Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, and so much more.
User reviews:
Very Positive (151 reviews) - 83% of the 151 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 14, 2015

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June 5

New Great Reviews! - look at this scores

We have for you 4 newest Reviews of The Mims. Look at this scores!

“The game has a fresh gameplay, excellent optimization and humor like in the movies”
8/10 - Zing

“The amount of content is absolute amazing and it features a more than decent gameplay experience for any god game simulation fans.”
7.5/10 – 3rd-strike

“It’s been a fun experience and it’s been great getting to see another god sim finally”
3.7/5 – UGR

7.6/10 -VietGame.asia



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May 24

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Last week was great. We get a lot of positive reviews, from players. Also we get so much support and remarks on Discussion forum. If you played The Mims already and You like it please leave your opinion on our Steam Store.

The Mims baner was also on main Page on Steam Store for first hours of Release.

Only 24 Hours left to buy the Mims in special Price so if you are considering to buy it. This is good time.

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Mr Faclon Letsplay


Rahmschnitzel (Germany)

SouShibo (Poland)



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“The amount of content is absolute amazing and it features a more than decent gameplay experience for any god game simulation fans.”
7.5/10 – 3rd-strike

“The game has a fresh gameplay, excellent optimization and humor like in the movies”
8/10 – Zing

“It’s been a fun experience and it’s been great getting to see another god sim finally”
3.7/5 – UGR

Feature List

  • God simulation
  • Story mode
  • Survival/Sandbox mode
  • Colony expansion
  • Autonomous characters
  • Technology research
  • Creating & upgrading structures
  • Various species of plants with different ways of yielding fruit
  • Livestock farming & trading
  • Skill acquirement by Mims
  • Special divine powers at player's disposal
  • Protecting colony from wildlife predators and vermin
  • Natural disasters (e.g. meteor shower, acid rains, infections and more)
  • Secrets to be found across numerous islands
  • Unique monsters (bosses)
  • Real Time Physics
  • Planting your own fruit crops
  • Timeline mechanic allowing to predict future events
  • Smell sensor – excessive odor will attract pests and predators
  • Varied floating islands with many unusual adventures
  • Different landscapes and weather conditions


Video game news outlets had this to say on 2 years old beta demo - bear in mind that the game underwent dramatic development since then:

"The gameplay so far feels pretty solid, and is very much in line with what you’d expect from a city builder.The Mims Beginning is on Greenlight and could use some love. Head on over and give it a thumbs up !"

"...it looks like a fairly deep, personality rich god game revival. Given that good god games are in woefully short supply these days, we should probably count our blessings here."

"The Mims: Beginning has become the latest indie hopeful to head down the crowd-funding route, popping up on Indiegogo. And it’s a bit of a looker, putting many so-called “AAA” games to shame with a visual style which brings to mind titles as diverse as Spore and Black & White."

"Everything in a game has been crafted in a gorgeous way. From creature to building, you will find the Mims to be one of the best indie games of the year 2014. "

About This Game

Experience the mysterious and mystical by taking on a journey with Mims in this strategic god-like video game. Create structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, reveal secrets and so much more. Assume the lead over Mims as they journey across the galaxy in their epic quest!


“The Mims Beginning” is a god-like strategy game with a dose of cosmic humor. The story takes place in an unknown space and time. In this galaxy mythical floating islands give shelter to all kinds of unusual and dangerous creatures. The game combines elements of fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Build interesting structures, plant vegetation, breed animals, take care of your minions, use divine PSI powers, triumph in face of natural disasters, fight monsters, predict the future, reveal secrets and much more. Assume the lead over Mims as they journey across the galaxy in their epic quest!

During their intergalactic voyage Mims are hit by an asteroid - their spaceship reduced to debris and the crew forced to evacuate onto nearby planets, which hold their own share of surprises.

The player's goal, among others, is to perform various tasks necessary to repair the spaceship. You begin by properly expanding your new colonies. Every mission takes place on a different planet, where isolated groups of castaways face their own fate.

The game combines numerous elements of gameplay: Your colonists act on their own most of the time, going about their duties without orders issued by the player. However, you can control them directly by issuing simple commands.

As the leader of the colony you have psionic power at your disposal, altering the fauna and flora of your planet, as well as the environment which they inhabit.
The main focus of the game lies in expanding and defending the colony. Every building or plant placement counts, nevertheless the game falls more into a light-strategy genre.

The basic resource crucial to the colony's survival and development is energy. It is also essential to Mims’ vitality - used while performing work, as well as for maintaining proper functioning of the infrastructure. Vitality is obtained in generators using Bio Mass - derived, in turn, from special fruits processed in the Extractor. Part of the energy can also be obtained from wind flow thanks to correct placement of Wind Turbines.

The tasks performed by the Mims should include the expansion of the colony and picking up Bio fruits.Some of the Mims act as a protection against various and dangerous creatures attracted by the scent of fruit and animals.

