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Bitar från en antik stentavla har börjat dyka upp runtom världen och Museet behöver din hjälp att hitta bitarna och den mest dyrbara ädelsten som någonsin känts till... “Världsdiamanten”. Under ledningen för Museet, måste du omedelbart påbörja ditt globala söka och finna-äventyr.
Utgivningsdatum: 17 sep, 2008
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Om spelet

Bitar från en antik stentavla har börjat dyka upp runtom världen och Museet behöver din hjälp att hitta bitarna och den mest dyrbara ädelsten som någonsin känts till... “Världsdiamanten”. Under ledningen för Museet, måste du omedelbart påbörja ditt globala söka och finna-äventyr. Klara över 100 nivåer genom att hitta gömda objekt och kringgå unika pusselfällor.

Res till 25 unika & exotiska platser runtom världen och hitta över 2100 gömda objekt i 3 olika spellägen: Hitta Världsdiamanten, plus två oändliga spellägen som låses upp efter du har hittat Värdsdiamanten eller hittat alla gömda juveler på varje plats. Ta dig an 8 olika typer av minispel-pussel som innefattar Placera Felen och Hitta Felen. Lycka till på ditt jorden runt-äventyr!

  • Hitta över 2100 gömda objekt på över 100 nivåer.
  • Utforska 25 exotiska och värdsliga platser.
  • Spela 8 unika minispels-pussel som Hitta Felen, Placera Felen, och mycket mer.
  • Tre spellägen: Hitta Världsdiamanten, Oändlig Söka & Finna och Oändlig Hitta Felen.
  • Hitta de gömda juvelerna för att låsa upp de oändliga spellägena.
  • Sträva efter en Perfekt Sök-bonus genom att inte använda Tips.
  • Spela mot klockan eller i det avslapplande läget utan tidsbegränsning.
  • Lås upp intressanta fakta i din journal medan du reser runt jorden.


    • Operativsystem: Windows XP/Vista/2000
    • Processor: 350Mhz Pentium eller bättre CPU
    • Minne: 128 MB RAM eller bättre
    • Ljud och Grafik: 32-bitars grafik och ljudkort
    • DirectX: DirectX 7 eller senare
    • Hårddisk: 75 MB ledigt hårddiskutrymme
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4 av 4 personer (100%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
5.4 timmar totalt
If you like to play hide and go seek on the computer then this will be a game that would be fun for you to play. Its a simple game that involve you looking past everything and just look for the little details of the pictures you are seeing. you have to find items in the picture that are listed on a list at the bottom of the picture. This game deals with traveling around the world and finding the different items in the vast places it takes you. Its a great game to start on if you are new to this type of gameplay.
Upplagd: 28 mars, 2011
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5 av 7 personer (71%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
19.1 timmar totalt
I love hidden object find-it games, but this series by Popcap is terrible.
Popcap have their fair share of fun games, but these are definitely not up there. The music for me is just irritating. It’s painful to listen to, it’s very repetitive and all sounds the same. It’s all in a low tone, and honesty I have to say it barely passes for music. Nor background ambience for that matter. It’s a horrible mixture of both I suppose. I turnt all the settings down so I don’t have to listen to it, but no audio at all makes it even more boring than it already is, so I played my own music in the background. Just to try and make the game a tad bit more bearable.
The gameplay is fairly repetitive, you play the same 5 scenes over and over and over again, and it feels as if it goes on forever. To complete, it’s way too long. Or at least felt that way. It just felt like a chore to complete. I made myself finish it because usually I want to finish games I’ve started before I can move on.(anyone that knows me will know my illogical OCD-tendencies when it comes to my steam library).
Like most games, it felt so good to finish, but not in a satisfying way. Where you finish, reflect on the game and feel good about it. In a way that just made me so happy that I would never have to go near this game ever again.
If you enjoy hidden object games, don't buy these. There are much better ones you can buy. The "Midnight Mysteries" and “Samantha Swift” series were good in my opinion. I played through them quite easily. They actually have a story and is a lot more engaging. The time it took me to complete those series of games, was probably the same amount of time I spent dragging myself through this game.
Upplagd: 16 april, 2013
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2 av 3 personer (67%) fann denna recension hjälpsam
0.3 timmar totalt
Amazing Adventures Around the World is another fun, find-the-object game from PopCap. The game features attractive graphics but an unfortunately low viewing resolution of only 800x600 stretched to fullscreen. The gameplay is brisk, the music appropriate and their are both a collectible and bonus game added on to each one of the campaigns 25 missions. Unfortunately both widescreen resolutions and the Steam Overlay are not supported. Overall however, Amazing Adventures Around the World delivers what it promises, an entertaining albeit flawed puzzle game.
Upplagd: 19 november, 2012
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