In this comprehensive and realistic basketball management game, take control of all aspects of a coach's life such as recruitment, finances and training, as well as direct charge of games, in order to lead your team to the top of more than 70 championships that have been faithfully reproduced!
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Release Date: Jan 14, 2016

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About This Game

Pro Basketball Manager 2016 is a comprehensive and realistic basketball management game. Take control of your favorite club and lead it to the summit of the biggest leagues in the world. It is up to you to manage your club: from training to transfers, taking in such aspects as finances and team goals, and not forgetting your direct instructions during matches!


In Pro Basketball Manager 2016, you can choose to start your career at the head of a well known team such as Los Angeles or New York, but you can also choose to coach a college team or, indeed, a team from anywhere in the world. The choice is yours! In addition to training your own club you can wear two hats at the same time and train a national team!


From the US college championships to the renowned national American league, through the European leagues, but also African, or Asian, numerous competitions are playable in Pro Basketball Manager 2016. In addition to the national competitions available to your club you can also compete in international competitions!


Each league has its own rules and these have been faithfully reproduced in Pro Basketball Manager 2016. Your bosses fix your seasonal goals, which you can even set higher!
The recruitment process applied to your team will differ completely according to the league in which you play. If you run a non-professional team, in which the players are not paid, you must convince players to join your side by showing real interest in them. Whereas in the North American league, you will have to handle all the complexity of contracts, exceptions to avoid paying the luxury tax, not to mention trades or the draft. Finally, in the other leagues you will have to manage the buying of players, loans or free agents, taking care not to exceed the payroll allocated to your team for the season.


Send your scouts to check out players around the world through an in-depth scouting system. Train your players collectively, but also individually in order to get the best results. Improve your club's finances by improving your arena... many possibilities are open to you to make your club the most famous on the planet!


Once your team is prepared, you can attack the season and play all matches live! You can choose to watch the matches in 2D or 3D; check the condition of each of your players; make substitutions and even adjust your strategy at any time during the match. You are, thus, able to change your defense or offense tactics, and also to change the next play that will be made by your players!


Pro Basketball Manager 2016 allows you to greatly deepen your experience as a coach by letting you create your own plays, which you can then use live during matches. Set your imagination free, it's you the play master! If you are taking your first steps as a manager, you can also get help from an assistant who will handle the most complex tasks for you.


Each player has his own personality and his own affinities with such and such a player or club. This will influence his desires and his mood and, as manager, you must find a happy medium.


Be it individual players or teams, you have a whole range of statistics at your finger tips that allow you to manage your progress. You can thus check on the mental or physical state of your players, evaluate your own career, or even look back through the archives on each match, both for your team or another. A comparison tool even allows you to instantly compare two players.


The game interface reflects your team and adopts its colors! You can also customize your coach profile: name, age, nationality, image, etc.


Check out your stats, such as your total number of victories or the list of your achievements. And thanks to an online ladder, discover how you are ranked against other Pro Basketball Manager 2016 players.


Pro Basketball Manager 2016 includes a database editor that allows you to change the names of teams and players throughout the game, letting you create your own universe. You can also download the databases of other players from around the world and use them for your own matches.

System Requirements

    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ
    • Memory: 3072 MB RAM
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58 of 82 people (71%) found this review helpful
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5.9 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
tl;dr -> I wasn't sure how in-depth the gameplay would be. I let the AI play for the first quarter (USA {me} vs. Venezuela), I took over, and I won by 5 points. 11/10 most stressful basketball memory ever.

I received a review copy of this game and was excited to try it because I love in-depth sports management games. I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed by how extensive and deep Pro Basketball Manager 2016 turned out to be, but was also still very pleased with my gameplay experience. My best friend (basketball buff) helped me understand many of the mechanics, and we played through a very stressful game against Venezuela and nearly lost (with our USA dream team, mind you).

If you like intricate sports (specifically basketball) management, then you must give this title a try. Be advised, there is a horde of content within, and it can be easy to get lost in it if you are not patient.

The aesthetics are good – even though much of the game is text- and data-based (many graphs), the layout is very clean and easy to navigate through (and trust me, there are many screens you’ll be looking at). During games, you can watch in 2D or 3D mode – 2D offering a more tactical look and 3D giving you a nice change from the heavy text. I was impressed with the variety of great music in the game’s library – I actually thought it was my own music playing. There is a mixture of chill tracks and more upbeat, exciting ones too. You will be forging your own legacy (hopefully), so the game is very open to differing playthroughs. When you start, you may pick any available team in the world, and can pick up a second one as well (although the artificial intelligence (AI) will coach your secondary team for you if you wish to focus on your main – I strongly suggest that you concentrate on one team at a time).

