The cult classic open-ended wilderness survival roguelike RPG taking place in the ancient North. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its incredible depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. Lose yourself in the most intricate, detailed and enchanting iron-age game world.
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Releasedatum: 26 feb 2016

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3 juni

Summery summary 2017 -- an announcement and teaser of many trades

Summer it is, and we've been steadily trucking towards yet another version.
Once it's wrapped up it's gonna be summer holidays for me, and new features in UnReal World for you. Summer it is, despite of the current weather in Finland including little snow and sleet every now and then, chilly days and almost frosty nights. But the weather engine still isn't bugged ;)

What's cooking then -- and when the soup is ready?

I wouldn't want to speak of schedules but I put my hope in July. We'll have some fresh stuff out the latest...I suppose. And this summer we don't release only yeat another new version of the game, but also our first Steam feature... ta-daa... Trading Cards!

UnReal World Trading Cards

Trading Cards for UnReal World are coming this summer. Yet again we like to do things with deep thought, love, ambition and talent and that's why the card artwork is drawn by Finnish comic artist Tuuli Hypén. (Some of you may remember her classic "conflict in the woods" drawing based on the old title screen.)
We've cherished and talked about the card themes and plots during the spring, the creation is in progress, and below you can find a sneak preview collage consisting of drafts, sketches and semi-finished artwork.

Trading Cards are likely to be launched even before the actual next version is finished. We'll start with six cards, and most likely expand the pack in the future. Prepare yourselves, foreign and domestic card traders!

Upcoming game content features

Then, a few words and screenies about the upcoming new game content -- to be expected this summer. Like always, we're adding new freatures on many different fronts but let's highlight some of the probably most widely interesting here:

* Bones and antlers

Antlers and bones can be now harvested from carcassess.
They have only little usage on their own but do serve as trophies and new raw materials to be utilized via modding if you like.

* Skulls and teeth

Skulls can be now harvested from a few species of dead animals whose skulls (or teeth) have meaningful ritual or magical usage. Skulls can be furthermore applied to pick teeth from them. Bear teeth for example are well-known for their magical powers.

Screenshot: By the sacred bear memorial rite tree Panu takes a look at the sturdy bones after hanging the bear skull in place.

* New spells, more spells, spells screen overhaul

We're giving up the old ritual system for good, and now focusing on the new kind of spells and spells system first showcased in version 3.40. This means removal of some of the old spells, but also featuring more and more new spells.

Ritual screen will be known as "Spells and magic means" screen and all the new spells are listed there as well. "New spells" refers to spells featured in version 3.40, which are learned within quests and performed by following the instructions given in spell description by using the common game mechanics and actions.

Currently you can view new spell descriptions only in the quest journal, but now it all will be available within the spells screen. Whenever a new spell is learned it will also appear in this new list of spells.

Bringing the selector on a any spell in the list displays its information dialog. If necessary, a selection is then made by mouse click or enter. In addition, there are also hotkeys for quick spell selection.
In case of the new manually and mechanically performed spells the spell selection merely shows the spell description and instructions to follow in order to perform the spell.
The old spells (eg. blood-stanching incantation) are colored differently and automatically put to action upon selection.

Screenshot: The new spells screen with quite a bit of spells known. Hovering the selector over the first spell shows the description.

* Cubs and calves - rise of the young animals

Cubs and calves have been added for relevant wild animal species eg. elks, bears, reindeer, hares etc.
In case of large species ie. elks and bears, the young ones usually follow their mothers in the wild for a full year after the birth. So, now you may occasionally encounter an elk mother wandering together with her calf, or a bear mother followed by her cub. Mother animals may act more unexpectedly or aggressively than usual when they're still taking care of their young ones -- and that's especially true in case of bears.

Few screenshots - the adventures of fghfg among cubs and calves :)
Bear mother with its cub. Careful now. You don't want to position yourself in between those two.

Ooo.. isn't that sweet... not a hunting day today.

