MyRPG is the software for the creation of your own role playing 3D worlds. It allows you to imagine and build your own play areas, your own GUI and your own adventures, without a single line of code. MyRPG is composed of many editors that meet all the needs of a role playing game creation.
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Release Date: Feb 9, 2015

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Early Access Software

Get involved with this software as it develops.

Note: This Early Access software is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to use this software in its current state, then you should wait to see if it progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

Why Early Access?

“With this Early Access phase we can introduce you to MyRPG while relying on your feedback to guide the development of MyRPG. It is important for us to consider your opinion in order to acheive the best editor ever. Without your feedback, we may not make an editor that 100% answers your needs. That's why we decided to offer you an Early Access of MyRPG.”

Approximately how long will this software be in Early Access?

“The Alpha version will end in late September. It may end before if we are fast enough on the development. The Beta phase will last three to five months, depending on your feed backs.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Some editors still need implementations, however, developers only need to build editor GUI, as the game mechanics behind these editors are already existing.

3D Models Library

Each week will see new models coming into MyRPG Master.

Rules Editors

Animations Editor
Animations are triggered by using skills. The Animations Editor allows you to define all visual effects launched over a timeline. Effects can be take many forms such as: character animation, light effects, particle ejections, object spawning or deletion, sounds, and many more. Use the Animation Editor to define a unique gameplay to your world.

Universe Editors

Actors Editor
The Character Editor creates default Player Character for your game, and also, Non playable Characters. You can specify special abilities, inventory, equipment, and loot for each character. Character editor includes an Artificial Intelligence editor which determines behavior for it. It allows also to skin your characters with specific materials. MyRPG comes with twelve playable races.
Creatures Editor
The Creature Editor is really similar to the character editor. You can choose creatures meshes, reskin them, set their attributes and AI.
Encounters Editor
The Encounter Editor allows you to create sets of creatures/characters that appear during the game. Encounters are triggered by invisible box shapes during the game.
Merchants Editor
The Merchant Editor allows you to create merchants able to sell and buy items, and even max transaction amount.
Crafting System Editor
The crafting system allows you to set which items are needed to create a new item. The crafting system is controlled by triggers in the World Editor. Usually these triggers are attached to a 3D object in the world.
Events Editor
This editor allow you to create in-game events triggered by player actions, or by global timeline. Events can be cut-scenes, creatures spawning, NPCs actions, ... You can then create a dynamic and living world.
Social Network Editor
This editor allows you to configure social network sharing, like your facebook application, twitter, steam, and more.
Minimap Editor
The Minimap Editor allows you to add custom maps synchronizing with the player’s position. It can also define different kind of pins to your MiniMap.
Weather System Editor
The Weater system can create dynamic weather events, you can control rain, snow, clouds, storms and wind.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“MyRPG is in Alpha version, which means that features are incomplete or buggy.
When all the planned features will be complete, it will switch to beta version. The Bug Hunt will begin.”

Will this software be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“The price of the Alpha version is reduced by 35% compared to the final version.
The price of the Beta version will be reduced by 17% compared to the final verion.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We rely on the Steam community forums, as well as MyRPG forums to gather your opinions, enhancement requests and bug reports. Your feedback is central to our concerns, we will always be there to answer you.”
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Recent updates View all (33)

