16-bit RPG magic is back! Can you stop the Wastelands from spreading and overtaking the world? Play as Marcus, Bastien and Fela, 3 army conscripts with little liking for their new life, yet who find themselves engulfed in a mystery that could very well cause the demise of their nation.
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Positive (43 reviews) - 86% of the 43 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Apr 3, 2015

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“Proof that the JRPG is still alive and kicking”
80 – Gamezebo

“The JRPG Genre Still Has It - if you're fan of the genre then waste no time getting your feet firmly into the polished and solid gameplay and storytelling this little gem has to offer”
80 – Lazy Gamers

“Undefeated definitely promises to be a quick favorite”
80 – World of the Nerd

About This Game


Can you stop the Wastelands from spreading and overtaking the world?
Play as Marcus, Bastien and Fela, three army conscripts with little liking for what is supposed to be their next two years, yet who find themselves engulfed in a mystery that could very well cause the demise of their nation.


  • Innovative and Strategic Battles
  • Stunning Artworks from the Team Behind Moonchild and Opaline
  • Front-view Battles with Incredible, Colorful Monsters
  • 4 Modes of Difficulty (including Legendary)
  • Visible or Invisible Encounters - You Decide
  • Optional Mouse Control - You Decide
  • 25 Secret Rooms to Discover
  • 23 Steam Achievements to Unlock
  • 16 Side Quests to Complete

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 200 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
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2.9 hrs
Posted: August 6
The worst turned-based battle system I have ever seen. This game gets boring and frustrating REALLY fast. The only good thing I found about this game is its Music. Definitely not worth 10$.
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2.8 hrs
Posted: August 1
its a pretty fun game if you like JRPG's other than that it's just another game but in all honesty its definitly not worth
10 to 13 dollars, it's more worth like, 3 to 5 bucks thats just my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ little review, oh wait, I need some comedy.
♥♥♥♥ MY ♥♥♥
MADE ME KILL MY FAMILY 11/10 Rotten Tomatoes
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10.2 hrs
Posted: July 28
It´s a very nice game. I think it´s funny to play and you can do a lot of things. (:
There are lots of charackters you can use to play...so it´s never boring. :3
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5.8 hrs
Posted: July 6
This game makes me wax nostalgic over playing Final Fantasy 2/4 on SNES. However, this game gets better at adding in some smaller details, such as checking logs for gold, finding roots and things on the ground.

My favorite part has been the dialog. It is very sharply written, and the three main characters interact with each other in a way that makes you want to be around them.

I bought this for cheap in the recent sale, but would even recommend it without a sale.
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17.4 hrs
Posted: June 14
Im too short too see this game ;-;
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64.5 hrs
Posted: June 12
Aldorlea once more proves that RPG Maker is a powerful tool!

The game follows the story of three companions as they battle their way to the source of what is corrupting their land. Even though it's a simple objective, the game manages to keep you going as the story unfolds bit by bit.
As the past Aldorlea games, it has 16 side quests for you to solve, 25 secret rooms to find and plenty of unique equipment to keep you safe and powerful! Not to mention you can choose between random battles or visible enemies.
The game has custom art, the sounds and soundtrack are nice enough to involve you from beginning to end.

If you are looking for an RPG to play for the next 10 or so hours, pick this gem up!
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Frankie Fuck U
5.8 hrs
Posted: May 16
Froze up on me several times wasting my time. Got ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and rage Quit after the third freeze wasted an hrs worth of questing. Yeah i shoulda saved but rpgs make me tunnel hard. And glitchy rpgs can burn in hell.
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4.0 hrs
Posted: May 14
Undefeated a game worth playing to bring back the older gamer in you to heart.

As someone who grew up playing 18 and 36 bit games this was a homerun of Nostalgia.
But if you think playing old games now won't be just as great, Undefeated goes to a new level with that, with its quirky and fun dialogue from your character as well as the NPC's, making every action and and choice fun to do.
And factoring in how cheap this game is, it's worth a while game, so buy and play (y)
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13.4 hrs
Posted: May 9
Good writing, likeable characters, decent story, and classic oldschool RPG gameplay. Music was also fantastic.

