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Release Date: Nov 3, 2010
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Posted: November 25
A dated engine otherwise damages an interesting dystopian adventure game with an unusual point of view courtesy of the Turkish writer.
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Posted: November 23
I enjoyed it, but it definitely smells of "first project" from the developers. Still, I picked it up on sale for $1.29, so I can't really argue with that, and it provided me with a few hours of point-and-click fun. Wait till it's on sale again, then grab it for a night, but don't pay full price.
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Posted: November 24
This is my kind of game. Great storyline, cyberpunk. What else do you need?
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Posted: June 19
Dystopian point-and-click adventure game.

Boring. Glitched out a couple of times.

Ends abruptly and on a hugely unfulfilling cliffhanger note -- sequel never emerged, production derailed? You can see either the time or the budget allotted for the game ran out, because Alternativa gets increasingly 'barebones' through to the end of the game. Non-essential elements vanish, background music disappears, puzzles simplify. Feels decidedly unpolished and hurries you along.

The game's story is straightforwardly linear and I have no idea what the game's Steam description means by "composed of a number of shorter stories."

Can't recommend. Would want to read a postmortem from the developers to find out what the hell happened.
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Posted: May 31
Its a very mediocre game.

The voice acting is not atrociously bad, but its not great.
The graphics are a bit dated, but the theme is done very well and its not a detraction from the game.

I like the fact the game would kill me in certain situations, it made me jot down notes. Thats not something I normally do for adventure games, so it was very refreshing.

There is sometimes a strict order in doing something, and sometimes you need to check or try something twice it seems. That has led me to wander around for a bit sometimes after trying the obvious....then finding out I did the correct thing....but I just needed to look at something first. Which is a bit of a pain.

The story is a bit meh, but the environment and cyberish punk theme kept me interested. Towards the end the game kinda felt rushed, I was very disappointed.

Its not worth 10 bucks, only grab this if you can get it on sale for 2 bucks or so.
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Posted: June 3
must say, I am enjoying the story in this tremendously. Great graphics, fun character and a typical point and click adventure game. Nothing really to diffcult to figure out so far. Will continue to enjoy and prehaps paly again one day.
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Posted: July 14
Really good point and click, great value if you get it in a sale. The storyline is interesting, voiceovers are good too. It can be a bit clunky with a few crashes (but that may just be my PC) but on the whole I found it a very enjoyable game as a big P&C player. Definately worth a pop if it's going cheap.
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Posted: June 6
The game has really bad dialog, too much pixel-hunting and random counter-intuitive puzzles. In other words, it's a typical example of the poorly done point-and-click games of the modern era. It's really too bad, because the premise and setting are interesting, and the pre-rendered graphics are actually very nice, but ultimately the story is boring and the game not worth playing.
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Posted: June 5
This is a rather annoying game. I got stuck rather early on and was unable to get past a certain point. Now that I'm writing this, I just thought of a way to get past that point but I've already deleted the game. Another annoyance is the sheer running back and forth across screens just to complete a puzzle. I can understand that is the nature of adventure games sometimes, but this was just really annoying.

Another annoyance is the fact the game is stuck at 1024x768 resolution and it doesn't allow you to change it. Regardless, I honestly wouldn't recommend this game at all.
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Posted: July 4
You can't imagine how glad I am, that I only paid 0,99 € for this.
And even that is far too much.

The whole game is based on stretching the time.
Screen transition last from eight to 15 seconds and most tasks are solved by going back and forth from one end of a map to the other end of a DIFFERENT map.

The few jokes in this game a very poor, which is kind of okay, if I look at the story behind it.
The story itself is not bad, but sadly it stops abruptly with the whole game, before it can get really deep.
A nice concept, a terrible execution.

A waring:
The games resolution is hard set at 1024x768. Though there are options to enable 16:9 or 16:10, the game stays in 4:3 and only the cutscene are in the richt format then.
To activate 16:9 or 10 most users seem to have to do additional changes in their graphics driver software directly.
Else, there can be various display issues.

I know, there are people who put time and effort into AlternativA, but 1 out of 10 points is the absolute maximum iI can give
for this poor excuse of a game, sorry.
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Posted: August 28
Weak plot, weaker world building, flat characters, dropped hints that never amount to anything, mostly terrible voice acting, easy puzzles which only become complicated because of hidden hotspots or having to slowly move over several screens... and just when things get interesting, it ends abruptly. It seems like this was meant to be a bigger game but got cut in half at some point. I got AlternativA for sale at an extremely cheap price, but it still isn't worth the time.
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Posted: October 16
This is so unpolished it hurts. Very annoying to play :(
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Posted: September 8
This game is so bad. Do not buy it. Not even on a sale.

The character is boring. The story is boring. The puzzles are idiotic. But I guess the environments are quite nice.
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Posted: July 5
Glitchy nearly to the point of unplayability.

The "difficulty" is laughable.

The story is kind of silly.

Not really much draw to play this game.
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Posted: October 11
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Posted: January 11
I cannot really recommend this game. Even thought I had whishlisted it for a long time and expected a lot.