* Ant nests

For some this is a mere curiosity, for some an absolute necessity. Anyhow, ant nests can be now found in the forest. They are needed in performing certain spells but have no other use to the player character currently.

Screenshot: It's raining - and it's ant nest!

Stay tuned... Deeper and deeper into the Far North we shall take you...

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7 maart

3.40 stable released

The spring is in the air.

Here's a squirrel in a big pine tree at my backyard. It said to me that today we should release a new patch.

So we did, and here's the changelog. With this last fistful of crucial fixes and a few additions we'll tag version 3.40 stable.


Version 3.40 stable changelog:

- added: trapped animals will eventually die

Depending on their nutrition and overall physical condition it usually takes from few days to a week
for a trapped animal to perish.

- added: when examining a single piece of clothing/armour the item name is shown in the armour coverage screen

- added [info]: character creation screen now notifies about wrong character names

Eg. if there's already a character folder with the same name you'll be informed about it and asked
to enter a different name. This clears occasional newcomer failures to proceed with character creation.

- adjusted: craft and task times calculated more independently to overcome time-related abuses

Previously you could predict quality of crafts and success of tasks from the time required to
complete them. A shorter time meant greater success for example in case of crafting, hideworking
or rod fishing.
Now the time taken is calculated independently although still naturally based on the applicable
skill. In general higher skill mastery level is still prone to get things done faster, but it's not
possible to predict the outcome from the required time anymore.

- adjusted: trident breakage values

Tridents were too fragile and breaking too easily. With their wear/break/fracture levels corrected
all three tridents are significantly more durable now.

- adjusted: attack and defense classes of some weapons

Weapons have been checked for their attack and defense class values. Some corrections and rethinking has been proceeded
as follows, with one item weight adjustment in there as well. Changes are represented in [old values] -> [new values] format.
The higher the number the better the attack/defense class.

* Broad axe

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 1/1
weight: 8.5 lbs -> 5.5 lbs

* Carving axe

attack/defense: 2/2 -> 2/1

* Woodsman's axe

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

* Stone axe

attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1

* Spear

attack/defense: 3/2 -> 4/2

* Kaumolais spear

attack/defense: 4/2 -> 5/2

* Small trident

attack/defense: 3/2 -> 3/1

* Wide trident

attack/defense: 4/4 -> 4/2

* Club

attack/defense: 3/1 -> 2/1

* Kaumolais knife & Northern knife

attack/defense: 2/1 -> 1/1

* Broad knife & Hunting knige

attack/defense: 1/1 -> 1/0

* Knife

attack/defense: 1/0 -> 0/0

* Grainflail

attack/defense: 4/1 -> 3/2

Weapons created or obtained in the previous version still carry their previous version values.

- added: default setup options file (defaults/urw_ini.def) to be copied in place if needed

There is a new defaults/ folder containing urw_ini.def file which is the original setup file.
Upon first starting the game this file is copied into game's installation folder as urw_ini.txt which
is then our editable setup file. (If urw_ini.txt already exists no copying occurs.)

- fixed [quest]: wounded adventurer occasionally generated out of village boundaries

The bug usually manifested with a false adventurer figure appearing on the overworld map far away from
the village.

- fixed: armour coverage screen showed bodyparts with zero protection value with the last displayed color

This was the case for example when checking out blunt or squeeze protection values for nettle and linen clothes.
Now zero protection value is shown with very dark (almost black) red color.

- fixed: dead NPC with seemingly zero weight in "Not all who wander are lost" start-up scenario

- fixed [modding]: {[TERRAIN:]} crafting requirement tag not properly recognizing "sea" terrain type

- fixed [quest]: escorting NPC to a village mistakenly accepted arriving at Njerpez villages

- fixed: "How is it going?" chat option occasionally missing from certain NPCs

- fixed: troubles of shooting arrows from frozen water puddles at mires

The arrows did prematurely hit the ground due to faulty terrain elevation calculations.

