Predestination is a turn-based sci-fi 4X game set in the distant past of our own galaxy. Ships from countless races are sent back in time by an enemy known as the Revenants and must now work to rebuild their empires. Explore the galaxy, colonise habitable worlds, meet alien races, and wage war.
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Data wydania: 4 lutego 2015

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Dlaczego wczesny dostęp?

“Predestination originally launched on Early Access when we had completed the first playable vertical slice of the game and before many of the major features such as diplomacy and the 3D ship designer had been implemented. Our goal with Early Access has always been to involve players directly in the development process as we implemented each of these features so that they could help guide the process and keep us on the right track, and in that regard it's been a monumental success!

We Want Your Help to Polish Predestination

With all of the core gameplay systems now implemented, Predestination is now in a feature-complete state and we're just two updates away from the big V1.0 update. Once that happens, we'll begin a phase of dedicated polishing and iteration based on Early Access player feedback until we're happy that the game is ready for launch while also adding promised user content.

Predestination has been a community-led project from the very beginning, using comments and suggestions from our existing Kickstarter backers and Early Access adopters to drive progress and inform development. Early Access has been an amazing experience that has helped evolve the game over the past two years into something we're extremely proud of. Your support and feedback will be more critical than ever as we enter this final phase of iteration and polishing.”

Ile mniej więcej czasu trwa faza Wczesnego dostępu?

“We plan on iterating on Predestination until we have every feature implemented in such a way that satisfies our community, and to release once we're feature-complete and the community thinks the game is ready. While we can't put an exact timeline on it, all major features are now complete and we're now about to enter a period of iteration and polishing that will lead to full release and beyond.”

Czym różni się zaplanowana pełna wersja od tej z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“The Early Access build has a fully playable version of Predestination's sandbox mode that lets you play against the computer on procedurally generated game maps, and has the first of our episodic singleplayer missions. All major features are now implemented, and we're now working on the final few minor features and remaining content:

Major features we'd like to get into V1.0:

  • (COMPLETE) Tax and Economy gameplay
  • (COMPLETE) Ground combat & planet capturing
  • (COMPLETE) Empire Age options
  • (COMPLETE) Low morale and loyalty planet events
  • (COMPLETE) Trade Routes
  • (COMPLETE) Diplomacy gameplay
  • (COMPLETE) Race Stats & finished race screen
  • (COMPLETE) 3D Ship Designer & racial ship part models
  • (COMPLETE) Ship captains and colony leaders
  • (COMPLETE) Fully directed tutorial for 4X newcomers
  • (COMPLETE) Wormholes
  • (COMPLETE) Planet specials
  • (COMPLETE) Warp-capable missiles
  • (COMPLETE) Temporal Rifts and Revenant attacks (random events)
  • (COMPLETE) More technologies in Tech Era 3: First Contact
  • (COMPLETE) Tech Era 4: Galactic Domination
  • (COMPLETE) Tech Tree: Synergies
  • (COMPLETE) Multiple Victory conditions
  • (COMPLETE) Spying gameplay
  • (COMPLETE) First episodic story mode mission
  • (COMPLETE) Empire management tools (dropdown menus)

    Minor features and content we'd like to get into V1.0:

  • Minor Feature: Fleet interception and blockade-breaking battles
  • Minor Feature: Diplomacy AI improvements (25% complete)
  • Minor Feature: Challenge maps (50% complete)
  • Content: New sound effects and weapon effects
  • Content: Final building and infrastructure models (90% complete)
  • Content: Finished ship part models for all races (50% complete)
  • Content: Kickstarter backer content
  • Content: User Interface improvements

    Features we'd like to add after release:

    The following is a list of major features that we'd like to get into the final release of Predestination or to add later in free updates.
  • Additional story episodes and challenge maps
  • Multiplayer gameplay (online & LAN)
  • Detailed modding support
  • Space Monsters

    See our Development Update thread for the latest progress.

Jaki jest obecny stan wersji z Wczesnego Dostępu?

“Predestination is currently in a fully playable Early Access state, and all major features have been implemented thanks to your support and feedback. The main things left to add before release are additional content such as further episodes singleplayer story campaign, some user interface elements and improvements, some 3D models, sound effects, and content designed by our Kickstarter backers. We're now working on V0.9.9.0, the second last patch before we hit the big V1.0 update, when we'll begin working heavily on adding promised user content, iterating on gameplay and balance based on your feedback and polishing the game for final release.