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0.2 hrs
Posted: May 4
Great game, very rich dialogue, the music pleasant ears, I recommend this game, the price is very low for such a high-quality product.
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Not Recommended
1.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
(Edit: July 2016 - At the rate the game is now being regularly discounted, you wouldn't be wasting your money if you were paying $2 or less... For the game in the condition it was when I last played, over a year ago.

It is likely that the author has made at least some corrections since. So keep that in mind when you read this.)

Considering how this game has been rated so far (91% of of this review) I expected something at least equal to other equally rated RPGMaker games, such as 'Skyborn' (91%) or at the VERY LEAST far superior to lower rated ones, such as 'Dark End' (61%), but I was wrong on both accounts.

TLDR; - This is an almost completely phoned in game. Anyone with any knowledge of the VXAce toolset could tell you right off that this game has had the LEAST amount of effort possible put into it. Complete with invisible walls (pathing errors) which no one seems to have even mentioned in a single review. While it's not a terrible game, it sure as hell isn't close to good, and is outright insulting to the RPGMaker community to suggest it deserves its current review score OR its MSRP of $10. As a matter of fact, if I it wasn't for the reasonable sale I bought it in, I would have already gotten one of those new easy to request refunds.

This is an exploitation game (resembling the exploitation films of the 70's) by Aldorlea, Developed & Published. And little more.


Review Points...

+ The story is not terrible.
I have read worse in RPGMaker games. Much worse. However, not being terrible is about as good as it gets. Take that for what it's worth. (very little)

+ Custom Battle Backs.
It's possible I didn't notice, but it appears that all the battle backs are non-stock.

+ Custom Music.
I didn't notice any stock-music. This might be important to people. Though what music there is, isn't great and feels more like variety for the sake of variety rather than any intended theme. Again, bare minimum... VERY BARE.

- Interior transition points rarely match up, in either size or location.
This can leave you momentarily disjointed from the scene. It screams laziness, or worse, that they used prefab maps (from other projects) and simply shifted assets and linked them together. But I it's just an impression.

- Minimal Custom Scripts.
Everything I noticed, other than the mouse controls, was Yanfly Engine. It also lacks any journal entry, victory screen, or commonly used community patches to avoid some of Yanfly's WELL KNOWN bugs. As I already pointed out, BARE minimum. No effort. Little planning... It's likely all the scripts used where cut and paste only.

- Invisible Walls.
Pathing issues crop up almost immediately in the first outdoor areas in the game...

- Party Banter is mostly Vapid and often Vacuous.
At first, it could be cute. But not for long... And the few moments where something important is being said, are hard to notice amongst the constant dribble of pointless and utterly forgettable remarks. It's almost as if the main plot was written start to finish, and THEN 'filler' banter was inserted periodically along the route to break the monotony of grinding... No coherence. Little substance. And only the rarest glimmer of character development.

- Generic Abilities.
Quite literally, I played the first hour of the game spamming 'Attack' 90% of the time... And I was playing on HARD difficulty... Abilities are largely pointless until you get your healer. Not to mention, whoever named them, needs to be chided. Who, WHO names an ability 'Fortify' that does nothing but Buff ATK? And WHY does Guard, heal 15HP every time? Especially when half the loot items dropped from monsters are healing items usable IN BATTLE... /sigh (Must remain constructive)

- Cluttered Maps.
The mapping isn't terrible... Like the story, THAT is as good as it gets. Period. And I might have left it as a Pro, or not even mentioned it at all, had THE SAME TILES not been repeated ad-nauseum and placed as if the mapper was a blind folded Parkinson's patient.

- Absolutely NO Economy of Battle Action.
I really don't want to go into why this is important... But simply put, I felt almost NO urgency NOR importance in choosing one action over another in battle. EVER. Other than the occasional heal, almost every single battle could have been resolved using Auto. A few boss battles, required a few debuffs, and a few cures... But little more. It all felt entirely uninspired.
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20 of 25 people (80%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 28, 2015
Undefeated is a decent first game by a new developer on the scene. While it is not perfect, it is still a decent game and worth checking out. For more detail, read below.