September 23

Update #29

We worked VERY HARD on MyRPG! Please find a patch notes of all changes in the latest update. There will be probably another update in one or two weeks, and the next one will be the BETA, and it's coming earlier than you'd expect! We are sorry for the lack of updates.
Starting Page
  • Open module update to allow Area loading.
  • Added MyRPG Player key distribution (Will be available soon)
Loading Screen
  • You can now change the loading screen. Loading screens are linked to areas.
World Editor
  • Scene tree and inspector now resize to fit screen size
  • Added Mesh view to see 3D Objects before putting them into the scene. (right click to zoom, left click to rotate)
  • Triggers now trigger events.
  • Added Module description for the Workshop in ModuleInfo
  • Added Module Upload to MyRPG Master and MyRPG Player
  • Added MyRPG Master module listing. Note: MyRPG Master Workshop server is currently down (We still have some work to do with it)
  • Removed Scripted objects
Terrain Editor
  • Fixed toolbar position
  • Solved Bug with decimal values for the Brush Size
Terrain Painter
  • Fixed toolbar position
  • Solved Bug with decimal values for the Brush Size
  • Added FootStep and Impact sound in Terrain Materials Editor
  • Added Dust Effect color and foot print CheckBoxes in Terrain Materials Editor
Materials Editor
  • Solved some saving bugs
  • Added Particles TreeView to allow easier particles selection
  • Solved some bugs with particles Naming
River Editor
  • Rivers Treeview and inspector now fit screen size
Road Editor
  • Roads Treeview and inspector now fit screen size
MeshRoad Editor
  • MeshRoads Treeview and inspector now fit screen size
Weather Editor
  • Complete redesign in progress
  • Added Lightnings and Precipitations in TreeView
Shapes Editor
  • Treeview and inspector now fit screen size
  • Solved crash with some scrolling bars
Attributes Editor
  • Solved bug with "showInHud" Attributes
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Tables Editor
  • Complete redesign. Table editor is now in full screen to have a better view of big tables
  • You can now add commands in to trigger some features (such as character animations, loots, and many more)
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Classes Editor
  • Complete redesign. TreeView and Inspector now fit screen size
  • Experience table : You can now edit experience tables to fit you own system (either progression between levels and/or total progression)
  • Added Classes tables
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Spells and skills Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Added Spell Test button
  • Added Mannequin to allow spell testing
  • Added spell test log
  • Added recover stats button
  • Linked spells Events to the engine
  • Added Spells lists
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Items Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Fixed items fields lists
  • Linked Items event
  • Add Spawn Item Button
  • Added Items lists (Furnitures, Quests Items, Books, Keys, Bags/chest, Components, Misc)
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Armors Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Fixed Armors fields Lists
  • Linked Armors events
  • Added Spawn Armor Button
  • Added Armors Listing
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Weapons editor
Animations Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Added Animations TimeLine
  • Added Spells Animations
  • Added Effectrons Animations
  • Added Selectrons Animations
  • Added Explosions Animations
  • Added Debris Animations
  • Added Splashs Animations
  • Added Projectiles
  • Added Animations Paths
  • Added Missile Management
  • Added AnimClip Effects
  • Added AnimLock Effect
  • Added AreaDamage Effect
  • Added AudioBank Effect
  • Added BillBoard Effect
  • Added CameraPuppet Effect
  • Added CameraShake Effect
  • Added CollisionEvent Effect
  • Added FootSwitch Effect
  • Added GuiController Effect (warning: not stable, will probably crash)
  • Added GuiText Effect (warning: not stable, will probably crash)
  • Added MachineGun Effect
  • Added Model Effect
  • Added Mooring Effect
  • Added ParticleEmitter Effect
  • Added ParticleEmitterCone Effect
  • Added ParticleEmitterDisc Effect
  • Added ParticleEmitterPath Effect
  • Added ParticleEmitterVector Effect
  • Added PhysicalZone Effect
  • Added PlyerPuppet Effect
  • Added PointLight Effect
  • Added Projectile Effect
  • Added ScriptEvent Effect
  • Added Sound Effect
  • Added SpotLight Effect
  • Added StaticShape Effect
  • Added Zodiac Effect
  • Added ZodiacPlane Effect
  • Added Aim Modifier
  • Added AltitudeConform Modifier
  • Added BoxAdapt Modifier
  • Added BoxConform Modifier
  • Added BoxHeightOffset Modifier
  • Added Force Modifier
  • Added Freeze Modifier
  • Added GroundConform Modifier
  • Added LocalOffset Modifier
  • Added MountedImageNode Modifier
  • Added Oscillate Modifier
  • Added PathConform Modifier
  • Added PivotNodeOffset Modifier
  • Added RandomRot Modifier
  • Added Scale Modifier
  • Added ShockWave Modifier
  • Added Spin Modifier
  • Added VelocityOffset Modifier
  • Added WaveScalar Modifier
  • Added WaveRiderScalar Modifier
  • Added WorldOffset Modifier
  • Added Copy/paste layer
  • Added Animation test button
  • Added Mannequin button
  • Added TimeLine Zoom
  • Added TimeLine progressBar
  • Added Casting - Delivery - Impact and Linger steps with event triggering
States Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Messages are now available
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Sounds Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
Terms Editor
  • Added Merchant categories
  • Added Light Animations configuration
  • Added Light Flares Configuration
  • Added Mission Markers Configuration
  • Added Triggers Configuration
Races and factions Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Preview appears in screen center
  • Fixed some fields
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Actors Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Solved bugs on features
  • Solved Inventory
  • Added Character Preview
  • Added Custom Shapes to override Race/gender/body type shape selection
  • Fixed Materials
  • Added Spawn Actor button
  • Added Play Actor button
  • Added RandomName button
  • Added Roll Attributes button
  • Linked some events (all events not available at the moment)
  • Added Actors listing
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Added Roll Attributes button
  • Added SowPreview button
  • Added Creatures Listing
  • Linked some events (not all ATM)
  • Added Spawn Creature Button
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Encounters Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Added Spawn Encounter Button (which spawn an encounter trigger)
  • Added Spawn Encounter Spawn Point
  • Added some fields to control spawn order
  • Added Encounter zone to manage JRPG Style (turn by turn and encounters zones)
  • Linked Encounters Events
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Dialogs Editor
  • Dialog Editor Is now in full screen to have a better experience
  • Linked dialogs Events and GUI
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Merchant Editor
  • Merchants Editor Is now in full screen to have a better experience
  • Automatic Merchant category selection
  • Added Merchants listing
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Crafting Editor
  • Crafting Editor Is now in full screen to have a better experience
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Quests and Achievements Editor
  • Inspectors and TreeView now fits screen size
  • Added HTML Export (HTML Book)
Events Editor
Events Editor Is now in full screen to have a better experience
All Defaults Engine events are now available in the following sections :
  • Module Life
  • Mouse And KeyBoard
  • Players Management
  • Actors
  • Triggers
  • Encounters
  • Merchants
  • Dialogs
  • Classes
  • SpellCasting
  • Items
  • Weapons
  • Armors
  • GUI Events
Added 201 Commands to give you a maximum Module customization in the following sections
  • Messages
  • Game Progress
  • Flow Control
  • Actors Spells
  • Actors Inventory
  • Actors Attributes
  • Actors Skills
  • Actors SpellBar
  • Actors Equipment
  • Actors Loot
  • Actors Buy/Sell
  • Actors Crafting
  • Actors Quests
  • Actors Achievements
  • Actors States
  • Scene and Cutscene Control
  • Spawning encounters
  • Batlle Management
  • Effects and animations management
  • Items - Weapons and armors
  • Targeting
  • GUI Commands
Social Editor
  • Added CSS Management for HTML Books
DataBlocks editor
  • This Editor will be removed in a future update
GUI Editor - Profiles
  • Profiles are now fixed, you can edit them
  • Default profiles are done
GUI Editor - Inspector
  • Added DataSource and DataSourceField Field
  • Added Active and visibility conditions
  • Added New Drag and drop system
  • Drop and Actions events are now linked to the events system
WebSite and video tutorials
We also worked on a new website ( Temporary version is here: ) with the following features:
Multilanguage support : French, English, Spanish, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian
All videos will be in French, with the possibility to add a voice over with one of the languages above.
Each video will focus on a specific feature of MyRPG.
You will find links to others tutorials, links on other video of the same theme.
There will be a Facebook comment widget to discuss about the feature of the video.
A text tutorial will also be available in your language for each video tutorial.
You will also be able to share each video tutorials on Facebook and Twitter.
Sample video here :

