History is as yet unwritten. Napoleon: Total War™ is the new chapter in the critically acclaimed Total War™ series and opens up a new narrative layer to the genre-defining franchise. From the early Italian campaign to the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon covers two decades of relentless battles, a backdrop of a world in flames against which...
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History is as yet unwritten.

Napoleon: Total War™ is the new chapter in the critically acclaimed Total War™ series and opens up a new narrative layer to the genre-defining franchise. From the early Italian campaign to the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon covers two decades of relentless battles, a backdrop of a world in flames against which the story of an extraordinary military career unfolds.

Whether you play as the legendary general or against him, the outcome of war can never be guaranteed. The course of history relies on your ability to lead your troops through the most intense battles as never seen before in a Total War game.

  • The genre-defining franchise brings Napoleon to life —
    Napoleon: Total War defines a new standard within the genre with exciting characters and a cinematic narrative, mind-blowing battle sequences and an unrivaled mix of turn-based and real-time strategy.

  • Three new episodic campaigns —
    Take command and lead your armies on land and sea over three campaigns: Italy, Egypt and Mastery of Europe. The seamless mix of objective-based missions and sandbox experience makes this the most complete Total War experience to date.

  • Cutting-edge multiplayer —
    Napoleon features fully integrated multiplayer modes and a complete set of online functionalities: Steam achievements, gameplay bonuses, uniform editor and voice communications.

  • All new Napoleonic battles and units —
    Advanced weaponry enables new tactical options and even more exciting real-time battles on an epic scale, while the highly detailed environments and improved battlefield buildings guarantee a realistic recreation of famous historical battles.


Mac OS X
    • OS:Microsoft® Windows Vista®/XP®/Windows® 7
    • Processor: 2.3 GHz CPU with SSE2
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM (XP), 2 GB RAM (Vista®/Windows® 7)
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX® 9.0c shader model 2b compatible GPU
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 21 GB free space
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista®/XP®/Windows® 7
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM (XP), 4 GB RAM (Vista®/Windows® 7)
    • Graphics: 256 MB DirectX® 9.0c shader model 3 compatible GPU
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 21 GB free space
    • OS: 10.8.5
    • Processor:2.0 GHz
    • Memory:4GB Memory
    • Graphics:256MB*
    • Hard Drive:26GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI X2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.
    • OS: 10.9.3
    • Processor:2.4 GHz
    • Memory:4GB Memory
    • Graphics:512GB*
    • Hard Drive:26GB HD space
    • Other Requirements: The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI X2xxx series, Intel GMA series, NVIDIA 7xxx series and NVIDIA 8xxx series.
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The only flaw I see in this game is the fact that I cannot shoot my men who retreat.
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Better ship battles in this game than games about ship battles.
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Killed Napoleon twice, but he came back to life. 10/10
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An excellent game overall. Creative Assembly have redeemed themselves more or less from the disaster of empire with this. The AI is a little wonky at times, and the unit sizes are far too small, but the way to combat the negatives of the vanilla version of the game is to download darthmod from modb or the total war forums and it works beautifully. Darthmod increases smoke effects, unit sizes, number of units, campaigns...with this mod, Napoleon Total War is my most played game. The vanilla is good, darthmod make good become great ;)
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Empire: Total War is a great in my oppinion, although it do have some elements that should have be done better. Average optimalization or many identical looking units for each country (i.e. line infantry) gave you that feeling that it could be done better. Fortunatelly, year after the release of Empire, Napoleon: Total War came out.

What does it offer?
- a lot of great looking units (including a lot of exclusives, of course);
- several well made campaigns presenting Napoleon's career in Italy, Egypt and in whole Europe; one campaign that allows you to play as one of the strongest countries among anti-French coalition: Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia;
- a lot of historical provinces (with some errors like Warsaw as the capital city of the province of Great Poland, while the real capital of it is Poznań);
- a lot of nations that can be freed or can free themselves;
- more options after conquering a province (you can choose for example if you want to annex it or create a puppet if there is possibility)
- breathtaking naval battles;
- being Napoleon in one of his historical battles (i.e. Austerlitz, Borodino) including battle of Waterloo, which can be made historical (playing as Great Britain) or ahistorical, trying to win this battle by playing as France.