For a detailed review, I'm going to use the classic GIMLET system, as used by the RPG Addict. Rating: 0: Awful, 1- 2 Bad, 3 - 4: Poor, 5 - 6: Average, 7 - 8: Above Average, 9 - 10: Great!

1. Game World: The game world is well explained, and you got the sense that you *are* in the army, out to defeat evil. Nicely done. The world feels alive too, and I got a kick out of that dog and all the comments about it by the end of the game: 10/10

2. Character development (leveling): Characters develop at the standard pace as an RPGMaker game. 5/10

3. NPC Interaction: Decent interaction. NPC's change dialogue over the course of the game. Minimal interaction with your party members though, but you do learn the essentials about them at least throughout the game. I just found myself wishing for a little more interaction by the end of the game, as I still felt like some of my party members were an Engima to me. 7/10

4. Encounters and Foes: Decent balance. I felt the late game boss waves were a tad inbalanced, and I dread to think how someone who didn't find a few secret rooms would have ever survived that, especially in the absence of a heal all spell. Probably needs light tweaking here and there, but overall, decent balance of foes until the very end game: 5/10

5. Magic and Combat. Decent. If you hate random fights you can always choose to select visible encounters, though expect 1 - 2 enemies to always block your path per map. Still, you can at least plan on 1 - 2 battles this way, just don't expect to be able to dodge them if you go back for a side quest and are massively overleveled. 6/10

6. Equipment. Equipment is doled out as the game progresses, though occasionally you can buy something when in town. Just except it to get replaced by the next equipment hand out though. However, if you want to buy your way to power, this game does not alow that, be forewarned. 6/10

7. Economy: You always have a need for gold in this game, as accessories are so expensive. Only thing I didn't like is KO recovery items were so expensive compared to the amount of gold earned per fight, but you can get around that by resting for a really cheap rate and still recovering from KO. 7/10

8. Quest: Many side quests. I just wish they had used something besides a document telling you what the quest is to remind you of it. I often forgot the clues to solving the side quest after a while, and had to proceed blindly. Resulted in the only ones I completed were by sheer dumb luck in the end. 6/10

9. Graphics, sound, interface. Standard RPGMaker interface, with a few scripts to modify it. Graphics are decent, sound good. No UI bugs stood out. Just don't go in expecting state of the art graphics. 6/10

10. Gameplay: Overall, good. Farily linear game, with some side quests you can explore and find and solve. Not too many optional areas though, except for a room here or room here, but that's not a negative in my opinion. Only improvement I'd like to see is a little better balancing late game, and maybe another side area or two for the player to earn gold that wishes to do that. 7/10

Total: (0 - 20 Bad, 20 - 40 Poor, 40 - 60 Average, 60 - 80 Above Average, 80+ Game of the year?) 65/100, which is nicely above the recommended cutoff of 50 with the way I score each item. Overall I'd say this is a decent, above average game. Probably won't win game of the year, but you will have fun while playing it, which is what matters.
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34 of 50 people (68%) found this review helpful
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 4, 2015
If your looking for an old school 16bit turn based RPG, look no further!

Awesome music, a great dialogue, and a very clear story line! No looking around for hours figuring out what to do.. Combat works well, characters either have a mana or action points pool (mana needs potions, action points restore during battle). With a wide variation of spells and a lot of effects like paralyze, blind, poision etc.

Game starts of a little slow, with monsters being fast and easy. This can be a little boring at the start, but the dialogue kept me entertained. Later on in the game though, this will get more tactics. Especially with boss battle's.

Art is also very well done, lots of different and original looking monsters and npcs. I found a review saying the amount of game time would be around 20 hours, I can't confirm this, but it definitely aint a short game that you finish in a couple of hours.

