Una antigua conspiración. Un Código descifrado. Un asesinato sin resolver. Bienvenido a Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon, la aventura multinominada a los BAFTA. De nuevo George y Nico deben viajar por el mundo, enfrentándose al peligro y relacionando las pistas que desvelarán los secretos del Dragón Durmiente.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 2 de dic. 2009

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"El guión prácticamente perfecto es ejecutado con humor y sutileza por un reparto brillante. El magnífico sistema de animación facial dice tanto como el propio diálogo, añadiendo matices a las frases más simples. Si hablamos de videojuegos guiados por la narrativa, se encuentra a años luz de cualquier otro título reciente" - Edge, 9/10 (número 131)

Acerca de este juego

Una antigua conspiración. Un Código descifrado. Un asesinato sin resolver. Bienvenido a Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon, la aventura multinominada a los BAFTA. De nuevo George y Nico deben viajar por el mundo, enfrentándose al peligro y relacionando las pistas que desvelarán los secretos del Dragón Durmiente.

Unos potentes eventos sísmicos están sacudiendo el mundo. Algo siniestro emerge. Una Antigua Conspiración, el Secreto de los Templarios, y una diabólica fuente de pura Maldad es la responsable. La muerte de un hacker informático en París es tan sólo el comienzo de una nueva y extraordinaria aventura para George Stobbart y Nico Collard. Bienvenido al mundo de Broken Sword.

  • Gráficos impresionantes gracias a una tecnología de última generación.

  • Convincente jugabilidad contemporánea no lineal gracias a una interfaz potente y única.

  • Tecnología propietaria de Ray Tracing en tiempo real para crear un estilo visual único con libertad total de movimientos para la cámara.

  • Guión y voces de calidad cinematográfica, coreografiados por el Virtual Actor Engine propietario de Revolution.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista

    • Processor: Pentium3 750MHz or equivalent

    • Memory: 128 MB

    • Graphics: 64 MB

    • DirectX®: 8.1

    • Hard Drive: 1 GB

    • Controller Support: Yes

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Publicado: 1 de enero
Sin duda en el momento en el que empiezas a jugar parece que no es el Broken Sword, pierde su esencia. Mal control, personajes principales sin carisma y una historia que no engancha. Una pena
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Publicado: 8 de febrero
NOT recommended, unless you're a completionist ...and want to torture yourself.

This is a non-point & click Broken Sword game. The controls are really wonky, even after adjusting them to the typical WASD setup.

You waste a lot of time on box puzzles, as others have mentioned. The "stealth" sections are extremely tedious, frustrating, and don't add to the story.

There were two points in the game that really drove me crazy. At one point, while dungeon-crawling, I missed an item at the very beginning. Yep, you guessed it, no way to backtrack! I had to grab a save file to continue. Secondly, there was a puzzle that required you to check your notes. That was the ONLY time I found myself having to look at the notebook, so it was the furthest thing from my mind!

The dialogue and videos are NOT skippable, so have fun if you have to repeat sections because you missed your window of opportunity to not be killed. Those windows of opportunity involve paying attention to the action buttons and pressing it when required. Most of the time, I was too involved watching what was happening in the video only to realize I had died, because I didn't see the action pop up. Sigh.

And the ending... boss fight, really? Another pointless section!

Not sure what they were thinking with this game compared to 1 & 2 (which I enjoyed), but I was quite pleased when it ended... That says something.
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Publicado: 26 de febrero
@#&@?!!! [CENSORED]

It's not a point & click game... gosh, It's awfull to play with the keyboard. I stop playing when I tried to run away from the vilains more than 10 times! Damn... what can we use a controller or something else that this keyboard !!!! It drove me crazy !!!

I'm really disappointed as the two previous games are really good...

I will no play longer to this one until they change the control option !!!
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Publicado: 15 de abril
Having finished Broken Sword 1 and 2 I decided to immediatly play Broken Sword 3 expecting the same quality as before....sadly this was not the case. This game takes everything great from the past 2 games and completely ignores it.