The game is fully playable in its current state, but it hasn't been polished significantly and will contain bugs. If you enjoy helping to shape an emerging game with your feedback, or supporting dedicated indie developers, buying into the Early Access now will definitely help us out. If you're just looking for a new game to play and the Early Access process doesn't appeal to you, we would instead suggest adding the game to your wishlist and keeping tabs on development through our regular development updates. You'll get a notification when the game is officially released and can make a decision then. Predestination is currently singleplayer-only.

Czy cena gry ulegnie zmianie podczas i po Wczesnym Dostępie?

“We aren't putting a premium on Early Access, and we plan for Predestination to have the same base price at release, barring any limited-time promotions. We have committed to selling Predestination at no more than a 25% discount during sales before launch in order to be fair to our Kickstarter backers and other customers.”

Jak zamierzacie włączyć społeczność w wasz proces tworzenia?

Feedback: Brain and Nerd has a longstanding history and proven track record of using feedback to improve Predestination, starting with our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns and leading all the way through our Early Access journey to where we are today. We've used community feedback to help mould Predestination into the 4X game that fans of the genre want to play, even when it has meant completely re-designing gameplay that a lot of development time was spent on but that just wasn't fun.

Forums: We publish extensive patch notes with every update in our Development Tracker thread to keep players informed of every change, and maintain a detailed Bug Reporting thread where players can report bugs they encounter and often get responses directly from us. We respond to practically everything that's posted on the forum and you'll often see us spend a great deal of effort explaining game design decisions and opening them up for public discussion and debate.

Modding: Predestination has been built from the ground-up to be highly moddable, with most game assets and information loaded from flat human-readable files. We plan to look into having Steam Workshop or other modding support, and will work closely with modders to make this happen if we can.”
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Dev Update: Dropdown menu tools, custom starbase designs, UI updates and graphical improvements live! More to come!

Following the recent implementation of the singleplayer mission system and robotic race overhaul, we successfully deployed V0.9.8.0 earlier this month. We’ve since released a number of fixes for reported bugs and completely replaced the mouse handling and keyboard code with a much more robust system, and the game is now running smoothly as V0.9.8.4.

This update adds all but one of the dropdown menu interfaces that help players organise their growing empires a lot more effectively, keeping track of planets you’ve discovered and alerting you to problems in your colonies. We also took the opportunity to implement custom player-designed starbases, improve starbase technologies, and improve the 3D ship designer user interface to make it easier to find the ship parts you want and modify existing designs.

Read on for a full breakdown and progress report on everything in V0.9.8.0 and details of what’s to come in V0.9.9.0.

Up until now, players have had to choose from a selection of pre-designed starbases and couldn’t change the weapons and modules attached to them. It took some pretty big changes under the hood (as Starbases used to be Infrastructures) but we finally made player-designed starbases possible in this update, completing one of the big stretch goal features from the 3D ship designer Kickstarter campaign.

When you open the ship design screen, you’ll now see a new Starbase hull size option that lets you create a custom starbase, which starts with a 450MW power core (half a battleship’s worth or one and a half cruiser’s worth). These designs will then show up on the planet screen for you to build just like any other starbase. We’ve also made the following changes to Starbase technologies and mechanics:
  • Update Button: The Update button on the Shipyard design screen now allows you to automatically update all starbases using the design all across your empire. When you edit a shipyard design that’s in use on one or more planets, the Update button shows a cost in BC to do the update (e.g. If your design is in use on 3 planets and you add 100BC to the build cost, you’d have to pay 300BC to save and update the design. If you ever delete a design that’s in use, all starbases using that design automatically revert back to the standard computer-designed Starbase.
  • Battlestations: This used to be a starbase module named War Room that added +1 command point and extra power grid. This turned out to be a problem when we added player-designed starbases because you could use the extra power grid for non-combat modules like research labs. Now this module consumes 50MW and just provides +1 command point. To compensate for the reduced power, starbases can now fit the Auxiliary Power Core module to add +150MW at the cost of 450BC and 5,000 additional metal.
  • Command Processor: This used be a starbase module named the Command Module that added +1 command point and extra power grid. Now it’s called Command Processor and provides +1 command point and increases the damage of all defending ships by a massive 50%.
  • Orbital Cannon: The old Orbital Cannon Bay was a starbase module that was supposed to deploy two orbital cannons in fleet combat but it never actually worked. The new technology is a piece of Infrastructure that creates two cannons, which contain defensive modules and your best beam weapons.
  • Structural Mount Changes: All player-designed starbases automatically get the Structural Mount module added for free when loaded in fleet combat (just like the standard starbases did before the update). This increases the range of all Beam and Projectile weapons on the ship and gives them circular firing arcs, and we’ve improved it to also double the ammo of all missile launchers and fighters so they’re less likely to run out of ammo mid-fight.


