Blending top down "squirt em-up" action and "Pyroguelike" game mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels, 4 different game zones and dastardly hazards at every turn!
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Release Date: May 28, 2015

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“It can sit proudly with some of the best Roguelike games”
9/10 – Game Style

“Featuring tight controls, whimsical audio-visuals that belie a ruthless-but-fair set of game systems and a minute cost of entry, there remains little to say but get it while it’s hot.”
9/10 – Coffee Break Gaming

“As challenging as Spelunky… worth your time and cash”
8/10 – Destructoid

About This Game

Now you’re playing with fire!

Blending top down ‘squirt ‘em-up’ action with Roguelike RPG mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels and 4 deadly game zones.

Guide fire-fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Squirt, splash and spray your way through all 16 floors of the deadly Infernal Industries building, combating ferocious fires in a red-hot adventure that changes every time.

This game is ON FIRE!

It Burns! - Fight against a deadly dynamic fire system that spreads realistically.
Shop ‘til you Drop! - Find hidden items, equip powerups and upgrade Blaze to survive.
Be a Hero! - Rescue panicking people and cutesy cats to stay alive.
Never-Ending Emergency! - Thousands of room variations and secrets will keep you fired up… forever!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2 GHZ Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1GB 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 1200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: On board
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7.2 hrs on record
Posted: August 21, 2015
TL:DR? See Conclusion

Flame Over is a rogue-like (lite) fire-fighting themed game developed by Laughing Jackal and published by Ghostlight ltd. The game was originally released on the Playstation Vita and subsequently on the PC.

The story is pretty straight forward. The player takes control of Blaze Carruthers, a firefighter tasked with putting out a building fire that is engulfing 'Inferno Industries'. Go through the multiple levels of the building putting out fires, rescuing the staff, their pet cats, and a particularly stubborn quest giver by the name of 'Miss Ion'.

+ Good art style and graphics.
+ Good sound design and sound track.
+ Very good game mechanic such as: Extinguisher deals with Electrical fire or turning off the building's electricity etc.
+ Refreshing new theme for the rogue-like genre.
+ Upgrade system that carries over for every playthrough, but be warned, items bought from the NPC store does not.
+ Mini-missions that rewards you with gold and unlock tokens for the upgrades mentioned above
+ Challenging late game levels.
+ Good time limit mechanic that lets you keep playing at 00:00 for so long as you outrun death who will be chasing you around.
+ Replayability

- Some players (including me), have experienced our progress being wiped if you exit the game without dying. This includes your statistics and upgrades.
- Some game mechanics were not discussed in the tutorial (such as green flame and chemical spills).
- Some items have no description which means you'll have no idea what they do.
- Game is relatively short.


GOOD GAME and is a fun casual experience if you're looking for a fun game to play during your down time.

I can RECOMMEND this game at full price which is $11.99 or your regional equivalent IF you're into the rogue-like genre and IF you're particularly interested in its fire-fighting theme. Other than that, a SALE would be preferable.

I personally enjoy playing this game during my internet downtimes or during short breaks in between work.

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Posted: May 28, 2015
Flame Over’s title is more than just one in a long line of fire-related jokes you’ll spot playing through Laughing Jackal’s action pyrogue-like. It’s a searing reference to a screen you’ll be viewing an awfully often as you try to battle the blaze in several distinct locations. I think we’re all familiar by now with the genre’s thirst for the souls of dejected and frustrated gamers, breaking their spirits twice as often as raising them. Flame Over surpasses those sadistic expectations and almost rivals Spelunky in terms of unforgiving mechanics and an unrelenting demand that you adapt or die. Fortunately for me, a rather averagely skilled gamer, there’s a short period of burning rage for the game before you endure a baptism of fire, emerging with full understanding of the gameplay and a love for its malicious streak.

Your aim in Flame Over is three-fold. There’s the obvious out-of-control blaze that needs to be addressed and doing so unlocks the next floor of the building. There’s also a time limit hanging over your head, counting down until almost certain doom at the hands of the omnipresent Grim Reaper that pursues you eternally. This leads on to your next concern; rescuing the hapless civilians grants an extra minute in which to complete the level objectives. It’s much more than a bonus though, as time is extremely tight and you won’t get far without saving a couple of survivors per level. Of course, the third and final duty is not dying. It may sound patronising, but anyone playing this game will know that the hardest thing to accomplish is simply living long enough to achieve any of the above goals. Standing too close to fire for long periods and backdrafts from unsprayed doors can cost you one of your limited hearts, though rescuing cats can replenish them.

