Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, with crabs scurrying around so WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!
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Release Date: Feb 20, 2015

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“Pixel Puzzles 2 reinforces and expands upon the foundation established by the previous Pixel Puzzles games in all the right places...”

“Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds definitely delivers on its promise of being smoother and more refined than its predecessors. If you enjoy jigsaw puzzle games you really can’t go wrong...”
8.3 – gameRamble

“Its a perfect little relaxing time killer...”
8.7 – Absolute Hell

About This Game

Featuring some truly fowl images indeed. Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds is a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game, with crabs scurrying around so WATCH YOUR FINGERS!!!

The Pixel Puzzles series has been treated to a complete rebuild from the ground up, resulting in Pixel Puzzles 2 being a much smoother more refined gaming experience.

So, what to do about those pesky crabs? Rather than giving them a squish, throw them in a cage. Collect and consume your little shelled friends to gain special puzzle solving abilities, with the crab grabbing power up system. Go catch them critters, they’re hiding under the pieces!


  • 25 puzzles in a range of sizes from 60 to 350 pieces.
  • Auto saving, never lose your progress.
  • Relaxing atmosphere.
  • Traditional puzzle gameplay.
  • 33 Steam Achievements.
  • Puzzle piece rotation.
  • Interactive play environment.
  • Beautiful photos of birds, taken in the south atlantic.
  • Power ups to help solve puzzles.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • Storage: 190 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Generic Sound Device
    • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
    • Processor: Intel® Quad Core
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • Storage: 190 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Generic Sound Device
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43 of 46 people (93%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 3, 2015
I was liking the Pixel Puzzles series until this one, where they decided to make the game difficult to interact with in pointless ways.
As you can see from the featured screenshots, the background you have to do your puzzles against is just a mess of random lines. If you have ever wondered why people don't choose to do their jigsaw puzzles on a paisley tablecloth or their clan tartan, then here is your answer.
As you can also see from the screenshots, the UI buttons float in the water with the puzzle pieces, making it harder to pick the pieces up.
The crabs... the crabs that run out from under the pieces are simply a pain in the ♥♥♥. Add in the fuzzy, low-res, and rather boring pictures of birds, and it starts to look like the features screenshots on the store page are not so much an enticement to play the game, but a dire prophecy, foretelling the horrors that await within.
It's not a bad thing to mix things up a bit, and make some changes to sequel games to keep them fresh, but every change they made to the series with this game has been for the worse, and that is what I find most puzzling of all.

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32 of 34 people (94%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
29.9 hrs on record
Posted: July 18, 2015
This is the fourth Pixel Puzzles game I've played, and the only one so far that I would not recommend. I love puzzles, both physical and digital, and I finished every puzzle in this game, but there were so many built-in and unnecessary annoyances that I couldn't recommend it to anyone else.

First and most importantly, someone had the idea to make the background patterned. I'm sure they meant well, but building a patterned puzzle on a patterned backdrop is extremely difficult, especially with the larger puzzles that have smaller pieces. With some, seeing the edges was nearly impossible, even with changing the color of the patterned backdrop. Without being able to make out the shape of the edges, adding pieces became a sort of "trial-and-error" of dropping every somewhat-matching piece into the spot and hoping one will fit. There is, as far as I could see, no way to get a nice solid background to work with, only color-changes of the pattern; this can help but doesn't solve the problem. To me, this is a game-ruining design flaw.

The hint system isn't awful but it adds another layer of annoyance. The crabs you have to gather to "spend" on hints spawn directly under your cursor. If you're trying to work in an area, you have to drop the piece you're working on to move the damned crab out of the way. If by some chance the crab spawns where you have a few pieces piled up, you have to move every piece before you can grab the crab. If you have a LOT of pieces piled up (i.e. if you're sorting them), it can take forever to get everything moved so you can get the crab moved. Not game breaking, but very annoying.

