Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind.
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Release Date: Nov 10, 2015

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June 16

Activator Update

The latest Steam Beta Client update includes a new feature for the Steam Controller called Activators.

Activators sit between inputs (such as a button on the controller) and binding outputs (such as a keypress). They control how the input is turned into output and provide a number of settings to control this. Some simple examples are long press, double press, binding cycling, toggles, and delays.

There is no limit to the number of activators that can be placed on a single input, so a button can have a normal press, a long press, and a double tap on a single button, each firing off different actions in a game.

Each activator can have its own haptic settings as well.

Here's a few simple ways that activators can make your existing configurations better :

  • You can use a Start Press activator and a Release Press activator to turn a toggle crouch into a hold crouch. Conversely, the toggle option will allow you to turn any action, such as a hold crouch, into a toggle.

  • Turbo can be set on Activators, meaning any button can have customized rapid fire. This can be combined with multiple activators, so single press for single fire, while a long press will engage turbo mode.

  • Use a Start Press Activator to switch to a new action set, with a Release Press on the same button to switch back to the original set. Using this technique Action Sets can act like an entire-controller mode shift. Also included in this update is the ability to copy any existing Action Set into the new set, making customization a lot faster.

  • Mode Shifts now also use Activators, so a mode-shift can be toggled on and off without continuously holding a button.

  • Activators can also cycle through a set of bindings. Put Stand, Crouch, and Prone on a single button and cycle through them with each press.

This update also includes better visualizations for settings such as deadzones, with more coming soon.

Note that due to the nature of this change, configurations that are altered under the new setup are not backwards compatible, so modified configurations made in the beta client will not be visible to the stable client.

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June 1

June Update

We’re excited to announce that over half a million Steam Controllers have been sold. With every controller that comes online we get the opportunity to get more feedback on how to make the Steam Controller even better. We’ve been hard at work with the community, and wanted to share some of the recent improvements we’ve made together:

Play more new games out of the box
Developers are now fine-tuning their games to work great with the Steam Controller at launch. Recent examples include DOOM, XCOM 2 and Dark Souls III, and more are coming soon.

Same experience from desktop to couch
You can now configure and use the controller from your desktop, including the pop-up keyboard to communicate with your non-Steam programs.

Rumble Pass-Through
The Steam Controller can now use its Force Reactors to capture and reproduce the rumble effects from your favorite games.

Tune once, play anywhere
Create templates from your favorite settings and apply them across all your games.

Uninterrupted action
Create multiple “Action Sets” and switch between them on the fly. For instance, in GTA V or Just Cause 3 it’s easy to switch between walking, driving and flying controls with a single button.

Works great with any game
We’ve enhanced support for games purchased outside of Steam. Once you add the game to your library you can edit and share your configurations with your friends just like any other Steam game.

Steam VR Support
Full Steam Controller support in VR Game Theater mode, including using the motion controls as a steering wheel.

Coming soon: Even more configuration power
You will soon be able to use Activators to assign actions to press-and-hold, double click, toggle and more. For example, in DOOM you can cycle through all weapons by pressing a button or double tap it to bring up your BFG.

We'll continue to add features and functionality going forward, so be sure to keep giving us feedback on what would make the Steam Controller even better.

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About This Hardware

Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind. The Steam Controller features dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully-customizable control schemes. Find your favorite mappings in the Steam Community, or create and share your own.

A different kind of gamepad

We’ve improved upon the resolution and fidelity of input that’s possible with traditional gamepads. Built with high-precision input technologies and focused on low-latency, wireless performance, the Steam controller enables you to experience your games in powerful new ways.

Dual trackpads

The Steam Controller‘s dual trackpads enable the high-fidelity input required for precise PC gaming in the living room. Allowing for 1:1 absolute position input via virtual controls like a trackball, adaptive centering joystick, or steering wheel, these surfaces can be programmed to serve up whatever a game needs.

HD haptics

Haptic force actuators on both sides of the controller deliver precise, high fidelity vibrations measured in microseconds. Feel the spin of a virtual trackball, the click of a scroll wheel, or the shot of a rifle. Every input, from the triggers to the trackpads, can offer haptic feedback to your fingertips, delivering vital, high-bandwidth, tactile feedback about speed, boundaries, thresholds, textures, or actions.

Dual-stage triggers

With a satisfying digital click at the end of the trigger pull, dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital, or both types of input at the same time. Put your iron-sights on the sweep-in, and then fire with the reliable feel of a tactile switch, all on the same trigger.

