Ready for a huge adventure? Welcome to the magical world of Asguaard, and delve into an RPG that can span over 100 hours! Dwarves in the cold region of Roya believe that only a human with a soul can overcome the dreaded Thanatos and its Pandora Box... are you this one?
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Release Date: Apr 10, 2015

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“Asguaard is easily Aldorlea's most ambitious commercial title to date”
87 – RPG Fan

“Asguaard is most certainly Aldorlea's best game so far”
95 – Just-RPG

“Asguaard brilliert mit einem großartigen Umfang, einem flotten Kampfsystem ohne Schnörkel und wird zumindest Retro-Fans überzeugen können”
81 – Game Contrast

About This Game


Ready for a huge adventure? Welcome to the magical world of Asguaard where the future is about to be torn apart.

Somewhere, somehow, the Pandora Box has been opened.
A series of devastating plagues each worse than the previous are on their way tearing apart the lands and creatures before them. The magical inhabitants of Fairies, Dwarves and legendary creatures are powerless to prevent the tragedy yet there is just one chance.

A committee of Fairies gather at Asguaard's highest village - their immense task is to summon a creature able to achieve miracles, a creature read about in the oldest of books, a creature that is in possession of something that the Asguaard kind can only dream of and hold in awe. The possession is a soul and the creature - a human.

Come join the fight for Asguaard, a tale of friendship, passion and heroism.


  • Aldorlea's most popular game ever
  • Up to 100 hours of playing
  • 150 secret places
  • 500+ Locations - a huge, open-ended world to explore
  • 50 Achievements to Unlock
  • 4 Modes of difficulty, including a Story Mode
  • Learn dozens of specialties such as Sword, Ambush - great replay value
  • 3 levels of learning: Expert-Master-Guru
  • More examples of specialties: Telepathy, Learning, Looting, Botanist, Kindness etc.
  • Rename your character
  • Choose the weapon-type of each character
  • Unique Friendship system
  • Travel in a balloon
  • Summon creatures to help you in the heat of battle
  • Pick up icons on the ground to increase your attack power
  • Ancient, highly powerful Runes to collect
  • High quality production values
  • Amazing fantasy soundtrack
  • Discover a new world and teach magic and fighting to two humans
  • Help the people of the unique world of Asguaard

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
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0.5 hrs
Posted: September 2
I bought the game on sale, based on previous reviews. I can deal with annoying characters, but what I can't deal with is extremely frustraing controls, which I did not see mentioned in any previous reviews. Movement is done only by clicking on where you can to go, and if there's an obstacle in the way, you won't get there. The path it takes seems kind of random at times, it'll turn to the side instead of making a straight line. I would have played for longer if the movement was not so extremely annoying - wasd would be so much better. The jagged screen motion that accompanies this erratic movement also gave me a headache.

I requested a refund and would not recommend this game.
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0.4 hrs
Posted: June 16
I've only played just the beginning of the game so far, but there are certain things about the interface that I dislike. I like the artwork, and so far the story is fine.

1. I like having hot keys to get to items quickly, instead of going in and out of the menu.
2. I don't know if it is just my game, or a glitch or what, but my enemies are invisible? there is no way to avoid them when I'm walking around because I can't see them. They aren't very hard (so far) but I don't like fighting all the fights in these games. I honestly really hate turn based fighting in general, but I like the styleo of these RPG's so I deal.
3. The map is terrible. It costs money and it is just a blurry mess that shows you where the towns/areas are in relation to each other.
4. I dislike that you can't change the layout to ASWD instead of the keys.
5. Basically I just want to be playing Aveyond I guess.
6. It is worth it on sale.