Each room you enter will be in a varying state of emergency, with burning furniture spitting volatile projectiles at other objects in order to spread the blaze. Luckily, you have two weapons to tackle the flames; a water hose for the more traditional fires and an extinguisher to smother electrical fires. Both of these have tanks which need replenishing from various points throughout levels but the limits are fairly generous so it’s generally a secondary concern. There are further gadgets to be discovered, with shops popping up randomly Spelunky-style in levels offering costly but hugely beneficial upgrades for that life alone. Coins can also be saved to unlock permanent perks with varying effects, the rate of collection is surprisingly charitable and you’ll see some steady progress with successful runs.

The physics of the flames, water and fire-retardant foam is pretty impressive, reminding me oddly of Luigi’s Mansion or Super Mario Sunshine. Fireballs bounce across rooms, leaving destructive trails that birth new hazards but you feel impressively powerful as you hose down entire rooms rather quickly once you discover the most efficient techniques. It looks pretty great too, with the overwhelming glow and billowing smoke making it one of the prettier roguelikes. It might not impress those that like to study screenshots for minute signs of downgrades but they perform excellently at providing a unique style.

That difficulty level I mentioned earlier will be a sticking point for many, but a veritable paradise to others. I have to admit that I struggled to enjoy the Flame Over in the very beginning; I can’t quite place if I failed to pay attention during the tutorial or if it could do with a slight expansion but with hindsight, I can see quite clearly that I was playing “wrong”. The electrical fires were overwhelming, even with the appropriate tool but once you make your first priority finding the circuit breaker and shutting the power down, they’re very simply doused. There’s an FAQ compendium waiting to be written by the more passionate players and I’d highly recommend reading one after three or four miserable failures. With a high bar to succeed, if you don’t quite hit it the first few times then I can understand why you’d feel frustrated but it’s ridiculously compelling and it doesn’t take long for that magical click.

It’s refreshing to see someone take a distinctly dungeon-crawling genre and apply the mechanics to something quite different. The dark, grimy depths are replaced with well-lit offices and laboratories while the mobs are supplanted by a relentless inferno acting on a powerful hive mind. After a short while, it feels like a typical roguelike, with searching furniture for hidden bonuses becoming reminiscent of looting chest but it’s remarkable how an aesthetic change can play a major part in refreshing a rather traditional experience.

Difficulty aside, there were moments of contention that are slightly less down to personal taste. The controls are functional on mouse and keyboard and I certainly wouldn’t say that they’re at all remotely poor but playing on a controller was revelatory. Regardless of your preferred input choice though, the camera occasionally makes fire-fighting more cumbersome than it could have been. The sheer number of view-obscuring walls in the levels makes spotting fires hidden in corners difficult at times, and with the time limits being on the stingy side, it’s seconds cost you can scarcely afford. You soon become adept to manipulating the camera at all times, but without a controller, that becomes a difficult task.

If you take the time to work out why you’re failing but then the struggle quickly ends and it’s replaced by a wonderfully intense action experience with some of the most addictive and creative mechanics I’ve experienced. Much like an actual fire, the need to keep a calm balance in the face of panic is a necessity but when things go wrong, and they always will in Flame Over, the adrenaline that kicks in is a heady rush. This is one roguelike that I won’t hesitate to recommend, a bright spark in the darkness of a genre that very rarely steps out of its comfort zone.

*This game was reviewed using a key provided by the developer. I have not, and never would let that influence my opinion of any game*
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Not Recommended
7.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
Flame over is a game where you are a firefighter, going through the different floors of a burning building. The floors are randomly generated, making every run unique. Each run through the game gets you coins and possibly upgrade tokens, which allow you to buy improvements making the next run a bit easier. Sometimes a level also contains a store allowing you to buy items that will help you along the way,

Equiped with both a water tank and an extinguisher, you have to carefully manage your resources as you are fighting the fire. Water will work on all fires, but if you don't also extinguish electrical fires, they will flare up again.

The game has both a time and a health system. If either runs out, you will die. The timer or health don't reset between levels. By rescuing people and cats you gain extra time and health. On top of that, you might receive a mission from one of the survivors. completing these mission will earn you upgrade tokens.