While developing Custom Starbase Designs, we took the opportunity to redesign the UI for the 3D Ship Designer. We’ve added separate tabs for cosmetic parts, modules, and weapons, and items within each tab are split into sections (e.g. Beam Weapons, Projectile Weapons etc) so it’ll be a lot easier to find what you’re looking for.

We’ve also added the “Attached” tab containing a list of all parts currently fitted to the ship design so you can quickly find, select, and delete parts when updating a ship design’s weapons or defensive modules. The next step for this UI is to add tooltips to all of the ship parts and possibly an Info button in the top left of each button to manually open the tooltip.


We noticed that the ship graphics in the Ship Designs dropdown menu often looked dull and off-centre, and on investigating the problem we discovered that the lighting and orientation of ships and buildings drawn to the UI was changing depending on where it was drawn on the screen. In order to solve this, we completely overhauled the system for drawing ships and buildings on the UI to a new one using a rendertarget and standardised lighting setup. The result looks much better and is now standardised all across the UI, and it works better with varying screen resolutions.

Building UI Improvements:
After improving the way buildings are drawn to the UI, we also took the opportunity to replace the building UI when zoomed into a city with a new one using square elements similar to the Infrastructure list to make it consistent with the rest of the game’s UI. City-based buildings are also now divided into three categories to make it clearer how they are used:
  • Core Buildings: These are the large buildings that come in three unlockable tiers and give large bonuses. (e.g. Factory, Food Processor, Research Lab, and City Shield).
  • Service Buildings: These are all the buildings that are limited to 1 per city/planet/system and provide large strategic bonuses. (e.g. Agricultural Market, Industrial Market, Energy Market, Astro University, Recycling Plant, Housing Office, Scout Transceiver, and Training Facility).
  • Small Buildings: These are all the remaining buildings that you can build multiple of and whose bonuses stack. (e.g. Anti-Missile Turret, Ground Cannon, Missile Base, Fighter Garrison, Military Barracks, Housing, Apartment Complex, Hospital, Police Station, Food Replicator, Matter Replicator, Metal Silo, Energy Silo, Food Silo, Auxiliary Solar Panel, Auxiliary Wind Turbine, Auxiliary Geothermal Pump).


With the new method in place for drawing buildings and ships on the UI, we spent a little time to add them to the Research dropdown panel when you mouseover a technology that contains a ship module, ship weapon, building, or infrastructure. It just adds a bit of polish to the research system. The next step for this panel is to add images for the technologies that don’t have ship parts or buildings, and possibly more information like power grid usage and other stats on weapons.


We’ve now added the Exploration panel on the Planets dropdown menu, which shows information on all planets in star systems you’ve visited to help you find good targets for colonisation. It’s divided into 8 tabs and the list can be re-ordered by clicking the tabs:
  • Name: This section shows an image of the planet and its name, with a border coloured depending on the planet’s environment type. If the planet is explored or currently being explored, it will show the percentage that’s explored. This section also has a small icon indicating that you have a survey ship in orbit of this planet and another indicating that you have ships in the star system.
  • Owner: Shows who currently owns the planet or “none” if it’s uninhabited. This is useful for finding either prime planets that aren’t currently owned or good targets for conquest.
  • Size: The planet’s size dictates the number of cities you can build on it (1 for tiny, 2 for Small, 3 for Average, 4 for Large, and 5 for Huge) and the amount of resources. This is generally one of the most important factors for finding a good planet for colonisation, and is particularly important for industrial worlds.
  • Minerals: This shows the mineral rating of the planet from 1 (ultra poor) to 6 (ultra rich). The icons  also show any special minerals on the planet, such as gold or crystal deposits, and shows harvestable gas for Toxic worlds.
  • Organics: This shows the organic rating of the planet from 1 to 6, which affects how many deposits of fertile soil or other food there are on the planet. The icons also show the types of food deposit available on the planet, including land animals on Terran worlds and Fish on Ocean and Swamp planets.
  • Technology: This shows any technology on the planet, such as crashed ships and ancient ruins, showing them as question marks when they aren’t yet discovered by a planetary scan. We may add Uranium to this too as it’s also included in the new Technology rating meter on the long range scans.
  • Special: This shows whether the planet has any special effect, such as a strategic resource. Now when you find a planet with Coffee Beans or Helium-3, you won’t have to remember which planet it was or go hunting for it.
  • Dispatch: These three icons act as shortcuts for dispatching ships to the planet, and works just like the same icons on the right click radial menu in the system window. From here you can send a Survey Probe/Ship to an unexplored planet, a Colony Ship to any planet, or a Spy Ship to an enemy planet. (Note: The Spy Ship button currently doesn’t seem to be working.)


