Grandia II is back and better than ever! The classic Japanese RPG returns with enhanced visuals, new difficulty level, and features both keyboard and gamepad support!
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Release Date: Aug 24, 2015

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June 23

Steam Summer Picnic Begins: 50% off Grandia II: Anniversary Edition!

The Steam summer sale is here at last, and what better way to celebrate than with a cool 50% sale for Grandia II: Anniversary Edition?!

If you haven't grabbed it yet, now is the time to snag this classic piece of JRPG goodness!

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April 29

30% off of Grandia II: Anniversary Edition!

Steam's Anime sale has arrived, and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying 30% off of Grandia II: Anniversary Edition.

While some may think it's up for debate, most understand this undeniable truth:

Millenia is best waifu.

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“A gorgeous RPG containing some of the best battle system mechanics ever seen in the genre.”
9.2 – IGN

About This Game

15 years after the stunning Dreamcast debut of Ryudo and his epic adventure, Grandia II is back and better than ever! The classic Japanese RPG returns with enhanced visuals, new difficulty level, and features both keyboard and gamepad support!

Take the role of a hardened mercenary with a heart, and go on an epic adventure filled with magic, new friendships, and surprising storyline twists in search of a weapon once wielded by a deity. It’s the classic tale of a band of adventurers destined to save the world, but things are not always as they seem…

Grandia II is famous for its great characters, mature storytelling, memorable music and fantastic battle system, and there's no better way to experience one of the most beloved console RPGs of the 32-bit era than this special Anniversary Edition!

* Visual upgrades to textures, lighting, and shadows
* Original Japanese voice option
* Additional difficulty level
* Gamepad support
* Steam Trading Cards
* Steam Achievements
* Steam Cloud Save Support
* Selectable Video Options
* Remapable Keyboard & Gamepad Support
* 100 Save File Slots
* Dreamcast VMS Save File Support

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core, 2.5Ghz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 4000 Series / Nvidia GTX 200 Series / Intel HD 3000 Series
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 8
    • Processor: Quad Core, 2.5Ghz+
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 260, AMD Radeon HD 4850 / Intel HD 4000 Series
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
30.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 25
Grandia 2 Anniversary Edition is an old classic J.R.P.G. with a fresh coat of HD paint.

The story(30+ hours) that drives the game is great, though very similar to that of Final Fantasy X.

The combat is turned based, but still fun, and the game ran great overall except for one thing mentioned below.

I did encounter a game breaking glitch(freeze), that kept me from beating one of the final bosses near the end of the game. I reloaded and tried it two more times and met the same result. Months later when I came back to the game, the glitch didnt happen and I was able to finish the game. I believe one or more updates outside of the game fixed it(windows 10 or radeon graphics card update).

I would recommend this game to fans of old classic R.P.G.'s ON or OFF sale.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
389 of 415 people (94%) found this review helpful
12 people found this review funny
45.7 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2015
Quality port of the classic Dreamcast JRPG

+ Least buggy port of the game ever (Apparently a re-port of the Dreamcast version)
+ Quality JRPG story
+ Great boss fights
+ Simple but deep level up system for your characters, spells and passive abalities
+ In my opion the best turn-based fighting system in a JRPG ever
+ Optional harder difficulty option (Monsters: + ACT, + HP, + DEF (some) & bosses: + ACT, + HP, + DEF, + ATK, changed vulnerabilities)
+ Great windowed mode (drag resizing works)
+ Japanese audio is now an option
+ Gamepad support
+ Textures look way better than I remember
+ It only took 20 minutes for the developers to realise they only uploaded half the files to the steam servers

- No widescreen, the game pillarboxes when playing fullscreen with a widescreen resolution
- Oversight / bug that can cause the camera to spin constantly, might be fixed, see guides on the community hub

tl;dr good port, good game
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152 of 164 people (93%) found this review helpful
4 people found this review funny
12.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2015
I never thought I'd see this day coming...
Grandia 2 is back

I played the old PC Port of this when I was in Middle School... 4 times, I belive. And I loved every second of it

the game had a wonderfully crafted story, awesome characters, a battle system that until now is one of the, if not THE best Real Time/Turn based hybrid system I have seen and a Soundtrack to die for. I do believe, this is where I started embracing game OSTs, too.

now, the old PC version had its share of bugs. a few only immersion breaking, a few only mildly annoying and one game breaking. But since this is based on the ol' Dreamcast version, those should have been dealt with.

the only thing missing right now is the Game Arts Jingle at the Start, that always brought a smile to my face in anticipation of whats to come.
I'd say if you are a fan of old-school RPGs, and you are up for some wholesome fun, get this.
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111 of 119 people (93%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2015
Short Version:
If you played oldschool JRPGs but never played Grandia II, get this game!
If you like RPGs and look for an interesting turnbased/realtime combat-system mix, get this game!
In my opinion, this is one of the best JRPGs ever made, with quite certainly the best combat system.

