as useful as we have, or are interested in giving it a shot, consider supporting VirtualHere with your purchase on Steam.

We are always looking out for ways to make the Steam Link better, and help partners bring you new features, so keep the feedback coming! Your input and ideas will help us continue to experiment, test, and improve all things Steam.

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About This Hardware

Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link


Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, where it will automatically discover any computer running Steam. All that’s left to do is grab your favorite controller, kick back, and enjoy your collection of games from the comfort of your couch.


Steam Link is designed to take advantage of the horsepower you already have in your home, streaming from your current gaming computer by mirroring its experience to your TV. Video and audio data is sent from your computer to the Steam Link, while your controller input is sent back in real time. Virtually every game that your computer runs can be played on your TV using Steam Link.

Hardware Specifications


  • 1080p resolution at 60 FPS
  • Wired 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet and Wireless 802.11ac 2x2 (MIMO) networking abilities
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • HDMI out
  • Supports Steam Controller (sold separately,) Xbox One or 360 Wired Controller, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows, Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, or keyboard and mouse


  • Steam Link
  • Power cable and adapter
  • HDMI 2.0 cable
  • Ethernet cable


  • A host computer running SteamOS, or Steam Big Picture Mode on Windows Vista or newer, Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 or newer.
  • A TV or display capable of running at 720p or 1080p resolution
  • Any of the input devices listed above
  • Home network connectivity to both Steam Link and host computer.Wired network strongly recommended.
Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (105 reviews)
Mostly Positive (1,974 reviews)
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Posted: August 27
A decent wireless HDMI device starts at around $200 on Amazon. The steam-link out-performs them for only $50. So if it were just a device to stream your pc into the living room it would still be the best option on the market. I've had it wired in with a decent home network, and gaming has been very smooth. It's been a great for watching movies as well, plus it's a breeze to set-up and run. I wish it had one more USB port though. 3 just seems silly when most local co-op games are made for 4 players.
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Killua #99
Posted: August 26
Just got my steam link today. I plugged it into my ethernet cable and tested wireless mouse, usb keyboard, and a usb cheap controller. Heres my impressions:

I plugged my mouse dongle straight into the link without setting up first and instantly recognized it. Pretty awesome. Sensitivity was a little off but i could adjust from my dpi control on the mouse. Sometimes the mouse cursor disappears from screen but you can still use it so I didn't like that so much.

Usb keyboard was easy to hook up very easy. no problems.

Controller had issued with configuration. I couldn't change configuration from the steam link very easily. Some games no recognition, some games twisted controls in the wrong place. Couldn't manually configure from within game.

Latency: I played planetside 2 and was able to use mouse and keyboard great like normal but mouse cursor disappears from map. The issue was a slight delay in aiming down sights that made it more difficult to fight effectively. It wasn't a horrible delay but its enough to through you off when you need to shoot someone right then and can't. Controller was not recognized in this game.

Best parts: This thing will let you stream movies to your tv if you leave big picture mode. Fire up VLC and you can watch anything. For slower games this is good too. You can draw, type up stuff on office, use internet, whatever like normal just a slight delay.

Update: Today used it wirelessly only. Streamed renegade ops and was able to play ok but it has a bit of choppiness here and there. Messed with the controllers too and got them to work, but had to set it up on main computer. Streamed full metal alchemist and was able to watch episode just fine, very minor lag just a tiny bit here andthere, barely noticeable.
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Posted: August 26
The idea is to replace the gaming console with the PC as the centerpiece of the living room. Steam is making good progress, but its not quite there yet.

The good:
Streaming games works very well. I get 60fps at 1080p consistently with <5ms on my wired LAN. I use both a steam controller and xbox360 pads interchangeably with little issue. Overall, I am quite happy to bring my pc games to the couch.

The not so good:
Outside of Big Picture, the steam link is no help. I have to kill programs from my computer when they freeze. It lacks a few minor functions that the regular steam client has.
The steam controller forces itself to be player 1, regardless of other controllers connecting first. My xbox360 controllers will show player 1 and 2 lights on, although the steam controller made them players 2 and 3, respectively.

Other thoughts:
The PC master race grows stronger with every tech advancement. The steam link is one more example, although still in its infancy. If you are a PC gamer, I highly recommend this. But if you are a console fan, this alone probably wont convert you just yet. Because, God forbid, you might still have to use a mouse once in a while.

