An enchanting game of logic and relaxation.
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Release Date: May 14, 2015

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“There is nothing to dislike about Quell; the game is the very embodiment of relaxation.”
10/10 – No Dpad

“Quell is a beautifully relaxing puzzle title to delve into.”
8/10 – AppSpy

“Woozily hypnotic.”
8/10 – Eurogamer

About This Game

Quell is an enchanting puzzle game of logic and relaxation.

The game-play is simple: slide a little water droplet around a window-pane, avoid the spikes and collect the pearls. Easy, right?

Absolutely, but the beauty of Quell is in the perfectly pitched difficulty curve - it's just taxing enough to test your powers of logic, but never so much so that it stops being fun. The gentle music (by acclaimed composer Steven Cravis) and ambience create the perfect setting to allow your brain to engage fully with these ingenious puzzles.

If you're willing to dig deeper still, there's a side narrative which tells a touching story of love, loss and nostalgia. Either way, Quell is a haunting experience that will stay with you long after you've finished it.

Fall in love with Quell...

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 1.66 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 1.3 or higher
    • Storage: 150 MB available space
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Very Positive (69 reviews)
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
19 of 20 people (95%) found this review helpful
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3.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 14, 2015
Absolutely spectacular game. I’ve been playing it for years on iOS, and the PC version is even more beautiful.

Quell is an amazingly designed and polished puzzle game that starts with a very simple premise. You control a drop of water, and you must move the drop around to collect all of the Pearls in each level, except once you move the drop, it does not stop until it hits a wall. These basic gameplay mechanics make for some very well designed and challenging levels. The game then slowly adds more rules and mechanics to add to the challenge.

This is a game that is definitely worth it any price tag, and I would recommend you pick it up today. Even if you’re not normally into puzzle games, you may be surprised how much you will enjoy Quell.
From its artwork, to its music, to the pure level of polish this game has, it is by far one of the best puzzle games available.

If you’ve played Quell and liked it, check out the two sequel games: Quell Reflect, and Quell Memento, which add even more new mechanics and put a fun twist on an already awesome game.
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12 of 12 people (100%) found this review helpful
3.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 17
"The Quell of new puzzles"
The Quell collection is a triplet of decent challenging puzzle games. I recommend to buy all three parts in a bundle on sale. Basically you shift orbs throught logical buildup labrinths to collect all pearls with a limit of moves. In higher levels there are added some elements like poisoned orbs, spikes or portals. You can also get stuck in infinite loops. Each level contains a hidden jewel you must find in a second playthrough. The controls are sometimes buggy viewing the game is made for touchpad but it uses mouse pointer swipe instead of arrow keys. So you can accidently do a double move.

Quell Part1 is a good introduction into the series. Altogether 84 puzzles stacked by year numbers (?) 7 years x 3 blocks a 4 puzzles.
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9 of 9 people (100%) found this review helpful
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1.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 2
This game is sometimes challenging but the music and graphics are relaxing and peaceful. I've seen other similar games but with just basic graphics that are blah. This game is what a puzzle game should be: a complete package of good gameplay, graphics and music. There's no story, but I don't expect that from a puzzle game.

How to Play:

Use your mouse or the arrow keys to move a blue sphere through a maze to collect all the pearls. Once you choose a direction the sphere keep going until it bumps into something. Avoid spikes (obviously!), use warp rings (look like sonic rings) and you can even move off the screen and appear at the opposite side! Though sometimes that leads to endless loop if there is nothing to bump against.


Soft, peaceful background music that does not intrude on your thought but is just nicely in the background. Perfect for this game.


You are in a quaint house with lots of brown, beige and neutral colors. The level select is a bookcase. When you go to play a level it goes to the window. I'm very impressed with how much these little details add to the game to make it complete. It's not "just" a puzzle game, it's a peaceful experience.

There is no timer (yay!). You can take as many moves as you like to finish a level, but they do say what the least amount of moves is for each level and you can replay to try for that goal.

