Hyperspace Pinball has players fighting off an alien invasion using pinball controls in a high intensity action game for all ages!
User reviews: Mostly Positive (17 reviews) - 70% of the 17 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Sep 30, 2015

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"Not your typical pinball game, but instead something MUCH better. Very solid gameplay, very chalenging boss battles! 10/10!"

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November 19

November 19 Flipper + L1 Bumper Patch

In this update I believe I fixed the problem of the ball falling through the bottom flippers and otherwise bouncing off them weirdly. The operative word is "believe."

I think the problem got bad with the major engine update and I didn't test it nearly well enough. Ironically that same engine update allowed me to fix the problem without needing all the hacks I was using before; at least that's my experience here.

If anyone is still having bottom flipper fall-through problems after this update, PLEASE let me know ASAP. Friend me on Steam to get my attention if you must.

I also added a bumper to level 1; I positioned it so the ball should not fall down the center slot, and at the same time it should still be very possible to shoot the ball with the top left flipper to hit the top right switches.

I'm open to hear about that change as well. Fine as is? Remove it? I think it takes a little getting used to but I like it.

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November 6

November 6 Ball Control + Score Patch

There has been a growing number of reports of people being unable to play because they can't control the ball or because it keeps unfairly falling down the center. I'm sorry about that, and this is the first in a line of patches that I hope will return control back to the player. Here are some of the changes:

  • Reduced gravity
  • Reduced flipper strength
  • Change of "bounce" factor on the ball, flipper and enemies
  • Changes in ball throttling logic

I've personally found the experience improved, but there are still some open issues:

  • The ball will still sometimes sink into the flipper or almost go through it
  • The ball can still slide down the bonus letters into the hole
  • Still the occasional unfair ricochet into the hole
  • Maybe once in every hundred times that the ball hits an alien near the left side of the playfield, it seems like the ball is getting pulled by a hidden gravity well.


Another important change was inspired by a player who observed that nobody could get the 10 million point achievement. So I greatly increased the scoring potential...if you're good enough to be high ranking in the leaderboards, chances are you will get that achievement in the near future. This also means if you play now, your rank will shoot up in the leaderboard until everyone else catches up.

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About This Game

Hyperspace Pinball is an arcade shooter for PC, Mac and Linux with pinball controls that has players battling aliens and making big skill shots through more than 20 challenging and beautifully rendered levels.

Score big points by collecting power-ups, running loops, defeating mini-bosses and conquering mini-challenges. You can even compete with other players on the campaign leaderboards and earn Steam badges, trading cards and more than a dozen achievements!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Processor: 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: 10.8
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Processor: 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • OS: All Distributions
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
    • Processor: 2 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 MB RAM
Helpful customer reviews
7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
12.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 2
I like the concept and the colors, and the old school feel provided by the bright wireframe objects in the middle of the field.

The problem is the physics suck. They're good enough for an Android pinball game 4 years ago, but I've played pinball with better physics on Windows 95, 20 years ago, and better pinball on Android currently. The flippers pass through the ball and the then ball reacts, hitting the ball with the end of the flipper has the wrong angular momentum. Finally despite the game running at 600+ FPS, the tip of the paddle often travels through the ball without registering a hit.

The playfield is smaller than I prefer and the gap between the padles is large enough to guarantee the ball will sometimes fall down it with no way to interact with it with the flippers. The developer is aware of this issue as they give you a free ball the first time this happens on each round. The developer appears to be responsive to the community, I like that, but the flaws are so fundemental and deep I don't know that this game can be made worth it.

EDIT 11/06/2015
The deveopler is trying. With this recent update the physics seem to be a better copy of what they are supposed to be but still don't manage to be real. Case in point, trap the ball on the upper left flipper. The ball is happy to bounce in place endlessly without losing any energy/height. When trapped on the lower right flipper it's clear that the ball plus the flipper provides perfect conservation of the balls energy on each bounce, with no appropriate mechanism to do so. The physics are fake. With the score inflation in the current update I currently place 2nd worldwide with 5,456,000. So many scores have been inflated. Were they inflated in the proper proportions? The ship that travels along the top of the screen is still only 1000. Given the difficulty in hitting it and the inflation of the other score I feel it's current score to be inappropriate. Thanks for trying dev, but it's still wrong.