Longer Version:
My gametime doesn't tell, but I played through this game multiple times when it was originally released, so bear with me.

Awesome Storytelling:
There are multiple voiced dialogues and this version actually comes with the original Japanese voices, a great plus for me who only knew the sometimes a bit wooden english voiceovers.
The story itself is pretty awesome and told in some kind of episodic format with the characters on your team rotating throughout the story, you get to know these characters not only through simple cutscenes, but, what for me at the time was mindblowing, through conversations around the campfire when they are resting. Yes there are multiple games that use this mechanic, but for me Grandia was the first I ever experienced, so it made the whole thing even more enjoyable.

The Characters:
While all of them are to a certain part classic JRPG tropes like the damsel in distress, the revenge driven clanleader, and the grumpy sellsword, each of them has facettes to their character you would probably not expect on the first glace. Each character has an interesting backstory and evolves a lot during the remainder of the game.

The combat system:
Ohh boy, where do I start. This system is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best, that has ever been created, the perfect mix between tactical turnbased and realtime combat.
Okay nostalgia aside, I still believe this is one of the best systems I ever had the pleasure to play, it builds a lot around tactic instead of pure damage dealing and overlevelling your characters like a ton of other JRPGs. Instead of grinding it's just as effective to wrap your head around positioning, not just of your characters but also your enemies, and timing.
While on first look quite simple the system has a lot of depth, with crowd control, animation-cancels, AOE-spells, a counter and a combo mechanic. There are so many different utility items it melts your brain considering the possibilities.
And the bossfights are just a blast, the mechanics they employ to make the fights different are amazing. And because of the emergent complexity of the combat system there are multiple ways to kill bosses as well.

Gearing and customization:
As I said in the combat section already, this game is deep. There are multiple ways to build each character depending on what you are looking for.
In the game you can find so called eggs. Think of them as power-items that give your characters special magical abailities. Some are build around healing, others around damage, yet again some around meele and afflictions.
While there are the obvious choices some fairly interesting and highly effective combinations are possible.
Different weapons in this game can actually affect how a character fights and what he can do, it's important to think about your current team composition as well as their gear and skills when fighting, especially in the bossfights. Oh and do not sell your resistance gear, you will need it.

Yes the game is not perfect, here are some things that people might find annoying:

Overpowered Items:
I think this is something the new hardmode will (hopefully at some point, when it's more than just 20% more hP for enemies) fix, but there are a few Items in the game that are just insanely powerful. While the maximum damage per attack is capped at a certain level those items can reach those amounts already early in the game and oneshot a lot of enemies and make bossfights significantly easier.

Annoying character tropes:
If you do not like a Damsel-Priestess and a Tsundere as your main female characters, you are probably going to have a baaaad time. While their characters get deeper later on, especially in the beginning they can be annoying.

Slow start:
The first hour of the game is dialogues and some 1 or 2 serious fights (there are other fights but you pretty much 2-shot everything). Give the game time, as soon as your party is full and the story gets going the combat system becomes extremely rewarding.

Combat camera:
This... thing... was/is the only letdown about the combat system. It's not that it makes the game unplayable, it's just annoying, because sometime you do not see everything. But as soon as an enemy acts the camera usually zooms out and shows you what you need to see to make a decision, sometimes it can mess up your tactics though, if you "forgot" there was another enemy.

I'm glad they took the "HD Remake" off the title. It looks slightly better than I remember and runs on 1920x1080 (with black borders because of 4:3) on solid 30 FPS, but well it looks very, very dated. Also no 60fps, 4k, or widescreen... but... well, it's still pretty damn beautiful!

So yeah, do I recommend this: Hell yeah! If you like oldschool JRPGs and never Played this, get it right now.
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90 of 104 people (87%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
36.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2015
one of the best JRPGs ever behind only Shadow Hearts 2.