The Bad:

- This game came out roughly 10 years after the first game and has aged worse than the previous games. This is what happens when you focus on technical graphics over art style. Gone is the cartoonish look and animations replaced with a more realistic look that doesn't even come close to holding up in modern times. Obviously a decade old game isn't going to look good compared to modern times but when the game is harder to look at than the previous games, you know you have a problem.

-The areas in this game feel so lifeless and soulless. All the charm has been lost. Every area is devoid of anything and now that you have to manually control your character it feels even emptier than before. I remember areas from the first two games that felt vibrant filled with people and unique locations. This game, every area feels the same. The feeling of being on an exotic adventure is gone.

- The game suffers with poor controls and camera angles.

- Designed with controller in mind

- The dialogue is atrociously bad and painful to listen to with some of the worst sounding accents I've heard in a game. To make matters worse you can't skip any dialogue. It's like getting punched in the face repeatedly and there is nothing you can do about it.

-The puzzles are not very good and most of them are 'crate puzzles'- moving crates around to access new areas. On some occasions you have to use 'stealth' or risk being killed. These stealth sections are also poorly done given the camera angles and controls.

The Good:

+ The only bright spot I can think of is if you enjoyed the characters from the first game than you will enjoy seeing the same characters and revisiting familiar locations.


I don't blame the developers for this. Point and Click Adventure games were all but dead in the early 2000's so trying to make them relevant and porting them to consoles only seemed like the logical choice given that is where the money was at. This game sadly did not make the transition so smoothly. As a standalone game I could recommend it, problem is 2 other games came out before it and did a much better job in every area.
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Publicado: 22 de diciembre de 2014
Nothing like the previous two games. The controls are a mess, the animation is lame (should have sticked to 2D), the voicing and humour don't come as naturally as in previous Broken Swords. The story sounds very interesting, but the gameplay is highly disappointing and certainly not worth your time or money,
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Publicado: 16 de noviembre de 2014
This is not a point&click!
Instead of mouse-control, there is only keyboard or controller, and both suck.
Control and camera are even worse than Monkey Island 4...

Neither dialog nor cut-scenes are skippable, which is especially "funny" in scenes in which you can die...
Did i mention that you also can't save during those dangerous scenes?

Except for one of the main characters, every voice-actor uses accents that are so horrible that after about two hours, you just want to punch them to make them stop.

I wasted 11 hours of my life and i damaged my keyboard out of sheer anger after dying 17 (!) times on the same scene: 2 minutes of unskippable cutscene/dialog, 1/2 second where camera and controls screw you, 30 second unskippable death-sequence, rinse and repeat...

If you want good point&clicks, play one of the Wajet-Eye- or Telltale-games

♥♥♥♥ this game
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Publicado: 21 de diciembre de 2014
I will give a negative review with a caveat.

This game is not as good as the other games in the series. The controls are not very smooth, and some wanna-be designer though that moving crates around was so much fun they should be added everywhere throughout the game. The puzzles are there but not as interesting as the earlier games.

Here is the caveat: If you have enjoyed Broken Sword 1 & 2, get this one just to get more George & Nico. I mean you already know you're going to buy the series, why waste your time with reviews?
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Publicado: 8 de diciembre de 2014
Broken Sword 3 is pile of trash, it looks like the only reason they created this ♥♥♥♥ was to make money off of it, it has very bad controls, bad camera angles and stupid sceanarios, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME, just skip to broken sword 5
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Publicado: 23 de diciembre de 2013
Sinceramente, qué decepción, el batacazo que se dieron después del Broken Sword 1 y 2 con este título fue de proporciones épicas. La adaptación al 3d ha sido horrible para esta saga y no voy a comparar de manera íntegra este tercer título con sus predecesores porque es una perdida de tiempo, aún así destacaré las cosas más importantes a tener en cuenta a la hora de porqué no jugar Broken Sword 3:

