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Consigue el trabajo de tus sueños con una compañía llamada Project Freedom. Conviertete en un piloto del espacio y trabaja para la corporación. Irás a emocionantes aventuras que nunca habías imaginado. Además tendrás...
Fecha de lanzamiento: 14 Oct 2009
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Acerca del juego

Consigue el trabajo de tus sueños con una compañía llamada Project Freedom. Conviertete en un piloto del espacio y trabaja para la corporación. Irás a emocionantes aventuras que nunca habías imaginado.

Además tendrás...
  • Una campaña con 21 misiones
  • Unos increíbles gráficos 3D y efectos especiales
  • Un historia original, con sucesos inesperados y sorpresas
  • Una gran varierdad de misiones espaciales, como combates, escoltas, ataques y operaciones de rescate
  • Misiones a través del espacio, en planetas y lunas

Requisitos del sistema

    • SO: Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP
    • Procesador: Pentium III a 700 MHz
    • Memoria: 256 MB de RAM
    • Gráficos: ATI Radeon 7500 o GeForce 2 con 32 MB de VRAM
    • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0
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Este juego es un simulador arcade de naves espaciales , no tiene nada reseñable , ni buenos graficos , ni una historia especialmente excitante ni siquiera un gameplay del que puedas reseñar algo ... todo es mediocre en el ... los graficos por debajo de la media aun para su epoca , la historia practicamente brilla por su ausencia es una excusa para enlazar misiones y los controles bastante genericos yno soporta nativamente ni gamepad ni joystick ... y si os preguntais si este es uno de esos juegos espaciales donde hay libertad para visitar galaxias , sistemas solares, estaciones espaciales , donde podemos cambiar de nave , con gran variedad de armas ... pues no , nada de eso , el juego es guiado , siempre vamos en la misma nave con basicamente las mismas armas y no se puede comerciar .

Dentro de todas las limitaciones comentadas de este juego dire que en realidad como shooter arcade con naves espaciales no esta mal , te entretiene durante unas horas (pues el juego es corto) sin problemas con misiones mas o menos trabajadas , cumple la funcion de un juego ligero en el que destrozar unos cuantos enemigos y olvidarse de historias , eso si , yo solo lo compraria en una oferta no a su precio normal que se me antoja caro para lo que ofrece y dada su antiguedad .
Publicado: 10 mayo 2014
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Project Freedom is a budget-friendly space shooter from a quaint little company with a fairly miserable track record of commercial failures. But we don't care about all that. We care about blasting fleets of enemy ships to pieces amidst the uniquely beautiful vistas of deep space. We care about games with fast action, tight controls and miniscule loading times that don't throw a novel's worth of meaningless plot at you or beat you over the head with annoying micromechanics designed to waste your precious time.

To those ends, I would say that Project Freedom is a very good game. The controls are rock solid, the enemy AI is surprisingly good, the graphics are really nice - the use of color is particularly outstanding - and the voice acting is intentionally campy and generally amusing. The upgrade system for your ship is also really nice, as it gives you a genuine motivation to keep playing besides the story, which isn't really of any consequence. The challenge level is definitely sufficient as well; I played through the game on medium, and it's certainly no walk in the park.

My only complaints are that: (a) the difficulty can be a bit too tough sometimes, specifically in that the AI tends to gang up on you from every direction, which can be frustrating; and (b) the game could really use a better tutorial, or at least some better tooltips on how things like ship upgrades or targeting work. Oh, and (c) the lack of hit indicators kind of sucks too. None of these are serious detriments though, and the game remains very easy to just pick up and play.

Some technical notes:

- Runs fine on Windows 7 32-bit
- Supports widescreen; auto-detected my res of 1920x1080 (although the menu still says 640x480)
- Supports multiple saves and mid-mission saves
- Seems pretty stable and bug-free overall

Project Freedom is a pretty sweet little production in my opinion. There's really no reason not to pick it up, especially for the price (regular price $2.99 on Steam as of this writing). It'll easily last you a half dozen hours or so if you see it through to completion, and even if you never played it again, I'd still say you'd definitely have gotten your money's worth. Go get 'em, ace!
Publicado: 21 marzo 2014
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This isn't very good.
Publicado: 9 febrero 2014
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I thought it was pretty GOOD for an older game...worth looking at...!
Publicado: 12 abril 2014
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Better than the Strike Suit games, imo. One of the better space fighter combat games I've played. The tech is obviously old, but it runs super smooth, doesn't look half bad design-wise, and most importantly, is actually fun to play. I have some gripes with it: The friendly AI is only useful for distracting enemy fire, so in escort missions (of which there are sadly many) you're practically on your own. Buildings and other structures have invisible walls around them, so even if you think you're nowhere near it, you will likely still crash into it and explode if you get close enough. I have actually been killed by buildings more often than enemy AI. There is also a sky box, which is understandable, but completely unfair considering the enemy AI can go further past it than you can, meaning sometimes pursuing enemies is a drag, with you waiting for them to come back down so you can take them out. Most of these can be put down to the hardware limitations of the time rather than bad design, so I've given these faults the benefit of the doubt and just gone with it, which made the experience more enjoyable. Without taking the game seriously, I was able to have fun with it. That, in my opinion, saves this game.
Publicado: 16 junio 2014
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