Get an SSD, to lower your boot times. Set a static IP to boot your PC from the steam link (wake on LAN). Get an app on your phone to remotely controller your PC so you dont have to get off the couch when a game freezes.
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Posted: August 26
amazing little device. I ran a cat6 cable, there is no lag what so ever... love it...
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Posted: August 25
One year after buying, my Steam Link has completely stopped working. Just a perpetual loading screen. Makes a satisfactory paper weight though.
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Posted: August 25
The steam link is a very useful type of hardware that can project your game onto your TV. This product delivers and is great if you just feel like playing on your coach. I highly recommend it!

However, if you are not going to use a ethernet cable then dont bother buying. You will get some lag issues if you use your wifi connection. A ethernet connection is solid and will project your game with little to no lag. ( If you have the best wifi in the market then go ahead and give it a go I suppose.)
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Posted: August 25
This product kinda sucks. It adds a hige input lag and visual delay when gaming. like 200ms. It seems as if the steam link cant handle streaming at full quality too. The picture that comes out of the steam link looks just plain out lower quality then if youre playing that same game and not using it. Id say about a 10-35% reduction in quality(color, edges, frams, texture detail) depending on the game. It basically turns your multithousand dollar gaming machine into a last gen console. For that reason I never use it. Also i think the steam link only streams your games in 30 fps, cause most everything looks like 30 fps or laggy when i stream wiht the steam link. Even if I get 200 fps on my pc, itll still look like 30 on my tv(have a 120/240 hz tv, looks great when i hdmi into it).
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Posted: August 25
Hello my Fellow gamers ,

The good & the bad......

The good....
1. Wired or non wired set up
2. Links to your steam account
3. Easy set up { to any TV best with HDMI }
4. Keyboard or mouse or steam controller or a X-Box controller
5. Listen to music libary or watch movies in your machine { can't use a NAS .. sad sad face here } !
6. Best with racing games akind a pain in the the a$# with FPS & RPG { I prefer Keyboard & mouse for theses }..
7. Small very small
8. Comes with everyting needed to setup
9. Great for a couch thing { when you didn't want too get up }
10. Over All not to bad..

The BAD ......

1. NO apps like pandora or netflix...
2. OVER priced ! { GET IT on SALE two for one thing not worth 90.00 } I paid 74.00 in total 36.00 each...
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Lyin' Hillary
Posted: August 25
I do NOT recommend this hardware for anyone interested in only controller play. As soon as I exit Big Picture Mode the Xbox 360 Controller goes mental. I can move the cursor but it will not register a click in that area, only starts what ever game is currently selected in my Steam Library (even tabbed out to desktop, and having a non installed game selected). I plug a mouse into the Steam Link and I can move the cursor with the joystick but have to click with my mouse. Very frustrating when you have a wireless Xbox 360 controller that works perfect with software like Controller Companion, now add Steam Link and it quits working, why? A lengthy HDMI cable could hook 1 computer to my bedroom TV but not the other computers... So I would prefer to have the ability to control my computer outside of just Steam Big Picture Mode with a controller before I will recommend this product.

Side note, I had Star Wars Battlefront working for 1 day... And WOOOOOO within 24 hours Star Wars no longer works, ♥♥♥♥ this device... Get a HDMI cable and enjoy your computer being a computer on any HDMI screen. This hardware only hooks via HDMI anyways.

The TV is way more fun to play on, and I can move the steam link from my bedroom to the living room with ease. It took me a little fumbling around to figure out I had to Add Non Steam Games to my library to really play them over this link. So far I'm pretty happy with this item, I plugged my wireless xbox 360 reciever into it and I've had 2 controllers working perfectly. South Park The Stick of Truth has been the best experience so far. The Witcher 3 has a better picture quality on my BenQ monitor... Time to save up for an expensive 55' curved 4k resolution TV, if I can be quick enough during Black Friday deals!