Ergonomic control

Each of the Steam Controller’s input zones and buttons has been positioned based on frequency of use, required precision, and ergonomic comfort.

Hardware Specifications


  • Dual trackpads
  • HD haptics
  • Analog stick
  • Dual-stage triggers, each with 10° of travel, a magnetic flux sensor, and a tactile switch
  • Gyroscope and accelerometer sensors enabling tilt-to-steer racing wheel functionality and other motion-controlled input
  • Configurable controls
  • Local multiplayer capability, as supported by games
  • Wired or wireless (dual mode)
  • USB 2.0 via Micro USB port (cable included)
  • Estimated 5 meters of wireless communications range. Actual results may vary.
  • Provides up to 80 hours of standard game play using the included AA batteries during preliminary testing. Battery life will vary based on usage and other factors, such as type of batteries used.


  • Steam Controller
  • 2 AA batteries
  • USB wireless pairing dongle
  • Dongle extension dock included


Customer reviews
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Mostly Positive (753 reviews)
Very Positive (7,061 reviews)
Recently Posted
Posted: June 28
I <3 my Steam Controller. It doesn't replace a good controller for controller-based games. What it does do is give you the option to use a controller with games not designed for use with one. It's a great buy if you want to try out an interesting and quirky piece of hardware that you might find yourself using quite a bit.
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Posted: June 28
Awesome controller but:

1. It doesn't come with an inbuilt rechargeable battery.
2. It requires a proprietary wifi/bluetooth dongle to be installed for it to work, you can't just pair it using normal bluetooth or whatever.
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Posted: June 28
a spare controller :)
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Duck Overlord
Posted: June 28
It feels nice
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Posted: June 28
It works. It's comfortable to hold but it doesn't feel the most intiutive to use, mileage may vary. I still find console controller sticks to be a bit more precise, as I still haven't gotten over house "trackball" feeling the pads can feel.

For games that support it: Xbox Controller
For games that don't support Xbox Controllers: Steam Controller
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Waluigi is my Waifu
Posted: June 28
I love this controller. I prefer it over my Xbox 360 controller any day. The main thing I love about it is its customizability. You can set up any bindings you want for individual games, even ones that don't have controller support by default. It's great for any game, as long as said game doesn't have too many keys to bind. Downside is you have to go into Big Picture Mode to set it up to games and update it, but it's a minor problem really. I'd reccomend it for anyone who likes to play games on Steam.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Inner Animal
Posted: June 28
This controller is a communist contraption, seems like a great idea on paper but is a terrible failure.

To be fair this controller works with games like Civ 5, Rocket League, Axiom Verge and with heavy customization Killing Floor 2 was playable for me, however considering that I could only play three games (comfortably) of my 127 game library it is not worth it.
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Posted: June 28

Works Great as a mouse, if you have a slow game that uses a mouse, this is the best way to "couch it"

Good Joystick and button

Lots of Maps and Buttons through workshop for almost every game

Typing isnt terrible

Good build Quality

Good Battery Life

Most on screen button prompts match the layout


Wrost DPAD i have ever used, do not get this if you only play fighters.

NOT USB CHARGED, you have to buy AAs

Finicky about being paired with more than 1 PC, has to be removed then added ect...


Its HUGE, if you have small hands you will hate it, big hands you will love it

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Posted: June 28
Great Controller one of the best I have ever used.
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Posted: June 28
My first thought upon using the Steam Controller (together with the Steam Link) was that it feels a little "cheap and plastic-ey" in the hand, but once I started using it with actual games, I found it was incredibly responsive and more importantly, versatile. With so many different types of games in my Steam library, being able to customize the controller to work with all of them has been incredibly simple - most games already have several entries in their Community Profiles ready to select and jump right in, and those that didnt took only a little tweaking to get working (though oddly enough, Valve's own Portal 2 seems to not want to respond no matter what I try)

All in all, I would definitely recommend this controller to others, and will continue to use it to play games from my couch without needing a mouse/keyboard on standby.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
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Not Recommended
Posted: June 11
I wish I could recommend this controller, because, for the most part, it holds its promises: amazing customization options, trackpads which are much better than sticks to control aiming and camera movement and additional buttons so useful you wonder why it took so long to put button there. This pad won't replace keyboard and mouse for FPS, but for most freecam action games, it becomes a much better option than Microsoft and Sony's gamepads once you get used to it.