I wish there was a neutral option for this game. If you like this style of RPG and are OK with it not being as fine tuned as other games, it is a fine sale buy.
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Fortuna me amat
3.7 hrs
Posted: May 10
Very interesting game, which we presented to the company Aldorlea Games. This is not the first game of the companies in which I played and I can say that it is adequately keeps among similar games of the genre, and not inferior to his predecessors. I like the panache of the game and of course her story.
A small drawback is the absence of other localization of the game, therefore, requires knowledge of the English language. However, this disadvantage is lost on the background of the game.)
I recommend to play this game, all fans of role-playing games)
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3.7 hrs
Posted: April 2
Asguaard is a magical RPG world of fairies and gnomes which you must help defeat the various troubles which had overtaken their land. addictive game that is not completed in 5 minutes. Great story, clever locations and not boring characters will not leave you indifferent to this game. I advise you to play this game.
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2.4 hrs
Posted: April 1
The long and interesting adventure RPG that I've ever seen. Meaning to write about this game I don't see, I can only say that it will tighten you for a long time. You must buy and play!
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4.7 hrs
Posted: March 26
Asguaard is a game where you will spend a lot of hours. It has long and interesting storyline, authentic music and nice old school art.
Huge part of this game is exploring. There are so many locations and they are highly detailed, you gonna love discovering fantasy world, searching all the hidden places. There will be many interesting characters and good battles with some of them.
So, if you like RPG games and fantasy world, then this game is for you.
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8.6 hrs
Posted: February 29
Asguaard - Cool RPG
+ Nice graphics
+ Good story
+ Intuitive operation

Be sure to recommend 10/10.
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53.6 hrs
Posted: February 2
this game is an all time favourite of Aldorlea- it is a story based around 2 earth children Glen -male 17years - and Rayanne - female 19 years who find themselves transported to another world -Asguaard - home of dwarves and fairies. There they meet Grom - a dwarf who tells them that someone has opened up Pandora's Box and let out plagues to destroy their home and only earthlings with souls can save it. So begins a story that depicts friendship, trust, dependancy. loyalty and sacrifice as each character grows and develops throughout the story. The game itself is a long game taking the player through many areas on a world map. There are 99 hidden areas and 51 hidden magical rooms to find. Some areas are only assessible once so saving often is a must. Saving can be done on the world map but in dungeons and some parts only faries can be used to save and full heal with these cost gold. A guide is a must if you wish to find all the hidden areas.
There is a 4 level option- starting at story mode and a choice of step encounters for enemies. Combat system is mostly the same as other early rpg's and Grom can learn a skill that helps with enemy knowledge.
There is a skill list to customise and improve the party- some of the skills are only available to 1 member and specialized skill for their chosen weapon. Each member can choose 1 0f 2 weapons to use ( these cannot be changed throughout the game but of course you can re-play the game using the other weapon or level). Skills are available from hidden areas and talking with npc's. each skill has 3 levels - expert, master and guru
The ending is rather sad and does leave the player with many questions to be answered. It would have been wonderful if the dev, could have made a second game to follow on from the ending to tie up loose ends.
The overall graphics are beautiful as is the music and a lot of effort was put into the making of the game.
There is a lot of walking in the game and returning to the same areas until you get the airship which then makes moving around the world map much easier.
It is not a dungeon - slogging game more a discovery and exploration type.
Overall it is a great game to play and I would recommend it to players
What I did not like about the game was the unseen enemies - even though you can choose the number of step encounters it still felt like a hassle with the enemies.
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34.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 7, 2015
This is a hard game to review. A lot of games I don't review, but there are some I do feel the need to, as a personal encouragement or warning to others.

Problem is, this game is both. It's a solid retro RPG with very high production values, from art to music to game mechanics.
Which may make the faults more glaring, since everything else is just so darn good.

I do love the game but yet my recommendation of it is cautionary in nature.

For instance, the main hero comes across as whiny and juvenile because other characters get something that he doesn't, so he has to make their lives totally miserable for it. And it does grow very tiresome and damages the storyline.

There's a lot of abilities to learn, and they come in three stages, but if you can't find the first stage then you'll never have that ability the rest of the game. The kicker? At an early point in the game you can't return to the areas that have those first lessons so you're completely locked out even though you don't even have your full party yet.

Kicker #2 - a lot of those abilities are hidden somewhere on the map and if you don't criss-cross every pixel of the overland map and bump into every wall every step you can miss the hidden area entirely, so no skill for you.

Games that have a "too bad, so sad, sucks to be you" penalty on players is a big turn-off. As well as making games deliberately difficult in order to "encourage" the added purchase of game guides.

Kicker #3 - Finding the skill-giver is only half the problem. The skills cost gold to learn, per character. So you'll be offered the skill at say 300 gold per character, while you're fighting mobs that drop 2-8 gold per fight, 13 if you're lucky. This is on Normal difficulty.

So if you don't have the money and have to leave the hidden area to grind a few hours to build up the bank, hope and pray you can find that pixel again within that huge expanse of open nothingness, or twisty tunnels when you want to return to it.