Best buy ever! Sadly my futon just changed to a real bed so I no longer have a seat in my bedroom... But I have the best sound system in there... You haven't lived until the 10 inch Kenwood on the home theater system plays a game you're used to hearing a 5.5 inch speaker bang. My logitech computer speakers are garbage compaired to my home theater system. BUT, my BenQ monitor on my computer spanks my Sony Bravia TV in everything but the size... Mortal Kombat and Batman Arkham Knight look fantastic on the TV, The Witcher 3 will be my next test. Arkham Knights PC test hit 61 FPS streaming to my TV! With an Avg of 59, lowest hit 40. Running FX-8350, 16gb DDR3 1600mhz, SSD 500mb/s, GTX 1060 gaming X, forget the steel series mouse and corsair keyboard it's all about the xbox 360 controller baby! Same with the BenQ monitor, moved to the 40' Sony Bravia that does 1080p.

I haven't tried to watch a movie yet, but I was skeptical with the link at first, as soon as I closed big picture mode. BOOM There's the computer screen I was looking for... Big picture mode is super helpful on my 720p TV which I had trouble reading the screen in regular mode.
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Robot Knives
Posted: August 24
I am so tired of fighting with this thing...

The wireless features are worthless and terrible. Constant updates eff the Link system up. The controler is more fickle than your wife. I experience all sorts of lockups on my PC with this POS. Attempting to use the WiFi streaming is impossible even on the lowest streaming settings and screen resolution. My PC Vita streams Remote Play flawlessly from my PS4 which is connected via WiFi over a 2 GHz connection. Im able to play Desitny over the PS Vita, online via a PS4 connected wirelessly... This POS can't even WiFi stream the Magic the Gathering card game to my TV without sputtering and crapping out. If you had no intention of supporting WiFi game streaming, why did you include it???

I'm sick of it... I bought this garbage pre-release and it just never got any better.

Valve, you should give me my money back and take this piece of junk out of my house.
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Posted: July 29
i have the best console on the market now

my pc
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Not Recommended
Posted: July 30
If you have an AMD gpu DON'T buy this device, it wont work correctly with most of the games.

Valve is not interested in fixing the AMD encode issues and Crossfire incompatibility with BigPicture.

I cant recommend.
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Posted: August 19
Everyone crying about how it lags so much. Use a bloody cable to connect your pc to the link. WIFI lags of course but our pc is connected with a cable to our home's switch and from there goes a cable to the link in our living room. This way it will not lag not ever.
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Posted: August 20
Just new to the steam link and wanted to give a review so people know what to expect as I obviously didn't do enough research or knew exactly what to expect. So i'll explain my experience so far. So far things arn't still working flawless but it's a work in progress and things are getting better.

First you set it all up which was much more complicated than I expected. At first glance I thought it was just plug and go as all the instructions that came with it was a simple picture. There was literally more instructions on the steam page about the product than came in the box. I exected connecting power, HDMI to TV and then good to go. I then realized I had no way to move within any options with steam steamlink and couldn't get the xbox 360 wireless controller to work. So off downstairs I go connect a wireless mouse to the steamlink and thank god that worked.

Then the first thing I had to do is download the update. The update took a good 30min or so to download for me and install. I first thought that the steam link had a built in wireless receiver for controller and just needed the update to get it working but later learned after going through forums online that I had to use a seperate one. So then i'm like well I have one downstairs but the reviews only indicated people with the microsoft generic receiver worked. I tested my luck and my third party one seemed to work just fine and boom now I have the xbox 360 wireless controller working.

Then you have to setup a computer to connect too. Had some trouble recognizing a computer but eventually it found it and you have to go to your computer downstairs to put in a code to pair them. Kind of like if you pair your youtube account to a blueray player so you can stream to it.

Then I really had several issues being able to stream. I had it wirelessly setup. I mean my computer downstairs has a wireless connection and works just fine. It was very chuggy with steamlink and wasn't really playable. I set the options to the lowest and changed the settings to Fast as priority and quality to 420p or whatever the lowest was. You can't really tell that much of a difference (at least to me). I then seemed to have it working somewhat okay. I was going to connect a ethernet cord but the router is on the far opposite of the house and even with a huge cable (i mean pretty huge) wasn't able to reach without going all over through the house and still being just short. Also no place to really hide the cord which wouldn't work. So no direct connection, i did a little bit more research and a lot of people online swear by a thing called a powerline adapter. The short version is that it's an item that connects an ethernet cord directly from your router to this little box that connects to the AC outlet then uses the electrical wires already in your house to connect to an AC outlet upstairs where you connect another box in that AC outlet closest to whatever device needs to be connected and connect another ethernet cord from it to wherever. In this case to the steamlink. There is a lot of people who say you need at least the 1.2 gig one and others say the steamlink doesn't even transmit that much. So far it sounds like a good idea but the 500 mb one is 40-60 dollars and the 1.2 gb one seems to run around 80-120 dollars. Currently too much for right now as I just spent around 78 dollars for the steamlink with taxes and warranty. Also my wife is starting to state that this steam link is getting more and more expensive and not convinced it will work like i thought. I'll also mention I bought it through ebgames and did purchase the warranty from them for like an extra 7-10 dollars just to ensure if something went wrong it's fine. I usually don't buy the warranty's but the steamlink I was just concerned about for some reason.