The Mims’ knowledge allows them to breed animals that feed on different types of fruit. Grown animals can be traded with native tribes and exchanged for crystals essential in further expansion of the colony.

In order to grow fruit for animals, Mims will also need to sow seeds from various plant species, such as exploding plant that hurls fruits around. Choosing good sites for sowing seeds has a strategic element to it.

A clever leader is able to use the topography of the map to their advantage, thereby avoiding excessive scattering of fruit all over the planet. In case of a bad placement, fruit crop can be lost due to fruit rolling off the edge of the planet.

If the crops fail to be harvested on time, they will soon rot away, resulting in a loss of a precious resource.

Along the way you shall also gain access to new buildings, plants, acquire new Psi powers, as well as invent new skills for your Mims.

Badly governed colony expansion may result in a crisis and chaos on your planet, in which case you might be forced to restart the scenario.

As the story progresses, Mims will find themselves facing threats from outer space. One of them is a meteor storm that can wreak havoc among your colonists. In order to be prepared, you can invent technology that allows you to predict such future events.

Help Mims survive the numerous perils of the galaxy in their bid to reach their final destination!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 3.0Ghz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10.6 or higher
    • Processor: 3.0Ghz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10 or later
    • Processor: 3.0Ghz dual core CPU
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Geforce 8800GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (151 reviews)
Recently Posted
0.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 18
You can't save the game... like seriously?
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2.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
Fun game but the fact that you cannot save mid-mission is silly... Not recommended to anyone who does not have hours to play at a time.
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13.3 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
Kind of torn how to respond for this game. There is not a lot of depth to the game. It is simply place a few buildings and wait for the characters to build up mass to build a few things more. Rince & repeat, repeat, get stuck, restart, repeat, repeat, repeat. It can get monotonus quickly but at the same time that is something you're really just looking for in a game... simple.

To counter the gather-&-build they seem to have added a few features to add depth/difficulty. Only the issue is that the game quickly gets too difficult to keep up play since monsters come too quickly & mims tire too quickly. You come to a point where you literally can do nothing because you have no money to build & no mims to make the mass that buys things. It becomes a moot, frozen game. Even on the slowest setting I couldn't make it through more than 20 minutes of the survival play because the strongest beast kept getting dropped on my island 2+ at a time. Don't get me wrong, I love a challenging game and am bored into quiting if things are too easy, but this seems to have no build up difficult and instead just has constant stream of same difficulty. Which means it kills or gets you stuck into impobility early if you don't happen to luck out on the monster drops & rate you can build necessary buildings.

Despite than that I have enjoyed the occasiona play and would recommend trying if you have a chance to pick it up on sale. You will spend time enough and constantly be drawn back to try again after a time.
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57.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
Introduction (scroll down to the review if you only want to know what the game is about)

After buying lots and lots of games and only playing a few of them, I decided only to buy games that I really want to play right now. The Mims looked so interesting that I bought it, and I didn't regret it. Since I really like games like Spore, Minecraft and also games like Anno and Civilisations, this is a game for me.


The Mims is a game about building a small alien tribe. It is easy to understand but can be quite a challenge during the story. If you like taking care of aliens, getting them to work for you and building new stuff for them, this game is for you. Although it seems that the game does't have many things to do, there is a ton of stuff you can explore and you really have to think about what you want to build next and what you need to do.
I haven't completed the story yet (which is really funny in my opinion) but so far, I had a lot of fun and definitely want to finish it. If you know Spore, the style of the game is a bit similar, with the difference that you cannot create your own creatures, which is not a problem because it has other features that Spore doesn't have. After all, they are different games.

This is all I have to say about the game now. I hope to help some people with their decision when you are thinking about buying The Mims.
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Nerney9 S> TF2 Keys 1.80
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
Product received for free
Short Version: Bumbling little space-faring critters turn to you, their mystical psionic deity, to tell them when, where, and what to build, gather, eat, sleep, or scratch. Amusing gameplay and story make this game worth a look, but if you're not a fan of god-games in general then The Mims probably won't convert* you. *Ha! Pun intended.


The Mims Beginning puts a spacefaring spin on the god-game genre, putting you in charge of a hardy yet hapless band of alien 'Mims', which seem to be the genetic crossbreed of a rubber glove and a well-shaven Furby. You command the Mims through a journey across various sky-islands, directing their actions and providing miraculous aid as they build up temporary settlements and complete objectives before moving on to the next phase of their quest (and a new map for you).

Your role in the game is to act as the Mim's deity of sorts, which basically is the same role as any other RTS game - you direct them to gather resources, place buildings, and then purchase new units and upgrades as you see fit. However, instead of controlling units to battle an opponent, you instead use your Psionic powers to help your Mim's overcome the (un)natural world and it's various pesky inhabitants, aiding your followers and blowing up anything that tries to get in your way.

There are a few unusual systems in the Mims such as keeping track of excess scents (which attract pests and predators) and the way plants *throw* the food resource around the map. This makes for an interesting experience in the game, but can also be a bit tricky to get a handle on. Fortunately there are tutorial popups to walk you through most of it.