This game also allows you to play a multiplayer campaign with other players, Nice thing, especially when you can try to play as for example Ottoman Empire and try to beat your mate who is playing as France. Normal multiplayer battles allow you to play 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 games with a lot of maps: from classic grassy one to those that need good maneuvers to win. Some people who leave the game might be annoying, especially when it's ranked and you're winning, but in general it's a lot of fun.

Summarizing, Napoleon: Total War is a very good game that has got the things that weren't in Empire and adds some other improvements. If you like Total War series and Napoleonic age, then you're definitely going to love it! :))
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Can kill French with waves of attacking highlanders. 11/10.
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also my first total war game, realy fun to play as you can see from time playing I have a bit of experience
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Four Star Scottish General Kyle Kinnard was killed at the battle of Sardinia, 1806.
His forces, comprimising of only 500 or so Highlanders, tired and worn out after the beach landings a week earlier, were greatly outnumbered and outgunned by superior Sardinian forces led by an unkown general.
General Kinnard had arranged a defensive position similar to his 'semi-hexagonal' formation used at the brave and successful defence in England a year earlier. However, his luck was used up, and, under constant artillery fire and cavalry charges, his men, although fighting valiantly, were in the end routed and cut down. General Kinnard elected to stay in battle. He fought till the last man. He was struck in the shoulder by a musket round and fell off his horse, killing him.

---RIP General Kinard, 1778~1806, we will not forget---
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A la guerre, il n'y a pas de substitut pour victoire.
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fun game to play, spent a lot of time playing it and never got bored, although its world map is limited to europe and egypt, it makes up for that by having a lot of trading possibilities, and a lot of units, totaly what i would expect from a napoleon strategy game.
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One unit of Russian musketeers defended the fort while the rest of the army fell down the stairs and died....10/10
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This game is amazing, it is also the first Total War game I have bought, and it was an excellent one to start with...

The campaigns in general are very good alone, but you must download darthmod for this, it completely reinvents the game and makes the battles at least 2x as fun. The game is very simplistic and easy to follow and pick up, while still rewarding the strategic thinker and those who plan ahead. It is amazing to play as France and just defy everyone and steamroll Europe.
Only bad thing is that their is not much besides the grand campaign and Napoleon's battles, although you can't underestimate how fun the grand campaign is.

8.5/10 Perfect for newcomers and verterans of the series
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I think that Napoleon is a pretty nice step from Empire, even though they are both pretty good. Napoleon includes the ability to liberate nations and set up their protectorates, like Romania, Brittany, and Poland. The system of converting buildings and the nice tech tree are also pluses. Some things I don't like that much are the limits on generals. Also, no religious agents, although given the short campaign time, they would not be able to realistically and significantly convert populations. Finally, one of my favorite features carried over from Empire: national buildings. For example, the Kremlin Armoury in Moscow.
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Feel the struggle of being short and nearly conquering everything except Russia.

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The Total War series has always experienced pressure to create historically correct games. It is all too often difficult to create a turn-based grand strategy game that is on point with history. This is because the game must inevitably deviate from the historical timeline at some point in order to appease players' wishes for open-ended gameplay. That is, make that nation their own through conquest.

Well, Creative Assembly managed to hit the nail dead on with Napoleon: Total War. With Napoleon, there's great gameplay without sacrificing much of the beautiful graphic work or experience. You also get historical content mixed into your play. What I mean by this, Is that you will be required (or asked) to follow in the footsteps of the nation you choose to play as. Also, just as in Empire you will find snippets of Inventions or famous happenings from that time.

This installment to the TW series was very important in terms of what it added to the Total War family. The gameplay is incredible, but some do complain about that infamous Total War AI, which isn't too bad in Napoleon, but is still a bit annoying sometimes. The battles are the best part about this game hands down. Playing single battles, online matches, or just enjoying the battles of the campaigns is what this game is about to me. Napoleon brings some of the most realistic combat to the battle maps. The guns and artillery effects will blast you away (pun intended) and you'll immedietaly notice the change in the beauty and accuracy of the battle maps.

