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Zombie Shooter 2 est un mélange unique de deux genres : Action et RPG. Chaque joueur peut choisir un personnage de son choix, gagner de l'expérience pour développer des compétences, gagner de l'argent et le dépenser en armes, modifications et autres appareils utiles. Tout ceci pourra être utilisé contre des milliers d'ennemis.
Date de parution: 23 sept 2009
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À propos du jeu

Zombie Shooter 2 est un mélange unique de deux genres : Action et RPG. Chaque joueur peut choisir un personnage de son choix, gagner de l'expérience pour développer des compétences, gagner de l'argent et le dépenser en armes, modifications et autres appareils utiles. Tout ceci pourra être utilisé contre des milliers d'ennemis. Les zombies remplissent l'écran de jeu, ne vous laissant même pas une minute de répit
Imaginez-vous en train de visiter une ville inconnue, et la découvrant saccagée, ses citoyens transformés en zombies. Que feriez-vous ? Chercher de l'aide pour organiser une opération de sauvetage à grande échelle... ou tenter de vous battre pour survivre, découvrir ce qui est arrivé et essayer à tout prix de sauver celle que vous aimez ?!
  • Le nouveau projet des créateurs de la légendaire série des Alien Shooter.
  • D'immenses hordes d'ennemis, plus de 100 zombies sur une carte en même temps.
  • Possibilité d'améliorer les caractéristiques de votre personnage.
  • Plus de 60 types d'armes, dont des fusils de sniper.
  • De nombreux objets d'appoint, dont des radar et des drones de combat.
  • Plusieurs types de véhicules à conduire.
  • Trois types de jeu : Campagne, Survie, et Gun Stand.

Configuration requise

    • Interface : Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    • Processeur : 1.7 GHz
    • Mémoire : 512 Mb
    • Graphismes : Carte vidéo compatible DirectX avec 128Mo
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Disque dur : 1.5 Go
    • Son : carte son compatible DirectSound
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Ce n'est pas un très grand jeu : pas très joli, pas très optimisé, mais il joue le rôle qu'il s'est fixé : un bon défouloir. Je l'ai essayé en mode "Normal" et il m'a gardé environ 10 heures (mais je ne suis pas un crack non plus).

Il ressemble beaucoup à SHADOWGROUNDS que personnellement je préfère. Mais ici il y a une partie compétences et équipements qui rajoute un petit plus pas désagréable avec la montée de niveau du personnage.

Après quelques echecs (au niveau 13 notamment) je me suis aperçu que pour ne pas trop galérer dans les derniers niveaux, il faut se concentrer sur une seule meilleure arme (on peut vendre les équipements, munitions et armes pour avoir de l'argent). Personnellement, j'ai utilisé la plus grosse Gatling et je n'ai pas eu de souçis.

Je ne le conseillerai qu'à tout petit prix et en gardant bien à l'esprit que ce n'est pas une super production de jeu vidéo.

Note : Par défaut le jeu est dans les tons de gris, il y a une option pour passer en couleur.
Posté le : 13 septembre
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Ugh. I enjoyed the first game, so I was slightly excited to see what improvements were made with the sequel. Instead of being sprite-based, it has polygon zombies and character models. That sounds like an improvement, but it chugs on my system. My computer can max out any AAA game as of this review. Even after turning the settings to low I have the same problem.

Also, you can see that they tried to change/upgrade the weapon system, but it turned it into a clunky mess.

The voice acting is terrible. You can tell it's europeans speaking with terrible American accents. Actually, that may be the best part of the game.

Posté le : 14 mai
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Just a real mess of a game. The graphics were too difficult for me continue very long with. I don't think I've ever played a zombie game where killing them was so unsatisfying. Even for the cheap price it's really not worth the time.
Posté le : 7 juin
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This is the game that makes me wish there was a way to permanently remove a game from my Steam library. Just having it in my list of games feels like a mark of shame. I got it on sale a long while back. I don't think I spent more than a dollar on it. It's not that the game is terrible but I don't think it's worth any real amount of money. Maybe on a phone or something, but even then it'd be pretty generic.

I feel guilty for a lot of things, but buying this game is my sole regret.
Posté le : 11 juin
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This sequel manages to be worse in every game play aspect. The graphics, models, sounds, and music appear to be the same, so you should expect a very cheap presentation and overall quality. This is very low budget even on a 1990s standard. The voice acting is absolutely terrible, which made me actually laugh a few times in the beginning, and the game gives you the chance to cringe because of it quite often. The AI has not been improved over the first game, and this is made obvious from the very first zombie you face. They have a tendency of spinning in place and being stuck, with conjunction of terrible path finding abilities. The developers decided to make the display grainy and purposely of lower quality than it would already naturally be, as well as using a very small amount of color throughout the game. There are spelling errors throughout the bleak mission briefings, as well as many bugs and glitches that manifest themselves as menu issues and clicking problems. The game play mechanics have stayed about the same as the original, where you simply move and shoot at any zombies coming your way, but also with the addition of operating a turret from a moving car that you have no control over. Zombie Shooter 2 looks and feels like an extremely low-end development, with all of its facets being obviously rushed, poorly designed, badly implemented, and generally deprived of creativity and any true enjoyment. The original Zombie Shooter provided the player with mindless and lackluster game play, but at the very least it had its few game play merits of running and gunning with the occasional smile or smirk. The sequel fails in the continuation of the series, and carries on lousily while adding many other problems that did not exist in the original. The character's movement is sluggish and sometimes not very responsive to control. It feels like Zombie Shooter 2 was a junior college computer programming project that was barely finished. It lacks polish, imagination, and game development technical skills. The folks at Sigma Team have showcased how limited they truly are. The game's description boasts RPG elements that do not actually exist in any way, shape, or form. There is simply nothing there to make any such absurd claim. You are able to make weapon and ammunition purchases, as well as some other items that may aid you through each of the levels, but there are no RPG mechanics or elements whatsoever. This claim is basically not true. Upgrading health, speed, and accuracy do not equate role playing mechanics. The difficulty levels are not programmed properly, in addition to some of the stronger zombies being extremely overpowered and with an unreasonably large amount of life. Sadly, there is just too much wrong with Zombie Shooter 2. It is almost entirely crippled, unbalanced, and limited in every describable way. The music is also rather poor and of low production value, but thankfully, you are allowed to turn down its volume or to mute it completely. The loading times are atrocious for such a low quality game run from a modern computer. The vehicle levels where you are able to control direction while shooting can be slightly satisfying, yet short lived. The save system is nothing short of idiotic. It does not use checkpoints, and it does not allow you to save mid level, or any time you so desire. What it does instead, is that it saves it for you at the end of each level only. This means that if you die during a level, or near the end of a level, you will be forced to do it all over again from the beginning; meaning that you may waste another 30 minutes or longer attempting to beat certain levels again and again. The unbalanced and overpowered enemies makes this bad design decision much worse. If you have enough patience for an extremely poor, low budget title, there is some small amounts of fun to be had with Zombie Shooter 2. There is really not much to enjoy in it.

Zombie Shooter 2 is bad.
Posté le : 20 mars
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