The graphics in the game are satisfactory in a cutesy-Indie type of way, as is the background sound. The only real negative of note is that the game does not allow saving in the middle of a map - once you start a mission, you are committed to either completing the scenario or starting again from scratch. This might be seen as a 'feature' by people who hate the constant saving/loading that is easy to resort to in modern games, but this is also a crazy annoyance when you accidentally spend most of a map's crystals (a scarce resource), or even when you simply want to go eat dinner.

All in all, The Mims provides a refreshingly satisfying take on the god-game genre. The large campaign is filled with quirky little cutscenes for story-ish background, and contains plenty of innovative mechanisms to support the reasonably enjoyable, laidback gameplay. The Mims may lack a real 'wow' factor, but every part of the experience is pleasantly amusing - which makes it a more-than-decent addition to any god-sim gamer's library.
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36.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 1
This Is nice game, It remembers me Black & White but with aliens.
I really miss the save game option, I hope devs will put it soon.
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11.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 28
It is a lovely, light-hearted god game that can keep you entertained for hours. The play is fun and fascinating, exactly enough hard and has a nice humour. The only thing that is certainly missing is a sandbox. Instead, the game offers survival mode, but it ends after you play for a certain amount of time, without any warning.
It is a game that makes you consider physics to prosper and at the same time isn't brain-breaking. Lack of save during a game is a minus, but not massively frustrating in my opinion.
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5.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
Not been playing long, but initial impressions:
It would be nice if there was a grid to place objects. If you are perticular about space saving or having objects fit nice and neatly then it can be frustrating.
Nice game with some 'cute' aspects. I really like the game and I'm looking forwards to playing through the story.

I would recommend.
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Orge Lambart
2.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 19
Product received for free
What more could you want from a god simulation game. Cute creatures... check.... interestingly unique gameplay.... check... Loads of different ways to play the game...... check... upgrades galore.... check... In spite of the games complex look it's very easy to learn, play and master. Will you be the God who helps the Mim's in their adventure to find a new home... or will the bumbling Mim's and their clumsy child like nature rub off on you and cause you to fail even the most simplistic of task.. Only time will tell, one thing is sure, the Mim's are waiting for you, their hero to come save the princess, slay the dragon and rect faces with your uber hand cannon... (Ok totally lying about the princess, although if you ask nicely I'm sure you can get a Mim to dress up as a princess... I haven't personally seen any dragons, but I'm sure they exist, and as for an uber hand cannon.. well you can shoot lighting bolts out of you butt.... )

The Story

Imagine for a moment, a great society, made up of strange looking orange creatures, with three eyes on top of their heads.. A doctors rubber glove with two fingers sliced off and orange in color.. Now this great civilization is on the verge of ruin, their home planet is destined for destruction.. The society decides to put themselves into cryogenic sleep, having a select few go in search of a new land. During the journey a great asteroid colloids with our clumsy's heroes space ship and all heck breaks loose.. Well to be more precise, the ship shatters into bunch of pieces and the mim's are stranded on a planet made up of floating isles. Putting their best foot forward, they seek out the missing pieces of their spaceship so they can resume their journey into space..


The game follows a similar path to many other God Like strategy games but isn't so similar that you'd think it was a clone. In this game you start with the basics, a PSI tower (where you get power for magic, send for more Mim's and generally the most important aspect of your civilization). Other important structures include a grinder and a silo. The grinder grinds up fruit into Bio Mass, which is then stored in the Silo's. Bio Mass is similar to currency in other games. While you aren't buying weapons, vehicles or armies, you need it to build structures, pull mim's from space, and upgrade your buildings. Another form of currency are gems, which can be acquired by selling animals (more on that later), or harvested directly from nodes on the map, using lighting on those nodes will crack them open and allow your mim's to pull the precious resource back to your PSI tower.

Other aspects of the game are growing of Animals, you grow the animals (which eat various fruits to grow larger) The different animals you can create, require different fruits, you can select different fruits to grow to coincide with the various animals you can create. The animals can be traded to tribes or sold off for Gems. It's almost like your Farmer Mim the simulator.. ok not quite, but still very fun.

