You are the commander of either NATO or Soviet forces locked in battle on the ground in 1980’s Central Europe. As commander, it is your task to provide the battle plan orders to your units. You need to know your mission objectives, strength and weakness of both your forces and you enemy, lay of the land, weather, and time of day in order...
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Release Date: Oct 9, 2013

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October 27, 2016

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm 2.0.11 Update

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm gets one final polish as the team jumps headlong into development work on Southern Storm! Version 2.0.11 is availble and it brings tons of improvements to this masterpiece! Among all now is possible to turn Radio Messages on/off, new and improved Red Storm maps, and Radio Intercept Icon is ready and functional!

Other improvements featured are the following:

1. New Intel panels from our custom Origins build and the scenarios we used at this year’s Origins Game Fair to do the Army Staff Training Exercises.

2. Many AI enhancements and bug fixes for pathing, attacking, and grouping of AI led forces.

3. A major boost to game speed from code optimization work. Should really be seen in larger scenarios.

4. Several UI fixes and improvements to better show information.

But the list is very long so be sure to check the whole changelog below



• A scroll-able panel called 'Intel – Friendly' that shows information about your forces. Showing a breakdown of your forces by counter with a summary count of the number of platform types and map locations.
• Another called 'Intel – Enemy' shows estimated information about your opponent’s forces. Showing a possible breakdown of spotted enemy forces by group with an estimated count of the number of platform types and estimated area of operation.

• Added a color overlay to “Show Elevations” function (Ctrl+E) if the Advanced Elevation Colors option is on. The colors are shades of yellow to orange to brown as the elevations get higher. This color scheme does work (mostly) with LOS and other tools. The option check box can be found in on the General Tab of the Set Game, Player, and Unit Defaults dialog via the User Preferences button on the main menu or hitting the F5 key.
• The option check box to use the advanced colors for Line of Sight has moved from the Turn Resolution Tab to the General Tab of the Set Game, Player, and Unit Defaults dialog via the User Preferences button on the main menu or hitting the F5 key. This places it with other similar functions.
• For those of you who dislike all of the informative radio message dialogs that pop up during game turn resolution, there is now an option on the General tab of the Set Game Player and Unit defaults that will turn them off. Use at your own risk since you will miss important game related information. You can always turn them back on by going into the options during the Orders phase of the game.
• As an added bonus for 2.0.11, we are including a revised set of Red Storm maps hot of the press from William that move the Red Storm maps up to a Southern Storm standard seen on the maps used in Germany Reforged. These maps are now JPG instead of PNG and have a smaller memory footprint, but still look awesome. The JPG Revision April 2016 | What’s New, Enhanced, or Fixed 7 version of a map will load in place of the PNG in the maps folder. If you want the older maps, just move all of the JPGs to a new subfolder and the PNG version will load in game. Enjoy!
• If you now load a scenario, save game or PBEM game made from a game version greater than the version you own, the game will display a warning message and then go back to the Main Menu instead of locking the game up. If you wish to play the scenario, you will need to update your game engine to the latest version. NOTE: If you are planning to play a PBEM game, make sure you and your opponent are on the same game version.
• If you hover the mouse over the image in the weather display, a pop up hint will appear and tell you the day, night, dawn, and dusk start and end times for the current scenario.