There are achievements for those who like to collect 100%. I have not finished the game, so I can't tell you if they are all easy to get or some really difficult. I'll have to update this reveiw once I know for sure.

tl:dr version:

Move ball through maze to collect objects in the least number of moves
Peaceful music
Quaint setting
No timer
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9 of 10 people (90%) found this review helpful
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3.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 2, 2015
Quell puts a variation on the sokoban game genre. It is an abstract puzzle with sequential-movement solutions, on a grid, which only allows sliding movements. You have to collect all of the 'pearls' in a level to proceed to the next and it challenges you to do it in as few movements as possible. It features mechanics such as matching push blocks, hazardous spikes and levers to rotate them, appearing blocks, which trigger when passed over, teleportation, off-grid movements, hidden jewels collecting. It also comes with background music and although it's only a single continuous loop it works wondrously with the combination of other game sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere. It features a reward system for your correct solutions and any hidden gems that you find throughout the game, which you can then use for hints on more difficult levels.

Overall, it's a casual game, but still offers a modest challenge and lots of fun elements!

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7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2015
The store page describes it best. Simple gameplay, good difficulty curve, and soothing soundtrack.
(Only 3 tracks! You might not notice that until you paid attention or saw the credits. It's that ambient.)

84 Levels. Not too easy but also not too hard. No ridiculous achievements.
No frustration. You'll have enough coins to unlock the solution for those hard levels.

I really appreciate the quality of the port and the little things which they didn't neglect.
It's excellent. Multiple language support. Multiple resolution. Supports Windowed mode.
You can't (accidentally) alt+F4 out of it. Full controller / keyboard + mouse / touch support.
Accepts all inputs simultaneously and displays the correct prompt for the input you're currently using.

It's Windows only. There are mobile versions but Steam version is the definitive one.
Might as well buy the Quell Collection if you liked it.
New mechanics in the sequels so it doesn't feel monotonous.

Secret: 4 secret levels could be accessed by clicking 3 times on the palette tray in the main menu
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: May 22
A fine, relaxing puzzle game that is neither too easy, nor too frustrating. Everything can be finished by learning from your mistakes (the U and R keys are your friends); I didn't have to use hints until the last few levels. The developers seem to have taken a lot of pleasure in adding red herrings to incite you to get spiked, it's really good fun. I'll most certainly be playing the rest of the trilogy!

Edit: after finishing the entire trilogy, I'd recommend Quell Memento over the first two games. You can play them in order, but if you only have time (or money) for one, skip directly to Memento.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 13
Interesting puzzle game with simple controls and mechanics. Each level has an optimal way of completion as well as a hidden gem to uncover, giving players multiple goals for each puzzle. Difficulty increases steadily and is never unfair.
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2 of 2 people (100%) found this review helpful
9.7 hrs on record
Posted: April 18
For all fans of pure logical puzzles games this is a must-have! Go and buy it NOW!!!

Not yet convinced? Ok, the game has simple rules: slide a drop of water around on a window collecting pearls and avoiding spikes. Sounds simple, right? Indeed, it does starts off with easy chambers, then incorporates a nice learning curve and ends up with mind-boggling puzzles (there are also a couple on the way there ;). There are
  • 84 campaign puzzles,
  • 4 secret extra puzzles, and
  • 84 jewels to find.
There is one jewel cleverly hidden in each one of the puzzle grids which adds a nice mind-teasing bonus to the game.

It took me around 10 hours to play through the whole game and unlock everything. My advice: buy the title in the Quell Bundle together with Quell Reflect and Quell Memento. Each of these two clones adds simple, yet surprisingly rich new mechanics to the game making it even more fun to play.

So again: if you're are logical puzzle lover GO AND BUY IT NOW!!! :D
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
5.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 17
An excellent and simple puzzle game with eye-soothing graphics, a fair challenge, and some annoyingly chill music that belongs in antique stores. It's worth playing on mute.
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
8.5 hrs on record
Posted: April 8
This is a great logic game

- The levels are well designed with a difficulty going from easy to hard (but not too hard) levels
- No timer at all
- You can play as as little as you want and continue where you left off or go back to previous levels to complete unfinished objectives
- A few levels are hard to finish but a perfect number of moves but there's no penalty for retrying them (there's even an achievement for that!) so you can be persistent or use coins that you obtain by perfecting levels
- Finding and getting the jewel in every level gives you a different objective
- Not a huge number of puzzles but more than adequate for the price

It's very well done too:
- Graphics, music and sound are nice and polished
- Graphic options work as the should (several fixed resolutions, full screen, windowed mode)
- Music and sounds can be muted separately
- Movement can be controlled with keyboard
- Resetting a level or going to the next one can also be done with keyboard
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Recently Posted
3.7 hrs
Posted: October 16
This is an easy-to-get-into, relaxing, fair puzzle game, which never gets too hard, but stays challenging enough.
It is also really cheap when on sale, be sure to buy Quell Reflect and Quell Memento in a pack. (Also, there are mobile versions, so you can enjoy the games there too, but I would say it is worth buying for Steam, to play on the living room TV for example.