That's all

5 comments Read more
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Early Access, please be kind!

MyRPG Master is still in alpha stage. You will be disappointed if you expect a full software, right now the World Editor is almost fully functional, plus a few other editors are available, and we are hunting bugs impacting them. Buying MyRPG Master at the moment is actively showing your support and we need it, thank you for the people who have already purchased it!

About This Software

MyRPG is a set of many editors that will help you create your 3D (MMO)RPG World. These editors are divided into 4 categories: 3D editors, GUI editors, Rules editors and Universe editors.
My RPG is a tool that is able to create game universes and storylines playable solo or multi through local network or online servers.

World Editor

The World Editor allows you to design the 3D environment your adventure will take place in. You can very easily place 3D objects such as creatures, clouds, lakes, but also precipitations, lights, sounds or particles, etc ... from the built-in library or from your own creation library . Move, rotate, and scale them at your wish in the overview layout of the world.

Terrain Editor

The Terrain Editor is the tool you will use to sculpt your terrains. It enables you to create many kind of terrain, and adjust the shape of your world using 10 powerful and fully customizable tools.
Grab terrain
Raise height
Lower Height
Smooth flattern
Smooth slope
Paint Noise
Set Height
Clear Terrain (to make holes into the terrain, and build caves)
Restore Terrain (to erase gaps onthe terrain)

Terrain Painter

The Terrain Painter allows you to paint materials over your terrain. Each material is customizable with a Diffuse, Detail and Normal texture. MyRPG comes with hundreds of ready to use textures.