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18 of 22 people (82%) found this review helpful
10.3 hrs on record
Posted: April 3
I've absolutely fallen in love with Aldorlea developed games, they scratch that itch for turn based JRPG's I've had since the playstation 2 stopped being supported. For the longest time I'd been waiting for a new game or games to fill the void, the few offerings I found with Xbox 360 and PS3 were ok, but too few and far between to really keep me occupied, and satisfy my needs. When I made the leap from console gaming to PC gaming I noticed a decided lack of good rpg's. In recent years that void has been filled, thanks to developers like Aldorlea. The games have a nice quaint throwback feel to them, a nice mixture of humor while keeping the games moving along on a series path towards the ultimate finish. Along the way you'll find classic RPG staples, like hidden areas (although some are overly hidden or just randomly placed, would have been nice if some on screen indicator appeared to show off hidden entrances) the old health potion in a barrel trick (much like the hidden areas I'd have liked if some on screen indicator appeared to show where hidden items were located, just to help those who must have everything like myself). Fun side quest which are beneficial to helping make Undefeated feel like more than just another empty shill of an RPG maker game.

The Story

The game starts off with you having control of Marcus, you eventually and rather quickly pick up two additional party members in Bastien and Fela, these three will form the foundation of your party for the remainder of the game... (or will they?) You can then go on a casual stroll through the town, check out the sites, talk to various NPC's, pick up bits and pieces of information about the world and what's been going on in it, or maybe even grab a side quest or two. (Don't forget to check all those barrels, never know what you might find) After you've had your fill, you can retreat back to the barracks for rest.

The game switches view to Jeneva, who is in conversation with the big bosses of the current barracks, apparently she's meant to go on a very important and secret mission to discover what's been going on in a rather distant town, as contact has been lacking. Jeneva is tasked with taking three conscripts through the mountain pass, and then ditching them!!! The mission is too important to have lowly conscripts getting in the way. Jeneva eventually agrees and I'm sure you guessed which three conscripts she's going to pick for her wondrous mission..

One thing leads to another and Jeneva is wounded while trying to ditch the conscripts, so after some soul searching she decides to alter the plan and have the party escort her the remainder of the way. This turn of events kick starts a magical adventure, filled with laughs, filled with tears, and gosh darn it filled with money... Money hidden in trees, and on dead bodies, and given to you by rich farmers and merchants and enemies OH MY!!!..

The Gameplay

Not much can be said about gameplay, if you've played one turn based rpg you've played them all. You pick your attack, (Basic, skill based or magical) choose which enemy you want to attack and sit back. Turn based combat is slightly boring, this game is no exception, you can typically select the auto attack button and sit back while your party auto attacks everything to death. Although in order to use this method you'll be required to keep an eye on your parties health between battles and top if off when necessary. Also keeping your gear and weapons up to date and not allowing yourself to be under-leveled is also something to keep in mind. You'll be met with tutorial books which give a basic rundown of information on your upcoming area when things change, such as new party members join who have different types of attacks you may not be used too, or when entering a new area that has some other type of trap or pitfall.


Good story,
Interesting characters,
Controller/achievement/trading card support +++
increasing challenge as the game progresses


few technical issues which aren't the developers fault, but a fault of the engine.
I want my side quest in order dang it lol... it's kind of off putting seeing the numbers out of order... grrr


I'd love to see some type of on screen indicator of hidden areas, items and side quest. Another minor issue was the side quest numbers being out of order, and no real way of knowing what mission you're currently on, outside of backtracking and talking to NCP's, hoping one of them will remind you of your current mission. Those things aside I'd fully recommend and endorse this game to any and every turn based RPG fan out there. Keep in mind if you aren't a fan of turn-based combat or rpg maker games in general you might want to avoid this one. Although this game has enough meat and potatoes at a decent enough price to give you 10 - 20 hours of fun, retro 16 bit rpg action.
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34 of 52 people (65%) found this review helpful
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8.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 23, 2015
Undefeated is a solid addition to the JRPG genre that not only brings you back to the good old days but some new and fresh experience.

Developer: Aldorlea Games
Publisher: Aldorlea Games
Format: PC
Release Date: 4. January, 2014

Let’s dive right into the Review!

You slip, for the main part, into the role of Marcus and his newly found friends, Bastion and Fela. Each character has it’s own personality and quirks that’ll make you groan more than once during the game. Bastion would rather use his Axe, that has been forced onto him, to chop onions then to slay evil with it. They are three new conscripts charged to protect their Kingdom, while they are not happy there’s nothing they can do about it. At first they really dislike their new lives as conscripts but as the story unfolds they learn that they are actually doing something very important.