Introduction of New Systems to Total War
Napoleon was the first game to add the now popular Attrition system, where your armies will take slow damage from extreme weather. It is simply a realistic thing as opposed to being able to march your army over the Alps in the dead of Winter and suffering no losses, as in the past. Attrition is now seen in all Total War games. The technology tree for this game is also more simplified than Empire's and the diplomatic features are more interesting. If it is one thing that I know gamers like to see out of a grand-strategy game, it's diplomatic options. The choice of "Liberating" a country and ruling over it, the choice to threaten your enemy and make them concede defeat, or the many, many others that Empire and other TW games are lacking in. The newest TW games include great diplomatic systems, but it wouldn't have happened without Napoleon: Total War.

I love the DLC options that are available for this game because it was at a point when games preferred quality DLC over quantity. There is a small amount of DLC for Napoleon and they are all worth the experience. These include The Peninsular Campaign, an add-on featuring a British campaign against the French in the Iberian Peninsula. Playable factions include Britain, France, and Spain. There is also a great extra 'Propoghanda' element to this game, where you can win over populaces of territories simply with your nations' influence.
There are also three Special Unit packs which are all great to improve on your existing armies. These include the Coalition Battle pack, Imperial Eagle pack, and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars pack.

- Historically accurate objectives, troop units, ship, maps, and battles.
- Inclusion of Napoleon's Italian and Egyptian campaigns and most famous battles. These are great plays.
- Graphically breathtaking
- The best and most realistic gun/artillery work that I've seen in a Total War game (More realistic than even Fall of the Samurai)
- Introduces Attrition, new Diplomatic features, and new military management mechanics (i.e., auto-refresh troops, 'wounded' Important General such as Napoleon or Blucher, etc.)
- Educational

- The AI, as in most of the Total War games, is a bit lacking. However, it's still a major improvement from Empire's AI.
- Vanilla game only allows you to play as Austria, Prussia, Russia, England, or France. With modding you can play about a dozen other small nations.
- The scale of the theatre covers Europe and the mid-Mediterranean, but still feels a bit cramped. Also, the edges of the ocean are treated as Trade Posts to other areas of the world.
- Regional Online Play (as with many of the Total War games)



I can't not recommend this game. It is a pillar in the Total War series, whether you love it or hate it. Napoleon satisfies a battle-map junkie's dream while also giving the player a rewarding experience in the campaign theatre. While the game tends to be historically correct and a great learning experience as well, it almost forces your nation in the footsteps of that country with objectives. You don't have to perform these objectives, but you are rewarded greatly for doing them. The battles are the best experience in Napoleon, hands down. The gun and artillery mechanics are finally done justice and the battlefield in general just has a more realistic feel to it than Empire or previous games. The feature 'Napoleon's Campaigns' also gives you access playing the Italian, Egyptian, and European campaigns which are incredible fun.

All around I would recommend this game to anyone interested in the Total War series. If not simply for the realism of the battles and the fantastic graphics/effects. The features of this game are pretty great and represent to me a game-changer in the Total War series.
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This game had some pros and cons to it but I feel like it was missing out on a lot of things. I missed the whole world map being involved like it was in Empire: Total War. I feel like Empire: Total War was a better game all the way around. I think the limited ammo and diplomatic things that you could do in this game was really neat. Overall, I would suggest buying Rome: Total war, Rome: Total War 2, Empire: Total War, and Fall of the Samurai over this game.
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175.6 小时(记录在案的)
The first Total War game I bought and my most favourite as this game has some of the best mods out there like The Great War Mod,Darthmod and Napoleon Total War III.The only slight negative is that the campaign map is a bit small as they could have added the peninsular campaign and and a few more playable grand campaign factions.Also there is great multiplayer as there are great maps and historical units. 10/10
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53.2 小时(记录在案的)
This game was one my very first Total War experiences. It provided me with hours of fun and enjoyment. Not to mention the excellent modding community behind this already great game (DarthMod,Napoleon Total War 3). It also has a excellent campaign and it provides a almost complete backstory for Napoleon. Though not many people play this game anymore. I would still reccomend it to my friends and to the Steam Community, *I had a disk version of the game outside of Steam before this.
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364.3 小时(记录在案的)
Very good Total war Game except Total war Rome 2 ! .

I played this 363 hours ! the most time of all games ! just wow !

Good strategy game , nice multiplayer + cooperation .

Sometimes FPS getting crazy with more artilery :D


I recommend to play this game !

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