Another aspect of gameplay to watch is the two meters which determine when pest or predators come. The Pest are attracted to fruit, the more fruit plants you have, the most pest will come. Pest roam around eating the fruit, if enough pest are present they can and will stifle your bio-mass production. Pest can be removed two ways, either by using a Guardian Mim (more on that later) or using one of your PSI abilities. Predators are attracted by the more animals you have. Predators will attack both Mim's and your life stock, Guardians can fight them and you can use PSI abilities to remove them. Predators are far more dangerous as they will wipe our your settlement if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Mim's themselves come in three different varieties, the first is the basic Worker, they build the buildings, collect the fruit, make fart jokes, generally the backbone of your society, without workers nothing would get done... Guardians, they are the military grade Mim's, seeking out danger, and eradicating that danger... or running around like a scared coward, crying for his mommy... It can go either way with these guys... For better results place them in a formation and send them forth to battle the Predators, kill the pest and generally try to mimic the Unsullied from Game of Thrones.. (ok they aren't anything like the Unsullied..) The last type of mim is the Officer, we all know these guys, the top 1%, the CEO's, the CFO's, the man in charge... The Cream of the crop... Often times the Officer or Hero Mim will have a special ability that sets them apart from the other mim's... Normally that Special ability is something like... Blow fart bubbles, or making the best paper air plane, setting it on fire and throwing it out your 2nd floor window.... (ok I lied those aren't the abilities at all, those are just things I stupidly did as a child.. )


East to pick up and play, difficult to master
Funny characters,
Great music,
God - like game that isn't bogged down by overly difficult controls or stupid concepts.


Inability to save during missions,
PSI powers are lacking and the cooldowns make them kind of pointless


If you're a fan of really heavy and complex God-like games, this one won't really scratch that itch... If you're a fan of God-like games, but get turned off by many of the overly complex Menu's, graphs and other added fluff, this game will be right up your alley. I love games where you play as god, building society, making civilizations, and generally helping to secure the future of a cool race of people, but I don't like having to devote my entire life to making that civilization work, needing to do loads of research and generally treating the game like it's my real life... WORK... So if you just like to kick back, have some cool fun pretending you're the God, putting buildings where you want, controlling your Mim's, raising pets then selling them. This game will be like a God Send. I'd highly recommend this game, I'm sure I'll play it for quite a while longer.
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 18
Product received for free
The Mims Beginning:

Somewhere in a galaxy, a strange but advanced species, known as the “Mims” used to live happily and in harmony on their planet, “MOMO.” A certain event which struck the planet forced the “Mims” to flee their beautiful world to save their existence. As they travelled the galaxy, one of their two freighters was struck by and asteroid. Badly damaged, the spaceship floated in space until it reached an intriguing world of floating islands. The ship debris is scattered on all islands. The Mims needs your help! Put your God gloves on and help these cute creatures to find all the parts of their vessel as well as the DNA orbs!

The Mims Beginning is strategy/god game where you have to help these cute, fun creatures to find parts of their spaceship which are scattered on an Archipelago of floating islands. Your first mission is a good tutorial and will give you a good feel of the game. The Mims rely on two things; the first one is the PSI Tower and the second one is a resource call Biomass. The Mims wandering near the PSI tower will recharge the PSI energy so you can use some god spells to help them off the Islands. Spells such as “Blazing Ring” can burn foliage and trees to clear an area so you can build other helpful structures on that spot. Just make sure there are no Mims around when you do so - you don’t want to have Mims for dinner! The Biomass come from the fruits which have to be extracted with the extractor building. If you want to store more biomass, then you will have to build silos. You can sell farming animals via the spaceport and in return you will receive gems. The cost of some buildings are a combination of biomass and gems. You can also find gems on the islands but they are only available in small quantities. So, in short, you must farm animals by building a bio lab. All animals will cost you Biomass, but here is the trick - you must have the right plants so each animal can feed on the appropriate fruit and grow significantly in order to be sold via the spaceport.

I really do enjoy the gameplay; it’s all about achieving objectives. Some islands will take you a while to reach the objectives. Fortunately, you can accelerate the time, which helps a bit. I think it would be nice to have a saving option to save your progress.

You will come across interesting beasts and also pests during your gameplay. To eliminate them, you can do a couple of things: you can use attacking spells or have enough guardians to fight them all. You can even see when the new pest or creature is about to appear when you look at the time bar.

Nice graphics all around. I do like the interface and it is easy to use. The only downside in Mims is you can’t save your progress at any time during your gameplay.


- Nice graphics
- Good interface
- Enjoyable story
- Story and survival modes
- Achievements and Trading cards


- Can’t save mid-game
- Can only select one Mim at a time

The Mims Beginning is an enjoyable god game.


Key provided by developer/publisher for review purposes. Any opinions expressed are entirely my own!


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126.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: May 10
The Mims Beginning Review

The Mims Beginning is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly stagnate gaming pool. At first glance, the game may look light and simple but very quickly you begin to see that this is a deep, well-designed strategy/god-mode game. The graphics are very detailed, the artwork is beautiful, the mechanics are flawless. If you think that because its a god-mode strategy game that it will be boring, then guess again. There is plenty of action/activities to keep you busy without having to micro-manage your units and economy. Research will increase the options and powers available during gameplay while continuing to upgrade and expand your alien colony. For any strategy gaming fan, I strongly recommend picking this game up. Most games are only moderately worth their sale prices, especially indie games. But this game is well worth the full price.