In overall, recommended for everyone looking for a casual, family-friendly experience.

It's beauty is its simplicity.

Also, there are achievements, and tips for every level if you ever get stuck.
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S.T.A.R.S Leon S. K.
2.4 hrs
Posted: October 8
An innovative puzzle game to find the perfect way trough the lines, isnt easy and get tougher and tougher later, but thx guide never to frustrating. The developer really works hard on this game and add even a few positiv things on it like getting extras for achievements, i only miss 2 things more achievements (for getting 10,25-50 gems steps acheivemetns) and 5 trading cards. I can only hope that i have same fun with the 3 other Quell games. For puzzle fans i give 86 % for normal gamers 77 %. Thx 4 reading & hopefully enjoy like me.
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Lt. Labcoat
3.8 hrs
Posted: September 29
Nothing amazing, but certainly one of those games that you can't hate. And very cheap too!
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Phara Dar
4.2 hrs
Posted: September 28
My head hurts.

If you're looking for a quality puzzle game, then Quell is what you need.
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5.4 hrs
Posted: September 10
Personal Rating 10/10

Quell is a quite challenging puzzle game with harmonic atmosphere.
Easy to understand, hard to master.
Great if you want some chilly puzzle hours or for the achievement hunters out there :3

In my opinion Quell does everything right you want to get of a puzzle game.
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Happiness Officer
5.5 hrs
Posted: August 21
First installment of the zen-tastic Quell series. They are basically the embodiment of relaxing puzzle games. Guiding a raindrop around a board to an artistic backdrop and gorgeous classical music from Steven Cravis

The catch is that, when moved, the raindrop won't stop until it hits a wall. For such an unassuming concept, the mechanics are superly executed and the different block types add a fun level of variety and challenge. What's particularly nice is that each level has a few challenges: Not only is it about solving it, but you can also do so in a 'perfect' number of moves. Additionally, every level has a jewel hidden within it (normally behind a block) which you have to go out of your way to find. It's a nice mix which gives you plenty to do. The levels are challenging but not brutal, and you're not punished for mistakes or timed. All in all, it makes for a very relaxing, but enjoyable game to hop in and out of.

Only thing I'd say: Definitely play this Quell game first. If you've cut your teeth on the sequels, then you'll likely find you blast through most of it a bit too quickly (the last few shelves are still nice and tricky though).
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2.9 hrs
Posted: July 30
Very relaxing and no pressure. Makes you think but doesn't punish you when you make a mistake. I suffer from frequent headaches and this is easy on the eyes, ears, and brain. Yet you're still using your head to figure out each set of puzzles. I bought all three Quell's and already love this one. Can't wait to try the other two Quell's. The music is nice and goes well with the 'game'. No other game like this on Steam as far as I know. It's a puzzle game which progresses slowly. And let's you 'retry' if you'd like to see if you can do a set with less moves. You control this drop of water with more and more rules being applied as you progress. If you need a game where you can toss it into the category of meditation, this one may qualify. It gently engrosses you and keeps you focused and your mind is still getting a work out. I would imagine this would also be a good brain game for those wanting to keep their minds sharp.
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11.8 hrs
Posted: July 30
quell is a very relaxing puzzle game where you control a raindrop and try to collect all the pearls by bumping from wall to wall. it has all the quality of life options and features (windowed mode, volume sliders, save files, multiple profiles, instantaneous level reset, undo, etc.), a great soundtrack and a variety of ways to play. if you only want to go through the 84 levels quickly, you can do that, you can even use coins you collect to unlock levels apart from the very next one, but you can also go for the least possible moves for extra challenge, satisfaction and coins, and try to find the jewel hidden on each level.

there are only 3 minor things I can hold against it: you can't rebind the controls (it plays fine with the keyboard but I would've preferred undo on backspace instead of 'u'), the stage select screen is not very informative, too much clicking/waiting to see which levels aren't perfect or have jewels left to find, and finally the story. there's supposed to be one, it's probably about war and love and whatnot, but it's so subtle it practically doesn't exist. not a huge deal for a puzzle game though.

all in all, great stuff, worth picking up with the other two, reflect and memento, in a bundle to save some money. there's also a 4th game now (quell zen), sold separately.
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