Sadly the upgrade system is somewhat pointless, since a lot of the upgrades apply to items you can buy when you come across a store. These store are so rare however, and the items you can buy are randomized, so most of the time you won't have access to the items you upgrades with your tokens. It makes the upgrade mechanic mostly pointless.

I had great fun with the game at the beginning. There is a tutorial level and 4 more area's, each compromised out of several floors. The first two areas are great, but once you hit the lab area, the difficulty ramps up in such a wa that progression is hardly possible. After dozens of tries, I have yet to clear a single floor in the Lab area. The game went from pretty fun to incredibly frustrating.

In the end I wouldn't recommend it. Without a better upgrade system and a better scaled difficilty system, the game feels lacking
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9.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2015
Flame Over:

Your name is Blaze, you are a solitary fireman who is armed with a hose, axe, water bombs and foam. Your objective is to put out a raging fire that spread from an office to a factory (Levels) as soon as possible and make your way to the exit in time.

In each level, you will be able to save people and escort them to safety. Each soul saved will be rewarded by 1 additional minute. Save cats, your favourite pets, and you will be getting additional health each time you do so and let me tell you, Blaze needs as much health as he can get! Do not forget to search rooms as you can find some valuable items, like the watch which give you a bit more time and others.

With each level you beat, the difficulty increases. Remember that whatever time is left when you finish a level, it will carry to the next one and that will be the time your will have to clear the new level.

You will earn money by putting out flames. Sometime one of a trapped person will refuse to follow you to safety because they have left something behind. Recover the items for them and be rewarded with a token. REMEMBER, PEOPLE YOU SAVE EQUALS ADDITIONAL TIME! Upgrade your perks if you accumulate enough money and tokens.

In terms of game play, it is absolutely marvellous either with the gamepad or mouse and keyboard. The graphics are great and the soundtrack is SUPERB! This game is extraordinarily addictive but with a soundtrack like this, it becomes insanely addictive! $11.99 well spend!


- Great graphics
- Controls are easy to master
- Addictive and fun to play
- Challenging
- Achievements
- Trading cards


- Can be a tad too challenging at times

Just get it! It is a brilliant game!



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2.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 28, 2015
I am the lord of hellfire, and I bring you...

The roguelite genre is becoming a rather busy place as of late, with all sorts of entries satisfying the various niches and cravings that a fan could possibly desire. This one however is a rather unique and notable entry because the foe isn't something that you'd come to expect, namely - fire. Sure, fire might be an incidental or environmental hazard, but it's not every day you're going to be donning the uniform, putting on a nice shiny helmet and getting your hose out. (Make of that what you will). Here you play a rather cartoony firefighter, based in good ol' London, tooled up with bottles of foam, an axe and water, and it's his job to go charging in to various toasty environments and make things not so burny.

Fast paced, almost unforgivably hot in places, but almost adorable.

The civillians (Which remind me of the Xbox avatars) and cats you must rescue equate to precious extra minutes and lives, and time here is given out at a rate which means you have to keep moving fast, fast, fast. There's no time to dawdle and take in the scenery, it's a case of zoom in to the room, clear out the worst of the fire in the most efficient manner possible (without taking too much fire damage), use foam to clear out any electrical fires. And on to the next room, if you need to rescue anyone, you time it so you can get them back as you need to refill your water and foam supplies. This is a game that really punishes you for sticking around, as the moment you run out of time, the grim reaper may elect to show up, and if he catches you, that's an instant game over.

This brings me onto the difficulty overall. This game is harsh, as in - "Do the tutorials a few times, then repeat the first few levels until you've got the hang of it" harsh. Because the fire has been programmed in such a way that it will spread if areas that are burning are left untended, and will spit out fireballs that can catch on areas and start up new fires once more, it's very easy to not douse a room properly and before you know it, a room that's "Mostly done" becomes a room full of fire, and you'll lose 20-30 sec having to re-do your work. It pays to be thorough in each room, but without sacrificing too many of those precious seconds.

Those poor hearts, the game snacks on them...

You're given three hearts (lives) as a means of recovering from mess ups, either from taking too much fire damage, or opening a door that's on fire, or similar misdemeanors. It's very easy to use up a heart simply by straying into areas which are too hot for too long and then having the fire pop up behind you, turning a safe area dangerous, educational in a sense in showing that fire is unpredictable and a roaring blaze needs to be treated with respect, but in game terms, it means you'll be losing lives almost as often as you'll gain them at times. The only thing that keeps you from running out of lives by say, floor 4 are the cats you save, which keep you alive and ticking over.