Material Editor

With the Material Editor you can change any material used by a 3D Object. A material is a set of textures allowing you to produce awesome effects such as specularity, glowing or transparency. Materials can also be animated and produce specific sounds on impact and footsteps. Each object within MyRPG comes with their own customizable materials.

Decal Editor

Put more details on the objects and terrains with the Decal Editor. Decals are transparent textures dedicated to add some specific and unique details to your scenes.

Particle Editor

Create particle Effects with the Particle Editor. Particle effects cover a large scope of effect from explosions to persistent particles and environmental particles. Theses particles can be used to improve your scene’s visual effects, and to create custom spells and skill effects. An extensible effect library is available within MyRPG.

River Editor

With the River Editor you can insert "flow" objects like rivers, cascade, lava flows, and more. It enables you to determine flow speed, texture, resistance and undulation. Combined with particle editor, the River Editor is an essential tool to put more life into your game scenes.

Road Editor

The Road editor allows you to paint roads over the terrain. It's an essential editor to give details to your road such as wheel tracks. Roads are systematically adjusted to perfectly fit your terrain.

Mesh Road Editor

Like the Road Editor, the Mesh Road Editor, allows you to paint roads. But Mesh roads aren't systematically put on the terrain (unlike road editor), this enables the easy design of bridges, or any other floating/flying paths.

Forest Editor

The Forest Editor is an intelligent editor used to build forests and rich environments. It allows you to define brushes composed of several meshes of your choice like trees, boulders, flowers or bushes. With a single mouse drag you can paint a great variety of environment like forest, rocky desert, swamps, and so on.

Area Editor

The Area Editor is used to define a game zone. When player leaves a zone, you can set an action, like trigger some messages, HP loss, or any other feature you want.

Sketch Tool

If you need some new objects but you don't want or can’t use an external editor (like Blender, Max or Maya), the Sketch Tool is here for you. It allows you to create new simple 3D objects. This editor also makes you choose textures for your newly created object.

Shape Editor

With the Shape Editor you can easily import 3D models from external tools. You can import collada models (.dae files), change their default materials, edit existing animations, and create new animations from existing ones. You can even add triggers to your meshes like footstep puffs. It’s an essential tool to turn an external animated model into a good ingame model.

NPCs Dialogs

The NPCs dialogs are customizable windows you can modify with the main GUI Editor. Dialogs are launched when interacting with a friendly NPCs, and data come from the database Dialog Editor.

Inventory and bags

Inventory and bags can also be customized with the main GUI Editor. You will be able to set the number of items per bags allowed. You can setup up to 18 emplacement in your inventory. A simple Drag and drop equips your player to be . MyRPG checks automatically if an object can be equipped according to your definitions in the database.

Spell book

Spells and spell books can also be customized with the main GUI Editor. Database definitions and players progression determines which spells are displayed and available.

Quest and Achievements

Quest Book and achievements are synchronized with the database and character's progression.

Main GUI Editor

Customize every Graphical User Interface elements with the GUI Editor. Make your game unique by using the professional interface to draw Images, text controls, 3D objects, inputs, list boxes, and many more. Additionnaly, a powerful data linking mode allows you to show every data of the game without a single line of code.

Profiles System

The Profiles System is a powerful tool used to allow graphic style management. With the Profile Editor, you can customize windows graphic looks, fonts and colors used in your ingame interface.

Character Selection GUI

The Character Selection GUI allows you to control the characters data displayed during new games and loading phases. Coupled to the main GUI Editor, you can give a unique look and feel to your universe. And coupled to the Wolrd Editor you can build a complete 3D scene for the character selection.

Loading Screens

The Loading Screens can be customized according to the whole game level, or by area. This way, you can give a unique in-depth look to your game.

Character and Target Huds

The Character Hud and the Target Hud can be customized with up to 10 data. It can also draw states icons (coming with the States Editor). You can use the main GUI editor to customize the aspects of these Huds.

Character Sheet

All characters data can be placed into this sheet. Using the main GUI editor allows you to fully customize the different aspects of your characters sheets. Data are automatically updated during game sessions.

Spell bar

The Spell bar is a MMO-like spell bar, allowing you to cast spells in real time with hotkeys.


You can chat with your friends over local network, or over the internet. The Chat GUI allows you to type special commands (/dance, /salute, etc...).