You’ll be using the mouse to navigate through the game, so the controls are simple, however, the amount of different elements to understand and consider are enormous. There are tooltips always available, and the game can be quite overwhelming if you have no experience with management games – especially sports-based ones. You can have your assistant coaches select things for you if you ever need help – for example, starting line-ups, positioning, allocated play time, et cetera. The learning curve is moderate to extreme depending on your experience with management games, and the most difficult element is probably balancing all your responsibilities. The AI will play decently if you choose to simulate games, but if you want the best (and most stressful) experience, then you will want to play every game – or at least every critical game for your team(s).

Gameplay consists of you managing every possible aspect of your team(s) – you begin by creating avatar then move on to selecting a team in the world to represent. My best friend and I found it nice (and hilarious) that the player roster is very close to real-life (ex: Kobe “Bryent” and LeBron “Jamas”). Even head coaches had similar names to their real-life counterparts. I selected Los Angeles and assembled my national (USA) dream team, also picking up a Brazilian secondary amateur team. Next, you will be planning player budget and scouting – in order to do things like recruit and rehabilitate, you will need to invest in better staff (sports therapists, trainers, etc). You can even select how much seat tickets in your local arena will cost, as well as concession and memorabilia prices.

Training is very in-depth and you will be selecting how much time in a day (as well as before and day-of matches) to spend on team/individual practice. Furthermore, you can personalize training for each player, having one individual focus on 3-pointers and another focus on defensive play. Your training regime will directly impact your performance during games, and you will probably find yourself switching up your strategy often – until you become more comfortable with the gameplay.

During game days, you can simulate your own, but I recommend you play through an entire session at least once for the full experience. There is text-only play-by-play commentary, and you can offer general strategies in-match. If you want to go deeper, you can even manipulate defensive/offensive strategies live – and doing this will give you the best performance. That being said, my best friend and I nearly lost against Venezuela because we simply watched the AI for the first quarter. If you want to play zone man-to-man, you can do so; if you want to suddenly isolate while on offence, that’s an option too. Double-teaming your highest-scoring opponent may work, and you can expect the AI to do the same to you. You’ll also have to be aware of substitutions, as your players’ morale and fatigue will fluctuate. During intermissions, you can give motivational feedback to your team, and their morale will be affected depending on your choice (ex: “we are only losing by a few points,” when it’s the last quarter and your team has been working hard may have mixed reception on individual morale). If you choose to play at least some of your games, you will be able to play Pro Basketball Manager 2016 for the rest of your life (or at least until the next installment comes out). Trust me, nothing beats live coaching, and your stress levels will reach a new high.

Overall, the game is amazing in terms of depth, albeit a bit overwhelming at times. If you enjoy the intricacy of managing and coaching your own basketball team, then you must definitely give this title a try.

I recommend!

DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews

My Website
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16 of 19 people (84%) found this review helpful
21.2 hrs on record
Posted: January 19
You know, I seen all the bad reviews and all the good reviews, so I said to myself "I'm going to try it out for myself." So here I am 14 hours later after playing non stop and I must say, I actually like it. Now I'm not going to say it's game of the year worthy and the names really bother me (Korean names being American names) but if you can get pass that and a few buggy features here and there this game is rather enjoyable.

I seen a lot saying the game crashes all the time but I have not had it crash once on me.

Do I think the game is worth 19.99 ??? No. I think it needs a lot more work to be worth that. However I'm not taking away the fact that this is an awesome game. I've been playing and it takes some time to get used to everything but I really feel that if the developers stick to updating the game and listening to feedback this game will be even better and soon worth the $20 they ask for it.

8.5/10 is would I give this game and I shall be playing this game a hell of a lot more because it is really fun and addicting.

NOTE: This game is more in an early access point as I'm writing this so if you aren't into a fully polished, worth maybe 10 buck game then I wouldn't get it just yet.

The game has a lot of potential and I'll be sticking with it every step of the way. I do recommend only if you want to play a game that's slightly buggy and needs more tuning.
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17 of 21 people (81%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
10.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 19
TLDR; I love basketball and manager games, this one is so bad that I'd rather keep playing football/soccer managers or really do anything else than deal with this rather Early access product.

I really want to like this game. I really do. So much that I ignored the "mixed" reviews. I love sports management simulations and would love to have a good basketball one.