+ supports 1080p resolution.
+ windowed mode can be dragged to fit the way you like it.
+ Japanese audio can be selected.
+ Steam achievements and cards if you are interested.
+ gamepad support.
+ based on the Dreamcast version not the PC.
+ great soundtrack.
+ good story.
++++ one of the best combat systems ever.

- 30 fps lock.

P.S. you can listen to the soundtrack if you want, go to the game's Steam folder and you find the soundtrack under Grandia 2/Data/sound (they will be in .ogg files)

now the update has fixed a lot of things and added support for higher resolutions and adjustable sound settings for music, effects, speech..etc. plus the game now runs at 60fps during battles.
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71 of 77 people (92%) found this review helpful
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26.6 hrs on record
Posted: August 29, 2015
Grandia is a great game. Now that I've completed it again, I can tell you it's not just the nostalgia speaking.

- The game has aged surprisingly well.
- The combat is fast paced and has light tactical elements
- The story is phenomenal

- The Hut of Trials mini game is beyond annoying
- There is an issue with playing FMVs, after the fmv has completed the game will hang for about 10 seconds
- As with most JRPGs the special attack animations wear out their welcome rather quickly
- There are various graphical and animation glitches

Further explanation of the pros and cons follow.
This game has aged well, much better than other classics in the genre. The graphics are much easier on the eyes than the release date would imply. The combat is very fun, not until the very end of the game was I skipping fights. The story has a decent pacing to it. The third act does outstay its welcome though. The game just does not seem to know when it should end. Overall, it's an excellent experience.

The Hut of Trials mini game is the worst part of the game and it's not even remotely close. Let me begin by saying this, I've never enjoyed mini games in JRPGs, so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt. The whole structure of this mini game bewilders me. You have to talk to someone to get into the Hut, at which point you walk up some stairs and into the hut. Once inside you're greeted by another dialogue box which then leads you into the cavern where the actual mini game is. But it doesn't stop there, no, you have to read a stone tablet and then wait for this furry thing to go open the mini game door. Once inside the mini game, it's a pretty run of the mill JRPG mini game, nothing special. Once you complete the mini game you go outside and what is your reward? You get to watch the furry thing(s) dance for ten or so seconds before it opens the exit. Once you proceed, you must walk to the end of another cave and then be sprung out of the cavern. You're then greeted by a manimal that gives you your actual reward. Now, if it was just a one time thing to get all of your rewards from the mini game, that wouldn't be awful, not ideal but certainly not awful. Nope, you have to go multiple times to get every reward from the mini game. It's a time consuming, poorly thought out exercise in frustration. It takes longer to enter and exit the mini game than it does to play it, meaning, you'll never get successive tries, even if you fail.

Another frustrating issue with the game is the bug that causes the game to hang after playing FMVs. Which only seems to occur after a bit of playtime, it's not going to happen on your first few fights. It's a huge issue in the later game. I would honestly say the fights last on average 10-20 seconds longer than they should. However, the boss battles will last minutes longer than they should. It's easily fixed by closing the game and opening it again. The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are set save locations and exiting is not always an option.

The special moves outlive their welcome just like any other game in the genre, the problem is compounded by the brief hang after every move that has an FMV in it, which are quite a few. Nothing surprising here, typical gripe about games in the genre that came out around the same time as this game.

The graphics for the most part are solid for the age of the game. I did, however, notice many instances of the camera clipping through the scenery during cutscenes, animation hangs during cutscenes, and like one or two instances of z-fighting. Honestly, pretty solid game even given the handful of times these issues occur.

Overall, I fully expect the FMV hanging issue to be resolved, the Hut of Trials mini game is only mandatory once, the specials will be fixed along with the FMV bug and the graphical glitches aren't anything to get worked up over. The pros far outweigh the cons.

Verdict: Buy this game!
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43 of 44 people (98%) found this review helpful
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54.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 12, 2015
An epic game, even if you missed it during the PS2 era, the graphics may be on the outdated side, but that doesn't take away the fun factor. Grandia IMO has one of the best combat systems in RPG history. The story alone is very well done, and there is a lot of interaction between characters and NPC. Gungho has worked really hard to fix the bugs that exsisted when it first came to Steam and i have to give them so many props for that. I couldn't play the original PC version back in the day (still have my CDs) because of bad memory leaks and crashes, i am grateful to finally be able to play the PC version as it should be. With the added bonus of a Hard difficulty.