Anyways I got a game to work for my daughter but then there was no sound at all. Frustrating... Back to the internet forums and research and found a good forum stating someone had the same problem. They just right clicked their volume settings, volume control options and enabled the speakers. That didn't seem to work for me. However later the next day it started working so i'm wondering if the computer just needed a reboot or steam needed a reboot. Whatever it was working now. Great.. So I'm working with the wireless version which can have issues but sometimes works perfect. I'm using a CISCO Linksys E4200 router, I do live in the country so no internet cable but just explornet which is wireless internet. So occassionally it works great and depends on home network and how many people are using xplorenet around my area.

So next problem is most of the games I play require a keyboad. Especially this disney princess game my daughter likes to play. I want her to play upstairs and not downstairs away from the family. So i figured okay i'll just breakdown and take the long route. I got a USB keyboard and plugged it directly into the steamlink and I used a USB extension so my daughter would be able to play from the couch with a table for the keyboard. Well... the steamlink won't recognize a standard keyboard with a standard USB. *sigh*. So this is where i'm at .. back to forums to figure out if I "have" to have a bluetooth keyboard to use this thing or if I have to buy the steam controller for this problem. Frustrating so far. It's still nice when it does work at times. But more than not currently have my daughter getting frustrated and wants to play downstairs with something that works for her. If you don't know, little girls who are four are not patient. Biggest problem so far is my daughter will play her disney infinity 3.0 which does seem to work pretty good with the xbox 360 wireless controller. Problem is sometimes she clicks the middle button of the wireless xbox 360 controller which will get her out of the game and then I can't just relaunch it or go back. I then can hear it in the background but can't see it. This also seems to happen when I attempt to launch other games just in general. I'm hoping i'll figure out a solution to that since i'm still new to this but i'll update my post later as a 2 and 4 year old currently need my attention. Deffinetly not as easy as I would of hoped and do realize direct connection was strongly suggested so that may or may not solve some of these issues. I will eventually be buying one of these powerline adapters to see just how good they work. There is a lot of people stating they have to be on the same circuit and others saying as long as it's on the same side etc etc. I'll just have to see for myself. Review to be updated at a later time.. So far I still recommend it if you can directly connect it to your router but just be advised there can be sometime to get things setup.
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Posted: August 6
Love this device, works great... they just need to enable the option for doing this over the internet for those of us that have the bandwidth and latency to support it.

I'd love to have friends and family come over and use a lower end PC and run games as if they were at home!

Valve you're missing a huge oppertunity with people like myself on FIOS!

Make it happen...
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Posted: July 31
I was considering building a mini ITX rig to do what this little device does; It's worth the price and saved me a few hundred dollars. I picked it up on sale for 35 bucks w/Prime shipping.

I've had some major hiccups when using over AC wifi on some games and when streaming netflix where the wireless router would be a story or more away - but streaming Amazon, Youtube and other games are completely fine. I can see that this would work flawless over AC wifi in a smaller house and/or apartment.

If you use the wired connection, that is completely nullified and Steam Link works flawlessly.

Rocket League and other fast-paced MP games seem to have some lag even on a wired connection. RL is playable but its rough.

Currently used it across 4 stories, on 3 separate tvs. Highly recommend a wireless keyboard with a mouse trackpad on it - it makes people go 'ohhh you fancy'... or if you have a steam controller.

I've used wireless xbox 360 controllers with it, works great, everything has been plug and play.

I tried using my HOTAS and it wouldn't register, but I believe there are some additional settings on the Link that need to be enabled - or some additional applications are needed; unsure at the moment.