The big name gaming developers should take a few lessons from the Squatting Penguins Studio. This is how a game is supposed to be released. Out-of-the-box, ready to play. 100+ hours of gameplay and I have yet to experience a single bug. No glitches in gameplay, no graphics hiccups or units falling through maps, no game crashes. The game runs smooth and seamlessly like any released game should. Even more amazing is that this is still an early-access game so bugs and glitches are normally accepted and typically expected. A lot of care and effort went into this release and true gamers will notice and appreciate it right away.

Without going into a lengthy game description, The Mims Beginning will have the typical RTS simulation components, but with its own distinct approach. Expect a well-balanced economic system, a rich story to tie the campaign missions together nicely, an assortment of interesting buildings and units to build as you establish your camps, and a variety of research.

The one area that is lacking when compared to most games of this genre is the variety of units. In this game, you have only a couple of types to choose from. The basic, or generic Mim performs assorted tasks as you assign them rather than being specialized. Perhaps in the future more unit types will be added, but the game functions just fine with the current unit structure. The developer has stated that more features and game modes will be added as development progresses. As for the game's mechanics and features, here are some things that you should know:

The Good:
+ Graphics are top-notch and run flawlessly even on the highest settings. Great detail and color
+ Absence of bugs/crashes (Makes a game much more enjoyable)
+ Gameplay is rich and deep with a clever resource economy and challenging goals
+ Learning curve is acceptable for beginners and an in-depth tutorial campaign is included
+ Camera controls are included and easy to use while navigating the maps
+ Although this is a God-mode game, autonomy option is able to be turned off when desired
+ Simple game controls / Window mode available if desired
+ Well-developed story for the campaign mode

The Bad:
- No save feature included in current release
- Limited options for adjusting graphics in the event your system has trouble running the game
- Window mode is restricted to specifically selected screen resolutions only.
- Currently not a lot of replay value (likely to change in the final version with Survival Mode)
- The AI for units is sometimes frustrating as they seem to wander aimlessly about rather than perform their assigned tasks (possibly by design?)

Final thoughts:
Keep in mind that at the time of this review, the game is still in Early Access beta and will likely improve and include more features. Considering that, this game is very impressive. At first glance it looks like its going to be some simple cartoon-ish indie that will fill an hour or two of free time. But nothing could be further from the truth. Hours of challenging and entertaining gameplay awaits and a good bit of light humor is mixed into the storyline as well. Rarely do I enjoy an early access game this much. I anxiously await the final release.

If you liked this review or want to see more recommended games, be sure to follow our curator group: Follow Original Curator Group
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Not Recommended
24.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: April 16
Great game for the price and all but without the save game option I am sure that there are those like myself who like taking their time playing the game etc. Not having the save game option discourages me playing it and depreciates/overshadows any possitive reviews that may be given. Not having the save game option is a huge Dissapointment.!
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3.3 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: January 14, 2015
Did products like Godus leave a bad taste in your mouth? Miss the good old days?
Been waiting for a god game with some depth and loveable characters? Look no further.

Gameplay video:

Starting the game among floating islands in a distant galaxy, you are introduced to the Mims. Getting taught the basics of colony management you are then left on your own to proceed through the story, which not only is amusing but somewhat believable, mostly because of the wonderful art direction and accompaning soundtrack. Intro gameplay involves getting your power stations running, researching new plants and species for exporting to markets on alternate planets, giving your Mims a place for some well deserved R&R, all while trying to deter or kill any invasive 'pests' that may land on your rock in the sky.

While I've only played through the earlier stages, for an early access product so far it's more polished then most games at final release. This team are obviously fans of the genre as everything about it screams a labour of love. Highly recommend checking it out, fantastic game which is only getting better. Can't wait to play more. :)

Edited Note:
Only minor issue was I couldn't seem to rotate viewpoint with the mouse, (maybe it's just me?)
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Not Recommended
4.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 27
I was pretty excited to see a god game pop up on steam. Ever since Populus on the Amiga I've loved the genre but The Mims misses the mark for me.

Each mission takes place on a floating island, each of which contains new dangers to overcome. The developers have clearly made an effort to give the game a semblence of plot although the transitions between missions feel a bit sudden with no real explanation of why the little aliens are choosing the next landmass or what happened to everything you left behind on the last one.

The gameplay for the most part is fairly simple. Plants generate fruit, fruit gives you biomass and feeds your livestock and selling your animals gives you gems. Both gems and biomass can be used to build and upgrade structures to further advance your camp with gems generally being your bottleneck.

Trying to over extend your production of fruit or livestock will result in pests coming to eat your resources or hostile life being attracted to your island which will attack your animals and Mims. You need to balance production to minimise threats. This system of discouraging over production is a really nice mechanic.

Sadly, the good news stops there. The AI and some game mechanics feel poorly optimised which leads to more frustration than fun.

Mims get tired as they work and will need to rest up in a house to get their energy back. On one level, despite having one house for every two Mims they just refused to rest regularly. My guardians, essential for defense of my village are particularly guilty of not resting up when they have the chance and are frequently all out of energy when I most need them.