The long game..

Thankfully the game does get easier with repetition, cash can be poured into firefighter upgrades which improve drop chance, lengthen rescue revive times, and generally improve the overall hardiness of your firefighter. The roguelite metagame means that in the long term once you've picked up some equipment from one of the shops as you play, and once you've some upgrades in the bank, things smooth off and you'll be making steady progress, getting further and further.

The view from above...

The graphics are consistent and cartoony, and well presented, everything is easy to see and on a pad at least, controls are quick and easy to manage, this is important because quick reactions are fairly vital to not losing your lives in a hurry. The music is equally cheery, though how long before you reach for the "mute" button on it will be a matter of taste, the sound effects are well into the "functional" category, they work, that's it. Not much more to say. What I will give credit for is that the fire spreads and gives a glorious bright display when you open a new room, it can be quite livid and hateful when it wants to be, it's not some horrible bitmap, it feels like proper, angry fire.

The firetiger's opinion...

It ticks the roguelite boxes, with proc-gen levels, with a persistent upgrade tree, with equipment that makes life easier that you can get during the course of your run, and the game is pretty fun. It's very competent, and the theme helps make it stand out from what is now becoming a very crowded genre. It's not quite among the greats, but as they'd say t'up norf : "It'll do."

Verdict : Recommended
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Posted: May 28, 2015

"Flame Over features a dynamic fire system that burns and spreads according to the materials found in each randomly generated level. Watch fires spread according to the materials available, attacking your fire fighter and generating dangerous hazards across 4 game zones."

The game was developed by Laughing Jackal and Published by Ghostlight. The game will release on the 28th May 2015. The cost of the game is $11.99/£8.99. The game will also release in the future for PS4 and is already out on the PS Vita. There are a total of 36 Steam achievements.

In the game you control a fire-fighter, or better known by his name "Blaze". With Blaze you must go around buildings which are randomly generated each time putting out the fires, saving humans and of course cats. Certain fires require certain types of extinguisher, Water gets rid of general fire and stops it spreading however for electrical fires you can only stop with foam. It is well worth noting that you have certain time in which to do each level and when the timer hits zero Death (A grim reaper) will chase you and if he catches you means it is game over. To counter this, each human save adds one minute to the timer.

You also have health points in the game, you start each level with a certain amount of hearts. You lose health points by being close to a fire which will increase the fire intensity (Pointed to you in a red bar in the middle of the screen around your character). If this is full you will lose a health point. The fires also shoot fireballs which you have to extinguish. Once you run out of health, this means game over.

When extinguishing fires, saving people and cats you get money. You can use this money on skills such as getting discounts on them, being able to hold more water and more time. This is fun as they assist quite a bit.

I started in the game using a controller. The controls were well laid out and I didn't find it too hard to gain mastery over the placement of the buttons. Likewise with the Keyboard, a WASD movement combined with left click for water and right click for foam. F button was interact and Z was for talking to people. It's worth noting however that you can change the button schemes in the main menu which means you have a lot of flexibility with them. The characters movements are easy to control and you won't have no difficulty navigating around.

When you start each level it begins with a very smooth and fun cut scene. Out of all my time playing the game, I have never completed a mission. Embarrassingly enough it's because of my skill level. so I cannot say if the story goes deeper or if there are special cut scenes for completing missions.

The graphics of the game are very peculiar, The are cartoonish and colourful. Almost like Blazes moustache. All the graphics were solid though, there were no glitches or any bad side effects from much action. They all worked like they should have.

The music was composed especially for the game by Rimsky Music in Barcelona. The main song of the track seems to be everywhere and loops over and over. I do like it though but after a while had to turn it off. All the other sound effects like the fire burning and the people talking were fine and added well to the whole experience.

I personally would've preferred if there were difficulty settings as the game for me is really difficult. I do enjoy the challenge but would've loved to been able to spend longer on the levels without the fear of Death grabbing me. Other than that, I really did enjoy the game and the whole fire fighting experience as a whole. This is definitely for the more die hard gamers who enjoy a tough challenge. If you're looking for an easy task then fire fighting is definitely not easy!

The bottom line is that I would recommend this game, it's fun, challenging and very rewarding!