The Minimap GUI can handle many mini maps types, such as discovery maps (wow-like) or pin maps. You can also control the zoom in/out range.

Tables Editor

The Tables Editor allows you to insert classic RPG tables which determine values used by the game system on actions.

Classes Editor

Classes editor allows you to create your own classes. Each class might have some specific attributes, bonuses, and experience curves.

Skills Editor

Skills defines actions that characters can perform, it can be sword attacks, spell casting, invocations, and many more. Skills are actives or passives. Activating skills are available from the "spell book" and might be attached to the action bar during a playing session.

Items Editor

Items are objects other than armors and weapons. This editor allows you to define icons and effects when a character uses them. Items might also be other useful in-game items like keys, components, quest items, trophy, and so on.

Armors Editor

The Armor Editor allows you to fully describe and create pieces of armors like pads, shoulder parts, that can be worn by the characters. The Armor editor can define bonuses, and effects (lights and particles, special rules) attached to this piece of armor or to a complete set. Armors can be mounted to the character mesh, or simply added to equipped items.

Weapons Editor

Like the Armor Editor, the Weapons Editor allows you to create your own weaponry by defining damages, bonuses and effects attached to this special weapon.

Animations Editor

Animations are triggered by using skills. The Animations Editor allows you to define all visual effects launched over a timeline. Effects can be take many forms such as: character animation, light effects, particle ejections, object spawning or deletion, sounds, and many more. Use the Animation Editor to define a unique gameplay to your world.

NB: This editor is still a work in progress

States Editor

States editor allows you to define special buff/debuff that impact characters. It might be something like death, poison, sleep, petrified, invulnerability, and many more.

Sounds Editor

The Sounds Editor allows you to define specific settings for each sound of your game such as default volume, pitch, repeat times...

Attributes Editor

The Attributes Editor allows you to create your own characters attributes, like Strength, Intelligence, and so on. Each attribute can be based on a dice system (eg : 2d6+7, 3d6, 1d20+5, ...) or on formulas (eg : (STR+DEX)/2 ). With this powerfull editor you can create your very own rule system, either based on dice like many pen and paper role playing games, or based on formulas like many MMORPG.

Terms Editor

The Terms Editor allow you to define elements, weapons and categories, skill schools, and other lexical elements specific to your wolrd.

Actors Editor

The Actors Editor creates default Player Character for your game, and also, Non playable Characters. You can specify special abilities, inventory, equipment, and loot for each character. Character editor includes an Artificial Intelligence editor which determines behavior for it. It allows also to skin your characters with specific materials. MyRPG comes with twelve playable races.

NB: This editor is still a work in progress

Dialogs Editor

The Dialog Editor manages dialogs. Dialogs are trees of NPC answer and sets of choices. Each choice may trigger some specific actions using chat commands.

Quest and achievement Editor

This editor allows you to set your quests and achievements descriptions and conditions. It also configures advanced settings such as social network and steam sharing.

Events Editor

This editor allow you to create in-game events triggered by player actions, or by global timeline. Events can be cut-scenes, creatures spawning, NPCs actions, ... You can then create a dynamic and living world.

NB: This editor is still a work in progress

Factions Editor

Factions determine the Artificial Intelligence behavior toward others. This editor allows you to manage behavior levels between parties.


MyRPG comes with its own library containing vegetation, creatures, placeables buildings, particles, textures, and so on. This ingame library will be frequently increased along the development of MyRPG.

Importing models and textures

You can import your own 3D models using collada importer (.dae file format). You can use Blender, Max or Maya softwares to create your own models. Textures are simple .jpg, .png or .dds files.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any card with Shader v1.1 or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 900 MB available space
    • Sound Card: All
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 3 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Any card with Shader v2.0 or more
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: All
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258 of 279 people (92%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
4.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: March 5, 2015
I was quite impressed when I first saw this, although it is in early access the software has a top notch terrian/world editor with a simple and intutive interface. It also has quite a lot of free assets that are reasonable quality. I also like the direction the devs have talked about, they seem to be shooting for a similar set up to rpgmaker in terms of how various editors will work to set up game logic and so forth.

However, I later found out that the world editor is 3D Torque (an already released game engine). In other words at the moment this is a stripped down version of 3D Torque (which is free) plus some models. Unfortunately that has severely dented my confidence in the future of this project, since the impressive world editor (which is the only thing that is working) was actually made by someone else.