Despite being told early on that my Mims love nature, destroying trees is often the only viable way to get enough building space. I could overlook the backstory hole here is the process of removing foliage wasn't so painful in it's own right; setting fire to some of the bigger trees just reduces their size, usually requiring three bursts of flame to get the job done. The trees will grow back a bit though so if anything interrupts your pyromania while your Psi power build up (like needing to heal some guardians) you'll find the tree back to full height before you can have another go.

Plants can be a source of annoyance in other ways too. Several of the fruit providing plants will throw their finished product across the island and despite my best efforts to ensure that they're aimed at a building or that they have plenty of space for the fruit to land, I frequently find my new fruit tree throwing their resources off the edge of the island.

A little trial and error with placement of my plants could maybe be forgiven if it was at least possible to sell my plants back or reposition after they've grown but this is sadly not possible.

The final straw for me though is the lack of a save feature. Missions aren't particularly quick to complete and I've had a couple of occasions now where I've had to stop playing mid mission for one reason or another and have to abandon my progress.

Overall it's a game with some neat ideas and potential to be fun but seriously marred by it's shortcomings.
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 16
Product received for free
The Mims Beginning

DISCLAIMER: I received this product for no cost for the purpose of reviewing.

The Mims Beginning reminds me a lot of the game "Spore", mostly because of the art-style, but also because they're both game about managing a tribe of alien lifeforms to complete certain goals. I won't reveal too much about the story but basically you are a god of some-sort going from island to island, creating living conditions, protection and technology for the lost Mims. You, as the god, have various powers and abilities to aid the Mims as well. Like most real time strategy god games, The Mims Beginning has other elements implemented into game like structure/city building, unit and resource management, as well as upgrading buildings and units. There are two game modes, the campaign and survival.

There are a few things I'd like to point out before I quickly break down the game into separate sections. Although the game is in early access, I encountered no bugs or glitches which is impressive. This is one of the only god games I've played that let you select individual units to perform tasks as well as letting them be autonomous, which I like, but other people might not agree with that. Lastly, with the easy progression and lightheartedness of the game itself, it's a good game for beginners who want to try to get into this genre of game or games similar to this one.


Graphics: 7 / 10

The art-style is subjective, but I enjoyed it. It has a playful, colorful, fun vibe to the game. It wasn't too hard on my PC, and I'm running a mid-tier Nvidia Card and CPU. I do feel the animation quality could be a little better and smoother though, but it is in early access and I know everything has not been fleshed out yet. Although after staring at the game for awhile, it does start to get a tad monotonous, though that is to be expected with such games.


Sound: 6 / 10

The sound assets are fine, there isn't much that's extraordinary or below standards. I will say that I didn't get tired of the noises or background music, so that's good. However, there was this one theme in a cut scene, in between the campaign scenarios that I really liked, it was this gospel-ish tone and it was really soothing. There isn't any voice acting in the game from what I can tell.


Mechanics: 6 / 10

The mechanics were solid, but there wasn't much that really set it apart from other god games or made it more enjoyable that others. That being said, like stated earlier, the mechanics are perfect for someone who would want to give this genre a try and then try other god-games. Aside from structure placement, there isn't that much customization in the game, the only terraforming in the game is burning down trees. There are however quite a few animal and plant types to mess around with, as well as cool abilities your Mims get as well as yourself as the god.


Final Personal Remarks

The game is good for beginners in this genre, it's not the best god game ever created, but it's not terrible. It's impressive that it was done by two devs. The game is competent and does what it set out to do. This type of game didn't keep me hooked as it's not the kind of game I'm used to playing or have too much experience with, but I can see how some people would enjoy it. One thing I will say about this game, despite all that, is that I liked the narrative and although I've only played for 10 hours, I'm interested in the story, and would like to know more about the Mims, their homeworld, their experiences. The game did a great job of keeping me hooked into the story.

Thanks to the Devs for giving me the opportunity to review the game, as well as anyone who took this review into consideration, I hope it helped.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 15, 2015
***Written using a key provided by the Developer for review purposes***

The Mims Beginning is real-time strategic God game that is currently available in Early Access developed by a small independent developer. You play as the God of the Mims, a small three-eyed race who have crash landed on a number of planets full of strange creatures, and help them to build structures, farm fruit and animals and fend off some of the unwanted local wildlife. Your overall goal in the game is to find all of the parts of the Mims' ship so it can be rebuilt for the Mims to continue on their journey.