This is why the game may take 100 hours to finish. The male hero's constant whining will make that seem much, much longer.

When they say exploration game, they're not kidding. This is both and OCD'er dream and nightmare wrapped up in one. There's enough grinding and backtracking to make Aveyond seem like the length of a comic book.
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41.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 23, 2015
Every now and then we come across a game that takes us by surprise and reminds us not to be so quick to judge. Asguaard is one of those games. At first glance, this old-school RPG fantasy game from Aldorlea Games looks like a small indie title that you would expect to offer you a few hours of simple gameplay. I assure you that's not the case. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much depth this game offered. Asguaard is a diamond in the rough, a nostalgic throwback RPG made in the same fashion as so many of the Nintendo RPG titles I fondly played in my youth. I thoroughly enjoy playing this 16-bit adventure and strongly recommend it to any true RPG fan.

The story behind Asguaard is rich and well-developed even though its typical for these types of games. Our hero is a sometimes relunctant and sarcastic teenage boy who has somehow been summoned to the vast world of Asguaard by a village of Dwarves in order to save their world from peril. As with most RPG's, you will encounter friends along the way who will join you in your epic quest.

The characters themselves offer a variety of abilities and talents. Players even get to decide which type of weapon they want the characters to specialize in. Plus, you can teach your characters a number of useful skills along the way. Particularly useful in this expansive endeavor is a skill called "Pathfinding." Trust me, this is one skill you definitely want to make use of. Asguaard is littered with over 500 locations and 150 secret places so using this skill will help guide you through the numerous maze-like dungeons and keep you on the chosen path to progress the story. Without it, one can easily get lost because this world is huge. Other skills can be just as useful, especially later in the game. The characters all have unique personalities and while the tons of dialogue can be monotonous at times, there are some funny "LOL" moments included.

Like the 16-bit graphics and anime-styled artwork, the sounds and music of this game help add to that classic RPG feeling. None of these things will leave a big impression on you, but they are good for a game like this. The controls are simple and the game does offer full controller support if that's your preference. There is also the option to play in either full-screen or window mode. There are several difficulty levels to choose from and you also will also get to choose how often the random encounters occur as you explore the dungeon and world maps. These are definitely worth considering before beginning your adventure because Asguaard is quite long. In fact, this game offers between 50-100+ hours of gameplay from start to finish depending on your gaming style and how much grinding or exploration you choose to do.

The Good:
+ Good graphics and sound for a 16-bit game
+ Many hours of actual gameplay
+ Variety of character abilities/customization options
+ Numerous dungeons & secret places with many special treasures
+ Steam Trading Cards & Achievements
+ Low CPU usage - runs smoothly on most all systems
+ Full Controller Support

The Bad:
- Controller play is not mapped out well. More of a hassle than a convenince
- With tons of dialogue, an auto-scroll timer would be a welcome addition
- Battles are very lackluster and flat. No special effects or animations to enhance them

Final Thoughts:
Asguaard is not your typical 16-bit game. In fact, Aldorlea Games offers some of the best RPGMaker titles on the market and Asguaard is a perfect example. The game is well-designed, runs smoothly, and offers many hours of exploration and adventure. While the full-price may seem a bit much for a game of this type, its not unreasonable by no means considering all of the content included. True RPG fans will want to add this game to their libraries, especially if they can grab it during a discount promotion.

If you liked this review or want to see more recommended games, be sure to follow our curator group: Follow Original Curator Group
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26.2 hrs on record
Posted: July 17, 2015
I feel the need to write this review as a disclaimer since I didn't see any other review touch on it.

This game gets everything right when it comes to old school RPG's except one thing, the story. While the general story concept is a cool idea, it was delivered terribly. Characters in this game come off as flat and obnoxious, and at some times completely lifeless. The dialogue is poorly written and your objectives don't usually make sense. Also some of the main plot points are just absurd.

However if the story element doesn't bother you I would reccomend this game to any fan of old school RPG's, because despite the story flaws, the game is really enjoyable to play. There are a ton of secrets to find, dungeons to explore, and extra bosses to beat.

Story elements suck but everything else in the game is solid and true to old school RPG's plus some extra perks. 7/10
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16.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 13, 2015
HUGE and detailed world. That's what defines Asguaard and makes it stand apart.

