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Zombie Shooter 2 ist ein einzigartiger Mix aus zwei Spielen - Action und RPG. Jeder Spieler kann seinen Charakter weiterentwickeln, Geld verdienen und es für Waffen, Medizin oder nützliche Gegenstände aller Art ausgeben. All dies wird dann gegen tausende Feinde eingesetzt werden.
Veröffentlichung: 18 Nov. 2009
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Über das Spiel

Zombie Shooter 2 ist ein einzigartiger Mix aus zwei Spielen - Action und RPG. Jeder Spieler kann seinen Charakter weiterentwickeln, Geld verdienen und es für Waffen, Medizin oder nützliche Gegenstände aller Art ausgeben. All dies wird dann gegen tausende Feinde eingesetzt werden. Die Zombies werden den kompletten Bildschirm überfüllen und Sie nicht zu Atem kommen lassen, nicht einmal für eine Minute.
Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie besuchten eine unbekannte Stadt und finden sie fast vollkommen zerstört vor und alle ehemaligen Bewohner sind zu Zombies mutiert. Was würden Sie tun? Nach Hilfe rufen? Eine groß-angelegte Rettungsmission organisieren oder... Versuchen Sie sich aus diesem Schlamassel selbst herauszuholen, entdecken Sie das Geheimnis hinter diesen Vorgängen und und nutzen Sie die letzte Chance, die Ihnen wichtigste Person zu retten!
  • Neues Projekt von den Machern der legendären Alien Shooter Serie.
  • Riesige Zombiehorden, mehr als 100 Zombies gleichzeitig auf der Map.
  • Möglichkeit Ihren Hauptcharakter auszubilden.
  • Mehr als 60 Waffen, inklusive Scharfschützengewehr.
  • Vielerlei Gegenstände, inklusive Radar und Kampfdrohnen.
  • Mehrere Fahrzeugtypen.
  • Drei Spielmodi: Kampagne, Überleben, Schießstand.


    • Betriebssystem: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Prozessor: 1.7 GHz
    • Speicher: 512 MB
    • Grafik: DirectX kompatible Grafikkarte mit 128 MB Graifkspeicher
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Festplatte: 1.5 GB frei
    • Sound: DirectSound kompatible Soundkarte
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Buy a sandwich instead.
Verfasst: 9 März 2014
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Unfortunately, the sequel does not offer anything new to Zombie Shooter. I noticed that there were more dialogues but that's all. It is as if they tried to improve upon the storytelling but these games were never about the plot just the mindless action.

It was even shorter to complete a playthrough. It's best if gamers just stick to the first episode or Alien Shooter 2.
Verfasst: 7 Januar 2014
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This sequel manages to be worse in every game play aspect. The graphics, models, sounds, and music appear to be the same, so you should expect a very cheap presentation and overall quality. This is very low budget even on a 1990s standard. The voice acting is absolutely terrible, which made me actually laugh a few times in the beginning, and the game gives you the chance to cringe because of it quite often. The AI has not been improved over the first game, and this is made obvious from the very first zombie you face. They have a tendency of spinning in place and being stuck, with conjunction of terrible path finding abilities. The developers decided to make the display grainy and purposely of lower quality than it would already naturally be, as well as using a very small amount of color throughout the game. There are spelling errors throughout the bleak mission briefings, as well as many bugs and glitches that manifest themselves as menu issues and clicking problems. The game play mechanics have stayed about the same as the original, where you simply move and shoot at any zombies coming your way, but also with the addition of operating a turret from a moving car that you have no control over. Zombie Shooter 2 looks and feels like an extremely low-end development, with all of its facets being obviously rushed, poorly designed, badly implemented, and generally deprived of creativity and any true enjoyment. The original Zombie Shooter provided the player with mindless and lackluster game play, but at the very least it had its few game play merits of running and gunning with the occasional smile or smirk. The sequel fails in the continuation of the series, and carries on lousily while adding many other problems that did not exist in the original. The character's movement is sluggish and sometimes not very responsive to control. It feels like Zombie Shooter 2 was a junior college computer programming project that was barely finished. It lacks polish, imagination, and game development technical skills. The folks at Sigma Team have showcased how limited they truly are. The game's description boasts RPG elements that do not actually exist in any way, shape, or form. There is simply nothing there to make any such absurd claim. You are able to make weapon and ammunition purchases, as well as some other items that may aid you through each of the levels, but there are no RPG mechanics or elements whatsoever. This claim is basically not true. Upgrading health, speed, and accuracy do not equate role playing mechanics. The difficulty levels are not programmed properly, in addition to some of the stronger zombies being extremely overpowered and with an unreasonably large amount of life. Sadly, there is just too much wrong with Zombie Shooter 2. It is almost entirely crippled, unbalanced, and limited in every describable way. The music is also rather poor and of low production value, but thankfully, you are allowed to turn down its volume or to mute it completely. The loading times are atrocious for such a low quality game run from a modern computer. The vehicle levels where you are able to control direction while shooting can be slightly satisfying, yet short lived. The save system is nothing short of idiotic. It does not use checkpoints, and it does not allow you to save mid level, or any time you so desire. What it does instead, is that it saves it for you at the end of each level only. This means that if you die during a level, or near the end of a level, you will be forced to do it all over again from the beginning; meaning that you may waste another 30 minutes or longer attempting to beat certain levels again and again. The unbalanced and overpowered enemies makes this bad design decision much worse. If you have enough patience for an extremely poor, low budget title, there is some small amounts of fun to be had with Zombie Shooter 2. There is really not much to enjoy in it.

Zombie Shooter 2 is bad.
Verfasst: 20 März 2014
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While the story is a marginal improvement on the first game, it's still a mindless, generic isometric shooter.
They've improved the gameplay and the AI, but it's still not a patch on other (and often older) games of the genre.
Verfasst: 22 Dezember 2013
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From the great makers of Alien shooter, the Zombie shooter 2 (steam) is quite enjoyable, and if you have ever set your hands on alien shooter once you'd instnatly get that great feeling back.
There is a wide selection of characters aswell as plenty of weaponry to keep the hordes of the undead away from you, the game is a RPG action game. Level up, rack the stats up, buy new sell old weaponry and go chaos on the undeads.
I think the reason I am loving the game is you can feel the Alien Shooter in the game, the mechanic is lovely and there is a lovely voice acting with the npcs which could keep you interested to proceed to the next area :)

Verfasst: 10 November 2013
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