1. Adaptación al 3D: La adaptación ha sido poco más que horrible. Las animaciones dan pena no, lo siguiente. Son muy ortopédicas, cualquier acción por básica que sea es jodidamente mala, ni el andar está logrado. Además, las interacciones con los otros npcs son muy poco realistas, es como ver diálogos de robots. Otro fallo gordísimo en este juego es el enfoque de la cámara. La cámara no la puedes controlar tú y cuando a ella le viene en gana te pone en el ángulo que cree correcto, jodiéndote así el caminar/correr, dándote un ángulo pésimo o simplemente dificultándote el movimiento. Un desastre, habría ganado mucho si hubiesen seguido con el 2d point and click.

2. Puzzles, objetos e interacciones de los mismos: Esta ha sido una de mis mayores decepciones. Todo el universo de los anteriores Broken Sword, los cuales estaban cargados de magia, enigmas y objetos con sus correspondientes descripciones rocambolescas ha desaparecido, sí, lo han borrado de un plumazo. Ahora en los escenarios puedes interactuar con los 1 o 2 npcs de turno que te ayudan en la aventura ya sea dándote información para el caso o alguna pista y nada más. ¿Para qué vamos a crear diálogos que se salgan de la trama o no aporten ningún dato práctico? A tomar porculo, atrás quedaron el mercado de Ayamonte y escenarios por el estilo. Ya no tienes un sin fin de posibilidades, ahora tienes A, B, y si tienes suerte y se han estirado C. Y con los objetos es que pasa exactamente lo mismo, lo mismito, en los anteriores juegos por escenario había mogollón de objetos curiosos y tal vez sin sentido, aparte de los necesarios y "útiles" para la trama en sí, pero que te hacían vivir esa curiosidad de querer examinarlo todo para ver si tiene algún uso o simplemente te hacían soltar una carcajada por ver lo rídiculo que podían llegar a ser. En definitiva han creado escenarios mucho más simples, planos, faltos de contenido y menos realistas, en conclusión escenarios vacíos.
Y en cuanto a los puzzles... uff... ¿qué puedo decir? Podría resumirlo con que ha sido una experiencia traumática.
No disfrutaréis ninguno de los puzzles de este juego, puesto que os limitaréis a hacer 2 clases de puzzles: Los absurdos y facilones, y los de cajas, que consisten en eso, mover cajas hasta desesperarte sin ir mucho más allá. No se calentaron la cabeza, seguramente el que diseñó los puzzles tuvo algún problema con las cajas de pequeño o algo, porque no es normal lo de este juego, acabas hasta los santos cojones de hacer puzzles de cajas sin sentido una y otra vez en los cuales crees que en lugar de 10 minutos ha pasado media hora de lo soporífero y aburrido que era, y cuando por fin lo terminas y exclamas: ¡Sí, a tomar porculo las cajas de dios! Después de 2 escenas más tienes otro igual. BUAAAARGH.
De la saga Broken Sword, si la juegas al completo terminarás acordandote probablemente de 2 puzzles: el de la cabra, y de los PUÑETEROS PUZZLES DE CAJAS.

Historia, desarrollo y personajes: La historia en mi opinión no está del todo mal, es el clásico modelo que los Broken Sword han seguido, sin comerlo ni beberlo de nuevo George Stobbart termina enfrascado en otra misión para salvar el mundo, pero no hay una gran profundidad en la historia ni en los personajes en sí como en las anteriores entregas, es una historia más corta y más práctica, centrada muy poco en los detalles y que parece que grita porque la acabes pronto. Y en la cual George pasa de ser un abogado escéptico ejemplar a pelear contra dragones y hacer como si no hubiese pasado nada, everyday bussiness. Sinceramente cosas como esta las han metido y hacen que no puedes coger la historia por ningún lado, te la tragas como una medicina mala y ya está.