We’ve now added the Your Planets panel in the Planets dropdown menu, which gives an at-a-glance overview of all planets in your empire. This panel helps you quickly spot any problems on your planets and stay organised while your expire expands, and lets you quickly find excess resource production that you might want to send to another planet via a trade route. We kept this consistent with the rest of the game’s UI by pulling in the resource hexes from the Planet Screen.
  • Name: The planet name and environment type.
  • Citizens: The planet’s current population, maximum population and net population growth.
  • Food: The planet’s current food storage and net food production.
  • Energy: The planet’s current energy storage and net energy production.
  • Metal: The planet’s current metal storage and net metal production. This will help you find planets with large metal stores and output for building ships.
  • Net Tax: The total financial output of the planet in BC/turn. This will help you find planets that are financial drains on your economy (e.g. planets with lots of cities and infrastructure requiring biospheres) and those that produce a lot of money (e.g. residential tax planets, or energy market farms).
  • Research: The total research output of the planet.
  • Morale: This is the morale/health/security from the planet screen, and helps you see any problems with those stats.


Fleet / Ship Designs: This panel displays a small box with a scrollable list of all of your ship designs and allows you to edit them and create a new design. We extended the box to cover the entire panel in this patch and separated designs out into individual tabs for Ships, Missiles, and Starbases to keep things simple.

Fleet / Ship Captains: This panel now displays a list of all ship captains you have currently hired, along with details of their bonuses, levels and salaries. There’s no limit to the number of captains you can hire at one time, but the costs of their salaries will quickly add up, so this menu can be useful for seeing which captains are bleeding money from your treasury and dismissing them. It can also be handy to see what bonuses your captains have so that you can design specialised flagships around them for your fleets.

Planets / Planet Leaders: As with the Ship Captains panel, we used this panel to show all Planet Leaders you have currently hired, their current stats, and what planet they are currently assigned to.


We’re now working on V0.9.9.0, the last major update before our big V1.0 release, when all features and user interfaces are in and we’ll officially transition into full beta state. At that point, we’ll begin more heavily iterating using your feedback, adding in promised user content and additional story missions, and polishing up the game for final release. Plans for the V0.9.9.0 update include:
Spontaneous Diplomacy Offers: The Spontaneous Diplomacy AI currently lets the enemy empires engage in simulated diplomacy with each other, but it doesn’t construct offers to the player’s empire and doesn’t form treaties. The previous update to this added a War AI that spontaneously declares war on opportune targets and can construct peace offerings. This final update will make it construct diplomatic offers based on what it needs and what the other races have, and suggest treaties to races that are on good terms with them. It’ll do this to the other AI and the player.

AI Memory: The Memory system currently records a wide variety of events, from broken treaties, using bioweapons and launching surprise attacks to giving generous gifts, forming long-lasting treaties, or mistreating your citizens. These memories each last for a certain number of turns but don’t impact the diplomacy AI’s decision-making algorithm yet. This final update will incorporate Memory events in the Diplomacy AI algorithm.

Advisors: Diplomacy memory events aren’t currently displayed anywhere, so we’ll be adding a summary of these to the Diplomatic Advisor popup along with a list of any other factors affecting diplomacy such as the presence of an Ambassador or bonuses from commanders. The Scientific Advisor will become the advisor who evaluates the current deal on the table and how likely the AI is to accept, and the Military Advisor will give an estimate of the enemy’s military strength and your own empire’s for comparison. The advisors will be available right away rather than locked behind a technology, and in their place we’ll add some new diplomacy technologies.


Main Menu screen: We discussed the need for a main menu overhaul in the previous dev update, but the feature itself has been moved into The screen will be getting a visual overhaul with animated galaxy graphics rather than a static background, and smooth transitions into the New Game screen. A new multi-purpose panel will appear in the middle of the screen when you click certain buttons to let you select a singleplayer mission from a list, pick which save game to load, and edit game settings from the main menu. We’ve designed the new menu screen and are already part of the way through developing it, so this should be something we can add as a point release before the main V0.9.9.0 update. Below is our design goal mock-up for the new screen (with the galaxy and possibly the planet being animated).

