BlastZone 2 is an action packed side scrolling shooter that will really get your adrenaline pumping! Play solo or join up with a friend locally or online and battle the alien forces that have invaded the planet and take the fight to them! Feel the excitement of breaking through the enemy barricade at high speed!
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Mostly Positive (52) - 71% of the 52 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date:
Feb 19, 2015

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February 12

Alt-fire update, readied charge shot effect, gameplay balancing tweaks, and more (v1.26.1.0)

A new update has been released for BlastZone 2! This update mostly focuses on gameplay improvements, ranging from weapon balance changes and improved alt-fire controls, to a new particle effect when holding a charge shot before firing it. The weapon balance changes include reducing the damage of the outer bullets of the Wave Shot for ship AB1 and AB2. This weapon was previously overpowered, so this should bring it back in line with the other primary weapons. The AB1 ship also had its secondary fire weapon swapped out for the Burst Shot to better characterize its style, mixing long range and short range weapons.

Another big improvement in this update is in the way alt-fire weapons are controlled. Now, alt-fire shots can be accessed by tapping the Fire2 button. There is still a lead time before the shot is fired, but this alleviates the old requirement of having to hold the Fire2 button for the correct amount of time to fire it. Also, alt-fire shots can now be fired at the optimum rate by rapidly tapping the Fire2 button. This new control scheme adds more versatility and gameplay options to all the ships in the game, but benefits the B1 and B2 ships the most. These two ships are now much more effective against big bosses, making better use of their only long ranged attack.

The previous update added particle bursts to illustrate attaining each level of charge without having to look at the HUD charging meter, but this update takes these improvements a step further. Now, once maximum charge has been attained, a new particle animation is shown to illustrate that the weapon is no longer charging and is now awaiting the player to fire it. This makes the graphical feedback of the player ship more intuitive and further reduces the need to look at the charging HUD meter, allowing the player to focus on the action better.

There are a number of other tweaks and improvements in this update as well. Here are the full release notes:
  • Reduced damage of the edges of Wave Shot volleys for ships AB1 and AB2
    -Wave Shot was overpowered in previous versions, so this brings it closer in line to other primary weapons
    -Slightly increases the skill needed for maximum damage by needing to hit enemies with the center of each shot volley
    -Reduces its effectiveness against large groups of enemies, which was the main area it was overpowered in
  • Alt-fire shots can now be fired by tapping the Fire2 button instead of holding it
    -When Fire2 is tapped, the weapon won't be fired until sufficient charge time has passed
    -Fire2 shots can no longer be cancelled like previous versions
    -Charge1 and Charge2 shot behavior hasn't been affected by this update
    -This is especially helpful for B1 and B2 ships against big bosses, giving them an easier way to use their ranged attack
  • Added new particle effects when holding a readied charge shot
  • Changed the AB1 ship secondary fire weapon to Burst Shot
    -This better fits the close and far range style of the AB1 weapon loadout
  • Added secondary fire weapon listings in all ship selection screens
    -These weapons were always part of each ship's loadout, but now that information is readily available
  • Added descriptive slot assignments for each weapon in the loadout displays in each ship selection screen
  • Slightly increased the size of Boosted Bolts to distinguish them from regular bolts
  • Moved the Boosted Bolt muzzle flash further up on the ship
As usual, to check that you have the latest update, launch the game and check the lower left corner of the title screen for “v1.26.1.0” or above. I hope everyone enjoys these new gameplay improvements and don’t forget to leave your comments in the forums!
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February 5

Overhauled Survival Mode scoring system with multipliers and many other improvements (v1.26.0.0)

A big new update has been released for BlastZone 2! Survival mode now has a completely new scoring system that makes use of a skill-based multiplier system. Destroying enemies with well placed charge shots increase the multiplier and hitting enemies with regular shots maintains the multiplier. The multiplier gradually decreases over time and reduces rapidly when getting hit by enemies. New players can still play Survival mode while ignoring this new scoring system, but it adds a lot of depth for mid range and advanced players, effectively raising the skill ceiling without affecting the skill floor.