Como conclusión podría seguir despotricando sobre el juego, que se merece una crítica como esta y peor, pero no quiero malgastar más mi tiempo, me vale con avisar al resto de la humanidad sobre este desgraciado ser que ha parido Charles Cecil.
Ni decir que no, no lo recomiendo, es horrible y si no eres un apasionado de la saga ni te hace falta jugarlo, porque si lo haces te vas a llevar una decepción, es un juego pésimo en la gran mayoría de sus aspectos.

Desde el día en que lo terminé aún sigo teniendo pesadillas con puzzles de cajas.
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Publicado: 11 de octubre de 2014
Si os gusta el Broken 1 y 2, este no tiene que ver nada con los otros....
Si un juego triunfa con sus graficos, solo hay que mejorarlo, no cambiarlo y hacerlo una aventura con puzzles 3D....
Si en algo triunfaron el 1 y 2, es en la forma de jugar que tienen...con el raton basta.
Por lo demas esta entretenido, tipico juego mezclado...sube baja ...izquierda derecha...coger soltar... mirar usar...
Lo que no creo que les guste a la mayoria es la cantidad de veces que cambias de botones para poder interactuar.
Personalmente no me gusta las aventuras "graficas" de esta manera...soy clasico...un puntero y a pensar.
No viene en Castellano en Steam. Muy mal Hecho.
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Publicado: 1 de enero de 2014
Un broken Sword a la altura de los anteriores, aunque no se si por la historia o por la nostalgia de los gráficos 2D prefiero los anteriores. Mantiene el humor tan fino y sarcástico de la saga que lo caracteríza.
Su dificultad es mas o menos la misma que siempre, puzzles bastante lógicos que en alguna que otra ocasión tendrás que pararte a pensar, eso si, hay varios puzzles, que aprovechan la nueva dimensión, de mover cajitas que en mi opinión, acaban siendo un poco pesados ya que no son tan dificiles como laboriosos al tener que mover las cajas de una forma taaaan lenta.

Lo único que odio de este juego es el control. ¡Por dios, que basura de control! ya de por si es algo ortopédico al usar solo las teclas de movimientos pero además se le añade una dificultad de control cuando hay cambios de camara que no son nada intuitivos.

Por lo demás, si te gusta la saga está bien que juegues a este también ya que hace bastantes referencias a lo ocurrido en las anteriores entregas.
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Publicado: 28 de enero de 2014
Aún recuerdo a su abuelo... Buscando por París, España, Irlanda y Siria el rastro de los templarios... ¡Qué tiempos! Y ahora juntan un puñado de polígonos, y dicen que es la 3ª parte de la saga. No creo en el karma, es una estupidez, pero ojalá existiera para hacer justicia...
El salto al 3D le ha sentado fatal, junto con una historia más simple que un cuento de Gloria Fuertes y unos escenarios patéticos. Todo se une para crear un despropósito de tamaño descomunal.
No compréis este juego, y si os lo regalan, no lo juguéis. Usad cualquier excusa para no jugarlo, y si la curiosidad os puede, hacéis el harakiri.
Los mismos creadores del juego no confiaban en su producto, en su saga. Una aventura gráfica de las de siempre, y además, con pedigree, pero se han desecho de parte de esa aventura como si fueran pulgas, y han rellenado los huecos con algo de acción y plataformas. El resultado es un pastiche que no va a ningún lado.

¿Y si quiero jugarlo sólo por la satisfacción personal de poder decir "he jugado a todos los Broken Sword"? quedaría mejor si le añadieras "... excepto al Broken Sword 3 - the Sleeping Dragon", pero tú mismo.
Pues tú lo has jugado y no has muerto... Pero ya no soy el mismo. Algunas noches me despierto empapado en sudor y llorando.
Va en serio, ¿tan malo es? "Malo" sería dejarlo bien parado.
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Publicado: 4 de diciembre de 2013
Even though Broken Sword 3 departed from the point-and-click 2D adventure, I am trying to be open-minded and not afraid of changes, when it comes to games that I literally grew up with.
But in general:

+ Good story, nice dialogues;
+ The characters remain faithful to the first two games;
+ More cut-scenes than the previous 2 games;
+ You get to play with George and Nico equal time;
+ The character animations feel quite much human.