Edit: I did learn how to play the game better and got real far, which was a real fun experience for me. Unfortunately, I got too far ahead of myself and started rushing. Once I opened the door which I forgot to extinguish first, I ended up inevitably dying from back draft. :)
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Posted: November 2, 2015
A quick and dirty review while this game is on sale:


This may look suspicously like a mobile title, but it isn't at all. (not even available on mobile) It also looks a bit better when you're actually playing it.

If the premise looks interesting to you and you played a certain SNES fire game and always wanted something more this might fit the bill. It offers a lot of challenge and variety and the fact that the levels are randomly generated add a lot of replayability to this game. The game basically plays like it looks. You have a fire hose and extinguisher. Hose for normal fires and keeping the fire from spreading and the extinguisher for electrical/chemical fires. There's also items like water bombs and you have to rescue people, cats and a stuck up lady that won't leave unless you find her purse, kill alien specimens, clear out a bank vault, etc. This is a very arcade-like game and you only have a couple minutes to finish a level, with an extra minute added per rescue. People and cats die fast and fires spread fast so it's rather chaotic and stressful at times but you can upgrade as you go along to help bring the difficulty down at times.

It's dastardly difficult and very unforgiving at times but it's definitely skill based and not hard for the sake of being hard. This game surprised me and is well worth the purchase at any price, let alone sale.
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Posted: May 31, 2015
If you have read the store page, and watched the trailer, you will know what your in for. basicly your goal is to put the fire out, recover as many people and cats as you can, and make miss ion happy (that kinda is the only painful thing about the game) being a "rouge inspired" game mechanics wise. its unlikly that two runs will be exactly alike. however I do feel this game has understood what makes this kind of gameplay good and addopted it to the firefighting gameplay. while its not with out its flaws, its a very well focused game that knows what it wants to do

the actual gameplay is great because it gives you the rules upfront. this is a race to the 16th level, (of which each 4 represenets a zone, with a set style) on top of that, you have a few diffrent tools to work with up front (as in your not compleatly weak to everything from the start) not that its not hard. but its not unfair from the start. when you first spawn in a level, the timer is stoped until the green door is opened, giving you time to check the map, see whats in each area of the map. while this game has a kinda awakred camara, the green door gives off a glow even off screen so you can find your way back to the exit with out needing to look at the map all the time. the time limit is really there to keep you moving and is the major threat in this game, fire will not do damage to you, until you sit near it for too long, and as such, it punishes you for rushing into a deep blaze (though sometimes you need to to get civs out before they die) the other main form of damage is the overheateded doors which you will know because of the fire at the base of them, if you open them, they expload on you. usualy there is at least one cat per floor so you can get hits back if your decent enough.

where this game gets hard is as follows. when time runs out, the reaper shows up and chases you around the level, if he hits you, its game over. though you can still get your loot back if you make it to that level in one run. but while its posable to dodge him, most new and even experanded players would rather have more time on there clock. civs and cats die very quickly, if you get the defibulatior items, its posable to revive humans, but, you can only do it twice, after which they are dead. cats can no be revived if they go down, not that easy to see them ether. in a room with fire, when you enter, only then do the other charators start taking damage, but there is a coughing sfx to make sure you know there is someone there, cats might have a small sound effect, but I cant here it. the game drops 10sec for every person you let die. no penetly for cats as well all know they have more lives elsewhere. there are also electrical fires which are used to force you to chose between going for the plug box, or going elsewhere first. while you can put them out with the foam (not the water) it often takes a while, and many times its easy to put all but one out, then have a random fireball set all of the electric fires back alight, which makes everythign take so much longer. thankfully once you hit the fuse box, all of them dissapear

miss ion and the progression system, she is a npc who like others can die, however until you do her mission (terible I know) she will not follow you, each mission on the floors she appears on are always the same. (floor 1, one red bag, 3 5 files and post it in the red post box, 5 find the valult and loot it. however once compleated, you get a min and a half of time then and there, and she dropes a ion token, collect them so you can unlock more perks

the game has around 7-8 perks, aside from the first one, you need a set number of ion tokens to unlock them, then you can spend some of your money to upgrade them up to 4 or so times, most of these really help you out in small simple ways. but. they really dont add that much to the game out side of giving you a reason to do the miss ion quests. if I had to say there was any bad points to the game, its that the missions are trivial and annoying, as all your doing is moving around near objects and pressing f. but at least its not interfearing with the game play at all and can be done fast. I am sure some people like it more then others. its never needed, but it can help.