• We made some adjustments and improvements to the AI pathing for ground assault and helo movements. In both cases, the AI will look to use better approaches and avoid diving over exposed hills. Helicopters in deliberate movement (attack profile) will seek out low terrain to mask their approach to targets. Hasty moving helos (Returning to base or looking to cover ground) with look to stay low, but will crest hills if it is faster to the objective.
• We also caught and fixed a bug were the pathfinder would crash if the path went over a lake/large river hex.
• We were able to make a few tweaks to the AI to improve its ability to send better-formed combine arms groups to objectives. This should make things a bit more entertaining as the Red Storm rolls in.
• We made numerous cosmetic improvements to campaign game screens to make them easier to read and work with.
• The game can now be closed by clicking on the top right Windows close icon (X) during turn resolution or during and AI vs AI game. Before it would stop the turn but not exit properly. Clicking on the close button again risked an access violation. It should be well behaved now.
• Fixed a bug that was preventing units “unknown” units (shown with a “?” on the counter) from showing in player versus AI games. There does seem to be some spotting oddness with this that we are investigating in order to correct it for the official release.
• We have made a change to the range finding routine to help speed up turn resolution in scenarios. This will be more noticeable in big scenarios.
• The rate of these notification messages has been reduced to a reasonable level. You should not see the same HQ being “detected” every couple of minutes.
• We added a standoff range to helo deliberate movement. Three hexes for Soviets and four hexes for NATO Attack helicopter units. This should help them from sitting on top of enemies. Scouts have a much larger standoff and will tend to back off if they fly into the standoff range.
• The Scenario Editor and game will now load JPG maps just like PNG. JPG maps have a much smaller memory footprint. You can have both in the maps folder and the game will take the JPG version first. File names must be the same to load properly in a scenario.
• We added some better feedback for users to help when you need a serial number (Matrix game version) or not (Bought game on Steam) when setting up the PBEM account.
• We also fixed an issue where the interface could crash if certain buttons were clicked when the game was already making an information query from the server.
• All popup forms were given a proper Owner control to preserve Z order of forms (what dialog shows above another). This should reduce the chance of a dialog box or other form 'popping under' the main screen or other form and force the game to have to be closed from Task Manager. On the off chance this does happen, you may be able to recover by hitting the escape key and closing the offending form/dialog. Once closed, you can attempt to reopen the form you were looking for.
• The Reinforcements and Withdrawals panel has been revised to put everything in strict chronological order and to display time offsets from “now” rather than the start of the scenario. For example, if the entry says a unit will arrive in 30+ minutes then that will be 30 minutes in the future from the current game time.
• Do not show the FPGR ‘thank you’ message more than once per session.
• Saturation (7x) rocket artillery fire no longer shifts fire if the target unit moves at the last minute like certain spotted artillery barrage missions. This allows the commander to place that expanded impact area where they want.
• Units that are marked as ‘locked’ can now be relocated by the scenario author in the scenario editor. This was blocked before and forced unlocking, move, and lock to reposition.
• You can now put/move a unit into a hex that is not a defined setup hex during scenario creation. This makes it much easier to position units in a general way and then tidy up the setup zones at the end of the unit placements. You will still need to have all units in a “painted” setup zone in order to save the scenario.
• The following changes have been made the UDP panel for game play.
◦ The UDP would change to show the unit currently moving but it did not show the currently firing unit (or friendly unit receiving fire if appropriate). This has been added.
◦ At the bottom of the bullet list is a new entry for “Kills Claimed”. This adds some color and gives the player attachment to units that have been doing well so far.
◦ Fixed up apparent corruption for Air Unit UDP reports but did not find any memory corruption issues.
• The force name at the very top of the information panel could be cropped on both ends if the name was too long. The game will now display part of the name and truncate with ellipses if it is too long. We will look for a better solution in Southern Storm.
• We made a few minor adjustments to the weighted values used to change the weather to reduce the amount of time and the chance of Heavy Rain. It will still happen, but at a reduced chance from Light Rain. If the weather is at Heavy Rain, there is now a greater chance to fall off to light rain. Best we can do for now until Southern Storms new weather model.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that broke AI helo aggressive movement (helos were defending or not plotting forward movement at all). AI Attack and Recon helicopters will now move forward after objectives again.
• In some cases, a unit would be caught shuttling back and forth between two hexes when the AI evaluated the route and there was a change is best path. Plotted units should now follow the initial path better and not dance about. Unit pathfinding around minor rivers had become wonky. It was also avoiding reasonable bridge choices in certain cases. This is fixed now as well.
• Air Units in some cases were not fully resupplied by a resupply order. This is now corrected.
• We fixed the artillery reporting times in the diary that were reversed.
• We fixed a bug where the Autosave toggle in Game Options did not set if accessed from the Main Menu. It did work fine from the menu in game when a scenario was active.
• We fixed a bug in Line of Sight/Line of Fire (LOS/LOF) that was causing some odd attacks that should not have been occurring and some rare cases of missing a good LOS/LOF. Combat should be a lot better now.
• We have fixed a bug where the setup zone warning hint would go off even when the unit was in a setup zone.
• We fixed the Force Roster hyperlinks that we broke in Beta. They should work fine now.
• Found and fixed what may have been the killer memory corruption bug in campaign games, fingers crossed.
• We fixed a bug corrupting the effect of certain HEAT attacks with tandem warheads to calculate out incorrectly versus composite armors (ACA specials). The armor will now reduce HEAT penetration as intended.
• We corrected a rare bug that would offset the last counter moving onto a stack in the wrong direction.
• Upon exiting a PEBM game, a PBEM++ exit routine was invoked that could cause a game crash in certain situations.
• We found and fixed two deep bugs in parts of the direct fire combat code. This error was causing medium to long ranged shots in many cases to be greatly reduced in accuracy. Tank combat will be more effective and brutal now with kills being made more often at ranges over 1500m.
• We tracked down a bug that was causing false delay times to get calculated for units moving in groups and receiving new orders with part of the group still moving.
• We shut off AI “Move Delayed” hints seen in Beta 11.1.
• We fixed a major memory leak with the Scenario Editor and main game when switching from one to the other.
• We fixed the calendar control to show properly in the Scenario Editor. A recent tool update changed some settings on us.
• We fixed a problem in Setup whereby a user loads a saved game and half the display blanks out for a few seconds.
• The Show All Movement Paths command had been inadvertently turned off. It is now working again as originally intended.
• We fixed bugs that broke the AI stacking limits for ground and Helo units. The AI will now try to limit two ground units and one helo unit in a hex at a time. Recon units will be limited to one per hex. AI units will plot paths around congested hexes to reach objectives. This should fix the “skyscraper” unit stacks made by the AI and allow helicopters to move over ground unit stacks without being stopped.
• We fixed a few odd and rare bugs that affected a few players. These are bugs that most players never see or experience in the game.
◦ On game exit when running under Vista (we hope).
◦ When checking for map zoom when a game was not actually loaded.
◦ Assertion failure when the program was looking for local friendly units.
◦ Access violation when saving information to the VCR replay.
◦ Crash when attempting to change the timing of a FSCC ordered airstrike.