No sidequests. Not this time. You have a mission - a boy summoned in an unknown world has to stop its destruction. And little time for it. Your quest takes you through the whole vast world - from snowy montains to lowlands, to deserts and tropical caves, to deep caverns. And even deeper ...

At first sight you might think there aren't many RPG elements in Asguaard. Only levelling and nothing more. No character customization, no skill trees ... But that's not the case. There are trainers, scattered all over the world. And they can learn you various spells and skills, such as pathfinding, picking herbs, counterattacking, weapon proficiency and so on. But you need to find them first.. Some of them are in the cities, but many are well hidden - in dungeons or even in secret locations.
Also, there are three levels of these spells, i.e. three levels of trainers. You need the lower levels first, to be "eligible" to receive the next-level training. The trainers can give you directions to theirs teacher (i.e. higher level trainers), but the description if often vague, such as "somewhere in the swamp". Since learning different skills changes the gameplay considerably, it gives you a good incentive for searching for the trainers. That is - for exploring.

And exploring is what Asguaard is really about. Yes, it has a great (and moving and epic) story. Yes, there are tons of turn-based battles. Well tuned and sometimes (on higher difficulties) pretty tough, requiring a well thought out strategy. But in the end, you will remember the huge, detailed maps and tricky dungeons. And the feeling.
The feeling you got, when you searched the last piece of a map and found a secret location. And found a great weapon. A great weapon that allows you to defeat a boss you found eariler in cave (When you searched one of the maps, of course!) and who was to strong for you. Or when you spend an hour finding a way out of a dungeon, fighting battles and listening to the captivating music.

When you rush through the game on an easy difficulty and don't bother exploring, you probably can't understand the game. But squeeze all the little secrets out of it, and you get an experience few games can give you.
So don't hesitate - this game is worth it! For me, it's still one of my top gaming experiences, even more than five years after my first playthrough.
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Not Recommended
15.0 hrs on record
Posted: April 3
While this game is not terrible, I cannot recommend it at its normal price. I purchased it for 75% off and feel like I got my moneys worth. If you see it for a big discount and like old school rpgs take it for a spin but don't expect much.

Some issues i had:

Main character is sort of annoying
Dialogue just seems a bit weak
Battle system is generally unimpressive
Story is pretty weak
Ending is rather bad and short

I am sure a lot of work went into this but unfortunately I can't recommend it. I have played other RPGmaker games that were far superior and were free.
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65.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 12, 2015
If you're already familiar with Aldorlea, then you know what you're dealing with here, and having also played a number of their other games, I can say that this is their magnum opus. Vast world with oodles of nooks and crannies to explore, cute characters with similarly endearing dialogue. As with other works from Aldorlea, the story is perhaps somewhat childish, even naive, but hey, oldschool JRPG fans like myself will still get plenty of kicks out of the smooth, almost beautifully chaotic battle sequences and the nearly endless hunt for treasure and secrets. Fair warning: if you're the completionist type and absolutely need to get those Steam achievements, pay the extra few bones and get the official walkthrough (or find another online).
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9.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 31, 2015
I am a little disappointed. The story about dwarfs summoning humans to fight evil...well it sounds interesting. But in the game there is nothing left. Like x-thousands of similar games you form a party, others join..and than you explore and fight.
There are some interesting parts: Of course you can learn skills...from NPC...for gold. Hard earned gold because for the first hours you don't get much if you grind....and there are many skills you could learn. So you must choose wisely...and don't forget you must also buy items and equipment. And don't you forget to save. Because even at the start there are some monsters that you can only fight much, if the game ask you if you want to enter a location (or a friend tells you not to go further) think and save.
Another point worth mentioning are the many secrect locations. You can find them everywhere. Sadly only a few are
logical choices. That means if you want to find them....well you must walk every part of the map.

I am a little unsure about recommendation. There are so many RPG-Maker games. And many have a better story (the graphic is standard).
So I would it, if you are a fan of RPG-Maker games without a big storyline...BU'T only if its on sale!!!
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23 of 34 people (68%) found this review helpful
58.2 hrs on record
Posted: April 13, 2015
Asguaard is like paradise for everyone who loves to explore!

The story is very nice. Asguaard is a land of dwarves and fairies. A wonderful place, but now in danger because the Pandora Box has been opened and seven plagues are about to destroy the land. Only a human can save the world and the dwarves manage to summon even two of them, Glen and Rayanne. Accompanied by the faithful dwarf Grom and a little unicorn they set off to find what's necessary to prevent the worst from happening.