New Game screen: This screen will seamlessly blend into the New Game screen that appears when you click Sandbox Mode, which will let us get rid of the short “Loading” screen when you click that button. The New Game screen is being slightly improved graphically as you can see below, but the main change is the addition of new empire options that let you pick which Crashed Ship to start with and which colour your empire should be. Lastly, all of the selected options will be saved to your Predestination settings file and remembered the next time you create a new game. We’re eagre to get any feedback you have on this screen as we’re about to start implementing it.


Below are a few examples of the new industrial infrastructure models, which have been complete for several months but haven’t yet been added to the game while we’ve been focusing on remaining gameplay features. Adding the models is a purely cosmetic change but we’ll be adding a number of them either in V0.9.9.0 or in point releases ahead of the main update, including the race-specific infrastructure models such as the two robotic models below:


Thanks to everyone for reading through another massive dev update article, and a special thanks to those providing feedback and bug reports during Early Access! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about this update in the comments!

— Brendan, Lead Developer
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Patch Notes for V0.9.8.1 (Build ID: 1867189)

Patch V0.9.8.0 has just been released, completing all but one of the remaining dropdown menu tabs and implementing custom player-designed starbases. This update also overhauls some of the graphics and existing user interfaces, adds several new technologies and minor features, and fixes a ton of bugs. A full fleshed-out breakdown of the update (with screenshots) will be posted very soon along with details of the next major patch and what's still to come in Predestination as we close in on the big V 1.0 release. Thank you to everyone who has supported Predestination and helped to test the game so far, and a special thanks everyone who has sent in bug reports or crash reports and provided feedback. Below is the patch notes for this update:

Major Feature: New Dropdown Menus:
  • Implemented the Your Empire panel on the Planets dropdown menu. This shows details on all the core stats of all planets in your empire (population, food, energy, metal, net tax, research, and morale/health/security). This will let you know if anything is wrong in our empire and let you quickly find out things like which planets are producing the most metal or which ones have excess food etc.
  • Implemented the Exploration panel on the Planets dropdown menu. This shows details on all planets in systems you've visited, and will help you explore the galaxy and select targets for colonisation etc. It shows important stats such as organic rating (affects food bonus deposits), mineral density, ancient artifacts, etc, and you can arrange the list by any stat if you want to find something specific. This panel also has shortcuts to send survey ships and colony ships to planets if available.
  • Implemented the Planet Leader panel on the Planets dropdown menu. This displays stats on all of the Planet Leaders you've hired and allow you to dismiss them.
  • Implemented the Ship Captain panel on the Fleets dropdown menu. This displays stats on all of the Ship Captains you've hired and allow you to dismiss them.
  • Added code to update the new Planet Leader, Ship Captain, Planet Empire and Planet Explore tabs any time certain actions take place such as visiting a star system or colonising a planet. This ensures that the menu doesn't have to update every time you open it, so it should be nice and fast.

    Major Feature: Custom Starbases:
  • Implemented player-designed shipyards using the new Starbase hull, and added that hull to the 3D Ship Designer
  • Added a new Starbase hull type and modified all Starbases to use it instead of Frigate Hull
  • Rebalanced Starbase power grid.
  • Starbase designs are now generated with 60% power used for weapons. 70% for races with a Military leader, and 50% for races with a Balanced / Agricultural leader.
  • Implemented mechanics for updating built starbases across your empire by editing the design.
  • Implemented mechanics for switching starbases across your empire back to standard designs when you delete its special design.
  • The War Room is now called Battlestations and simply adds +1 command point. The module now uses power grid rather than providing additional power grid.
  • The Command Module is now called Command Processor and adds +1 command point and 50% damage to all fleet members. The module now uses power grid rather than providing additional power grid.
  • The Auxilliary Power Core module now works on starbases. It still increases the cost of the starbase.

    Feature: 3D Ship Designer UI Improvements
  • Added separate tabs in the Ship Designer part window for Weapons, Modules, and Cosmetic parts
  • Ship Parts in each tab are now displayed in lists e.g. Beam Weapons, Projectile Weapons etc.
  • Added a new Attached tab that shows a list of all parts used in the current design. This allows you to highlight and select individual parts and is useful for removing all weapons and modules from a ship to upgrade the design.