Those three aren’t the only playable characters you’ll encounter some more as you progress with the story.

In the beginning you’ve been tasked to find a Trinket that has been hidden deep inside the forest.
So your first mission is to go and find it and then report back to your Captain. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well once you fought your way through the jungle and after you’ve encountered and slain some creature you finally find the Trinket. At the same time a mutant Wolf charges at you and the battle starts.

After returning to your Captain and telling him what exactly happened your real Story starts.
The three are now tasked to find out why the Wasteland is spreading and stop it, if possible.

This is as much as I’m going to spoil the story. Else it wouldn’t be fun right?

Anyway. Undefeated is a JRPG through and through.
The game features several difficulty grades from easy to hard and even gives you the option whether you want to have invisible or visible enemies, giving you the chance to avoid random encounters. Battle is turn-based as you’re used to from other games of the genre. Meaning you can use special techniques, magic and attacks to defeat everyone who dares to stand in your way. As usual for this genre you move on a world map while visiting towns and sub dungeons and forests. A nice little addition tho that is that once you’ve been to a place you have the option to enter it or to walk through it which is a blessing once you start to look for all those Quests and Secret Rooms Besides that you can complete several Quests and find secret Rooms. Those are actually really important on a higher difficulty since the game even tells you that the best gear can only be found in those secret Room and good gear is exactly what you need if you reach the Wastelands on a higher difficulty.

Some thoughts
I said I won’t spoil anything of the Story anymore but I’m afraid I have to since when you’re tasked to actually go forth to the Wastelands you’ll notice that your health sinks rapidly. The Developers have built in a nice little feature at that part in my opinion. You’re given Wasteland Rings which will prevent the rapid health loss while you enjoy the view of the Wastelands.
I really liked that they built in such a feature since you have to give up your Accessory spot for those rings.

What amused me the most while playing the game was that every now and then when you find a secret room, treasure, or even some new gear the characters are talking about your new discovery. Whether they explain why you can find gold in a tree logs or that Bastion demands those Speedy Boots since he is the slowest in the Party … Things like that give Undefeated a rather unique charm.

Overall Undefeated is a really solid JRPG and well worth your time.
The game has some interesting characters which you certainly grow fond of rather fast.
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14 of 16 people (88%) found this review helpful
7.4 hrs on record
Posted: April 18
Undefeated is an RPG maker game with a great story, well written dialogue and some very enjoyable gameplay.

I'm not usually a fan of RPG maker games, as though I believe everyone has a story to tell, I honestly feel some of those stories are not worth listening to. Undefeated isn't one of those stories.
You start as a solider at the lowest ranks and quickly recruit some others to join you on your adventure. As with most RPG makers exploration is the key to starting out and there are plenty of NPCs, starter quests and shops to keep you interested before your adventure actually starts. There are many items to find (if you look in the right places) and lots of (witty) dialogue for those of you who prefer NPCs that don't all say the same thing.
You can find tutorial books dotted around the world with explanations for things from your inventory to combat so it's very accessible to those who have never played an RPG maker before which is appreciated. I've found many games from this genre assume that you've played something like this which is not always the case.

Undefeated has good progression. You are able to level up yourself and other party members, learn abilities and equip certain items. You can purchase items to use in combat from various merchants you'll find through the game. You can also sell all your unused gear as that is the main way to gain money (monsters don't just walk around with pouches of gold now do they?). Combat is the usual JRPG style combat (Attack, defend, escape ect. with various sub-menus) which is simplistic but gets the job done. Though I didn't really enjoy the combat to much, that wasn't the reason I was playing so it didn't bother me to much.

Your party members are likeable and I found myself rather enjoying engaging with them in dialogue. This keeps the game from being bland and boring and is a strong selling point. I feel there should be some connection with your team in a game and I definitely feel it in Undefeated. There is fantastic writing that is both serious and funny at times without feeling awkward or out of place.