+The simplistic graphics are quite nice, though they aren't the best they suit the game well
+Very colourful
+The UI is very easy to use/navigate once you get the hang of it
+The structures, animals and plants are all well designed
+Very relaxing to play
+The tutorial is very well made and introduces all of the main mechanics that you need to know to play the game
+Has some interesting mechanics I haven't seen in games before, such as different animals and plants creating smells which attract other animals
+Lots of different Psi powers (your God-like abilities) which you unlock as you progress
+Your Mims are autonomous but you can give them your own instructions as well
+Gameplay speed options
+Quite humourus
+The Devs are quite active in the forums

-Quite a few grammatical errors and typos but it's early in development so hopefully they will be ironed out
-Soundtrack isn't overly good
-The story isn't overly interesting
-The pace of the game can be a bit too slow for my liking at times, especially while waiting for animals to grow
-One of the currencies in the game is gems, you get a few to begin with and you earn them from selling animals through the spaceport, if you spend your gems unwisely at the beginning of a mission you might not be able to get the required buildings to get more and you'll be stuck and have to restart


A pretty good RTS God game that will only get better as it progresses through development.

El K.
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Early Access Review
Posted: January 14, 2015
The life of a God doesn’t sound too action-packed. Probably pretty routine and slightly boring if you think about it. Then again, you’ve never lorded over a tiny alien sharecropper farm on a small slab of asteroid. Owned by a crew of crash-landed aliens called the Mims, you will soon be call to aid them in defending it from every other form of life out there. Once you’ve established your ramshackle farm, you begin to branch out. First a few more workers, maybe an upgrade to the city hall. Oh, you need to have a trading port! The game is cutesy, but much deeper than the child-friendly design would lead you to believe. Eventually an alien metropolis spreads out as far as the eye can see. Farm animals swarm the gardens, devouring anything they can in order to grow strong and be sold to what I assume is a cutesy alien slaughterhouse. The tiny Mim workers, and the tough Mim guardians, all working in harmony within the little slice of heaven that I’ve so benevolently created for them. Maybe you see a worker or two slacking off? You’d be perfectly within your rights to burn them with a fire spell. How else will they ever learn right from wrong? It feels good to be a God that’s so involved! Whether you are a benevolent ruler, or a vengeful one, The Mims Beginning is a real pleasure to play.

First off, I’d like to state that I’m quite impressed by the graphics that indie studios can put out these days. This game has been in development for 3 years, and while the age shows slightly, it is far above the average indie game. The buildings are strangely designed and outlandish, just like the little orange minions operating them. The multitude of pests and predators that will eventually make an appearance pulls it all together and makes for a nice comfy experience that is pleasing to the eye. I feel a lot more could’ve been done with the sound. The soundtrack is passable, mostly because I’m largely distracted by the beauty of my adorable alien empire. Don’t let appearances fool you though. This game doesn’t hesitate to teach you through pain. After building a village for thirty minutes, it is pillaged by spiders. How did this happen? Glad I asked. The gameplay mechanics at work here are intricate. To build almost anything, you need either Gems, Biomass, or both. Farming Biomass involves creating a garden, the fruits of which can be thrown into an Extractor. The resulting Biomass currency can be used for a multitude of things, but you will always be in need of more. So you plant even more fruit trees. Eventually the pests show up because fruit has been sitting under a hot alien sun, and pursuing the pests are predators which won’t hesitate to devastate your town. Predators can clear a lot of pests, if you have an infestation don’t hesitate to let them do some dirty work. They can also clear a lot of Mims, so keep a watchful eye and have a haste or heal spell handy.

The other form of currency is received by selling farm animals at market. This requires a spaceport and a bio lab, and if they aren’t built with your first handful of Gems it’s basically a game-over. I feel this requires reevaluation but tweaks and balance changes have been promised so I won’t judge that too harshly. Aside from all this farming business, sending minions to work or combat, controlling the electrical grid, and averting natural disasters with your ability to predict the future… A truly good God will find time to better his underlings, teaching them skills. He will bring new Mims to replace the ones that have fallen in combat or a misplaced PSI spell… Even if I did sort of do it on purpose. I’m sure even immortal beings are permitted a small giggle of laughter when watching an adorable alien scream as he plummets into nothingness. The Mims have some silly one-liners during cut-scenes that let me know this game has a good humor about itself. It also covers two genres that are sorely lacking, RTS and God-likes. I count The Mims Beginning as a cool breath of fresh air for lovers of both genres, as long as they aren’t afraid to enjoy some downright silliness.

On the negative side; the music seems quite generic, which simply shouldn’t be the case on an alien world. Survival mode is not yet implemented, and story-mode levels take a long time to beat. About or more than thirty minutes for each one, so not the type of game you can pick and and play if you only have 10 minutes (though this is likely to change with survival mode). The Mims have their own personalities, but as far as I can tell each one looks almost identical. Making them more individualized would add a great deal to the experience for me. Finally, the camera controls threw me off as well. Q and E are used to zoom in/out, while panning can only be done by mousing to the edge of the screen. Despite its few flaws, I found The Mims Beginning to be an extremely intriguing game that never failed to capture that “one-more-turn” feeling when close to unlocking the next structure or upgrade. Wonderful game, and a big thank you to the folks at Squatting Penguin. I hope that The Mims Beginning is just the start for you guys.

Summary: Alien city-building RTS with adorable graphics and deep strategy.
Final Score: 8/10 for aesthetic, replayability, and innovation.