This one isn't it, sadly. It seems rushed and half done, more like an early access title. It is:

- crashes constantly (~ 1 crash per hour for me, hope you saved!)
- absolutely lacking documentation, the "manual" is a joke, couldn't even find what skills influence exactly what
- riddled with bugs (for example you can hire the same scout twice, he will show up twice, salary deducted twice, but he can only ever be on one mission)
- lots of unpolishedness that with tiem drives you crazy (select sorting, go to player page, go back, sorting gone :( )
- missing features (or things I can't find in the game or the manual) - hey you are scouting this player, oh you realized after an update he is not for you - there is NO WAY (that I can find) to abort scouting that player so hey continue wasting resources on them
- Game gets ridicoulosly slow at times, e.g. if I played a game, simulated till end and afterwards want to simulate the schedule. At one time it just stopped after minutes. An no I haven't selected too many leagues, restart and reload the game and everything happens in seconds again (some sort of leak I guess)

That are just a few of the things. You can also find a "<BR>" text in a fairly prominent text (HTML for line break, seems to have not been correctly converted). This hints to the amount of quality assurance this apparently went through.

Stay away.
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20 of 28 people (71%) found this review helpful
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
I have played past releases of this game and they were terrible for NBA fan and more suited to Euro comp. But this is a huge step in right direction. It is not the most stable game and has a habit of crashing. And is not perfect, would like more options to set overall team strategies, instruct players to avoid fouls (ai seems to adjust this even when you're coaching), no way to guage interest in trades or put players on the block, and player tactics does not allow you to save them.
But it is clear that the team behind this a serious about making this a good product and even if it is a few years down the track I will continue to support because it is the only good basketball management game out and year on year it gets better.
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12 of 17 people (71%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
1.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 14
Entertaining and deep simulation with a few quirks in a short time playing. Biggest issue so far is adjusting to odd English translations for game actions. "The referees take (player x)" is a common penalty call, for instance. Other than that localization issue, the gameplay is clearly deep, with both pro and college teams, male and female, and the ability to manage do what degree you choose. There's the ability to design your own plays, run specific ones, or just say "Hey, PG, shoot a 3 this time." However, just like coaches have to deal with, the players won't always react how you want. There's morale, injuries, and all of the typical details you'd expect in such a sim.

Only a bit into it so far (with one come-from-behind 16 point turn around by Michigan State over Kansas), but it's there's quite a bit here to get into. Time will tell how it stands up.

Now, I present to you the end of my review and the beginning of my personal musical's hit number, "Bork!"

*curtain rises*
Bork! Mmmm bork bork bork! Mmmmm bork! BORK BORK bork bork BORK BORK mmmmm BORK!
*curtain lowers to thunderous applause*
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14 of 21 people (67%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 15
As an avid fan of manager games and having sunk several hundreds of hours into FM, I was excited to see this game released. I skipped the 2015 edition of this game and hoped that 2016 would be a better game. So far, this game has not met my expecations.

The game is clunky, UI is messy, and the 3D engine is quite disastrous. Everything runs a couple seconds late, the animations are bad at best, and the game does not come with the right tools for you to make on the fly decisions as a "basketball manager."

That isn't to say this game does not have potential. The foundation has been laid for what could be a great game, but the devs will need to expand upon it to optimze the game performance and reduce the crashes. If they can do that, I would have happy to change my review to a recommend, but at this point, I simply cannot recommend this to anyone, even if you are a fan of simulation series/basketball.
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6 of 7 people (86%) found this review helpful
39.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 20
Really enjoying this game so far. A lot of love and passion was put into it, you can tell. Roster dessolate leagues need to be updated, but other than that, 5 stars for a basketball sim.
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8 of 11 people (73%) found this review helpful
3.3 hrs on record
Posted: January 16
Pro Basketball Manager 2016 is really a good evolution in the serie. Really good looking if I compare it to the previous episodes. The charts are nice, the faces of the players, and this dynamic world map too ! The game also brings us some fresh new features, such as an evolved training and scout system, some nice ways to manage your team, your contracts, your structures, and of course your matches. The player base is also much more complete. I can feel that the team put a lot of efforts and dedication to make the game even better, and I wish people will enjoy it as much as I do. Great job, Umix and Cyanide !
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5 of 6 people (83%) found this review helpful
23.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 20
Good game.

I love the club managment aspect: Fixing the ticket prices in the arena, the price of beers etc. Great!