Now the Torque 3D is engine is available under the MIT license so there is nothing illegal about it, but I find it almost unbelievable that the devs have slapped their label/splash screen onto the Torque 3d world editor added a few assets and started selling this as their own work in early access without having finished any of their own "editors" for it.

I do hope the devs actually finish the vision they have for the software, but at this point I can't recommend buying software that you can basically download for free from GarageGames. And I can't help but feel somewhat outraged that they are basically selling someone elses work, without even giving credit to programmers that made it.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
140 of 201 people (70%) found this review helpful
13 people found this review funny
Not Recommended
4.2 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: February 9, 2015
I found out about this game\software\tool last week. I saw it come up on the Early Access "coming soon" list and was immediately excited. I, like many others, have great interest in creating games and sharing stories and adventures. However, I do not know how to code a game, all the intricate little details, changing values and so on. Because of this, titles like RPG Maker (which I've been playing since RPG Maker 2000 and beyond) have always been so appealing to me.

Then, low and behold, a 3D game that boasts that you do not have to make any line of code. Simply open the preferred editor you want and edit via a table, like the databases in the RPG Maker series. All of that sounded great, except, MANY OF THE EDITORS ARE SIMPLY BROKEN AND DO NOT WORK. I will now present a list of which editor works\functions\table comes up compared to how many do not.

Object: Yes
Terrain: Yes
Terrain Painter: Yes
Material Editor: Yes
Decal Editor: Yes
Particle Editor: Yes
River Editor: Yes
Road Editor: Yes
Mesh Road Editor: Yes, I think, I don't understand it but at least a box comes up.
Forest Editor: Yes, but I cannot spawn a single tree using it
Mission Area Editor: Yes, though no clue what this even is
Here's where things go south quickly
Weather Editor: No
Sketch Tool: No
Shape Editor: No
Attributes Editor: Yes
Tables Editor: No
Classes Editor: No
Skills Editor: No
Items Editor: No
Armors Editor: No
Weapons Editor: No
Animations Editor: No
States Editor: No
Sounds Editor: No
Terms Editor: No
Factions Editor: No
Actors Editor: No
Creatures Editor: No
Encounters Editor: No
Dialog Editor: No
Merchants Editor: No
Crafting System Editor: No
Achievements Editor: No
Events Editor: No

So out of 34 "editors," only 12 of them actually serve a function. Now what do I mean by the rest are "broken?" Well, nothing happens. When you click on "Object Editor," a table comes up that lets you edit the terrain, create grass, rock, dirt, spawn a few creatures (which most of them have no animations and just slide along the ground in a frozen state), and so on. When clicking on any editor that I listed was broken, completely nothing happens. Now, I was under the understanding that since there's no coding required, you'd make a game using all these editors. But how can you make ANYTHING when all these important editors literally have no function? You can, however, make a map with the terrain editor, which works fine and serves its purpose.

To wrap up, I can't put into words how disappointed I am. Yes, I understand this is Alpha. No, I did not expect to start making an actual game so soon after release, especially on the first day. However, I did want to look over all these promised "editors" and get a feel of what this program is capable of and is offering. I had my notepads open and ready to start brainstorming about what direction I wanted to go in as a start. However, right now, this is MyTerrain Master. Nothing else.

This is the first review I've ever done for a game because I'm that passonate for game making that I want to let everyone know what they're getting into. No possible game can come from this. Not right now anyway. Stay away for now and wait for updates.

EDIT: I've actually found 2 more editors, one of them is broken and one of them seems to do something. Social Network Editor is broken and Datablock Editor seems to function.

EDIT 2: The developers have finally (after they got some of our money) talked about all the missing features this game currently has, which you can read here:

I highly suggest you read that post over before you consider buying this. This is shady behavior from developers and a real quick way to get some of their fanbase turned against them.
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
29 of 34 people (85%) found this review helpful
5 people found this review funny
102.9 hrs on record
Early Access Review
Posted: April 15, 2015
As far as I am concerned, this game is a Godsend.

With it, I – and anyone else with enough time and patience – can jump straight into the development of an RPG. Don’t be fooled, however; to make something presentable is a daunting task that requires proficiencies in several disciplines.

So what does MyRPG do? It cuts out the middle man, the code, and lets you get right to work on making your game. The toolset is clean and impressive; with dozens of hours clocked I have not experienced a bug yet. The engine is well supported by staff answering questions on the forums and updates every few days, either with new assets, bugfixes, or rolling out a new editor. Getting a handle on the controls is no more difficult than taking an hour to watch a tutorial or two, then playing with it yourself on a demo map.