If your physics are wrong or inconsistent in pinball you have nothing. I recommend against anyone buying this.
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Posted: November 21
Hyperspace Pinball is alot of fun, but it may be a strain on the eyes as the visuals are very bright and colorful. This shouldn't be too much of an issue on a PC. Were it for Android or iOS I can well imagine that it could generate comments like "it makes my eyes bleed."

So far I have stuck with playing the game in Campaign Mode*, but there are also the Boss Runs and Endurance Mode. There are 13 achievements that you can earn, of which I currently have earned 6. Most recently I earned 'Rack 'em Up' by hitting or surpassing 10 million points in one game. There is a leaderboard. I'm currently ranked 10th Worldwide and 2nd amoung my friends. I had been ranked 31st but then subsequently fell to the mid 80s. So I had to climb my way back up the charts. My other Achievements for this game are:

*Centipede Smasher
*Jacked Up
*Rack ‘em Up (Earn over 10,000,000 points in a single game in Campaigh Mode)
*Spin Master
*Straight to the Points

If you played this game when it was fairly new, but no longer play it for whatever reason, you may want to give it another go as it has received multiple updates. The developer seems to be working hard to address any issues. Here is a short list of some of the things that the updates addressed:

*Ball visibility during level changes. The balls are now easier to see when changing levels/going thru portals.
*Flipper strength
*Ball physics off of flippers and bumpers.
*Balls draining between flippers too easily.
*Scoring was too difficult. Now it is somewhat easier.

Some of these issues caused me to stop playing the game for awhile, but all of these items have been addressed, and probably more that I don't know about. I did manage to earn the 'Straight to the Points' achievement for hitting or surpassing 1,000,000 points in a single game (Campaign Mode) before I had originally stopped playing it. But that's not to say that it's a walk in the park now, as I had to play it several times when I started playing it again before I even hit 1,000,000. Now I've surpassed 12 million.

Hyperspace Pinball was developed by Gamieon for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Steam is currently selling it for $4.99.

*I have now played in Endurnace Mode. You get 1 ball and play 'til you die. Unlike Campaign Mode where you are ranked by points, Endurance Mode ranks you by the number of kills. I'm in 21st place on the Leaderboard with 47 kills.
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Posted: September 30
I don't have much time in on "Hyperspace Pinball" yet, but as there is only one review, I suspect something is in order. Updates as appropriate, hopefully very soon.

First off, this shouldn't be compared to what you currently play as pinball: TPA, FX2, or even Balls of Steel. The physics of “Hyperspace Pinball” will most likely leave players of the aforementioned trio of pinball tables cold. It just doesn't feel much like a ball rolling, or struck, or arcing, or pretty much anything you're accustomed to. But as this is "Hyperspace Pinball", quite likely this is a deliberate choice to do things differently. If you're accustomed to playing 15-minute games in FX2, be prepared to be thrilled if one of these one-ball games lasts over 30 seconds. (Some are 4-ball.)

Though you hit balls with flippers, it just doesn’t have the feel of pinball, but rather of something else, something that deserves thoughtful consideration.

While pinball is traditionally a game of developing the skills to hit primarily stationary targets, the goal of “Hyperspace Pinball” is to hit both stationary and moving targets. The table field is almost empty in all modes, with the edges containing the stationary targets, and the otherwise empty center consisting of moving targets.

The only way to lose the ball is down the center between the lower flippers. There are in-lanes, but no out-lanes.

The balls are frequently blocked from going down the center, often explosively, by barriers created through player actions.

All tables are essentially symmetrical, with a second set of flippers just above the halfway point.

“Hyperspace Pinball” has three modes: Campaign, Boss Run and Endurance.