Undefeated is not without it's cons though. There is a rather large known game breaking bug. I am unsure if the developer is working on it but it has caused many people problems. I also feel that the game could have more customization or crafting options. It does feel a little limited as you start to progress in the game as there is not the largest pool of items (at least not that I've found). Thirdly I did not enjoy playing with a controller at all. For some reason everything felt inaccurate even whilst doing the most basic of things like walking; I resigned to using my keyboard and mouse in the end. Lastly, questing can become very confusing. You get some quests before you can actually do them and can end up spending a lot of time searching for the right location before realising you can't reach it yet.

The music in nice and fits the mood of the game well, though it can get a bit repetitive depending on how long you play for. I would have liked to see some default tilesets also; I did recognize a few from the basic pack (please correct me if I'm wrong). I understand tilesets take a very long time to make but it is one of the few things that can separate RPG maker games from each other.

Overall Undefeated is a good game with a great story and some worthwhile dialogue to keep you entertained. It is definitely a game you should not miss when on sale if you like RPG maker games. There are great NPCs and party members to keep you entertained from start to finish.
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24.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 10, 2015
Undefeated is another very nice game from Aldorlea.
Fights are turn based as usual in RPG Maker games, but here you can have 5 characters in your party, not just 4.
The fighting system is custom made and very easy to handle.
Some characters have magic, others only technical skills, and some have both. While MP fill up when you rest, TP can only be built up in fights, by attacking or by being damaged. They build up pretty quickly though, so you can make good use of them.
As usual in Aldorlea games there's a nice variety of spells and skills and it's fun trying everything out.

I really like the story. A bunch of conscripts - young people that aren't happy at all about their military duty - get involved into something big. Of course they develop very well and find their inner strength, no surprise here, but their development always seems genuine and comprehensible. You get to know the characters quite well; their different origins, their opinions and plans for the future, and it's nice to watch them grow together and determinedly pursue the same goal.
There are bonus characters too that you might or might not find, and one of them is just hilarious.

Game-wise I liked the fact that there are rather small maps. Exploring huge dungeons can be fun, but it's also nice not to get lost easily. However, the downside of this is a pretty high encounter rate. A bit too high for my taste. When exploring, it sometimes can get annoying and disturbing, especially since all fights take several rounds.
The game is well balanced though. When you find good strategies in every dungeon, you'll always have enough health and magic points to get through well. You don't have to get out of a dungeon to rest, just because you're running out of HP, MP or restorative items. You also find enough items so you actually don't have to buy a lot.
What also helps very much to keep your characters healthy is that they regain some HP when defending. I made use of this feature a lot in fights.

There are a lot of secret rooms scattered all over the places. I'm personally not the biggest fan of secret rooms, but they are not too hard to find if you explore thoroughly. There's a lot of good items to be found in there, including the best equipment. If you find it you never have to buy anything at shops. However, I did miss getting some special equipment in shops. Comparing weapons and gear and deciding what to buy is something I enjoy, so that would have been nice in addition to the stuff that you can find.

I can't say much about the music because I usually turn it off.

To sum it up: There's a bit too much fighting for my taste (and this is really just a matter of taste, for others it might even be a plus). But other than that I enjoyed the game very much and certainly recommend it.
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18 of 24 people (75%) found this review helpful
10.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 12, 2015
My previous review was negative. I got to a point in a game, where I couldn't progress and I got "Game Over" message while going from one location to another.
I'm changing it, because the devs turned out to be very helpfull. It's good to see people, who care for this customers.

And about the game: I like the humour in this game. Maybe it wasn't the greatest story of all (hard to beat Chrono Trigger :P ), but it was nice. I enyojed reading dialogs where the characters talked about stuff, that is taken for granted in other games (like secret rooms, money in trunks of trees, why a certain character fights with axe etc).

Overall it was a good game, worth those few cents I paid.
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8.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 26
Undefeated is a RPG with party based combat. You control three conscripts, Marcus, Bastien and Fela that quickly become acquainted with each other after meeting for the first time. They will follow you around and they are the starting members of your party, along the way you’ll be able to acquire more companions, each with different abilities and skills.

Right from the start, you’re not given much background on what has happened prior to our little heroes adventures. Still, if you take your time to talk with every NPC, small hints will be given here and there. After a while, you’ll be engulfed in a series of mysterious events as your heroes try to figure out what is happpening in the world.