Why do I not recommend it, then? Because the build quality is amazingly low. This pad feels cheap, and that because it is, nowhere near the robustness and build quality of Sony and Microsoft's controllers.
On my model, the plug is so weak that after a few months, it would regularly lose connection (and I tested with several cables, it comes from the plug itself), until I had to switch to wireless to avoid the gamepad randomly disconnecting mid-game.
That's when I discovered that while average batteries fit just fine in it, rechargeable batteries, which are just a tiny bit bigger than the others, fit so tightly that I cannot remove them without using a flat-headed screwdriver! You can imagine what kind of damage it could do after a while. (and I used Duracell batteries, not a random lowcost brand)

Still, all of this was not enough not to recommend it in my book, but today, for no apparent reason, the button right by the right trigger decided to just die on me.
I suspect that there was an issue with it from day one, as, when I tested the Steam Controller with Resident Evil 6, this button just couldn't stay activated. It worked well on the dozens of other games I had tested though, so I blamed it on the compatibility with the game at the time.

Now, I will see how Valve handles warranty. And if I do get another controller, how it fares compared to this one.

TL;DR: This gamepad is great, but poorly built, and I simply can't recommend it when it is so much shoddier than what the competition provides. Review might change if I manage to get a new one and it proves to fare better.
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523 of 687 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
Posted: June 2
This controller does what it is meant to do. And it does it well in my opinion. Once you get used to the way it feels, which takes less than an hour really in any game you try, it is a solid choice for a controller, IF not for one thing.

I've bought 3 of these things. The third one was my last. They break very, very easily with regular use. I'm not the type to throw my controller around. I'm very gentle with it. I place it gently on my desk, I don't hold it overly tight when I'm frustrated during a game. I treat it with respect. But these things break so easily I just cant justify buying another. They last maybe a month each and every time, one or both of the trigger mechanisms literally snap and the integrity of the controller is ruined. I've opened them up, and yes, pieces of the controllers have broken just by applying regular force in tense gaming situations.

Never buying another one.
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119 of 155 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Posted: May 30
I'm from Mumbai India, purchased controller from amazon.com
Using steam controller since Jan 2016.
I have used it to play RPG, RockLeague to FPS games like Rainbow Six Siege. And still continue to use steam controller.
TIP: If you are into FPS games, set your Fire button to RT and Zoom to LT, and play while your both hands are in resting position to get maximum AIM.

Easy of use
Weekly updates/patch for controller
Community settings
Connect your PC/Laptop to TV HDMI, and enjoy the couch.

Long learning curve with FPS games
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27 of 32 people (84%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
Posted: June 5
I like it, there are loads of layouts to use, community layouts are available even in some "non steam games" as in GTA V (which turns out to be the only game that glitches out while using it, nothing too annoying though).
The amount of Functions that you can configure is massive (i believe you can even change the sound it makes when you boot it up), it feels good, it's not too heavy, just big enough (for me) and most importantly... BATTERIES INCLUDED!!! (Duracell).

Something that bugs me is that to make use of it fully, you really need "big picture" otherwise the steam overlay is useless and wont let you configure ♥♥♥♥.

The typing system is genius and that vibration on tap is just frigging amazing and relaxing.

It's nice to see valve introducing new mechanics and drifting away from the usual controllers that Playstation and XBOX keep foisting us.

Of course it needs further improvement but it's worth the price so you better buy it when it's on sale :)
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28 of 34 people (82%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
Posted: June 3
I struggled to learn to use this controller at first, and it sat on my desk and collected dust for a while. But what was i to expect its new there is no other controller like it on the market. now i am comfortable with it and i prefer it to ps4 or xb1 controller. the ability to customize the buttons is endless. and the sensitivity adjustments are ealsy configured to anybodys play style. i love the gyro control the best. its so smooth and accurate.
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27 of 34 people (79%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 17
So there are these basic steps you need to go through after you receive the controller:
1. Connect controller to PC
2. Start your favorite game
3. Configure controller for the game
4. Play the game with your lovely new controller
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 at least a dozen times to perfect your config
6. Give yp and find a community-made config
7. Feel the modding spirit inside you and start re-tweaking the community mod
8. Decide it's as good as it gets
9. Profit!?

The Steam Controller is really amazing (once its properly configured for your game).
If you play anything that involves aiming, REMEMBER THE GYRO!!
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19 of 21 people (90%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 19
It's great for what it does i.e. giving you options to play games "more casually", "on your couch", or however you want to name it; games, that would otherwise be rather hard to play in such environment. So - I recommend it just for that. Options are good, and it gives you a-PLENTY, sometimes maybe even too many, if your game doesn't already have a community-prepared control scheme.

