Você é o mundialmente famoso Mystery P.I. e você acaba de ser contratado pela Grandma Rose para achar seu bilhete perdido da loteria, que vale 488 milhões de dólares! Refaça os passos da Grandma para coletar pistas encontrando objetos escondidos e resolvendo quebra-cabeças.
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Data de lançamento: 16/out/2007

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Sobre este jogo

Você é o mundialmente famoso Mystery P.I. e você acaba de ser contratado pela Grandma Rose para achar seu bilhete perdido da loteria, que vale 488 milhões de dólares! Refaça os passos da Grandma para coletar pistas encontrando objetos escondidos e resolvendo quebra-cabeças. Vasculhe a cidade procurando pistas e junte-as para resolver o caso. A Grandma Rose concordou em te pagar US$ 20 milhões se você encontrar o bilhete antes do prazo final. Se apresse, você tem apenas 12 horas para encontrar o bilhete!

Investigue 20 lugares únicos para encontrar mais de 2100 objetos escondidos de forma inteligente! Conforme suas habilidades investigativas melhoram, seu "P.I. rank" aumenta -- trabalhe por uma "Perfect Investigation" para ganhar muitos pontos bônus!

Dois jeitos divertidos de se jogar: No modo "Find the Ticket" você precisa encontrar o bilhete perdido antes do prazo final. Destrave o modo "Unlimited Seek & Find" para procurar todos os objetos perdidos sem limite de tempo -- todas as cenas, todos os itens! Colete todas as 20 chaves enquanto procura o bilhete para destravar um local bônus escondido na cidade.

Requisitos de sistema


    • OS: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/2000
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 350Mhz or greater
    • RAM: 128 MB RAM or greater
    • Hard drive: 75 MB of free space
    • Video: 16-bit graphics card
    • Audio: 16-bit audio card
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Publicada: 15 de novembro de 2015
This review was first published elsewhere in 2010. I've edited it.

Grandma Rose is a lucky and unlucky woman. She won the big lottery which means she's now very rich but before touching her money, she needs her ticket... And she thinks she lost it. So you're sent by your agency to find it within 12 hours... You're not an ordinary P.I., you're the Mysterious P.I..

Basically, there is nothing extraordinary in the storyline and it's just a background for the game: you're never interacting with the town citizen, you're just visiting places. So, you can't really say if the game is parody, comedy, drama, thriller, etc.. And I can really say that the end is providing a total different answer I've imagined. Was it a good surprise? Yes and no. Yes because of my imagination and no because it's not really an end I love generally.

Mysterious P.I. was a good title but behind, there is no real story and no real ID on who he or she is and even if it's bothering me at some levels, in the end, you're the Mysterious P.I.. It's up to you to give him/her a name, to decide if his badge will show a fingerprint, a male or a female.

Mystery P.I. is nothing else than an HoG with minigames at the end of each level. However, you have two modes: Normal and Unlimited Search.

The Normal Mode is self-explanatory: it's the story mentioned above. Each level is divided in different scenes. The much you advance, the more scenes you'll get to visit. Your goal is to find a list of given items. When you clear a level (in other words, when you have cleared all scenes), a minigame is appearing. It will be always variants of "find the pair", for example, find a pair of the same object but one is depicted in an ancient state and the other in his actual state. You receive a piece of puzzle that would be useful at the end of the game. Each level is timed, which means that all scenes must be visited before the clock shows 00.00.

You should know about the score because it's tied to your rank. I explain: you can climb up a ladder of ranks by scoring points. Each object found is worth of 5000 points. If you're being fast to find them in row, you have a bonus (first is 2500, second is 3500, etc..). An hidden key is also worth of 10 000 points. And if you're clearing the level of all objects (instead of choosing to solve the puzzle when you have between two and four items still in the scenes), you can score a 25 000 bonus points for a perfect investigation. If the numbers are different (without key and perfect investigation), this schema is applying also to the ending puzzle.

And what about the Unlimited Search? Every location visited during the normal story is open and you have still to clear them but here, it's about all the objects.

Graphics are correct: the map itself is clear, the HUD is in my favorite color (blue) and the scenes are well-drawn. Perhaps some scenes are invaded by a lot of objects, like in the Firemen Station, where some objects are difficult to spot because you're viewing a sort of blur but the graphics are at least representing the level you're playing.