The basketball side is great too.
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4 of 5 people (80%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
44.3 hrs on record
Posted: June 28
As someone who loves basketball i gotta say this game is awful there are no positives and some in excusable cons. Im 100% sure that the NBA is the most used league and its impossible to play in it. 1. there is no way to see your record or the standings around the league 2. this is the worst part of the game when you coach in the NBA there is no free agency at all or there is no list of free agents and all the big name players resign with there original team so you have to build your team throught the draft and thats it
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Recently Posted
Daniel Scott
3.3 hrs
Posted: October 19
This is a really bad, broken game.
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44.4 hrs
Posted: June 25
This game has potential. It has times where it is fun and an enjoyable challenge but those are too few for me to recommend this game. The devil is in the details they say and the details is what kills this game (besides the repeated crashes and bad game engine). Let me give some examples...

The satisfaction of fans and the directors is ridiculously maddening with its nonsense. Fan satisfaction is changed by either win/loss streaks of 5+ games or winning/losing by 15+ points. So if you win 5 straight games then lose 4 straight games and rinse and repeat the fans will be more pleased by this than if you take a bad team and win 4 games and lose 1 (but not getting you that 5 game win streak) and get a much better record at the end of the season.

The directors are even worse. They will usually give you a goal at the start of a season and there have been times where I have far exceeded the goal and won playoffs series and even won a title with an awful team (example: I just beat the Cavaliers who had three 5 star players with a mediocre 76ers team in an epic series and I got fired after the series halfway through the playoffs. No organization would fire a coach midplayoffs especially one that just had a massive David vs Goliath victory).

Another example of the details killing this gme is when my star NBA player on my team would miss 3 out of every 4 layups on a fast break. This is just so unrealistic that it hurts to watch. These are the best players in the world doing the most basic basketball move and just clunking it. How? How is this possible? How do Blake Griffin and Lebron James not know how to do something that a JV benchwarmer who spends the entire season polishing the pine with his bottom can with regularity.

Many people have gone into how bad the game engine is and how often the game crashes (I just stopped playing the games at one point and simmed the seasons because I was sick of it crashing) so I will not go into that part.

I wish I could give this game a more favorable review and be ready for this game to make you want to tear your hair out if you purchase it. Hopefully the makers will take lessons from this and improve on it.
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0.9 hrs
Posted: May 11
I like Basketball, I love the game. Simple as that, as there is no other game out there that comes that close to Football Manager.
My only BIG issue with this game is that the 2D presentation is toooo small!!!
It wouldn't hurt nor would it be that difficult to make it double the size! My eyes hurt, seriously!

No, I wont watch the games in 3D because it is crap and I enjoy a simulated game better in a 2D view mode!
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1.3 hrs
Posted: April 29
A basketball management game that we all needed.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: April 26
Awful game! Waste of money. Incredibly slow to set up a game. Incredibly slow to load a previous save, to save a game or really do anything else for that matter. Nothing is explained properly, trades are confunsing (even on simplified).
Don't buy!!!!!
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3.6 hrs
Posted: April 6
Sorry, the game have some interesting ideas, but... the developers must choose if they want to create a real game or continuing to utilize the terrible Cyanide engines!

In the end, the game is bugged: it crash every 3-4 games and it lack a real restore feature.
I don't find any working solution, so I check for a refund.
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7.0 hrs
Posted: February 25
I have to agree the bad reviews might have been written too fast. The game is a very good basketball management game. It's a finished product and is updated frequently by the Devs. The Devs are also very active on the main game forum, taking suggestions and helping people out with issues - nice to see!

The price is great for what you get, and the option to buy the US only version which excludes all leagues minus the NBA + NCAA is GREAT! This means if you only want to play NBA buy the US Edition for half the price.

The game has a lot of potential. Yes some of the UI needs fixing as finding some options takes a few clicks but it's all being noted down on their forum follwing player feedback.

If you are looking for a good and very in depth basketball sim then don't be worried to purchase this game.
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Arise Chicken
8.6 hrs
Posted: February 13
I was hopeful, but it just isn't worthwhile. I hadn't played any of the previous iterations, but this feels like an early alpha product without many features implemented. Those that are implemented are poorly conceived. I have been waiting for a good basketball management sim for a long time, which is why I was willing to give this one a shot despite the combination of price and user reviews. Though my expectations were quite low, this product fell far short of meeting them.

My only interest in the game at this point would be to serve in the development process, in hopes that it will evolve into a quality product in the future.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
28.5 hrs
Posted: February 12
Might be ok if you were ever able to finish a game wihtout it crashing. The most buggiest thing I have ever played, it is yet another example of programmers not caring at all about their customers and relesing a game that is broken. Or are they just incompetent? maybe so, either way the quality assurance in games is dipping so low that we risk having another attari period I fear.
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