Pound of Ground, story driven crazy shoot 'em up with red car and LOTS of zombies. The game combines action elements - a wide range of advanced weapons, fights with various bosses and spectacular, endless battles with the crowds of the undead - with a gripping story full of unexpected disclosures and peculiar characters.
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Pound of Ground, story driven crazy shoot 'em up with red car and LOTS of zombies.

The game combines action elements - a wide range of advanced weapons, fights with various bosses and spectacular, endless battles with the crowds of the undead - with a gripping story full of unexpected disclosures and peculiar characters.

Key features:

  • A well-written story full of turns of events; it's mainly about putting things right, about love and ultimately about saving the whole city
  • Duels with variously designed bosses, but also with the crowds of undead enemies
  • Scenes from 'behind the shut curtain' that add flavour and humour to the story
  • A number of different tasks ensures extended and variegated playability
  • Unique gameplay elements



    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista
    • Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or compatible
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB graphics card (Shader 2.0 compatible)
    • DirectX®: DirectX®: 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1,6 GB free space
    • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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ok i know some people might like this game but as for me i suggest you don't buy it unless its 2 dollars or on sale which i did buy it on sale but anyway the reason i don't really like pound of ground is becase the charaters and story and animation is really awful and as for the gameplay i say its ok but could use some fixes and to finish up this review i must say it looked like it could have been a real fun game
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Let's start by the fact that it has a demo (+1), Always better trying a demo than buying a game and feel like being cheated.
It is an open empty world. Meaning that you can run a lot, everywhere, and find nothing. just plain fields.
Run, or drive.
You got a car to enhance, by buying new engines, protective gear (SPIKES) And Nitro, helpful if you've got one of these moments where you want to jump from high cliffs. Careful tho, as your car is damageable and can lose parts of its body.
Driving is quite enjoyable and responsive.
You got 5 weapons (One of them is a baseball bat which sends zombie flying scoring home runs).
You simply are an average hero who's going to save the world from a zombie invasion. Nothing more, nothing less.
It's an average game, with a debatable humor (I found it funny, tho.), go-there-and-do-this-then-come-back mission type,
a race, an entire city to free from mafia (Zombie).
The soundtrack is pretty good, it's jut a bit limited and you'll end up hearing the same song three times in a row, too.
Graphics aren't the best, but cities and other places are, in my opinion, detailed. By detailed I mean that there are a lot of particulars that add a bit more dynanism and entertain the eye. I often found myself moving the camera around, trying to find something odd, unexpected.
After all I still recommend it: calling it the worst game ever is overly exaggerated, although there aren't 5 bosses and the story isn't exactly well written. It's just an average game, enjoyable if you don't expect that every game you own is a GOTY or received a score of 90 / 100.
The only real advice I can give is to not buy it on full price, wait for at least 50% discount.
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This was possibly the worst game I have ever played in my meaningless existence; and I've played a lot of games. A lot of really bad games. So many, in fact, that one might say I am a masochist. And yet this remains the most horrid, putrid, wretched game I have ever had the misfortune of playing. I hate Bohemia for making it, I hate myself for buying it. 1.75/10
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The pacing with this game is all off.
Most of it is slow and tedious, others are suddenly fast and annoying.
The humour in it felt forced too.
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Dull, unpleasant gameplay. Pathetic animation and voice-acting. Laughable (in a bad way) story. Might be one of the worst games ever made. Don't buy it. Just don't.

I give this game 0/10 pounds of ground.
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Was...on sale

Buy it....if you want to see one of the worst games ever made...even by 1990s-2000 standards...
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I went into this game expecting it to be one of the worst games I have ever played and in that I was disappointed, I am a bit of a Masochist when it comes to games and I do seek out bad games as well as good ones.

The other user reviews on this game plus TB's "Why do I own" video made this one sound like that would be that bad it would make a great video, So when it came on sale for 1€ I grabbed it.

The game is average. It does not do anything well but doesn't suck at anything to badly nether. It is what it is. If people really need tips on actually bad games they can feel free to drop be a line because this is not it.

Would I recommend this game? if it's on sale for a euro or two I guess why not but not at full price. but note it's just an average game with nothing that really stands out it doesn't do anything to wrong but nothing to right nether.

For those who want a hot tip on a game that far worse than this and to prove my point. Get "Dark Apes: The Fate of Devolution" Play that a while and this game will seem rather good :P
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5.8 小时(记录在案的)
It's not a horrible game, but there are many faults

-Music is ok
-Wide open environments
-Graphics are not too shabby
-Driving is decent

-Music is all over the place sometimes. Different styles.
-Nothing in the wide open environments
-Story telling / voice acting is absolutely atrocious
-Consisted of fetch quest. Go from this place to this place and then back again.
-Crappy framerate in busy parts...dropped down to 10-20fps
-Guns are weak. Gunplay is meh. Only 5 weapons, 1 being melee
-Easy game
-Animation quality is poor
-Lots of stupid dialogue
-Forced Humor

It's an indie developer so i can't really be too harsh on them. It was an ok game. I got it on sale (obviously)

I"d say 4-5/10
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9.8 小时(记录在案的)
Possibly the worst script ever, probably even before it was butchered into English. Buggy (tons of crashes) and no ability to save (just autosaving) means regular lost progress. The description lies; there's only one boss and a total of 5 weapons. The only saving grace is for achievement ♥♥♥♥♥s, all can be done in less than a day. Avoid this.
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This is the most irritating and unfunny game I have ever played. If you need to grind your teeth into dust just play this for an hour or two. The soundtrack has stolen parts of Hitman Contracts' soundtrack in it, that is the only good part, slightly tainted by the thievery. ♥♥♥♥ you Tolah for buying me this game, and ♥♥♥♥ everyone involved in this games creation and distribution.
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8.0 小时(记录在案的)
An interesting mostly free-roaming game., Gameplay mechanics are acceptable, graphics are decent, voice acting decent, storyline.... convoluted but acceptable.