You ARE streaming your PC, meaning you cant have someone trying to use your PC while you use this. If you go look at your monitor(s), you will see whats on your stream.

This does work with a multiple monitor setup - if youre out of big picture mode, you can swipe to corners of the screen to move to the next monitor.

There is 1 con - but not enough for me to not recommend - the audio. I switch my audio devices and settings frequently when sitting at my PC - which seems to throw off the Steam Link. Sometimes I would be forced to go back to my PC to fiddle with the settings and restart steam link to get the audio to register.

Even at $50; this is a great device. Very easy set up and fits the bill for what I wanted - just keep in mind this is mainly for streaming your games. There might be other devices better suited and cheaper for streaming just netflix/amazon/youtube (if your tv doesn't do that already).
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Posted: August 6
I got my steam link just before Christmas 2015 and y first experience with the steam link was hit-and-miss, but I have recently come back to it after months and its a totally different experience, it just worked as expected, no crashes or issues. I was able to play for a whole evening with friends using the steam link over WiFi with no drops.
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Posted: August 3
nice to be able to lay in bed and play some of your favorite games!
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Posted: August 17
I ended up ordering one of these and the steam controller of Amazon and imported it into Australia as for some reason you can't buy them here yet. Even though when you open the package it has the australian adapter in there.

Anyway onto my review and ill simply say this is a fantastic product that works perfectly. Easy to setup and find your gaming pc on the network and start playing. Streaming works perfectly and any lag between input and control is non issue. Can and will happily game comfortably on the couch with this from now on. Buy buy Xbox one im affraid (sorry microsoft but you can still have my money for my windows PC)

Make sure to purchase the Steam controller along with this, has taken a few hours to get used to but once you do it's great!
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Posted: August 19
Oh man, how have I not written a review about this thing yet? I own two Steam Links.

If you have a decent PC, a wired LAN, and want some freedom to move around the house: this thing is a no brainer. You get the full power of your desktop PC on any TV in the house. Buy it.

My full review
It's been super-duper for me (with a few small caveats). It's been getting a lot of software update love from Valve which has been great. I purchased in the first wave and the product has matured a great deal since launch.

I use it to entertain guests, the xbox 360 controller for windows support has been great. Gone are the days of lugging my (50+ lbs) PC down stairs everytime I want to host a game night.

My favorite feature is the ability to exit Big Picture mode and drop to my desktop. It's been **great** having the full power of my desktop PC in my comfy den chair.. or when planning something with the wife.. or using Google to look up a debated topic instead of everyone using their phones. Using it to play Pandora while we do our chores. I could go on.

Since most of my friends are also PC gamers the Steam Link has been instrumental in saving game night on more than one occasion. When you first start the link you are presented a list of all the computers running Steam on your LAN. In one instance we were able to get a game running on someone else's laptop in about 45 seconds. (They already had it installed; Hammerwatch if you are curious.) Way faster than troubleshooting while everyone is waiting to play.

I will admit I have encountered a few quirks but I've been able to work around them all.

- Win10: If I have a set of USB headphones plugged into my desktop and set to be the default audio device, then that's where the sound goes.. the video stream on the Steam Link will be silent. Remembering to set my speakers as default or just unplugging the headphones isn't too big of a deal; I have to go upstairs anyway to start the PC and log in. I'm only mentioning it because it irks me everytime I have to make a 2nd trip.

- This next thing is probably superstition on my part. I have three monitors and I feel like I get best results if I disable all but the primary when streaming to the Steam Link. I've stopped using desktop icons as a side effect so life is actually better this way. Issues would crop up on the rare occasion something on another monitor would try to steal focus. This may be fixed by now, but it's part of my streaming ritual so I haven't checked. Better safe than sorry.

- If using to entertain.. best bet would be to try opening and playing all the games you want to use while hosting. Most games startup just fine. First time installs that have focus stealing pop-up windows can be problematic. Sometimes games themselves are fine but the launcher is a headache. Most of these issues I've encountered are install or first-time launch issues that do not repeat. You can get the quirks worked out of your more obscure titles or rule them out before everyone shows up. ( play the hiptser thing you've been bragging about. Looking at you, Nidhogg)

The pros far, far, outweight the cons. Especially for the relatively low price of the Link but I wanted to include them for an honest unbias review.
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