Pedazos de una antigua placa de piedra han comenzado a ser descubiertos alrededor del mundo y el Museo necesita tu ayuda para localizarlos y encontrar la gema más cara jamás conocida... el “Diamante Mundial”. Bajo la dirección del Museo, debes comenzar inmediatamente tu aventura global de búsqueda y localización.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 17 sep. 2008

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Acerca de este juego

Pedazos de una antigua placa de piedra han comenzado a ser descubiertos alrededor del mundo y el Museo necesita tu ayuda para localizarlos y encontrar la gema más cara jamás conocida... el “Diamante Mundial”. Bajo la dirección del Museo, debes comenzar inmediatamente tu aventura global de búsqueda y localización. Completa más de 100 niveles encontrando objetos ocultos y resolviendo puzzles-trampa únicos.

Viaja a 25 exóticos y únicos lugares alrededor del mundo para encontrar más de 2100 objetos ocultos en 3 modos de juego diferentes: Encuentra el Diamante Mundial modo historia, más dos modos de Juego Ilimitado que se desbloquearán después de que localices el Diamante Mundial o encuentres todas las Gemas ocultas en cada lugar. Enfréntate a 8 clases diferentes de mini-puzzles incluyendo Pon-las-Diferencias y Encuentra-las-diferencias. ¡Buena suerte en tu aventura alrededor del mundo!

  • Encuentra más de 2100 Objetos Ocultos en más de 100 niveles.
  • Explora 25 exóticos lugares del mundo.
  • Juega a 8 puzzles-trampa únicos incluyendo Encuentra-las-Diferencias, Pon-las-Diferencias, y muchos más.
  • Tres modos de juego: Encuentra el Diamante Mundial, Busca y Encuentra Ilimitado, y Busca las Diferencias Ilimitado.
  • Encuentra las Gemas ocultas para desbloquear los modos de juego Ilimitados.
  • Consigue el bonus de Búsqueda Perfecta al no usar Pistas.
  • Juega contra el reloj o en Modo Relajado sin límites de tiempo.
  • Desbloquea interesantes hechos en tu diario mientras viajas por el planeta.

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows XP/Vista/2000
    • Procesador: Pentium a 350Mhz o superior
    • Memoria: 128 MB RAM o más
    • Sonido y Gráficos: Tarjeta Gráfica y de Sonido de 32-bit
    • DirectX: DirectX 7 o superior
    • Disco Duro: 75 MB de espacio libre
Análisis útiles de usuarios
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Publicado el 28 de marzo de 2011
Análisis de preestreno
If you like to play hide and go seek on the computer then this will be a game that would be fun for you to play. Its a simple game that involve you looking past everything and just look for the little details of the pictures you are seeing. you have to find items in the picture that are listed on a list at the bottom of the picture. This game deals with traveling around the world and finding the different items in the vast places it takes you. Its a great game to start on if you are new to this type of gameplay.
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Publicado el 16 de abril de 2013
I love hidden object find-it games, but this series by Popcap is terrible.
Popcap have their fair share of fun games, but these are definitely not up there. The music for me is just irritating. It’s painful to listen to, it’s very repetitive and all sounds the same. It’s all in a low tone, and honesty I have to say it barely passes for music. Nor background ambience for that matter. It’s a horrible mixture of both I suppose. I turnt all the settings down so I don’t have to listen to it, but no audio at all makes it even more boring than it already is, so I played my own music in the background. Just to try and make the game a tad bit more bearable.
The gameplay is fairly repetitive, you play the same 5 scenes over and over and over again, and it feels as if it goes on forever. To complete, it’s way too long. Or at least felt that way. It just felt like a chore to complete. I made myself finish it because usually I want to finish games I’ve started before I can move on.(anyone that knows me will know my illogical OCD-tendencies when it comes to my steam library).
Like most games, it felt so good to finish, but not in a satisfying way. Where you finish, reflect on the game and feel good about it. In a way that just made me so happy that I would never have to go near this game ever again.
If you enjoy hidden object games, don't buy these. There are much better ones you can buy. The "Midnight Mysteries" and “Samantha Swift” series were good in my opinion. I played through them quite easily. They actually have a story and is a lot more engaging. The time it took me to complete those series of games, was probably the same amount of time I spent dragging myself through this game.
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Publicado el 16 de diciembre de 2014
To sum it up

  • High quality object hiding
  • Varied gameplay offered by minigames between levels
  • Extra objectives
  • End-game unlimited modes

  • Low, non-adjustable graphic resolution
  • No Steam integration of any kind
  • Every now and then, a cheap trick in object hiding


This is part of a series of hidden object (HO) games developed by SpinTop Games and published by PopCap Games between 2007-2009. To date they are my favourite of the genre.

Unlike more modern HO games where the items are often practically jumping out at you, here they are masterfully blended and conspicuous (sometimes even a little too much so.) The whole scene looks practically painted.

Each stage ends with a varied puzzle (crosswords, rotating tiles, spot the difference) that offers a little break and introduced the next level. And each level ends with a small informative blurb that I assume nobody will read, but it adds a bit of substance.

More modern HO games try to amp it up with plot and animations and a story and voice acting and what not, usually with bad results, because at the end of the day, it's a cheesy casual game and reaching for more just makes it awkward.
But this series focuses efforts on the mechanics of HO gameplay, and it shows in how well the scenes are made.

Shame about that low resolution though.
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Publicado el 30 de octubre de 2014
As far as puzzle games go this is OK. It is pretty fun in the begininng but with time it can get boring as they use the same map multiple times. I guess if you want to play and relax it is not bad.
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Publicado el 6 de febrero
Dear Gods, why did I buy the Popcap Bundle? WHY?


Let's do this.

This game is the 6th hidden object game I have played. Like the Mystery P.I. games that I have played and reviewed, this game was produced by Spintop and published via Popcap. The objects hidden in the scenes are almost all the same, and there are only a very few which would be different.

The flavor of story accompanying this game is finding a stone tablet, which will lead to the World Gem (which looks like a ginormous refined diamond big enough to be likened to the size of a toddler). Well. That's all of a story.

I have played through the main game and the endless seeking mode for hidden objects, like I did in Escape Rosecliff Island and the four Mystery P.I. games I have played. Good Gods did that take some time.

Not recommended unless you're a junkie for hidden object games and have the necessary patience and tenacity to find everything.

...and there will be another Amazing Adventures game waiting for me. But this will be reviewed in due time.
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