Campaign Mode has more the look a traditional pinball, but not the physics. It’s very easy to get extra balls, and involves leveling-up within each game. A 4-ball game, averaging perhaps 2 - 3 minutes.

Boss Run Mode is basically an attempt to get to a larger block that is protected by other blocks or barriers, and has eight choices in the menu. Each of the eight unlocked selections offers a different objective and/or targets, but on similar fields. The menu previews each table, some of which are quite complex and interesting. Possibly the strongest feature of "Hyperspace Pinball". A one-ball, win or loose game unlikely to last a minute.

Endurance Mode has the physics that seems most similar to the pinball we all know. Apparently the goal is to hit the highest number of moving targets on an otherwise almost empty field, and that total number of targets hit is your score. A one-ball game averaging only seconds.

But even though this doesn't FEEL like pinball, that's no reason to write it off, especially since this is clearly meant to be pinball in name only. This is no sloggy, "wait 5 minutes for the ball to land" game. It's very fast paced, the leveling within a single table in Campaign mode is interesting, and the methods of obtaining points are creative. I won't go so far as to say the price is reasonable (even on sale), but I still have much of the table yet to play. And with bosses and 20 levels, there is certainly plenty of potential to explore.

I’m having trouble getting used to the erratic ball movement in places, though it seems possibly to be deliberate. And the table is sometimes dark, and not always easy to see just what’s going on. While I can appreciate the bright flashes that express some accomplishment, they can be very distracting in the midst of a game, so much that balls must frequently be artificially saved in the aftermath. It's not always possible to understand cause and effect in a completely "flashed-out" screen. I suspect with player input we will see a better game soon.

“Hyperspace Pinball” does have a leaderboard, but I didn’t recognize any of the names. Perhaps at this early stage they’re mostly in-house, but in this short time I did get as high as #31, and I didn’t look much beyond that. There are very few controls, and “portrait mode” is not among them. Unfortunately, this game makes very poor use of portrait mode should you change your PC's setting. The achievements affered are primarily for beating bosses, or cummulative actions that can only be accomplished over time, but basically by any patient (or obsessive) player.

"Hyperspace Pinball" is a very challenging game, more in the arcade mode than strictly as pinball. Each pinballer will have to take a chance with this game, as it may not satisfy a traditionalist. IF you don’t mind spending the money, this seems likely to be worthwhile, but ONLY if the price is acceptable to you. Otherwise, I’d suggest waiting until players more skilled and literate than I put in their two cents worth (plus $8.47US, on sale.)

EDIT #1: Having played for an hour, I must say I'm quite enjoying "Hyperspace Pinball", and am up to #20/96. (yipee) BUG - There's no way to see the names associated with the second screen of the leaderboard. It doesn't shift from the page 1 names until you reach page 3, which is correct for page 3.

EDIT #2: Played a bit longer last night offline. EVen though I'm a fairly average FX2 player, I managed to get 4/8 bosses, and a Campaign Mode score of 521K, good for 3rd place. A very nice feature is that offline scores ARE included in the LB (but takes a minute.) THANKS! 5 achievements total.
While a pretty cool game, it still needs to be twice as big or half the price to be successful. Especially since most (or all) of the Boss Run features are repeated in Campaign Mode. And I've only gotten to Level 8. (IMHO)

Thank you.
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 12
Sort of has an NES Pin*Bot feeling with all the different enemies, and elements that make this game more video-game like, such as boss battles and a Boss Rush mode. Level progression similar to that of Shatter. Nice music as well.
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Posted: October 3
This game is a game that you can pick up, pause when your mum tells you to take out the rubbish, and resume promptly. It really brings back a heavy retro feel for me, and that's retro in an amazing way. This game took a rare concept, and ran with it. It adds enemies to the pinball experience...it's something you can't capture on a real pinball table.

The one thing I'd change is that the flipper contact areas form a 'no gap' area in the center, making it almost impossible to lose the ball, and that the ball has a slight lag to it.

Buy this game. It's worth it.

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