the games difficulty goes up each stage set by not only getting slightly larger, but also expanding the size of the fires in each room. every 4 levels changes the theme (1-4 is office, 5-8 is ex rooms, 9-12 is the lab, 13-16 is the factory) each zone adds more flamable material, thigns which spread fire in more dangrous ways, as well as the 3-4 zone adding extra hazzerds. this makes it very hard to beat all of the levels, however you will be able to start at any stage if you want. once you have gotten to it once.

the soundtrack is for the most part really good, though each zone has only one soundtrack, when you get low on time, it changes to the panic form and stays there until you at least get one min of time on the clock. the theme of this game is amazingly fun, being very uk. I do find the audio to be very good with the exception of the looping on the spray for both foam and water. it tends to have weird pauses instead of being continuis fully, however these can be fixed. for a indy game its pretty well done though it has bugs.

the only downside is that there could be more room types. and the difficulty goes down alot on the early areas with pratice. to the point of sometimes feeling trival. and often most rooms are not that hard. however, there will always be that one room which is a jerk to you. and I do think that a bit more work could be put in to make the map generator a bit more consistant.

the developer is active on the forums, there was a day one patch which did make the game better, and its clearly a soild product. i can recommend this game to people who want somethign that works, and plays well. as always check the forum and do your reserch, watch a video or two to get a good idea about how it plays and if you will like it or not.

I give this game a b+, very solid, while still having room to improve.
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Posted: July 2
For the price, rare firefighting theme, and controls,
I think it's worth the $3.59 I paid.
Beware, though, if you have a low tolerance for high frustration.

It scratches the itch that Ignition Factor (SNES) left me with...
but this is like poison oak where the more I scratch the more I have that itch that only the aloe vera of a more methodical, logical, game like Ignition Factor can soothe. Not that I've ever had poison oak. And now that I think of it, a fire / fire extiguisher metaphor would have been more fitting.
But I've already written what I wrote and I'm not going back now!

Theme, and gameplay of fighting fires is rare and fun.

I enjoy putting out the fire and saving the people and cats. Cats? In an office building? I suppose that's far better than "bring your kid to work day" on days when there's not fires engulfing the building.

The levels are procedurally generated, slapping rooms together in different layouts, which is a plus for newness each time. Each of the different zones has a diferent feel to them. (I've only seen 2 of the zones so far though) It seems like there's only 4 zones from the menu, but each has 4 levels to get through. I just found out that if you "complete" zone 1 you automatically go into zone 2 with all you've gathered so far and keep playing.

It has responsive controls with full gamepad support. The only exception being when I go to the starter room to refill my hose & extinguisher sometimes it doesn't register my pressing X the first time even though the prompt is there.

There's both meta-progression passive upgrades, and per run upgrades / items like the boots that make you faster, which you can buy at random shops with coins you gain. Somehow putting out fires makes coins appear and fly into pockets.

There's two types of fires. Regular that you can put out with your water hose, and electrical fires you put out with an extinguisher. You can put out the flames of both with water but to completely nullify the electrical one so it doesn't blaze up again you need to use the extinguisher.

On each floor that contains the electrical type fires, there's a power room where you can shut down the power and nullify them all as being "electrical fires" so you can just put them out with water. You can spray each one at a time but they're on different buttons so both are at your fingertips if you want to switch instantly. That's another positive.

But... it has some annoyances that can be rage inducing.

Unfortunately every fire spews out fireballs every other second directly at you. I want to say literally, but it might be every three seconds not every two. When the small triple fireballs land/hit something they catch it on fire. Spraying water everywhere is supposed to prevent that, but it doesn't appear to do so with rugs. Or furniture. And if a table in a group of tables gets hit, they all reignite a couple seconds after. Much too quickly. There's also a medium size type of fireball that leaves a trail of fire behind it as well catching anything near it on fire, even the floor. Don't get me started on the giant waves of inferno that occasionally happen.
Did I mention these fireballs can shoot through doors and basically torch rooms you've just put out? Because they can.

Oh... maybe I should get to really rage inducing part.
Remember those 2 types of fires? The fireballs? And how things hit by said fireballs ignite everything around them?

Well you can put out almost an entire room only to have a fireball hit a group of desks with PC's on them and they ALL reignite as electrical fires. Which then spew out more fireballs a second later, and the whole room in on fire again. This is especially expletive scream causing when you have a hollow + shaped arrangement of PC desks that you need to get through to reach the power room.