- They could've made the ending a bit more satisfying;
- No, seriously. DO NOT PUT CRATE PUSHING PUZZLES IN YOUR GAME! EVER! If I wanted to play a game that you push crates, that game should not be named "Broken Sword".

Anyway, this game is pretty much enjoyable and I recommend it. But only after you finished the first 2 Broken Sword games.
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Publicado: 16 de enero de 2014
Broken Sword 3 is host to some big problems that unfortunately overshadows a lot of the good aspects of the game.

Just like the previous Broken Sword games, the story is decent though not special. The dialogue and voice acting is definitely one of the strongest aspects of the series, and BS 3 has that too. Most of the puzzles range from okay to pretty interesting.

However, the controls are an unholy collection of awful and rubbish. They suck, they suck in every way possible. Combine the bad controls with the terrible camera and you got a special kind of awful. The camera uses weird angels and it switches them constantly. CONSTANTLY. It jumps back and forth, sometimes as much as five times in a few "meters" of road. It's enough to make you seasick... and it causes you to run the wrong way since what was one direction a second ago is suddenly the opposite direction or sideways. It also prevents you from seeing the things you wish to see.

Maybe it is easier to play on a controller, but as far as I can tell there is no way to do so.

The move to 3D really did not help this game in any way. The visuals look dated compared to the other two older games. The controls and camera are, as I said, horrific. To the puzzles it has apparently only added crate/block dragging and hidden climb points. The block puzzles are unfortunately uninspired and the hidden climb points are either obvious or frustrating. It has, however, added a bunch of empty space that you have to transverse, filled with an endless supply of locked doors that you can for some reason try to open, look at and listen to. It is a frustrating test of patience. It adds nothing to the puzzles when five endless corridors still only contain one object and one place to use it. It does not make the world feel larger and more alive, it just creates even more space you have to get through with your bad controls and camera.

Then we have the fact that you can't skip dialogue or cutscenes. Which is going to be a problem considering BS3, like all adventure games, encourage interacting with objects numerous times... which means that it sure would be nice to be able to skip past having to hear them say they can't open the door for the thousands time until you find the door you ARE supposed to open. Not being able to skip cutscenes is even worse since they had decided to match almost every cutscene with either quick time events or chases... and if you miss you die... and if you die... YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE WHOLE FREAKING CUTSCENE AGAIN... AND AGAIN... AND AGAIN.

It's a shame, because underneath it all is a pretty nice adventure game. The problem is that the amount of frustration you have to go through to get to the good parts is just not worth it. The only reason I played to the end is stubborness. There are good moments, but the only way I can recommend this game is if you have a high tolerance for bad controls, bad cameras, watching the same cutscenes over and over again, and just generally feel like the game is wasting your time for no good reason.
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Publicado: 29 de octubre de 2014
Not as good as 1 & 2 and the controls can be pretty awkward at times.

Quite a few box puzzles, which are more time consuming than difficult. The worst parts are the 'sneaking' sections which highlight poor controls and some odd camera angles which often lead to multiple attempts to get past them.

Also having moved away from the cartoon graphics of 1 & 2 this one hasn't aged quite as well.

I'd still recommend the game if you have played 1 & 2 and liked them. It's still good fun and humorous, enjoyed playing through.
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Publicado: 12 de julio de 2012
Análisis de preestreno
Too many block pushing puzzles fail to provide any real challenge, off-putting controls make you wish you invested in a proper gamepad, but characters you know and love make you want to see it thorugh the end. Overall, very basic adventure game. 3-D wasn't a way to go.
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Publicado: 19 de enero de 2014
Just completed the game and actually wanted to vote a "Neutral" rating for the game, but unfortunately, there is no such choice. Went with "Recommended", but only if you are a fan of the series.