Tips for newbies: GRIND, GRIND, GRIND! You don't have to go nuts, but getting Ryudos Tenseikin Slash up to Max early on in game is a handy stradegy. Once you get to Baked Planes, you can also farm Defense Seeds from the enemies there if you choose to. Make sure you save your Skill Points and Magic Coins, i personally have this thing where i don't spend until i get to around 2,000 of both so i can max out a skill or magic right away - early game.

Also, check everywhere, it is really easy to miss things on the map such as armor and Poff nuts.

If you want a challenge, you can keep pressing on, but bosses can pose a major problem especially with cancel spells.

All in all, this game speaks massive nostalgia. If you love classic games and JRPGs in general, Grandia is for you. Grandia plays differently from most RPGs in a good way.

Thank you Gungho for continuing to patch the bugs and for keeping us updated! Kudos.

Opinion still Stands after completing the game on Normal Diffcutly, i will be doing this again on Hard.
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59 of 69 people (86%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
27.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2015
Too me Grandia 2 is one of the best RPG's of all time, it had a great challenging fighting mechanic, the characters were identifiable, the plot was interesting, the music (especially the church music) was well written, and the game ending had a very great and emotional message not just in the game but in life, it was even scary at times. there was some romance that was intriguing, some funny moments here and there.

i really want to see skies of Arcadia on Steam as well.
The Soundtrack of this game is gorgeous. For Example:

before closing this review out remember one thing. Grandia II is famous for its great characters, mature storytelling, memorable music and fantastic battle system, and there's no better way to experience one of the most beloved console RPGs of the 32-bit era than this special Anniversary Edition!
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45 of 50 people (90%) found this review helpful
3 people found this review funny
40.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 28
"Sister, please, pray for us!"

"...I'm afraid I cannot help you anymore. There is no God."

Oh, Grandia II! One of the best games from my childhood that were fortunately ported by GungHo America to Steam. Originally a Dreamcast title released in 2001, ported later to the PS2 in 2002 and later to Steam as the Anniversary Edition in 2015, this classic JRPG still holds well even after 15 years of it's initial release, mostly for it's memorable story and innovative combat system!

The story in Grandia II revolves around Ryudo, a Geohound (a sort of bounty hunter in the Grandia universe), moved around from place to place, taking requests the normal folks would generally despise. One day, he received a letter of invitation, or a job request, to escort a band of Sisters of Granas for their usual prayer ritual from the nearby village. Things unfortunately went south and from a basic escort job, Ryudo is now stuck in a potential catastrophic event that may decimate the world.

Before moving on to the pros and cons, I would just like to mention that I may be bias in recommending this as this game is held dearly by me as one of my favorite titles ever but I'll try to point out all the positive and negative aspects of this port.