The other problem I had with it was purely aesthetic. Birds aren't the most interesting thing to me, but I was expecting bright birds with pretty plumage, tropical birds and pea♥♥♥♥♥, things that are pretty and make great puzzles. Instead, you get a lot of penguins, ducks, and raptors, and very few were bright and engaging. The end result for me personally was boredom. By the final, largest puzzle, I was sick of brown birds, brown ducks, and hundreds of penguins. So I opened the last puzzle to fiinish this game off, and there were more penguins (I shook my head with a sigh and sallied forth anyway). There was some variety in the pictures, but even the variety was dull. Now, this is a personal preference so others might not agree here, but it was my personal opinion on it.

So after 20+ hours playing the game and finishing every puzzle for the sake of my own achievement-seeking OCD, I just can't recommend it to anyone else unless the poor background and annoying hint system aren't likely to bother you.
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30 of 34 people (88%) found this review helpful
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11.8 hrs on record
Posted: February 20, 2015
if you like jigsaw puzzles you will love this game for sure.
i enjoyed all 3 Pixel Puzzles games that they released so far, this one has added the rotation feature ( you have to rotate the piece to figure how and where it should be placed) which made the game harder and it will take more time to solve the puzzles, i really recommend them all to any jigsaw puzzles fan.

i would suggest Putting your own music while playing.
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27 of 29 people (93%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
21.6 hrs on record
Posted: April 30, 2015
I am extremely disappointed in this version of pixel puzzles. I played Pixel Puzzles: Japan and thoroughly enjoyed it (outside of not being able to easily click the piece you wanted). Seems they fixed that with "Birds", but the background is so horrible I cannot see the pictures. In the pond area where the pieces are floating, there are 6 buttons floating around getting in your way of seeing the pieces plus one ginormous fishing net where you are supposed to drop crabs - that are annoying and run all over your puzzle building space. When you fill up the net, you are supposed to get an award, but they don't seem to work and the crabs have now completely obscured the puzzle pieces floating "below" the net. It is hard enough locating the pieces you need, because they are all mostly blue and they are "under" the water, altering their color slightly, so it is hard to pick the piece you want. There is an option to put a little staging bar at the bottom where you can store pieces, but that also has a craggly, rippled background (as does the building area) which really plays havoc with your eyes. Also, when you put that little staging area there, the pieces floating above the building area are hidden from view. You have to take that away to "find" them again. I tried to take a screenshot of what I am talking about, using the F12 key, but that too seems to be broken. I am so annoyed that I purchased this. It is not fun at all; It is not relaxing at all, and I do not want to play it at all. Boo - hiss devs. Took something great and made it something I'm sorry I purchased.
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20 of 21 people (95%) found this review helpful
26.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
I liked Pixel Puzzle Japan the best. The koi were a little annoying but you could stuff one in the spout and end the annoyance. I played the Zombies butI didn't much care for the timetrials of that one. This one, the crabs. They are so annoying, as are the floating button buoys. The crab collecting is part of the game (crabs = hint currency), but still annoying. The rotation of the pieces isn't intuitive (the instructions aren't clear you hold both mouse buttons) at first, but the mechanic is a nice twist on the series.

I got it for 66% off in the Steam Summer sale and I think US$3.39. If you can find it for less, then even better, but 50% off or better it is a thumbs up (US$5 or less).
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19 of 24 people (79%) found this review helpful
48.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 2, 2015
Pixels Puzzle 2 : Birds

Well the game is self explanatory . Just like in the traditional board game , you try to fit the jigsaw pieces to form a picture. In this case pictures of various birds, e.g. penguins , ducks , and so on .
The jigsaws are all scattered and you have to rotate them most of the times to fit .

Graphics : 7/10
Well to rate this game for graphics wouldn't be fair . It can't be compared to games like Call of Duty graphics wise . But still for the genre it is in , it's okay.

Music : 7/10
Okay , don't expect it to be spectacular . Music/Sound consists mostly of relaxing birds singing and nature sounds. Quite fitting. I personally like to turn the sound & music down and listen to 80’s radio streams online ^^ .