The soundtrack is fitting to the game but unfortunately, it's always the same track which is played. As it's not something weird, you're not really paying attention to it.

Also, for some of you, as it's not really an adventure game, you will probably be bored rapidly.

Regarding all these elements, Mystery P.I. can be a little deceiving at the end: a classic gameplay, only one track as soundtrack, no real story behind (no cutscene for example) and perhaps a little too long. But the game is redeeming itself with an unlimited mode, with the fact that you really want to find the lottery ticket because you're curious to know where it is and the fact that the game is at a medium difficulty (you don't have very small objects at least).

I recommend to play it for the afficionados, just because after that, Vegas Heist will improve, in terms of minigames mainly.
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Publicada: 21 de fevereiro
It's important to understand what you're buying when you're getting this game.

This is one of the earlier hidden object games in the genre, which has since evolved into more intricate games with plot, inventory, and variety. It's very important to know that this is almost EXCLUSIVELY hidden object scenes, and very detailed ones (in that these scenes are packed edge to edge with objects), with only a small matching minigame in between levels and one minigame at the end.

If the hidden object aspect of more recent (and more complex) games appeals to you a lot, you may enjoy this game. If you're actually looking for plot, puzzles, inventory management, and a cast of characters, you probably want to avoid it.

It is an older game and graphically it didn't age well; some objects can be blurry or pixelly and hard to make out. For the most part, however, the game is perfectly playable and the hint button can be used for anything that's hiding too successfully. The scenes can get repetitive and it's not really a "play it all through in one sitting" sort of game; I usually would play a level, or a few scenes from a level, at a time as a time-killer.

This is a timed game. However, on each level I had ample time to find all of the objects in all of the locations and usually ended the level with at least 20 minutes left on the timer (and usually more). The timed aspect didn't seem to be much of a challenge.

All things considered, despite the sometimes-unclear objects and the repetition of scenes, this is a reasonably-priced time killer that is worth the money for six hours of total gameplay.
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Publicada: 14 de outubro de 2014
its basically a typical hidden object game but with time pressure.

If i personally had a choice i would not have bought this if i knew, as i do not like a time pressure games. I want to be relaxed and take my time casually looking for objects (hey, everyone has their thing).

sorry, If there was an "okay" button i would press that. It's not bad, its just that i personally don't like it.

I'm sure a lot of people would like this game though.

If you like hidden objects game and dont mind being timed, this is the game for you!
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Publicada: 21 de janeiro de 2015
Alright, this is the second of the Mystery P.I. games I completely finished, and the third game of this kind I played through. Contrary to the "Lost in Los Angeles" game, "The Lottery Ticket" offers a slightly faster, and more difficult gameplay. While there are no instances when the object to look for is described instead of directly named, there is no option for relaxed gameplay, forcing the player to properly manage time they spend on each site.

Adding to that, I found that compared to "Lost in Los Angeles", some objects blended much more into the background, making it hard to find them, and required me to use the "hint" option more often.

Since "The Lottery Ticket" was made earlier than "Lost in Los Angeles", I suppose that "The Lottery Ticket" still lacked some of the options given by the later games. I think it's quite good that the game gives you limited time only to find everything.

Overall, I still wouldn't recommend this game really. While it did take me more time than "Lost in Los Angeles", it still suffers from the same problems as "Lost in Los Angeles" and "Escape Rosecliff Island", with extremely repetitive gameplay and a requirement to be patient and tenacious to complete the game.

However, since I acquired it in a bundle, it was quite worth it. I'd recommend buying in a bundle and/or when the price is reduced.

I still have two more Mystery P.I. games to complete from the bundle, and will do so in the next weeks. As for the previous two, I will write reviews upon completion.
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Publicada: 29 de maio de 2015
This may have been one of the earlier Mystery P.I. games before they perfected the game in the series. I am a devout Mystery P.I. fan--but I'm afraid this one disappointed me. The puzzles are all the same and tedious. The artwork is still wonderful and there is one redeeming quality in all this---once you unlock the unlimited HOG play feature you can point and click to your heart's content. So now that you are prepared, I'd say go ahead and purchase this. You'll have it for the long haul.
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