The people, and cats, have HP which goes down when near fire. Makes sense. They both die in 1 hit from a fireball though. Thankfully I read in a forum comment that they don't start taking damage until you step into a room, so you can spray out some of the fire before entering to make it a bit safer. Sadly they die from being engulfed in flames the second you do step in 25% of the time.

There's also an issue when the rescuees are following you, where they stupidly get caught on terrain occasionally. If you have those speed boots they'll lag behind you, increase the odds of them getting caught on terrain, and if you get too far ahead of them they just stop following you. Lastly, I hate that telling them to wait takes a few seconds of you staning there motionless while the clock ticks down.
It doesn't require you to stop moving to tell someone to f*** off for a minute. Trust me.

Each level you start with 5 minutes to fight the fire. It's not enough to clear the blaze, but you get one minute on the clock for ech human you bring to the entrance, or one heart for each cat. It keeps the time tight. But half the time can run down fighting your way through a computer room trying to get to the power room, and since many people die literally the second you step in a room this can get stupidly unfair. When you exit a floor after putting out all the fires, you start the next floor with the time you had left. So if you leave with 10 seconds on the clock you start with that. The game should give you a minute if you have less at the start of a floor in my opinion.

I mentioned a meta-upgrade system. There is an annoyance with that too. You're shown that screen if you have enough tokens and money to buy an upgrade when you start a game. If you don't have enough, you can't access it, and can't simply look at it or unlock categories with tokens, you need enough money to buy an upgrade in a category.

For all the annoyances, I'm enjoying the game and would recommend it to those who want a faster paced, and challenging, fire fighting game. Not that there's really any competition on the market that I know of.

For my closing sentence, imagine I wrote something witty about a burning sensation in reference to an STD while making sound like I'm talking about fighting fires, and saying how it was worth it. ː2016roastedː

I've since played hours more & made it to zone 3 which is uttterly brokenly difficult.

They introduce... chemical "fires" that are green. I'm not sure which hose or extinguisher I'm supposed to use to put these out. The green blob just sits there while I hose or foam it, sometimes it slowly shrinks. Sometimes not. Depends on its mood I guess.

More often than not I have a very difficult time even getting out of the starter room because the first real room is usually filled with electric fires lining the walls that ignite each other, and chemical fires everywhere else that reignite the electrical fires too. That makes getting to the power room even more frustrating.

They introduce even more infuriating "fireball" mechanic in this zone too:
The BS fire out of nowhere.
It acts like the one where it spread fire to everything around it leaving trails of fire, but it comes from... vents(?) that aren't even on fire or smoking themselves.

Where previously NPC's in need of rescue would die instantly a noticable fraction of the time, now they die instantly almost every time. My first time I got to this zone I did so from previous zones and had 9 minutes on the clock to begin with. When I beat floor 1 I had exactly 1 minute left because literally every single person died instantly the moment I stepped in a room.

Continued in comments section due to stupid review length limit.
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Posted: February 28
If you’re like me there was a part of your childhood where you wanted to be a fire fighter. It’s one of the most common career ambitions among children around the world. And why wouldn’t it be? You get to save lives, be a hero and of course the chicks always dig the man in the uniform. It’s not until a little later in life that we realize that the goal isn’t as realistic as what we would have hoped. Our dreams dashed because it’s either too difficult to become a firefighter or the reality that you’d be putting your own life in danger too regularly scared the living daylights out of you and you reassessed your position. But now there is a way that you can live out your childhood dreams and be a firefighter. You’re still putting your lives on the line but this time its the virtual lives of the character that you play. That’s with Flame Over one of Laughing Jackal’s games on Steam and our first of three of their games over the next three days.

At it’s heart Flame Out is a top down shooter that has been designed in the form of a fire fighting game. The levels almost play out as puzzles whereby you need to determine whether you need to hose certain areas with water or extinguish them with foam. The game plays out as a real fire would for example foam is the only thing that will put out electrical fires. The game isn’t easy but it’s an enjoyable challenge that will have you learning its systems relatively quickly. I do recommend that you first playthrough the tutorial and understand the basic gameplay concepts and mechanics. It’s a different enough game that it really should be mandatory otherwise it’s likely that you will find yourself dying quickly and often when it comes to the legitimate levels, of which there are 16, in the game.