Gameplay 7/10
Just like a jigsaw, that it is on your PC . It supports Steam Cloud , has various Steam Achievements and Trading Cards . I thought it was quite refreshing to finally have a puzzle game on PC . I had a lot of fun playing it and even though the very first puzzles were not that hard, the final puzzles with 200 Pieces and up were quite tricky .The rotating of the jigsaw pieces made things more difficult than in Pixel Puzzle Japan , which I thought was a tad too easy .


Ideal game for all casual gamers , Grown ups and kids (8 years and up )

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16 of 19 people (84%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
28.0 hrs on record
Posted: January 5
A significant step down from their previous puzzles.

The "Minigame" that takes place during the puzzle is now much more of an annoyance, asking the player to pause the puzzle 8-10 times per minute to get the annoying crabs off the screen.

In addition, the pictures selected for the jigsaws are noticably mediocre. Some have well definded sections, large, but easy enough, but a LARGE portion of the puzzles are unnecessarily difficult.

Many puzzles have a bird in focus in the foreground, but with the entire background out of focus. Others (like the 1st large penguin puzzle) has an inordinate amount of extremely similar small figures on a nondescript background.

Have you ever done a jigsaw of a Jackson Pollack painting? That's what a lot of this f**king game is...
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23 of 33 people (70%) found this review helpful
14.7 hrs on record
Posted: February 20, 2015
Pro and Cons at the end for those of you who don't like reading

Ahh, another serving of Decaying Logic's Pixel Puzzles. This is my second review of a Pixel Puzzles game, my first one being Pixel Puzzles: Japan. I had to give that one a thumbs down due to some glaring issues within the game but with this version I was pleasantly surprised. So, if you love jigsaw puzzles then sit back and I'll tell you a story about how Decaying Logic isn't living up to their name but perhaps should learn what their publisher’s name, KISS Ltd, stands for......

First let me begin by saying perhaps I was a bit harder judging on this one. I went in looking for mistakes, expecting them, wanting to find some. To my surprise there are very few and this tells me that perhaps Decaying Logic is listening to their fans and that makes me take notice. When you find a developer that cares about what their fans think and makes honest attempts to make their games better you'd better keep an eye on them because they will be going somewhere soon.

The first thing you should know if you've never played any of their other puzzle games is that the pictures in this one are as good as you get with any jigsaw puzzles. There's actually quite a few more offering within this one than in Japan as well. All the pictures in this one fit the "bird" theme so if you’re not a fan of birds I suppose it could be off putting but I'm not going to knock the game for that. The pictures give you quite a bit of challenge in terms of matching up pieces by color but it's not entirely impossible. It gives you a good sense of working a physical jigsaw puzzle on the tabletop.

Again in this version the pieces are cut in ways you could never truly cut a physical jigsaw puzzle so that added challenge is left intact which I enjoy. Many of the cuts in this one match the bird theme as well with birds and fish around the edges of the pieces. These funky piece cuttings can raise the difficulty of solving the puzzle up to some frustrating levels but overall I feel it's a positive. Some of us enjoy great challenges.

The pieces still once again "swim" in a pond around the main puzzle. This is an innovative and interesting way to present the pieces and probably gives you the best representation of "shaking the puzzle box" as you will ever find.

So far the game sounds the same as the last, my review does as well. So where did they get things right?? I'm about to jump right into that lake of beauty.. For starters there is now an auto save feature!! It will save all pieces placed correctly on the puzzle if you turn the game off or even if you start another puzzle and come back to that one later. This feature alone is enough to bring this review to a YES but wait, there's more..

The puzzle pieces now float around the whole puzzle, giving them more room to spread out so you can hunt for that one piece you know you need easier. This plus a seemingly better piece selection tool has practically removed the old issue with needing to click through millions of pieces to get the one you want. The puzzle area is smaller now but to make up for this there is a zoom tool that will enlarge the puzzle to your full screen and still let you move around pieces you have deposited up there. They also added an option to open up a bottom "sorting area" that runs along the bottom of the screen where you can put pieces you find that you know go somewhere but haven't figured out yet. And finally you can now rotate the pieces. That's right, just because you pull em out of the water doesn't mean that's the direction they go. Just one more thing added that makes this feel like a real table top puzzle.