Also, if EARLY ACCESS isn’t enough of a hint to you, it’s not complete. What is there is fully functional and fantastic and the rest is quickly on the way, but do NOT be like the other people on here and feign surprise when they were perfectly aware they were purchasing an incomplete product.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 13, 2015
EDIT: A video showing what I have done so far with MyRPG MASTER

I see a lot of potential with this engine, it really works well and right now some options may not work but there are lots of things to mess around with and to learn..

Think of it this way you can learn the Terrain tool while waiting on the other features to be built in, lots to learn but I am having a great time learning them as I said there are lots to mess with besides the Terrain like for example i've been messing around with the creatures and scaling them and messing with the textures, also you can mess with other features like changing the rain or lighting make it brighter or change how the rain drops react.. VERY in depth engine as well..

I say buy this for two reasons:
1) Get use to the Terrain editor so u have a headstart, support the devs.
2) 39.99 still and when the price goes up it will be 59.99, what are you waiting for?
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 11, 2015
My first look on this is good but it does need a lot of work. Not sure if this is added or not but it would be nice to add my own graphics. I plan on making a full game using this engine and also tutorials on each sections of this engine. I will create a few videos on how to start out and what to click on.

Also it would be great to allow the users to create there own c++ code and add it to the engine. I know it and could create better things.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 10, 2015

I am not fully sure yet. At the moment i do really like the stuff that is in, but i do have to warn people.. its VERY early acces and alot of stuff that looks like they have in already, is not in yet.

Im kind of on the edge. If the developers dedicate themselfs to the project and manage to add features within short periods of time (not 1 editor/year) then i do actually still have hopes for this engine as it is kind of fun to work with and if it turns out to be flshed out at the end, it would be a great purchase.
But as said.. way to much missing to say something is worth it.
If you are on the edge, dont buy it yet for sure. Unless you really want to trow yourself in, which can work out.. who knows.

We will see.. and as we see ill update my review
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 10, 2015
Lots of potential. What is working, works well. If the rest of the editors that are promised work as well as what is currently there, this will be a great product.

Obviously, it's still very early in my experience with MyRPG, but right now it reminds me of the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset, with one important difference: From within MyRPG, you can immediately "play" (i.e. test) the levels you're building, as you build them. Great feature.

You could certainly take a "wait and see" approach, but I bought this for two reasons:

1. To support its development
2. Not having all functionality allows me to focus on what is there, and become well-versed with each capability as it is added. Might not be a legit reason for all, but it is for me.

What might keep you from buying right now:

1. Not all features are present (not a surprise w/ early access)
2. Documentation currently lacking. There is a small tutorial video, and further documentation has been promised. But, it will eventually need to materialize.
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Early Access Review
Posted: May 14, 2015
Okay, so what has to be said first is that this software is early access. There is limitations to what you can do with it at the moment. If you are willing to work with these limitations and are not expecting to make a full, working game just yet, this is a dream come true. Also, expect that making a game - even a small one - is a LOT of work. I've only scratched the surface with the couple of hours I've put into it so far.

But I can see the promise in this. The models and graphics etc. that come with the software are very decent. Some of them are absolutely beautiful, all of them are usable. Map-building is fun, challenging and easy enough to learn. Possibilities are endless.

The one big downside for me at the moment is the lack of good tutorials. There are some, but not nearly enough. Learning the software requires a lot of trial and error, experimentation and a bit of luck. So far I've not faced anything that I couldn't figure out if I tried enough, but this requires some patience. If you aren't willing to learn "the hard way" maybe you need to wait a bit for tutorials to emerge before you decide whether to buy MyRPG or not.

All in all, I do recommend this software and I'm very very excited about it! Can't wait to see how it develops and what will come of my own projects.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 10, 2015
Maybe it released a bit early even for early access. Right now, you mainly have access to the world creation tool, not much of the RPG part, or with bugs (I was not able to mess around the Attribute Editor for long for example).

Still, according to the list of editors, the preview we can have when launching some of them and the store page, this is very promising and I'm still very excited! The developers keep making videos and posting on the forums, so as long they keep doing that and taking care of the software, I think MyRPG Master could be great.

I'll try to think to update this review in a few months after a few updates ^^
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 9, 2015
I have changed my review for MyRPG after a few big changes from the developers. They have now made a big post and a simple way to see what is currently included in the MyRPG Alpha, which unfourtinantly didnt exist when i bought the game, but atleast the people that buys the software now knows.