If I should choose one word to describe Asguaard, it would be HUGE. Huge world maps and huge dungeons with many many secrets to discover. There are countless Hidden Locations (on the world maps) and Magical Rooms (in dungeons or villages ...) to be found and if you explore thoroughly you'll be well rewarded.
Someone asked, what's the point of secret rooms. Well, just the fun of searching and the satisfaction of finding them! If that's something you like, then you'll really get your money's worth in this game! But even if you don't - finding the secret rooms is not mandatory at all, and if you decide to leave them be, you'll still get hours and hours and hours of fun playing this game!
Optically the world of Asguaard is just beautiful. The maps are very detailed. A lot of effort has obviously been put into creating them.

Another feature that makes this game outstanding is an extremely elaborate system of skills your characters can acquire. There are almost 30 different skills, each to be learned in 3 levels (Expert, Master, Guru). They are being taught by dwarves you find all over the world and you decide what to spend your money on. Most of them prove themselves very valuable throughout the game. Just one example out of many: If you learn "Path Finding", little arrows will lead your way through dungeons, and no matter how big they are, with this help you'll never really get lost.

Also an awesome asset is the "Friendship" skill that all characters have. You can choose who is your best friend, and according to your choice the characters will collect friendship points with each battle. For certain amounts of points they will achieve friendship statuses that will help in battles. They might heal each other, boost each other .....
The choice of who's your best friend can be altered anytime, so you can get the best out of every combination.

The game has invisible encounters. Fights are turn-based. Glen is a fighter, the other three characters can fight and use spells. There's not such a big variety of different spells as in other Aldorlea games, but the ones available are by far sufficient. How hard the fights are depends on the difficulty level you choose at the beginning of the game - easy, normal or hard. You can also adjust the encounter rate.

To top the game off there are several additional locations you can visit, that have nothing to do with the main quest and are optional, but you can find nice stuff there. They are to be found on the world maps.
Also there are a few caves with monsters. If you defeat them, you'll get nice rewards, like money or valuable items. Sometimes the monsters are fairly easy, sometimes really hard, so you better keep them until later in the game. With those monsters you can test your fighting skills too if you dare to attack them at lower levels.

There's just one thing in this game that I'd like to change: making traveling easier in the first part (later there is a way to travel that's easy and quick).
More teleport points would be very helpful. There are very few teleport crystals, but in order to get skills and other things you need to travel back and forth quite a lot and all the walking can become a bit annoying sometimes. A teleport station in each and every village would have been great.
Also, a "Go through" option for caves like in other Aldorlea games would have been very nice too.

Other than that I really enjoy this game a lot. There's so much to do and so much to discover. Definitely a very recoommendable game!
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Not Recommended
4.0 hrs on record
Posted: June 26
Do I recommend this game? I have no idea whether or not to recommend it.
But it has many faults, for instance, the ability "Splash All" Learned by Grom, (A dwarf, not an orc) Says it only hits one enemy, but it hits all your enemies. As the name would suggest.
The map is abysmal, just a blurry vague mess that doesn't really direct you.
When you get to the crystal cave, start sobbing, it's quite early, but you will spend a lot of time getting lost in there, a map would be useful, but....
Direction Keys, you have to use the direction keys, I cannot find a way to change this. Enter is the talk/action button, insert is the menu and exit button. I don't quite understand why it's so awkwardly set up.
Other than that, the game is fairly similar to breath of fire (More so than Final Fantasy) Which is good, I like BoF, but it's fairly baddly made, also, the main character is a prick, Name him prick for reference. He's so mean to another one of the characters I just want to assault him.

Over all, I'd say buy this game and try it for yourself, but I personally found many faults with it and didn't like it much. But a small part of me is forcing me to play until I get the Unicorn. Sigh.
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3.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 15, 2015
I started playing Asguaard when it was released in 2011. It was a bit slow to start, but once I began following the story it really sucked me in. I have no idea how many hours I spent with it, but I guess it must have been around 50.

The game is a special treat for fans of jrpg. I am generally not such a big fan of them myself, but Asguaard has become one of my favorite role playing games of all time.

I can only recommend it to any genre-fan who is looking for a deep story and does not expect to beat the game with 100% achievements in 3 hours!
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