    Feature: Enhanced Graphics:
  • Overhauled the method used to draw ships in 2D on the UI. It now draws using a rendertarget and always draws from the same angle and with the same lighting regardless of position on the screen. This has significantly improved the quality of the ship graphics on the UI and eliminated the strange orientation and lighting bugs they suffered.
  • Overhauled the method used to draw buildings and infrastructure in 2D on the UI to use a rendertarget just like the new ship drawing method. This has greatly improved the quality of the building graphics on the UI.
  • The Research Panel now shows a preview of Ship parts and buildings in the technology in the bottom left part of the screen. This screen will be improved a bit in a later patch, we'll move the lock icon somewhere else and possibly add some more details of the ship part / building.
  • Improved the FXAA implementation to also work on smaller scale textures such as the rendertargets for 2d ships and buildings. The ships and buildings drawn to the UI should now look a little better with FXAA turned on.
  • The lighting on planets is now tinted more heavily based on the parent star and distance of the planet to the star.
  • The lighting used for buildings and infrastructure now more closely matches the lighting used for the terrain.
  • The lighting used for buildings and infrastructure now has an additional component based on the atmosphere of the planet (e.g. purple on a toxic planet) so buildings and infrastructure look better in-place.
  • Switching to the ShipyardScreen now causes a momentary black fade-in effect to make it consistent with other screens in the game.

    Misc Changes:
  • Structural Mount now also increases weapon ammo by 100%
  • Re-arranged several Sociology technologies.
  • Added the Peacekeeping Navy technology in the Sociology tree that provides a flat +5 command points and the Ministry of War that gives +10
  • Xeno Psychology now improves the value of diplomatic and scientific offers by 50%
  • Subvertive Psychology now improves the value of military offers by 50%
  • Strategic Resources are now smaller on the diplomacy screen
  • Implemented new half height tooltip popup (used for some things on the new planet dropdowns)
  • Changed the Orbital Cannon Bay to a new infrastructure that creates two cannons in orbit.
  • Buildings can now spawn more than one ship in Fleet Combat
    (used for the new Orbital Cannon infrastructure)
  • Implemented new shortcut option to send a spy to a planet
  • Revenant attacks now have a 10% chance to attack player #3 in military order in addition to the 25% chance to hit #2
  • The Habitation Module is now a Starbase only module and provides 2000 population, 4 money per turn, and 20 morale. If destroyed, all planets throughout your empire suffer a 20% morale penalty instantly.
  • Elite Ship Crew now automatically start at level 3 (300% XP) instead of 150% and can reach a maximum level of 10
  • The Shipyard Efficiency technology now decreases both metal and money cost of ships by 10%
  • Re-designed the Building list when zoomed into a city. It now uses the same square icon and style as the Infrastructure buttons.
  • Split the Building list into three categories: Core Buildings for large tiered buildings, Service Buildings for buildings you can only build one of per city/planet/system, and Small Buildings for everything else.
  • Added "No Captain On-board" text to the Ship Captain button on the ship info panel when the ship belongs to another race and has no captain.
  • Moved Power Usage, Metal Cost and Money Cost from ship part data files to the modules and weapons data files.
  • Modified hull parts to still contribute Power Usage, Metal Cost and Money Cost