HOWEVER, sadly, I *don't* recommend it as your FIRST AND ONLY controller, unless you only care about the abovementioned scenario.

Some games really are designed with controllers in mind, and you're doing yourself a disservice not having such tool in your arsenal, even if you're a PC gamer. Sadly, I can't really "feel" (at least initially?) the Steam controller replacing something like your standard dual stick XBox or PS controllers.

The trackpads are amazing at pretending to be trackballs or mouse wheels, the haptic feedback is something to behold. It works great at driving Windows and some slower paced mouse driven games. Also the great enabler for many games is option for customized onscreen popup menus which may fill in for many, many more buttons than a normal controller would give you.

But, the trackpads don't really do a good job at pretending to be a stick, and even the normal mouse mode, I expected something like a laptop touchpad - I've been playing on laptops for years! Alas, I simply cannot find the speed and precision of a normal laptop touchpad on those Steam controller trackpads... And, even though I am not accustomed to trackballs at all, Steam controller trackpads do a better job for me when trackball mode is on (guess that's why they're named like that... focused more on pretending to be a trackball rather than a touchpad)! This is perhaps my biggest dissapointment with this controller. Maybe that's something that would come with time, but I had no trouble picking up dual joystick controllers for the first time. Of course a stick will never be as accurate as mouse (even though I've seen some 10 year old kids doing magic with those), but on those trackpads I did expect the accuracy I find on a laptop touchpad! (not a trackball replacement...)

Other things I don't like is the placement of XYBA buttons; very small and far in. It only serves to reinforce my opinion that it doesn't do a good job at replacing a standard XBox-like/PS-like controller...

Also, bumpers are too hard and too loud-clicky to my taste (though seeing as some people are crazy about loud mechanical keyboards, that may not be an issue to you... but in a bumper heavy game you will be heard; trackpads clicking is also a rather loud sound, but not as much)

On the other hand I like the triggers very much, they have linear press detection, but also a soft silent click at the end (there's also configurable trigger point that may come earlier, with haptic rumble). It works great to to either have a direct action, or if pressed gently at first, a modified action (like a quick shot or aimed shot). But I've read some comments that actually don't like the triggers... So, another preference based stuff.

And, to make it clear, I *do* like the trackpads, just in all modes other than non-trackball mouse or stick.

So, again, it is great for many games that would otherwise be unplayable with a controller; however, for games that *have* dedicated controller support, a standard controller seems a better way to go
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27 of 38 people (71%) found this review helpful
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Posted: May 29
It takes some getting used to but it's very customizable if you spend some time with it. I love the flexibility it provides but it isn't quite as comfortable as my Xbox 360 controller. Overall I think it's a great piece of hardware.
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19 of 25 people (76%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 2
let me begin with this, I got this controller because I wanted a smooth controller expierence for games that I felt would be more comfortable to play laid back rather than hunched over a keyboard (which I don't mind using obviously but can seriously put a strain on you if you are hunched for too long lol). At the time when I bought this I was playing Call Of Duty: World at War zombies practically every day, and me and my friends usually had long sessions playing going back to comfort. When I first booted up the game with the controller, using the menus with the touch pad and selecting with the triggers felt very natrual and intuitive. While playing campaign, and zombies the aiming with my prefered settings, was a very smooth and satisfying experience. But I did play insurgency, and this is something that I feel is not a strong point of the controller as the touch pad works well yes, but if you are playing a hardcore game like insurgency or ARMA, just stick with a keyboard and mouse. But admittedly, it did take a while to set up, but this is expected as steam even tells you when a game is not set up, but the pay off is so worth it. The customization is immense and anything you want this bad boy to do, there is a way, and that to me makes this a very powerful controller, more so than using a standard Xbox controller. As of writing this there is a new beta feature called "rumble" which if you don't know is when a controller vibrates giving you feedback in for example shooting. And, this to me shows the potential for how this tech can be pushed even further than how powerful it is right now.
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
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Posted: June 2
I've had this controller for almost a year now. It's the best controller I have ever used. The amount of customization is unbelieveable. You can easily create your own profiles or use the ones provided by the community. The haptic feedback is adjustable and the battery placement helps balance the weight of the controller. I'm still using the original batteries. This is the best controller I've ever owned.
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