I previously played part 1 and 2 of the series, and this game was, IMHO, the poorest of the 3.

The game had lesser puzzles! I don't count box pushing as puzzles and there were really too many of them! They also added Quick Time Events (QTEs), some action sequences (usually running away or hiding) and sneaking around. Well, my preference would have that it been more puzzle-oriented.

The 3D perspective would have been fine, but the camera angles made it terrible. The camera kept switching and the controls are relative to the angle at that point, and so making it difficult to move the character. For example, I might end up running towards the enemy rather than away. And certain sequences had time constraints, which made it frustrating when I can't move the character to the correct position, and had to keep repeating till I get it right. It is also irritating that I couldn't skip cutscenes when repeating these sequences. For these reasons, I prefer the 2D view in the first 2 games. The shift to 3D was refreshing (reminded me of Uncharted a couple of times), but implementation was really poor.

Well, having said all these, I love George and Nico and won't hesistate to buy the next game (was also wondering why The Angel of Death is not on Steam?), though newcomers that start with this game first will probably think otherwise.

Will probably get The Serpent's Curse (glad that it went back to the series' 2D roots) on the Playstation Vita once, or if, it releases in the Asian PS Store (probably the region with the worst store updates).
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Publicado: 20 de mayo de 2014
Regardless of the change to 3d, this installment still manages to maintain the charm we all came to know Broken Sword by. Defintely recommended for veterens of the series.
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Publicado: 3 de mayo de 2014
Broken Sword 3 ♥♥♥♥♥es, this time in 3D

The graphics are ok i guess for the date this came out.
Voice acting is great.
Dialoge is pretty good though cheesy at times but aye I love it :P
Lot of people complaining about controls. I found them to be ok, at first its a bit tricky but after 5 mins it's not a problem (keyboard).
I think you can even adjust the controls to suit your needs, so i do not know why these people are ♥♥♥♥♥ing.
Some of the puzzles are hard XD but aye you can always use a walkthrough like the "Oh those puzzles were so easy" people.

Personally I feel the previous two games are better but this is still worthy of having the broken sword title.
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Publicado: 19 de mayo de 2014
Análisis de preestreno
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is a game that is so good, that knowing of its simple existence is enough to put a smile on your face. The Sleep Dragon is a shining example of how the genre has progressed and what it is capable of, it’s a stunning achievement adventure gaming. Inclusive of a solid story, likeable and engaging characters, stunning visuals, and delightful dialogue, this is one adventure you simply won’t be able to tear yourself away from.

Graphically, the game is well done, with bright, cartoonish visuals. Cut-scenes are well voiced and complement the story, animation quality is superb. Incredible voice acting dominates this game, often surpassing the graphics and story by far. From Nico’s French accent to George’s “yankee lawyer” daftness, it’s a pleasure to listen to this game.

Many of the puzzles are somewhat straightforward in design, and while ensuring player is less likely to hit those infuriating brick walls typically found in many of the genre's titles, your input into the events once again tends to feel slightly shallow and less rewarding than before as the majority of ‘box’ puzzles are repetitive, yet otherwise clever.

The games controls however, feel somewhat broken, as to can make it almost impossible to play expect for the most dedicated of fans. The Sleeping Dragon is the only instalment in the series that is not point-and-click, in fact, it’s impossible to use the mouse for anything; instead all major actions in the game are done by keyboard or even game-pad as I preferred. The games manual brags about its “hybrid” system, but it’s practically unusable. The UI on the other-hand does steer away from the familiarity of the previous titles in the series, but once you look past the crude user interface, you will find an otherwise excellent and compelling game.
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