  • Fixed a bug where dismissed ship captains wouldn't be removed from their assigned ship
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing a ship captain wouldn't update the ship info window
  • Fixed a bug where dismissing a planet leader wouldn't update the planet screen if it's open
  • Text now draws with a smaller border on smaller resolutions than 1920 x 1080
  • Text that is resized to fit a smaller resolution can now reach a smaller minimum, though this realistically only affects people playing on tiny resolutions like 1024x768
  • Fixed a bug where ships captured while immobilised wouldn't reset their immobilisation status and would continue to be immobilised in future combat.
  • Captured ships now also capture the ship captain on the ship
  • Implemented the Survival Pod mechanics. Destroyed ships now kill the ship captain unless you have one.
  • Implemented the Neural Interface ship module's double captain bonus.
  • Fixed a bug where you could delete a starbase and open it in the ShipyardScreen using the same mouse click if there was an overlap between the model and the delete button
  • Fixed a bug with the radial menus on the PlanetScreen not closing when you zoom into or out of a city.
  • Fixed the zoom distance for zooming into cities on different terrain heights and in different screen resolutions, particularly on Tiny planets.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if the Revenants are dispatched to attack a planet and that colony has been destroyed before it gets there.
  • Fixed a bug on the DiplomacyScreen when a council vote is happening with two races involved. The placement of the race images and tick icons didn't agree.
  • Fixed a bug with diplomacy where races would respond with the "Gift" response when accepting any deal.
  • Fixed a bug where the ship designer mistook the Command Processor for the Starbase Sensor Array
  • Fixed a bug with the Planet AI where it could crash when there are more orbitals than shipyards
  • Fixed a bug where bombs that kill population show the "Immune to Bio-Toxin" message when the race is immune to biological warfare. This now correctly shows when using biological weapons that kill troops rather than population.
  • Fixed dozens of UI scaling bugs with ships and building graphics all over the UI
  • Fixed a camera bug on the Victory popup when auto-resolving combat.
  • Fixed various scaling bugs with combat rating icons on various parts of the UI.
  • Fixed several instances of the wrong combat rating icon being used for captains and crew
  • Fixed spacing issues on several tooltips
  • Fixed scaling and spacing issues in the Tax window
  • Fixed text position of the Long Range Scans information on small screen resolutions
  • Fixed the size of the clickable area around planets on the system window not resizing based on UI scale.
  • You can no longer assign a ship captain to a warp missile.
  • Fixed a few scaling issues with scroll bars on parts of the UI
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the Race headers on the New Game screen.
  • Fixed a bug where starting a new game after exiting to the main menu wouldn't reset some Level variables
  • Fixed a bug where the Galactic Council, fleet list, and some other things didn't reset if you exited the game and started a new singleplayer mission
  • Fixed a bug causing AI fleets in an enemy star system to attack a planet twice in the same round
  • Fixed a bug where races could end up over 100 favour or under 0 after a diplomatic exchange
  • Fixed a major bug with the screenshake in Fleet Combat that could cause the camera to go far offscreen and never stop shaking.
  • Default ship designs are now correctly priced. Previously they didn't charge for the cost of the modules and weapons attached.
  • Fixed all structure based ships to include a Structural Mount when updating their stats.
  • Fixed several bugs and crashes with the ship design panel
  • Fixed popup windows drawing wrong when the dropdown menus are open
  • Fixed multiple weapons and modules not being available on the right type of ship hulls (part of starbase changes)
  • Fixed a bug with tooltips not opening and closing correctly
  • Fixed bug with ship designer where you could copy a ship part to bypass the one per ship limit
  • Fixed display bug with the green area on the resource window on the planet screen. It should now be easier to see
  • Fixed bug with popup boxes where the Yes button could get stuck grayed out
  • Fixed display bugs in the ShipyardScreen with the hex grid
  • Fixed ship designer bug when attaching parts with the stats not updating
  • Fixed shipyard screen crash when you deleted a ship design and had the last one in the list selected
  • Fixed a bug causing Planet Leaders with Energy Percentage bonuses to add 100 times the bonus (whoops!)
  • Fixed a bug causing the Planet Leader ground weapon bonus to not apply
  • Fixed a bug causing the AI to underestimate the damage of ground cannons when you have Phasors
  • Fixed a bug with planetary shields in planets with multiple cities with shields and planets with no city shields but that have cannons.
  • Fixed a bug with the planetary shield efficiency bonus
  • Fixed a bug causing the scroll bar on the Ship Captain dropdown panel to be too small
  • Disabled the Solar Flare disaster as it crashes the game

    A full detailed breakdown of everything in this update with screenshots will be posted very soon, along with details of what you can expect from the next major update ( As always, we'll be monitoring the Bug Report thread and crash reports sent using the in-game crash report tool and will be deploying minor bugfix patches as quickly as we can. We'll also be deploying a series of small patches before to add new content that didn't quite make it into this update such as new sound effects and some of the missing buildings. Any feedback on this update would be greatly appreciated!

    -- Brendan, Lead Developer
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Zgłoś błędy i zostaw swoją opinię o tej grze na forach dyskusyjnych

Early Access

The Early Access build of Predestination is currently very close to being finished, but there is still work left to be done before launch and you may encounter bugs. We also still have placeholder sound effects and some placeholder artwork that will be replaced before launch, and the gameplay and balance will change during Early Access based on feedback. We continually work on squashing bugs while we implement the new features, and publish regular dev update articles packed with information on each major update. Predestination is currently single player only and English language only.

If you're not sure if you can deal with a game that isn't finished or polished, we suggest adding the game to your wishlist so that you'll get a notification when it officially launches. We'd rather lose a sale than frustrate or upset a customer who isn't used to testing out unfinished games.

O tej grze

Predestination is a turn-based sci-fi 4X game set in the distant past of our own galaxy. Ships from countless races are flung back in time by a powerful hostile race known as the Revenants, and must now work to rebuild their empires and somehow stop the Revenants in the past. Explore the galaxy, colonise habitable worlds, meet alien races, and wage war. Predestination aims to blend the gameplay of classic titles like Master of Orion II with more modern 3D graphics and new game mechanics 4X fans have been waiting years to get their hands on: A 3D galaxy map, turn-based tactical fleet combat, advanced planetary exploration and colonisation gameplay, terraforming, a seamless 3D ship designer, and many other features.