So far they've fixed many of the problems that the previous puzzle games had and even added a few fan requested features. This certainly makes the game much more playable and enjoyable and gives it a much deserved "yes" rating. However, as much as Decaying Logic went against their namesake and actually improved their game, there's still room for them to improve and learn that KISS (name of their publisher) stands for "Keep It Simple Stupid."

So where are the flaws?? First off the pieces now actually look like they are under water. It's a neat effect but it discolors the pieces and makes it harder to pick them based on color matching. It's not game breaking but I now find myself picking up a piece and having to hope that it's a match for the color I'm looking for. Might have just been easier to keep those pieces floating on the surface the way they were in the previous games.

Second flaw is that they've now got the controls floating around in the water with the pieces and they get a little annoying. First off they get in the way of piece selection and second off they are subject to being missed when I try to click them and I pick up a piece instead. Once again, not super game breaking since there's hot keys but perhaps just grouping them into the bottom or top corner, or better yet, having them slide out when the ESC key or another key is hit would have been better.

So at the end of the day is this version of Pixel Puzzles better than the last?? The answer is a resounding YES. This is the one I would recommend to my friends. This is the one that gives us features we needed in the other ones. This is the ones that prove Decaying Logic listens to their fans. I'm a fan now. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for us with this line...... Now if we could only convince them to do one that can have fan made workshop puzzles.......

+Good picture selection gives good challenging puzzles
+Interesting piece cut-outs
+Improved piece floating and selection
+Rotating Pieces
+Mid-puzzle save feature
+Optional sorting area
+Innovative "hint" system that gives you options
+More puzzles than ever before

-Nothing but bird pictures
-Colors on pieces are altered while "in" the water, making it harder to select pieces based on color
-In-Game Menu buttons float around with the pieces and are sometimes difficult to hit without picking up a piece
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13 of 15 people (87%) found this review helpful
7.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 9
"Birds and Crabs"
PixelPuzzles2: Birds is another game from the PixelPuzzles series. It's still a nice and entertaining jigsaw puzzle game. But typical for PixelPuzzles 2 it has become a little bit harder. Puzzle pieces can be rotated into four directions. So more possibilities to do it wrong. Thankfully there's a built-in help function. Collect crabs into a fishnet bar on the right side.They appear randomly between the puzzles pieces on the playfield. Unfortunately for puzzling the playfield is not very decent. Tough you can change the color but the stone bumb map still remains. The bird pictures are also pretty much one sided like many penguins and shore birds.
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8 of 8 people (100%) found this review helpful
20.7 hrs on record
Posted: July 9
Pixel Puzzle franchise. Recommended for those who literally like to put puzzles together, and I do mean piece by piece.

Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds

Features birds, of course, all kinds, everywhere - fenceposts to snow covered areas, big, small, entire colonies. There is even an introduction puzzle found on the main screen. 25 puzzles in all ranging from 60 pieces to 350 pieces, with some odd shaped and bird themed puzzle pieces. All the puzzles can be seen in the picture gallery once the puzzle is solved. The game grid is more or less choose your path around the grid.

Puzzles: 60 piece - 6, 112 piece - 6, 153 piece- 4, 220 piece - 6, and 350 piece - 1.

The game board is surrounded by water where the puzzle pieces float and MOVE. The pieces also must be rotated to gain the correct orientation (like in a physical puzzle.) Fortunately there is an option for the player to choose the correct orientation permenantly (or until such time as the player chooses to turn it off). I recommend having this feature on for the 220 piece and 350 piece puzzles due to the size of the pieces.

Best feature of this game: Crabs. Now, now no laughing. These helpful crustaceans can be picked off the puzzle board and put in a net. When the player has collected enough a hint can be used. "G" stands for "ghost" (cost 5 crabs). This power-up shows the puzzle picture for approximately 10 seconds. "Ctrl" (10 crabs) will cause that puzzle to have the correct orientation (unless the player rotates the piece). "space bar" This helpful power up (20 crabs) shows exactly where that piece belongs in the puzzle, edge or middle. Other functions: "T" make a tray to hold the pieces, "S" shuffle the pieces. "Z" zoom in on the puzzle board. "C" change the puzzle board's background color.