Full text/photos: http://www.indiegamebundles.com/review-mims-beginning-early-access/
Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsJf7exqciY
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 18
The mims has hours of enjoyment. I'd guess a new player would take ~30 hours to beat the game if they pick up on the strategy fast. Some of the missions have unique stories and objective, so each mission isn't a clone from the last. Overall good game.
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Not Recommended
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Posted: July 15
Fun game but the fact that you cannot save mid-mission is silly... Not recommended to anyone who does not have hours to play at a time.
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 9
The Mims Beginning is an awesome city-builder/God game where you must help the lost Mims rebuild themselves and find a way to restore their destroyed homeworld.

After a terrible event the Mims find their home planet destroyed and all the little Mims scattered through space apart from the lucky few who managed to reach escape pods in time. But fear not! The Mims possessed an item which has the capability of restoring planets and before the horrific destruction of their home world they were able to jettison it to safety. Unfortunately it's ship was hit by debris from a meteor and all systems were shut down leaving it floating helplessly through space and no way for the Mims to reach it. With the help of you, their new God, the Mims must locate this if they ever want to flourish happily again and have any hopes of seeing their home rebuilt.

The Mims Beginning starts with an awesome little story and I found myself captivated right away. Your job as a God is to guide the Mims to safety and help them slowly rebuild and become prosperous like they once were. There are two modes to the game, the first and main being the Story mode. This is the mode that you'll want to start playing as not only does it contain the tutorial but also progressing through this this mode allows you to unlock the buildings and god powers in a specific order and will help you learn what they each do one by one. The Story mode follows the story of the Mims and you'll make your way through it by completing the objectives you have on each level/map which will in turn unlock the next. Survival mode on the other hand has all buildings, research and God powers unlocked and may be a little overwhelming or confusing to those new to the game. Survival mode has four difficulties that you must try to survive through starting at Easy up to Very Hard. You can also customize your own difficulty so you can choose if you want a relaxing sandbox style play, or something much more challenging to push yourself.

To help the Mims survive in either mode you'll need to guide them by telling them which buildings they need to create much like other God games. Your Mims will build what you tell them too and can also be told to go to specific places but other than that your Mims will carry out the task they most feel important. There are different types of Mims which you will encounter as the game goes on and these vary from Mims like Workers who do the day to day jobs, Guardians who patrol and protect the other Mims and even Shamans who can sense other Mim colonies that are in danger and allow you to help them. You also have various unlockable God powers to help you influence the Mim world further such as a group heal to revitalize and heal your Mims, fruit rain for when you run low on Biomass and things like a Psi cage used for trapping enemies and a Psi bolt for when you need to get offensive. All of these can be cast using Psi energy which is generated over time.

You'll need both Biomass and Gems to build/create in your world, the main being Biomass. Biomass is harvested from Fruit which can randomly be found growing in most worlds, but can also be created from your own fruit plants. Biomass is used for almost everything from building things to creating animals or powering buildings. Gems, however, are harder to come by as you can only receive them from a few sources. Buying and raising animals will be your main source of Gems but you can also find limited deposits on your island and some God powers will help you also but those these aren't unlocked right away. Once you've grasped correctly managing those two sources its up to you to build, survive and complete your objectives as you see fit.
The dialogue throughout the game is both charming and humorous and the cutscenes give the Mims substance rather than just being 'things' you control like it is in most God games. I started to feel rather attached to my Mims and in one particular mission (I won't give any spoilers) I found myself heartbroken at my helplessness during a certain event.

As with most games The Mims beginning does have some little flaws. My two noticeable cons with the game are minor ones to me but some might find them much larger as they do impact the gameplay. The first is there is NO save mode. I'm going to repeat this as there are many negative comments I've found about this simple fact. THERE IS NOT A SAVE FEATURE. This applies to both story and survival mode so if you're looking for a game that you can come back and play the same save later this is not it. If you are like me, however, and enjoy smaller sessions you won't find any issues with this. This is something that'll not be added either as you can read here (the devs tried for a month and a half to implement it and it reaped no results and detracted from developing content). My second issue is more of a personal one but things can become rather overwhelming if you're not careful as there is a lot going on. Guardians are rather weak on their own so you'll heavily rely on using your god powers at first to destroy enemies so you'll constantly have to be checking your map for any new mob spawns. Speeding up the game increases the speed that enemies spawn so you have a choice between speeding through production and risk being overrun by enemies quickly or playing most of your game on a slower mode which can become a little tiresome especially since there is no save feature. You also have to produce animals manually one by one so you can't have the game running fast for any long period of time or you'll end up wasting time as you often forget to keep producing them. I did ask the devs if they plan to change this and they've replied saying they will look into it which is awesome! :D

The Mims Beginning overall is a fantastic game with a charming story and the kind of gameplay that keeps you coming back. Despite it's lack of a save feature The Mims Beginnings trumps most of the other God Games out there and really is a wonderful project and a great example of just what Greenlight can bring to Steam.
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