Current build and release plans

Predestination is currently in a fully playable Early Access state, and all major features have been implemented thanks to your support and feedback. The main things left to add before release are additional content such as further episodes singleplayer story campaign, some user interface elements and improvements, some 3D models, sound effects, and content designed by our Kickstarter backers. We're now working on V0.9.9.0, the second last patch before we hit the big V1.0 update, when we'll begin working heavily on adding promised user content, iterating on gameplay and balance based on your feedback and polishing the game for final release.

The game is fully playable in its current state, but it hasn't been polished significantly and will contain bugs. If you enjoy helping to shape an emerging game with your feedback, or supporting dedicated indie developers, buying into the Early Access now will definitely help us out. If you're just looking for a new game to play and the Early Access process doesn't appeal to you, we would instead suggest adding the game to your wishlist and keeping tabs on development through our regular development updates. You'll get a notification when the game is officially released and can make a decision then. Predestination is currently singleplayer-only.

Post-release plans

Brain and Nerd has already committed to supporting Predestination long after release. We sold Free DLC for Life as a reward tier during our Kickstarter campaigns and have promised at least one expansion and several DLC packs, and we've promised to add multiplayer and modding tools in free updates after release. We have some very exciting plans for future content, such as space monsters and races with living ships, and constantly turn to our community for ideas. Stay with us and keep an eye on our development updates for more news on this after release.


Independent game development studio Brain and Nerd was founded in January 2012 by Queen's University Belfast graduate Brendan Drain and Tina Lauro, and work immediately began on Predestination. When it became clear that Predestination would need some funds to continue development, a campaign for the title was launched on Kickstarter in November 2012 and went on to become the first Irish game to be successfully kickstarted, reaching 200% of its initial goal. A small grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's Creative Industries Innovation Fund allowed us to add a stretch goal feature that we didn't reach during the campaign -- A freeform 3D ship designer. A small secondary Kickstarter campaign was launched to improve on the 3D ship designer with new features like customisable space stations and CAD-like advanced tools, which was also successful.

The game's Fleet Combat, Planetary Colonisation and Galaxy level gameplay were each developed as separate modules and individually tested by our dedicated beta backers before being joined together into one cohesive playing experience. We launched this as our first alpha build on Steam Early Access in 2015, and have continued to develop the game with your support and continued feedback. Since then, we've released over 70 regular updates and implemented almost all of our target features, including:
  • Tax system and economic gameplay
  • Ground combat, planet bombing and capturing
  • Space Exploration galaxy age -- Skip straight to colonisation.
  • Planetary morale, health, security and loyalty systems
  • Trade Routes and blockades
  • Diplomacy System
  • Race Stats and four Race Archetypes with unique technologies and gameplay
  • 3D Ship Designer & racial ship part models for 3 races
  • Ship captains and colony leaders
  • A directed tutorial for 4X newcomers
  • Wormholes
  • Planet specials, including strategic resources
  • Warp-capable missiles
  • Temporal Rifts, and Revenant attacks (random events)
  • Planetary disaster events
  • Building and infrastructure models (90% complete, final batch in progress)
  • Tech Era 3: First Contact
  • Tech Era 4: Galactic Domination
  • Synergies technology tree
  • Multiple Victory conditions
  • Spying Gameplay
  • A fully moddable episodic story mission system
  • Empire management tools

Wymagania systemowe

    • System operacyjny: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    • Procesor: 2+ GHz single-core
    • Pamięć: 3 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: 1GB+ dedicated graphics card (DX9 SM3.0 compliant)
    • DirectX: Wersja 9.0c
    • Miejsce na dysku: 3 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Karta dźwiękowa: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Dodatkowe uwagi: Some laptop GPUs are not yet supported. Optimised low graphics options for low-end PCs are not yet included.
    • System operacyjny: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1
    • Procesor: 3+ GHz dual-core
    • Pamięć: 4 GB RAM
    • Karta graficzna: 1GB+ dedicated graphics card (DX9 SM3.0 compliant)
    • DirectX: Wersja 9.0c
    • Miejsce na dysku: 3 GB dostępnej przestrzeni
    • Karta dźwiękowa: DirectX 9 Compatible
    • Dodatkowe uwagi: Some laptop GPUs are not yet supported. Optimised low graphics options for low-end PCs are not yet included.

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