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“It's years since I was so impressed by the rules and mechanisms underpinning hexagonal aggro.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Flashpoint Campaign: Red Storm is one of those games that manage to get almost everything right from the very moment they leave the gate.”
The Wargamer

“Flashpoint Campaigns : Red Storm brings a breath of fresh air in the field of wargame, either by topic covered or by the introduction of novel mechanisms.”
Historia Games (French)

About This Game

You are the commander of either NATO or Soviet forces locked in battle on the ground in 1980’s Central Europe. As commander, it is your task to provide the battle plan orders to your units. You need to know your mission objectives, strength and weakness of both your forces and you enemy, lay of the land, weather, and time of day in order to come out on the winning end. Your crews will do their best to follow your orders and execute the plan, but in war, no plan survives first contact. You will need to think on the fly and adjust to the ever changing flow of battle.

This update to the game is being rebranded as the “Player’s Edition” as a big thank you to all players that made this game what it is now through feature suggestions, bug reports, and feedback from hours and hours of play. Our team is overwhelmed by the reception of the game and by the dedicated players we see on the forums. This update includes visual improvements, expanded multiplayer options as well as a better interface and combat logic, all based on your feedback!

We plan to continue updating the game engine and adding additional content with the next iteration of the system with Southern Storm. We will be working with even more of your feedback and suggestions as we move forward with that project and others.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm features an innovative asynchronous turn structure that models the OODA loop, huge maps, hundreds of meticulously researched platforms and weapons, detailed orders of battle, realistic modeling of modern combat including armor, infantry, helicopters, airpower and chemical and nuclear weapons, 2 campaigns and over 20 single scenarios, realistic weather conditions, modding options and much more!