  • As I've mentioned earlier, this game has an absolute BRILLIANT story! The plot itself is captivating with a mind bending plot twist occurring at the second half of the game. I've played a lot of RPGs and I can firmly say that Grandia II has definitely one of the best ones!
  • Every playable characters are surprisingly lovable! From the sarcastic and no-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t Ryudo to the calm and wise Mareg, every character stands out on their own and their lines perfectly matched with their attitude that Game Arts portrayed them to be.
  • One more thing about the characters are their lines. Seriously, read them all if you can! You can find tidbits of Ryudo and Helena's love-hate relationship, Mareg's pearls of wisdom, Millenia's flirty-but-chaotic tone. Even talking with NPCs will net you awesome dialogues between the characters! (PRO TIP: Make sure to talk to everyone at least TWICE. There's always 2 or 3 different conversations you can have each time you talk to anyone)
  • Innovative and dynamic combat system! I think this one is what separate Grandia II with the other RPGs at the time. What I mean by dynamic is that everyone moves freely in the battlefield during their turn. Instead of the usual turn-based battles (a la ATB from the Final Fantasy series), once the character's turn is reached, they will run forward to their enemy to land the blows. This makes it interesting since the character, implied to both friendlies and foes, can miss or evade just by moving a bit. Also, another interesting mechanic in combat is the Cancel system. Every character have the basic Combo or Critical attack to use each turn. The Critical is weaker from the pair, since it only hit once, but when used when an opponent's turn, it will cancel the said turn, shoving the said opponent queue lower and allows for tactical comeback.
  • Great character's customization via skills and magic equip. In Grandia, magic comes from an equip Mana Egg you'll find across the game. Each have different spells, whether offensive or defensive, and can be equip by anyone, in AND out of battles! So basically, any character can be a healer or damager, with the limiting factors comes only with the mana pool and the character's stats. Same goes with skills, where upon finding and leveling up skill books, you can equip skills to boost the character's ability on what build you decide to use on him/her.
  • Basically an all around decent port with a few minor quirks (I'll list them down in the Cons). During the whole 40 hours of my playtime, the game never crashed on me once. There's also an option to turn on VSync and Anti-aliasing via an external launcher.
  • The game supports both Japanese and English voice over. I used the Japanese voices most of the time since I forgot how cringey the English voice actors sound in the game (still good compared to the other JRPGs at the time though). I switch to English only when there's a plot heavy cut scene comes up because they don't have subs for it. The option is available via the said external launcher.
  • Full controller support (I used the standard XBOX 360 controller) with customizable buttons.
  • An option to play in Hard Mode right off the bat. I suggest going for this since the game is quite easy once you got the hang of the mechanics.
  • A perfect 100% game is moderately easy to achieve in one play. I took a little bit over the 40 hours mark in Hard Mode to complete the game with all the achievements unlocked. Surprisingly, it only took me a a little grind to get the 2000 enemies killed. Of course, you have to look in very nook and cranny for hidden treasures to ensure you didn't missed any specific ones, namely the "Bling" and "Put A Notch in it" achievements.

  • In combat, the HP bar for ALL enemies is shown clearly to you, even bosses! Bosses with > 9999 HP will be shown as ????/???? but with the bars shown, you can estimate when he's going to die. It's useful but I think it dissolve the suspense that the usual RPG boss fights have.

  • The biggest pet peeve I have with this game is that it doesn't support a native widescreen support. Sure, you can change the resolution and toggle the widescreen option but what it does is just stretch the aging 4:3 camera, making the game unbearably ugly. If the widescreen toggle is turned off, you'll have to settle playing with a letterbox resolution to the end.
  • The Japanese voice over is not sync with the English dialogue. The voice get cuts over prematurely if the text advances way faster than the actual voices. It doesn't happen when you're using the English voice though.
  • Camera controls in the fields and dungeons are frustrating and dizzying at times. Since the developers tend to hid items behind walls, you have to rotate the camera nonstop to spot it and it's annoying. Also, the camera zooms in on Ryudo when you stopped moving even for a second.
  • Some text glitched out passed the text box.
  • 30 FPS-locked. Yeap, it's still there. It's nothing major really but the characters does seems floaty at time during walking. Good thing is that battles runs in fully glorious 60 FPS! That's why it feels fast and frantic at times.
  • Although the game runs smoothly at 30 and 60 FPS, there's a few area (namely the snowy mountains) where the FPS drops a bit. Not really important but I supposed I should mention it.
  • Opening the save and loading screens took ages!
  • The field interactions are unnecessarily and painfully SLOW! For example, when you're climbing a ladder, everyone will take turns to slowly navigate the ladder and you CAN'T move until everyone's done. Missed something up there? You might as well go and order takeouts in the meantime.
  • Textures sometimes glitched out and you can see through walls (whoa)
  • In combat, the game shows exactly what your opponents will do, even when it's not their turn yet. Even though it does make things simpler, I think it just ruins the difficulty. (Oh, the boss is using his ultimate move after this? Let's Cancel it!)

To conclude, even with the minor technical quirks and aging game engine, I give Grandia II Anniversary Edition a nostalgic and epic 5/5! Truly a masterpiece of a JRPG!

To the fan of the series and also JRPG fans, I can assure you that the money spent is well worth it! I would also recommend to use Leandro Eidi's HD Mod where it adds a few nice little HD touch to the apparently aging game.
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50 of 59 people (85%) found this review helpful
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6.5 hrs on record
Posted: August 24, 2015
I am a simple man, I see a classic JRPG, I press buy.
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Recently Posted
12.0 hrs
Posted: October 20
Decent story, good music and gameplay for its time.
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32.5 hrs
Posted: October 17
I passed over Grandia II when I was growing up, but I remember it being highly regarded at the time. I went into this PC version with high expectations based on that and I was pretty underwhelmed.