Prior to this update, all the game modes were evaluated and it was discovered that Survival mode was mostly used as a stepping stone for newer players to ramp up and unlock Blitz mode. This helped and gave the mode a useful place in game progression, but there was an opportunity to maintain its relevance for more advanced players. As it stood, Survival mode was the most straight forward mode in the game, not having much unique to help it stand out. Now, with this new scoring system, I found myself playing it very differently and being much more engaged in the moment to moment decisions to maximize my score. This gives the new Survival mode a more unique identity, and makes it more fun to play.

The main drawback of this update is that it makes the current Survival Mode online leaderboard obsolete. Skillful players can now easily surpass the top scores of the leaderboard and the current top score holders will need to claw back up to maintain their titles. Some thought was put into potentially boosting all the current scores to keep them relevant, but this is an artificial fix and there is excitement in shattering the old skill ceiling organically.

A number of other additions and improvements are a part of this update as well, including score rank categories added to more game modes, which adds more options for unlocking those achievements. There are also better ship state feedback effects, including animations for attaining each regular charge level, as well as a context sensitive hyper charge animation to show when it is charging at an accelerated rate or not. More details on these and more are below.

Here are the full release notes: (v1.26.0.0)
  • Created a new score multiplier system for Survival mode
    -Use charge shots and points pickups to raise your multiplier
    -Hit enemies with regular shots to maintain your multiplier
    -Getting hit reduces your multiplier
    -Waiting too long without maintaining your multiplier gradually reduces it
    -Dying resets your multiplier
  • Updated the HUD and netcode to support the new Survival multiplier system
  • Reworked the score rank category thresholds for Survival mode to match the new scoring system
  • Added score rank categories for Blitz Mode and Classic B mode viewable in the gameover screen
  • Added particle effects when the player attains Charge Level 1 and Charge Level 2
  • Added a particle effect when picking up item drops
  • Added a particle effect when firing a Barrage Shot using ship A1
  • Added unlock info subtext when Classic B and Blitz mode, or Veteran and Turbo difficulty are locked
  • Increased the triangle density of the Outer Space star background sphere, improving texture mapping consistency
  • Eliminated Hyper power reduction and the use of Fire2 and Fire3 weapons when Hyper mode is activate during the Wave Splash Screen
  • The hyper charge up animation now only shows when hyper power is charging at an accelerated rate
  • Increased the opacity of the hyper charge up animation to make it easier to see
  • Updated a few game mode selection subtexts in the menus
  • Removed the charge up sound from hyper charging; now it is only used for regular charging
  • Fixed a bug when pressing enter on the "Motion Smoothing" option in the client online multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed cluster shots erroneously showing power bolt or super bolt dissipation animations
  • Fixed missing individual player scores in the gameover screen when playing Multiplayer Blitz mode

Another smaller update was recently released as well, making improvements to gamepad button mapping (v1.25.4.1):
  • Gamepad button mapping has been updated to prevent a single button from being mapped to multiple actions
    -This prevents game breaking bugs in the menu system and other areas
  • Updated the config program to prevent gamepad buttons from being bound to multiple actions, similar to the in-game update
  • Changed the color of the gamepad config column headers to separate them from selectable options
  • Migrated to the latest version of the Steam SDK (v1.42)

I hope everyone enjoys the newly revamped Survival mode and don’t forget to give your feedback through email or the forums! As usual, to make sure you have the latest version, start the game and check the lower left corner of the title screen for “v1.26.0.0” or above.
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“If you like horizontal blasters, this is going to work well for you, and you'll find plenty of variation to keep you entertained for a while.”
84% – Bytten

“Blast Zone 2 delivers at its best when played with a buddy online or sharing a keyboard. [...] With a bunch of story missions, as well as a survival mode to blast through, Blast Zone 2 is worthy of you and your friend’s time when you need that Gradius-sized hole filled.”
8/10 – GameTunnel - Chris

About This Game

***BlastZone 1 + BlastZone 2 combo: Comes bundled with BlastZone 1, both in its original form and as a remastered version in the form of "Classic" mode; get two games for the price of one!