The beginning starts quite well. The base of the plot is well... not very original but one can feel it could get interesting.

Also, the graphics isn't bad -- even though everything is 1024 capped with 4/3 aspect ratio, but I don't mind.

But then you start to notice the very bad voice acting, the clumsy gameplay where you basically have to go back and forth in countless areas just to get an item that you couldn't pick earlier...

Talk to this guy, go there, pick item, come back to the guy, new dialog is unlocked, etc.
Alright that's like the basics of adventures games, but for this game this is really a waste of time.
All of that is made to make the game longer. Really.

The gameplay was so pointless that at the middle of the game I started to use a walkthrough just to PLAY the game instead of wandering aimlessly everywhere just to find a piece of paper or a piece of grass (yeah, true story) or whatnot. I just wanted the story to continue.

Also, the closer you get towards the end of the game and the less detailed everythings gets.
You cannot click on random stuff anymore and have your character comment on it, or having nice description of the surrounding. I believe even the music is gone too near the end. Even though it wasn't that great in the first chapters, it was still a little bit immersive.

And, when the end of the game comes, we can saddly notice that everything has been rushed. The story falls appart and then comes dissapointement.

However there are some dialogues and comments that are kinda funny.
There is a little bit of humour in that game that will make you laugh for sure.

But yeah... no I cannot recommend this game.
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Posted: December 2, 2013
While the overall story/plot has alot of potential and The graphics are decent , the very line driven must look at A before you can do B play style leaves alot ot be desired. The game ending made me feel like I had only gotten the first couple of chapters in a novel rather then a whole book
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Posted: April 6
"Wait... Really? That was it? WTF!" That's pretty much the reaction you'll have at the end of the game. The story isn't very engaging and by the time you get any sort of meat to sink your teeth into, it ends. You get a few solid plot nuggets throughout the game which ultimately go unresolved leaving you unsatisfied and wondering what the point of it all was in the first place. Honestly, it feels as though they had unfinished 3 plot concepts squished them together and hoped for the best.

Well, at least it was a challenge and fun to play right? Nope... It encapsulates one of the most reviled characteristics of the classic point and click adventure games. In order to progress through an obvious puzzle you first have to interact with something 10 screens away so that the option then becomes available. The constant backtracking, the inability to collect stuff without you'll obviously need before interacting with something unnecessary and the occasional pixel hunt make the game play nearly insufferable.

The sad thing is, despite the game having a largely unfinished feel... Actually, I think it's safe to say it is unfinished. The art work is actually pretty good. Some of the sub plots are fairly dark and interesting, even though most of the story is just hinted at, and no real plot is there. This game could have really had potential but it is ultimately doomed by a clear disinterest in actually finishing it.
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Posted: March 9
this is another example of the point and click adventure games' resurgence that has been happening lately.

the best part of the game is undoubtedly its art style. backgrounds are nicely prerendered/drawn, locations do feel different, yet appropriate and both backgrounds and charactess have the same art style. animation of characters could be better at times but is definitely passable (or even surprisingly good for a budget game). 3d characters on prerendered/drawn backgrounds is a decidedly oldschool way of doing things and the developer has chosen to fully accept the limitations apparently without seriously considering mitigating these. it is not all bad as you might think, fixed resolution inherently means that the visuals do fit together incredibly well.

a bit on the technical aspects - i want to say visuals are great in general but unfortunately these remain within the confines of the technical capabilities of the game (or the engine). resolution is limited to 1024x768 and aspect ratio setting only changes the ratio leaving resolution the same - the ar correction setting (that has been mostly misunderstood in forum conversations) is aimed at displays not able to preserve the aspect ratio by themselves. looking at the other settings - without antialiasing the characters are horribly aliased thanks to the low resolution but fortunately enabling it incurs only a very minor performance hit.

story is about a near-future dystopia-ish society with a decidedly eastern- or middle-european take on the sci-fi genre. it is focused on the society and people with sci-fi technology remaining essentially just a backdrop. as customary for this, story does not wrap up too nicely and does not reveal all the details. story progression is slow and calm but not overly so.

story follows richard, a man who in a world of big corporations and oppressive state (more hinted than shown) gets fired from one of the all-powerful corporations of the future and whose future prospects with that go from bleak to worse. standard fare of resistance, conspiracies, family history etc. ensues.

point and click works as well as expected from such a game today. there are not too many interactive objects and these can be hinted at to prevent pixelhunting. puzzles are very logical (but not always easy), the only annoyance is some degree of having to move over 4-5 screens and back for some puzzles. this is not critical though thanks to double-click acting like a quick-move (run to the object when double-clicking on one and practically immediately get to the next screen when clicked on screen transition).

finishing the game took me around 5 hours. definitely recommended for an adventure game fan (who does not dislike sci-fi setting) - it contains several hours of very good fun.
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Posted: March 8
Alternativa is a sci-fi adventure that recreates a credible alternative future. Unfortunately many of its ideas are not properly developed and the final result is not as good as could have been.Remarkable adventure shows how the world could end after the next global war and its catching story lets you (most of time) forget about the obsolete visuals.
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