- fixed: withered mushrooms had no visible tile graphics

- fixed [rare condition]: buried treasures being generated on mire islands where it's impossible to dig them up

- fixed [rare condition]: all the start menu entries bringing up "About" screen



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“It’s a survival/crafting game that existed before the flood of Early Access survival/crafting games, and it offers a more complete and compelling vision than anything else in the genre.”
RPS: The 50 Best RPG On PC

“It’s an RPG about wilderness survival, with borrowings from the roguelike ocean, and an enormous amount of things to craft. It’s also, quite possibly, the best example of its type. Two decades of development have paid off and UnReal World has the most intricate procedural worlds to explore and perish in.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“The animal AI for instance is incredible, and you only notice it once you play another game like it. UnReal World is about realism; if it’s so realistic that you don’t notice, then it must have done its job right, and that is exactly what URW accomplishes.”
The Hype Machine

Over dit spel

Into the Far North we shall take you -- as far as we can by the means of computer role playing...

UnReal World is a unique combination of roguelike roleplaying game and survival simulation set in the Far North long, long ago. Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. The game is completely open-ended and you decide whether you wish to lead a life of a fisherman, a hermit searching for the peace, a brave adventurer, a rough hunter, a trapper or a tradesman.

As a member of one of the nine different cultures you'll enter a detailed and enchanting iron-age game world in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part. The world and mechanics of the game are highly realistic, rich with historical atmosphere and emphasized on survival in the harsh ancient wilderness.

A wide world with vast forests, mires and mountains to roam and watercourses to row is randomly and procedurally generated - and you can live off the land and explore it on very detailed level. Track animals, set traps, hunt with bows and spears, tan hides, go fishing, pick berries, cook food, sleep in a temporary shelter or build a log cottage, trade with the villagers, craft items, interact with cultures near and far -- and so much more.

A few of the key features:

  • turn-based and open-ended - think before you act and live off the land as you please
  • random world generation for endless replayability
  • intricate procedural world full of wonders both mundane and extraordinary to explore on very detailed level
  • no character classes but nine different cultures to choose from
  • skill based system including multitude of skills from cookery to hideworking, from herblore to tracking
  • detailed terrain generation with diverse and accurate northern vegetable kingdom
  • convincing northern animal kingdom with species specific behaviour patterns and feeding relationships modelled in detail
  • keep in touch with the spirit world and the supernatural guardians of nature
  • find excitement in surviving everyday life and the quest for success in the harsh ancient wilderness
  • detailed combat (and hunting) with many tactical options and galore of weapon, battle experience and combatant related factors resulting in vivid and rewarding struggles
  • no "hit points" but detailed generation of injuries such as bruises, fractures, tears and cuts to specific body locations
  • injuries rated to determine their effect to physical activity
  • craft items from weapons to traps, build constructions for temporary shelter to log cabins
  • moddable crafting, building and flora
  • and so much more. Everything is up to you...

The initial UnReal World Steam release doesn't feature Steam goodies such as achievements, trading cards or cloud saves but there's no end in sight and all of those will be considered in the future.

UnReal World is the longest living roguelike game of all times. It was first released in 1992 and has been continuously maintained and developed ever since.
Over the years we’ve seen dozens and dozens of new UnReal World versions each of them being complete games of their own, and still there is no end in sight to working with updates and new versions. UnReal World Steam version out now is the third evolution of the game (3.*) and a great deal of updates, enhancements and new features to it will follow.

You can get to know it more and test for free at


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Besturingssysteem: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Geheugen: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 800x600 minimum resolution
    • DirectX: Versie 9.0c
    • Opslagruimte: 1 GB beschikbare ruimte
    • Besturingssysteem: 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Geheugen: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 800x600, OpenGL 2.0
    • Opslagruimte: 1 GB beschikbare ruimte
    • Besturingssysteem: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Geheugen: 512 MB RAM
    • Grafische kaart: 800x600, OpenGL 2.0
    • Opslagruimte: 1 GB beschikbare ruimte

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