I was a big fan of the game’s presentation starting with the music and the comic stylistics of the graphics. It’s loaded chock full of charm that will take your breath away. When gameplay does get underway after the cool introduction it puts you in head first. It’s not easy from the beginning and you should take this as a sign of things to come. Other than just putting out and extinguishing fires you will have to do your job and save the myriad numbers of civilians that are spread out throughout each level. You need to do this concurrently to putting out the fires because each time you do you are awarded with an extra minute of time to complete the level.

The physics are pretty spectacular in the game as well. You’ll think that you’re on top of the fire and then holy shitburgers something you had forgotten about has shot a fireball restarting the blaze somewhere else. Thus you’re going to want that extra time I just told you about because fires will restart seemingly at will unless you’re super careful and Super Blazed. The blazing trail of destruction left by the fireballs will have you raging but will also aide you in becoming a better, smarter player. In that way the game asks a lot from your gaming ability but once you do learn you’ll feel as though you’ve grown as a player not only of this game but of others as well. I believe it takes a good game to do that.

This is one of those games that people will cry ‘rogue-like’ and where Total Biscuit’s discussion video about gaming terms he’d like people to avoid fits right in. Yes, it’s brutally difficult. Yes, it has some of the trademarks that would fit the genre but at the same time I wouldn’t classify it as a rogue-like. What I would classify it as is a bloody good game that you should at the very least try.

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Posted: October 19
Don't try this at your home. Some RNG are not fair so that's why I don't recommend it. If you have no problem with that, go for it.
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10.4 hrs
Posted: October 6
I originally watched TB's 15 Minutes of Game on this and thought I would enjoy it. Happily for me, I was right.

This game is the perfect mixture of easy mechanics but hard gameplay, I like dying by my own stupidity instead of not understanding the controls/mechanics. Don't get me wrong, there's a bit of trial and error when you first arrive at a new section of the game - most notably the lab. Just know that green fire = hose, green gas = extinguish.

I love the cheery music/art style, I'm a fan of the non-pixelated cartoon look in games (Spelunky has a very similar 2D version to this look). I think it's easy to look at it and think oh it's not that hard. Yes it's hard, don't get it if you don't want a challenge. Or are okay staying in the Office levels forever. I think the contrast between difficulty and theme is interesting and works.

One thing I would have added was the possibility to save and quit your progress at the start of each level. I understand you can start at the beginning of each section, but you are at a disadvantage not having access to the shop in the early levels and multiple achievements require a full playthrough. I want to be able to play for a while, save, then start up again right where I was. To avoid save scumming the developer could make it a one time only save. I think it would add to the longterm replayability of this game since it takes about 45 to an hour per playthough.

Overall I love putting out fires, the music is cheery and somehow doesn't grow old despite being fairly repetitive. I would get this on sale though since all but the most obsessive will probably only put a few hours in before getting frustrated/bored.
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0.2 hrs
Posted: September 16
Neat idea, but just wicked unfun. Infinitely respawning enemies (flames) plus limited time and limited ammo means you better not only make every shot count, but also hit things in the right order. No variety in the enemies either - you are shooting unmoving flame or unmoving flame.
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2.0 hrs
Posted: September 9
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12.8 hrs
Posted: September 4
It's a great game, but the system design is bad. It takes lots of time for me to figure out how the systerm and upgrade systerm work. So It is not beginer friendly
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0.7 hrs
Posted: September 2
A very challenging game and really good at that.
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0.5 hrs
Posted: August 9
Not a game which is fun to play.
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Lord Martin
2.6 hrs
Posted: July 27
Terrible game. Very frustrating
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23.9 hrs
Posted: July 17
I really want to recommend this game. I'm not going to describe the game in general because many others have already. I like almost everything about this game, except the upgrading system, and in my opinion, it breaks the game. The upgrade system that allows Blaze to power up is fine, but is quickly maxed out. The problem is with the "per game" upgrade. Once you get to Level 3: Labs, if you don't have certain shop items that randomly appear, you will not proceed, no matter what you do. Difficult is one thing, being put continuously in a situation in which you cannot proceed is not fun.

After playing for 22 hours, I've gotten the magic combination ONE time. And, when I had this combo, I encountered a hazard I had not seen before and it instantly killed me, even though I had at least 3 hearts remaining.

As I said, I REALLY want to recommend this game, but because of the poor upgrade system, it becomes more frustrating than fun.
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