After the end of World War II, Europe spent years recovering from the losses and the terrible consequences of the conflict. A whole continent found itself divided into two blocs: one lead by the United States with NATO among its allies in the Western bloc, and in the Eastern bloc lead by the Soviet Union along with the Warsaw Pact. Separating the two, an “Iron Curtain” formed of high walls and minefields as well as hundreds of thousands of well armed troops. This was the Cold War, a forty year state of political and military tension between two superpowers that several times came close to starting World War III. While the world survived the Cold War, the effects of the “long twilight struggle” still echo in the geopolitics and military technology and tactics of the present day.

In Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm, World War Three has started, the Cold War has turned hot. Do you have what it takes to achieve victory on the battlefield or will the world end with all out nuclear war?


  • Includes 20+ Scenarios featuring the three NATO forces versus the Soviets.
  • Four Campaign games where you manage your core force through a number of battles.
  • A crafty AI opponent looking to achieve its mission goals or deny you yours.
  • You get 20+ game maps based on real world terrain of Central Europe.
  • Variable length turns based on current Command, Control and Communication state (C3) of forces. Unit losses and the level of electronic warfare impact you and your enemys C3 state.
  • A new and refined combat engine taking into account many factors with weather, sensors, terrain, and troop capability factored in.
  • Detailed information before, during and after a scenario to keep you informed and aware of the state of your forces.
  • Platforms and weapons from the decade of the 80s for US, UK, West German and Soviet forces including aircraft (various types and loadouts), helicopters (various types and loadouts), tanks, APCs, Self-Propelled Systems (Gun, Anti-tank, Flak, and SAMs), towed guns, trucks ,jeeps, and of course the grunts with their vast array of weapons.
  • Built-in editors for Map Parameters, Scenario Creation/Editing, and Campaign Creation/Editing. The game was built around having a very large 3rd party following to supplement our planned expansions to the game.
  • Mod friendly design allows for the ability of players to tweak/create/replace many of the default graphics (unit images, badges, map markers and maps), sounds (verbal, movement and combat) and data elements (Units/Weapons/OOB Formations/National Ratings) using common 3rd party software.

Additional Features
  • Recon units are given a more important role with the new game engine. They can see further than normal units and are harder to spot by other units. This makes having eyes on the enemy important and blinding the enemy a top priority.
  • Dynamic Weather affects weapons and sensors during the battle. Rain and wind degrade thermal systems. Some aircraft and helicopters can’t fly in bad weather or the dark.
  • Active FOW system. The fog of war (FOW) will require units to see and identify the enemy. Sometimes they report back incorrect or incomplete intel.
  • Artillery Systems can fire a plethora of ammo types including HE, Smoke, Mines, and ICM (to name a few).
  • NBC warfare is also on the table with strategic platforms like surface to surface missiles with nuclear or chemical warheads. They pack a punch, but using them comes with a cost.
  • Simple Windows style interface. Menus, right click menus, hot keys, hints and dialogs keep you informed and in control of your forces.
  • Many setting to adjust the realism to suit beginners and grognards alike.
  • Game engine has a number of anti-cheat mechanisms in place to make sure multiplayer games are using the same scenario and associated data.
  • The game features an improved infantry model, engineering functions (abstracted, but includes blowing bridges, bridging rivers, clearing mines and obstacles) and the ability to resubordinate units to fit your battle plan.
  • Dedicated development team that continues to add new content to the game.

New for the Player's Edition
  • New OTS Standard Maps by William!
  • Sudden Death Multiplayer Setting
  • Added ATGM Launch Hint
  • Clarified Fallen Out versus Destroyed Subunit
  • Expanded Scenario Editor Date Selection Range
  • Corrected Artillery Fire Kill Percentages
  • Many Label Changes for Better Information
  • Improved Helo Combat Logic
  • Improved Scooting/Standoff Range/Resupply AI Logic
  • Fixed Counter Battery (CB) Fire and Direct Support (DS) not Working Properly
  • Added new scenario playable from either side or head to head

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024 MB DirectX card
    • DirectX: Version 7.0
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: CD ROM Drive: not required for the digital version
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