As with most RPG Maker games, you can interact with many things in the game such as pieces of furniture and every single person. Most of them will trigger a different dialogue than the previous one. I really like this and, if I’m not wrong, I think this is particularly popular practice in these games since they rely more on their story and characters to captivate the player. I also really like the small talk between your party members when you try to access a certain place which, you either are not supposed to go or someplace which you’ve recently visited. I find it a nice little touch, as opposed to just putting some kind of invisible wall or physical barrier to stop you from going there.

On some levels you’ll find tutorial books which teach you about a certain element of the game. These do a really good job on explaining basic things such as navigating the menus and explaining the combat mechanics. Right from the beginning the game teaches you how to play the game both with mouse and keyboard.

Once you exit the first town you’ll be able to explore the world, still, you can’t visit every single location right away. Everytime you proceed to a new zone (as in a different room/screen) the game will also display the name of your current location. The game rewards exploration and interacting with the surrounding environment, the maps are explorable and are filled with secret rooms and hidden loot.

As with any RPG of this type, you’ll be spending a lot of your time in combat. When you encounter a fight you’re able to choose between Attack, Escape and Auto. Auto makes all your characters attack with their current weapon, while escape allows you to attempt to flee combat. If you select Attack you’ll be able to choose from different types of actions like: entering a guard state which allows you to receive less damage while also recovering some HP; using special abilities that either require spell points or tech points, which you can gain by taking damage or using physical attacks. Of course, you’ll also be able to use normal physical attacks with your weapons and use different kinds of items that you purchase or loot.

At the end of each battle you’ll receive a certain amount of experience points and different types of loot. Some loot is worth keeping to use during battles while some is best just to sell it in a shop. Loot includes things like potions, junk and equipment. That said, enemies don’t drop gold, so you’re encouraged to search the levels for hidden gold stashes and to sell your unwanted items at a shop.

Minor cons:
- I do realize that this is a very simple 2D game but atleast some barebones video options would be nice. The only thing you can change is windowed or fullscreen mode. I ended up playing on windowed mode mainly because the game looks prettier on a smaller window and because when I tried playing on fullscreen my framerate was on the 20s, as opposed to the solid 60 I get in windowed.

- There were a few times in which my characters would glitch through a wall like it was some sort of secret path but that wasn’t the case. There was also this time in which I was unable to enter a secret room for some reason, I followed the secret path leading to it but my characters were hitting an invisible wall.

Overall thoughts:
The music isn’t anything that will blow your mind, but some tracks are pleasing to listen to, and I think they fit the whole medieval-fantasy theme going on. Visually I’m not really a fan of the look RPG Maker games have but that is a matter of personal taste.

I found the plot to be rather interesting and it was the main reason why I kept playing the game. That, combined with a party based combat system, which I really enjoy, along with a rather simplistic loot system that rewards completing side quests and exploring by offering you better and unique equipment (in comparison to what you find in shops) made me enjoy my time with Undefeated.

While I don’t think that you’ll be missing a lot if you don’t play Undefeated, I think it is well worth your time if you pick it up on sale.
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Posted: April 8, 2015
I would definitely recommend this game if you are a jrpg fan. The storyline was pretty solid, it was a lot of fun to rank up in the military more and more as you go and get new armor sets from the quartermaster. The characters have individual personalities and the dialogue is believable which I believe is crucial for this type of game. The artwork was also pretty cool, all of the enemy battle portraits looked great. Difficulty is always an important factor in these games for me as I am a veteran jrpg player with an overly high opinion of my skills, so having the option to ramp it up is always a win for me.

If there was anything to complain about in this game I would say it just needs some touchups here and there, like some tiles could be walked through that weren't meant to be walked through, and vice versa. Far from game breaking though, I got no real advantage or disadvantage from those situations. Also *mild spoiler* I wish the "big bad" had a more active role throughout the game.

Overall I would give this game an 8/10 and would definitely say it is worth buying, especially since on steam its $8.50 right now.

As for the creator's request for feedback and question of whether a sequel should be made I would definitely say yes. A followup game to see what happens to marcus and co definitely appeals to me, and I think a second touched up product could easily be a 9/10.

Thanks for the fun time, Undefeated :)
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