Overally, not so bad that I couldn't complete it but there's really no reason to start it over nor is there a free-roam reward mode after completing the storyline.

If you've got it, its worth a playthrough if you're bored.
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2.8 小时(记录在案的)
This is a great and fun buy. I thought it would be lame , But I have become addicted . From killing zombies , Questing , Killing bosses And earning Achievements.. Very good for the $.

Its a Mix of Borderlands killing and questing with a Zelda adventure type . Played in 3rd person view

1. Good gameplay
2. Good Mechanics
3. Great Gfx in game
4. Good original story

1. its odd the in game Videos dont look that good, but the Gfx in game are great.

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8.9 小时(记录在案的)
"Mindless fun". Literally.

Pound of Ground is a simple, open-world game, focusing on stemming the tide of a zombie horde in what is presumably the Western Wastes of the USA. The operative word here being "simple". You either shoot zombies, beat them about the skull with a bat, or run them down in your very own hot rod. There are little "metagames" strewn about, such as setting distance records for jumps in your car, or how far you can knock away a zombie with your bat, and these help stave off the monotony that sets in with every zombie-killing game.

The graphics are chunky, and the voice acting is evident of a development team whose first language wasn't English, but the music is pretty cool, and the cartoonish nature of the visuals make up for any cutscenes you'll inevitably want to start skipping.

The lack of polish on this game makes it hard for me to recommend to anyone when it's not on sale, but it's definitely worth at least a run through it's demo.
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This is the stupidest, most hilariously inept game I have played in years, and yet it has this sick charm like a brain-damaged boxer who keeps trying to fight... you know it'll get savaged when you put it up against anything at all, no matter the opponent, but it'll go down swinging with a smile on its face.

You play as ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Johnny Five-Aces! (Except they call him "Johnny Major" but look at the dude. He has the whole damn outfit.) Everyone speaks this hilarious not-quite-English that results in things like a farmer mangling attempts to hit on you for half a minute, and a hero who sounds like a drunken Garcia Hotspur from Shadows of the Damned.

Bonus for some of you who will remember it: this is the game that was infamous on launch for having a RED, RED CAR! as a selling point. That's the kind of quality you're getting out of this whole game. Get in on the ground floor and pound it. Pound the ground. Pound of Ground.
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8.0 小时(记录在案的)
Well, I just finished up Pound of Ground in two sittings and I was not impressed. I'm a fan of zombie shooters but woof, this one is rough... This game has crashed roughly ten times randomly during gameplay, which never happens while I’m playing any other game. Nothing more annoying than driving across the map over and over again after a crash from loading another section of the map.. It's full of repetitive missions and tons of open field back and forth driving. This game is only worth it if it’s on sale (75% or higher) and or you need a good laugh because the AI in this game is so awful that it’s actually funny. 6/10 and I’m being generous. I’m recommending the game because a D is still passing.
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1.5 小时(记录在案的)
DO NOT buy this game, it stinks.

I buy a "Zombie Shooter" and it takes me a long ♥♥♥ time to get a gun? The controls are primative and clunky, the interface stinks, there is little to no help/tool tips within the game. Just awful.
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2.8 小时(记录在案的)
Going into this - I was not sure what to expect. What I foudn was a game that felt like a Playstation One generate title with pretty graphics. That being said... the gameplay felt dated, repetitive, and clunky. Overall the idea was there, and the graphics, but the actual combat felt clunky, boring, and the guns lacked power/aiming. I got about 75% of the way through the game (Finished Snake City) and didn't feel like playing anymore. This is a Third Person, cartoony style game, with lots of voice acting scenes, silly humor, -- in a sandbox open world style of levels. Just didn't do it for me. I estimate it takes a decent game 4 hours to beat.
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7.8 小时(记录在案的)
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5.8 小时(记录在案的)
Took about 5 hours to beat on hard. This game is strange. But its not to bad. The game is open world, except you really don't have a reason to explore it, since its a desert. They could of put a reason to explore a little bit, but it is fun to drive around and do jumps. The quest are linear and it makes fun of doing the quest.
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This game makes me fell like I'm high. I was doing that ♥♥♥♥, so believe me, I know what it's like.

- Quite good music, not the BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER 20\10, but still very atmospheric.
- Graphics are...strange, in a good way.

- Voice acting, it's horrible.
- Zambies. Why?
- No, zombies, really?

THE FINAL SCORE: 7\10, only for those who wants to LET THOSE GOD DAMN ZAMBIES FLY!
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