There 33 achievements including ones like 'No More Crabs' and 'Ghost Power'. Trading cards are available.
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Recently Posted
1.6 hrs
Posted: September 23
This has got to be one of the best bird-themed puzzle games I've ever played!
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Annie T. Mood
11.4 hrs
Posted: July 23
Product received for free
An improvement over the last two Pixel Puzzles games, Japan and UndeadZ.

Now there's a save function, system settings stay the same after you restart the game, there are window resolution options though minimal, and the floating puzzle pieces on the pond are a little easier to click on.
When you start up a puzzle all progress is automatically saved when you exit. You can even start up a new puzzle and have the previous one you were working stay intact.

If you want to make the game slightly tougher you can enable puzzle piece rotation as well though they still snap on to the mat like a magnet and you still can't put two puzzle pieces together outside of the magnets. For some reason though if you disable piece rotation the game won't remember you did when you restart the game.

As you move puzzle pieces around on the mat, crabs will start appearing though only 2 can spawn at a time. Apparently you're supposed to drag them to the net on the side of the screen so you can use handicap abilities depending on how many crabs are in the net. You use 5 crabs to show a ghost image of the puzzle for a few seconds, 10 crabs to have a held puzzle piece correctly rotated if rotation is enabled, and 20 crabs to show where the piece you're currently holding is supposed to go to. If you exit the current puzzle the crab net will be emptied out.

There are varying puzzles that have 60 pieces, 112 pieces, 153, 220, and one with 350 at the very end. There's no specific order you can complete them but finishing a puzzle unlocks the corresponding locked puzzles on the puzzle select screen.

From the technical side of things it's an improvement. Getting interested in this game is just going to be based on if you somehow actually got into the premise of the other Pixel Puzzles titles and/or if you fancy pseudo-jigsaw puzzles that magnetize on a mat with birds as the theme.
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11.3 hrs
Posted: July 15
Word in advance: Though I'd recommend the game, there are a few major buts to be said about it.

Puzzles are for the birds

A few years ago I first picked up Pixel Puzzles: Japan and, as a puzzle enthusiast, was glad to discover that it was both fun and well-designed. I've since picked up almost every other entry in the series, bar (at the time of this review) the Space version.

Like the rest of the series, Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds is basically a pc-game based off of the ages old jigsawpuzzles you might have played with as a kid. Each game gives you a set of themed puzzles of varying size along with one or more mini-games as a part of it.

There's a built-in cheat system where you have to pick up appearing crabs and deposit them in the net before you can choose one of three cheats (show image, correct rotation, pinpoint correct placement) depending on how many crabs you have.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of beautiful pictures among the puzzles, but this entry in the series stands out for one thing: not all photo's are optimal for the puzzle system, resulting in a near-mandatory use of the cheats (or if you want a perfect set of achievements, definitely mandatory). Take for example a 220 piece puzzle withlots of small by distance penguins on a brown-grey rock formation. It has so many near identical pieces that with the floating pieces that are a hallmark of the series that its next to impossible to fish out the ones you need.

Add to that the sheer annoyance that the crabs (which you can turn off thankfully) spawn more often than bullets in Touhou and you can see why its hard to really recommend this game.

Yes, it has a few good pictures. Yes, it still is fun. But the cheat-achievements, crabs, sometimes unstuitable (and penguin-abundant) pictures do make it a lesser entry in the series. Think well before buying.
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22.8 hrs
Posted: June 25
Great game. I enjoyed almost every Pixel Puzzle game before. In my opinion, Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds had more challenging puzzles than the others, because there are some pictures with so many similar patterns inside that I had to try-and-error place a lot of pieces.