BlastZone 2 is an action packed side scrolling shooter that will really get your adrenaline pumping! Play solo or join up with a friend locally or online to battle the alien forces that have invaded the planet and take the fight to them! Feel the excitement of breaking through the enemy barricade at high speed! Enjoy innovative gameplay mechianics such as 2nd person shooter sequences and creative use of 3D gameplay mechanics added to the traditional 2D formula. There are also tons of game modes, ship types, difficulty levels, and turbo modes to keep you entertained for a very long time. There are literally hundreds of ways to play the game, so every player can have their own unique experience! Explore the many multiplayer strategies such as the heavy gunner and light defender to buy time while the ultimate weapons charge up!

BlastZone 2 is a new approach to the shooter genre that emphasizes fast paced and strategic gameplay with tons of content to explore.

NOTE: BlastZone 2 fully supports a wide variety of DirectInput and XInput gamepads, including the XBox 360 gamepad. If you're unsure about your gamepad's compatibility, test it out with the free demo.

** Play All 6 Game Modes **
  • BlastZone 1 - Recreation of the original TI-85 game; a simple “defend the base” style game

  • Mission Mode - A 35 minute long, 8 mission cinematic experience with hundreds of unique hand animated enemies and big bosses. Includes unique 3D gameplay mechanics and a 2nd person shooter area!

  • Classic A Mode - A greatly enhanced version of BlastZone 1; a “defend the base” style game with beam weapons and a points chain system. Destroy all enemies before they pass your ship or it is game over.

  • Classic B Mode - Similar to Classic A, but with a points pool system; every action either adds to or subtracts from the points value and the player needs to stop the game at the right point to get a high score. The game keeps getting tougher; get too cocky and you could lose it all!

  • Survival Mode - Similar control scheme to Mission Mode, but with infinitely generated levels and a unique multiplier scoring system that depends on skill shots to get the best score.

  • Blitz Mode - Similar to Survival Mode, but massively increases the number of enemies on screen and gives you a fully powered ship from the start to combat them. The key to this mode is to maintain hyper power to keep those weapons powered; running out of energy can mean certain death from the large swarms of enemies!

Additional Features include:
  • 2D controls, but with hazards and gameplay elements moving around in full 3D space
  • Cooperative multiplayer both local and online for 2 players
  • Unlock the full power of your ship with hyper mode and unleash the devastating power of the omega cannon!
  • Multiple difficulty levels designed for new players up to genre veterans so everyone can have fun
  • 4 expansive game play environments, such as mountains, caves, and outer space
  • 7 selectable ships with different play styles (power, speed, melee, etc)
  • 15 weapon types including beams, cluster grenades, force fields, power bolts, and machine guns
  • Hundreds of different enemy types, each with different behaviors and stats
  • An online world leaderboard to see how you stack up to the competition
  • A Turbo mode for each of the survival modes for experienced gamers
  • Additional levels and content to be released for free

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP 32bit or above
    • Processor: Any SSE2 capable CPU (Pentium 4, Athlon64, Atom, Brazos or higher)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon 9700 or Geforce 6600 with 128mb vram supporting OpenGL 1.3 or above
    • DirectX: Version 8.1
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL 1.1 compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Supports any DirectInput or XInput Compatible gamepad
    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 32/64bit
    • Processor: 1.8ghz Core 2 Duo or Athlon64 X2 (makes use of up to 16 cores if available)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon x800 or Geforce 6800 with 256mb vram supporting OpenGL 2.0 or above
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 80 MB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL 1.1 compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Supports any DirectInput or XInput compatible gamepad

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