The developers are really fast at responding to bugreports, are really helpful in general and are really listening to the people that are going to use their software. As an example, the latest editor is almost done, but before the release, they are asking the software owners to come with new features that we can't live without or really want. This way i can imagine that the software will be great in the future.

Check the Steam forums before buying the software and really enjoy a progressing 3D rpg maker where you can actually make a difference!

"My early access review will be very easy to write. The Alpha is released with little to no features. Unless you are looking for a RPG terrain editor with a few predefined assets this is a waste of money. I would love to have a refund since the developers stated that alot more was included in the launch of the early access.

As of right now, you cannot do anything that would make the game a true RPG experience (Unless you like to kill wandering mobs that don't fight back)"
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Early Access Review
Posted: August 26
Quite lacking. Only for MMO. Not many choices for you. When I bought it (now it shows that it's for only MMO) it said make your own RPG withoug ever coding a bit. This turned out to be more of a "make your own story with the same everything as everyone else". Wish I could refund honestly, but I was REALLY hoping for it to be fantastic. Oh well.
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=[TB]= Owlcoholic
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Early Access Review
Posted: July 29
Still a lot of work to be done, but it shows great potential. For that alone I am reccomending the product. If I see no changes over the next year or so I will change my review.
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Early Access Review
Posted: July 28
1,5 y in EA and slow progress. Many Editors, but no Documentation or Tutorilas how to create a RPG "without a single line of code".Last Major Update was 2015.
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 10
I like it so far I could only find one tutorial that is in English but it's only 7 mins long unfortunately and the guy hasn't uploaded in 2 months now.

I'm guessing this was created by a French developer since that's about the only info I could find on it.

There aren't any forums yet either. So if you have any questions I'm not really sure who to ask even if you could find one of the creators of it I doubt if they speak english (But seriously I just downloaded this about an hour ago.) This is just my thoughts on it now.

Sure I would recommend it but if they cancel it or stop updating after I paid 40 bucks for it then No I do not recommend it...hopefully they keep at it could be as good as CopperCube one day.
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Early Access Review
Posted: March 5
needs vr plugin so when get play test vr stuff.

like the game engine just need more video tutorials
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 22
MyRPG Master is currently in EA so obviously a lot of things are subject to change

But i will start by saying that already right now it contains a lot of cool and easy to use features, it's easy to see that this has the posibility to become something very large!

The terrain and models included looks very good all around + the engine runs very well - at no point i go under 60 fps even with my custom models.

But to give a better overview i will do the +/- system:

The positives:
+ Once you've learnt the basics development goes very fluid and fast
+ It looks decent graphic wise
+ Runs very well
+ Ships with a good amount of content
+ A lot of editors that makes everything a lot easier and faster
+ Multiple terrains (You can make huge worlds)

And some of the negatives:
-The characters i think is the only thing in this game that doesn't look that good (You can however import your own)
-Currently only posible to import .dae and .dts files not something big but .fbx would be an awesome addition
-Not posible to make a standalone game yet (As far as i understand it will be posible once the Indie edition ships)

I recommend this software for everyone that likes doing level design over coding. And with MyRPG you have a solid foundation to start upon! And i can't wait to see what the future of this offers.
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Early Access Review
Posted: February 20
This game sgraphics are extrodinary when it comes to the enviroment. But out of that the rest of the software has really bad ratings for me. The character graphics are poor for people trying to make games based mostly on story characters. Maybe if they had better graphics with the characters and had a character generator. And same with the items.
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Early Access Review
Posted: November 29, 2015
Bought this about a week ago and think it's amazing. Still a few things I don't understand how to do but hopefuly some tutorials explaining how to use each editor come out soon. This is worth the buy especially when they finish it.
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Early Access Review
Posted: November 25, 2015
This is the start of something great!

I just purchased the Early Access version and I rally like what I see.

Being still in Alpha, there are some misspelled items and some inconsitency in the interface, but these are so minor as to not really be a bother.

The Editors that do work, work very well and have lots of thought in the controls.

The editors are broken down into logic sections, and there are controls for everything.

The developers have been good about making frequent updates and are open to suggestions from users.

There will be video tutorials available, and upcoming documentation (look for the MyRPG Master Handbook - coming soon from Yours Truly).

I look forward to seeing this project move forward! Good luck to you!
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Early Access Review
Posted: October 15, 2015
Not worth it for the price that I paid. Limited stuff and most of the text isnt in english.
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