Same cons as the other games. Pieces snap into place very easily, even when far away. And the floating pieces are still annoying.
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24.7 hrs
Posted: June 14
this game has been alot of fun
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17.1 hrs
Posted: May 28
Plz change name to: Pixel Puzzles 2: Penguins, rocks and some birds.
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4.0 hrs
Posted: April 14
This game is chill I like it when I want to chill
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7.6 hrs
Posted: April 12
No idea why, but I love this ♥♥♥♥! :)
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11.7 hrs
Posted: April 8
If you're reading anything about this game then chances are you're already pretty familiar with the series, since, unless you REALLY have a thing for birds, it's unlikely anyone would start with this over Japan, UndeadZ, or any of the later ones that have been released since. So you should already know more or less what you're getting into here - some puzzle pieces float in some water around the edges of the screen and you have to pick them up and assemble them into a picture in the middle. With each new entry, they try to add something a little different on top of the new theme (which is now birds, for some reason). This time, the extra feature is being able to rotate pieces. It doesn't sound like much, but that one small change makes a great big difference.

Previously you could just brute force your way through a puzzle if need be; pick up a piece, drop it in an empty space, repeat until you find the right one, profit. Now, while you could do that if you were absolutely desperate or determined, it pays instead to make a more calculated effort in your approach and take the time to look closely rather than hammer away mindlessly. It's an extra layer of complication that does mean puzzles can take a little longer to complete than in previous entries. But, thankfully, they've also added in a new range of abilities to compensate for this fact.

As you move, drop and rotate pieces around the board, crabs will randomly appear from under them and slowly scuttle around the play area, which can then be picked up and placed into a fishing cage at the side of the screen. For every 5, 10 or 20 you gather, you'll have access to a special ability - either briefly display the finished picture on the board, auto-correct the orientation of a held piece, or show the correct location to drop a held piece. Even though there never seems to be more than 2 crabs running around at any given time, there's never any shortage of them appearing. So even if it might be more time-consuming, the game is at least pretty forgiving in allowing the player to progress. If you want to use the abilities, that is. You can always chose to remove that element from play completely and just have a vanilla jigsaw puzzle if you'd prefer.

I do really like how flexible they are with each element they add to the games. if you want to have crabs, keep them. If you don't, get rid of them. The same also applies to the new rotation mechanic, which can be disabled at any time, though I kinda wish I had've realised that at the start of the game rather than the end, as it's tucked away in the options and is never expressly pointed out to you. In fact, the way the game communicates with you is a little sloppy overall, if I'm being honest. There is a How to Play section in the menu, but it's a jumble of information all thrown at you in a single image rather than introduced as you play. It would have been nice to tell us an automatic save feature has been added for each puzzle as well instead of having to discover it accidentally ourselves. Also, rather than pausing the action, pressing Esc spits you out of the puzzle and back into the menu screen, meanwhile a list of immovable options are on show at the left side of the screen throughout, which can sometimes get in the way of pieces floating underneath. Which seems an odd oversight for what has so far been a pretty competently made series.

The whole thing kind of feels like two steps forward and one step back. The new features are largely welcome, and they've finally managed to all but eliminate the sometimes awkward issue of picking up pieces by having more space for them to float in, but it feels like more could have been done, or some things just handled better. I don't know why birds were the main attraction this time around, either, or why it's only photographs. Maybe some artworks would have been nice? Or, instead of using images that were all taken from one guy, all seemingly from his one trip to a single island with a small variety of unspectacular birds, they could have had some more exotic examples; some birds of prey or paradise, a few emus running around, or even the common pigeon as a jokey finale or extra. The images used are pleasant enough and all, but the game could have been a far more flamboyant, engaging or enthralling experience for the player rather than just... nice.

It's difficult to know where to place this among the series as a whole. The tiny added extra of rotating pieces is actually something of a game-changer which potentially pushes it above the others, but then the subject matter may be a bit of a yawn for some and make it the weakest of the series yet. But if you enjoyed the other games and still want more, then you'll hardly go wrong with the many hours of casual, laid back fun on offer here. Though, all that said, you will get covered in much more poop here than the other games, so you might want to prepare yourself for that.
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