First the good parts:
- The translation is pretty decent
- The PC port seems alright
- Being a Grandia game, the battles can at times be engaging
- Being a Grandia game, there's lots of dialogue and character interaction if you want it.

But now for the bad parts...
- The story is mostly generic and stupid in a very JRPG way. It's typical of JRPGs of its era. It's the sort of plot that I might have thought was good when I was a 12-year-old, but most adults would be embarrassed by it. The characters are mostly annoying most of the time. Their behavior is juvenile and tedious, which makes it hard to care about them. The dialog is good when the characters are just chatting, but awful when they're talking about anything related to the plot, especially towards the end. I've heard enough JRPG monologues about how the power of the heart will overcome any obstacle, thanks.
- The battle system had potential, but throws away nearly all of that potential by 1) making battles take too long by using any strategy except unleashing powerful AOE attacks over and over, and 2) making all the AOE attacks consist of 20-second-long low-budget CGI animations. Because there are save points where you can heal all over the place, the most rational course of action is to just use Sky Dragon Slash or "Zap All" or whatever every single battle. This means you spend 80% of the time in battles watching the same crappy 320x240 animations over and over again. There's no option to skip these animations. Not fun. This is not a game that respects the value of its players' time.

To be honest, I'm a little confused by other reviews seeming to praise the story. Maybe I'm just getting to old to enjoy this sort of thing.

They should have taken their CGI budget and spent it on writing instead.
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87.4 hrs
Posted: October 17
The port was kind of bad, between glitchy graphics and a few very very rare crashes.
Nostalgia more or less drove the playthrough i forgot how horribly long move animations were if I could have cut them short I would likely have enjoyed my playthrough more. Still a good game just not what I remembered it to be.
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48.2 hrs
Posted: October 16
Great oldschool JRPG that stand the test of time
15 years ago I didn't have the chance to play it on PS2 ,so its my first time playing it

Pros :
- Great Story
- Great Battle System ( one of the Best JRPG battle system for me )
- Great Soundtrack
- Nice Character Development
- Not Too long ( Beat it in 48 Hours with full achievement, Hard Mode )

Cons :
- Custcenes is still the same as 15 years ago, so expect some early 3D age cutscenes
- When You change the audio to japanese, there will be some problem . First when in several auto dialogue scene, the audio will be cut short ,because the text is faster than the audio, so when the text is finished ,the audio is cut off. Cutscene will be in Japanese without subtitle , so please add subtitle to Cutscenes.
- Some animation for the spells are too long, please make a skip button :D
- Not sure this is a con, no widescreen option,when you choose widescreen it will display in 4:3 with borders.

Bugs :
- the chara portrait is missing sometimes
- some slowdown when in battle , not a major issue

Overall Score : 9/10
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37.1 hrs
Posted: October 15
Loved it on Dreamcastt, PS2 and PC.
Played it so many times and can never get bored.
We need the Lunar series on Steam now! :)
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16.9 hrs
Posted: October 11
I see awesome game. I buy awesome game.
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Member berries
32.1 hrs
Posted: October 11
Good gameplay, story, nostalgic feeling. 10/10
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2.9 hrs
Posted: October 9
I beat this game 3 times on Dreamcast, it's my favorite RPG of all time.

The PC-specific stuff:
Sometimes you want to ask, "did anyone play test it?". Simple issues like the character control having movement issues, especially while running.
Sky sometimes lands on thin-air like they didn't update the positions right.
The control hotkeys were not all that well-thought out (the Dreamcast controller felt so much better and more natural than the keyboard layout).

So overall I prefer the Dreamcast version, but by the game's merits, especially the combat system, I recommend.
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Mr. Blag
26.7 hrs
Posted: October 6
It's a JRPG of it's time; slightly cliche, 25-30 hours, a bit heavy on dated cinematics & 3D movies. If those things don't deter you, it's a game with a fair amount of strategic depth, some fun boss designs, and some quite rewarding mechanics.

Recommended if you:
- like strategy in your RPG, but don't find them too easy
- enjoy clever moves and actions be rewarded in fights
- enjoy the first or third Grandia

Not recommended if you:
- can't enjoy a cliche/unoriginal story
- need a skip button for cutscenes
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39.2 hrs
Posted: October 4
Amazing game that wont let you down.

If you liked the 1st game, get it!

If you didnt play the 1st game, get it!
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